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A trip down memory lane...

So I have many stories to tell about my trip to Jordan this summer and here is just one.
I will never forget how I met my first friend, Michelle Yang. After already a long flight to Chicago I had a 3 hour lay over before my flight to Oklahoma. So while I was waiting for my flight I saw a small Asian who looked a familiar from the website. So for about 15 minutes I stared at this girl trying to figure out if she was on the trip. I caught her eyes a couple of times, but quickly turned my head so she wouldn't know I was staring. After a while I gave up.
About an hour later the flight attendant called out the flight number, and I started to gather my things. When I turned around from my seat I saw her again, but this time I noticed she had on a debate shirt, and that's when I knew it. The thing was, though, she said something to me before I could. "Are you going to Jordan?"
"Yeah!" was the only thing I could say.
"I thought you were, and I was starring at you thinking you look familiar" At that point I was happy that I wasn't the only one looking. After breathing out and feeling happy that I met someone from the trip I was ready. Michelle and I became fast friends, and we are still friends today. Now the next part of the trip would be even harder...