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Large Clear Object

11/7 - 18

Large Clear Object

1st quarter we had to do a project, and draw a clear glass with all the shadings. But it was 8x6 paper, and very simple. So now it’s 2nd quarter and Ms. Hull told us to draw a clear object but this time the paper was 22x36. I got really nervous and didn’t know what to do. Then I just relaxed and thought about what she told us. I got my paper and black charcoal pastols. I remembered back in 1st quarter when we watched the artist start the glass. I shaded the background lightly so in the end it can look great. Then I drew a wide circle to start. Not all the way to the edge though. I started to form the rim of my 3-D glass, so it can look like it stick out my paper.

       I drew the rim and made it bend into the circle, which was the format of the bowl. Then I started to blend and shade the color. The outside of my bowl is not solid black; I tried to find light and dark areas. That was difficult because sometimes it was hard to find. So when I got done my vase. I looked at it and made sure I didn’t see anything in the background.

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