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My Benchmark+reflection

My Project

My reflection:
This project was a challenging project, It sounded easy at first, but then when I went out to take pictures I had trouble trying to find good ones that represent Globalization. I struggled to take pictures, and put it off for a while, working on the pictures I already had. The part of this project I did enjoy was the little bits of research here and there that I had to do. for example I never knew that solar panels were made by a french men. I was surprised as to how hard it was to find evidence of globalization, its everywhere, but at the same time it is hiding. I took a picture of the solar trash compactor on a hunch, before I even did the research. I'm curious as to what else is a hidden sign of globalization, and what other cities have a lot of globalization evidence. I'm guessing New York has the most, but I'm not sure.