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Paper Tulips


Internet Sculpture

I found a website that created tulips, and I made a Paper version of that.

Artist Statement for Paper Tulips

Finding an internet sculpture to create was a bit challenging for me. There are a countless amount of projects one can get themselves into. However with much research I found myself intrigued with a particular website that make tulips. I decided to create my own twist to the project. 

For the paper tulips I have created, I used colored construction paper, (That are the colors of yellow, blue, dark pink, light pink, and green.) scissors, and tape. In order to make these tulips I simply cut out a tracing of my hand and folded it into a shape of a circle. Then with the fingers that are the petals of the tulips,  I brought them down and out and curled them with the scissors and taped them to hold. After the petals were done I decided to make the stem with green construction paper. I cut the construction paper in fourths and rolled the fourth up into a cylinder. Then I placed it inside of the petals and voilá there goes a tulip. I decided to make half of a dozen and place them in a vase that was made in ceramics class by one of my peers at SLA. (As shown in photo.) 

Many people have vases full of flowers in their home. I thought that coming across this project and making it seem as if they were real was really cool. Especially doing it in a manner of paper. I loved how all it took for me to make a tulip was literally some construction paper, scissors, and tape. This was a very neat project and I am very happy that I took the time to actually make these tulips.