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Your Highness?

We had finished the book called "Macbeth." I have tracked the character named Lady Macbeth. On this journey, you will learn how she had changed from being strong to weak. The quotes will help you guide the way of the path to Lady's Macbeth's depression. Now lets get started!

The artwork is based on Lady Macbeth. The sculpting is symbolizing Lady Macbeth’s important key in the book. The first sculpting is about power because at the beginning of the book, she became really obnoxious with the power. She wanted to take over the control and guided her husband, Macbeth to be the king. The next following sculpting is a knife. It shows that Lady Macbeth encourage Macbeth to kill King Duncan so both of them can get the power. There are quotes when she had talked about the dagger. The third sculpting is a crown. Lady Macbeth had the wish to take the crown as a queen to rule the power with her husband. This shows that the power had symbolized lunatic because she was scared that nobles would find out later. The power was too much for her where she had committed suicide. She didn’t really care about living than suffer in pain of killing. So the sculpting shows a memorial grave for Lady Macbeth’s death. 

            I had created my arts and craft a castle because the theme sets off to royals and highness. It shows that the time period is creating a non-fiction for people to see. The houses are for the background are black and white because the colors shows devastating period of time when there was a problem. The flags are showing who is ruling the kingdom for Lady Macbeth and Macbeth ruling. 

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