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Adam Feliciano - Q4 Student Art Portfolio

During the fourth quarter art class, students had a series of tasks to complete. These tasks were to create four art projects, each in which represented eight hours worth of work. Since I was given the freedom to create anything that I wanted, I decided to focus on the architectural world of art. Having a huge passion for architectural designing, I chose to create four different mediums of architectural homes. Two of my projects were blueprints, another a three-dimensional design of stairs, and lastly a blueprint of a hallway with doors by creasing the paper.
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Adam Feliciano - Q4 Student Art Portfolio

During the fourth quarter art class, students had a series of tasks to complete. These tasks were to create four art projects, each in which represented eight hours worth of work. Since I was given the freedom to create anything that I wanted, I decided to focus on the architectural world of art. Having a huge passion for architectural designing, I chose to create four different mediums of architectural homes. Two of my projects were blueprints, another a three-dimensional design of stairs, and lastly a blueprint of a hallway with doors by creasing the paper.
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Feliciano, Adam Capstone

Capstone Recap
The goal of my Capstone was to mentor the youth at my old middle school, Thurgood Marshall. Earlier in the year I mentored several students from different grades who attended Marshall. As the year progressed I realized the need to assist 7th graders in understanding the high school application process. Partly because my sister is in 7th grade and she needed guidance in what schools are “good” academically and that she should start exploring her options. This helped me to narrow down what my Capstone should be and my relationship with staff at Marshall helped ease me in the process.

My vision for this project was to give middle grade students (specifically seventh grade) exposure into what to expect transitioning into high school. My motivation came from personal experience as a seventh grade student. I had to learn everything on my own without any additional support. Having a big brother/sister who’s assigned to me when I enter into high school would have benefitted me in terms of an easier and more comfortable transition into high school. As a middle schooler you are always told what high school is like. Your teachers, parents and counselor can all lecture you about it but if you never experience it, you will never know. This project enabled 23 students the opportunity to experience it first hand. I can only wish that other schools provide this and I was glad to offer it to a few students.

I learned how to plan, organize and structure a mentoring program that I hope could be the seed of something big in the future. This was a learning experience for me on so many different levels. I was a teacher, mentor, guide and administrator which culminated in a successful day for all.

Capstone Annotated Bibliography

Marla Wormley


I selected Marla to be one of my sources because since I’m creating a program where she works, I figured I would benefit a lot by having her as my mentor. As a counselor there, she has the responsibility to help all the students as much as possible. She’s an expert on understanding what the students want and how to make it successful. Not only this, she would also be very beneficial in terms of giving insight on how to control students of a younger age and ways to accommodate a large crowd’s attention.


(Mentor — Disc Jockey)

A member of The Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative. PYMC strengthens, connects, and promotes organizations that engage youth in the creation, analysis, and distribution of media. This is a very important source for me because he supports youth in becoming creative media makers, critical thinkers, and engaged global citizens. Together, we can work to advance a healthy democracy that values youth perspectives and contributions.

Joshua Block

(Mentor — Teacher)

I selected Mr. Block as one of my resources because he has been very useful in terms of connecting with people who are involved in the field of communications. He is a very useful in terms of helping me expand on my ideas and also providing insight on how to make this project run more efficiently and successfully. One limitation from this source is that he’s inexperience in the musical component of this project. However, he has a strong relationship with many musicians and people in the communications field.

Douglas Herman

(Film Educator)

I never came across the thought of needing Mr. Herman for my capstone but in order to record all my DJ events and overall process of this capstone, I’m going to need a camera and computer software. I believe he’s reliable source in the technical part of my capstone because he has been helping me understand how to work a camera and computer softwares such as “Adobe Premier.” More so, he’s been teaching me the techniques in filmmaking and this would benefit me in producing a more engaging and cutting film for my audience I’ll be showing to in June.

Understanding Youth by Michael J Nakkula

(Book — Author)

I came across this book at my mother’s friends house. I immediately thought that this was a perfect source to include in the process of creating my capstone because my capstone consist of mentoring the youth and what better way to understand the youth by reading a book that offers techniques and advice on working with the youth. This book will benefit a lot because it prepares me ahead of time for what’s expected from the youth that I’ll be mentoring.

Doing For Dummies by John Steventon

(Book — Author)

I’ve been a fan of these “…for dummies” books and I figured there would be one for DJing. I chose to use this book as a resource because it provides methods and tips for being a DJ and how to DJ. Additionally, this book would provide ideas for me in terms of teaching others how to DJ. I know how to teach, but this book provides key components in helping someone DJ and it would benefit me because I could implement similar ideas into my capstone project overall.

Morgan, David. "5 Steps To Creating A Professional Website." Organic Themes Professional Minimal WordPress Themes. 25 Oct. 2013. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

At first I thought this website wasn’t reliable but in fact it is very reliable in terms of giving me insight on how to create a professional website. This website provides detailed explanations and tips for making your website look very professional and also the steps in creating it. This website will give me exposure to creating a domain, finding a host, choosing a CMS, designing the website appearance, & adding content.

"Enoch Pratt Free Library." How to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit Organization -. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

Since I would be starting up a mini program at my old school, I would most likely have to use my personal equipment or find funds. I think this website would be a great resource because it offers many ways to fund for my program. Not only that, there’s a variety of methods on the website that give exposure on how to effectively get material provided without too much hassle. It also provides tips and samples on how to create proposals for grants.

GEHL, DEREK. "How to Attract Visitors to Your Site." Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Web. <>

Since I also want to create a website to display all my work, I still needed to find a way to gain exposure for my website. On my website, I would have my film from gigs, school program, and overall, guide to DJing would be the main focus of this website. I found this website very reliable because it touches upon entrepreneurship on gaining revenue (which I don’t want) for my website. With this website, I would be able to learn the skills and techniques in gaining attraction for my site and actually building views.


(School Program at Palumbo)

SEAMAAC’s After School program entitled ‘Hip Hop Heritage’ offers a balance of creative arts workshops, homework assistance, college preparation, sports activities and group open discussion. They offer classes in all of the Hip Hop Arts ranging from emceeing to deejaying, breakdancing and graffiti writing, and students may earn a cash incentive for good attendance and the completion of arts projects. Their staff works with each of their students and families so that they may define success for themselves, and achieve that success in a spirit of creativity, cultural integrity, and independence. This resource is by far the PRIMARY resource for my capstone because it defines everything that I plan to do with my capstone and would benefit me tremendously.

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Adam Feliciano - Q3 Student Art Portfolio

During the third quarter art class, students had a series of tasks to complete. These tasks were creating a water color, drawling a metamorphosis, creating a mosaic, designing a coat of arms picture and creating a wire sculpture. For my water color, I chose to use all the basic colors in a contrasting pattern to signify the beauty of combining numerous amounts of colors. For my metamorphosis, I decided to show a transition of an acorn transforming into a bumble bee. When creating my mosaic, I wanted to focus on designing something simple and clean. I achieved this successfully be creating a car. For my coat of arms, I chose to use the colors blue and red to represent the good and bad times I had with my advisory. Lastly, to the best of my ability, I try to design a telescope for my wire sculpture. I chose to create a telescope because it represents me looking into my future and striving to achieve my long term goals in life.
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Arroz con Gandules

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.35.29 AM

2 cups grain rice (rinsed)

4 to 5 cups of hot water,

3 tablespoons of sofrito

16 ounce can of gandules

1 packet of Sazon with achiote

3 tablespoons of oil

Salt and adobo


1. Add the oil into a big pot and let it heat up.

2. Add the sofrito into the pot and stir it until it starts to bubble up.

3. Add the gandules (beans) into the mixture and add the sazon.

4.Add the salt to give it more taste

5. Add a little bit of adobo to give it more taste.

6. Add water and let it boil

7. Then add the rice and lower the heat to low.

8. DO NOT STIR right away. Wait 10 minutes and stir rice.

9.Sir rice every 10 minutes for 30-40 minutes until the rice is tender.

Analysis: (this part you will be explaining how this meal is healthy, sofrito, guandules sazon and the ingredients basically)

Arroz con gandules is a combination of rice, pigeon peas and pork, cooked in the same pot with Puerto Rican-style sofrito. This is the signature dish of Puerto Rican culture and also has become very popular throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Arroz con gandules is part of Puerto Rico's national dish.

Arroz con gandules is a pretty healthy meal if you look at the ingredients. One of the major components that displays its healthiness is the fact that you have to make it from scratch. Since you are making it entirely from scratch, the excess chemicals that are contained in processed foods isn’t a problem.

Sofrito offers a lot of healthy nutrition for the body because it is a mixture of all natural vegetables blended. These vegetables such as peppers, greens, onions, garlic, etc. contain nutrients that the body need on the daily basis such as Vitamin D, E, and C.

Grained rice is the most nutritious because of its starchy substance. Most of it isn’t entirely natural, but it does in fact contain some nutrition that will benefit the body. Although rice isn’t very high on vitamins, it’s a good source for iron. This is very important because we need iron on the daily basis in order to give us strength. Iron is an essential mineral. The major reason we need it is that it helps to transport oxygen throughout the body. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body. Hemoglobin represents about two-thirds of the body’s iron. If you don't have enough iron, your body can't make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. A lack of red blood cells is called iron deficiency anemia.
Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.37.07 AM
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Adam's Quarter 1 Art Gallery

As an artist for "E-Band's" class, I enjoy expressing what my mind visualizes. As I stare into space in class, my mind visualizes images, and those images I make become a reality. Below you’ll find beautiful collection of artwork through different mediums. The design of adam’s artwork is set to inspire others to be creative and imaginative with expression. As you scroll through, you’ll find artwork that represents individuality, objects, and architecture. 
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SLA Winter Party

Join The Fun! Come to the last dance of 2013!
Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.03.20 PM
$5 for Tickets
$7 at the door


​For Tickets:

Look for Liverpool or River Trip students.

This is also a fundraiser to raise money for both, the Liverpool & River Trip so please support even if you are unable to come.
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A Child Called "It"

​Book Advertisement
Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.51.42 AM
​Book Review

Dave Pelzer's first book in this series is phenomenal. What actually happened to him as a child is hard to imagine. This was a number one New York Times bestseller for months and is an inspirational story. What looked like the best childhood a kid could possibly ask for turns into a nightmare in this traumatic boy’s life. Dave Pelzer wasn’t the only child, he had two brothers he hated because they never experienced the same pain that his mother put him through. As a child, he never understood why his mother hated him so much.

Dave's mother was abusive. Because of her disgusting actions towards him as a child, he had to face the emotional and physical scarring she would bring him. Dave begins facing a battle between the school staff and his own mother. His mother, known as the “evil bitch,” Dave states, instilled fear in him while the school staff tried to comfort and weaken him to tell the truth. Pressured by his environmental surroundings and harsh conditions, Dave begins thinking whether he should run away or not. He has no choice but to try to seek help from his father. After realizing that his father doesn’t want to acknowledge his abuse because of his fear of his wife, Dave decides to take matters on his own hands and make his big decision.

David Pelzer is an inspiration to myself and his book has impacted me because he reveals to the world that not every family is perfect. He also shows how people don’t know what really goes on in one’s family behind closed doors. At a young age, I had to develop a strong mentality and become independent. David Pelzer’s childhood showed that he too had developed these same traits. Despite the abuse, I would say that I’m similar to David because throughout the book he demonstrates perseverance and motivates himself to do great things. This is how I view myself.

David Pelzer’s abuse wasn’t just ordinary. His mother did things such as burning his hand on the stovetop, trying to put him in the oven, and even locking him in a bathroom full of horrible toxicants. This made me wonder the childhood of his mother because such horrific actions done by the mother reflects the idea that she may have in fact been abused or even neglected as a child, herself. I believe in the idea that people inflict pain on other people who are vulnerable because they are angry at themselves and they find pleasure in hurting others. This is my perspective on David’s mother. If she would have been raised correctly instead of being possibly neglected or abused, she would have never tried to hurt David. David’s mother’s childhood is what caused the corruption in her mind and is the essential reason as to why she is numb to others feelings.

Many books have their levels of interest. This book exceeded expectations for many reader’s simply because it is original and I must include that it is a Non-Fiction book. David Pelzer’s is a master of imagery because of his ability to descriptively write and relive the moment. His word choice is phenomenal because he makes the reader feel as if they too can feel his pain. This book was very impressive because of the idea of centralizing the abusive life of ones family into a kids perspective.

Although the book was impressive in a lot of ways, there were parts of the book in which may the book seem less appealing. The book fell off when David Pelzer decided to include his father. As a child, you don’t fully understand why adults act the way they do but this there’s no excuse for the father. I believe that the father was represented as a bad guy in this book simply because he should of known that Dave’s mother was mentally sick. I believe that no matter how careless one may seem, it is in every normal human being’s nature to react to such violence. The idea of David’s mother making him eat his own vomit and having him sleep on newspapers like a dog while the father wants to help but still doesn’t seems a little outrageous.

This book reaches out to an audience who loves Non-Fiction books that pertain to abuse in ones life. This book should be recommended to those who don’t like books that are cheerful and happy but instead is dark and graphic. If you like reading books and include a catalogue of horrible incidents, then you’ll love this book.

A Child Called “It”, David Peltzer, September 1st, 157 pages, Non-Fiction

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SLA Dance!

$5 for Tickets
$7 at the door


​For Tickets:
Don Marcos:
Lala Doumbia :

This is also a fundraiser to raise money for both, the Junior & Senior Prom so please support even if you are unable to come.

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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.19.40 PM

Reflection teaches you that things in life aren't perfect...

"How do you define freedom?" my teacher asked our class. "Provide an explanation for your definition."
I believe "freedom" is the ability to live by your own words and the ability to make your own decisions without being controlled physically and/or mentally by one's decisions. I also believe it is being able to express yourself freely.

This was one of my first discussions we had in our mid world history class. I thought that every word had one meaning and one interpretation, but I was wrong. I always thought that I had the perfect definition and only, the right definition. 

"Yes, anyone else would like to add?" he said.

I was confused. How could one add to this definition? Doesn't every word has its own definition? Twenty minutes went by and there we had it, a chart full of definitions for the word "freedom." From that moment, I began to realize that not everything meant one thing, it's what you make of it.

In my Short Story Letter Assignment that we had to do for English class one time, I quoted, "Your mom is really looking out for you, and you should appreciate it because there are moms who don't even care about their kids." I use to always think that I had the perfect childhood but when we were told to write a letter to someone we truly loved about making the right the decisions. I began to realize that I didn't have a sister who was perfectly fine. She was going through an emotional time and wasn't making the right decisions. Once I created this letter, I learned that perfection doesn't exist, part of living is to understand and deal with the environment you was brought into.

One time for English class, we were given an assignment called the Detailed Study. For this assignment, we had to pick an author and analyze their writing styles. I chose to focus on Marge Piercy because she’s an observer. She sits back and observes an object or something at its natural state. Here's a stanza she writes:

The bonsai tree

in the attractive pot

could have grown eighty feet tall

on the side of a mountain

till split by lightning.

This stanza teaches us that things don't always turn out as plan and that things aren't perfect even if we had envisioned them to be such. Marge Piercy help me to understand that even objects like the bonsai tree can't be perfect but the idea that it is living is the most important part.

Although things may not be perfect, I realized that I'm not perfect even in the way that I speak after completing my Language Auto-Biography assignment. In this essay, I wrote, I am from the roots of slang where we speak with emphasis and where you can only find the best cheesesteaks. This assignment made me realize that I wasn't perfect in the way that I speak. It made me understand that everyone has their own way of speaking whether its a different cultural language, an accent, or just a form of slang. After I analyzed myself, I knew that I wasn't perfect, but this wasn't something to make me feel less of myself. In fact, I felt better that I understood who I truly am. This assignment taught me that you don't have to be perfect nor does anything has to be perfect in order to unique.

Throughout my World History and English class I've learned many things that helped me realize that things in life aren't perfect. Here are a few more links to different assignments I've completed over the course of the year.

Manal Ali Sharit in comparison, was the ideal “Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia.” She  is a women's rights activist from Saudi Arabia who helped start a women's right to drive campaign in 2011. (Arab Spring Video Project)

It is unfair to be hypocritical to our allies and promise partnership but then slowly overrun its government. (OpEdAd)

My first sentence of my scene grabs the reader’s attention with no formal introduction.

(Descriptive Writing)
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Journal #21 & Journal #39

General Understanding:

Reflection teaches you that you're not perfect

Journal #21

​"We Wear the Mask"

MASK= Public Face

1) Protecting; shows happiness

We wear the mask that stares; but hides
It shows interest but never speaks or tries
This principle we pay to normal human live
With regret and disappointment we smile 
And my mouth with myriad subtleties

Why should the world be based off of traditions
In counting all our fears and cries
Nay let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.

We smile, but, heavens see our souls,
to thee from tortured souls arise
We thin, but our actions are small,
We try to release but the beasts watch
We wear the mask!

Journal #39

How do you define freedom?
Provide an explanation for your definition.

I believe "freedom" is the ability to live by your own words and the ability to make your own decisions without being controlled physically and/or mentally by one's decisions. I also believe it is being able to express yourself freely.
  • do as you please
  • way of feeling
  • relief of something keeping you trapped
  • illusion
  • mental
  • speaking, action, living w/o rules
  • free speech
  • no fear of judgement
  • not oppressed
  • controlling yourself
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Q3 Benchmark Reflection

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.15.44 AM
How does this project relate to the real world?

This project relates to the real world simply because it involves everyday math. In the real world, no matter what it is that you are doing, it involves math. This project also relates to the real world because measuring houses and making modifications to buildings, and even creating blueprints are things that citizens to as a career such as architectural designing and engineering. In the real world, people are always making modifications and finding ways to make things new and more efficient. 

What was the most exciting portion of this project and why? What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?

The most exciting portion of this project would be the "blueprint." I think this was the best part, because this portion gave us the opportunity to expand our creativity and use perspective drawing. I liked this portion a lot because one of my goals in life is to become a professional architect and creating a blueprint fitted this category perfectly. 

The least exciting portion of this project would be actually going outside and measuring the houses using one of the methods taught. I didn't like this portion because during the time it was freezing cold and jotting down notes and measuring the houses wasn't pleasant. I would of liked this portion more, if the weather was better.

What did you learn from completing this project?

After completing this assignment, I learned how powerful triangles were in the math world. I understood that when using the stick, mirror, or even the shadow method, the shape of a triangle played an important role. I also learned that you should always explore multiple methods for calculating and measuring height and width because the results may very. For example, when I did the mirror method, my measurements weren't as accurate as opposed to duplicating my body height to get the actual building's height.
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Marching Soles Shoe Drive

Capstone Flyer.001
Please donate shoes to the Marching Soles capstone! There will be bins located on the second floor for the entire month of March. All proceeds will go to those in need via PlanetAid. If you have any questions please contact Mecca Sharrieff, at msharrieff@scienceleadership.orgThank you!


1) Can I donate just one shoe? Sure can!

2) Can I donate heels? Yup! Any shoe, any size. 

3) Where do proceeds go to? Planet Aid is an awesome organization that packages the donations and separates them based on quality. Those of a higher grade go to thrift stores in less fortunate countries. The lesser grade shoes/clothes are 'fixed' and then sent to disaster relief victims or others in need. 

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Crossing Boundaries Podcast

The purpose of this project was to create an interview with someone else you knew from outside of school. The main goal for the interviewee was to get the person he/she was interviewing to tell a story and within this story, there had to be a moment in which the boundaries with stereotypes was crossed. As the interviewee for this podcast, I wanted to focus on stereotypes and I decided to interview my sister and her friend. They both had interesting opinions and experiences. Listen to the podcast yourself, and enjoy.
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SLA Dance! "This Is How We Do It!"​

"This Is How We Do It!"​

Attention!! The next SLA dance is on February 1st. Tickets are limited so get them ASAP! If you have any questions please feel free to email Adam (aka) DJ Phazze, Mecca, or Zac.

When: February 1st
Where: 22nd & Arch St (SLA)
Time: 7p - 10p
Cost: $5 tickets / $7 at the door
Attire: Dress to Impress

*Feel Free To Bring Friends:

Friends Must Show High School ID!
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 5.48.16 PM
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Language Autobiography 2013: Standard Phildelphish

For my English class, we are focusing on different cultural languages and how it affects people in our daily lives. In the beginning of the project, we read short chapters from different books that deals with the authors' personal struggle in their lives based off their cultural languages. We then had to create our on autobiography and talk about our cultural languages and the struggles that we face everyday with it. Once we made a personal connection with our cultural languages, we had to bring it into a broader sense.

I was born in the city known as brotherly love, where from every corner there is a church and a bar. I am from the roots of slang where we speak with emphasis and where you can only find the best cheesesteaks. I am from the place where there are chinese stores and papi stores on every block. This is how I got my language and this is why I view other cultures and their languages as foreign to me. I am from Philly, not from anywhere else.

As a kid growing up in Philly, there is no such thing as blam language. Here, we speak with passion and emotion. I remember when I was about eight years old and my uncle called me “Lilman.” It wasn’t necessarily a nickname because he only used this phrased when I was being a good, “down to earth kid.” In most cases, he’d just call me Adam. Take this for example: It was a late summer afternoon when I was helping my uncle build a storage house in his backyard. I was doing a good job, but then I let my curiosities interfere with my objective.

“Hey Lilman, go inside the house and give me the hammer and some more nails.” He said.

“Alright Uncle Mike.” I replied.

When I went to go get the nails and the hammer, I became fascinated with the idea of hammering nails into the kitchen walls. My uncle heard banging and he went to see what I was doing.

“Bang! Bang!”
“What’s that noise? Adam, I hope that’s not you.”

(He looked at the wall.)

“Adam! I did not tell you to do this? What the hell is the matter with you? Take the nails and the hammer outside now!”

I was outside for a while. Sad. My uncle began to feel pity for his rage that he had expressed on me. He walked over to me, where I sat on the grass.

“Hey, Lilman...Cheer up. I wasn’t mad at you. Not even a bit.”

“Then why did you call me Adam?” I replied. “You only call me Adam when you are really upset and disappointed in me. Plus, you also said the H word.”

He chuckled. “Wow, I guess you caught me huh Lilman?”

“ you are not mad anymore. You called me Lilman.” I giggled.

My uncle always viewed me in two perspectives and I started to realize this as I began to grow. My real name was only used to express a negative emotion towards me but the phrase that my uncle used “Lilman” was only used to persuade me; to get me to do what was asked of me. I began to see how language had power behind it. It was powerful because it influences the way people respond or even react to the demands or tasks that they are told to do.

At the age of nine, my family decided to move to Cleveland, of the dumps. It was called this for several reasons. One, there weren’t any city events like Philly does in center city, two their sports teams suck, and third they spoke standard english only. It felt as if everyone were all duplicates and that they all were made up of the same DNA. No one was unique.

Third grade was a nightmare for me. I was an outcast because of my Philly slang. They use to think that I was weird or stupid because even though my slang, most of the time, referred to the same thing that they were trying to say, they preferred standard english. Third grade was the grade that made me participate less in class. You would have suspected that I was humiliated by a classmate but no it was even worse, it was my own teacher. Mr. Nunny! He was handing graded work back and he told us to look at it and revise on what we did wrong. I looked at my graded work but I was still confused.

(Mr. Nunny announced to the class.) “If anyone has any questions, quietly raise your hand and I will call on you.”

(I raised my hand.)

“Okay, well why did you circle ‘salty’?”

“Adam. It’s not complicated.” (His eyebrows were raised and his lips quenched.) “Well, if I’m not mistaking, you are human right?”

“Yeah?” I replied.

(I thought to myself.)

“How is this relevant to my question?”

(He then continued.)

“Reread your sentence to the class.”

“Ok.” (I said.) “The little boy was salty because he got caught cheating off his friends paper. He also --”

“Stop right there!” He yelled. “What language are you trying to speak, because I can certainly tell you that it’s not English.”

(The class began to fill with laughter. One kid asked me if that was how all dumb kids spoke. I then burst out.)

“‘Salty’ means when you, someone, or something feels or gets embarrassed.”

“Well, here’s the actual meaning of ‘salty’.” (Mr. Nunny scans in the dictionary.) “‘Salty’, means tasting of, containing, or preserved with salt. But I guess in your term, you are ‘salty’ right now.”

(The class is filled with laughter once more.)

So throughout that year, my classmates and my friends would always tease me. I became insecure, and I didn’t feel like participating in the class no more because I felt as though, I wasn’t just a kid responding to a question, I was “that” kid responding to the question. I felt hesitant to answer any questions, hoping that something stupid wouldn’t come out of my mouth again.

This was the beginning of reality to me. I began to understand that what may seem normal to me would likely seem foreign to someone else. My philly slang was foreign to Cleveland’s standard English. The more my family went on vacations to different cities or states, I began to see the different aspects in the way that people spoke. I learned how different phrases for trying to say one thing may make you look illiterate. For example, Sub v. Hoagie, Cheese Steak v. Steak n Cheese, Lucy v. Box, and etc. Each pair represents the same thing, or object in reality, but based off where you consider “home” you may have been only accustomed or exposed to one phrase.

If this situation were to have been vice versa, and I grew up in Cleveland and came to Philly and heard its slang, I would have thought that Philly people were illiterate or “ghetto.” I would have thought this simply because I would have only known how to speak standard english. This relates to what we see in our everyday lives. People who don’t speak standard english but instead speak with their cultural language tend to be viewed as illiterate and suffer from judgmentalism/inequality. In addition to this, our cultural languages can affect the level of power that we have. If you speak with an accent or slang, then in most cases, employees or even people from different backgrounds won’t take you seriously and would often allow you to have little power. If you have an accent or slang, you are misinterpreted to be dumb or can’t even comprehend, but the truth is that you do understand and that you are just as smart as the person with that different background or that person who speaks standard english.
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SLA Dance! "This Is How We Do It!"​

"This Is How We Do It!"​

Attention!! The next SLA dance is on February 1st. Tickets are limited so get them ASAP! If you have any questions please feel free to email Adam (aka) DJ Phazze, Mecca, or Zac.

When: February 1st
Where: 22nd & Arch St (SLA)
Time: 7p - 10p
Cost: $5 tickets / $7 at the door
Attire: Dress to Impress

*Feel Free To Bring Friends:

Friends Must Show High School ID!
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 5.48.16 PM
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Pipeline Project: Adam Feliciano


Within the last few weeks in World History class, we’ve been doing class discussions and researching about the Keystone Pipeline XL project. As individuals, we all had our own opinions on how we felt about the topic. To express how we felt about the topic, we had the opportunity to create three monologues. For the monologues, we had to become creative thinkers and act as an object, person, or thing that is being affected positively or negatively on the Keystone Pipeline XL project. For my monologues, I wanted to make each one original and at the same time make all them have a different view on the project and how they were being affected. For my first monologue I played in the perspective of mother nature feeling betrayed by her children. For my second monologue I played in the perspective of a Rufous Hummingbird seeking hope that the construction company will stop. For the last I chose to play in the perspective of an abandoned car who is thirsty and wants the new oil, specifically the one that the Keystone Pipeline is distributing. 

Learned Anything?

After researching and creating each of the monologues, I learned that people and things have very different perspectives based on their environment and the situation that they are in. I learned that in ways, some people could benefit and some people can’t based off their needs and predicament. I learned that people we tend advantage of the resources in Earth because animals and other things can’t voice their opinion.

Monologue #1: What Have My Children Done?

(She's looking up at the clouds)

My kids are well behaved. They continue to do their regular routine, work, eat, sleep, clean, and reproduce. The cycle is going well and life feels good. 

What is that you say?

Oh no… the cars are just what they use for making life go fast and making things more convenient.

Yeah, what's the matter with life going fast? 

Well yeah, I'm sure they still see the beauty I have surrounding them everyday.

You said what about the factories?

(She thinks for an excuse)

Well I have to be understanding of the situation, they need ways to create new things and that all happens in those very special factories. Like the soil they make clean for me, it saves me a lot of work. Plus, I don't have to put so much pressure on the worms to work harder. Why are you asking me so many questions? Shouldn't you be doing your job, watering the lands that I create? Oh, so now you're saying you don't want to. The water you pick up isn't good anymore. Because there's a massive, robotic, worm, being created along the southern of America up into Canada. You say it's killing my trees? And hurting my air? You say that it would be used for transferring the oils from the tar sands? 

(She is angry)

I don't get it. I allowed them to take oil from the deep roots of the ocean, and yet they still want more? The tar sands were forbidden from being used as a resource. That's why I buried it into the sands. The oil is very harmful and I hid it to protect my children's lives. 


...I understand that you are the overseer of the lands and the oceans.


 Say what? They are the ones killing the trees and the animals and the air? They want to burn the tar sand's oil into the air? Have they gone mad? My children are being so ungrateful. Everything that could have harmed them, I hid them away. Why must they invade my personal property. I gave them life and yet they try to kill me? Do they not understand that if I'm gone, they will not survive? 

(She shakes her head, disappears)

Monologue #2: Look Up Here...My Nest!

(He sits on top of the nest and talks to himself)

Nowadays, there isn't anymore peace! 

I can't hum in the mornings because, they, are making this unbreakable silver tube. They are knocking over our homes, the trees, in which we make our nests. 

My kids are scared as they look down from the nest… They ask me questions like, "what if they knock down our home? How are we going to escape daddy? We can't fly." Or like "daddy would we run out of food soon?" How do you expect me to reply to that? ...I can't!

As days go on, we are flying further and further just to find twigs, food, and even new homes. Day by day, they walk around below and continue to make this, this, this thing that Gaia never intend on making. I mean if Gaia wanted you two-legged, two-armed, two-eyed, furless creatures to make this silver tube, to transfer the oils from the tar sands in Canada she wouldn't have buried it and held it to protect us from its harmful chemicals. 

Oh but we, the ones who can't talk, understand why Gaia held things under the roots of the ocean and hid things under the sands and the lands that we fly over appreciates her. Unlike you guys (he looks down at the workers) we only use what she has placed in our environment surroundings to keep us alive. You guys went beyond your environment surroundings and dug deep into the lands and released toxicants into the air. 

(His eyes widen as he laughs)

You guys are stupid and yet you guys think you all are smart. Just because you all make cars, bridges, and buildings, from harmful toxicants, doesn't make you all smart at all. Matter of fact, the only thing that you all are showing to Gaia is that you don't appreciate what she does to help you all live and you all show that you don't appreciate the beauties that surrounds us (he looks at butterfly, a deer, and a beaver). 

As I fly around this unbreakable silver tube I send droppings on you guys' bright yellow helmets, and yet you guys won't respond. Here's another dropping for you, the one who is sitting near the tree smoking that bright white stick.

(His eyes widen)

Is it me that you look up at? ...Why are your eyes beginning to turn red and watery? ...Is that a normal thing you guys do? What is this emotion that you make, shaking your head and wiping your face?

(He puts his wing on his head)

If he responded to me, then that must mean that you guys are different. Then if all you guys are different, then that must mean that one of you guys must care about Gaia.

(He gets happy)

Quick! I must call the others and bring this to their attention. Together, we will all send droppings onto them and make them stop this work…

(He flies off)

Monologue #3: Hey, I Want Some New Oil!

(Sitting in the vacant parking lot thinking. He is very mad.)

Oh so it's like that huh? You guys just abandoned me and let me sit here in this big vacant parking lot? Ever since those hybrids and those more efficient cars were and still are being invented, you guys think that I'm not good enough. I mean, what's so wrong with just releasing a little smoke into the air? The world is a huge place and by me releasing a little smoke won't make a difference at all. 

(Newspaper falls on windshield and he reads)

The all new 2012 hybrids! Update from your old car to the the most efficient car today.  Hurry... before the sale ends!

(He laughs)

Those cars are no different then my generations of cars. They claim that it is more healthier for the air. Who cares, we release a little smoke into Earth's huge atmosphere; there's no way that we are accountable for rising the CO2 levels. That other article i read the other day tells me that it's just the normal cycle with the Earth. The levels of CO2 bounces up and down. Right now it's up and I believe that it will soon go down. 


I am so thirsty! I haven't tasted oil in so long. My throat is dry. The last time I tasted some fresh new oil was on January 4, 2003, it is now October 9, 2012. I can actually start to see myself rust. How insane is that? 

Those hybrids think that they are all that because they run on more mileage and they are "good" because they have more sophisticated technology built in. 

I tell you what, I can get you guys anywhere just as well as they can.

What is it that I hear now? Oh yeah something about new oil. I hear that that  new oil is from the Tar sands and that it is more thicker. Man, those new cars are so lucky. I bet it taste so fresh and better than the original. 

If only my owner would return day to give me something to drink. I'd be so appreciative to her and I'd scream less when she uses me. I always had a problem screaming when she had hit the brakes. Plus, she really hated the fact that I would leave trails of smoke when she rode me. She always complained on how her friends were always making fun of her because I was an old raggedy car. 

I feel so bad for not meeting expectations like those new cars nowadays. If only she would come back and give me some of that tar sands oil to drink. With the new taste of that oil, I'd promise her to never scream when she drives me nor try to release so much smoke into the air.


Important Information:

In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources than in all previous history.

The U.S. buried or burned more than 166 million tons of resources—paper, plastic, metals, glass and organic materials—in landfills and incinerators in 2008.

Between 1950 and 2005, worldwide metals production grew sixfold, oil consumption eightfold, and natural gas consumption 14-fold. In total, 60 billion tons of resources are now extracted annually—about 50% more than just 30 years ago. Today the average European uses 43 kilograms of resources daily, and the average American uses 88 kilograms.

TransCanada claims that the 1,661-mile project would “carry 700,000 barrels of crude a day from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries on the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast, crossing six states and creating an estimated 20,000 jobs.”

Cornell University study estimated that the project will create “only 2,500 to 4,650 temporary construction jobs,” according to CNBC.

Though the Keystone Pipeline is capable of transporting large quantities of oil -- up to 590,000 barrels per day -- and tar sand oil is more polluting than conventional crude, this pipeline is not the climate end game.


Jones, Christopher. "Keystone Pipeline: Facts and Fictions." 03 22, 2012. (accessed October 18, 2012).

" Global Warming Fast Facts." National Geographic News (blog), 06 14, 2007. (accessed October 18, 2012).

"Recycling and Environmental Facts." (accessed October 18, 2012).

Cohen, Peter. "Keystone Pipeline: Winners and Losers." 01 19, 2012. (accessed October 18, 2012).

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SLA Dance!

Attention SLA Students, 

SLA Dance tickets are on sale now!! Representatives will be walking around selling tickets during X and Y lunches. Tickets are 5 dollars in advance and 7 dollars at the door. When purchasing tickets at the door, make sure every member of your group has their school ID. Combination tickets(movies and dance tickets) will only be sold Wednesday through Friday (Oct. 17th-19th). Get the special before it is too late! The dance is October 26, 2012 from  7-10 PM! Any questions see Adam, Mecca, Zac, or Amani.
Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 5.32.00 PM
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Descriptive Essay: The Blind Eye

“What was the reason for me to buy a fresh hoagie when yet nothing was really wrong with the other one? How could I be so foolish?”

So there I was in my room on my bed, doing nothing. Just sitting there, thinking, trying to finish my homework. Right next to me sat the book “No Fear Shakespeare” on my inexpensive desktop table. In front of the book stood three weird characters. Their eyes were dotted and looked like a period while their noses looked like triangles, sharp, pointy, and simple. They all had four knives each stabbed in their backs on the same places. I thought it was pretty funny because there wasn’t any blood or gash and the characters failed to show pain. They all looked as if they were satisfied just to be with each other despite the stabbings.

My brother was yelling my name. When he yells for me, its either because he needs help with something or he believes he did a good deed. “Adam!” He yells. “Come get your hoagie! Hurry up! Get it before I eat it.” I rushed downstairs as if there was a special gift waiting for me and stormed into the kitchen. My brother begins to smile like a gremlin. I started to search for my hoagie but I couldn’t find it.

“Where is it?”

“Adam it’s next to the microwave.”

“Oh hey, you added extra mayo for me. Thanks bro!”

“No problem!” He replied full with joy.

Before I was even able to get a bit out of it, my mom yells, “ Take out that trash out first boy! What you forgot?” I then go and take out the huge bags full of old ingredients, sauces, and leftovers. As I returned back to the kitchen I saw my hoagie, but this time an object stood on top of it. It was small, black, and walking across my hoagie. I was disgusted, I began to imagine all types of images in my head, of maggots squirming around. I grabbed my hoagie and tossed it out, poof! It hit the inside of my trash can. I was still hungry and my insides were forming knots. So off I went, back to the store, and ordered another hoagie.

On my way back to the house I came across an alleyway. In that alleyway stood a homeless man who had fixed himself a very special dinner meal. He had a chicken patty, fries, soda, and a cigarette hanging on the side of his ear. Everything he had seemed to be fresh but it wasn’t, they were leftovers. On the chicken patty was two slices of bread, one was half gone, while the other had spaghetti sauce on it. The fries were wrinkled and there wasn’t much of it in the McDonald’s box. The soda had to be old and most likely was flat and the cigarette, although it was a whole cigarette, was stale. Despite the condition of his meal, he seemed to love it. Why? I was confused. I would never even eat something that may have had critters on it. I walked back into the house and sat on my table and thought, “How could I be so foolish?”

That homeless man was happy and grateful for what he had found to eat and yet I sat here with a fresh hoagie that costs four crumbly dollars. Was it really that deep for me to throw out the other fresh hoagie?

I use to think that I didn’t have anything, but I realized that what I have is what a lot of people out in the world don’t have. Like the time on a rainy wet day home from school. I was running full sprint to my house. My clothes were twice the size it they originally were suppose to be and my sneakers felt like gallons full of water. I rushed up the stairs were underneath the door stood that very special doormat that my mom had owned for so long. Instead of me using it for its purpose I decided to move it from its original position and hang it on the old rusty rail. I walked into my house without the slightest sense to take off my sneakers. As I walked into the kitchen, I left behind me huge blobs of dirt, little did I know that my mother had mopped the entire floor with pine-sol. My mom is a very hard working mom. She basically has two jobs. The first job is at work, the second job is cleaning the house and taking care of my younger siblings, so she is often tired. At the time I entered the house, I failed to notice that the floor was freshly scrubbed and that my mom was in the shower. My little sister comes running down stairs and before she took that last step down from the crackling stairs, her eyes widen and her eyebrows rose so far up her head that it looked as if it had touched her hair line.

“Ooo! You are gonna be in big trouble. Mommy just got done scrubbing and mopping the floors.”
“It’s no biggy Cassidy! I’ll just mop it up real quick” I replied.
I went and grabbed the mop and wiped the blobs of dirt. Turns out that was a big mistake. All I did was smear the dirt around the entire floor and I began to panic. That wasn’t the worst part, my mom was on her way downstairs and I didn’t know what to do. Each step she took down those crackling stairs just made my heart drop even more. When she got to that last step she was in disbelief.
“What the hell is this! My floor looks like a pig’s play pen. Adam! Why didn’t you wipe your feet before you came into the house?”
“Mom I forgot, I was in a huge rush to get inside the house.”
“Adam, I just got done mopping and scrubbing the entire floor do you not realize how tired I am? You kids don’t appreciate what I do. I wish you guys where in my shoes so you could see how hard it is to live in reality.”
“Mom, I can just mop it up.”
“Mop it up?” My mom replied. “Since you think everything is easy and you fail to realize how hard it is cleaning up after you guys, you’ll be cleaning the house from top to bottom!”
“Top to bottom? Mom, that’s a lot of work!”

I began to feel very guilty about how ignorant and careless I was and how stupid it was of me not to use my common sense.

“Always appreciate what people and things do for you!” She said.
Her last quote simmered in my head. She was right. I failed to realized that the little things make a big impact on my daily life. I never thought that what seemed to be so easy was yet very hard like scrubbing the floor or even washing laundry. I guess that in life you have to learn to appreciate things while it’s there and accept what’s in front of you because sometimes being so blind could hurt you in ways you’ll truly regret.

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La Casa Perfecto Para Señor Sherif (Pareja Bailey Collins)

La casa es mucha grandiosa porque quiere muchas cosas. Está cerca de golf course y una parada de autobuses porque le gusta transportación pública. Está lejos del cuidad porque le gusta ambienta rural. Tiene un barn por los pollos porque quiere criar animales. La casa tiene un cuarto por la niña. Hay una oficina porque Sherif es un maestro en la escuela y le gusta escribir libros. La casa tiene dos pisos. Está cerca de las montañas. La casa es elegante y muy extravagante. Está mucha moderna. Los colores está vibrantes. ¡La casa hacemos para Señor Sherif está mucha bonita!

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Las Cazuelas


En ingles por favor. As Spanish 1 came to an end, we learned and had a lot of fun. During the weeks of our last course, we learned about the different hispanic cultures like Pruebla, Perú, and Poblano. Within the different cultures, we learned that their foods are created very differently than american foods. This week, we were thrilled to have a catered lunch with Las Cazuelas Restaurant and we were astonished on how great the foods were.
​Sopes de Maiz:


Tacos dorados:


...flor, wheat
Pollo Cazuelas: 


...sazón, pepper
Chuletas Tentacíon:


Tres Leches:

¡Muy Interesante!

...leche, azuca



...arroz, leche
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¡La Casa De Adan!

​1. Hay una traducir en frente.

2. Hay tres ventanas grande en porche.

3. Hay tres lámparas en el patio delantero.

4. Hay cuatro pequeños arbustos.

5. La casa es de color marrón y blanco.

6. Hay un acondicionador de aire en el sótano
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Negative Space

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

 Negative space, in art, is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image.

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

I found negative space in the cut out by simply cutting out all the gray areas and paste it on one half of the page the the white area on the other side of the page which showed symmetry. The green represented the negative space.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

A good artist realizes that the space surrounding an object is just as important as that object itself. Negative space helps define a subject, and brings balance to a composition.

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

Negative space enhances drawings because you focus on the negative space instead of the actual object which might be harder and take more time.
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La Parte 1: El Secreto de la Cactus

Hay una familia en la desierto de Morocco. Hay un papa, una mama un hijo, y una hija. La familia quedó atrapado en el desierto. La familia tenía mucha sed. La papa dice el agua en ninguna parte. Los niños llora. La papa dice que las plantas se están muriendo a causa del calor. La madre grita, “¡Mamacocha, por favor, ayuda nosotros! Necesitamos agua para mi familia pero las plantas no tienen agua.” Mamacocha responde y crece de cactus. Mamacocha dice “tú familia tienen que proteger el cactus o los animales que roban.


Adam Feliciano: "Before I Let Go" by Maze Music & Culture

 As a dynamic link to the past, music allows us to recall and revive our different cultural heritages through the performances we participate in now. Music as you already know is sectioned into certain genres. These genres help create and set the mood for the ones who are listening. The part of the culture that I celebrate is cooking out. The genre that applies to my culture is considered “oldies” or “slow jams.”

For instance, one of the songs that we play that is considered “oldies” or “slow jams” is “Before I Let Go” by Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly. My culture listens to this type of music because it brings back the past, when life was just about having fun and spending time with the family.

At a cookout, you wouldn’t play modern day music necessarily because the seniors wouldn’t like it. Some people would like it but not everyone. When you play “oldies” or “slow jams” the seniors love it as well as the younger ones. The younger ones technically speaking the parents like to see their parents (seniors) happy which makes them happy. When the parents are happy they make us (kids) happy by letting us get what we want. As result, it creates a healthy and fun family environment for everyone.

As you can see my culture, which is cooking out uses this selection of music because it basically creates a circle. That circle represents family being together as a one, having fun, and creating a positive environment.

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Before I Let Go - YouTube
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Adam Feliciano

Mí nombre es Adam Feliciano. Tengo quince años. Soy bastante activo. Es por eso que casi yo nunca en la casa ni juego videojuegos. Me encanta escucho música. Asi que yo sabe cómo "DJ". Soy súper cómico. Por lo tanto mís amigos le gusta salgo conmigo.
Photo on 12-7-11 at 8.34 PM #2
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¡Mi Familia, SLA!

Descripción de SLA


En la escuela, "SLA" es muy interesante. "SLA" se encuentra en Filadelfia, Pennsylvania en los días 22 y Arch Street. En la escuela, hay quinientos estudiantes y una veintena de maestros y profesores. "SLA" cuenta con una biblioteca, una cafetería, una sala de teatro, y una sala de ingeniería. Mis amigos y mis profesores son muy habladora y le gusta mucho la escuela. También los profesores son muy amables e inteligentes.



 ¡Bio Química es Intrigante!

Clase: Bio Química
Profesor: Señor Sherif
Actividades en la clase: hablamos, jugamos, y escuchamos
Responsibilidades: hacer la tarea, trabajo en computadora, y trabajo en el laboratorio
Materials: sólo el computadora
Opinión: Este clase es muy interesante y me encanta porque tiene mucho libre.

¡Álgebra es mi favorito!

Clase: Álgebra
Profesor: Señorita Garvey
Actividades en la clase: leemos, hablamos, y jugamos 
Responsibilidades: hacer la tarea, hacer la calentar, y prestar atención
Materials: la carpeta, la computadora, y unas hojas de papel
Opinión: Este clase es más o menos difícil pero es muy informativo.

Bio Química



¡Vamos a Comparar!

Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 7.11.22 PM
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El pelo: Tiene el pelo muy largo y liso.

Los ojos: Tiene los ojos negros.

Familia: Tengo un hermana con pelo totalmente negro y un abuela con los ojos azules.

Edad: Él tiene cien años.

Él Familia
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HOLA! Qu Pasa?

Querida Rosibel,
¡Hola! Me llamo Adam Feliciano, tiene quince años. Yo soy puertorriqueño, alto, guapo(jajaja), muy cómico, y inteligente (la imagen de arriba soy yo). Soy de Filadelfia pero vivo en Filadelfia también. Aqui, Filadelfia es bastante grande y es muy divertido porque tu puedes hacer muchas cosas. Por ejemplo, tu puedes salir con tus amigos a los partidos, ir al cine, ir patinaje, y mucho mãs. ¡Qué chévere! ¿Si? Me escuela se llama "Science Leadership Academy". Me encanta mi escuela porque tú tiene mucho libertad. En la almuerzo tú puedo caminar alrededor de la escuela y para la comida fuera de la escuela. Pero no me gusta nada con la tarea porque es mucho para hacer y porquito difícil. ¡Es realmente bueno aunque! No me gusta nada ayudar en casa, leer, ni correr pero me fascina nadar, ir al cine, y pasar un rato con amigos. ¿Y tú? Aqui tiene un origin étnico muy diverso qué hace qué la cuidad mucho más interesante. Filadelfia no es caliente todo en año. Hacer calor en junio, julio, y agosto. Esta fresco en septiembre, octubre, noviembre, marzo, abril, y mayo. Esta mucho mucho frio en diciembre, enero, y febrero. Ahora te lo dije poco sobre mí, me gustaría saber poco acerca de usted. ¿Cuáles son sus intereses? ¿Cómo es la vida allí...? ¡Bueno, me voy porque tengo hambre y necesito auydar en la casa, adios!

Con cariño,

Adam Feliciano

¡Aquí está mi escuela!
A continuación se muestran imágenes de Filadelfia en la noche.
A continuación es el vídeo de la ciudad de Filadelfia.
Philadelphia Aerial Footage
"​Puerto Rican Parade"

Yo estaba allí, pero no en el video. ¡jajaja!
2011 Puerto Rican Day Parade
Si usted quiere mantenerme en contacto, me añade en

: Adam Phaze Feliciano

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Q2 Media Fluency

When creating my presentation, visual was an important factor. When creating an all about me slide you wouldn't want to create a whole essay. This would only bore the crowd that you are presenting to and confuse them on what your talking about. For instance, my slide below doesn't include a lot of words because I want the crowd to listen to me and take a couple of seconds looking at the slide. In addition to this, COLOR matters. When I created my slide I chose colors that gave a pattern on my slide. I didn't choose to bright or to dark colors together because then it would look a hot mess and would most likely make you color blind! On my presentation, my pictures were divided into portions. For example, one portion talks about my motivation while the other represents my culture or favorite foods. Last but not least, "alpha" was a very important role. The reasoning for this because without cropping your pictures, your presentation would look very tacky and look as if you didn't put any time into it.
adam feliciano
​Slide Reflection:

After my slide presentation, I realized that I had too many pictures too close to each other in which it didn't look organized. In addition to this, I also realized that since this presentation was about me, I should have name in bold and enlarged. Then my first name was the most important to me so it should be unique. Therefore I had the letters in different fonts. Other than that, everything else was okay.
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Heavy D

Su nombre es Heavy D. Heavy D tienes cuarenta y cuatro anos pero murio la semana pasada. El era de Nueva York pero vivo en Nueva York tambien. Es gordo y es muy talentoso. Le encanta comer y bailar pero no le gusta nada correr ni leer.
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How To Ask For The Date

¿Cual el las fecha de hoy?

(By reading this blog, you will be able to know your months and dates. You will also be able to ask someone what is today’s date and/or respond to someone who asks you for the date.)


First, you would need to know the months and days in Spanish.


English    &   Spanish


January         enero

February       febrero

March            marzo

April              abril

May               mayo

June               junio

July                julio

August           agosto

September    septiembre

October         octubre

November     noviembre

December     diciembre



*The instead of saying uno, say primo.

1. uno
2. dos
3. tres
4. cuatro 
5. cinco
6. seis
7. siete
8. ocho
9. nueve
10. diez
11. once
12. doce
13. trece
14. catorce
15. quince
16. dieciséis
17. diecisiete
18. dieciocho
19. diecinueve
20. veinte
21. veintiuno
22. veintidós
23. veintitrés
24. veinticuatro
25. veinticinco
26. veintiséis
27. veintisiete
28. veintiocho
29. veintinueve
30. treinta



More information you should know. Translations of seasons, days, week, month, and year from English to Spanish.






Here's a lesson from my pareja on how to say the days of the week in Spanish!
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Weather: Qué Tiempo Hace Hoy?

¿Qué Tiempo Hace Hoy?


(How to respond when someone asks you what the weather is like today.)


If someone who doesn’t speak English and asks you “¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?” here are a few ways you can respond:



¿Qué tiempo hace?         

What's the weather like?

Hace frío.

It's cold.

Hace calor.

It's hot.

Hace viento.

It's windy.

Hace sol.

It's sunny.

Hace buen tiempo.

The weather is good.

Hace mal tiempo.

The weather is bad.

Hace fresco.

It's brisk.


Other weather expressions use the verb esta along with an adjective:

Está oscuro.

It's dark.

Está nublado.

It's cloudy.

Está lluvioso.

It's raining.


There are also weather expressions that use the verb hay:

Hay niebla.

It's foggy.

Hay neblina.

It's misty.

Hay sol.

The sun is shining.

Hay luna.

The moon is out.

Hay relámpagos.

It's lightning.

Hay humedad.

It's humid.

Hay nubes.

It's cloudy.

Hay lluvias torrenciales.

It's pouring.

Hay un vendaval.

There's a windstorm.

Hay granizo.

It's hailing.

Hay lloviznas.

It's sprinkling.


El Tiempo Rap (Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow)
Que Tiempo Hace Manana
​Here's a video to show you how to ask for the "weather" for tomorrow  phrases if you are not able to pronounce them. Just click on the picture.
Here's a lesson from my pareja, Enthony, on greetings in Spanish.

Alphabet with correct pronunciation/spelling.

“WAIT! Can you spell it for me?”

 (How to learn the alphabet with correct pronunciation/spelling)


In today’s society, you need to know the spanish alphabet and the pronunciation in order to spell something in spanish to someone.


¡EL ALFABETO! ....¿Si?



A (ah)        B (beh)          C (seh)      D (deh)      E (eh)        F (efeh)      

G (HEY!)     H (acheh)           I (eeee)                 J (hota)         K (kah)   

L (eleh)        M (emeh)             N (eneh)          Ñ (enyeh)      O (ooh)



P (peh)         Q (cooo)              R (ereh)            S (eseh)      T (teh)       

U (oooo)       V (beh)              W (doble beh)      X (equis)                  

(eeegriega)   Z (seta)



Whenever you come across someone who speaks Spanish and he/she doesn’t understand the way to say your name, you’ll simply need to spell it out the letters in spanish to them. If you don’t, they might say “¿QUE?”




Stranger: ¿Hola, Cómo se llama?


Me: Me llamo Adam.


Stranger: ¿Qué? No entiendo.


Me: Adam,  ah-deh-ah-emeh  ¿Si?


Stranger:  ¡Muy bien, gracias!

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Here's a lesson from my pareja, Enthony, on how to say excuse me in Spanish.
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