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Dominican Republic Election: Jareese, Sade Zillah

The country we were assigned was the Dominican Republic and the election was held on May 20th 2012. First, we got help from Uyen Nguyen who suggested that we get in contact with a man she met named David in the DR. 
Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 8.51.10 AM
And from there, I went onto Facebook and contacted David.
Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 10.27.46 PM
However, I did not receive a response from David which led us to find a new ways to get information that we needed. One of the group members, Zillah, suggested that we talk to one of the underclassmen, Franklin Mercado, because he's from the DR and has family who lives there and could help.  One Thursday afternoon, we all got together with Franklin and he phoned his cousin on Google Talk. His cousin, Carlos Mariano Mendez who is apart of the Military answered the following questions for us.

How old do you have to be to vote in the DR?

What is the voting process like in the DR?

Are you familiar with the voting process in the US?

What are some political parties in the DR?

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Blood Brings out the Best

The most challenging part of this benchmark was actually finding a story. My initial idea was to find a super tragic story that nobody paid any mind to but then I got the idea to report on something positive about a teen. I feel live negativity about Philadelphia teenagers are over reported but the accomplishments we make are under reported. I remembered what an exceptional student Shalia Wallace is and saw how good of a deed she was doing by running a blood drive was so I decided to report her story. Not just Shalia but other teens all over the city and their accomplishments are unreported because there are so many teens who are doing wrong and the media just has so much more to say about that. I think this story will get some attention but not a bunch of attention because it isn't a negative or tragic story that captures peoples attention which is sad. It's a shame that people would rather hear about a shooting rather than teens making differences in their communities but that's the reality of it. Overall, I learned that the process of running a blood drive isn't as simple as it may seem and requires time and dedication to ensure that the drive is successful.
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Shoes for Life

I ran a shoe drive here at SLA. The people who actually hosted the shoe drive was Teenshop Incorporated which is an organization for girls with goals that I am actually apart of. The event “Shoes for Life” was held on Saturday May 19th 2012 at (_____) where we actually gave the shoes away. My reasoning for choosing this project is mostly because the poverty rate is growing here in Philadelphia meaning that whatever income people do get, more than likely, it is spent on paying bills and buying food, the essential needs.  That leaves less money for people to pay for other things such as shoes. Besides poverty, personally, I enjoy giving and catering to those who are in great need and this project gave me the opportunity to do so.

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Bolivia vs the Dominican Republic

Q3 Globalization Benchmark

The countries I focused on was the Dominican Republic and Bolivia; Bolivia being located in South America and the Dominican Republic being located in North America. The process of completing my benchmark could have been much better but it went as the following. I researched information on both of the countries and noted important facts that I felt should have been included in the benchmark. I then referred back to Diamond's 5 point frame-work and compared both of the countries. I found a cool layout to use for my final product and that's how I completed my benchmark. Reflecting upon the 5 point frame-work, it was not straightforward and required me to dig deeper and perform even more extensive research than I had done already. I also I had to do some more research to thoroughly understand the 5 point framework. If I could have changed anything, I would probably change the layout of my project because I feel like I made it more complex than it had to be along with me feeling like I didn't have enough time to complete the project and in result, my benchmark is late.

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World of 100

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 5.50.08 PMScreen shot 2012-02-20 at 5.49.50 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 5.50.08 PM

For my three charts, I chose to focus on religion, geography and the ages of those who live in the world and for the majority of them, I was off practically.  The only category where I hit close to home was the genders where I was 5 off for both. I guessed 55/100 would be female and 45/100 for males where the correct answer was 50 and 50.

For ages, I didn't do such a bad job at guessing. I guessed 15/100 would be 0-14 but I was 11 off because 26/100 would fall between 0-14. I was super close with guessing how many would be 15-64. I guessed 65/100 and the actual answer was 66/100 so I ended up being off by 1!!! For 65+ , only 8/100 would fall into that category but my guess ended up being 20/100 making me off by 12.

For drinking water, I underestimated our world and guessed 20/100 would have access to safe drinking water & 80/100 would not but it ended up being the reverse where 87 /100 had access to safe water & 13/100 did not.

What shocked me the most was religion. I honestly thought that there were more Muslims in the world than any other religion so it surprised me to see that the majority of the world practiced Christianity. 

Completing this assignment really showed me how much I did not know about the world. When doing this, I had a mindset that the U.S and China were the only advanced countries so anything dealing with those countries, the numbers would be larger. As far as poverty goes, I thought that the majority of the world was in poverty so anything dealing with that & advancement, I felt like the majority would be below and a small portion of the world would be advanced. I didn't expect to see that majority of the world would be advancing being as though a lot of countries seek help from others and they seem very dependent so to see that a lot of the world was doing exceptionally well surprised me.

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Training Day Review

There wasn’t a consistent track that played in the movie but there were sounds of the street (ambient sounds) that helped make up for that. Also, there was rap music to go with the urban scenes. There wasn’t much narration in the film but the dialogue was great. There was much expression and sternness in the way Denzel Washington spoke and helped me understand how much of a low down person he was. Ethan Hawke’s dialogue let me know he was unsure of what to do at first but was a smart man. Their dialogue really got me to believe that they both became their characters.


The acting was amazing. Starting off with the minor characters, Snoop Doog and Dr. Dre really amazed me being as though they are musical artists and their acting skills were so good. Most singers/rappers who try to go into film that I’ve seen rarely succeeds and this was one of those rare cases. Macy Gray always plays the roles of drug addicts so seeing her in this role was the perfect fit.  Denzel Washington from what I know about him as an actor, he usually plays the “good guy” roles. After seeing Training Day, I began to believe that the “bad guy” thing was for him because he did an exceptional job. Ethan Hawke is an actor who I am really unfamiliar with but as far as his role, he did a good job as playing an officer who would just take orders at first but as the day went on, he grew to not just take orders.

For me, there weren’t really any new camera angles that really “wowed” me. Not that any of the angles were really bad, they just didn’t excite me too much. The lighting worked for me. There were parts where there was a little more exposure than it should have been but besides that, the lighting really worked for me.


(INSIDE THE BODY OF REVIEW: Discuss overall structure of the film)

Act I- Set Up

When Ethan Hawke had the phone conversation with Denzel Washington, we got an idea of what kind of person Denzel was.

When Ethan met him at the coffee shop, it was more clear of who Denzel would be as a character. The conversations between Ethan and Denzel in the car let us know how Denzel felt as about his job which was he felt like he was above the law because he was a top cop.


Act II- Confrontation


This wasn’t shown in the movie, but Denzel got into a confrontation with the wrong Russians apparently which led to him owing one million dollars to them by midnight the following day or he would be dead. Throughout the whole day, he ran a series of schemes in order to get the money he needed which got him caught up in the end.



Act III- Resolution


At the end, Denzel set Ethan Hawke up and left him in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Hawke came and found him and put a good fight with Denzel. Ethan ending up beating him up & shooting him but not killing him, that job was left to the Russians.


I thought this would be one of those movies where the bad guys get away with what they’ve done at the end of it.

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LBGT Rights by J.Long, S.Skelton & B.Thompson

AM-Gov BM JlongSskeltonBthompson
For our second quarter benchmark, we created a video about LBGT rights and had some insight from a couple peers and included brief information about what role the United States plays in this. We looked into section one of the 14th Amendment for our project.


1. y wedding of josh & ryan [Web]. (2009). Retrieved from

This video is about a gay couple Josh & Ryan getting married  In New York city. Marry me gay specialize in gay marriages and is filming this marriage to show everyone that gay couples can also fall in love. Gay couples love is just as true and vibrant as a heterosexual couple's love.

2. Marriage for same-sex couples. (n.d.). Retrieved from

This website is about gay marriage and equality. People who religion  doesn't approve of gay marriage can criticize gay couples but the government cannot. Marrying the same sex is only acceptable in 20 states (plus D.C)  and people are working hard to expand this across the country.
This website also talks about the defense marriage act and marriage in the United States.
u.s. constitution: Fourteenth amendment . (n.d.).

3. Retrieved from

This website is about the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment is broken down into 5 sections. The 14th amendment  is about babies being born from an immigrant inside the U.S gives the mother (& family) of the baby permanent residency. It is also about slaves rights being denied and so forth and so on.

4. 14th amendment rights [Web]. (2011). Retrieved from
This video is about a girl who created an animated feature to discuss the 14th amendment. She wanted to get the message of the 14th amendment out to people who doesnt know about it and is living it everyday. She wanted to explore the creative side of history.

Benchmark Reflection

My reasoning for choosing this topic is because this is a topic that is taken lightly in the society today. We, even I myself is guilty of calling people "gay" when I feel like they're doing something out of the norm for their gender which is wrong of me. I do not mean any harm by it but I've come to realize how bad of an impact this can have on people. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender in the world today isn't easy and I felt like it'd be a good idea to make a video reminding people that they are human & their sexuality doesn't define them. 

We did stumble across one big challenge which was what exactly would we include in this video. We didn't know if we wanted to base this off of one person's life with facts or not. We ended up just making a video with facts included in it.  Aside from the challenges, I liked that we had to make a video and focus on a provision of the Constitution in a creative way.  The most interesting fact that I came across was that a Defense of Marriage Act was passed giving the states the option of rejecting or allowing gay marriages. I felt like that law should have never been passed being as though the US shouldn't regulate who people chose to love and be with.

After watching the project, I noticed the audio was not the best and it could use some MAJOR improvements. The music was higher than the interview audio which is a mess and should be fixed. If I were to do this project again, I would start the filming earlier because we probably would have more access to filming equipment and our final product would have been so much better. Also, we wouldn't have had to use many youtube videos if we would have done so. However, I did learn about the 14th Amendment and how that second section of the 14th Amendment shouldn't be taken for granted. Me, because I have my freedom and I am a heterosexual female does not go through problems where I feel as though I'm being rejected or deprived of rights. Therefore, I take this section of the 14th Amendment lightly whereas those who are LBGT take it seriously because they are deprived of their right to live in the way they want to.
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Lobbying Blog Post #4

    In order for my lobbying topic to come to the attention of big city officials, I have to get the attention of the council members who make up the Rules Committee  for the city of Philadelphia.  There are many methods I can take to capture their attention that will all be effective for me.

The person that I really need to get in contact with would be Anna C. Verna because she is the chair of the rules committee but if I am not able to get in touch with her, I have 8 other options of people to get in contact with including James F. Kenney who is the vice chair of the committee.

Speaking hypothetically, I send out letters, e-mails and make calls to both the chair and the vice chair and I do not get in contact with them and I never hear anything back, I’ll first contact Donna Reed Miller who is one of the members on the committee. The reason why I’ll contact her is because she serves the 8th district, which is my districts’ councilwoman.

My plan of action is the following:

1.    Write a letter addressing my issues and ways I chose to go about fixing the issue (Just in case I need to send a letter)

2.    Call Verna to get in contact with her first and work my way down the line if my plan doesn’t work.

3.    Attend a meeting to figure out their viewpoints they already have on curfew. The point of the meeting would be to be observant of
    what plans they have already made and see how can I add to it or tie my ideas into their laws.
4.    Set up a meeting with whoever is willing to meet with me and discuss my ideas with them and try to get them to agree with me to represent this to a larger audience.

5.    Hopefully get feedback from the larger audience and see if my issue can be brought before the mayor and see what he says about it.


Vice Chair James F. Kenney 


 Chair Anna C. Verna



Council Woman Donna Reed Miller

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Obtaining a Green Card

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 12.28.11 PM


The task that Brooke and I decided to take on was the steps to obtaining a green card. The process a person has to undergo in order to obtain a green card can be a very simple process if the person follows each step correctly. Depending on the status of an immigrant the process varies from a one to two step process. MOST of the paper work was straightforward but some parts required us to really do some research to find out what each part of the application really meant. IF I were to be applying for a green card in reality, the paper work would be simple yet paying for the applications to go through would be hard. This process in total I would say costs over a thousand dollars which could be hard for immigrants to afford being as though it's a possibility they're coming into the United States for better opportunities. As far as my flowchart goes, I would have been more detailed with the flowchart. The process isn't long but I would want to map out some of the questions that would be asked on the paper.  I was reading on how simple it was to get green cards before or just enter the United States period. But now I feel like they stepped it up a notch with the process because so many people are trying to become a U.S citizen that it can soon lead to over population of our country.

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Lobbying Post #3

For my lobbying topic, this is not a good year. I feel like youths are still bending the curfew rules and parents do not care much because if they did, they would be sure their children are in by 9pm. I am not disappointed by the face that it isn't a good year for this law because the law is too strict. For most teens, at 9pm is when they get that time to themselves to finally get out of the house and what this law is saying is that they will not be able to hang out. YES, I think there should be curfew laws but a 9pm curfew is outrageous. I do not feel in anyway bad about how this law is being ignored. I do not really see any officials who are so much for my lobbying idea which means I may  possibly have to talk to an official and get my idea out there and find others who agree. As listed in my last blog, there are a few officials who are on this curfew committee who may possibly be able to help me but Mayor Nutter is probably the one I would really need to talk to and get this idea into his head since he is the biggest enforcer of this law. A couple people are working on the curfew lobbying topic but I'm not too sure if their ideas are like mines. One of them says there should not be a curfew law which I am in the middle about but maybe we could work together and share ideas. I feel like I can influence the youth and parents to uphold their responsibilities which is to make sure children are in the house by 12:30pm every day.  The next meeting for city rules is November 30th 2011 at 10am which I'm sure the curfew laws will be a big topic of discussion.

Meeting Calendar

Curfew Chart
Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 6.56.00 PM
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Voting Rights Act of 1965

For my final benchmark, I created a comic to tell the story of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and how it came into law.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
​    * Explain your decision making for choosing the bill.
    In order to complete this project to my best ability, I feel like I needed to chose
    a topic that really caught my interest. When it comes to equal rights and how those
    rights are not often given, it excites me to learn the story behind that. For my bill
    to be about voting rights really caught my interest also because there was a point
    in time where everyone couldn't vote and now that everyone can vote, not many people
    take advantage of that.
    * Why did you choose the particular presentation format?
    I wanted to catch the interest of my intended audience which would be the youth.
    As a youth, I can vouch and say when a lot of information is written in a word documented format, we tend to ignore that. But to make a comic book, I know I could really grab the youth's attention.
    * What challenges did you overcome in completing the project?
    One challenge I came across was trying to find space fillers for this project.
    There was a nice amount of information for the passing of this law but the
    information was really brief. Because the information was so brief, I had find things
    to go in between to expand the process and I came across a lot of events that
    influenced the passing of this law so I soon overcame this challenge.
    * How would you do the project differently if you had to do it over again?
    If I had to do the project over, I would probably get feedback on my product and
    peer & teacher reviews. I would like to see what I can change and fix to make sure
    my final product would be close to perfect.
    * What did the research and investigation tell you about the creation
       process... from idea to bill to law?
The research told me that the process wasn't easy. The Southern Legislators were pretty defiant about what rights African Americans were entitled to and they felt like
they were above the law for some reason.
    * Was the process easier or harder than you imagined based on your particular
    bill/law research?
    Because this was a topic I was really interested in, I found the process to be easy.
    The only thing hard about it was actually finding which bill I wanted to work with.
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Curfew Lobbying Blog Post #2

    There are various council members here in Philadelphia, ten to be exact for the ten different districts. Those who represents my lobbying topic would be those who’s on the Rules Committee.  The chair of this committee is Anna C. Vera, the vice chair is James F. Kenny and there are seven members who consist of Darrell L. Clarke, Frank DiCicco, W. Wilson Goode, Jr., William K. Greenlee, Donna Reed Miller, Blondell Reynolds Brown and Frank Rizzo Jr.  I’m sure I wouldn’t need to talk to all of these people so I would first start with Anna C. Vera because she seems to have the most experience on this committiee.  In 2008 she was beginning her THIRD FULL term as council president which shows she must be really good at her job. Anna represents the 2nd district and her community interest is more so with housing. Because she seems to only oversee the Rules Committee more so than actual perform the same jobs as the council members, more than likely, I would be redirected to a council member who could represent me and my lobbying ideas.

Anna C. Verna Biography

City of Philadelphia Rules Committie

Map of Philadelphia District Neighborhoods 

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 9.26.05 AM
Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 9.26.05 AM
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Curfew Lobbying: Bettering Philadelphia Curfew Laws

I am lobbying to change the curfew in Philadelphia. I am not 100% for the curfew but I am not against it neither. Personally, the curfew laws is not a bad idea but there needs to be some adjustments. I feel like it’s a bit crazy for the curfew for those under 18 is 9pm. Me personally, on Saturdays, I attend a program called Teenshop which lasts until 1pm. From there I have to go home in which I will arrive about 1:45pm then from there, I have house cleaning I must do before I think about going anywhere. Around 6:30ish, I am done cleaning and if I plan to go somewhere, it’ll take me about a hour to get ready and when I finally do get out of the house, I have to come right back inside? That’s ridiculous. I feel like we should go back to regular curfew laws but raise the fine if children are caught out past 12:00am. I find that pretty fair because for one, if kids are given an extra mile, the consequences should be more severe if they take advantage of the scenario. I feel like the main supporters of my idea would be teenagers under the age of 18 who more than likely really wish to be outside beyond 9:00pm but my opponents would be the mayor, police and many adults. There isn’t any pending legislation dealing with my topic but I would like to see a way to make these laws fair. I mean yes, I understand how terrible our youth has been in recent years but should the entire generation be punished for the wrong doings of the few? I hope soon that there’s a lot of discussion about raising the curfew fine but going back to previous curfew laws.
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Musical Blog Post #2

​1. How is sound produced by this instrument (now that you know more about sound, please try to refer specifically to the energy transfer and vibrations)?
For a flute, the referring to energy transfer and vibrations, sound is produced by having a standing wave of air in the column of the instrument. At the end of a flute, air moves freely. A flute is an example of a standing wave.

2. Based on your understanding, how are you changing the pitch? What physical characteristics are important in this instrument?
I'm changing the pitch by blowing into the different holes I will make. Each hole will be of a different frequency. 

3. What materials will you actually be using for your instrument and why? How will you play your instrument? What is your plan for constructing the instrument?
I will be using PVC pipe for my instrument. I will play it as I said before by blowing into the different holes.

4. What outstanding questions do you still have?
My design of the flute is different from the traditional design and I wonder will it still work as good.

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Musical Instrument Blog #1

The instrument I will be creating is the flute.

How is it played? What does the person have to do to produce sound?

It is played by blowing thorough the top and moving your fingers over the holes that produces different sounds at different frequencies depending on where the holes are positioned.

How do you change a note?
A note is changed when your fingers move over different holes.

How is it shaped?

The shape of it is sort of like a miniature metal pole.

What does this make you think about how you can create and change sound?
It makes me think that sound is changed depending on how I make my holes
and where my fingers are positioned.

What connections (if any) do you think you can draw between what you are observing and you might already know about waves 
Connections I can draw about waves is waves change depending on movement or motion.

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