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Food Benchmark


A lot of things we learned this year were talked about in chases talked about last year because his food class he was really interested in and it poured over into our english class. I looked up the movies we watched before so the information was not new but did contain a lot of information. My role in the larger food system is to simply be a consumer and consume what I want so my taste will be reflected in the sales of said product. The biggest problem with our food market is the lack of competitiveness between diffrent companies. Food companies have monopolies over certain aspects of the food creation process so they can pocket exorbitant amounts of cash while reducing spending costs and making the food cheeper.  So changes I could make in my food choices are to eat more meats for protein which helps repair muscle tissue and tastes delicious. The impact would likely be only for me and that would be my experiencing a decrease in soreness post work out and probably increase in muscle mass but likely also it would be more costly. I am not willing to actively make the change I live more by if it it happens kinda thing.

Fruit Salad yummy yummy
Get a bowl


20 strawberries


1 chopped up pinapple


1 chopped up cantuelope


1 chopped up honey dew


half a chopped up watermellon

Presto fruit Salad.



The recipe to making it was extremely simple as it was just fruit products chopped up into little pieces. The labels claimed the fruit to be organic so the environmental impact was likely helpful because more plants means more fertile soil and air for us all yay fruit. It was entirely whole food literally what comes up from the ground when you plant a seed and care for it and pluck what grows from it. There was no nutrion label on the side of my food because fruit doesn't come with that. However the nutritional value of a strawberry is 4 calories and 1 gram of sugar. The nutritional value of watermelon for a slice in 86 calories 22g carbs 18g sugars and 2g proteins. The nutritional value of a pineapple is 28 calories per slice and 7g of carbs and 6g of sugar. one wedge of honey dew is 45 calories 11g carbs 10g sugar and 1 g protein. All and all the food seemed to be high in sugar and carbs but it was all natural if you ate a lot of it you would need to produce more insulin to lower your blood sugar levels because of the increase in glucose your body received. I am pretty sure that the items went straight from farm to market to plate because you can not do much else with fruit in between it grows you pick it then eat it the end.

Food rule
Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 9.23.59 PM
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Musical Instrument Blog #2

Sound is produced by my instrument by the wave traveling though the bottle and dispersing before finally interacting with the water. You would change the pitch either by changing the shape of the bottle or the distance between the water and the point it is being stricken from. I will be using water bottles filled with precise amounts of water set to 5 musical keys. It will be played by striking the top of the bottle and making the sound reverberate though out the bottle. My plans for construction it are simply acquire water bottles and fill them with set amount of water. This instrument is rather simple and I have no outstanding questions about it.

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Musical Instrument Blog #1.

Similar to my instrument:

The water bottle xylophone is played by a person striking bottles filled with different amounts of water there. The bottles are filled to specific amounts so that the waves change distance they have to travel to crash in the water. You change the notes by striking a different bottle. The note is formed when the striking of the object against the bottle shoots into the container and takes a set amount of time to disrupt the water in the bottle producing a different note. This makes me think that sound is changed and produce by sound waves interacting with a medium of different distances and tensions in order to create the unique sound. I think you can conclude that with a longer distance for the wave to travel the deeper the sound will be because the more spread out the wave will be at the point of impact.

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President Bruce Lee

Changing History 
Project here


What i liked most about this project was the use of information I had foreknowledge of to create a future i wanted and believed to be possible if my point of divergence actually happened. The most challenging aspect was finding the original primary source documents as bruce Lee the man it centered on was only in the main stream stop light for a very limited time before his death. A lot of information pertaining to him was secondary accounts or stated after his death. The most interesting event I investigated was the effect of implementing cash incentives to entice people to do what was for their own good which delved a bit into making people do what is good for them and a bit of a moral debate of whether it is justified to do so. My project had an extreme impact on the historical record which is quite impressive. The changes one person can make influence the entire world especially the actions of some one who is a great motivator. Systematic change impacts the historical record because the historical record is nothing more then a list of the systematic change that occurred and the reasons why they did. Ones decisions can drastically effect the historical landscape because people in great positions of power set up the goings on for there time which can set president for the future and also become a part of the historical record. This project might be able to be improved with a bit of intricate photoshopping to add my dead protagonist into scenarios past when he died in the real historic time line. I would start working on the primary source docs sooner if i had to start over again.
english benchmark
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5 Photo Essay


Woodrow Wilson president who lead us into the 1920’s

Election slogan

Woodrow Wilsons pled to get people to join the red cross

Woodrow Wilson making peace

He died in 1924 the nation was very sad.

Mocking bushes election run

Accusations of rasim

Fails to open a door

A statement about bush and terrorism

Commentary on bushes selective view of the constitution.

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Kabbour Rizq NHD reflection America though out the ages

Our NHD project

We chose the Topic of America through out the ages because it combined aspects from all of our projects effectively  and we felt we could do a lot with such a broad topic. We chose the format because we new from the beginning  that the message would best be conveyed through using videos. But after a few brainstorming sessions we decided we could not get everything across with just video or just words so we chose the website because it effectively combined the two mediums to make a project we would be proud of. Also we felt it would be the most accessible to the largest amount of people. We did not really run into any problems with the project the brain storming and coming up with how to host all the info we wanted was the only part that was a bit of a struggle the rest just came fairly naturally. What went well in the project was the videos and presentation. I liked the way the video went as a summary of the event for people who did not understand the background and the text was the analysis. I feel that if i ran across our website on the internet i would feel safe using it as a source to reference for a similar work. The project went quite swimmingly and i can not think of a thing I would change about it. To do the project it required we looked up information about some of the most important events in american history. I felt that it let me refresh my memory on a lot of topics i already had an understanding of but not a mastery. After this project though i feel confident in discussing at length any of the events mentioned.
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