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Clear Object: Roger Bracy

For this assignment we had to sketch a clear object using charcoal It's difficult to shade but once you get the outline of glass it gets really easy. My first steps were to darken the sketch out the shape. Then created shadows and reflections where the lights were hitting off the glass. At the end it was a good project.
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Copy the Master

1/2 - 13 

Copy A Master

Copy the master was super interesting and a great project. I finally realized I can draw. This piece made me gain more confidence in my self. It's hard copying someone famous. So ms. Hull told us to find an artist any where or internest, in a book, etc. So i went to the shelf in her room and grabbed a book. I seen this strange but interesting photo by a guy name gamboge. So I got a 24x36 piece of paper, and then printed gamboge picture out of the painting. So I grabbed charcoal, and started with his big head, made sure the shape was right. Then I added the detail I seem such as his hat, nose, slim mouth, hands, glasses and cigarette. The hardest part was the shading, with out seeing natural light I had to copy where the artist shaded. I finished this in 3 hours. I loved this drawing, and the effort I out into it. I could have added color to add my own flare to it.
photo (11)
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200 Photos with Photoshop Edits

Taken with the Camera from School with Kyla Carden.

With the program Photoshop I was able to alter the photos I took with the camera I got from school. I didn't really know how to use Photoshop so I played around with it for an hour just seeing what different tools do. It didn't take that long to edit the photos the only thing was the files were so big that SLATE didn't have the capacity to handle the data. So I converted the photos from DSJ. to JPEG.

With the first photo that shows my friends and I used the Hue/Saturation filter that added a sort of warmth to the photo. It also added added a cool contrast to the outer layer of our bodies.

The second photo is a photo of my friends that was taken for yearbook, but I decided to use it as one of the photos in photoshop. I messed around with the Hue/Saturation filter again, but didn't go too overboard with as I did the first time.

The third photo is a picture of my friend's Jareese, Sade, and Kyla at lunch. I liked the way the picture came out so I didn't want to do change it too much. I decided to just emphasize some of the colors in the photo. So I exaggerated the yellow and blues in the photo and it brought a glaze over the picture.

The fourth photo I took in my basement and I just made the temperature cooler to bring out the blue in the photo. I also added a little artistic stroke effect and made the picture brighter to make it look like I was glowing.

The last photo I took in class and I just wanted to change it to black and white. I also added the Saturation effect to make the picture a little lighter. 
Varsity 1
Photo on 9-9-11 at 8.38 AM
Photo on 9-9-11 NEW
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Quarter 2: 5 Photos

5 photos:


I chose these 5 photos because I thought they were the best out of all of the 200 photos. I thought my lighting was good, my angle was good, I thought where I took the picture made it more admirable.




Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 5.30.21 PM
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Clear object:


  This was the same assignment as last quarter accept this clear object had to be bigger than the last. For this clear object I chose to do a clear vase because I wanted to mix it up a bit to see what I was cable of doing.


I thought the vase was harder than the regular glass because making the actual vase shape was difficult, because a vase shape is awkward. The outline is straight but yet there’s that little curve that I always got wrong. Also the vase had two circles at the bottom of it so I tried to separate one circle from the other so it didn’t look like 2 random circles in a vase. To make the picture come alive I also tried to add white in the picture so it would look like the sun is reflecting on the object, and would make it look like actual glass.


From my current work I believe the last clear object was easier, because I didn’t have to outline the exotic shape of a vase. But overall I am still proud of my work.


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Quarter 2: Edit Photos

Edit Photos:


I chose to edit these photos because I thought out of all of my photos these were the ones that needed work. The pictures that I took were wonderful, but some of them were to dark to even see that it was a photo so I decided to put them into photo booth and see what I could do.


 As I edited the photos I realized there were a lot you could work with, but I pretty much just focused on making the photos look like actual pictures. And on some I just changed the format of the photo, which I realized was enough to make it look like the way I wanted it to.


From my current experience of working with photo shop, I believe I was ok with it, but now I realized that you can do a lot more on photo shop than just changing the size of the photo. The hardest part about this assignment was figuring out how I should make the photo, because there were so many things I could do with the picture.



Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 5.28.38 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 6.21.51 PM
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The ocean:


I chose to draw the ocean because I like the way the blues would go from lights to darks and darks to lights. It looked like a fun challenge that I was really excited to do.


 Throughout this project I used pastels, because I figured that it would be easier to blend the colors and create nice fades. But as you can see for the top layer of the ocean I chose to do a dark blue that would separate the surface of the water from the bottom of the ocean. To separate both of the blues I added white to the top layer to make it look like the reflection from the sun, and the bottom I just did a plane, simple light blue, which I blended with a little bit of green. As I was going along doing this project instead of just doing a stroke and rubbing all the colors together, I pretty much treated the pastel as a marker and began filling in any white spots as much as I could. And for the bottom of the paper and for the white I used a technique called cross checks I believe its called which would make the picture look a little uneven so it would look more realistic.


         From my current work I believe my progress has grown. I believe I have learned a lot more about fading objects, and blending colors together. The most challenging part about this project was making the ocean look real. I really wanted the ocean to pop out of the picture, which was a very difficult thing to do.


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Tariq & Ryan Bureacracy flow

The bureaucratic 'task' that I chose was the process of applying for what is known as food stamps. Food stamps are for families that have much financial difficulty and allow them to purchase food and other items with stamps that are issued to them by the government. The process to apply for food stamps was rather simple I filled out a rather lengthy application in which I was required to identify the current living situation that I resided in. The paperwork was relatively simple to understand and rather straightforward. If I had the opportunity to change something about the process that I flow charted, I would have the entire process be online as well as paper so that you may be able to access it without going through the process of retrieving the physical paperwork. In my opinion, I believe that the systems have become so complicated because they want be certain that people who actually deserve it receive its benefits and not someone who may either potentially be lying or doesn't deserve it as much as someone else.
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Q2_Copy & Master_Katherine Hunt

Copy & Master-

For this project, what had to be done was finding a picture online that interested me and drawing it. This drawing was to be copied and mastered in order to make it look exactly like the original. For my drawing I felt as though my drawing looked like the one I chose. 

For this assignment that I decided to do was "the persistence of memory" by Salvador Dali. The reason that I chose this picture was because I really felt like it was something that I was able to draw. I saw the picture as something that was very inspiring. My interpretation to this was that time is something that can either be used wisely or not. Throughout this assignment, I felt as though the time that I used for this assignment was not used as wisely as it could have been. It shows that a person has to persistence with their work as time passes by if not a person can end up taking long to do the things that have to be done and wasting time. I worked on this picture by first drawing it and then coloring it with coloring pencils. I attempted to shade this well, but although it wasn't my best piece of work it was the best I could in the moment with a limited amount of time. A future consideration that I would do is making sure that I shade better and use either oil pastels or paint the paper so that the color is more vibrant and looks better in terms of the shading and quality. 

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200 photos

For this assignment we had to take 200 photos of anything and edit them using photo shop.After we took the 200 photos we chose 5 of them to edit. I explore photo shop using different effects to make my picture fun and exciting. Even a simple color boost can make a picture more appealing. Some pictures a random and others are of me and my friends.
Photo on 1-21-12 at 1.01 PM #2
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.55.39 PM
Photo on 11-24-11 at 3.15 PM
me and mom
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Copy A Master

For this assignment we had to find a 2-D art pice and redraw it to best of our ability. This project had no limits and you could draw any drawing from any artist. My picture is from a book I found in art class but I'm not sure what the name is. In the picture is a wall with words on it and in the background a building from a distance. I recreated this drawing using pastel colors and using a series of high lights and low lights. Also fading was a major step in the process of recreating the drawing.
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Q2_200 Photos and Editing 200 Photos_Katherine Hunt

​200 Photos and Editing 200 Photos-

I largely focused on this assignment because I was a very camera shy person before this assignment. I decided that I wanted to take a challenge, therefore I decided not to omit this assignment. From the 200 photos I took, we were told to take 5 pictures and edit them. When editing these pictures I did different effects that would make my pictures look cool. Being so that I also wasn't good at editing this assignment was beneficial to learning how to do so. I didn't only take pictures of myself, considering that many of the pictures were of my surroundings as well. Since, I didn't like taking pictures before this project I decided to take 5 pictures of myself and edit them to put on the blog. The edits resembled my life and my feelings in some terms from the stages I went through throughout doing this work. Below I decided to post the before and after pictures.

IMAG0291Aqui Estoy 
Photo on 1-9-12 at 10.24 AM #2Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 9.12.25 PMIMAG0286-bombitas and dork
Photo on 1-9-12 at 10.24 AM Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 9.23.04 PM
Smile .Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 8.30.38 PM

The public links to my 5 photos that are edited,that be seen in larger format/the original is posted below as well as 200 or more photos that were taken throughout this art semester:

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Online Sculpture By:Morgan Taylor

The class had to go online and find a interesting craft that they wanted to create. I chose a number of crafts and two of which did not turn out the way they should have and those two were the snow globe and duck tape stool. The one I decided to show to the public was my mirror. I used mod podge and fun colored paper on the wooden part of the mirror. This was really fun because I love doing arts and crafts.
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Internet Sculpture

For this assignment we had to search online for a sculpture we liked or found interest in and recreate it. For my project I chose to do something out of recycled materials. I made a bag out of Capri Sun juice pouches. For the assignment I collected 18 juice pouches to make the bag. When they all were collected I cut the bottoms off wiping out the extra juice and taped everything together according to the picture. After the bag was complete I pouched holes in the bag and used shoes laces as handles. After I was finished I got a few of my friends to model my project.

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Valdez_Media Fluency Slides :]

For the comments students have received during the presentations about a month ago, I have utilized that as a guide to help me make final improvements on my final slide. But now, I will be describing what my first attempt looked like. The color scheme of my original one was red and white as you guys can see below. Also, as I have learned in previous classes the alpha tool makes things look more realistic. The stars and the plane as you can visually see are alpha’d. The stars I made so they can become the second main focus in which is why I made it the background. Although, the plane is uniquely aligned towards the corner but in the language of media fluency this is considered “bleeding”. When something bleeds it makes it appear as if it that substance was actually there. The rule of the thirds is a handy thing whjen it involves alignment but In a more fansy and professional manner this action can be seened on the quote. Concluding, that these were something’s I learned on the website of presentation Zen.


Giving credit to the website in which is located below labeled as a (Resource) this website helped me realized what colors can really go together yet helped me see which colors are warm and cold that could make a good appearance on a project like this.


Here are the few changes I made…




First Slide/ORIGINAL                                       

1.     Red and white color scheme                      

2.     White star background

3.     Quote

 **rule of the 3rd

  ** Colored font




Second Slide/FINAL

1.Destination background


     **rule of the 3rd

     **Tilted quote

     **Colored font





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Q2_Internet Sculpture_Katherine Hunt

Internet Sculpture-

For the internet sculpture assignment I already knew what I wanted to do. Since this assignment enabled me to choose something I was interested in I decided to make bracelets. In previous years I always told myself that I wanted to learn how to make these bracelets, which are known to be friendship bracelets. Never finding the time to do these bracelets I put it off. Being so that this assignment had to do with crafts, I took my opportunity. My sister has a friendship bracelet kit that guides you on how to make bracelets and I was re-inspired when looking for online crafts. With that in mind, I decided to to make three bracelets, while two consisted of the same designs but different colors and vice versa. My sister also taught me how to make other bracelets that are currently unfinished. This assignment was perfect for me being so that I learned how to make something I was interested, which also make a great, small present for a friend. 

IMAG0429 2
IMAG0437 2
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Starry Night Remake By: Morgan Taylor

For this project the class had to do a remake of a master, meaning we had to pick a piece of artwork that a famous artist did and redo it. I never was a really good painter but once I started this class I knew how to make the lines. Ever since I started helping my mom redecorate and paint rooms in our house, I have had an eye for good color blends and I have a steady hand.
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Clear object

​For this Quarter we had a series of assignments to complete testting our levels in art. We are no judge on the art itself but how well we describe what we did. In this portfolio you will see different types of art varying from drawing to sculpting. 

For this assignment we had to draw a clear object. In class we'd pick a clear object of our chose and we'd draw it. The picture was draw using charcoal, in it we us shades of high lights and low lights to create the effect of a clear object. Using my eye I pointed out all the different shades making it easier to draw the object. The darkened background creates a better effect for the drawing making it more realistic.Since is the 2nd clear object I drew it was easier for me to draw and this time I drew it within a few minutes rather than an hour.

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Q2 _Large Clear Object_Katherine Hunt

Throughout quarter two I decided to not opt out of the Moodle course and work on the assignments that were given. Throughout this quarter I decided to focus on photography aspects instead of drawing and such because of the fact that I am a person who is pretty camera shy. I also spent a numerous amount of time on my large clear object.

Large Clear Object-

This assignment that I made consisted of taking a clear object and shading it in terms of coloring shadows and making it look like it was on a real life surface. In quarter one we were given this exact assignment, instead it was made smaller. Once I was able to master how to make the drawing or at least had an idea I started this assignment. I began to look at the glass object from a bird eye's view instead of perceiving it from a regular eye view. First, I began by drawing the large clear figure with a pencil and then I  used charcoal to do the shading on my picture. Next, I made the shadows that I saw by shading it in darker. In some instances I checked where the light hit the image in order to have a sense of where I'm able to make this color look like a real life figure. After I did this and thought I was done, I decided that I wanted to work on it a little more. With wanting to enhance my drawing I decided that I would slightly incorporate my surroundings. With that in mind, I decided to make the clear object appear on the table of how exactly I saw it. 

IMAG0098 2
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Photoshop By: Morgan Taylor

For this project the class had to take 200 pictures and pic the best 5 out of those picture and edit them on photoshop. It was really easy once you learned what all the tools were and how to use them. I had a bunch of fun doing this part because it was just so cool to see how you can totally transform a picture and make it look different than it did before.
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.05 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.23 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.42 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.03 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.19 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.39 AM
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Tech Slide Redone

This revised edition of my slide has been done based on what I learned from the different things that I learned about slide presentation from everybody else's slides. I changed basically everything about my slide, including the horrible transitions that were on the original slide. This is simply a whole new slide that consists of one of the main topics from each of the websites that less is more. This slide only 2 different parts, my picture, and the titile. This gets my message across and shows the main things that I want you all to pay attention to.
Tech Slide number 2
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2nd Quarter Artist Statement

The second quarter was a bit different from the first, with the art forms expanding from just being simple drawings or paintings to being sculptures and photographs. To start the quarter off we did a larger version of the clear object drawing that we did previously in the year. The projects after that were a bicycle drawing, sculpture, and our 200 photograph project.  

I had the most fun doing the 200 photo project. We had to take a bunch of photos, and pick five of the best ones. After that, we went into photoshop and edited the pictures anyway we wanted to. I enjoyed taking pictures of different things, and searching for interesting landscapes and pieces of nature. 

Below, I have posted the main pieces of art I did this quarter. In order from top to bottom:
Large Clear Object
Five Edited Photos- Before and After

I had fun working on these things this quarter, and now I'm looking forward to working on more projects next quarter. 
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.35.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.34.08 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.58.06 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.11.37 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.15 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.27 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.55 PM
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