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Elisa Hyder Globalization Q4 BM: Globalization in Philadelphia Photo Essay

The most challenging part of this photo essay assignment was actually finding photos that clearly expressed the affects of globalization in Philadelphia for 10 different topics. I could find things here and there are language and trade, but I had to get a little bit creative to come up with 10 different things to show. Also, for some reason it was challenging for me to find statistical data on different facts on Philadelphia that I thought I would be able to get easily like the demographics of tourism or the largest oil companies in the city. I was able to make due, though. 

In order to go out and collect my images, I made a notepad on my iPhone with just some general ideas and then set out on foot. One afternoon, I essentially walked home. Using my ideas to guide what neighborhoods and streets to walk through, I just took pictures as I saw fit. If I saw something that I could possibly use, I took a picture of it. After I got home, I then walked more through just my neighborhood of Northern Liberties for pictures. I must have gathered at least 90 photos, which I left sifted through and divided into categories. I then used those pictures and showed them to classmates and my teacher to double check their globalization-ness. The top pictures won the chance to be in the actual project. There were two pictures that made the cut that I would call my favorites: the picture of St. Augustine's and the picture of a mural in my neighborhood. Both of these I felt fell more on the original side compared to my other pictures of foreign cars, banks, and restaurants. I attended St. Augustine's church since I was small and even was an alter server for 4 years, yet I never knew the affect the church had on the Filipino community or the affect that community had on the church. I have also been involved in the Mural Arts program since I was young because of my father's job as an artist. I have personally met many of the international artists in the program and watched several murals comes to life. I now see these murals every day in both Northern Liberties and other parts of the city. 

Luckily, I was able to come up with enough pictures for my project, but it was a challenge to find pictures that actually showed globalization in Philadelphia. There are countless things I could have taken a picture of and then explained how they related to globalization, but the trick of this project was clearly showing globalization in the pictures themselves. That was indeed hard for topics other than like trade and economy. Philadelphia, just like many big cities in America, have been affected largely by international imports and exports, but finding obvious sources of globalization other than that is hard. New York City may have been less than a challenge since it is has more obvious communities occupied by only certain groups of people than Philadelphia, but I can see a person doing this project in other large cities having similar problems as me. 

I definitely learned more about the functions of Philadelphia and what make this city was it is. I never knew all that stuff about the church I always considered to be "my church." I also just never paid attention to the smaller things like the Chinese stores down the street or the Spanish translations on advertisements and such. Globalization is everywhere and affects everyone. This is what this project has taught me.

Globalization BM Q4
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Trees: Lorax Style

​  Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 2.33.42 PM

For my project I worked with the building owners of Science Leadership Academy  to get permission to submit an application to the Philadelphia Department of Recreation to get trees planted on the 2100 block of Arch St.  Before I appealed to the building owners I first took a tree tenders class from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to further my knowledge of trees and to provide more credibility for why I wanted these trees planted. After I met with the building manager and convinced him that what I was doing was something good and would not affect him negatively, the trees were planted and now are growing well. For the future I am working with other SLA seniors to incorporate tree caring into an ILP for next year. As of now the city it taking care of the trees but next year it is up to the owners.  This process is one that I have really enjoyed and means a lot to me. I wanted to leave SLA a better and greener place and now I have fulfilled my goal! 
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Simone Greene's Capstone 2012

I created an informational book for Science Leadership Academy. I had to collect pictures and accurate information for this book. Every page advertised SLA in its own way; each page was a separate topic that elaborated on the school. I scheduled many meetings with my mentors Stephanie Dunda and Christian Kunkle to generate abstract ideas and to receive suggestions. Since I want to have a career in the advertising field, I figured why not go all out and create an informational book for my school so that when I graduate, I would have made a difference, improving our promo and include this project in my portfolio. 
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Daniel Quach - Capstone 2012

Name: ​Daniel Quach
Mentor: Andrew Toy

At The Enterprise Center (TEC) in Philadelphia, I learned about the importance of assisting small businesses, the resources TEC provides for those businesses, and how their success positively impacts the community around them. The Enterprise Center, located on 46th and Market, is a community development corporation, minority business development agency, and provider of access to capital and programs for prospective young entrepreneurs. Specifically at the department I interned at, the Retail Resource Network (RRN), we develop long-term sustainability for new, existing businesses to preserve job security, which results in externalized benefits.

One of the projects I helped organize and worked on was Philadelphia's carrotmob, which was held at West Phillie Produce in West Philadelphia. Below was the flyer for the event.
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Capstone: Novel - Who Wants to Live Forever

My capstone, titled Who Wants to Live Forever, is a novel.  That said, I’m aware writing a piece of fiction is not considered to be nearly as complex as, say, creating anything substantial engineering-wise.  However, it is a fitting testament to an aspiring writer’s accomplishment and very existence.  Writing is my single greatest talent, and the thing I must continue to improve on.  My capstone, while it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be, has taught me a great deal about writing.  Writing is, after all, only learned through experience, and I just picked up a lot of experience with this thing.

Below is an excerpt from the book; the entirety of Chapter 1.  Since I do have plans to do something with this eventually (namely, rewriting and publishing it),  I have no intention of posting the entire novel publicly.  I'm sure you all understand.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Force


“So what you’re saying is it’s just like that movie?” a young man asked of the older man beside him, who seemed far more interested in the store’s various hats.  The old man examined one of the fedoras and mumbled something about how the quality of hats just isn’t the same anymore.  After a moment, he responded.

“What movie?” he asked, glancing sideways at the young man.

          “Dirty Harry.  You know, since all your partners die?” the young one asked.

          “Never seen it.”

          “What?” the young one exclaimed, dropping the hat he was previously admiring.  “Never saw Dirty Harry?  Jack, what’ve you been missing all your life?  Dirty Harry was so cool!”

          “Wouldn’t know.”

          “Well, uh, I, uh, hm... but you carry that revolver around with you, Dirty Harry did that, how is that…”

          “Coincidence.  I never saw this movie you’re talkin’ about.  But yeah.  My partners all die.  Now pick a fedora.  A detective ain’t a detective unless he’s wearin’ a fedora, chain smokin’, and calmin’ hysterical dames,” Jack said, adjusting his own fedora.  He glanced over at the clerk, who was staring intently at the two.  He lamented that he was unable to smoke in this hat store.  Why, fifty years ago, they never would have told him he couldn’t do that.  The young man interrupted his incredibly hard-boiled chain of thought.

          “I’m not too sure if you’ve noticed, Jack, but it’s 2013.”

          “Yeah, so?”

“We’re not in the film noir era anymore.  It’s not Prohibition, and it’s not the 50s, it’s not…”

          “Quiet, rookie.  See, we can’t let the spirit of the 50s die.  Hard-boiled detectives are hard to come by these days.  We’re a dyin’ breed, see, and just because they tell me I should retire doesn’t mean I’m gonna,” the old man, Jack, said.  His new partner was unable to tell whether or not he was offended.  Jack always spoke the same way, whether he was elated, furious, or apathetic.

          The young man’s cell phone started ringing.  He quickly answered.

          “Murder?  Crucifix?  Got it.  I’ll be right over,” he said, and hung up.  He repeated the information to Jack.

          “Get to the car, Rookie, fedoras can wait.  We got a serial killer to track down.”

          “I have a name, Jack, it’s…” he started.  Jack turned his back and started walking from the hat store.

          “Nobody cares what your name is, Rookie.  Long as you’re in my company, it’s Rookie.”

          Rookie rolled his eyes and followed Jack out.  He became a detective not a week ago.  When he was told his partner was an eccentric old man, he rolled his eyes like he did just now.  He thought they were exaggerating.  But no, Jack was everything the cops told him he was: an elderly detective who thinks it’s still the 1950s.

          The drive to the crime scene was uneventful.  Drives with Jack always were.  All he did was smoke, play Vaudeville on the radio, pretend Rookie wasn’t there, or sometimes muse about the “good ole days.”  Rookie looked over the case files in the meanwhile.

          A serial killer surfaced about a month ago.  There have already been four victims, and they still don’t have any leads.  Most serial killers had a certain kind of preferred target.  Jack the Ripper had prostitutes, H. H. Holmes had women, Albert Fish had children, but this guy… this guy seemed to be killing indiscriminately.  The victims so far were two women, a man, and a child, all from different parts of the city and all completely unrelated.  It looked like he might have killed his fifth.

          This serial killer left several clues so the police would know he was the killer.  All of his victims were killed by strangulation, and he would mutilate their bodies immediately afterward.  All of the victims had marks on their hands and feet, noted to be “not unlike Jesus when he was crucified.”  A cross was painted on their forehead in their own blood.  These details they released to the media.  They neglected to mention the white crucifix always left on the victim’s person, usually their back pocket.  After all, nobody wants a copycat killer running around.

          As Jack drove to the scene of the crime, he passed by a graveyard.  Rookie thought to himself that the guys buried here must be almost as old as Jack is.  His highly sarcastic thought process was disrupted as Jack actually spoke.


          “What is, Jack?” Rookie asked.

          “Look over there.  That broad on the tombstones,” he said.  He pointed toward the graveyard.  Rookie followed his finger to where he was pointing.  It was true!  There was a girl leaping from stone to stone, what looked like her unkempt knee-long hair flying about with the wind and her motions.  She was far away, but Rookie was able to tell she wasn’t a child.  She was too tall for that.  She actually looked to be pretty gosh darn tall, to use an accurate unit of measurement.

          “Well.  Kids will be kids, Jack,” he said.

          “Back in my day, they knew some manners,” he mumbled.  He pulled up onto the sidewalk and got out of the car.  “C’mon, Rookie, we’re gonna go have a word with her.”

          “I sure do hope we don’t get a ticket for this… wait, wait, Jack, in case you forgot, we’ve got a crime to investigate!  She’s not worth wasting time on!”

          Jack ignored his partner and quickly walked into the cemetery.  For his age, he was quite quick on his feet.  When he was within reasonable distance, he started shouting profanities at the girl.  She immediately stopped leaping and sat down on the stone she was standing on, an ornate cross.  She brushed the raven hair from her face and squinted.

          “Hey!  Do I know you guys?  I don’t think I know you guys!  Then again, I don’t know many guys!  Or anybody!  I don’t know anybody, really.  But do you know me?”

          “No, we don’t, but…” Rookie started.  Jack cut him off.

          “Doesn’t matter what…” Jack started.  The girl cut him off.  Her eyes widened with what was probably feigned shock.

          “You should know me.  Why?  Because I’m the best.  I’m perfect.  So much better than all of you.  Why, I’m kind of offended that you never heard of me!  I’m the smartest, the strongest, the awesomest, the… the beautifulest, the…”

          “Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re all of those things, but…” Rookie started.  Jack cut him off.

          “I dunno about you, Rookie, but I don’t think anorexic broads with impossibly long hair are that beautiful,” Jack said.

          “People that like Japanese animation would like to disagree,” Rookie commented.  Jack ignored him.

          “Glad to see we all agree here!  Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached a consensus!” the girl cheered, quickly raising her arms in the air and splaying her fingers.  She seemingly ignored everything that was said since she last spoke.

          “Didn’t you hear us?” Rookie asked.

          “Yeah.  And I don’t think I would appeal to those kinds of guys, guys.  My hair isn’t a strange enough color to be a Japanese animated character.  Maybe I should consider dying it.  Special snowflakes need special hair, after all,” she mused, waving her fingers in front of her face.

          “Look, could we cut the talk about foreign animation and get down to business?” Jack said, tossing his cigarette to the ground and stomping on it with more force than necessary.

          “I like Japanese animation,” the girl mumbled.

          “Me too,” Rookie sheepishly admitted.  The girl looked at him and smiled, and opened her mouth to say something before reconsidering.  She instead said something to Jack.

“But I’m interested: what business is that?”

          “You should show this place a little more respect,” Jack said.  “The dead deserve it, and some of the guys here were cops and soldiers, they deserve more than to have someone jumping all over their stones.”

          “I assure you the dead people don’t mind,” she said, suddenly grinning.  It wasn’t a happy grin, no; this grin could best be described as being somewhere between “not quite right” and “completely psychotic.”  She giggled.  “Isn’t that right?” she asked, knocking on the cross-shaped stone and leaning over to place her ear as close as possible to it.

          “Nope!  Looks like nobody cares except you!”

          Jack opened his mouth to speak.  The girl started speaking again before he got the chance.

          “Oh, no, wait, the stiff is telling me something.  He says you smell and you’re stupid and go away!  But don’t worry, if it’s any consolation, the dead guy loves me.  He just told me so.  It’s understandable.  Everybody loves me, I’m the smartest, the strongest, the…”

          Jack reached for his gun.  The girl noticed and not only stopped talking, but also quickly slid off the back of the tombstone to use it as some sort of cover.  She peeked over the top.  Rookie grabbed Jack’s arm and stopped him from brandishing his gun and perhaps shooting the girl, and started gently pulling him in the direction of the car.

          “Your buddy’s got the right idea!  Run along now!  Go!  Back to your car!  Go do old people things like play shuffleboard and rant about the worthless ‘good old days’ and die!” she taunted from behind the stone.

          “Rookie, nobody disrespects Jack Memphis.  Let go of me right now.”

          “No can do, Jack, we have a crime scene to get to.  We’re already late,” Rookie said, trying to reason with the man.  Rookie already knew this was impossible.  Jack could not be reasoned with.

          “Say!  What’s your name, anyway?” the girl asked of Rookie.

          “My name is…”

          “No, no, just kidding, nobody cares what your name is!” she exclaimed, standing up and waving excitedly, shouting, “Byyyye guys!  Bye!  See you!  Goodbye!”  After a good thirty seconds, she stopped shouting various goodbyes, adjusted her long blue trench coat, shoved her hands into her pockets, and walked away from the detectives without another word.

          Jack swore furiously all the way back to the car.  If Rookie had a dollar for every foul word Jack said, Rookie would likely be a few million dollars richer and would be able to retire from the force about forty years early, purchase an island, build a mansion on said island, and live in said mansion on aforementioned island for the remainder of his days, and still have quite a bit of money.  Unfortunately, Rookie received no money for each word Jack said.  Rookie’s fantasies would remain just that.

          The two got to the crime scene about eight minutes later than expected.  Rookie was apologetic.  Jack was not.

          “So you know for certain it’s that guy?” Jack asked.

          “Yes sir, it’s that guy,” the cop at the door of the victim’s house told him.

          “Details,” he ordered.

          “No signs that the killer broke in.  There were, of course, signs of a struggle.  Death by strangulation.  Rope, like always.  Everything checks out.  The killer is ‘that guy’ that we’ve been trying to catch.”

          “Well.  I don’t need to go in, then,” Jack said.

          “Don’t you think we should investigate?” Rookie asked.

          “Nah.  He’s too smart.  We just wait until he slips up, and let him keep makin’ bodies until he does.”  Jack lit up a cigarette and left the scene.  Rookie stayed behind.

All these years on the force had made Jack a cynic, which was obvious.  Would the same happen to him?  Rookie certainly hoped not.  Rookie believed several things Jack did not believe: that there is some good in everyone, that everybody’s life is worth saving no matter who they are, and that people should not be used as bait.  Jack preferred to think that everybody is inherently evil, lots of people just deserve to die, and if a person dies for a cause – in this case luring out a particularly talented serial killer – then it’s worth it.


“Alright, let’s start investigating.”


Rookie stopped his somewhat philosophical chain of thought and looked up at the crime scene.  “Right, let’s do… wait a second, what are you doing here?”


The girl from the cemetery was standing in front of him, smiling a bit more sincerely this time.  Now that she was standing in the light, Rookie could get a better look at her.  She was pale.  Easily as pale as she was thin.  Her jet-black hair contrasted well with her skin tone.  Rookie noticed there was something a little… off about her blue eyes.  He was not a religious personbut “soulless” seemed liked an adequate description.  She was still wearing the oversized dark blue trench coat from earlier, which was open.  She was wearing pretty normal clothes under that, just a black shirt and blue jeans.  Funny.  Rookie expected more of this girl, something ridiculous, absurd, or attention grabbing.  A glittery or otherwise sparkly rainbow blouse, for example.


“I’m beautiful, right?  I totally am.  That’s why you’re staring.  I know.  It’s understandable.”  The girl rambled on and on.  Rookie wasn’t really paying attention.

          “You shouldn’t be here,” he finally said.  The girl raised her eyebrows.

          “Why not!” she shouted.

          “Police business.  No civilians.”

          “Fine, fine, I’ll go… but just know you’ve hurt my feelings!  A lot!  My feelings are so hurt, you’ve got no idea how much my feelings are hurt right now, and you have only yourself to blame, ‘Rookie!’  How on earth will you sleep at night?” She kept taunting and whining and shouting until a police officer escorted – that is, dragged her kicking and screaming – from the house.

          “Right then.  Let’s start the investigation.  For real, this time!” Rookie exclaimed, pointing dramatically at the body.

          “With all due respect, sir, I don’t think pointing dramatically is a thing that detectives do in real life,” a police officer remarked.

          “Oh.  Uh, sorry, I was, I was just, y’know, caught up in the moment is all and…”

          “Oh, no, no, I understand.  Investigation, right, let’s do that,” the police officer responded, taking one last bite of his doughnut.  The two went on to have easily the most fascinating investigation in the history of investigations, rivaling the investigations on those television shows.

          Actually, no, it was pretty boring.  Investigations usually are.  Pretty much everybody else in the area was having a much better time because they were not investigating a crime scene where a highly skilled and clever serial killer murdered a seemingly random person and left not a single speck of evidence.

          “Wait a sec… hey, over here, I found something!”

          Rookie rushed over to the cop.  The officer handed him a black envelope, with a white cross on the front and a white rose sticker sealing the envelope.  Rookie opened it.

          It was from the murderer.

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My Capstone

I made two pamphlets, one centered around gaining weight (muscle specifically) which included basic dietary needs and resistance training. The other pamphlet was centered around losing weight (fat specifically), which again included basic dietary needs, but also explained macronutrients and their role in losing fat.
Losing weight pamphlet
Gaining weight pamphlet
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Blog #5

  • Who you spoke with and why you chose that partner

    Gustavo and Nestor were two different people that I talked to 
  • What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?

    From both people I learned that I am able to keep a conversation going and that it is not that hard to be able to talk spanish with multiple people at one time as long as your focused. 
  • How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goals?

    I didn't have a specific goal for goal 5 I just wanted to enhance my spanish and I was able to do that by talking to more than one person at a time.
  • What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? What specifically to you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)

    Something that I think that I did well with all the blog post and especially the final blog post since I spoke with two people at a time. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 9.20.11 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.39.37 AM
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Natalie Sanchez Capstone 2012

Student Name: Natalie Sanchez

Mentor Name: Melanie Manuel

Summary of project: For my project, I ran a school supply drive at school; the proceeds went to a church community in Honduras. 

Abstract: My project consisted of running a school supply drive at SLA. One of my church members had already begun this fundraiser at my church, and I continued it at school to help the cause. This project is extremely important to me because the church that the supplies are going to be shipped to has been affiliated with my church for many years. My process consisted of mapping out my due dates and planning on time, getting some cardboard boxes from my father, placing them in the school hallways, advertising my project via flyers, SLA advisory news, and SLA talk, counting/keeping record of inventory, and finally handing the supplies to my in church mentor/contact. Through the research I conducted regarding Honduras’ education system and economy, I learned how fortunate I am to be a student in the U.S. I also learned how to run a successful fundraiser.

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Capstone: Implementing Biological Design of Sharks with Fighter Jet Dynamics

With my desire to learn about the dynamics of fluids, I decided to construct a project that would focus on the mechanics of flight. To execute this idea, I built a wind tunnel that simulates the movement of air over objects. This tunnel is used as a basic method to build automobiles both land and sea as well as aircraft. The project propels smoke through a tube that moves through the tunnel over a series of objects to display the various motions of air depending on its environment.

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Shalia's 2012 Blood Drive

For my capstone, I volunteered to host a blood drive. As a blood drive coordinator, my job was to work with the American Red Cross to organize the blood drive. I had to make a recruitment plan and schedule all of the donors for the drive. Although this may seem like an easy task to do, it is not very easy to get teenagers to give blood. Some don’t know that importance of donating blood so besides just organizing; I also had to do a lot of educating.
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Working Up A Sweat

     For my senior capstone project I wanted to better myself for the future. I wanted to become a healthier person and learn about different nutrition diets. I had to come up with an exercise method and try to go on a diet. There was a website that I used which helped me keep track of what I ate. I also set up different dates and time that I went to work out. I tried to work out at least 3 times a week and I would switch up my routine in my work out every two-weeks. I switched up my routine because if I was to keep the same workout my body would get used to the work out and I wouldn’t be doing anything to it. I also had to cut back on the fast food, it wasn’t easy but I did very well cutting back on Chinese food, McDonalds, Burger King, and even pizza.

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"Are you able to experience culture, simply throughout food?"


The question I had inquired for my Capstone was “Are you able to experience culture, simply throughout food?’ In future plans, I want to become a baker therefore making me want to take this aspect of cooking and add it to my Capstone. I’ve researched the seven continents looking for recipes that would best fit and it turned out that I had successfully found cookies/biscuits for each continent that also held history to each continent as well. With each continent some how, and someway I was able to finance the supply to make each from scratch. I have learned that you actually can experience culture throughout food and I’ve been able to do this just by making cookies/biscuits originated from each of the seven continents. 

​Taking the ANZAC Biscuit dough out of the mixer and placing them on the baking sheet.




Me placing the almonds on the Chinese Almond Cookies. 
Sledging Biscuits!
Lehmann supporting my Capstone!
IMG_1046 - Version 4
​Ms. Thompson trying out the Alfajores and other cookies from around the world.
​Me explaining my Capstone to Mr. Miles.
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Capstone 2012

For my capstone I took a mini class with the Jefferson Awards people for them to teach me how to start a new program like this in my school. So a former student and I of SLA took what we learned from this class and fought a way for us to go about doing this in SLA. The Jefferson Award presents an award to a student every month or so who does something outstanding in community service. My first steps were to get a group of voices to start a committee. And get the word out to SLA about this new program.
Philadelphia Student Leaders and Mayor Nutter
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Globalization in Phildalphia: Zayd's 10 Photo Essay Presentation

My benchmark is here! :)

I had a great time with this project. It was very educational and I really enjoyed going in deep with the different things that are evidence of globalization. The most challenging thing about this project was actually thinking of the different evidence of globalization. It took a while to really think of the different signs of globalization, but after that, it got relatively easy and I just splattered my thoughts into the keynote. The first thing I did for the benchmark was find out the different evidence, write about why they are evidence of globalization in Philadelphia and more, and then finally I went to take the photos of what I had chosen. Most of the pictures were relatively easy to take because they were right in the center city area like the Red Cross and the flags on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The image that is definitely my favorite is the one with Trade and clothing because it is pretty unique how I took the photo. I literally went and grabbed Daniel Mambu's shirt and took a picture of the tag while he was still wearing it, which gave some great authenticity to it and really showed the true background to how clothing is definitely an example of globalization in not only Philadelphia but all around the world. The evidence of globalization in Philadelphia is very prevalent. Surprisingly enough, most of the evidence is very common and is a clear example of the effects globalization has had on the world. As for Philadelphia in specific, I would say it is more prevalent here compared to other places because of the trends we have and the fashion trends especially. Globalization really has had a surprisingly strong effect. As for the learning aspect of the benchmark, I learned so much. I would never have really realized the true effect of globalization on the world without this benchmark because in today's world that isn't really thought of that often. I also learned that globalization isn't always a good thing, because there are many negative effects globalization has had as well. Overall on the benchmark, I enjoyed it very much and it was a fantastic learning experience.

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​For my senior capstone I took a journey into the life of a performer. Many people do not understand that performers are people too, on and off of the stage. Many people who consider themselves performers are usually passionate and dedicated to what they do. 

First I had to choose a topic that I felt best reflected me as an individual student at SLA and something that interested me. Next I had to figure out how I could portray all of it in not only a presentation, but in a way that shows it's importance to me. I had to also get a mentor and doing plenty of research.  One obstacle I ran into was that the show I helped make the choreography for kept changing. The date kept changing because the acts that were in the show weren't prepared. Eventually Ashley and I came up with a schedule that worked for everyone.  Another obstacle that I ran into was that I kept changing how I wanted to portray my project. At first I was going to show a simple slide show but I knew just having a slide show wouldn't be as appealing to the audience. I decided to create videos and gather extra footage that would help the audience members feel more intact with my presentation and more entertained.


Capstone Slide
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Shoes for Life

I ran a shoe drive here at SLA. The people who actually hosted the shoe drive was Teenshop Incorporated which is an organization for girls with goals that I am actually apart of. The event “Shoes for Life” was held on Saturday May 19th 2012 at (_____) where we actually gave the shoes away. My reasoning for choosing this project is mostly because the poverty rate is growing here in Philadelphia meaning that whatever income people do get, more than likely, it is spent on paying bills and buying food, the essential needs.  That leaves less money for people to pay for other things such as shoes. Besides poverty, personally, I enjoy giving and catering to those who are in great need and this project gave me the opportunity to do so.

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Gonzalez Capstone

By: Gilberto Gonzalez Jr

Mentor: Gilberto Gonzalez Sr

This project is a story written and drawn by Gilberto Gonzalez Jr

Abstract: In this project I wrote and drew a comic book. In the process of making the final product. Some of the things I learned are different drawing techniques, how to write a consistent story. Those are two important factors because my drawing skills at the time I started this capstone weren't on par with my current level of drawing, same could be said with my ability to create an original story.


Photo on 5-25-12 at 1.40 PMPhoto on 5-25-12 at 1.39 PM

There are more pages that will be in the comic but i’d like to save them for the presentation.

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Brooke Thompson Senior Capstone

The purpose of this capstone work closely with Keystone Mercy Health Plan and to lean the basics of health care. As a student I was given an opportunity to shadow an implementation team as they create, develop and implement health promotions programs for the low income community.



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Mentorship Program

AmeriHealth Mercy Foundation

The purpose of this program is to provide the student with an opportunity to shadow an implementation team as they create, develop and implement health promotions programs for the low income community.
These programs have been created to address prevelent health issues in communities surrounding the 5 county areas (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties). Two programs where we would like student involvement are the Healthy Hoops Program and the Living Well Program.
Living Well Program
The AmeriHealth Mercy Foundation’s Living Well program provides overall health and wellness services to low-income, minority and underserved families across the WDAS (Philadelphia-Metro) listening area. The Living Well Program includes two Wellness Conferences, consisting of nationally known motivational speakers, disease prevention workshops (obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular, cancer), health screenings, stress management tips, nutritious cooking classes and spa activities.

The Living Well Program offers individual health assessments and screenings (blood pressure, glucose, BMI, height, weight, mammograms and dental screenings), provided by a team of physicians and nurses.  Health assessments examine each participant's level of physical activity, diet, and other lifestyle choices.  Each participant also receives a healthy living guide, a publication featuring articles written specifically for the Living Well Program by medical experts and health professionals. The guide focuses on prevention, awareness, and education to help participants and their families make informed health decisions.
Healthy Hoops Program
The Healthy Hoops Program is an innovative asthma management program that uses basketball as a platform to teach children with asthma and their families how to manage asthma through proper nutrition, exercise, and appropriate medication use.  It also focuses on decreasing childhood obesity and increasing cardiovascular activity. Healthy Hoops was created in 2003 by KMHP, in collaboration with local health organizations (the American Lung Association, the Health Federation, Allies Against Asthma, Asthma Educators, Devmar Home Health Agency) and basketball coaches to reduce the gaps in health care for children with asthma, due to racial disparities.  Asthma is the most common chronic disease among American children.  It is especially prevalent in low-income, African American and minority populations.  Since 2003, more than 10,000 children and their family members have participated in Healthy Hoops programs nationally.

The program features basketball clinics for children taught by local and regional basketball legends, stressing appropriate exercise for children with asthma. The program also includes motivational speeches by well-known basketball, sports, television, and music celebrities. Families are provided education about asthma, stress management and nutrition classes.

Brooke Thompson will work directly with Meg Grant, Director of Community Relations, to engage in planning, preparation and implementation. Two upcoming activities include:
November 5, 2012 Bible Way Baptist Church- Living Well Program, Health Ministry Program
November 10, 2012 Healthy Hoops Mini Program in collaboration with Salvation Army
For any further detyails or information please contact Meg Grant, 215-863-5688.
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My HIV Event at SLA

Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 1.45.02 PM
For my capstone I wanted to show that  HIV has brought me very far in a positive way so I put together an HIV event bringing different organizations out to help talk about HIV and testing also care for HIV. I chose this project because being around people with HIV has had some positive and negative impacts in my life over the last few years. I have seen people older and in the medical field so unaware of HIV its sad so I wanted to educated the 9th and 10th. I felt like if I can start them out early in educating them then they will know what HIV is and will not have a lot stigma towards it. They will know how important getting tested is and getting care is. I wanted them to know that safe sex is really important now days because of all the STD’s that is in the world today also HIV is so big among 13-21 year olds. They needed to know how serious this issue was. It was important to me to talk the 9th and 10th grades about this because we are all around the same age group and I know they will be better off listing to me then just some stranger so that is really why I made it my place to have this event and bring the people out that I did. 
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Capstone 2012: "The Good Friends"


For my capstone I worked with 3 of my friends to create a student interactive T.V show called “The Good Friends”. Since I worked with a group, each of us had to focus on one main aspect of the show. So I mainly focused on the film aspect of it. I was in charge of being the producer, so I filmed the different episodes as well as edited each one. Through a collaborative effort we were able to successfully create “The Good Friends”.

Artifact:  This is the link to our youtube page, which has all of our episodes on it.


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Julia's 10 pic Essay

​Here is my wordpress.

In doing this project, I feel more connected to Philadelphia. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to convey different topics of globalization in a picture. The most challenging part was finding the best shots. I also had trouble finding relevant articles that fit with the topic and Philadelphia. But the final result is very rewarding. My particular favorite is of the woman waiting for the train. It was on one of the days that I could come in late, the train was pulling up and I just photographed what I saw, it made itself. I was also nervous about how I could connect Public Transportation to globalization, but the picture inspired me to try my hardest. 

Globalization in Philly is as prevalent as it is in other big cities. This is becuase big cities are made with the same factors. In the United States, immigrants came from all over to live together. I think that the global community is very linked by globalization, making them similar on a basic level. In this benchmark, I got to apply the topics of globalization to the real-world. It was exciting to understand what I've been learning on a deeper level.
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Voter ID Law

The most challenging part of this project for me was finding a story.  It took me a while to find what I wanted to report on.  I ended having this story suggested to me by my aunt.  She knew about it because she has some friends that are involved in representing the prosecutors.  I think this story hasn't received much attention because not that many people know about it yet.  This is still a new law and it hasn't been in effect for an election yet so people don't have to know about it.  I think this story is going to continue to get more attention as the presidential election continues to get closer.  People are going to have to know what ID they can and cannot use to vote when the time comes.  I learn more about the intricacies of the constitution because it seems like this law should not have gone through, yet it did. 
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My Capstone: Schools in Liberia


For my capstone I went around collecting reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia.


For my capstone I decided to collect reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia. I came up with the idea after being introduced to a man name James Wisseh. James traveled to liberia a few years back and saw that there was a huge problem. Sense the war Liberia has been struggling to get back up. Many of the Kids that was active in the war now have nothing to and many of the kids in school are lacking books. The kids who have nothing to do and are not interested in schools are really good soccer players. Jame's are using them to help give out books to school. By doing that the kids came start feeling comfortable around schools where still playing soccer and the schools gets the books. James mad it his job to collect books and take it back but he has had trouble getting his idea out there. That's where i came in at. I've mad posters and passed them out to churches, sports store, and schools to get it out. By doing that i have collected a pretty good amount of books and soccer equipments and money to buy a few other needed things. While doing this project i have learn that fundraising is a lot of work. You have to be on top of everything or the fondrising will die. I also learned that you can’t just reach out to one group in a fundraiser and that you can’t expect everyone to want to contribute. This also helped me grow as a person and a speaker. I had to make announcements in church and put away the shyness to talk to store owner. It also help me gain better organizing skills. 

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