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The Oil of Fire

The Oil of Fire


Life is made in many different forms,

These different forms come from different makers.


You eat the food from the ground,

You drink the water from the seas,

You smell the scent of the flowers,

And you breathe the air of the earth.


The Presidents made the constitution,

The gods made the earth,

The chicken laid the egg,

And seed made the tree.


Everything has a source.

It’s the heart of the body,

Without it we would be dead

It’s the Sun of the Universe,

Without it we would be dead.

It’s the racism of our society,

Without it we would be alive.


It has brought nothing

Except hatred and war,

It is something undesirable,

Nothing we adore.


The main source of it,

Died many years ago,

Not possible to fix,

This situation left us in woe.


We can always attempt to make a change,

Getting a lot of people to agree, is very hard to arrange.

Most likely it is impossible to complete this task,

Everyone is two afraid to help, they will wear the fearful mask.


-Daniel Varnis

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"What If?" History Benchmark

For my final history benchmark, we took a very interesting approach to history. This quarter, we were sopposed to pick a moment in history, and change it. After we changed that one moment, we were supposed to predict three things in history that would happen because of the change, and as a result, what would life be like today?

I decided to change the second day of The Battle of Gettysburg, when General Robert E. Lee doesn't allow General James Longstreet to attack the Union Army from behind. History according to Stephen Holts says that Lee allowed Longstreet to attack the Union line from behind, while the rest of the army attacks from the front. The Confederate Army wins the day, and because the battle was so bloody, President Abraham Lincoln decides to let the Confederacy live the way they want by completely separating them from the United States. From the Battle of Gettysburg came the establishment of the Confederate States of America. 

Years later, the two countries are anything but friendly neighbors. They wage war all throughout history, with the bloodiest battles being right after the Civil War over the land in the west. 

Coming closer the the 21st Century, the two countries are still fighting over the same thing their ancestors did. The CSA maintains a process of immigration that the USA views as modern day slavery, while the CSA defends it saying that immigrants work for their place in the country.

The CSA and USA fight over many different things, but they also come together in certain situations. 

All of this is displayed in a documentary about
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Portfolio For Fashion

For my project i decided to do a portfolio on fashion. I would be taking photos of people with fashion.


For my project I basically made an online Portfolio On Fashion. I chose this project because fashion inspires me and I like half of the things people wear now. Sometime people wear the things they wear for their personal reasons and I would like to know why but at the same I don’t want to be all up in their business if its private. For me I would like for people to show the clothes they have in their closets/wardrobe to show whom they really are, now. The process of my project wasn’t that hard but at the same time it wasn’t easy. I had to do a lot of editing for my website, so it can look really good. I learned a lot from my project, I’ve learned that sometimes fashion describes a person’s personality really well.

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 5.06.14 PM

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 5.09.18 PM
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E1 U9

Una vila para la Tom Brady

Esta villa está en Boston. No es muy grande pero es moderna y práctica. Está cerca del  centro y del transporte público porque tiene carro. También está cerca de la playa porque le fascina hacer “biking.” Está lejos de la playa pero la casa tiene una piscina y  jacuzzi porque le encanta nadar

¡La casa tiene TODO!
•  Cinco habitaciones lindas con armarios grandes porque tiene mucha ropa
•  Quarto baños enormes con duchas de lujo
•  Una cocina súper moderna con una nevera y una estufa nueva
•  Una sala simple con una tele grande para ver los partidos de los Patorts
•  Un comedor hermoso ideal para cenas con sus amigos
•  Un garaje para muchas bicicletas
•  Una cancha de tenis en el jardín
•  El jardín tiene un montón de flores bonitas
•  Una piscina extremademente tranquila para sus fiestas de veran
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Altomare Q4 BM Reflection

  • What did you find most challenging about this project?
    The most challenging thing was finding resources for what I was trying to show with my images. i knew what I took the images for but had difficulty presenting it. 
  • How did you go about collecting the images or selecting the images?
    I looked for images that told a story. I didn't just want images of convenience stores owned by foreigners. I wanted images that showed lifestyles of Americans with other cultures. I also wanted images that showed things that wouldn't be found in America without influence from other parts of the world. 
  • Which image is your favorite? Why? Elaborate.
    I think the picture of the volkswagon is my favorite because it shows globalization in another time period as well as presently. The van is so old.
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Summer Reading Recommendation!

I strongly recommend this book for all young women 17+ who are about to begin or are in the college process. The book is like a guide that opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn't considered when making college choices, as well as what college is like being a young adult.

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 11.04.24 PM
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Book Review!

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man is one of New York Time's bestsellers, and I received this book as a birthday gift for my seventeenth birthday. After I saw the motion picture in theaters, I couldn't help but to pick up the book for myself. It's basically like a manual all about men. Steve Harvey is the author of this sequel, really digs into not only the mindset of a man, but how women perceive men; followed by the differences in what women see, and what men see. It's an interesting read for anyone who saw the movie - or is just plain interested in the commonality of men and their lifestyle, opinions, etc. I'm still in the process of reading this book, and there are many interesting points that I agree with. The first sentence of this book says, "There is no truer statement: Men are simple. Get this into your head first, and everything you learn about us in this book will begin to fall into place." When I read that, I couldn't help but to agree. Men are simple, just as women are complex. I'd agree that sometimes as women we convince ourselves that a man doesn't care if he doesn't respond in the same way one of your girlfriends would. Men are just built differently. They have a mindset more steered toward solving the problem than conversing about it for several days. Now, there are some exceptions, but this is the general way men handle situations. I recommend this book so far, and I'll be sure to give a more in depth review to anyone who asks.
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Things Fall Apart – Chapter 26


            It was late in the afternoon, Obierika stood a comfortable distance away from the lifeless, wilting, dying body of Okonkwo. Obierika knew it was not the best to touch him, as much as she wanted to one last time. She looked at his hand, there was a tattered banana leaf sitting between his two fingers. She asked a stranger to take it from Okonkwo and to hand it to her. Obierika unwrinkled the banana leaf and read what was written on the inside…

            “To whom ever reads this, you recognize my absence to the present world. However, I am present mentally, nno. Life itself is changing ever second when you have missionaries. They shall change you, making you one of their own. Causing you to forget who you are to ruin the better lives of future generations. For the time I was alive, I saw us as obodo dike, but that has obviously changed. I know that I am not the only one who finds these changes to be different and unappreciated, but when they conquer our land to the fullest extent, I shall be the tufia of Umuofia.”

            Obierika stopped reading for a few minutes to absorb and reminisce the words of wisdom that were being portrayed in the death note. The emotions of denial and misunderstanding was overpowering, Obierika fought to keep in the tears of regret.

            “Why had we not believed?” murmured Obierika. She proceeds to read, this time trying to hold everything in until the end.

            “I don’t reckon that is necessary to live somewhere anymore if your roots are ripped apart like a flower in the ground. My original land will never be the same, and I have nowhere else to go except with chi. We will sit together high in the sky on the clouds, eat Kola Nuts, talking about how life will never be the same, for he is the only one who shall understand. We shall talk about how they had no pity on us and shall never have pity on us. And as they showed they had no pity on us, I showed the same. Word will probably be out way after my soul flies high into the sky. They will not be able to banish again, and even they did so, it would be pointless for it would make no change. That is all I have to say, and I am long gone right now. To whomever reads, don’t forget me, don’t forget Umuofia.”

             Obierika took a quick look and noticed the hand where the letter once was. It was missing something. His jigida had no longer been on his wrist; it was broken, all over the floor under where Okonkwo was hanging. Obierika took the beads, wrapped it in the banana. She then dug a hole and places it in.

             “I cannot touch you, but you are still with us in Umuofia.”

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History Journal #20, History Journal #25, English Journal #36

History Journal #20 - Social Change
Why is social change sometimes fast and sometimes slow?

Fast- For social change to be fast, you would have to be connected to society in a way to have the ability to critique in fast social change. 

Examples: Occupying the wall street (People wants to be able to have their voice be heard and fight for their rights in terms of society.)

Also, any type of career you're interested in or major in is FAST in social change.

- People are often afraid to be judged by others.
- Doesn't bother with things that are revolved around them.
- Equal rights.
- Costs.

Outline main ideas about tipping points
- Crime

- Advertising
- Social policy 
- Rules
- Cause and effect
- Virus
- Disease 
- Infectious 
- World

History Journal #25 - What is Revolution?

​What is a revolution? 
- Revolution is a rebellion by people who is in the attempt to change a government that would put an end to another country’s rule from their own. 

Example: Revolutionary war

- Taking over a government
- Great term or change 
- Not just good; it could be better or worst
- Society
- Global things
- Oppression 

Changes course of history
Taking control
- Sometimes violent 
- New ideas
- Personal abuse 
- Dissatisfaction

- Flash mobs
- Technology
- Large people

English Journal #36 - I Wish I Could...

I wish I could be more confident. I wish I could be tall. I wish I could have the pear shape of a runway 
pageant than feeling self conscious in this apple shape of mine. I wish I could run five-miles. I wish I could eat anything and never have to worry about calories. I wish I could major in both cosmetology and nursing. I wish I could get straight A's. I wish I could be more outgoing, than being so socially awkward. I wish I could find my voice. I wish I could be more opened. I wish I could stop the feelings for this one person. I wish I could have the eager to talk to the people I don't not intentionally talked to anymore. I wish I could go back and change all of the mistakes I've done. I wish I could stop dwelling on the past. I wish I could see the world in such beauty than darkness. I wish I could pain my nails neatly. I wish I could be more stylish in beauty. I wish I could make videos like those Beauty guru's on Youtube. I wish I could shop everyday. I wish I could easily blog and not have a hard time thinking about what to write. I wish I could succeed in both cosmetology and nursing. I wish I could succeed later in life and have the perfect life that I imagined. 

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English and History Journals

​English Journal #8

A Story About Fall (Written by Jasmin, Jessica, Vannary, and Diamond):

    I walked out of the front door from school in my flip-flops and thin dress, It was a shock right in the face when the cold wind blew right at me. I didn’t realize that summer was over and now it was fall. It wasn’t going to be warm anymore, and I forgot what it felt like to be cold. I walked four blocks to the bus stop. As I walked on the bus, I saw people with hoodies and long sleeved shirts. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cold it was going to be this winter. I felt uncomfortable on the bus filled with people in their warm clothes. Suddenly 2 black males about 6 feet tall pulled out firearms and started letting loose on everyone, they stole boul rolex and hijacked the bus. Then the cops came. They blew 2 L’s and went rambo on the cops. 32 police officers perished.


English Journal #14

In what ways is our environment civilized?
In what ways are we not?

We have rules that we follow.
Morals and beliefs are set in place.
We don’t behave like animals
We have a language that we communicate with.
We have laws and rights.

Lack of communication
Hatred and Prejudice


English Journal #43

“One Boy Told Me” - Naomi Shihab Nyi

4 Lines:
My tongue is a car wash for the spoon.
Mould you be scared?
I never want to minus you.
I do and don’t love you.

Choose a Line and start writing your own poem:

Would you be scared?:

Would you be scared?
Would you be scared if
your most precious memories
couldn’t be remembered?

Would you be scared if
the one you hated the most
disappeared forever?

Would you be scared if...
someone told you that
there is a limit to happiness
in this world?

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What if?

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 1.07.28 PM
My point of history in which I tampered with was President Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan to retaliate against the bombing in Pearl Harbor. The main point I focused on was what would happen if we became allies with the Soviet Union due to our common enemy, Japan. Truman could fear a nuclear war the way we do nowadays and is trying to keep the remaining sanity of the world. The world is on edge and if we just drop an atomic bomb in hopes of ending a war quickly, we may lose trust from every other country. We cannot barge into Japan and fight either because Japan targeted the Navy in Pearl Harbor. So the best thing to do was to set aside our opinions of the Soviet Union and fought along them to bring down Japan. 

The States of 2012 would change drastically. Becoming allies with the Soviet Union could cause us to see the world through the eyes of Russia and China. The country would be somewhat of a communist country. But the laws supporting freedom would just cause us to have less liberation in the country. The censorship of the internet would already be in play, the music will be less vulgar (which wouldn't be such a terrible thing), and taxes would be equal so that the Occupy movements would be unnecessary. The protests against other wars wouldn't be as drastic because of our alliance with Russia and China. 

I envisioned a big change in 2012 because if we're not as worried about arguing with the Russians, we wouldn't be worried about the dangers of an atomic bomb. However, if we have a strong bond with Russia and China, the world itself would be a monopoly. Russia and China have similar views on politics. If three of the more powerful countries are all agreeing on something, then nothing could stop them from controlling the entire world. 

The enjoyable thing about creating an alternative future is that everyone wishes they could change an event in their lives. But when we are to search a historical event and alter that, we learn more and more about the event in the process. Rather than reading about a certain topic in the world and writing a paper, we had to go in depth about a specific events in order to understand how we can make a change. Sometimes having the knowledge on a specific matter doesn't mean you are an expert. You're an expert when you can make a difference that is plausible to a time you weren't present. Also, creating such a bond and a change between America and Russia over a common enemy seemed intangible, but it made sense. If two strong countries worked against one country who's main motive was to conquer, they could overcome any problem. 

President Harry Truman was the man of the divergence. If the president really planned out the events following Japan's atomic bombing and realized that Japan's citizens shouldn't have to suffer for their leaders' actions, then he would have waited. Sure the war would have dragged out for 10 months or more rather than 10 days, but it may make an impact. America may not be the free and liberal place is it now, but it would be more strict than it is. Our educational and economic situation may not be present in the alternative history. The changes of the government by the government would cause a more miserable America, however it'll be a more stable America. 

The best way to improve my point of divergence is to create a more in-depth explanation of Truman's chat with the Soviet Union. If we created an alliance, how did it happen? What happened in the room? But like other governmental events, most are top secret. So to personally understand President Truman and to understand the Soviet Union's government better, it would've created a better project. To understand this event alone, you must understand everything. If I had a chance to change my process, I wouldn't spend so much time researching President Harry Truman's other decisions, but I would have tried to understand the Soviet's government and Truman's decisions with other issues. 

New York Times 

TIME Magazine Article 

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La casa ideal para Señorita Jamira

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.23.57 PM
La casa de Jamira es muy grande. La casa es ubicado en Los Angeles. Cerca de la playa porque ella gusta nadar, pero está lejos de las montañas porque es muy aburrido. Hay tres personas en la casa. Es perfecto para ellas amigas y familia. Ella tiene un grande casa. La sala es verde, tiene dos sofás, y un tele. Cuatro habitacioness es naranja, tiene una cama en cada habitación. Un tele en habitación de Jamira. Elsótanoó es amarillo Una sofá grande,un tele grande, y una nevera. El garaje es más-o-menos, tiene un lavadora y secador.
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.07.56 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.21.16 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 2.27.36 PM
​Hay un perro por futuro niños.
Es muy moderno en la casa.
Es dos carros en el garaje.
Hay tres pisos en la casa. 
La casa es mediumo.
Ella tiene un grande casa.
Dos amigo vivir con Jamira.
El garaje es grande.
El carros es nueva 2012 carros.
La casa es lejos de las montañas.
La casa es cerca de la playa.
​Guesta: diez mil dólares minimo por favor

Telefono (1800)-new-home

Hecha por: Marteena Johnson y Emmanuel Kouadio

***Si la llamada de interesados. ¡Gracias!

La casa de Tómas.

Mi clienté Tómas casa es en Miami, ello casa es muy grande, cerca la playa y la central commercial, perro lejos de afueras. En una casa de Tómas tiene siete cuartos para dormiendo y cuarto baños. En Tómas casa tienes una grande estudio para musíca, y una garaje, jardin, ofician, balcón, y picsina. Questo es mucho grande con mucho ventanas y mucho espacio.  
Tienes una salon.
* Es a mediano cuarto, con un television, una sofa, lampara, la mess, sílla y plantas. Un colores de cuarto es rojo.
Tienes una cocina.
* Es muy espacio, con 4 ventanas, en el cuarto es refridgerator, estufé, lavaplatos, microonda cafe. Un colores de cuarto es possiblé, cafe y rojo.
Tienes un estudio de música
*Es así así pequiño, uno ventanas, con la guitarra, estudio de musica, sistema de música. Un colores de cuarto es cafe o oscuro rojo.
Tienes un comedor.
*Es muy mediano y muy ventanas, con una mesa, sílla, y amario. Un colores de cuarto es possiblé rojo, cafe y crema .
Tienes siete habitaciones.
uno por Tómas niños, Pooncie y Char.
uno por Tómas y sus novia
uno extra
Tres por "honey dips"
El grandisimo casa es, 300,960 ! pero es perfecto por Tómas : )

la casa ideal!

La casa Ideal para Bryanna  Jones


Esta casa está en Miami en las afueras pero está muy cerca de la ciudad, el cine, la playa y el central comercial. Está lejos de las montañas. Es muy grande, bonita, divertida, moderna y muy tranquile. Tiene cinco cuatros y tres baño. Hay un garaje, jardín, biblioteca, oficina, balcón, piscina, sótano, y estudio de baile.


¡ La casa tiene Todo!


·      Cinco habitación linda y grande, hay una corriente altera en todos, porque tienen mucho amigos.

·       Hay una sala, es muy bonita y enorme. Tiene mucho muebles.

·      Comedor tiene mucho muebles, es grande y muy moderna.

·      Estudio de baile, tiene carteles y mucho cosas eso tenga con baile y mucisca. También tiene mucho muebles.

·      Garaje es muy grandisim y tiene mucho colores. Hay una ascensor en la graraje porque es muy

 Es $50,000 ¿Es muy bein no?


nschiavoni What If- 4Q History Benchmark


    Point of Divergence- THe point of divergence that was presented in my benchmark involved the kidnapping plot of President Lincoln that Booth plotted amongst others. The future that was effected by my point of divergence was the result of President Lincoln's Reconstruction plan before his assassination. With this divergence happening many events were able to take place, such as the event of the civil war ending sooner then it should of due to abraham lincoln's response.  What I liked about this project was that as a student I was able to research a topic in history that I wasn't familiar with and able to change the course of time within it. Something that I found challenging about this benchmark was finding certain primary sources to fit my type of divergence. The most interesting event that I learned was about the Civil War and learning that Abraham Lincoln was involved with it. The actions of individuals impact the historical record because a specific time in history could of changed its course. If I were to produce a better project, I would take the time to look for a more specific point of divergence instead of the one I picked because I would feel more confident with other primary sources. Overall I am happy with the process of my 4th Quater benchmark.

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Q4 BM- Danny Wirt

Above is the link to the website or you can click the picture and it will take you to the site: 

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.55.48 PM

My point of divergence occurs in the year 1865 when William H. Seward dies because of complications of the attempted assassination. As a result of this event, William Seward never purchases Alaska, and thus the British Empire takes Alaska by force from Russia. After the British Empire discovers all of the benefits from Alaska, it aids them in future wars, and saves the United States on more then one occasion. 

The process of this project was probably the most challenging. Being able to find points in history that can be changed and work was difficult and finding primary sources was even more difficult. However, even with all the difficulties involved with this project, it was rather fun being able to create your own future based on the turning of events. It also enabled me to discover some interesting things from the past. I had to look into World War 2 a lot considering the changes that were made because the British Empire controlled Alaska. 

Over the course of doing this project I learned that one person really can make a big difference to the world. In the short term it may not be that big, however in the long term it can create massive changes. For instance because Seward ended up dying, the U.S. never found it in their interest to get Alaska from Russia. Now the United States is out of lots of oil and lots of money. The same thing goes for actions that are made. When certain actions are made by a group or a person, it can change the way things are short term, and massively change them in the long term. It takes a snow ball effect as time passes. 

Due to the strictness of this project it is hard to say how this can be improved. It has to be very precise and accurate. Therefore, there is nothing to really improve on as a project. This did make it hard, but hard work makes good results. Unless you are in my case when you spend an entire week trying to find primary source docs and are unsuccessful. This is something that I think I can improve on. If I were to do the project again I would make sure to move on after being unsuccessful for so long. 

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Ruben Burenstein Q4 What if? project

That is a link to my website, you can also get there by clicking the primary source below

My point of divergence was a decision that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made. He knew that he was sick, so instead of focusing on ending the war as quickly as possible, he decided to work on the second bill of rights. He kept this secret so that the citizens of the united states would think he was doing the best for the nation by ending the war. As a result of this, 2012 has much less problems. Our economy is great, we are third in the world for education, and employment never dips under the rates it was at when the bill was passed. This is all because the second bill of rights helped the citizens of the united states with all of these issues.

    I liked being able to choose my own topic for a project. There was a lot of freedom, and I was able to look at something I was interested in. Even though I chose my own topic, there was still a lot of challenging work. Sometimes it was hard to find resources that I could use to know what would happen in the future if this point in time would change. It was also hard to find a topic that could be altered by history, and have some impact on the United States now. It took a lot of work, but I was eventually able to settle on a topic that I found interesting, and could effect American history a lot. The most interesting thing about my topic was the fact that it might have been possible. I had not heard about a plan for the second bill of rights before, and I really liked thinking about how the world would be different if it had been made.

    What if it had been made? The choice that FDR made to focus on the war, and not start creating the second bill of rights could have impacted our country greatly. It could have prolonged the war, but in the end made out country a lot better. The choice that he made effected our whole country. There are also millions of other choices that could have effected history, and we have no idea how much they would change the world had they been made differently. The choice that FDR made surely wasn't his own. It took him and some other people to decide what would be better for the country at that point, and they chose to focus un the war. There is no saying how much their decision, or any other has effected the world. Some decisions may hold no weight in the world, so that if they were changed nothing would be different, while others could look like not important decisions, but really change the world completely.

    My project could have been improved if the created primary sources were more interesting or creative. There could have been a video element to them, or something more exciting than a news article, and 2 dimensional things that can easily be printed out. I would also change my website a little to make it better looking, and possibly have more creative elements. If I could do this project over again, I would like to choose another point around the same time as the one I chose. This would help me see which one was more important to society, and why. If I chose the same topic, then I would make different primary sources as I mentioned above, and change my website or have a different form of presentation, like a magazine.


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¿Qué pasa con tu casa? Alaina y Owen

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.09.37 PM
Nombre- Tony
Edad- 40’s
Estado civil- Casado
Profesión- Soy trabajar en un casino.
Actividades favoritas- Relajar, Ir de vacaciones
Deportes favoritos- Fútbol, Basquetbol
Mascotas- Un perro
Personalidad- Activo, Tranquilo
Vehículos- Un carro
Lugares favoritos- El gimnasio, los calles peatonal
Planes para el futuro- “No hay cambio. Soy contento.”

Está cerca de las montañas, y está lejos del desierto. La casa es mediana, pero hay tres cuartos y tres baños. También, tiene un jardín muy grande, una oficina, un garaje, una piscina pequeña, un sótano, y un estudio. Todo son prácticas. La casa es en Knoxville, Tennessee.
¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

¡Su casa tiene TODO!
  • ¡Tiene un jardín grande para sus niños!
  • Una casa es moderna y mediana, el tamaño perfecto para su familia.
  • ¡Tiene un garaje para sus carro!
  • ¡Tiene un oficina en la casa para su marido!
  • ¡Tiene tres baños y tres cuartos para sus familia y amigos de familia.
  • Él jardín tiene muchas árboles y flores bonitas.
  • La cocina es similar y practica.


El Sotano tiene:
  • Mas juegos.
  • Una piscina

El Primer Piso tiene:
  • Una sala grande.
  • Una cocina.
  • Un baño
  • Una comedor.
  • Un garaje en el exterior.

El Segundo Piso tiene:
  • Tres cuartos.
  • Dos baños.
  • Un estudio con una oficina pequeña

El Exterior tiene:
  • Un jardín grande con arboles, y flores. Hay una valla para el perro.  
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.33.41 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.19.20 PM
El exterior de la casa.
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.20.31 PM
La cocina
“¡Nosotros esperanza que tú gusta su nuevo casa!”
- Diseñado por Owen Grzywinski y Alaina Silverman