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The Light- 4th Quarter BM

“Damn that reeks, how long has this shit been here?” Dharjin sneers. Or rather, bellows, as he is never quite aware of the thunderousness of his own voice. His burly structure does little lessen the affect as well; in fact his towering height carries his voice across great distances, much like the vastness of the edifice in which he and his team now stand.

“Given the dampness and coldness, 2-3 days perhaps,” says Askra, the youngest of the platoon. He walks, unwavering in dull expression, to the rotting body of a young woman no older than 30, it appears. He kneels beside her, flashing a light on pale, petrified eyes and an open mouth. Closing his eyes, he then shakes his head in disgust and continues, “This is the seventh one today.” He scans the distorted face, and a name appears on his screen, “Mafrir, Jinka.”

Askra opens the air tight carton, releasing an impermeable plastic membrane that surrounds the body. Dharjin growls. “Damned fools! All the same reason! They think that they’ll reach Detoxification, but they never will! Only digging their own graves...” he exhales slowly, as if expelling all of his well-kept anger, despite his boisterous behavior that, at times, would make one feel otherwise.

“To them, an ascent of this magnitude is worth their lives many times over,” adds Askra, who is now scanning the area for more bodies, “this ascent is all that they have to live for now.” 

He stands slowly, as if consciously commanding each muscle to perform the painstaking of lifting his mass off the ground. “Let’s search around some more.”

Imagining the previously vivacious and radiant building was now near impossible, giving the dripping ceilings, and mold covered corners. It used to be a one of the most beloved community centers in all of Kilua, and even held some historical value at it was build in 2067, near 100 years ago. However, the recent performance of Detoxification left the edifice abandoned, as community hadn’t mattered so much anymore. Now, it has become a hotspot for crime, and an ideal location for the disposal of evidence. 

Dharjin runs a light along the wall, revealing older and more recent pieces, however, the message  is all the same engraved in the bottom of each frame is the same message, “Hail and behold the light! Seek the truth! Relinquish the self in search of one’s true being!”  He turns away in disgust. “Askra, let’s check up stairs,”

“Fine. But we mustn’t stray too far as we await the captain’s arrival,”

They run a search into the second level, fortunately, and perhaps unfortunately as well, without success. Each rooms grows more cryptic the deeper they enter the building, increasing in darkness, and, more mysteriously, size. Askra’s sharp mind processes this pattern first, which spikes his curiosity to focus more on the location of each room, rather than its content. They reach the end of a hall where the final room is locked. The two men combine their forces in an attempt to break it down, though their attempts are without avail. 

“Shit, this just won’t budge, eh? We’ll have to return to base for a laser- strange that we don’t have one,” Dharjin states.

“Cap might-” 

“I do,” Askra is cut of by the sudden appearance of Fakir, who walks over to the unyielding door after tipping his head in acknowledgment to his team. He adjusts a switch on a concealed wrist band, releasing a steady, yet powerful beam that follows the frame of the at least 10 foot high metal frame. Once the revolution is completed, the door falls inwards, revealing a room possessed by a deafening silence and piercing darkness. Fakir enters first, flashing his brightest light down the room to reveal a machine machine 20 feet high. 

“What is that?” Says Dharjin impatiently

“I’m not sure,” Askra replies as he approaches cautiously, “perhaps an old world generator of some sort- Cap, could I get some more light no this angle? Perhaps I can look inside of its old fusion box and find something” As he begins to search the contents of the of the machine, Fakir asks, “What is our current status on found bodies?”

Dharji replies, “So far one, sir. Female, early 30’s. Mafrir, Jinka.”  

“Cap?” Askra turns abruptly, questioning the sudden disappearance of the light. “Cap, is everything- “

What name did you just say?” Fakir asked slowly, as if words induced a slow poison on his lips. Dharjin gulped as he sees a slight crazed look in the eyes of his commander, now staring at him with his chest rising and falling in rapid succession. 

“Mafrir, Jinka, sir,” He replies with eyes locked on the captain. Suddenly, the area becomes dark as save for the small path of a rolling light, of which, the subordinates quickly realize the captain dropped.

Dharjin steps forwards, with all the cautiousness within his possession, questioning this strange stillness that’s possessed their captain. He clears his throat. “Cap?”

However, Fakir is lost in a trance. In a silent state of opacity, making the air around him completely unreadable.


It is clear that his body trembles slightly, and is growing more spasmodic with every passing moment. And suddenly he crashes! His body convulses, and short, ragged breathes escapes his lungs.

“No! No! This can’t be!” He howls. His teammates are frozen in their placements, having never witness such a behavior from him. He stops with screeching abruptness, lifting his head to confirm his fears. To substantiate the name that had just heard. No. No.

“Jinka,” he whispered.  


They lazed about in Paliua Fields, enjoying the intoxicating presence of the other, ultimately disregarding all urgency of other matters. Fakir laid his head in the lap of his beloved, who was momentarily lost in some obviously weighty thought. Though he said nothing, as he knew her light consciousness would soon bring her thoughts into light. There was nothing that she’d keep from him. Stroking his hair, she begins:

“Fakir, what do you think of humanity? Of where we stand in the moment?” He wasn’t necessarily taken aback by her sudden question, but he knew that it would obviously lead to what had been keeping her so bottled up.

“I think that we have been in a constant stand still. Yes there have nearly zero world wars in the last 50 years, and international peace is well its way to establishment, however, humanity will not change Jinka,” 

“Even with the that new Detoxification process that their creating? I’ve heard wonderful reviews about it. It will bring us to our highest state of being. It will bring us to true selves! What we were always meant to be! In fact, I’ve been thinking-”

“Stop right there Jinka, I forbid it,” he said sternly 

“But why, Fakir?” she inquired softly. “I think it would be-"

“Do you want to risk your soul for such a thing?! Detoxification is not salvation, it is fraud!”

“But what of the magnificence that it presents! The glory! One mere step away from divinity- if I dare to say that it is not divinity itself!” she gently unwound herself from his embrace, allowing herself physical expression to amplify her words. “Darling, we now have the capabilities to be so much more! More than another animal in the food chain, or being made for a purpose. We have given ourselves power, knowledge, and access to worlds unknown. But now, oh now, there is nothing beyond our reach. We have found a way to maximize our human potential!” 

He looked at her with sad eyes, while contrastingly, she looked at him with overwhelming joy. He grit his teeth for a second before tearing his eyes from hers, which seemed to beckon him into understanding. Though he could not. Grabbing both her hands into his, eyes near frantically roaming her face, he took in the unbelievable beauty of dark skin, and pale eyes- a rare yet enticing combination - then brought them up like they were his own hands, burying his face into them as if that was the location in which his salvation lied. 

“Jinka…" he squinted because of the lights surrounding her, "Don’t try to cut in on this either, because you’re quite quick to protest. But understand, or at least to attempt,” he closed his eyes, “there are somethings that we humans just aren’t meant to see.”



As if all the world’s electricity went running through his body, Fakir wakes in a swift gasp, throwing his body upright like it is the most basic instinct possessed by man. He finds himself in the recuperating room of the his office, and realized that he had sent himself into a state of shock, and collapsed. 


How could she be there?  

Her image races through his mind as the cruel reality was setting back . He stifles back more sobs, as a subtle awareness kicks in, making him abruptly turn his head to find the curious eyes of his commander on him. 

“Fakir,” Commander Hibhan breathes. Fakir remains speechless, for exactly what could he say? Seeing Fakir’s unresponsiveness, Hibhan carries on himself. “Fakir, you needn’t be ashamed was what transpired today. I’m terrible sorry for your loss.”

“I thought she was dead years ago, Commander,” Hibhan raises an eyebrow, and suddenly realizes how little he questions the personal life of his best platoon leader.

“Please explain, Fakir”. He gathers himself, and begins. 

“When the Detoxification process was first being undergone, she spoke to me of her consideration to undergo it herself. I forbade her. Though, one night 5 years later, she left me note saying that she was going to do it, and if I came to my senses, then I would too.

He paused briefly and continued, “While I knew that she’d never return to me, I didn’t imagine that it’d be like that. I imagined that she’d return to me a completely new woman- a woman that was touched by divinity. But when she hadn’t returned home, I went to the detoxification center myself- my status thankfully granting me sufficient access. When I reached the administrator of the process, they told me that I had to detach myself from her. They told me ‘She belongs to divinity now’. They then continued to tell me that all who undergo the process can no longer go back to their past lives, for their existence too great for us mortal I accepted my fate and her fate and carried on living.”

Hibhan looking pityingly at Fakir, “But why did you then assume death?”

He coldly replied, “She was then a part of another world where she could no longer have any relation to me- seems an awful lot like death. But why would her body show up in an abandoned center? If she was so unreachable in this world now?” he suddenly gasps in horror at his own correctness. “I told her that process was a fraud! And they killed her-!”

“Is no fraud, Fakir. Pull yourself together and listen to me,” he cut in sternly, “The Detoxifying process is not for everyone, Fakir, and that is what they don’t tell you. It is held to the utmost esteem, for they advertise is as the ever attainable, and accessible passage to divinity. Well let me tell you this, it kills. The majority of people who go in for detoxification do not leave detoxified- in fact they don’t leave at all. Those who are detoxified, are no longer human, because they have the capacity for divinity.” He sighs deeply. “And that community center was home to one of the first tests for Detoxification. That machine that Askra spoke of to me was probably one the earlier, yet faulty models.”

Fakir sits silently, unsure of what to say. The multitude of events is currently to much for him to handle, making him groan in sheer frustration. Hibhan suddenly stands, making Fakir jump.

“I’ll let you sit on all of this,” his says with his voice growing smaller as the door closes behind him.

Fakir watches the door close, and swears that the light in the room in suddenly duller with his commander’s absence.


With the days passed him by, Fakir couldn't bring himself to move. He isn’t sure how long he’s stayed in the same bed, in the same clothes. He isn’t aware of the foul stench that he’s emitting, nor the extreme overgrowth in hair and fingernails.  However, since the discovery of Jinka, he hasn’t moved from that spot, only accepting a daily meal and headquarters status from his platoon or Hibhan. Hibhan the platoon had excused him, and decided that it were best for him to stay out of the work, and more importantly, the public, until he came to his senses. Though curiously, Hibhan’s seems to light up room in way that no one else can. 

During these hours of complete thought, Fakir began to hear things. He had began to hear the hallway murmurs, ignorantly praising those who underwent detoxification, purifying themselves. He heard someone say, "I wish I could get detoxified…how grand would it be to see the world as if we were all gods ourselves?". He muttered that such a right belonged to whatever god there was, not us. He then heard things that haunted his dreams. He heard Jinka first whispering softly in his, then screaming terribly only seconds later. He heard the voices of men chanting. He heard the city collapsing. But somehow, worst of all, he heard the voices come together in unison saying, “Hail and behold the light! Seek the truth! Relinquish the self in search of one’s true being!” He screamed several times himself, screaming from his crazed self, and screaming to be away from it all.

Now he still sits upright, motionless, staring into the strange light rolling across the room. He wonders, where did that light come from? He cocks his head to the side curiously, and decides to stand and follow it. He falls at first, seeing as though he hasn’t stood in quite some time, but then stands and continues to follow the rolling light. It carries him outside of his office and down the stairs. Then outside of the building. The into the city plastered in fake terrace. It follows a road that spirals downward into habitats of the grim faced. Past the center of detoxification that seems to be brighter than usual. It light rolls all the way down to a grim building which mold covers its corners and drippings fall from the ceilings. It travels up a level and down a hall where the room gradually increase in size. It rolls into the last room, and hits a piece of machinery with a ting

“Oh look, I’m back here” he says almost absentmindedly. “I followed the light!” He nearly screams. He circles the ruinous machine and running calloused fingers around its metal frame. Suddenly, he hits a a button, sending a colossal light into the ceiling. His eyes widen in amazement, and even excitement, as his most primal instincts stir inside of him, beckoning him to touch the light. He realized that the truth was in front of him. His truth self could be found in the light.

Hail and behold the light...Seek the truth... Relinquish the self in search of one’s true being” he mumbles unknowingly and he plunges himself forward.

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Q4 globalization benchmark Dcordivari

​Final project link 

Time line

Project statement:

   I chose to use this as my topic because its something that I have been around my entire life. Cigarettes are extremely popular from youth all the way to the elderly. As someone who has smoked cigarettes plenty of times, but has never fallen victim to their addictive qualities I have always had a very large indifference with cigarettes and never quite could understand them. I have always been interested in the idea of people spending so much money on something like this and they have been around for decades, never really losing their popularity despite plenty of people fighting against them. Not only are cigarettes extremely popular and present in todays economy, but also in the media. From commercials to movies cigarettes are widely used and talked about.

   Cigarettes addictiveness has kept people spending tons of money just to get their fix. Some people would refer to this as a “legal drug” and in reality this is true. When it comes to globalization and the economy cigarettes are a worldwide favorite. Cigarettes were traded heavily by the europeans and when the industrial revolution arrived they became even more popular. This lasted for a long time where plenty of people were constantly smoking, until the 1900s arrived with more scientific advances that taught people about the dangerous qualities of cigarettes, however this was not enough to end the era of cigarettes and they are still sold and used everywhere to this day.

   Cigarettes also made it into the music industry. Widely song about in all genres of music. Cigarettes are known as a national symbol for coolness and people associated with being cool usually smoke cigarettes whether its characters in film or actual celebrities all the way to your local high school cool kids and frat boys.


"The history of Tobacco ." . Boston University Medical Center, n.d. Web. 9 May 2013. <>.


   This site has a good amount of information for the more history related aspects of Tobacco which can help me trace globalization to some of its earlier days. I will be able to get some of the details from its launch into the trade.

 I chose these two advertisements because they show a great example about how the difference in scientific research on cigarettes was changed over time and discovered to be unhealthy and no longer promoted by doctors.

Fort Minor- Cigarettes . Youtube, Film. 9 May 2013. <>.

This song is a perfect example of cigarettes and their influence on todays modern media and youth. The music is listened to all over and it talks a lot about cigarettes in a metaphor for rapping, but also talks about how cigarettes are an example for coolness.

"Corpwatch: Tobacco's impact on the Economy." San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition and the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project, 30th june 1997. Web. 10 May 2013. <>.

This site gives you examples of the impact that Tobaccos has and has had on the economy. I plan to use this to help me learn more about the economical values of tobacco as well as the economic issues it has.

"Global profits for tobacco trade total $35bn as smoking death tops 6 million ." The Guardian , 21st march 2012. Web. 10 May 2013. <>.

This site gets into the global profits from tobacco and cigarette sales as well as the death rates that have followed these purchases which gets into two completely separate subjects both branching from the same thing.

"A review of Global Tobacco Industry." Top Foreign Stocks. , 14th november 2010. Web. 10 May 2013. <>.

"Tobacco Timeline." The University of Dayton. Web. 10 May 2013. <>.

This timeline will be helpful among other to help me work and create my timeline giving me details from tons of time periods where the trade of tobacco was present.

I wasn’t sure how to format this link, but i plan to use this as an example for the distribution of tobacco as well as tobacco accessories which are also something that overwhelms the economy.

I chose this picture because it shows the simplicity and expense of modern day tobacco sales and how people can not only get them easily, but they are quite expensive for their mass abundance.

Marlboro , . Marlboro Cigarettes. N.p., n. d. Web. 10 May. 2013. <,d.dmg>.

This is the official facebook page for a major cigarette company that makes billions off of their cigarettes. This is where they update their customers and fan database in social media. I plan to use this as an example of the advertising that most of todays youth is exposed to.

The, Truth. The Truth Against Tobacco., n. d. Web. 10 May. 2013. <,d.dmg>.

This is the official facebook page for The truth which is an organization out to stop cigarettes and inform people about how truly dangerous the decision is to smoke them. This page is used to inform the people of todays interweb about these dangers.

"Our One Air." OurOneAir, n. d. Web. 10 May. 2013. <,d.dmg>.

This is a facebook forum for a discussion on anti cigarettes and an attempt to talk about why cigarettes should be gotten rid of. Our one air wants people to realize that smoking is dangerous, but second hand smoke can be just as bad if not worse.

"No smoking day stop smoking forum." No smoking . N.p., n. d. Web. 10 May. 2013. <>.

This forum is useful because instead of just simple anti smoking this is a site where people go to quit and help others quit as well as talk about their quitting experience and answer questions about how to go through it.

"Tumblr." Fuckyeahcigarettes. N.p., n. d. Web. 10 May. 2013. <>.

This tumblr claims to not condone the act of smoking, but shows plenty of pro smoking pictures and constantly post pictures of different smoking acts. This is a sort of snapshot into some of the social media that is primarily used by teens.

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Q4 Benchmark with Grandma Beatrice

For the Q4 Benchmark, the task was to make a creative project related to the Q3 author or genre study. My author study was about Sherman Alexie and I wrote a thesis about how he is able to craft characters that are unlikable at first but come full circle as relatable and likable regardless of their flaws.

Here is my try at doing the same.

Grandma Beatrice without further ado.
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Colonialism in Asia

The basic ideas of colonialism was a global trade with a purpose

India, Malaya, Dutch Indies, Ceylon and the Philippines were rich in natural resources.

If you had enough land for your family and were told to grow crops for Europe then you would begin starving due to you losing crops.

When a colony was made they threw anyone in it forcing them to co-exist

Turned colonies against each other

Used bribes and small steps when taking over the colonies

Europe is getting most of the profit

Made the asians that if they had lighter skin then you were better and more beautiful.

Europe controlled over 84% of the world


Does colonialism still exist or is it over

How can you strive when your overseers have given up

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Negative Space Reflection

What is Negative Space
Negative space is the space around or in between the object you are drawing. Negative space has no detail. 

My Negative Space
In my drawing I found the negative space by looking at the spaces in between the object. One example is the chairs stacked on top of each other. I tried to shade in everything but the actual chair, such as the space between the bars. In my cutout, everything that I cut out was negative space. 

Artists' Negative Space
I think that it is important for artists' to use negative space. Then, they can look at the whole shape and not just the figure. 

Negative Space Enhances
I think that negative space enhances pictures because you are not only drawing the figures you are drawing everything around it too. 
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Q4 Globalization Benchmark Rharris

Link to my final product:


My topic of choice for this benchmark is the topic of statelessness. The way I believe statelessness relates globalization lies directly in the name. People who are statelessness belong to no one. They can’t get jobs, health insurance, or citizenship with the worst part being the countries that live won’t grant it to them. Since countries don’t recognize them as citizens, their welfare is completely irrelevant to the global world. They aren’t granted basic human rights that we, as citizens in a global community, try to uphold. Also a lot of the time with stateless people, their culture is also at stake. The government, or anyone for that matter, has the ability to do literally whatever they want to stateless people because they belong to no one. Because of this, many stateless people fall into human trafficking, another serious issue. Granted, many countries have been making advances to help these people regain citizenship but one thing I was thinking of covering is when different cultures assimilate into other cultures. Is their culture also being lost when they gain these basic human rights through gaining a nationality? Something like statelessness can easily been fixed but the reason it hasn’t been is because many countries don’t know how to deal with something like statelessness. The majority of people can’t even really comprehend what it’s like to be stateless because they’re used to the idea that someone born somewhere are always considered a citizen. I think that in order for statelessness to cease to be an issue, countries must first recognize that these people are being greatly discriminated against and then development laws that both ensure a citizenship and also ensure the protection of their basic human rights.

Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources:

- Constantine, Greg. Exiled To Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya. LiveBooks, 2006-2012. 03 May 2013.

I will be using the Rohingya that Constantine profiled as the main focus of my benchmark. The photos from Constantine’s galleries will also be greatly used in my project as well.

- Constantine, Greg. “Part One: The Unwanted”. 2013. Exiled To Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya.

One of three of Constantine’s galleries of actual Rohingya people.

- Constantine, Greg. “Part Two: The Unwelcome”. 2013. Exiled To Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya.

One of three of Constantine’s galleries of actual Rohingya people.

- Constantine, Greg. “Part Three: Exiled To Nowhere”. 2013. Exiled To Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya.

One of three of Constantine’s galleries of actual Rohingya people.

- "The Rohingya Crisis of June 2012: A Survivor's Testimony | OpenDemocracy." The Rohingya Crisis of June 2012: A Survivor's Testimony | OpenDemocracy. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2013. (

This article contains the personal testimony of a Rohingya man named Hamid after survivor an incident during June of 2012.

Secondary Sources:

- Motlagh, Jason. "Palm Oil for the West, Exploitation for Young Workers in Malaysia." Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting. 09 Apr 2013: 1. Web. 10 May. 2013. <>.

I read this article to get a better understanding to the types of things stateless people are subjected to. Also, when researching the Rohingya, they were also subjected to similar things like the kids in Malaysia.

- "The Silent Suffering of the Rohingyas." YouTube. YouTube, 18 Apr. 2013. Web. 10 May 2013. (

This news profile talks about the seriousness of the situation that the Rohingya are facing. They are not only being discriminated and systematic killed in Burma, but in Bangladesh, where many refugees live, are also being discriminated against greatly.

- Glazer , Ilana. "How Anonymous Used Twitter to Expose the Rohingya Genocide." Daily Beast. 27 Mar 2013: 1. Web. 13 May. 2013. <>.

This is article about the Internet enigma known as “Anonymous” helped shed light upon the genocide of the Rohingya people in Burma.  

- "Genocide Watch." Genocide Watch. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013

The website delves into understanding genocide, what causes it, people(s) affected by it, and how to prevent further genocides.

Social Media Sources:

- "Storytelling Video about Stateless People in Vietnam Granted Citizenship." YouTube. YouTube, 09 Jan. 2012. Web. 10 May 2013.


This shows a country (Vietnam) starting to deal with statelessness and people who become stateless. A positive sign towards getting rid of statelessness.  

- "Stateless in America." YouTube. YouTube, 13 Dec. 2012. Web. 10 May 2013. (

This video demonstrates that statelessness doesn’t just exist in smaller and third world countries.

- Arakan News Twitter (

This is twitter account that reports on all issues related to Muslim people. Since the Rohingya are a Muslim group, the twitter account tweets information about the Rohingya people in Burma and Bangladesh.

- Rohingya Community Facebook page (

This facebook page acts a hub for people around the world to learn about the Rohingya and it also gives current news about the condition of the community.

- "Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugees." YouTube. YouTube, 09 Apr. 2013. Web. 13 May 2013. (

This is a UN sponsored video about the condition of Rohingya in specifically Bangladesh, where their situation is even worse.

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Capstone: And It Pours

Abstract: All I can do is write. This is an honest assessment I have come to after my four years at Science Leadership Academy because, really, it is the last trick I have up my sleeve. Basing an entire Capstone on my words alone, however, seemed unfitting of both my character and of the endgame this project was attempting to achieve.

There is only so much a person tackle without the influence and aid of others and that initial brainstorm lead me down the path of deciphering patterns and connecting the dots between the classes and furthermore, their students. I wanted to find out for myself if there was any common ground amongst them. I interviewed and questioned, conversated and stalked, which allowed me to shape a tale with their thoughts guiding the way.

Something was made, something wholly mine and theirs. I simply wrote a story, one for all of us.
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Special Ed


My project is a continuation of a project I started in Herman class last year. The project instructions was to come with up with a topic of our choice, and realize that everything has a history. I choose to do mine on Special education and the outlook society gives them. Mr. Herman came up with the idea that I should start it last year and use it for my capstone for the following year because I want to be a teacher. My final project is a video partially made from last year and the rest from the observations I have done this year while visiting Pennsylvania school for the Deaf. 

Annotated Sources 
My final Presentation 
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A Study of Buddhism: Thai Buddhism, The Woman’s Role, and Monasticism.

My project was basically a series of essays on buddhism.


The purpose of this project was to learn about Buddhism and Monasticism, specifically Thai Buddhism and the woman’s role. This Portfolio begins with a relatively concise explanation of the fundamental ideas and history of Hinduism and Buddhism, including Upanishadic Monism, Buddha’s life and influence, the theory Samsara, the theory of All Suffering, the theory of Emptiness, and the three main types of modern Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana and Tantra. 

The second part of this portfolio contains information on the current status of women in Thailand. It examines the differences between Bhikkhuni and Mae-Ji and explains the political and social repercussions. Finally, it discusses, without conclusion, the possible factors of these differences. 

The third part of this portfolio deals with my own personal experience imitating the Monastic lifestyle of a Bhikkhuni and the experiences of the students in Professor McDaniel’s class (a class on the monastic lifestyle in a University setting).

Also included is a timeline of important events starting from Buddhas birth, a glossary of words, and examples of Thai-Tantra Buddhist sites with pictures that I took during my year abroad.

All information in this Portfolio should be understandable to someone who has never studied Buddhism before. With this portfolio I hope to educate and interest my reader, and I challenge him or her to consider how what they learned here might apply to their own life. 

Anotated Bibliography

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.52.51 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.53.00 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.52.43 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.52.35 PM
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"Splintered Wood" - Stephen Holts

For my capstone, I made a short film, entitled, Splintered Wood. It’s a drama piece about a boy who tries to bridge the gap between two beloved family members who don’t like each other, while maintaining his own strong relationship with the two of them. The questions the necessity of familial love, and also wrestles with themes of the unit versus the individual. 

I chose this as my capstone because ever since my freshman year, I knew I wanted to make a short film, I just had no idea as to how I was going to pull it off, or what the short would even be about. 

Then  around my junior year, I wrote a script, and took a real liking to it. So much so, that I actually shared it with another breathing person. When I shared my script with others, they seemed to like it too, further solidifying the idea in my head that this was what I wanted to do.

I implemented the core values through spending two years in Digital Video inquiring and researching how short films are made. I had to collaborate with actors, and the presentation was the actual film. 

After preproduction, each step overlapped. After the script was written, I was doing script readings with one actor while shooting with another. Also, the entire time we were shooting I was editing, so production and postproduction were happening all at the same time. 

The biggest obstacle was scheduling. One of the actors had graduated high school, while the other two were still students, one of which was a junior who was always busy. Scheduling was very complicated, but when the stars would align, it turned out alright. 

The process was very stressful, mainly because I was doing this all on my own. I was directing, producing, editing, casting, working with the sound recordings, and scheduling all of the shootings. Sure, I had two years of experience with this, but when you’re truly on your own, it’s a different kind of ball game. 

I’m really proud of the work that was accomplished. Save for the actors, I did this all on my own. I’m really impressed with myself that I was able to do it because there were definitely times where I thought I couldn’t. 

I learned a lot about film production, with the biggest lesson being that a crew is as important to have than a cast. One person cannot do all of the work on the crew side of things. 

I think I would have taken some students from entry-level dig vid to have as a crew so that they could learn what it’s like to be a part of one, because that’s not necessarily something that we practiced all the time in dig vid. 

When I interviewed to become a student at SLA, I promised that I would bring people together, and I think I’ve done that through various projects that I’ve managed to pull off during my time as a student here. There are very view students that currently attend SLA that haven’t seen me do something weird or tell someone else to do something weird in the name of a film project. There are many ways to unify a community. Film was just my way of doing it. 


Click here for my sources. 
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Capstone! w/DanWirt

Link to my website:

1) "300 Workout: The Muscle Building Workout Used by the Cast of the Movie." Men's Health Magazine : Men's Guide to Fitness, Health, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sex, Style and Guy Wisdom. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013.

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15) "Cardio Burns More Fat than Weight Lifting." The Chart RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013.
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Capstone project

My capstone project was to create a guide book about Philadelphia for french people. First I wrote the different parts of my book. After I visited all the places I talk about in the book. For some places I already went there before to start my capstone. So, why did decide to do this particular project? Well I think when you go to another country (for example) it is hard to start to live there without a guide. It can be some of your friends... But when you don't anyone there, a guide book is practice. I think, I learned in this project how to visit a city... How to write something which has to be simple and clear. And the most important for me: I wrote the book in french but in english too. There is two version, one french and one english. And that means I am able to write in english and read in english and talk in english... That was my first goal when I came to USA. I accomplished this goal.

Henri Genty
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Cecelia Baez, Capstone :3

Project link:

Student: Cecelia Baez

Mentor: Patricia Pingitore

Topic Summary:

For my senior graduation project, my goal was to create a community event that invited the public to explore the idea of spirituality. To widen and open the perspective of the average America's focal point, and bring them deeper into themselves for internal happiness. Which leads to infinite happiness. 

Project Abstract:

When thinking of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and feel the ability to do it. You have to feel inside of yourself. What does your core say? It says to be inspired. Be inspired with multiple perspectives. My project was an inspiration of a woman I met 4 years ago. She invoked my interest of feeling deep, but not deep into religion. After meeting her, I met a multitude of interesting teachers and spiritual beings that changed my life! This feeling of sitting for 10 minutes and emptying your thoughts. The emotion of knowing that your have control of your emotions. That there is so much more than this physical world, but a spiritual world deep inside of you. That we are not a soul that inhabits a body, but a body that inhabits a soul. This is our Earth journey. This is the Earth journey I wanted to make open and available for the public. So I reached out to professional teachers. People who have been studying a specific topic their entire life. It has been their lives journey to explore the depths of this. For I know plenty, but they are wiser. I then brought them together to fill class rooms with interest Adults, teens, and children. The vibrational energy was amazing, and it did so much good for many Philadelphian citizens. I was told afterwards to some day create another exhibit like this. For what I offered to the Public needs to be given more often. 

Wise, Edwin. "Chladni Plate." MAKE: Projects., July 2012. Web. Jan. 2013.I found this source helpful because it was primary instructions onto how I will be building my Chlandi Plate. I used these materials and instructions to build a device that was able to visibly show the vibrations in sound frequency. It taught me that when place a set vibration, such as 12Hz, and placing fine sand on a metal vibration plate, it would form beautiful designs that is similar to what happens in our brains when listening to sound frequency during meditation. This was needed for the section of Sound Frequency that is being spoke about in my exhibit. Instead of speaking, I'd much rather show the audience what it looks like, since, seeing.. is believing. These vibrations put our mind into a trance. &This site did a very well job at making how to do so, possible.

"Astral Projection." YouTube. Ed. Spirit Science., 18 Jan. 2012. Web. Jan. 2013.This source was very helpful because, it was the key source needed in order to explain Astral Projection. This blue figure really goes into depth about different ways, sources, findings on how to Astral Project. The difference between lucid dreaming and astral project. I feel it's a lot more productive to watch someone teach you, than to read about it in an article with hundreds of words. He makes spirituality and science so much fun! I also used videos of meditation, thought forms, and chakras from him.

"Interdependence." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 28 May 2013. Web. Jan. 2013.This source, not being the MOST reliable did set off a foundation of what I would be working with. Spirituality is not about the connection outside of the body, and looking out of yourself. It's not even about just YOU. It's about looking deeper INTO yourself, and connecting with the people around you. The world isn't a selfish, to yourself community. But an interdependent society that needs each other spiritually to go on intelligently. To begin this project, I needed some sort of foundation on what I believed interdependence is. Either way, the quotes and sources that even came from this one source really gave me some grave insight.

My events site for tickets: (I had about 5 different ones of these!)

Sullivan, John. "A Look At The 7 Chakras." 7chakras., 15 Aug. 2003. Web. 0 Jan. 2013.This source was a HUGE help to me knowing how to define Chakras. I already was very knowledge on Chakras and their duties. But how would I have explained it? It's more a feeling than an explanation. I love this way this man explained each Chakras ability, it's number, where to find it, and how to heal it. I used this source in my project as MY topic of speaking and how I benefit from healthy, well balanced chakras. It's hard to balance a Chakra. But it's only as hard as you allow it to be. I love simple definitions.

LaBate, Anette. "What Is Reiki Healing?" Reiki Spiritual Healing., n.d. Web. Jan. 2013.This site is not an article, but a website for services. I found this helpful because of the experience this woman provides for people. I used her knowledge in her pieces of blog and her explanation of healing with Reiki. I have had Reiki done to me before and I loved it. It was amazing and I felt everyone should have their own room for their own experience. I actually wanted this woman to speak at my exhibit, but she lived too far away and I ended up finding someone just as amazing! I didn't personally need much research on Reiki, because my teacher that I hired did it all, BUT, I did need to have an idea of how it was done and the things needed to measure Energy. For example I learned through her crystals and spinning a windmill with your hands through energy. Not through motions. It was magical! Just some things I'll be presenting.

The picture is just other of my project, I didn't physically make an object, so I just have a powerpoint I'll be presenting. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.19.10 PM
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Marina Musgrove- Pyfrom: Capstone

​Advisor: Zoe Siswick 

Mentor: Karina Hirschfield

Click here to view my project. 

Click here to view Process Paper. 


After my long years here at SLA, I am most proud of my leadership in volleyball. In the beginning of 10th grade I tried out for the volleyball team. It was like I had a natural talent to play. From that day on I fell in love with the sport. Soon after I became a starter. For 11th grade, Coach Hirschfield asked me to be captain. It was definitely an honor to be chosen. However I knew there was a lot of responsibility that came along with being captain.  I did my best for my team and it showed. Hirschfield then made me captain the next year too as well. I was given the responsibility to call incoming freshman, run practices, send emails and etc. Although I am very sad that my last volleyball season is over, moving up to the top division definitely made it worth it. Jokingly, my teammates would play around and say, “I don’t know what we’re going to do without you being captain next year.” I thought about that statement and agreed. No one will be able to feel my shoes next year. However, I came up with a plan to help the volleyball team next year, without being there physically. That’s where my capstone comes in.  My capstone is to create a manual for girls interested in playing high school volleyball. The manual consists of important information, exercises, and etc. Hopefully the manual I create will be used throughout the years to come.

Annotated Bibliography:

  1. "How Does Participating in a Sport Relieve Stress?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>.For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about how participation in a recreational sport relieves stress. They explained that by drawing your concentration toward your activity and away from the responsibilities waiting for you at home and at work will reduce the pressure.
  2. "Do Sports Help Improve Grades?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>.For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about how participation in a recreational sport improves grades. For certain students, playing a sport can provide motivation for improved academic performance. At most schools there are grade requirements in order to be eligible to play the sport. Therefore, because they have high expectations to follow it drives them to overcome obstacles and improve performance in an academic setting.
  3. "Is It Good for Kids to Play Sports?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about how participation in a recreational sport has health advantages for athletes. Playing a sport is good because it burns calories, strengthens bones, challenges their cardiorespiratory system and improves flexibility and muscular endurance.
  4. "Do Sports Keep Teens Out of Trouble?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about how participation in a recreational sport keeps teens out of trouble. It explained that researchers observed that high-level physical activity is an important part of helping kids develop self esteem. Also it says that a sport introduces your kids to a new group of kids which creates long lasting friendships.
  5. "Are the Kids Who Play Sports Less Likely to Do Drugs?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about athletes who participate in a recreational sport are less likely to use drugs. The article explains that because an athlete has a busy schedule it may interfere with the use of recreational drug. Basically it says because most of their time is dedicated to sports they have no time to engage in using drugs.
  6. "Are Kids Healthier That Play Organized Sports?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about athletes who participate in a recreational sport are likely to be healthier. It says playing a sport can help and depression.your child's psychological well-being. Participating in a physical activity can reduce anxiety 
  7. "5 Good Reasons to Join Sports." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses why playing a sport is beneficial. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about athletes who participate in a recreational sport are more likely to have healthier lifestyle. They explained how a study proved female athletes were less likely to engage in sexual behavior. Also both genders report a higher incidence of eating fruits and vegetables than those who are not involved in sports.
  8. "Reasons to Be a Volleyball Player." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses reasons why you should be a volleyball player. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my mission statement. An interesting point the article discussed was about how playing volleyball enhances the major muscle group in your body. Also the article explains that volleyball can be a fun recreational activity that fosters friendships. Some sports can seem intimidating for new people, however in volleyball players must work together to keep the ball in the air and send it back over the net. Therefore, cooperation is essential for every play, so teammates are there to help each other and interact.
  9. "Traits of a Good Volleyball Player." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>.For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses traits of a good volleyball player. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea practice/conditioning and what to expect in the season . An interesting point the article discussed was about how certain traits are required to be a good volleyball player. However, because volleyball is a dynamic sport with a variety of people playing all traits are not needed for one person. It also explains that every player has his or her's strengths and weakness. So the key to winning the game is using each person strengths to take over the court.
  10. "Five Fitness Components for Volleyball." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness components needed to succeed in volleyball. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea practice/conditioning and what to expect in the season. An interesting point the article discussed was about how certain traits are required to be a good volleyball player. It described a variety of drills used to enhance skills such as speed, quickness, core strength, lower-body strength and upper-body strength. Also it explained how the ability to combine all those skills on the court in a split second is essential for winning the game.
  11. "Volleyball Footwork Drills." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness drills needed to succeed in volleyball. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea workout to improve as a an athlete. An interesting point the article discussed was about how simple drills can help a volleyball player improve their footwork, focus and agility.
  12. "Volleyball Hitting Drills." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness drills needed to succeed on the volleyball court. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea workout to improve as a an athlete. The article explained how hitting is one of the most fundamental aspects in volleyball. Without good hitters, a team will struggle to score and most likely lose.
  13. "Home Volleyball Drills." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness drills needed to succeed on the volleyball court. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea workout to improve as a an athlete. However, what makes this resource special is that it explains the various drills you can do to improve your skills at home. Many volleyball players can practice at home to perfect their technique.
  14. 1. "At Home Volleyball Drills for Beginners." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness drills needed to succeed on the volleyball court. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea workout to improve as a an athlete. However, what makes this resource special is that it explains the various drills you can do to improve your skills at home. The drills provided in this article are for beginners only. This is perfect for beginner volleyball players so they can practice at home to enhance their technique.
  15. "Volleyball Arm Swing Drills." LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. <>. For my manual, this article will be extremely useful because it discusses the different fitness drills needed to succeed on the volleyball court. I will use the certain topics mentioned in the article particularly in my page about idea workout to improve as a an athlete. This resources explains how arm swing drills are designed to improve the power and force behind your spikes and serves during a volleyball game. Strong spikes and serves are key to winning a game. Also the repetition of arm swing drills can help improve your arm strength.

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Dinvil, Sierra Capstone

Something you may not know about me is that I love to bake. Cookies, cakes, pies, anything you name it! This is why for my 4th quarter benchmark I chose to do a blog on baking. Throughout the course of several months I have been experimenting with different baking techniques so that I could not only bake the things that I love but also learn how to bake new things that I haven't mastered yet or never baked before. Overall, I learned a lot about the things that I baked/created and hopefully other people can learn something from my capstone as well.

My Capstone.


Works Cited

"30 Techniques To Create An Effective Blog." WPWebHost RSS. N.p., 18 Nov. 2009. Web. 28 Jan. 2013. I used this source to help me with the content of my blog. Things such as formatting, pictures, how much to write, etc. This source gives tips on how to create a blog that is effective and introduces different techniques on how to approach this. I wasn't already aware of some of these things before, so I find this source to be helpful.

Appleton, Rebecca. "What Makes For An Effective Blog Post?" Search Marketing Standard. N.p., 16 May 2010. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. I used this source to help with the content of my blog. It has a little bit more useful information than some of the other sources I've used for this purpose. Some things are repetitive, but overall I this source is very insightful and is helping me get on the right track for when I actually start my blog.

"Cookie Decorating Tips: King Arthur Flour." Cookie Decorating Tips: King Arthur Flour. King Arthur Flour Company, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. Although this source had a few good tips, it wasn't a very helpful source. It gave cookie decorating tips but only using their products. Before viewing the source I wasn't aware that this was a company giving advice. This caused for the article to be a little biased.

Currah, Alice. "Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting." Savory Sweet Life. N.p., 12 Mar. 2010. Web. 28 Jan. 2013. For a couple weeks, I will be working with different icings. One thing I wanted to try was a buttercream icing. This is a potential recipe I could be using for my buttercream icing.

"Decorating Bag Tips." Decorating Tips. Wilton Industries, n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. This site just gives me an idea of what kinds of icing bag tips I would need to use in order to ice my cookies and cake a certain way.

"FOOD REVIEW: Sample the Culinary Magic of the next Jamie or Delia." This Is Grimsby. Local World, 9 Mar. 2011. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. Since I will be having people review my food, I wanted to research some key points that I should have people touch on. I found this source to be insightful and has definitely given me some good questions to ask when coming up with my food evaluation form.

Frazier, Christine. "How to Make Your Baking Healthy." No Meat Athlete. No Meat Athlete, n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. In my science and society class we talked a lot about how to eat healthier. With this being said, I wanted to think of different things I can use when baking to make what I'm baking better for you, yet still tasty. This website helps with this.

"How to Write a Food Review." Article Base. N.p., 8 July 2010. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. Since I will be having people review my food, I wanted to research some key points that I should have people touch on. I found this source to be insightful and has definitely given me some good questions to ask when coming up with my food evaluation form.

Johnston, Karlynn. "How To: Make The Best Buttercream Icing." The Kitchen Magpie. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. For my blog I made a batch of cookies. I decided that it would be a good idea to maybe put icing on a few of them. I didn't have any store bought icing, so I came up with the idea of making some myself. This was one of the several recipes that I've found, however I decided to execute this one.

Keyser, Wayne. "Soft, Moist Homebaked Bread That Stays That Way." CHOW. N.p., 24 Dec. 2006. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. I haven't yet used this source, but it will be helpful when I am making my banana bread. It will help me with making my bread more moist which is a problem I have been experiencing in the past.

Murphy, Samantha. "5 Tips to Take Food Photos Good Enough to Eat." Mashable. N.p., 11 Aug. 2012. Web. 31 Jan. 2013. This article gives tips on how to take pictures of foods. This is helpful because when I take pictures of the different things I bake I would like them to come out looking as best as possible. I had no perspective on this before, so now I know of a few different things I can do to visually spruce up the things that I bake.

Nairobi, Kenya. "The Dos and Don'ts of Baking." All Voices. N.p., 27 Apr. 2010. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. Although I consider myself a good baker, I don't really know the ins and outs of baking. This source gives me one person's perspective on what to do and not to do when baking. I found this source to be very insightful because it talked several things that I never really thought of.

O'Neal, Janet. "Fruit Pizza Recipe." Taste of Home. Reiman Media Group, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2013. I already have a recipe that I use to make fruit pizza. However, I wanted to find an alternate idea for the crust. This source gives me an idea on how to alter my crust to hopefully improve it.

Singer, Zoe. "Gluten-Free Recipes and Tips." Epicurious. Condé Nast, n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. Another thing I wanted to learn about was gluten free baking. I've never done this before and so I am very interested in experimenting with it. This website gives several tips on this topic.

"Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe ~ Cupcake Project." Cup Cake Project. N.p., 10 June

2008. Web. 01 Feb. 2013. This is another recipe to add for my icings. This involved using fresh fruit which is something that I wanted to incorporate in my capstone: baking with fresh fruit.

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Morgan Marant Capstone Project


My capstone was a two part portion that included doing two mini-sessions on how to stay in college. The first session took place on August 26,2013 at the school district building. The focus of that session was how to eat healthy and take care of yourself spiritually while in college. The main speaker was my mother Leslie Marant. The turn out was pretty successful, 15 people were in attendance. Many of these students were apart of the Philly Goes 2 College scholars program. My next session is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 7th at Science Leadership Academy. The purpose of my capstone was to take my experiences during the college application process and share it with other students. I also learned a lot from the speakers, so this experience was truly useful to me and hopefully those who attended. 

Capstone Annotated Bib

1. "RAD Self Defense Courses." RAD Self Defense Course » Penn Public Safety. University of Pennsylvania, n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

2. Dodge, Allison. "How to Create a Business Conference at a College." Small Business. Houston Chronicle, n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

3. "Student Health and Wellness Services." Overview. Spelman College, n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

4. "Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy in College." JDRF Improving Lives Curing Type 1 Diabetes. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

5. Slide, Casey. "How to Eat Healthy in College." Money Crashers. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

6. Schwab, Nikki. "Self-Defense Classes Gain Popularity on College Campuses." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 19 Aug. 2009. Web. 31 May 2013.

7. "Self Defense for Girls | Things Every College Girl Should Know." Things Every College Girl Should Know RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

8. Berett, Dan. "Research." The Chronicle of Higher Education. N.p., 19 Apr. 2011. Web. 31 May 2013.

9. Lucier, Kelsey Lynn. "How to Stay Organized in College." College Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

10. "12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship." Fastweb. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2013.

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Christian Gelbolingo Capstone

​Project Statement/Abstract:

For my Capstone, I knew right off the bat that I wanted it to be community service based. Community service is something I feel extremely passionate about and it is something I know I will continue doing even after I graduate from high school. Being involved with BuildOn and MANNA was the most significant experience that I've ever had. Familiarizing myself with both community service organizations has helped me discover what I’d like to do for my forthcoming profession, which is nursing. Initially, after learning that BuildOn would not be working with us this year, I wanted to create a community service group/club targeting underclassmen. I wanted the younger students of SLA to have the same experience that I did and hopefully discover themselves and what they would like to do in the future the same way community service did for me. However; another senior had already come up with the same idea for his capstone, so I had to think of another way to involve community service into my capstone. I had a lot of ideas for what I wanted my capstone to be, but my biggest struggle was narrowing it down. After speaking to countless seniors about what they wanted to do with their capstones, I figured it out. My plan was to target a specific issue, and raise awareness for that issue. The issue could be on a global, domestic, or local scale. I chose to target hunger in Philadelphia because Philadelphia has one of the highest ranks of hunger in the US. My final product is a keynote presentation that explains my community service experience as well as information about hunger and non-profit organizations in Philadelphia to get readers to take action.


Stephanie Dunda

Final product:

Coin Drive and PSA posters about hunger in Philadelphia. (In the keynote presentation)

Annotated Bibliography:

"Christian Gelbolingo Capstone: Annotated Bibliography" or copy and paste "" into your address bar

Process Paper:

"Christian Gelbolingo Capstone: Process Paper" or copy and paste "" into your address bar

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Capstone: Educating Zoo Guests

To view my capstone, please click here.

Abstract: I have loved animals ever since I received my first pet, a dog named Rex. After going on a class trip to the zoo, my interest sprung beyond the point of return. I remember a zoo worker telling my first grade class about ways to help animals in the wild. At that young age, I never realized that certain animals species were in danger of going extinct. However, I did know that it was by obligation to spend my lifetime helping them. When I heard that we would be doing a capstone project, I senses that it would be the perfect opportunity to spread my conservation ideas to people that were willing to help. The obvious place to do this was at the place that I spent my tenth grade ILP, the Philadelphia Zoo. It was my hope that the zoo and I could work together to learn more about zoo visitor statistics and improve the experience of the zoo's educational program accordingly. Thus, I would record the amount of engaged zoo visitors (based on my definition of engaged) at select "exploration stations" scattered throughout the zoo. To compliment this, I took notes on the exploration stations themselves, recording whether information about the animal in discussion was presented in a visual, audio, or other type of format and how successful it seemed to be. After completing this project, I was able to share my useful data with the zoo, which allowed them to take advantage of it for future education methods.
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Water Pump Design Capstone


For my capstone I want to redesign the UNICF water pumps that are used in developing countries such as Malawi, Africa. These water pumps are miles away from some families, they are fragile, and they do not provide enough water for all the work that is being put in to pump it. I want to design sturdier and easier to use pumps that will be closer to the families. The reason why I am passionate about this project is from my personal experience in Africa using the pumps. While I was there the pump broke and it took a few minutes to pump a bucket of water. The most horrifying part was that my family was a 45-minute walk from the water pump and some families were even farther.  Water is a pivotal aspect to life and should be easy to access. By producing and perhaps designing a functional water pump, I think that it will show my research and knowledge of engineering. This capstone will also show my growth in building and critical thinking skills.

The design I had in mind for my capstone was to design water pumps that have multiple purposes and I ened up with a pump that is similar to a soccer goal. When the ball hits the panels it will generate energy and power a piston. That piston will bring up ground water, that will be drinkable due to the ceramic filtering. I have the complete design on google sketch up ( with the link to dropbox is below).

Click to Download my Capstone 

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Michelle Torelli, Capstone 2013

Mentors(s): Ms.Echols, VK

  Plastics are essential throughout the world. There are no alternatives other than polymerized materials. Changes can be made to the current practices of plastics. Experiments were held to test durability, bond energy, and surface/optimizing calculations to make biodegradable water bottles. I chose this project because not only for my passion for engineering, but my passions for revolutionizing our world through different lenses. Whether it be language, bottles, engineering, etc; the world can change. I really enjoyed this project because I can use my skills that I've learned at SLA and implement it in my capstone, something that SLA encourages for all its students. Attached will be a single link.

Link to my whole capstone (process paper, research paper and product, bibliography):

Click HERE 

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Thenry Capstone


The purpose of this project was to help me gain a better understanding of computer coding.  I've always been interested in the process that goes into making things appear on a computer screen or within  a window on a program when playing video games.  I decided to try my hand at making a game with help from my four day a week computer science class.  Since I decided to use processing™ I gained more experience using a computer language based on Java.  Through the process of thinking of a game to make and then writing the code for it, I believe that I am more prepared for my intended major which may involve coding with a language like java.

This is where my bibliography can be found :

Here is the project that I wrote code into for my capstone:

^the football game^


Below are several screenshots :
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.49.14 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.01.58 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.02.09 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.45.57 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.46.21 PM
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Link to Process Paper:
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