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él tiene el pelo negro  y liso y largo. Tiene café. tiene un gato . tiene veinticintro años. una hermano menor y una abuelo.
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Bureaucracy FlowChart Reflection

The task I selected is obtaining a passport to leave the country. In terms of the bureaucracy behind it the federal government is in charge of a citizen obtaining their passport. To get a passport (first time) they must submit a DS-11 form and deliver it in person. After that you must present a form of evidence of being a citizen, then you present your I.D and photocopy said I.D. Finally you provide a passport photo and it must be taken over a set of circumstances, wait 5-7 days get the passport and leave the country.

Now this is not as bad as I expected but the paperwork is awful. The paperwork is straightforward but the questions sometime just seem unnecessary and I would hate to fill out as someone who is not born in the U.S.

If I had to change something about it I might include the prices but if you want to leave the country you usually need spending money so they should just dip into that fund. This system is more straightforward than I assumed but I can only assume it as a overreaction to terror attacks and terrorists getting into our country as I have seen with the Patriot Act. But besides that I think it might have been because they wanted to cover all bases so badly that they made it impossible to make it past first.
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New Slide By: Warda Abuali

I made my changes because my previous slide was focused on too many things and a lot of people didn't know what to look at so I made it easier and only presented one main topic which was food. I learned that it's better to have one main topic than have so many topics into one slide. Also, I used application to make the slide matching with the picture which is called monochromatic color scheme. 
Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 12.50.10 PM
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Flowchart: Unemployment Benefits

UnemploymentFlowchart <------ Part 1 (Click here to view page)
UnemploymentFlowchartPartTwo<------ Part 2 (Click here to view page)

UnemploymentFlowchartPartThree<------ Part 3 (Click here to view page)

The task that both Johniera and I did was filling out out the unemployment benefits application, along with the flowchart. It took us a while to find the application because most times when we searched it, we couldn't find it. But luckily someone helped us on getting the application, and we got to work right away. It seemed like it was breeze because some of the pages were not mandatory to fill out, but there were some things that we didn't know & research for to understand. 

Other than that, the paperwork wasn't that bad. When it came to the flowchart, at first we didn't understand how detailed our flowchart had to be, so we researched examples. We then looked at the certain things people might not understand if they were to fill out the application, and we also looked at the frequently asked questions about the application to apply to the chart, which helped us made our chart as detailed as possible.

I really do not see that process being changed. I think it was straight forward the way it is. If it were to change, I think it would be complicated or unclear. When I say complicated, I mean if things were added, it would seem like too much. When I say unclear, I mean if something was taken out, a person would become confused on what is needed.

I believe that the only complicated part that a unemployed person would understand is when to fil for the claim, and the process after everything is completed. Johniera and I had to read carefully on what would happened after everything went through: how many benefits will a person get in a year, how much would it be, when to file for it, etc. Other than that, it's not a huge process.

What I did want to know was why did it have a section for those that had social security numbers that ended with "05". That would be something I'd have to research.

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Bobby Flay  el pelo negro y rizadol. Tiene treinta y uno. tambien los ojos azules. no tiene un hermano y hermano. tiene un perro y gato.

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Mi hermano mayor :)

Su nombre es Octavius. El tiene el pelo negro y liso. Él tambien tiene los ojos marrones.  Él tiene un hermana, una abuela y mas familia. Octavius tiene quince años, y su cumpleaños es cinco de agosto. Él tiene dos perros él encantas mucho. 
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Block Party Permits

BlockPartyFlowRobert Broadwater and I together went to figure out the what the process of getting a block party permit would be. The process wasn't that daunting as most things in government, I assume it's this way because of how frequent block parties are in the city. By either getting the paper work yourself or downloading, we filled out some pretty basic and impersonal information which focused on the street and community the block party will be held. This paperwork was pretty much simple. I don't think there's anything I'd change about the process because it seems extremely easy and simple. I don't like the rain date scheduling, but then again, that allows people to plan more strategically when they'll plan their block parties. Without the set of rules and regulations for this permit, people would apply all over at anytime which wouldn't be too structured.
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Lady Gaga

​Ella tiene el pelo corto más o menos largo, rizado y amarillo-naranja. Tiene los ojos verdes. En su familia, ella tiene mama, papa, una hermana menor y una abuela. No tiene animales.
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga y hermana menor


El pelo: Tiene el pelo muy largo y liso.

Los ojos: Tiene los ojos negros.

Familia: Tengo un hermana con pelo totalmente negro y un abuela con los ojos azules.

Edad: Él tiene cien años.

Él Familia
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El Pelo: corto y café
Tiene el pelo corto y café

Los ojos: negros
Tiene los ojos café

Familia:una moma
Tiene una mama, no padre nada

Edad:39 years old
Tiene trientaynueve años
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Learners Permit & Licence and Registration


Here is a link to our project. (Learners Permit )

Here is a link to our project. ( Registration)

 A brief summary about this project. This project was pretty much me and my partners actin as if we are getting our learners permit, getting out license and getting out vehicle registered. The process for the project was for me and my partner Alexis to research online and find the learners permit application and vehicle registration and  license. During this process  it took us a very long time looking for the MV-1 form, we asked  everyone looked everywhere online until we found gods little angles Ayanna and Donna who gave me and my partner the form.  I don't think i would change anything about what we flow charted, everything is pretty straight forward.  Why I think the system is complicated, well I guess to keep people from fraud but then again that happens pretty much everyday.
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Bill Gates


Bill Gates tiene el pelo corto y moreno.  Tiene los ojos azules.  Tiene  un abuelo.  Tiene cincuenta y seis años.

Frank Ocean

​Él tiene pelo negro corto.
Tiene los ojos marrones.
Tiene una abuela muy guapa.
Tiene veinte cuatro años.


Ella tiene el pelo muy largo con los ojos marrones .Tiene una hermana pero no tiene hermano. Tiene un gato. Tiene veinticinco años.  
photos of beyonce by beyondbadge.blogspot
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El pelo negro 
El pelo largo
los ojos negros
Un perro y vienti cinco gatos
Ella tienen cuarenti ocho años
Photo on 11-30-11 at 5.06 PM #2