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Valdez_Media Fluency Slides :]

For the comments students have received during the presentations about a month ago, I have utilized that as a guide to help me make final improvements on my final slide. But now, I will be describing what my first attempt looked like. The color scheme of my original one was red and white as you guys can see below. Also, as I have learned in previous classes the alpha tool makes things look more realistic. The stars and the plane as you can visually see are alpha’d. The stars I made so they can become the second main focus in which is why I made it the background. Although, the plane is uniquely aligned towards the corner but in the language of media fluency this is considered “bleeding”. When something bleeds it makes it appear as if it that substance was actually there. The rule of the thirds is a handy thing whjen it involves alignment but In a more fansy and professional manner this action can be seened on the quote. Concluding, that these were something’s I learned on the website of presentation Zen.


Giving credit to the website in which is located below labeled as a (Resource) this website helped me realized what colors can really go together yet helped me see which colors are warm and cold that could make a good appearance on a project like this.


Here are the few changes I made…




First Slide/ORIGINAL                                       

1.     Red and white color scheme                      

2.     White star background

3.     Quote

 **rule of the 3rd

  ** Colored font




Second Slide/FINAL

1.Destination background


     **rule of the 3rd

     **Tilted quote

     **Colored font





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Q2_Internet Sculpture_Katherine Hunt

Internet Sculpture-

For the internet sculpture assignment I already knew what I wanted to do. Since this assignment enabled me to choose something I was interested in I decided to make bracelets. In previous years I always told myself that I wanted to learn how to make these bracelets, which are known to be friendship bracelets. Never finding the time to do these bracelets I put it off. Being so that this assignment had to do with crafts, I took my opportunity. My sister has a friendship bracelet kit that guides you on how to make bracelets and I was re-inspired when looking for online crafts. With that in mind, I decided to to make three bracelets, while two consisted of the same designs but different colors and vice versa. My sister also taught me how to make other bracelets that are currently unfinished. This assignment was perfect for me being so that I learned how to make something I was interested, which also make a great, small present for a friend. 

IMAG0429 2
IMAG0437 2
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Starry Night Remake By: Morgan Taylor

For this project the class had to do a remake of a master, meaning we had to pick a piece of artwork that a famous artist did and redo it. I never was a really good painter but once I started this class I knew how to make the lines. Ever since I started helping my mom redecorate and paint rooms in our house, I have had an eye for good color blends and I have a steady hand.
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Clear object

​For this Quarter we had a series of assignments to complete testting our levels in art. We are no judge on the art itself but how well we describe what we did. In this portfolio you will see different types of art varying from drawing to sculpting. 

For this assignment we had to draw a clear object. In class we'd pick a clear object of our chose and we'd draw it. The picture was draw using charcoal, in it we us shades of high lights and low lights to create the effect of a clear object. Using my eye I pointed out all the different shades making it easier to draw the object. The darkened background creates a better effect for the drawing making it more realistic.Since is the 2nd clear object I drew it was easier for me to draw and this time I drew it within a few minutes rather than an hour.

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Q2 _Large Clear Object_Katherine Hunt

Throughout quarter two I decided to not opt out of the Moodle course and work on the assignments that were given. Throughout this quarter I decided to focus on photography aspects instead of drawing and such because of the fact that I am a person who is pretty camera shy. I also spent a numerous amount of time on my large clear object.

Large Clear Object-

This assignment that I made consisted of taking a clear object and shading it in terms of coloring shadows and making it look like it was on a real life surface. In quarter one we were given this exact assignment, instead it was made smaller. Once I was able to master how to make the drawing or at least had an idea I started this assignment. I began to look at the glass object from a bird eye's view instead of perceiving it from a regular eye view. First, I began by drawing the large clear figure with a pencil and then I  used charcoal to do the shading on my picture. Next, I made the shadows that I saw by shading it in darker. In some instances I checked where the light hit the image in order to have a sense of where I'm able to make this color look like a real life figure. After I did this and thought I was done, I decided that I wanted to work on it a little more. With wanting to enhance my drawing I decided that I would slightly incorporate my surroundings. With that in mind, I decided to make the clear object appear on the table of how exactly I saw it. 

IMAG0098 2
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Photoshop By: Morgan Taylor

For this project the class had to take 200 pictures and pic the best 5 out of those picture and edit them on photoshop. It was really easy once you learned what all the tools were and how to use them. I had a bunch of fun doing this part because it was just so cool to see how you can totally transform a picture and make it look different than it did before.
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.05 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.23 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.06.42 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.03 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.19 AM
Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 9.07.39 AM
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Edit Delete

Tech Slide Redone

This revised edition of my slide has been done based on what I learned from the different things that I learned about slide presentation from everybody else's slides. I changed basically everything about my slide, including the horrible transitions that were on the original slide. This is simply a whole new slide that consists of one of the main topics from each of the websites that less is more. This slide only 2 different parts, my picture, and the titile. This gets my message across and shows the main things that I want you all to pay attention to.
Tech Slide number 2
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2nd Quarter Artist Statement

The second quarter was a bit different from the first, with the art forms expanding from just being simple drawings or paintings to being sculptures and photographs. To start the quarter off we did a larger version of the clear object drawing that we did previously in the year. The projects after that were a bicycle drawing, sculpture, and our 200 photograph project.  

I had the most fun doing the 200 photo project. We had to take a bunch of photos, and pick five of the best ones. After that, we went into photoshop and edited the pictures anyway we wanted to. I enjoyed taking pictures of different things, and searching for interesting landscapes and pieces of nature. 

Below, I have posted the main pieces of art I did this quarter. In order from top to bottom:
Large Clear Object
Five Edited Photos- Before and After

I had fun working on these things this quarter, and now I'm looking forward to working on more projects next quarter. 
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.35.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.34.08 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 7.58.06 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.11.37 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.15 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.27 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.12.55 PM
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"Copy A Master" Johniera's Version


Copy A Master

Artist Statement for "Copy A Master" Project

I choose a simple art piece that was created that I found to be very interesting. Here is the link to the original piece. Clearly the original was made with water based paints, however in order to create my copy I choose to use colored charcoal pastels. This piece was hard to actually replicate so I simply just chosen to put my own twist on it all. 

I started with the swirls of blues. I figured if nothing else the swirls should be the distinctive piece that stays the same. I then followed with the white piece of charcoal pastel to lighten up the piece. The colors of the piece are really bright so white always would tone those colors down. I for the most part chose to use my hands and cotton balls to make smear/smudged effects to piece. I seen it as a repeat of the original pieces's strokes that have been lead into the other colors of piece. It reminded me of it by doing so with my piece. I also chose to use different colors outside of the original piece as well. The hot pink and baby blue for example. I wanted the piece to be brighten up so adding those colors did that justice. 

Overall, I am content with the replica of the "Master's" piece and made sure that I added my own twist to make it my very own. 

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200 Photos & Photoshop


200 Photos

Taken with the Camera from School with my peer Brittany Riggins, and I also used my iPod to take photos.

Edit Photos

Artist Statement for Edited Pictures

Playing with Photoshop, I learned to do some neat things. With each of the photos I have edited I created a unique creation. Some were simple such as my edited Birthday Cake that just displayed an explosion with the balloon holder top center piece and the edited picture I have of an artwork made from one of my peers here at SLA.    There were photos, however that I did completely change the manner of how they look. For each picture I had in mind of what I wanted to do to change it digitally for the better look of it. The tricky part was to actually make that happen with this application. 

As shown with each of the edited pictures, what I had in mind was actually succeeded. The functions of photoshop can be hard to find at first but once you find something that you need you have found the rest in a sense. 

The Five Photos I have Edited are:

A Photo of Myself, Two Art Pieces made from my Peers at SLA, An Exit Sign at SLA, and Birthday Cake that I've Personally Made.

For the photo of myself, the original photo was a picture I'd taken of myself wearing red lipstick. I have taken the neon glow function on Photoshop to create an alien looking effect on the photo. I then took pink to go over the shape of my lips and the eraser tools to put a dot in the pupils of my eyes. 

For the two art pieces that were made from my peers, I choose to make them pop with some more color then the original photo had. For the unique snake looking photo I changed the yellow background to a hot pink and made the black strokes to make the snake bright lime green. For the mosaic piece of art that was created, I chose to make the background of that grain like how televisions go when the alerts come on with the different colors, I also decided to brighten the photo and have a painted style stroke to the actual mosaic piece. It came out really nice and I must say these two were my favorite to edit because they fit my personality so well. They're both simple in a way but very noticeable.

I also have taken a picture of a exit sign at my school  and edited it in Photoshop. This was actually the first photo I played around with so the product was just that. I played around with the different filters on photoshop and this is how it came out and about.

Lastly, with the photo of the birthday cake I have made, that has been edited in Photoshop I actually sat and pondered how I would digitally change this photo. I didn't necessarily know how I exactly was going to do this but then I realized how the cake in the original photo has the top center piece that looks like fireworks, so for the editing I choose to give it a lightening and glow affect to make the top center piece look like an explosion and it actually did come out looking like that. That was great. 

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Paper Tulips


Internet Sculpture

I found a website that created tulips, and I made a Paper version of that.

Artist Statement for Paper Tulips

Finding an internet sculpture to create was a bit challenging for me. There are a countless amount of projects one can get themselves into. However with much research I found myself intrigued with a particular website that make tulips. I decided to create my own twist to the project. 

For the paper tulips I have created, I used colored construction paper, (That are the colors of yellow, blue, dark pink, light pink, and green.) scissors, and tape. In order to make these tulips I simply cut out a tracing of my hand and folded it into a shape of a circle. Then with the fingers that are the petals of the tulips,  I brought them down and out and curled them with the scissors and taped them to hold. After the petals were done I decided to make the stem with green construction paper. I cut the construction paper in fourths and rolled the fourth up into a cylinder. Then I placed it inside of the petals and voilá there goes a tulip. I decided to make half of a dozen and place them in a vase that was made in ceramics class by one of my peers at SLA. (As shown in photo.) 

Many people have vases full of flowers in their home. I thought that coming across this project and making it seem as if they were real was really cool. Especially doing it in a manner of paper. I loved how all it took for me to make a tulip was literally some construction paper, scissors, and tape. This was a very neat project and I am very happy that I took the time to actually make these tulips. 

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Large Clear Object; Glass Vase

Large Clear Object

Glass Vase

Artist Statement for Large Clear Object

A more grandiose size of the clear object drawing I made from First Quarter, I decided to use similar methods to get to the product I have today. Again, the glass vase was more complex then what I believed it was. However, I did manage to make the glass vase appear to be clear on paper.

I used a very particular method of staring at the glass vase for several  minutes.  Then using the black charcoal to make an outline of what I've seen and smearing it with tissue to have a smudge affect. With shading, darkening spaces and erasing countless amounts of times I then found the perfect blend of color for the object to come out to appear as if it was clear. I did bump into some barriers while working on it such as the proportion. I managed to fix that by simply turning the paper around and making the one side the top of the vase and the other the bottom. As seen with the photo taken of the glass vase, it is apparent that the top is bigger than the bottom. Which would make sense looking at the vase at a eye level. 

I've grown to be very content with the clear vase I have created on paper. The amount of time put into making the vase appear to be clear on paper shows throughout this piece of art and I am happy for that.

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Rugeiatu Art Works

For this quarter we had a few more assignments added towards the ones we accomplish last quarter. Some of the few assignment that we had is, Clear Object Drawing: Clear object drawing is a drawing of an clear object. It pretty much self understanding. Choose any clear object, ex. a glass, draw the glass and make sure you get the lighten and correct shadows and shade. The reason of that is because the drawing has to look more realistic comfortable. Another assignment that we had to do was, edit 200 pictures and out of those 200 picture we had to pick out best 5 and edit it on an application named photo shop.
Here is an example of one of my art work. This is the clear object drawing. It's a glass
and the lighten and shade as you could see,
I tried to shadow this picture as much as
I could however, my camera isn't large enough
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.28.56 PM
This is the internet Sculpture. It's different quilt cut into pieces. I randomly place the quilt so it's not as if it's in order or it's suppose to turn out a certain way.
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.29.29 PM
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  • During quarter 2 we did a number of things. We took the small glass objects that we drew 1 quarter and turned them into 24x36” drawings. We used Charcoal or pastels we also had to fill the paper. So i also tried to fill the paper like i was supposed to. i used Charcoal instead of pastels because i love the way Charcoal looks on the white paper once the picture is finished. Next we had to choose a sculpture of the internet and redraw it so i love the Peace Love and Happens signs because of what it means. so i looked for a nice picture of that and found a students from a lower grade than me in a different state and thought it was cool and choose to complete that drawing. Next we had to take 200 pictures of things that we liked and me being me i love me so most of my pictures are of me. i took these pictures and edited them on photo shop. i used letters hearts and stars and color change. i also used a web site called pizap where you can combine pictures and do the same things as photo shop i just used two different ways to create and edit my pictures. we also had to create Internet Sculptures so i found out that i can take the plain glass cups and wine glasses at home and turn them into something that is pretty fun and cool to drink out of. Now my glasses were made at home and not at school because i had the help of my god mom. In order for this to work we had to by special paint called Pebeo ceramic brilliant glossy paint. after we painted the glasses we had to let them sit out for 24hr and the once they dyed we had to but them in the over for like a half an our that way the paint can bake into the glass and when we drink out of the glass the paint wont come off. (this is a very dangerous art project so please have adult help) 


Clear Big object
Copy A Master
6 of my best photos
Internet Sculpture Painted Glasses with Design
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​Once again I decided to present a piano medley of different artist including myself.This time it went better in the recording process,and I was able to stay to the timeline I give myself.Im very proud of the piece of a song by kid cudi,this is one of my favorite songs that I have been meaning to do for some time now.Other artist covered are "The xx","Kid cudi",and "Childish Gambino".The next quarter I feel like doing something a bit different I would to draw a "KAWS" picture.Overall I enjoyed my work,and wonder and look forward to what will happen next.
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Sabrina Stewart-McDonald Q3 Artist Statement

For my clear object, I drew a flask. I don't really use color, but I've been experimenting with random color in a few places, in this one I used color for the labeling. 
For my internet sculpture I made Cookies&Cream cupcakes. I really love baking, but I've never really tried to make anything pretty; I just focused on the taste. When I made these, however, I also tried to do a little food photography. It isn't made of chemicals and inedible things like the pros do; all my cupcakes looked like this (but without the cookie on top) and I just wanted to focus on one.
Recipe is here.
For my edited photos I tried to focus a lot on lighting and color. I basically took pictures of random things that probably wouldn't be looked at twice and added cool effects to them. In one picture, I took a photo of a ring of mine and tried to try something new (for me) by making a type of fantasy scenery using it.
For my copy a master picture, I copied a print by Yoshitaka Amano, who did a lot of art for Final Fantasy and a few different anime series.
I didn't get to the bike, but I did a few other pictures in my own time. Two are from the anime "Black Butler" and the other two are free styles I had done when I was experimenting with the human figure, but these are more cartoony.
Scan 8
Scan 7 copy
Scan 7
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2nd Slide

Something I used in my slide to make it eye catching and memorable was using the picture to draw attention to the words. The sun points down towards the quote but is neutral enough to not draw away from the slide itself. 
I used warmer colors like oranges and yellows to compliment eachother. 
I also put the quote "let the sunshine in" on the the ground going down the trail as if the quote itself were taking a stroll.
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Media Fluency 2

I changed my slide in a few ways. Mostly, I got rid of the clutter. I deleted the items that took away from my slide. Then, I was left with the flower, background, and music notes. I kept the flower off center, because I thought it added some depth to the page. Also, the contrast of the bright yellow flower and darker background was pleasing to look at. I kept the music notes because I liked the way they looked flowing across the bottom of the page. 
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Quarter Two: Artist Journal

​Self Portrait & Abstract Sketch and Painting

This quarter my favorite project was the Self portrait sketch. From this project I learned alot about the shapes and lines on my face, whereas before I've never had a reason to look at myself so closely. I think this project is great for anyone in the art class because it makes you feel good about the way you look and at the same time learn the techniques to make a portrait. 
Emotion Art

This piece was fun to complete as well. When I was first given the project I didn't even know what emotion art was but once I researched and looked at different artists work I knew exactly what I wanted to create. The sketch is the first picture and the second is the black canvas. The last picture shows my work when it was almost completed. 
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Clase: Bioquimíca

Professora: Señor Sherif

Actividades en la clase: Leer y hacer investigación.

Responsabilidades: Estudiar y prestar atención 

Materiales: La computadora una pulma

Opinión: Me fascina porque informatica y divertida

Clase: Historia

Professora: Señor Baird

Actividades en la clase: Leer, hacer investigación y escribir.

Responsabilidades: prestar atención 

Materiales: La computadora y el cargador

Opinión: Me fascina porque informatica y facil

SLA es muy divertido, informatica, y pequña. Clubes tenemos musica, technologia, y arte. Sla es tenemos quinientos estudiantes y professores. Sla esta en filadelfia. Me gusta SLA porque es divertida, informativa, y peqeña. SLA es joven tengo seis años. 

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Lobbying Blog Post #5

​Please commit to what you would like to accomplish in your final blog post for the lobbying assignment. If you are behind in the steps, by all means, go back and do that. If you feel like one of the past steps needed more attention, go back and pick that up. Basically, because you are all in such different places, you will set the terms of your last post. Make sure to include any extensions that you can think of, past the end of the course. The final post will be due Jan. 11th, but this assignment is due immediately. Please start working on this soon.

In my final blog post, I would like to get in contact with Mayor Nutter because although I tweeted him, facebooked him and ichatted him, he did not respond. So, I want to make a trip down to perhaps his office and set up an appointment with him in order to talk about bike paths in Philadelphia and where they are going with it. By making this effort toward talking to him, I can really make progress with lobbying for more bike paths because Philadelphia really needs them. Mayor Nutter would be the man to put the final say on whether or not it will happen and how it will happen .
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