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Journal 10/11/12

English Journal Entry 6:
Why do humans often treat each other badly? 10/11/12

I think one of the main reasons people treat each other badly is because they're insecure. When a person is insecure they tend to attack others that have the things that they wish they could have bit know they never will. For example, a girl that doesn't thing she's very pretty, sees a girl who she finds very pretty, instead of saying "Wow she's very pretty." she'd most likely say "Ew look at that girl. She's probably a slut."
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Journal Blog Post

Journal #45

" 'The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering it's prison" - Fyodor Dostoevsky'

I agree and disagree with this statement.  I think that the degree of civilization should also be dependent on how many people are imprisoned.  Sure the way convicted felons are treated makes a difference in which countries are more humane, but ultimately what matters in a "civilized" perspective is how many people are incarcerated and how effective the system is at rehabilitating them to be citizens of society.  The most uncivilized countries are the most lackadaisical by throwing people in jail and leaving them in a cycle that only throws them back in jail."
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English Journal #6

Why do humans treat each other badly?
Humans treat each other badly because we isolate people and put them into categories. Everyone outside of your group is different and therefore not likable in most cases. The people in all of the groups have babies and raise them to believe in the same things and act the same way. 

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards each other?
Rebellion. If more children rebell against their parents they are breaking away from these groups. As you can see, little kids have no care in the world about who they hang out and play with. Things like race, religion, language and all the other barriers that separate us don't mean a thing to them. We could learn a thing or two from them. 
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Lisa-History Journal #9:

"If I were personally to define religion, I would say that it is a bandage that man has invented to protect a soul made bloody by circumstances. ~Theodore Dreiser, 1941

Pick one quote about religion. Respond to the quote in depth(agree, disagree, connection...)

I think that this quote means that the blood is like our difference and the bandage is covering up our differences and it gives us a sign that we could feel like we are safe. Just like with religion, we could all be different, but religion gives us something to fall back on.
I also think that the bandage represents healing because if we do something wrong we could go to religion because it gives us something to believe in even if we feel hopeless. religion is something that could give us a meaning in life.
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Journal 11/5/12

English Journal Entry 1:
Write about a challenge that you are facing. 11/5/12

One of the biggest challenges i've been facing over the past few months is deciding whether or not to continue hanging around some of my friends. They've been in my life for about 3 years and they've probably been the best three years of my life. Although the past few years have been great, I start to think about all of the bad things that came from being with them all the time, and now what i'm wondering is it really worth all the trouble?

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English Journal #25

Why do you think professional sports are such a big deal in this country? 

In my opinion sports are such a big deal in this country because the american people don't have anything else to do and it is a way to control the american population, for example they make the american society think that if they don't have a muscular body that they are not appealing to females. I also believe that it is a way to not let the american people voice out there opinion on more important issues. If you combine all the money each sport fan spends on sport it would be around 8 billion dollars.

Why do poeple devote so much time and energy to sports that they watch?

I think that the reason for why people devote so much time and energy into sports they watch is because it is a ways to take there mind off of stuff and it may also help them with some of the problems they are currently going through

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History Journal 27

This cartoon shows the perspective of a citizen in the world based on their role/rank in the world. This big fish doesn't have to worry about anyone eating it, so the world is 'just' to him. The middle fish sees 'some justice' in the world because an, but has someone to eat. The little fish is to be eaten by all and never given a chance to prosper and find what is 'just in the world"
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English Journal #6

Why do humans so often treat each other badly?

Human treats others badly because of hatred of race, culture, and/or your attitude. Negative attitude tends to lead more negativity treatment towards other people. For race and culture, people may not understand why their "culture" is about. They may look at it strangely and realize that it has nothing to do wit them, so they begin to hate.

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards others?

I would say from past experiences. You may experience something bad that had happen to you in your lifetime already. Therefore, you don't want it to happen again. Generally, treat others as you want to be treated.
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We Wear the Mask (English Journal #21)

We wear the mask to hide our face:
We run around and act carefree,
We smile and laugh-
And hide the truth because
We care too much.

It fills our world 
It's everywhere- 
Up and down and all around
Scared of who will say what,
To who.

We hide and lie 
To please the others
For protection
And appreciation 
But... Why?
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Journal 18

​He close his eyes and no stories cam to him,
Life to him had became a dark closet to him,
he has became oblivious to his surroundings,
he make the wrong decisions because his decision are blinded by his ego,
he has no hope because he can't seem to let the go and move on,
you need to wake up,
so now close your eyes and let the story come to you.
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English Journal #39

How do you define freedom? Provide an explanation for your definition.

I do not feel that I am in a place where I can define freedom. Freedom means different things for each person and cannot be confined by one person's experience. I have yet to decide/ discover what my definition of freedom is but I hope when I find it I do not let it overpower the word and force me to see only my way of thinking.
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Lisa-English Journal #36:

What is unique, special or different about graphic novels?

In what ways is a story told through a graphic novel different from a story told in another genre (novels, film, audio, photographs)?

Something unique about graphic novels is that there is mainly dialogues to go with pictures. It does not focus too much on the background and extra detail. It is easy to read along but is able to tell a great story. We could actually see what is happening instead of having to imagine. Graphic novels are told differently from other genres because it uses both the visual aspect and words to tell a story. It gives us a range and it could be similar to movies, photographs and novels.
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English Journal # 7

Define religion in your own definition

Religion is a belief that gives people faith to move forward. It helps others define their goals in life and what values they will live by. Religion can help you define what job you have as well as how you treat your family. One thing though that does not define religion is the right to force others to believe what you want to believe. Even if you believe the your reason for forceing the belief is justified. That is my definition of religion. 
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EJ 42 jian zhang

EJ 42​

What the adults believe is similar to a curtain that covers their eyes from the truth. 

They believe religions so much, that they are unable to face reality if anything were to change.

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History Journal #29: "The Somebodies"

"The Somebodies"
The somebodies
The somebodies are not blind
Blind to the fact that there are nobodies.
Nobodies are powerless
Powerless does not inclue the somebodies.
Somebodies have power
Power is money
Money does not grow everywhere
Everywhere like places in other countries
Countries where countless people are forgotten
Forgotten by the somebodies, everybody
Everybody that is a somebody. 
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English Journal #34

How do you define freedom? Why?

I define freedom to be the ability to live without fear, be able to govern yourself and you environment. I define it this way because if you have no choice in the way you live by, if you cannot have an impact on the laws that are in place you do not control yourself, similar to being controlled by a puppeteer. If your actions are being pre-determined how are you free?   
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Journal Entry

History Journal #29:

"The Somebodies"

Those who dream of navigation without maps. Those who wish to be like bees. The somebodies that begin their name with a bumble. Everyone dreams of having the sixth sense they possess, but these hopefuls aren't even using all of their 5. They can try and try, forgetting to bring maps. But they'll always end up lost in the end. Perishing, waking up each day like the last, aspiring to be like THEM. The somebodies are falling in numbers. Owners of infinite knowledge. The somebodies; those with everything, seeming like nothing, but still something.
    No way ---> someway.
    No return ---> some paths.
    No hope ---> some to spare.
    No maps ---> no problems.
The somebodies, the Bess, like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", knowing always of where they'll land.
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History Journal #40

Which is more powerful, violence or nonviolence?

     In my opinion, violence is more powerful in certain situations. For example, if a cop is after a criminal, the cop would use violence to stop him. Nonviolence is more powerful when it's mentally, unlike violence where it involves physically.
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Gabby Nigro Capstone

The inspiration in doing this project was the long years of cheering and he amazement of cheerleaders in the movies such as Bring it On. I have been cheering since the age of three until current time today. Although the cheerleading team was not first started by me, but by my sister. I still decided to take the team in my hands. During my junior year of high school I did not know that I was going to take cheerleading on with me to my senior year. This is where I decided I was going to make cheerleading into a project. rather than just a club at SLA. Doing this with the team did not only require me to take a big responsibility, but it made me learn new aspects of cheerleading. When doing cheerleading I was always used to being taught the routine, just being told what money was due, and where each competition was. Now that I took a whole team into my own hands I was the one learning as the process went on. I had to make up a routine then teach it. I also has to deal with all the money and worry about what competition was coming up, and if the girls were ready. During the process of all this the team helped me out a lot giving me ideas and thoughts on the dance. I also worked with girls individually to make up music and lines. My mom helped manage the money and whenever we had to pay or give in a an order she would be the one to help me out the most. When this project started to come to its end I realized everything that was done during this project took dedication and time. I also learned that with dedication and time it would create the greatest cheerleading team. I enjoyed my time and dedication with the girls who put all their effort into the RCA

Rockets cheerleading team. I hope to see one of the girls carry out the hard work that was put in, and keep the team going next year.

RCA Rockets preparing before competition!

After competition pep talk!
RCA Rockets at competition, waiting to compete.
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.56.00 AM

Annotated Bibliography:

"Cheerleading Dance Moves." YouTube. YouTube, 25 June 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

For my project I used this Video. From this video I took the eight count that she did in the video. I used this eight count in my Cheerleading routine. It also breaks it down step by step so I could teach it to the girls.

"WWMS Cheer - Youth Cheer Dance Tutorial 1." YouTube. YouTube, 07 May 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

This is a video from a cheer camp. I used the one eight count in this video for the beginning of my routine. I turned the eight count into a ripple.

"Cheerleading Competition." YouTube. YouTube, 28 Oct. 2010. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

From this video I took a few eight counts to use to teach to the girls. Not all the eight counts are used in the routine, but the girls know them. I also used one of the teams cheer in this video, not to use but to get an idea of what our cheer would be for this year in the routine.

"West Forsyth 2009-2010." YouTube. YouTube, 01 Jan. 2010. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

This video was one of my favorites to use. It gave me so many ideas on what to do for gymnastics in the routine. I was stuck on what to choose for gymnastics. This video gave me plenty of ideas.

“Siswick, Zoe. Personal Interview. N.d.”

This really wasn't an interview. This was a meeting with my mentor. In this meeting we talked about possible competitions. We also talked about my capstone. This meeting really helped me realize how to get the girls on the team together and to let them know that it is time to crack down. The meeting helped me bring the team together to cooperate.

Dj Howie. "Cheerleading Mix 2012-2013." Rec. July 2012. Dj Howie, 2012. Web. 21 Aug. 2012.

This is the music that was made for the cheerleading season. My friend Howie who is a Dj for many events, and also makes the New Years brigades music put this together. He took a few recent songs and mixed them together. He added sound effects and voice overs to make is special just for the RCA rockets.

"Cheerleading Uniforms." Cheerleading Company, n.d. Web. 12 May 2013.

Using this website and also the magazine it gave me and the team an idea for what type of uniforms we wanted. This also gave me an idea of price ranges and different kind of package deals we could use.

"Cheerleading Apparel." Cheerleading Apparel - Classic Cheer Uniforms | Team Cheer ©. Team Cheer, n.d. Web. 12 May 2013.

This is another magazine that I used to get different ideas of prices. It gave an idea for which kind of uniforms we wanted to get.

“Nigro, Bianca. Personal Interview.”

Bianca was the original person who started the RCA Rockets team. I wouldn’t say that this was such an interview, but when I needed help on things with the team she was who helped me get to what needed to get done. Without her the team would not exist. RCA Rockets would never make it as far as it did.

"Stand Out From the Crowd in GTM Cheerleading Uniforms." Cheerleading Uniforms. Omni Cheer, n.d. Web. 12 May 2013.

This website was found by one of the cheerleaders. It had a very similar type of uniform of the ones we were looking to buy. But on this site we found it for much cheaper. I looked into this site more to see if it was worth buying the uniforms from.

“, Sarah. Personal Interview.”

Sarah is one of the cheerleader’s mom. She was a big help to the team. She came in and helped out with measuring the girls for uniforms. She also gave suggestions of cheaper uniforms, and was helping to get the ordering of the uniforms completed.

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2 Samples and a Lie - Team Voldemort, Podcast #1

Group Members Present: Stephen, Manna, Marley

Discussion Topic
Lying with Samples

The incomplete story that comes about through incomplete samples.

Is it possible to attain a solid sample?
Is it possible to make a solid generalization based on a sample?


Henninger, Mcneil, Smith, Fichera - Podcast 1

Group Members Present:

Dayona Mcneil

Chelsea Smith

Chris Fichera

Sophia Henninger


Since this was our first podcast we wanted to outline statistics itself and what it means to us. We just introduced ourselves and then everyone individually explained their definition of statistics and what it meant to us. Since this podcast had very little to do with the book itself, there was not much to disagree about. 

Stats 1 1

Podcast #1- Marina, Sierra & Prisilla

During the podcast we focused on a lot key points in chapters 1 through 4. They do not go in any particular order. We also related these concepts back to things we learned in class and things that we see in our everyday lives. Enjoy! :)
Podcast #1- Marina, Sierra & Prisilla