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The Boarded Mansion


“Stay where you are, I repeat, do not move, I am a Federal Air Marshall and when this plane lands, I promise you that you will never step out of a prison again”. I told him over and over to release his hands from his chest.

“I am a US Marshall, I repeat, take the vest off and hand it to me”.

He stared deeply into my eyes while his hands remained on his chest as if he were to click the button that would kill us all instantly.

“This is the Philadelphia Air Traffic Control, United Airlines Flight 93 do you read me?” As I stared around me, everyone was hysterically crying.

“Just tell the babies I love them, please Sonny, I need you to be the new man of the house, watch over my baby girls and mommy okay?”, said the man on his phone three rows down from the cockpit.

I needed a plan, how am I supposed to save all 44 people aboard. I`m the only US Marshall on this plane, it`s my responsibility. As I thought of a plan to save us all, a crowd of passengers pinned one of the hijackers to the ground and took his vest off. The other three  hijackers were not paying any attention to the commotion in the back, people had been screaming ever since they knocked the pilots out. As they focused on getting the plane to what seemed to be The Pentagon in Washington, D.C., 4 other men and I were coming up with a plan to take down the other hijackers who were directing the plane. It was not going to be as hard because the only hijacker with a bomb was already pinned down to the ground.

“I say we just go in and each one of us grab one of them and put our fighting skills to the test?” said one of the men.

“I agree, it`s now or never, we have women and children on our hands”, I said.

All of us ran into the cockpit and started to attack the hijackers. It seemed as though 10 minutes of chaos had gone by till I realized we had all of the hijackers down.

“Flight United 93, do you copy, do you copy?!”

“This is John, I`m a man aboard, we have gotten all of the hijackers down and will try our best to land this plane at the nearest airport”.

As I pointed my gun to the hijackers to keep them from moving, the other three men that helped me get the hijackers down were driving the plane. As they were directing the plane, I was hearing a beeping sound coming from the cockpit.

“Is everything okay John?”, I screamed at them.


None of the men were answering me. I could feel the plane going down rapidly. As the plane was going down, the passengers began to pray and cry even harder. I knew I was going to die. For some reason I continued to point my gun at the hijackers, I never laid my eyes off of them. I knew if I did, they would try to kill us before the actual landing did. The plane was going faster and faster, I`m not exactly sure why, but I could feel the plane getting closer and closer towards the ground, cockpit first. My eyes were locked on the hijackers so was my gun, but my mind, my mind was far far away. My mind took me back to when I was a child, ten years old to be exact. I lived in a beautiful house with my mother, a house that for some reason I never got to see the outside of, I was always locked inside. Why didn’t my mother let me go outside? Why did that question come to mind right before I was about to die? Then it hit me as I was staring out the windows of the plane, that Unites Airlines Flight 93 was crashing into a park.

All of the sudden, I`m staring off into a crowd of people panicking, I'm on top of a building, and I have the same stance as I did on the plane. However, I was no longer on that plane. The same exact stance. Eyes alert, same clothe on, gun still in hand, and pointing to whatever stood in front of me. It was evident that I was no longer in the same place when I heard a woman shout

“Up there! Look, everyone look! There`s a man up there point a gun! He shot the president!”

I put the gun down and start to run, I was already too late.

There were already a crowd of police men chasing after me. Why was I running? I did not shoot the president. Oh, what was I saying? They would never believe me. I had a gun in my hand, and directly pointing at the man who was shot and killed on the ground, they would never believe me. Let alone believe that only four minutes ago I was on a flight that crashed, or did it crash? I`m running for my dear life, as if it were me that killed the man, or the president as the woman had yelled out. I was so confused, but trying to figure out what was going on was the last of my worries, I had to run away from these cops.

An hour, gunshot wound, and what seemed to be 5 miles later, I had succeeded in getting away from the police officers. I was laying inside an old boat house soaking my wound in the water that was coming in through the bottom. It was dark, and I didn’t think anyone would be coming by, till I heard a voice and saw a light through the cracks of the old wood.

“Is anyone there?”

It seemed as to be a voice of an old man. As I looked the the crack, it was an old man. He was carrying his flashlight and walking his dog. I needed medical attention, it was either speak now, or remain in here and bleed to death.

“In here” I whispered out.

“I`m in here.”

He opened the door to the boat house.

“You the man they been lookin’ for?” He asked.

“I didn’t shoot him, I swear, I need help. I have been shot”.

“Wait here”.

He ran back to his house. He came back with a wheelbarrow and a younger boy. They managed to put me in, as they carried me in the house, I seemed to have fainted. A great sleep later, I woke up in a room. As I looked around, the old man was sitting there waiting for me to wake up.

“What`s your name son?”

“Bobby, my name is Bobby Wahlberg”.

“You shot President Kennedy son?”

“Kennedy? What do you mean President Kennedy? What happened to Bush?” I asked. “Bush? Son what in the world are you talkin’ about?”, he glared at me with his eyebrows together.

I could see the lines on his forehead as he stared at me in confusion. Old man is really twisted if you ask me. First, I shot the president. Second, it was president John F. Kennedy, yeah right.

“Did you shoot the president or not?” he rose from his chair and came closer to my bedside.

“No! I did not shoot the president okay! Look, I have no idea what the hell is going on. You would never believe me anyway.”

He sat back on his chair again and began to stare.

“Believe what? I have seen some crazy things in my lifetime. I do believe that you didn’t shoot the president. I have always had an ability to distinguish a lie from the truth. I believe you. Now tell me what you know.” He put his glasses on, and stared into my eyes.

“Well go on son.”

“All I know is that I was in a plane yesterday, it was about to crash, I`m a US Marshall that`s why I had the gun. I was pointing it at hijackers and then, then, I`m here. I don`t even know where I am. What the date is. I don’t know anything”.

He stared off into space, a minute late, he responded.

“Well, I have heard some crazy things in my lifetime I tell ya, never this. It is Saturday November 23rd, 1963 and you are in Dallas, Texas.”

I started to vomit once he said that.

“How, wait, what?”

“We have to get you out of here, they think you killed the president, and if they find you here, oh boy, it won’t be good for any of us. There`s an old mansion about 6 miles up, I can drive you there. A woman named Angie and her two kids are staying there. They’re in hiding just like you.”

“Angie, humm, that`s my mother`s name.” I look at the old man with the first smile on my face in two days.

“They could sure use your help. I`m Nazi by the the way.” He shook my hand and smiled back.

“Well Nazi, thank you.”

“Here you are. Let me walk you in and introduce you.”

Nazi walked ahead with his dog Charlie and I followed. The house had to be about 10,000 square feet and three levels tall. It was the biggest house I have ever seen in real life. The windows and doors were all boarded up, no wonder the family has yet to be found. “We have to go in through their lake house and crawl through.” Nazi said to me and kept walking.

Once we crawled through and were finally inside. The outside of the home did not do the inside any justice. Hard wood floors, white clean walls, large curtains, antique furniture, and best of all silence. Then, it suddenly hit me. This was my house! This is the house I lived in when I was ten years old! My mother would never let me out of here!

“Follow me, it`s 1pm they must still be in the learning room.”

As Nazi was talking, I remembered. Mom also had a learning room for me and my brother Mason, this was all too strange.

“Bobby, meet Angie, Mason, and Bobby. Wow, Bobby meet Bobby, how funny.”

As Nazi was talking, I could feel myself fainting again, and surely enough I did.

I was staring at myself as a child, my mother, and my older brother Mason who died when I was ten. I had returned to the year my only family had died. Words could not explain the feelings inside of me. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or afraid.

“Bobby are you okay?” Angie, my mother had asked.

“I`m, I am okay Angie, thank you. I`m sorry I am still feeling a little dizzy from my gunshot wound.”

I decided that I would keep this to myself. Nazi didn’t believe that I came from the year 2001, I know he didn`t. There would be no reason in telling him. No one knew my mother and my brother Mason better than I did, so I definitely knew that they would not understand. This is an advantage, a do over. A do over at trying to save my family from the horrible fire that killed my family.

“Bobby” called out Nazi.


“No not you Bobby, the other Bobby” Nazi looked towards my direction.

“You gonna be okay son?” he frowned at me.

“Yeah I’ll be okay. This is pretty good for now thank you.” Nazi walks towards the exit way and begins to crawl out.

“So, Angie, why exactly are you guys stuck in here?”

“Oh honey, that is the longest most unbelievable story on the face of this earth. Boys why don’t you head up and work on your paintings. Follow me into the kitchen Bobby let`s gets started on supper.” She walked towards the kitchen as I followed.

“Did you choose to be isolated in here or is there an actual reason?” I asked her.

“Well, we were put in here by the government. They claim that my baby boy Bobby is going to time travel. I mean can you believe that?” She laughs out loud but with worry in her voice. “Time traveling? Who in their right mind uses that as an excuse? The boys don`t even know why we’re in here. I refuse to confuse them in any type of way. So I just tell them that we’ll go out there one day, and for now we will just focus on learning. Nazi is a farmer who works for the government, he checks up on us about once a week.”

As she’s washing the dishes and talking on and on about the reason`s for them being in there and giving me information, I freeze in shock.

“Wait a minute, Nazi works for the government?”

“Oh yeah he knows all about it, he’s the one who proposed the idea to the government. They say he can predict the future, that he predicted that Bobby would come back and cause harm, and the government being the dummies they are, listen to everything that he has to say. What`s wrong Bobby?”

“Nothing nothing, It`s just a lot to take in”.

“Oh don’t worry about us honey, me and my boys are better off here than in that screwed up world out there.” She was smiling as she told me that, its as if she were happy that we were in there.

I never remembered mom being unhappy. If it weren`t for the fire that I know would be happening, I would have found a way to escape and just let my family be, but I must save them.

The past few days have actually been some of the happiest days of my life. I have to admit, it`s incredibly weird hanging out with myself as a child. I was so nerdy. My favorite activities were painting, reading, and knitting. How in the world did I become a US Marshall? Mom, well Angie, cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Home sweet home, I missed my family.

“Boys, are you up there practicing?” Angie yells out at younger Bobby and Mason. “They’re putting on a talent show for me in a week” she tells me.

Then it hits me, in the middle of the talent show is when the fire erupts. I have exactly one week to get my family out of here. What will my plan be?

“Oh, Nazi is stopping by today to drop off some groceries too, do you need anything Bobby?” she asks me.

“No, no thank you I`m just fine.”

Every time I think of Nazi it makes me upset that I didn’t take him out when I had the chance, he lied to me. He knew all along who I was. Not only did he actually believe my time traveling story, but he knew it would happen, long before I did. Nazi had been expecting me.

“Angie, Bobby?”

I could hear Nazi`s voice downstairs. My plan is to not let him know that I know about his abilities. I must remain clueless. If not, it`ll ruin the chances of me getting my family out of here.

“Hey there Nazi” I grin at him.

“How are they treating you Bobby son?” he grins back.

“Amazing, Angie and the kids are great. How`s the search going? Are they still out looking for me?”

“Oh yeah, they’re looking for you like crazy.”

I just listened, even though I knew that was a lie, they probably already know I`m in here, but I continue as if I don’t know. About fifteen minutes later Nazi leaves. I have yet to figure out how I am going to explain to mom what`s going on. Do I tell her about the time traveling? Or do I just tell her that she and the boys have to get out?

“Bobby what’s bothering you? You have been awful quiet all night.”

I love when she worries about me, nice to have mom back.

“I`m okay Angie, I just, I need to talk to you Angie” I grab her hand.

“What`s going on Bobby?” she replies as she pulls her hand  back.

“You and the boys are in great danger. Nazi, he`s no good, it doesn’t bother you that they are keeping you in here, with such close surveillance? Angie I could help you.”

I search her face for an answer, but this is a face I have never seen before.

“Angie?” still no sign of an answer.

“How dare you come into my house and try to me what to do? Me and my boys are just fine. Yes, the situation is nonsense, but we’re in a great state. We live in a beautiful home, and everything is provided for free. Thank you for your concern Bobby, but your opinion is not needed.” She closes the door shut loudly.

Now there really is no hope, I`m going to have to drag them out of here one way or another.

There was only two days left till the boys talent show. It`s been awkward between me and mama since she last stormed out of my room. We make small conversation at dinner, but that’s about it.

“Pass the salt please?” she asks me without looking up from her plate.

I have no idea what has her so bothered. If she doesn’t feel as though she’s in danger, that`s it, end of story. It could have easily been dropped, but it`s more than evident that there`s something that`s still bothering her. After dinner, I walk in the kitchen as she`s doing the dishes.

“Angie what is wrong?”

“Bobby, I know who you are. I know everything. Your time traveling. That you`re my son. I know everything Bobby. This is a process that you will never understand as many times as I try to explain it. This isn't the first time you have been here. It was an ability inherited from your father. Every lifetime that you have, you come back here trying to save us. Whenever you’re about to die in your normal life, you time travel. You time travel to whatever your thought is right before you’re about to die. I haven’t seen the adult version of you in about two decades, I guess you must have been thinking of this time when you were about to die. Do you understand Bobby? I know what the future looks like for me and Mason, it`s nothing to look forward to. Each lifetime of yours is nothing to look forward to either. Every lifetime, Nazi and the government burn down the house trying to kill you specifically and stop the cycle, somehow you always end up escaping.” she looks at me and begins to cry.


I look at her and begin to cry myself, I can’t remember the last time I cried. That was also the first time I had hugged my mother in 38 years since I’ve hugged my mother. So much for them burning the house on the day of the day me and my brother would be performing for mom, I could smell the fumes coming from upstairs already.

“Mom I have to get you and the boys out of here!”

“Don’t you understand? This is going to keep happening if you don’t die. There is no saving us. We will keep repeating these steps over and over if you don’t die with us. Bobby there is no point.”

“Yes there is a point! There is a point. Don’t you want to keep living?”

“I have. It’s not a good life. I have lived it over and over and over again. I know what’s it’s going to be like. Bobby please. Do us this favor will you?”

I stood frozen. Do I really have a life worth going back to? Why should I have to watch and feel the pain of my brother and mother dying every lifetime that I do have. Many might say living over and over is a blessing, not for me, this is a curse. As I lay with mama, myself, and Mason, I could feel the fumes getting to me.

“Mom? Mom!”

She was already gone. I couldn’t stop coughing. As I lay there, for an odd reason I thought of my last death experience on United Airlines Flight 93.

“Just tell the babies I love them, please Sonny, I need you to be the new man of the house, watch over my baby girls and mommy okay?”, said the man on his phone three rows down from the cockpit.

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Chapter 1: Hopeless

Still, not a single drop of rain had fallen on Zeta Village since the end of the Great War. The sun was baking away the last breath of life from the once fertile soil and the last gallon of water stored before the Great War evaporated into thin air. Soon, villagers abandoned their daily duties and slowly walked with blank expressions towards the top of the mountain. No one said a word, they were silent like corpses. What came into view was a shrine. It was old, the stone bricks are filled with cracks from the years of drought. Depressing and vacant as it seemed, there was also a  hand crafted sculpture of Jesus covered with layers of dust on the concrete floor.

One by one, the villagers stepped in, with their emotionless expressions, they uttered their prayers as they struggled to open their dry, bloody lips that were glued by their thickened saliva. After, five minutes of effortless prayers, the elders dressed in brown and grey linen shirts lined up in front of the villagers. One of the most wizened elders came to speak with a cracked voice.

“Thank you all for coming here at the shrine,” said one of the elders.

Hearing no enthusiasm from the crowd, the elder reverted to his usual poker face and continued his announcement.

“As you all know, the last gallon of water evaporated today.” The elder tightened his eyebrows to think of a way to comfort the crowd about this unfortunate news. The elder sighed when no forms of alleviation came to mind.

“So…we elders proposed a plan this afternoon.” After eyeing the villagers from left to right as to see their reaction, he continued. “ It was call the U is uhh…we will gather everyone’s urine to be use as a water source.”

Some of the villagers glanced sharply towards the elder’s eyes as to verify what they just heard. Looking at the the elders’ seriousness in their expressions as to conclude what they said is true, each and everyone of them bursted with opposition.

“What...are you serious? We need to fucking drink each other’s shit, you better be out of your mind!” said the pot smoker who  sat at the back corner.

“Yeah, we didn’t just elect you elders to come up with some disgusting solution like that.” said Saren, the woman in the wheelchair.

The crowd soon heated up with arguments against the U Plan.  

“Yeah, you can’t do that….That is one disgusting stuff. Fuck that. What is the reason to live in this world when there is nothing to live for...and...and...and what is the point of disgracing ourselves like this..huh?”

Behind all the elders, Elder Exon, with his hair well combed and well dressed slammed his staff on the ground.

The roaring crowd suddenly fell silent.

Elder Exon went to the back of the shrine and came out with a pot. “Now, in the pot, there is urine. I will set an example for you guys.” He opened the lid, an odious odor sweeped around the shrine. He use a Micro Filter to separate harmful bacteria from the urine. Then, he closed his nostrils with his hand  and gumped down a mouthful. He stopped momentarily to ensure that he will not throw up. Soon, one by one, every elder got a chance to drink the urine. But, the youngest elder could not  hold down the urine and puked on the floor.

“Seemed like we can’t do it after all,” said the pot smoker.  

And if you people have so much to complain, then that better mean that you have solutions better than the plan, right, ” Elder Exon said.

Elder Exon pointed to the pot smoker, “Jason Mcmurphy, what is your solution?”

Stuttering, Jason replied, “I….I..”

Cutting Jason off, Elder Exon continued, “Huh, seems like what you can only do is to smoke pot.” Jason wanted to rebuke, but can not deny the truthfulness of it.

Moving on, the Elder pointed towards Saren, “What is your point?” the Elder Exon asked.

“Elder Exon, my point is that drinking urine is not an option.”

“Then, what is?”  Elder Exon asked Saren with his hands crossed.

“That we should fight our way to Percipulous State and take back our land that was lost in the Great War!” Saren replied.

“And what do you think that will work? Saren look around you, can you see the state we are in? We have limited food source, we are down to eating insects and craving tree barks. Look at my stomach.” Elder Exon violently flipped up his clothing and the structure of his skeleton was clearly visible with a bloated stomach. “Look at this!” “Look at this!”

“At least we could die honorably on the battlefield,” said  Saren.

“Saren, our only weapons are some brittle tree branches and what did the Percipulous State have? Huh. They allied with the aliens and they are blessed with advance technologies. Look at the sky.”

All of the villagers, including the other elders glanced up the sky simultaneously. “That is the reason why we don’t have water, those people in Percipulous put a transparent cloth over the sky of our entire village that could absorb any moisture from falling on our soil! They fucking control our survival!”  

Elder Exon stopped for a catch of breath as the situation was now dying down. Finally calming down, he announced his final remarks, “Either you go with the plan or you will die of dehydration.” He signaled the rest of the elders to exit. The shrine reverted back to its previous silence and soon, one by one, the villagers exited out without any words of hate or frustration. They were silent, emotionless, like corpses.

Chapter 2: Where is my Baby?     

It had been well off into midnight. The moon still hang high in the sky. The night seemed to be the same as day, quiet as usual, leaving only the chirping sounds of crickets. But there was a sudden scream in a distant house, “My baby! No, my baby! No!! Please don’t take him, please!” Saren yelled in her sleep. Her partner, Chris, woke up by his wife’s agonizing screams, turned and tapped her shoulder. “Saren?” He stopped for a response. “Saren?” He got out of bed and walked towards the other side of his wife. Saren woke up with tears streaming down her face.

“What happened?”asked Chris.

“My baby, my baby is gone! Samuel! My little Samuel. Our baby is gone, Chris!” cried Saren.

With a moment of silence, Chris burst into tears as the topic was too sensitive even to this day. The day that all of the children were taken from the Zeta Village by the Percipulous State as an order from the aliens.

After Saren’s energy was totally drained, she calmed down.

“Chris, remember the day that Samuel got taken away by the aliens?”

“I could I  forgot about that day. That day we hide Samuel under an old well, hoping that the aliens would not found  him.”

“Yeah, but then they found him using those device that make every non-living things transparent to prevent anybody from hiding. ” Saren paused for a moment and resumed his recollection of the events. “I was in the yard that time, Chris.”

“Yeah.” Chris replied.

“As soon as the aliens found him, a human-like spider went into the well and wrapped Samuel in spider silk. And then, Samuel called mommy, mommy and I just...I ran to Samuel. I...I..I...tried to unwind him from the silk and I cried mommy is here, mommy will save you.” Then, one of the aliens with a turquoise complexion and sharp teeth tore the lower half of my legs off.” Saren said.

Saren patted the cutted spot of her leg and she cried, “But, I am the leader of the A-squad, who fought in the Great War and I can’t even save my precious child. Do you know how pathetic I was? She violently hit her legs. Chris rushed to grab Saren’s arms. “Are you nuts!”

“How am I going to find my child? Huh. You or the elders? You are a coward and the elders are all scaredy-cats!” Saren said.

Chris slapped Saren.

“You are not the Saren I knew during The Great War. The Saren I knew was an audacious woman who will not shed tears even in extreme situations,” Chris said.

Saren stormed out of the house in her wheelchair.

Saren stopped in shock on the middle of the road. “Samuel? Samuel, is that you?”

“Mom, “ the boy replied.

Saren smiled warmly for the first time in the last twenty years.  

“Chris, come out, it is Samuel. It is Samuel! It is Sam….Ha!” Saren yells in pain as Samuel’s razor sharp claws digged deep into her flesh.”

Chris came out and faced the horror in front of him.

Samuel dashed in front of him in the speed of light and beheaded Chris.

Chapter 3: Aliens Are Coming

In the distant, over the borders of the Percipulous State, silhouettes of monstrous creatures began to make their way down to the barren lands of Zeta Village. One of them appeared to be more humane than the others, but have scaled, silver wings. His face was youthful as a 15 year old teenage boy. However, the traces of humanity ceased as he opened his mouth that was filled with teeth as that of an T-rex, brown and curved inwards and like a white shark, endless rows of teeth that might be reaching all the way down to his esophagus.

He flew to the back.

In the back was one alien who was tall and slender. He was covered with wrinkles and have a grey complexion. The three behind him were short with round black eyes and bloated green bodies. The flying creature landed in the front of the elder alien and greeted him. “Mr. Maoski. Can I please talk to you in private? “ the creature asked softly.

“Insolent fool! How dare you demand some private time with our commander!” said the three little aliens simultaneously. Mr. Maoski signaled his minions to stop.

“Please accompany me to that tree over there, Hollow.” Hollow gestured his hand to allow Mr. Maoski to go first. They settled down under the tree onto the grassy field.

“What do you wish to talk about?” Mr. Maoski asked.

“Why are we going to the Zeta Village? Hollow replied with his eyes fixed to the  ground.

“Hollow, even though  I personally merge you with a phoenix in the Static Laboratory in Casitllo and our relationship is like father and son, it could not change the fact that you are once human. You could not overstep your boundaries.”

“Why did you even created me anyway? Is it to be one of your prawns?”

“I would not say prawns. Prawns could be thrown away after their use are over. However, even after you are dead, Hollow, your body will still contribute to our experiments by cloning your cells to make dozens of you. You will be forever beside me.” Mr. Maoski replied. He then get up and walked towards the ranks.

“I will not be beside you if you are forever gone, ain’t I?” Hollow said quietly.  

He flew onto the starry sky towards Percipulous State.

Chapter 4: Betrayal

Hollow flew over the circular walls and into the City Hall of Percipulous State. Inside one of the big polished windows are several young councilors who are having a conference meeting.

“We know we shouldn’t gave human embryos to those aliens in the first place, “ one of the councilors said.

“Then, who was the person who eagerly gave the aliens all of the human embryos and babies from Zeta Village, Mr. Saounding?” asked confidently by one of the councilors.   

Avoiding the topic, Mr. Saounding cleared his throat and start the meeting with the real topic.

“Right now, the aliens have forfeit the contract to keep peace with Earth and try to conquer our planet by turning all humans into mutants by using human babies and embryos that we gave them 20 years ago. They even took babies off off the streets of Percipulous State, soon it would be our turn. Is there any solution to save mankind?”

The room fell silent. One man shook his head. Another man with the white suit picked up his cigar and avoid any eye-contact. A man who sat in the far end scratched his forehead and fixed his mustache. Suddenly, the window shattered. It was Hollow. He stood monotonously on the windowpane. The men took cover under the table, afraid that they will be harmed by the flying glass created by the impact of Hollow’s steel wings. After the impact resided, the men crawled out of the tables. They stopped as they saw the silhouette of Hollow. They froze in their crawling positions as cold sweat dripped from their faces.

“Good evening, councillors of Percipulous State. I am Hollow, the Commander of the Class A81 Mutants Squad.”

Hollow stepped down from the windowpane and walked on to the green carpet.

“I have no thoughts of disclosing your treacherous plans to Mr. Maosaki nor do I have the time to kill.” Hollow gestured his hand to allow the councilors to took their seats. Clumsy, the councilors attempted to move to their chairs.

“What..what business do you have here, in this late hour?” the most revered councilor, Mr. Bourgah asked with a trembling voice.

“I am here to give you councillors a plan to kick the aliens out from our planet.” Hollow replied.

“And why would you do that?”

“You do not need to know that.”

“What is the plan?”  

Hollow handed Mr. Bourgah a bottle of blue pills in a golden container. “These pills will save us.”

“What are these pills?”  Mr. Bourgah asked.

“Pass them to any humans who have the ability to fight. These pills will fundamentally change their cell structure by reverting them back to their child stage where there are existence of stem cells that could be manipulated to that exist in a  mutant. After nine months, their bodies will transform into a mutant with animalistic powers.”

“You aimed to transform all of mankind into mutants?”

“Eventually,” Hollow replied.

“Then, humanity would be doomed! That is insane...” Mr. Bourgah said.

“There are no single circumstances which people could have what they want. I am sure that either one of you would chose to be the the aliens’ slaves for eternity, or do you?” Hollow replied.

The councilors shaked their heads.

Hollow dripped several liquids onto the councilors’ brain, after seconds, the liquid sank under the councilors’ skull.

“What did you put on us?” Mr. Saounding asked.

“Not much, a brain transmitter that will send me every least bit of your thoughts to me,”Hollow replied.

“You…” the councilor swallowed his words when he saw Hollow’s eyes glowed from golden to blood red.  

“Well, distribute the pills to the abled men and women. Train them to battle and do not spill a single detail of this plan or I will activate the bomb that was built inside the transmitter.”

Hollow flew away.

“Guess we need to do what we are told.” Mr. Bourgah said.

Chapter 5: The Training  

The councilors started to search people from all over the city to test out the pills in secret by disguising the search as a promotion of a new drug .The doctors specially hired by the councilors keep a close eye on the people who will actually receive the pills. The doctors called those people to stay in the hospital for a close watch for 5 days. The chosen agreed, having no knowledge that they will turn into a mutant and will not see their families for 9 months. In the first month, each individual fell ill and have severe reaction to the pills. In the second month, the patients fell into a coma. In the third to the sixth month, the people’s body structure changed. One man transformed into a creature like a lizard with an abnormal long tongue that stretched 100 ft long when the he sense danger. One girl transformed into a moth like creature with four brownish-black wings and an antenna to transport surrounding information directly to her brain. In the ninth month, their abilities began to mature and the people started to regain their consciousness.

With their appearance altered, they complained about their cruel transformation into mutants.

“Doctor Anderson, you need to explain this!” said Kelly, the butterfly girl, furiously.

“This is the top secret experiment that will help us kick the aliens to their own planet, “ Doctor Anderson replied.

“But, you should tell us beforehand. You could not toppled over our rights like this!”

“We could not tell you because the councilors want us to seal the existence of the experiment as there might be a chance that the aliens or mutants might know.”

“But, still… you shouldn’t use your people like that without their consent. You are using our bodies for your own purposes. That is wrong! I want to change back into a human!. A normal human being!”

“The experiment is reversible. Once it was done. It was done. I do apologize for not getting your consent, but it is not the time to wine like a child.” Doctor Anderson replied.

“Do my family know about my transformation?” Kelly asked.

“We contacted them about your transformation three weeks earlier.”

“What did they say?”

“They are killed by the mutants that invaded Percipulous State.”

Kelly fell silent and cried on the floor.

“If you want to revenge your family, then stand up like you are their child and fight.” Doctor Anderson said.

On the far end of the room, a nurse dressed in all white opened the door.

“All the mutants are awake, Doctor Anderson, ” the nurse said.

“Thank you, Sarah. Please bring them over here.” Doctor Anderson replied.

Moments later, the mutants gathered in the room. Kelly regained her composure goes front row of the mutants.

“Maybe, Nurse Sarah have already told you about the reason why you turned into a mutant. It is to kick out the aliens who tries to dominate our planet. Let me not waste my time here. The mutants had already invaded Percipulous State. We will train you into professional fighters for six weeks. Please be patient before trying to go out and kill those mutants who are considerably stronger than you. You will now be under a group called The M100, “ Doctor Anderson said.       

While the training began, the councilors are busy making decisions to secure their last layer of wall from the invasive mutants.

“What are we going to do. We don’t have enough people left?” one of the councilors asked.

“We have M100!” replied by the councilor who was wearing a white suit.

“The training took 6 weeks to complete, you think the mutants will be mercily leave us alone for that long, “ said Mr. Saounding.

“ We could...we could unite with Zeta Village.” one of the councilors  said.

“But, will they they agree to an alliance?” said Mr. Bourgah.

Chapter 6: United

During the mutants invasion, most of the survivors fled to Percipulous State, after hearing that there was a secret plan that might kick the aliens out of Earth. The villagers from Zeta dug a tunnel under the ground with an old technology called the driller which put extreme pressure on the surrounding rocks that are weathered. Soon, the villagers escaped to Percipulous State. The councilors greeted them with ill faces. But with the situation at hand they greeted the villagers.“We are pleased to welcome you to Percipulous.”

“Here are the trained mutants who will help us kick the aliens out.” Mr. Saounding said, pointing to the mutants beside them.  

“Hold on, people. You can’t just welcome us like nothin ain’t happened. Those twenty years, we have been starving. Matter of fact, you gave the aliens our precious babies,” said Elder Exon.

“Hey, look here, we are trying to make an alliance, kay?” one of the mutants from M100 said.

“Woo. Woo.Woo now who is talking here? How are we suppose to know that you guys did not make a secret gain from this alliance,” asked Elder Exon.

Terrible memories resurfaced in the villagers’ minds.

“How are you going to repay us for our suffering? Can you bring back our sons and daughters who are transformed into monsters?” the villagers asked.  

The councilors from Percipulous filled with anger, clutched their hands into a fist.

Then, the Great Councilor make his way into the angered crowd and put his hand on one of the councilor’s clenched fists.

“I am the Great Councilor from Perciuplus. It was me who gave the aliens the suggestion to steal your children away from you so my citizens would have their children. I am trembly sorry.”

After hearing the councilor’s apology, the anger of the villagers did not subsize. Grabbing handfuls of sand and dirt from the ground, the villagers threw it onto the Great Councilor. Some men even tried to beat the The Great Councilor onto the ground but was stopped by M100.

“I am trembly sorry for my past mistakes. If I could do anything to make this alliance happen, I will. What would you like me to do?” The Great Councilor asked.

“You should kill yourself!” an old woman with a crane said.

Then, all of the villagers followed, “Yeah, kill yourself! You pig! Give us back our babies! Send yourself to the deepest part of Hell!” they said.

The Great Councilor revealed the knife hidden under his clothes, and stabbed himself straight on his heart. Stream of blood poured out of his chest.

The villagers are dumbfounded as they never anticipated that the Great Councilor would actually kill himself for the alliance.

“I accepted this temporary alliance,”Elder Exon said.

There the alliance was formed. More mutants were created and under the protection of Hollow, the M100 escaped from being found out by the aliens. But, with the advance technologies and abilities processed by the aliens, the time is still young for humans or otherwise now, mutants, to kick out the aliens from planet Earth.

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The Story of Diamond Philips

The Story of Diamond Philips

Stream: Fire

By: Jules James

The name is Diamond Phillips and this is a story about what I went through during the year of 2100. I will start off by telling you about myself. I was born on February, 29, 2083 in West Philadelphia. I lived with my father, Greg Phillips, but I called him Wawa because he told me that’s where he was when he found out Angela, my mother, was about to give birth to me. Wawa worked as a contractor who builds houses and hospitals. He was born in West Philadelphia too but we moved to New York after his wife abandoned me and him. Me and my dad got along perfectly, we're like best friends. We told each other everything and we always hung out. I must say I loved that man to death. His death would tear me down from the inside out.

Now, the lady who gave birth to me was Angela Martin. She was from South Philly and also was a drug addict. She died in 2097. It’s not much I could say about her for the simple fact that I really didn’t know her. All I knew is before 2100 came I didn’t like her much. My reason for this is because I never had a mother figure in my life and I blamed that on her. I never saw my mother in real life, only in pictures. When Angela's funeral came I refused to go because when I needed my mother she wasn't there for me so I thought that I wasn't going to be there for her.

Other than Wawa, I had no other family in my life, but I do had this friend, she was my best friend. Her name was Mia but people called her Mo, that wass her dyke name. At first she was hard to get along with but by the end of sophomore year we ended up becoming best of friends.

I was also raised as a Christian. I questioned myself of whether or not I still was a Christian. I still went to church, once in a while but the person I was drew me from that religion. During 2100, I was single but I also was bi-sexual. I never had sex with a guy but I did with a girl once, only for fun though.

My relationship life wasn’t the best. I’ve had 18 “boyfriends” altogether but only 1 real boyfriends, the others only wanted to fuck. And I only had 1 girlfriend, sadly we didn’t work out.

Enough about the people around me, I’ll continue telling you about me. During the time of 2100, I was in 11th grade and I attended Turner High and I received good grades such as A’s and B’s. As much as I didn’t want to do the work I knew I had to just to keep my father happy. I was all he had, I didn’t want to be a disappointment to him.

I was smart, quiet, defensive, persistent, emotional, and I had anger issues. I was a basic young girl who tried to finish up high school, had no hobbies and no favorite sports. I hated the way I looked and the reason for that was because I looked like my mother. I was scared that I was going to be just like her and I didn’t want that. So I thought if I changed how I looked then I would be different from her. When I was 17 I was 5’4: I had tattoos on my chest, arms, and thighs, I had to cover up the skin that was just like my mother’s. I dyed my long black hair to blonde and I cut it. I was full in the chest and butt area, and I wore makeup all the time. My goal was to get rid of the look of my mother as much as I could no matter how much I had to change the way I looked. I mostly wore all black and my clothes were fitted just enough to show far my beautiful curves.

There’s one more thing you should know before I start my story. Everyone other than Wawa and Mo didn’t like me and the reason for that is because I was different and no one actually tried to get to know me. That was the reason I kept my distance. My happiness was all that mattered.

Now I’ll began my story:

I ran. I ran at an incredible pace so she wouldn’t see me coming. I flew through the cold, hard metal doors of my school, which created a strong breeze that hit everyone that was in my way. I went inside every girl’s bathroom and I looked in every stall but she was no where to be found. After I went in all of the bathrooms I then went to the place she had to be, her rusted 25 year old locker. Her locker was the first locker installed inside of our school. People call it the ancient locker.

When I got there, there was a group of people there, including Tia. We were both dressed alike, we were in fighting clothes with our hair tied up. I was the one who had to break the intense silence.

“You was talkin’ a lot of shit yesterday, why you so quiet now?” I said putting my book bag on the ground. I’m not going to lie, she was a brave bitch but so was I.

“The only reason I ain’t saying anything is because I prefer to use my hands other than wasting my breath with you.” She turned around to everyone behind her and said something that turned all of my sanity off. “Don’t worry about her. She just mad because I saw her mom yesterday for the first time and that was more than how many times she saw her mother. I put up a picture of her on Tweinstabook. Y’all should go see it.”, She said.

As she laughed, a boy with his phone out, it was set on video mode, asked, “Wait, but didn’t her mom died like three years ago from cocain?” She turned back around to me with a smirk on her face.

“Oh yea, oops. Maybe it was another dirty ass old crackhead that I saw then.” Everyone behind her gave out their “ooo’s” and I didn’t want to hear anymore of the bullshit.

Before I knew it my left hand was connected to her nose that stood out more than  her hard effort she put into her Tweinstabook pictures trying to expose a butt that never existed. Lucky for me she didn’t know how to fight and I found that out by noticing the only thing she was doing was pulling my hair, like that was never been done to me before. But because my head was down and I couldn’t see her face, to aim at it some more, I had no choice but to knee her in a not so delightful place. That one hit brought her down on the ground, which gave me the advantage to get on top of her and start fisting her face in a few times.

I heard kids yelling, videos being taken, flashes, and a lot of other loud things that, for no reason, made me angrier which made all my hits on her face harder. But then I heard Officer Smith work his way to us. He pushed his way through the crowd so he could try to get me off of her.

When he finally came and got me off of her I looked her dead in her bloody face and said, “Try talkin’ about my mom again, bitch.” She covered her face and started to weep. Officer Smith and I walked away while the blood drops off my fist followed me.

I got suspended that day. They sent me home after the fight and suspended me for a week. When I was on my way home I thought my dad was still going to be asleep by time I got there and I would just explain to him what happen when he wakes up. But I was wrong. When I got home he was getting himself ready to go somewhere. He also had a bag packed.

“Wawa, where are you going?”, I asked putting my bag down slowly, hoping it wouldn’t touch my knuckles.

“Did you forget what today is?”, he asked. After a few milliseconds a nebulous look appeared on his face.

“Why aren’t you in school right now?”

“I’ve gotten suspended. It’s a long story involving a fight. I’ll tell you later.” I tried to change the subject quickly.

“So what’s the special occasion?”, I asked

“Your mother’s 3 year death.” I rolled eyes then quickly painted a polite smile on my face.

“I hope you have fun at the graveyard daddy. I’ll see you when you come back.”

“Oh well I’m going to stay in Philly for a day so I won’t be back until tomorrow night.”

“That’s even better, I’ll just stay with Mo tonight.” I was on my way to my room to pack some clothes but then Wawa stopped me.

“Wait, there’s something I wanna talk to you about.”, he said in a low voice, trying to sit me down.

“What is it?”, I asked. He pulled out this hackneyed paper from out of his back pocket, it looked like it was there for years.

“I’ve had this information for a while and I was thinking maybe,” he began to hesitate “... maybe you would like to go back in time?” I was confused with where he was getting at.

“Why would I do that? What’s back there for me?”

“Your mother.”, He said gaving me a sharp stare in my eyes.

“What?No... I won’t... I refuse...I...” I couldn’t complete any of my sentences. I was too appalled by his suggesting. Why in the hell would I ever go to see her?

“I don’t wanna hear it. I’m your father and I command you to go see her tomorrow. Do you understand me?” Wawa said with a loud tone of voice.

I had no choice by to reply by saying, “Yes Wawa.”

“Good. Now it will cause $1,000 so here you go.” He handed me a thick envelope that said, “Back in Time Money”.

“Now with this, you will go to the Franklin Museum, to the Time Machine exhibit, and give the people the money that’s in this envelope. And when they ask where do you want to go you have to say the first house on 58th and Christian Street on March 10, 2084.”, Wawa explained.

“Why this date?”

“This was the day she left.” This was a lot to take in. One part of me didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to see her face or hear her voice. But another part of me wanted answers to all my questions. I didn’t know what to do but I knew someone who would help me, Mo.

After Wawa left , I went upstairs to pack my bag and then I texted Mo to tell her that I was on my way over her house to spend a night.

When I got to her house she was home by herself. When she opened the door for me she only had on black and white ball shorts, a black sports bra, and white socks with Nike sandals. Her hair was wrapped in a bun and she looked like she just got out of bed, which made sense since she skipped school that day. But even though she was not there to see the fight between me and that girl she still had people there to tell her about it.

Time was going by fast and all l wanted to do was go take a shower and talk to Mo. And that’s exactly what I did. After I got out of the shower took of my clothes that was covered with my blood and Tia’s blood and threw on my pajama shorts and the matching shirt that came with it. I went to meet Mo in her room so we can begin our long talk. When I entered her room she was sitting on her bed.

“Come here girly and tell me what’s going on.”, she said as she patted on her bed. I took a seat next to her and my mouth began to run. It felt like it was running at 90mi./hr.

“Well, you know Tia, like the bully she is, she started talking about my mom. And you know how I get when people start to talk about my mom, I snapped. I had to fuck her up because she just kept running her mouth. She wouldn’t shut up. So after they suspended me for a week I went home and I saw my dad about to leave. He told me he was going to Philly to see my mom at the graveyard for her third year death and he is going to stay there for a day. But then he was like he want to go to the Franklin Museum to use the Time Machine to go back in time to go talk to her and I just don’t know if I should go or not. HELP.” When I was finished saying all of this I was out of breathe but Mo was just laughing. I think the speed of my talking was amusing to her.

“You lucky I’m your best friend cause if I wasn’t I don’t think I would have understand you. But anyways, I’m going to skip over the fight because that is totally irrelevant, but we are going to talk about going to see your mother. I think you should go see her. “You lucky I’m as good of a friend as I am or I would’ve not been able to understand anything you just said. But anyway, you’ve been in a hundred fights because of her and I think you should talk to her about how you feel. And you can’t say that you don’t feel anything because you wouldn’t fight for someone you don’t care for. And you know you have questions for her so why don’t you just...”, before she had the chance to finish her speech I stole a kiss. Both of our soft lips connected and the kiss that I thought was only going to be just a peck for maybe 20-25 seconds ended up being a long. passionate,  love kiss that lasted for hours.

After a few hours into our kissing, I detached our lips from each and looked her in her eyes.

“If you really want me to go see my mother than I will.”, I said in a low, soft voice.

“To be honest, what I really want is you.” She spoke just as soft while smiling and leaning in for another hours long kiss and a cuddle session. And that is how we end our night together.

She woke me up the next morning around 10 o’clock and told me I should get ready to go the museum before it gets crowded and she was right. I threw on my black crop top with my black tights and I put on my make up and repacked my bag and I was ready to go. But before I left, I gave my girlfriend a nice “think about me” kiss and then I was on my way to the museum.

When I got there it wasn’t crowded at all but when I my turn came I was hella nervous. After I gave the workers the money for the use of the machine and I told them where I wanted to go, they told me somethings I should know before they started me up. The workers told me that I only have 15 minutes inside the past and nothing longer. They also told me to not do anything that could negatively affect the future, basically don’t kill anyone. After the workers was done explaining everything. They put me inside the machine and strapped me in. They closed the door and told me to count in my head to 30 with my eyes closed. I started counting as I heard the machine start up and I felt the air blowing through my hair.

When I got to 30, I was there. I was standing right outside of the house my mother a banned me and my father in. Then I saw her. I saw her long caramel soft legs exit the door with her perfectly curvy shaped body following it. Her long black hair that was put away into a ponytail and her incredible ass was the last to exit.

I went behind a bush as she came down the stairs and waited for a G bus to take her away from me forever.

“Hi Angela.”, I said. When she looked at me I could tell that she didn’t know who I was.And she seemed high by the abject smell of weed in her breath and the redness in her eyes.

“Ummmm.... Do I know you? Who are you?”, she asked.

“No you don’t know me... Well you do but not as much as you should. I’m Diamond Phillips.” She gave me a hard stare.


“I’m your daughter but from the future.” I was emotionless at first because I didn’t know how to feel.

“Oh my god, it is you Dia. What are you doing here?”, she asked.

“I have so many questions I want to ask you. Like why are you leaving?Do you even care about me? Did you...”, she stopped me.

“These are questions I never wanted to hear you ask so that’s why I’m leaving while you are or while you was young. But I guess the U.S. figured out how to created a time machine. But I do owe you an explanation. I’m leaving because I want to find help for myself. I didn’t want you to grow up with a crackhead mother so I’m taking myself to rehab for a few years.”, my mother explained.

“I was forced to grow up without a mother. When you was finished with rehab why didn’t you come back?” Tears was flowing down my face.

“I had plans too. Maybe I did try to come back. Did y’all happen to move at anytime?”

“Yea, we moved to Brooklyn a few months after you left.”

“I probably tried to come back but y’all was probably already gone. I left for your life and and for mines baby girl. I have nothing but love for you. I would never want to hurt you.”, then she started crying.

“Mom, I love you but you physically and mentally destroyed me when it came to me not having a mother figure in my life. I forced myself to change my physical appearance because I was sure that if I looked like you then I would be like you and I didn’t want that. I want to be there for my child, when or if I have them. But now that I know why you  did what you did, I can’t be mad. All you really wanted to better your life for your family.”

“May I give my beautiful daughter a hug, please?”, she asked.

“Yes you may mom.” We hugged and cried on each other for 5 minutes.

Then she asked, “So I have a question, how is our relationship right now?”

“I'm sorry to say but you’re dead back in my time. This is my first time seeing you in person. You died when I was 14 years old. I had so much hate for you that I didn’t even go to your funeral. But not my dad. He still love you so very much. He went to your funeral and he go see your gravesite every year.” I started to fade.

“MOM”, I yelled.

“ Baby girl, I want you to remember this one thing, I will never go a day without thinking of you. I love you baby.”, she wiped away her tears as I slowly became transparent.

The last thing I was able to say was, “I love you too mommy.”

I was back. The workers unstrapped me, let me out and told me to have a good day. I was happy. I finally knew the truth about my mother and even though I really only knew her for 15 minutes I was glad that I took that time to get to know her. I cried happy tears all the way home and when I got there I told Wawa about it all. I told my girlfriend too. She was so happy that I went, and I was too. Knowing that my mother never went one day without thinking of me helped me become a better person to the people around me, a better wife to my wife, and an awesome mother to my daughter. And this is all because of my mother. I love you Angela Martin, I love you mommy.
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“The Portal Ring”

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.42.10 AM

Having a family is a dream for many people. The thoughts of coming home everyday after a long hard day of work to a loving family is a wish to be fulfilled. Making something that you’ve built from love is a blessing, and thats what a child is. Putting all hope, faith, love, and care into a tiny baby to help them grow into the person who has it all. To someone who people look up to, who has a future, who has a good life. Knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect, you still will try everything in your power to have something as perfect as possible. Someone you always wanted to be, its now the time to try and make that happen. Watching a baby grow, from being born, to crawling, to their first words then to their first foot steps. The moments are precious and are meant to be cherished forever.

When someone has a child they will do anything in their power to keep them from falling, getting hurt, and from losing. Making sure they are always happy and having what they want, when they want it. Even if that means you doing things that you never wish to do but will anyways because you’re doing it for the light of your life. Even though you may not be capable to do so, you’ll still try your hardest to make sure that it will happen. Having a child can change a person forever. The way they think, to the way they do things, to the way they love and see things. Making you finally see the light of the gray years that passed. In the darkest days. The feeling of a full heart, just for a tiny baby. That feeling of having a child will make you happy every second of every day. Even when there are fights, miscommunications, regrets, and tears. Your child will always know where home is.

But what if you aren’t able to have that. The ability to make a love child. You’ll do anything to have the capability of creating a beautiful creature.  You’ll do anything to have that, even if that means taking in someone else's child as your own. Thats how Maria and John saw it. And thats exactly what they did. They wanted a child, no matter the race, the gender, healthy or sick. They’d love it as their own. Never giving up on something that meant so much to them.

John was a Doctor, one of the top plastic surgeons around. He performed over a thousand surgeries, where all were very satisfied. He made enough money a year to help support his small family that he always wished for. He had it all. Because being one of the younger doctors on his field and being very talented at what he did, he was a bit more liked, with his age and his charming looks. Maria on the other hand was not as good looking as John. She didn’t make as much money as he did and wasn’t as liked. The thing is, John didn’t care about her money, he made enough to make both of them stable. He didn't care about her appearance. Looks didn’t matter to John, he was completely fine with Maria’s appearance. The way someone looks shouldn't be the reason to start a relationship with someone its the way you feels towards and about them. Matter of fact, he liked the way she looked, she had a different kind of beauty. The way she spoke gave him chills. Her words grabbed a hold of his heart which made it no longer his, but hers. It was love at first sight for the both of them. The thought of him not being with her broke his heart, he couldn’t imagine life without her. Thats when they finally decided after three years of happy strong marriage, it was time to expand their family with a baby.  

Trying for a few months, many doctor appointments, injections, and tears, it was impossible for the them to ever have a baby. Maria’s body could not stand the what was needed when trying to have a baby. She was devastated, broken down. She tried so hard, did everything in her power she could to try and conceive, but nothing worked. A long month of grieving, barely able to eat, barely able to speak, John finally rose the conversations about adoption. A big responsibility, long process, questions, and wonders. Where they up for it? Caring for another person’s child. Having to face the fact that they are not the child’s birth parents. It was all too much but despite all the fears, they began the process of really being a family. Almost a year being past, the adoption was almost final. John and Maria were now going to be the new parents of a healthy baby boy by the name of Jack. Jack Mask was his name, no one really knew where Mask originated from but they weren’t going to change who Jack really was. Like they said, they’ll love him no matter what. For some odd reason, though the name was different, it fit him. They finally got what they always wished for.  

Everything was great, Jack loved his new home and Maria and John loved being parents. As time flew by and Jack was growing from a baby to a developing boy it was time for Maria and John to start thinking about schooling for Jack. For some odd reason, Jack wasn’t as comfortable with other children, not comfortable with people in general. There wasn’t a problem with family because they knew Jack since he was a baby, but you couldn’t bring different people around Jack because nothing ever turned out right. He would spaz out, shouting, kicking, crying, and no one knew what to do to stop him. The only way for Jack to really calm down is to get the people he saw as strangers out of his presence. Maria and John didn’t know what to do anymore, it was either bring new people around Jack and hear him scream and shout or it was having no communication with anyone when it come to Jack having to meet new people. After several doctors appointments to see if anything was actually mentally wrong with Jack, but there wasn’t. After a few weeks of John and Maria consulting about their son about school there was no other choice than to place Jack in homeschool. There were scared about the whole face the thoughts everything not working out right enough to keep Jack in home school because he didn’t have the ability to stay focus, or the ability to memorize things that he’d learn and then recap by doing a project or taking a test. But all they could do was try. At first, John and Maria didn’t know how to homeschool Jack, they both worked. While John was performing surgeries, Maria was cleaning houses so who was going to teach Jack. Thank god that Maria’s sister Jamie somehow joined into the conversation and suggested to John and Maria that she could homeschool Jack while they are at work with his cousin Alex. They seemed to get along well since they are around the same age and understood each other, agreeing with aunt Jaime to homeschool Jack Mask, the situation of schools was no longer a problem.

Everything seemed to be working out fine, Jack was doing better in school then John and Maria expected, he averaged out in grades as a’s and b’s which is good enough for them. Alex and Jack seemed to get really close as they began to see each other everyday for school. But the only thing is that Alex was loud and outspoken where Jack was always the shy one who kept to himself and came to a whisper when he actually spoke once in a while. John and Maria seemed to be okay with the fact that Jack was shy and to himself most of the time. He was comfortable with who he was and that is all that matters. One day while Jack and Alex were at school, Alex suggested to do a project about halloween because of it being early October, he liked the idea. Jaime being okay with that she gave a project of researching about any halloween character and then make them with some type of arts and crafts. Alex did no what he wanted to do at first, he was stuck between a ghost, a which, or a vampire. Where Jack did know what to do his project on. He never really went out for halloween except once but something bad happened and Maria and John never let that happened again, but that was when Jack Mask was only one years old, so he doesn’t remember anything that happened that day. John and Maria don’t like to talk about it so they try to keep it in the past. Jack always had a thing for people in colorful mask, dark clothes with bright ascents, with velvet material. He was looking up different types of monsters that are “seen” around halloween time. He came across some type of monster that caught his eye immediately. It was called the “joker mardi gra monster”, this monster was all that Jack loved. Searching up pictures of this creature, Jack fell in love with the whole look. He began researching about this mysterious creature. He researched day and night, and when he wasn’t he would draw pictures of the monsters. One picture he drew that his mother found was a family of these “people”, she was a little curious but she didn’t ask Jack about it because she understood he was a young boy and was exploring in his own ways. In the drawing, there was tiny words spread around the paper, but in a way to understood what it said in a sentence. “I will come home soon.” Maria didn’t understand what it meant, she just thought he was playing but thats when everything started to change.

Jack would stay in his room on the computer he received for his school work, he would sit up all day and all night on this computer. One day while Maria had off from work she went into Jack’s room to see what was going on while he was at school and went into his history just to see what he has been looking up all this time. The history list was full of google searches saying, “what am I going threw?”, “Feathers growing from my face”, “Body suit growing from nowhere”, “Joker”, “Mardi gra”, “Monster”. She was confused and didn’t know what to do or say. She questioned on whether or not this is just a stage her son was going through or something serious. But because Jack didn’t approach her with anything, so she thought is was best to just leave it alone.

The next day it seemed like everything was changing about Jack, his appearance, his mood, his voice, everything. Being new parents, Maria and John thought he was just going thru an early stage of puberty or something along those lines. But it wasn’t, it was something way more than that. The next morning Jack went down to the kitchen to get breakfast, he was thinking about either cereal or pancakes, walking into the kitchen and saying “good morning” to his mother there was a loud smash of a plate and a horrible scream that came from his mothers mouth.

“Jack, you scared me, why do you have that ugly mask and outfit on? Where did you

get that at?” Maria said while cleaning up the broken dishes.

Jack’s father ran down the stairs in alarmed from hearing the bloody scream;

“Whats going on down here? Maria why’d you scream like that, is everything okay?” John said while trying to catch his breath.

“Look at the costume your son has on!”

Jack then turned around facing his father in confusion,

“What costume? I have no costume on, what are you talking about?” Jack said while slamming his hand on the counter in anger.

“Where did that come from Jack, get that off before you give your mother a heart attack, I fix faces not hearts.”

Jack finally went to the mirror in the living room to see what his mother and father was talking about. Being a little hesitant to look in the mirror to see what they were talking about he finally gain the courage.

“No, its happening! Why me? Why mom why?” Jack screamed while tears were streaming down his face.

“What do you mean sweetie? Just take the outfit off, you’ll be fine, here I’ll help.” Maria said while smiling coming getting close to Jack.

“Stay away mom, please I don’t know what can happen to you if you touch me, don’t even look at me!” Jack screamed and cried crawling backwards to get away from his mother.

Jack knew this was going to happen soon enough, he thought it was just some stages but it was real. It was like all those dreams that he had. He became what we was researching, as joker mardi gra monster. From all of the research that was done he found out that these type of monsters as well as many others come from a place called Halloween World. Its a place like Earth but is different in a way where they have monsters instead of humans. They sip on witches brew instead of wine. They eat worms and cow eyeballs instead of spaghetti and meatballs. They are all around different from what a human is and does. But to get to Halloween World you can’t just take a plane there or drive a car, in order to get into that world you need to find the portal that leads the right way into the element. Unless you actually know where this portal is you can not find it until you are giving the ring of worlds by someone who actually lives in Halloween World.

Jack told his mother and father everything he knew about what he was now and the place he had came from. It was hard for him to everything out so he went to grab his computer to show his parents a video he found about the type of monster he is now. Though it was all so much to take in, they had to except their son for who he was now. They were still going to love him like how he was before all of this happened to him.

Months past by and Jack didn’t go to school anymore, it was all too much to take in and hold. So during the day he would continue to research how to go over to the Halloween World to see where he really came from. Why his real parents gave him up. And what he has to do to go back to a normal ten year old boy. Not having to wear this colorful, feather, shiny mask every day without taking it off. Not being able to remove this suit that was now his new skin. He wanted to know so much about himself from what he knows already. He knew that the only way from him to know everything is until he gets to the other world. He needed that ring.

Today was the day that everything was going to happen, Jack was going to get his ring, he was going to cross over to the other world and see what he really came from. Who he came from and why’d they let him go. The day was October 31st, halloween and Jack’s life is about to change. But Jack, Maria, nor John knew what was going to go on. Maria and John finally agreeing on letting Jack out for halloween again since he’s older and he actually wanted. Jack was going out trick-or-treating with his cousin Alex then after treating for all their candy to rot their teeth, they were going to go carve pumpkins at Alex’s house. Alex was going to be a mummy, he was so excited because his costume actually looks pretty real. Jack on the other hand can’t change his costume because it wasn’t a costume it was his real skin. Only because of how unique it was and how much it resembled halloween, he was okay with wearing it and going out.

While getting ready at Jack’s house he started to feel weird, like a sick feeling.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhh, ugh, ow,” Jack cried then falling to the floor.

“JACKY, are you okay? Whats wrong? Want me to go get your mom?” Alex said with a panic.

“I just don’t feel that well, I’ll be fine just give me a second.” Jack said while holding on hand on his stomach and the other over his purple lips.

Jack didn’t know what was going on. To him, it felt like someone was twisting his already twisted intestines. Like someone was holding and not letting go of them, holding them like they were trying to save themselves from falling in a body of water with sharks. After a half and hour or so Jack felt completely fine. It was weird. One minute he was in complete pain but the next he was completely fine. It didn’t make sense but now that it was gone, he was not even going to question it. Jack finished “getting ready” and it was time to leave and explore the world for the first actual time by himself, well with his cousin Alex. After Maria and Jamie being good mothers and telling their children what and what not to do they finally let them off to get their candy. So many things were running through Jack’s head and not knowing if it meant anything important or was it just a state of fear. He couldn’t put in words what he was feeling inside. There was a mix of emotions running through Jack Mask. The one step out of his front door and it all hit him. Reality hit him hard in the face and he knew where he had to be. Not with these type of people who he really is not. Not these people who are nothing like him. He needed to find a way to get back to where he really belonged, he needs that ring, but where does he find it at? Then he started to remember everyone who put a good impression on his life. His caring father who took him in, his loving mother who even though she didn’t give birth to him she still cared for him as his own. He thought about the two people who didn’t judge him at all when helping him grow and become better, his aunt Jaime and cousin Alex. Alex, his only friend. He could just up and leave Alex alone, that was his best friend. He loved Alex to death and would never want to hurt him but it was either the change to see where he come from or staying with the family that took him in. Cared for him. Fought for him to be theirs.

Jack try to put all the emotions and thoughts behind him to try and make the best  out of have some fun with his cousin. Trick-or-treat to get all the candy a kid could ever wish for. Walking down the street with Alex, Jack looked back and glanced at his house for one of the last times ever, turning back around to find a tear rolling down his face.

The boys were out trick-or-treating for only about a hour or so and their bags were filled to the brim. A ton of people ran up to them to complement how amazing their outfits were. They were pretty happy about what they have received for the night so they decided to head home.

“Alex im not feeling that good so I think I’m just going to go home instead of your house to carve pumpkins, we can just do it tomorrow after lunch!” Jack said while holding his stomach.

“Okay just have aunt Maria call my mom and we can do that and make sure you have you mom check your candy before you eat it, you know, just to make sure everything is safe,” Alex said with eye glaring onto his big bag of candy. Both walked the separate ways to their own houses without looking back.

Jack finally got to his house, waiting a few minutes to enter the house he looked at him candy bag and notice something. It was a shiny red rock sticking out in the middle or the candy that he received.

“What the hell is this?” Jack said to himself while reaching down into the bag to retrieve the mysterious item.

Jack eyes opened wide with his mouth following, it was a ring. Could it be the ring he needed to get the Halloween World. Sticking the ring in his pocket and then walked in the house like nothing ever happened.

“Hello sweetie, how was it? Did you have fun with Alex?” Maria said with a large smile on her face fixing a little snack for Jack.

“Good mom, I had a lot of fun, I’m not that hungry so I don’t need my snack, actually my tummy is hurting a little bit I think I’m going to go lay down and try to sleep.” Jack said while holding his stomach with both hands.

“You didn’t eat any candy did you sweetie, you know i'm suppose to check every piece to make sure everything is okay with it.”

“No mom I just think I ate something earlier to mess up my tummy.” Jack said while throwing the bag on the floor and running up stairs.

Jack ran to his room closing the door fast but silent. He didn’t want to worry anyone in the house with a loud bang. He went right in his pocket to examine the ring with a closer eye. He pulled it out and and as soon and his eye hit the ruby that was on the ring it glowed. Bright lighting up the whole room with a red foggy light. There was a bang in his closet randomly with a beep, there was silence after that. Jack jumped up and went to his closet door to see what was going on in there. He took a moment to gain the confidence to open the door. After thinking of what could be in there he finally opened the door. There was now a blueish purple light that was shining. There was a swirl or different colors just hovering over his shoe rack with a an inscription on the wall. It looked like scribbles but for some reason he was able to read it right away. “Once you come, you can never go!”, Jack finally found the portal that leads the the Halloween World. He knew that it was either a choice of staying with the family who took him in as his own, continue to be freak in the world or “normal” or go and explore where he really came from. Thoughts were running through his head and tears were running down his face, he didn’t know what to do.

The lights started to dim after a while and another encryption appeared onto the wall, “Now or never Jack!” Jack knew this was his last chance to meet the people who made him so different, to see where he really came from. He stuck a finger in the portal, it was cold but a sense of relief. Out of no where the portal was starting to close and suck Jack in but Jack still didn’t know what he wanted to do. He tried to pull the half of his body out of the portal but it was too strong. In a matter of seconds Jack was on his way to Halloween World leaving back his family, his thoughts, his memories, and all the love that the people who took him in as their own stayed.
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Phoenix Final Art Post

This is the last art journal write up thing I have to do for the year... It's been quite a ride. I'm disappointed that I couldn't get Photoshop working on this computer. Something about reinstalling the application. So the majority of my work posted here will be sketches. So here's what I've done!

~ Kisiyume Concepts 1 & 2

- These are concepts for the Kisiyume in the story I've written. It can be found here! I've put as much detail into these sketches as possible and made them look more like animals than they are humans. I've provided details of the Kisiyume and what you must know about them in the first image, and I put the information of the different genders in the second picture. I like this mainly because of the fact that this is very technical art about a character or characters. I have two more pictures of concept art with this kind of data analysis, both of them being of specific characters.

~ Jade

- I think you all remember Jade? Well, this is a different Jade. I know this seems odd, but, rest assured, this Jade follows the lore of the story. She’s a scientific experiment in this story, who had escaped in order to leave the abusive confinements of the cells in the underground laboratory. I was unsure about exposing her in the concept so I gave her a blanket, that does follow the story’s lore. 

~ BR-347H

- This is another character of the story who the main character and Jade will meet up with in the sequel. He’s a mute Kisiyume who works with a woman on a television show. He had a majority of his memory taken away from him during experimentation, as well as his voice. He can’t say much about the situations he’s in because of the shock collar he has around his neck, but, when the time comes in the story, the truth about his past will be heard.

~ Skhen

Now this is something that isn’t related to the story. The arms and other anatomy to this character, Skhen, isn’t pretty. Like, at all. And the writing is goofy as well. But the thing is, the face had a lot of patience put into it. I thought that it would be nice to showcase the face. I liked the face. I should do more with this.

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"Hanging by a Shoestring" SLA Photo Show Top Pick for First Friday

Despite financial chaos in Philadelphia public schools, SLA managed to launch its first full-year high school photography program. Come join us on FIRST FRIDAY  (June 6th) at The Neighborhood House in Old City​ to celebrate 75 gifted student artists who won't take NO for an answer. 

Meet and mingle with the artists themselves, and learn how to support their upcoming $10,000 capital campaign to finance the future of the program via INDIEGOGO. (

Philadelphia photographic and art luminaries Zoe Strauss and Paul Cava are acting as official judges for the show, and there will also be opportunities to sit for professional portraits by the students in their Great Hall Studio as well as purchase prints.

This is a Free Event.

The Neighborhood House
20 N. American St., Old CIty


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YATW Blog #3 Agent of Change Teen Violence

Hey everyone, it’s Devia again! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts on youth violence, you should know that I’ve been researching on youth violence. For my first blog, I mostly wrote about what my topic was and why it was important to me. Also, it spoke of what caused the majority of youth violence and teenagers’ participation in violent behavior. For my first blog post, click here. My second blog contained information on my piece of original research. For that, I conducted a survey marketed towards teenagers in questions that could help the reader and myself better understand what goes through the average youth’s mind. To access my second blog post, you can click this link.

This blog is the final piece of my English class’ “You and The World” project. To conclude the segment, we had one last mission; become an Agent of Change. To become this ”Agent of Change” it was our sole duty to not only research and write about our important topic, but to help to better our issue. This is just us getting involved in our topic, trying to be of service in any way we can, any way that we can think of. For my Agent of Change part of the project, I chose to spread the word. Even though this blog is helping get the word about youth violence, it still isn’t enough. I needed to do something else, something greater than just this blog to spread the word. Around my neighborhood, I’ve been posting up papers and posters that support anti violence in youth. I’ve also spoke with my peers at my church on this topic.

I know it isn’t much, but it’s more than what somebody else didn’t do. By putting up posters and flyers, the word to help subdue youth violence will disseminate. First, through my neighborhood, then the city and from there, there’s no telling what could happen afterwards. There’s no telling how far my anti violence campaign will go. With that, the additional piece of my Agent of Change work was with my church group, where I briefly spoke on my You and The World project and youth violence itself. I hope that it was good enough to subordinate anyone that I spoke to to partake in youth aggression. Furthermore, I hope that the people I spoke with can follow in my footsteps to help spread an anti violence campaign in youth. I’m fraught with satisfaction based on what I’ve been doing. I feel as though everything that I do is serving a helping hand in detaching violence and aggression from teenagers.    

Other things are also being done to discontinue teenage violence as well. Various organizations and clubs have programs that help prevent youth violence as well. For example, the city of Philadelphia has conducted a project, located as a pdf here, designed to become a bulwark, stopping violent behavior from reaching youth beforehand. The plan is a multiple step project whose focal points are broken down into the categories of Education, Training and Employment, Meaningful Engagement, Health, Detention and Diversion and a Safe Environment. The city’s main idea is that by doing things to prepare them for the future, distract them from violence, and help promote safety, youth would more likely be prone to a nonviolent behavior. Furthermore, there are an array of clubs and programs that teens can join that influence a stray from violent behavior. One of those organizations being PAAN, the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network, which strives to help reduce the violence in youth.

Even though I did a lot of work, I still wish that some things were to be done differently. If I could change anything about my project, I would change how much I worked as an Agent of Change. I think that I could have done more to promote my issue to others. I could have scheduled more opportunities to speak about my topic to others and maybe helped out in an organization as a volunteer. Everything is okay though because I still think that no matter how much I didn’t do, I did enough.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who helped me while I was trying to do this project. I would like to thank my teacher, Mrs. Dunn, and my student teacher, Ms. Lucy, for assisting me and answering any questions I had about the project. I would also like to thank my old teacher, Mr. Crain for helping me to get more people interested in my issue. I would also like to thank everyone who’ve read my blogs and been keeping track of my issue.

Thank you!

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Negative Space

photo 1

Negative space is the space around the picture that defines it. It surrounds the positive or subject of the picture. I found the negative space in the cut out by outlining the actual picture or positive space of the image. In the stool drawing the negative space was everything that was not touching the table in the center of the room. When an artist sees in negative space it allows he/or she to define the picture and find delicate pieces on what we should concentrate on. Negative space is useful to an artist because it creates more definition to the image.

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Joseph tartaglia capstone

web link ^^^^!blank/c9y7

The reason i'm going to use this for my capstone is for understanding of comedy, i've created a way for just about everyone to understand the science behind laughter, and using this method will help us construct better story lines, scripts, and jokes, knowing the a secret to comedy really does improve you're way of thinking and you're understanding of what really makes us laugh. i created this system after a series of times studying the way i react to laughter.

gilly, richard. N.p., 24 08 2003. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. < >.

Now this is a source i'm going to use as an example to the people in the group, i'm going to show them the videos on the website and expand on the information on the videos with our own creative way of writing the stories, using our idea combined with this information on the site/video, will help us improve our way of story writing, because there are stories that are good and stories that are bad, and they are head to know sometimes (especially when you're the one writing it, sometimes you're ego gets in the way and you don't follow the structure, but that doesn't mean all stories have to be the same, all I'm trying to do with this info, is try to make the videos/films move with the story more and more perfectly as we create videos/films

(A website used to give information, nothing specific yet)

To give information about certain movies because this site gets really deep with actors, films, directors, producers, etc. anything to independent films to popular films, Imdb could gives us clips, photos of behind the scenes, and personal pictures that the actors/director puts on the site them self.

(A site used to find people, no information but information on finding people with common interests)

could use this site to find people that are particularly good at one thing involving a movie and use them for that par, (probably going to switch out these types of people ever video, besides people in the main ILP) It's going to help by learning to work with different people, getting people inspired to do it, and make people feel creative changing the way their wired so they can be more confident within themselves.

Scottman, Ron. Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation. Las Angeles: independent, 1999. Print.

Although learning a script is important, it is more important if the actor feels natural saying it, saying the script exactly could make an actor nervous, but giving them the freedom to say what comes natural but get the point across, it can work, but not in all situations, but it's important if they can improv so this book is good with that.

Brigade, Upright. Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual. newyork: newyork times, 2004. Print.

I want to have this as another source of improv because this book has different methods and newer methods to add on to the truth in comedy but i believe that they are both equally important to the independent film group.

Straczynski, J. Michael . The Complete Book of Scriptwriting. Cleveland: penguin, 1997. Print.

This book will help me format a script better and it will show us all different types of writing we could do in that sense, i will also learn more about moving a story forward instead of having a bunch of pointless scenes i could have a really good steady flowing movie. so i don't have to cut out scenes after i shoot them i will just have all good scenes 

 Zemeckis Robert. Back to the future

Movie. 1985. Universal studios


I'm going to make everyone in the group watch back to the future because i believe that it's a perfect movies to the last detail, when it comes to imagery, and scriptwriting and story telling, it has all the elements of a perfect movie, and the group will watch it and i'll explain how the scenes are set up and how there are deeper meaning to great movies.

wilson, Jack. N.p., 4 11 2008. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. < >.

I believe that this site will teach us the right shoots we should use in certain scenes wither its a close a medium or whatever, this site will inform us on the shots we could should and shouldn't use. as opposed to one shot scenes which won't make the movie interesting. and more theatrical. 

jake, shmitt. "information please camera shots." camera shots. N.p., 7 4 2011. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <Pearson Education>.

I believe it is very important that we get a better understanding on the sounds and audio parts of the editing process, the audio is very important, i could make, or break you're film, and if you are sloppy with it, no matter how good the camera shots are, all together the film will be bad, so we must study this more

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Act I, Scene I (Ava, Des, Lauren, TJay)

There was a lot of essential material that we decided to keep, such as the main arguments of the characters. We basically left most of the things that did not include figurative language, because it wasn’t crucial to the plot. In addition to this, we decided to take out a lot of how the characters were feeling. We thought that since the characters express how they feel through what is happening, as well as the reader being able to imagine their emotions and how they feel for themselves make it easy to remove a lot of the spoken emotion.

We eliminated a lot of unnecessary banter. There was a lot of figurative language used, which we believed wasn’t necessary to get the main arguments of the characters across. Also, there were a few places where the characters were just going back and forth about the same things, so we thought it was just redundant, and removed it.

There is an officer who has only one line in the second scene. We kept him for a bit, but then we realized that we would have to add a separate character just to say one line that wasn’t that important, so we took him out of the scene. This is just about the only thing that we kept for so long because of being skeptical.


Brabantio: Brabantio is angry and upset because of his daughters decisions. He wants revenge. His rants and iambic pentameters have been taken out.

Cassio: Cassio plays a minor role in these scenes. He’s basically just fulfilling his role as Othello’s loyal ancient.


Iago: Iago is very mischievous and in playing him, I intend on being witty and sort of secretive but boastful. I am going to try to portray him as he was in the movie version that we all watched.


Othello: Othello’s character isn’t really revealed yet, because he is very different in the beginning of the play. However, I plan to portray him as very powerful, but a tad arrogant because of his position.


SCENE I. Venice. A street.



Iago, who hast had my purse

As if the strings were thine, shouldst know of this.

Thou told'st me thou didst hold him in thy hate.


In personal suit to make me his lieutenant,

I know my price, I am worth no worse a place:

But he; Evades them,

Horribly stuff'd with epithets of war;

for, 'Certes,' says he,

'I have already chose my officer.'

But he, sir, had the election:

this counter-caster,

He, in good time, must his lieutenant be,

And I--his Moorship's ancient.

Now, sir, be judge yourself,

To love the Moor.


I would not follow him then.


I follow him to serve my turn upon him:

We cannot all be masters, nor all masters

Cannot be truly follow'd.

In following him, I follow but myself;

not I for love and duty,

But seeming so, for my peculiar end:

But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve

For daws to peck at:


What a full fortune does the thicklips owe

If he can carry't thus!


Call up her father,


What, ho, Brabantio! Signior Brabantio, ho!

BRABANTIO appears above, at a window


What is the reason of this terrible summons?


Signior, is all your family within?


Why, wherefore ask you this?


'Zounds, sir

Your heart is burst, you have lost half your soul;

Even now an old black ram

Is topping your white ewe. Arise, arise;


What, have you lost your wits?

This is Venice;

My house is not a grange.


Because we come to

do you service and you think we are ruffians, you'll

have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse;


What profane wretch art thou?


I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter

and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.


Thou art a villain.


your fair daughter,

At this odd-even and dull watch o' the night,

We then have done you bold and saucy wrongs;

If she be in her chamber or your house,

Let loose on me the justice of the state

For thus deluding you.


Strike on the tinder, ho!

This accident is not unlike my dream:

Belief of it oppresses me already.

Exit above


Farewell; It seems not meet, nor wholesome to my place,

To be produced

Against the Moor: for, I do know, the state,

However this may gall him with some cheque,

Cannot with safety cast him, for he's embark'd

To lead their business: in which regard,

Though I do hate him as I do hell-pains.

Yet, for necessity of present life,

I must show out a flag and sign of love,

So, farewell.


Enter, below, BRABANTIO, and Servants with torches


It is too true an evil: gone she is;

And what's to come of my despised time


Where didst thou see her? Are they married, think you?


Truly, I think they are.


O heaven! How got she out? O treason of the blood!

Call up my brother.

Do you know

Where we may apprehend her and the Moor?


I think I can discover him, if you please,

To get good guard and go along with me.


Get weapons, ho!

And raise some special officers of night.

On, good Roderigo: I'll deserve your pains.


SCENE II. Another street.

Enter OTHELLO, IAGO, and Attendants with torches


I hold it very stuff o' the conscience

To do no contrived murder: I lack iniquity

Sometimes to do me service

I had thought to have yerk'd him here under the ribs.


'Tis better as it is.


Nay, but he prated,

And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms

Against your honour

And hath in his effect a voice potential

As double as the duke's: he will divorce you;

Or put upon you

The law, with all his might to enforce it on,

Will give him cable.


Let him do his spite:

My services

Shall out-tongue his complaints.

But that I love the gentle Desdemona,

I would not

Put into circumscription and confine

For the sea's worth. But, look! What lights come yond?


Those are the raised father and his friends:

You were best go in.


Not I, I must be found:

my title and my perfect soul

Shall manifest me rightly. Is it they?


By Janus, I think no.

Enter CASSIO, and certain Officers with torches


What is the news?


The duke requires your haste-post-haste appearance,

When, being not at your lodging to be found,

The senate hath sent

To search you out.


'Tis well I am found by you.

I will but spend a word here in the house,

And go with you.



Ancient, what makes he here?


'Faith, he to-night hath boarded a land carack:

If it prove lawful prize, he's made for ever.

It is Brabantio.

He comes to bad intent.

Enter BRABANTIO, RODERIGO, and Officers with torches and weapons


Holla! Stand there!


Signior, it is the Moor.


Down with him, thief!

They draw on both sides


You, Roderigo! Come, sir, I am for you.


Good signior, you shall more command with years

Than with your weapons.


Where hast thou stow'd my daughter?

Thou hast enchanted her;

That thou hast practised on her with foul charms,

That weaken motion

I do attach thee

For an abuser of the world

Lay hold upon him: if he do resist,

Subdue him at his peril.


How may the duke be therewith satisfied,

Whose messengers are here about my side,

Upon some present business of the state

To bring me to him?


The duke in council!

Bring him away:

Mine's not an idle cause: the duke himself,

Cannot but feel this wrong as 'twere their own;


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The Sickle Cell Anemia Disease Blog #3

Hello, It’s Dejah and i'm back to speak upon Sickle Cell anemia. This is my third and final blog on this topic. In my first blog i mainly focused on the background of Sickle Cell Anemia. I told how it was caused, etc. Here is the link…
In my second post I used original research instead of things found online, in books, ext. I interviewed different places and people who had knowledge on the disease or work with this disease.  Here is the link…
As for this blog I would to address the different that are being done to try to help Sickle Anemia and some things that I will be doing to help fight against this disease. Also I will tell how these blogs has helped me learn more on the topic and how I feel about this project. 
At this time stronger medications are trying to be invented to help with the cure of this disease. Also, there are foundations all over the world that donate funds to help make and test these medications. Support groups are also a big thing that helps with the victims of Sickle Cell Anemia. In September of every year there is a walk that supports this disease; Which ties in with my agent of change. 
I have not been able to do my agent of change because I will gather a group of people this upcoming September and go participate in the walk against Sickle Cell Anemia. I think this walk is a great way to show people that there are others that care and are supporting them.
When I first started this project I was not really passionate about my topic. I did not think this was going to be my topic the rest of the year. But as I started my research I became very engaged with the topic. There are a lot of people with this disease and it is sad to have to deal with the side effects that come along with it. The part really stuck out to me is there are a lot of people who does not have any knowledge on the disease. Yes, I know there are people who take it seriously but I don’t think enough people do. You hear a lot about cancer and STD’s, don’t get me wrong those are important things to know about; But nothing about Sickle Cell Anemia. Which is just as important as the other two. This project has bought something to my eyes that I never though to even think about before. I am happy that we had the chance do this because it helps you look at things differently. Also, it pushes you to be more active in the world. 
Yes I am happy with the effort and work I put towards this project but there is one big thing I could have done differently. I should have added more to my agent of change. Now that I am thinking I should have started a walk just for my school. And make that annual at my school. Also, I could have done more research on the medications they are tying to make to help Sickle Cell Anemia. 

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Joshua Melendez Capstone


For my capstone I decided to do it on Poetry and Coaching the SLA poetry team. I helped coach them in the PYPM SLAM LEAGUE competition, which incorporates a lot of high school teams and even some elementary school teams from all over Philadelphia. The PYPM SLAM LEAGUE is an intellectual friendly competition. The main point of this competition was for students to meet new people and help youth discover the power of their voices. Personally I think poetry is a great thing that helps kids bloom into leaders and is a positive thing that could change lives. 
     This topic fits into my area of interest because poetry was something I have been doing on my free time. I’ve been writing since seventh grade and started competing in poetry competitions since my freshmen year of high school. Poetry also relates to my life goals in a way because poetry is something I want to keep doing and want to teach to others. I feel as though poetry can benefit someone in so many different ways and is a fantastic art form to help people to express themselves in a positive way. 

Link to Capstone:

        Annotated Bibliography:

"Ancient Scripts: Origins of Writing Systems." Ancient Scripts: Origins of Writing Systems. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about the origins of writing and its mythical origins. Also that it was created in Mesopotamia, China, and Mesoamerica. It also talks about how writing is view today in modern society and peoples views on it.

Farrell, Rachel, © 2011. All Rights Reserved. The Information Contained in This Article May Not Be Published, and Broadcast or Otherwise Distributed without the Prior Written Authority. "23 Traits of Good Leaders."CNN. Cable News Network, 03 Aug. 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about how there are 23 traits that make a good leader. Also that when a team has a good lead the team tends to excel pretty well and that a leader has a major impact on the team as a whole. So being a leader is key to having a good team.

"Fun Activities for Team Building for Teens to Get to Know One Another." Everyday Life. Dr. Kelly S. Meier, n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about how team building is the best way to get a team together. It has specific examples on how people can play certain games that make kids laugh and have a good time and build trust between the kids. Also that celebrating things the kids have in common is something that tends to work efficiently.

"History of Writing." History of Writing. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about the origins of writing and how it evolved over time. It also address the fact that writing was something that was created after language. It also talks about it went from drawings to paintings, to carved in rocks, then letters.

"Related Materials." Team Building Activities, Ideas, Games, Business Games and Exercises for Team Building, Learning Organizations Development,training, Management, Motivation, Kids Activities and Children's Party Games. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about how icebreakers with team building is very good to establish a relationship between teens who don't know one another. Also that interactions and amusement and fun is a great way to bring a team together.

"Team-Building Exercises." - Team Management Training from N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about team building activities that actually work. It talks about ways to improve communication between people. Thus making the team a better and affective team. This site also gives me a good demonstrate or conduct games that build on trust and communication.

"Team Building Activities For Kids." Team Building Activities HQ RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about how icebreakers are a good way to get team mates to know one each other. Also that creating a place of safety fro each kid leads to the kid being productive and making the space a bit more friendly.

"Team Building Activities Guide." Team Building Activities Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site helps people to find out what is team building and defining what it really is and why it is a major factor to a successful team. It also talks about how team building is used eery where. From small schools to big business.

"Team Building Exercises." Team Building Activities HQ RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site talks about three key team building activities. One is designed for kids and school environments. The other is designed for people at work and to bring workers together and creating a better work environment. The last one is about how to bring a sports team together. All three of these are good was of making a better and stronger team with communication and collaboration.

"What Is “Leadership” and What Makes a Good Leader? | Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute." Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site defines what leadership is and what makes a good leader overall. I also talks about how great leadership in business its what makes a corporate exceed and how a good leader could turn something really bad into something magnificent. Also that great leaders usually have good Emotional leadership.

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Jonathan Spencer Capstone

For my Capstone I worked with another student, Khari Evans in order to make a bionic arm at first. We quickly realized how impractical that was and rethought our Capstone. That was when we thought about designing something that didn't necessarily have to be attached directly to an arm but could be mounted to someone's back or to the side of a wheelchair. We quickly realized that we could accomplish this with a combination of simple machines. The top part is a lever, then there are two different systems of pulleys attached to it. There is also a set of springs attached near the bottom which act as a form of shock absorption. 

Throughout this Capstone I have learned a lot about a series of different simple machines and the roles they play alone and when together with a combination of other things they can be used to create more complex inventions. The arm can turn a 100 pound load into 7 pounds of effort on the user. This is simply a proof a concept that expresses how me an Khari Evans were able to work together and how a series of simple machines each played a role in the system. The final product was however a little bit of a disappointment because the base that the Mechanical Advantage Arm is attached to isn't the best of metals and bent easily after running a couple of tests to see what the max the arm was able to pick up. 
Click --> HERE <-- for Annotated Bibligraphy
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Martez Card Capstone


For this final project here I wanted to do something that most people wouldn't dare do and something that will forever be remembered. Nuri and I ended up doing this capstone because at first we made a joke out of it but then people doubted us and thats when our pride made us want to end up doing the project and we also thought it would be very fun. So we decided that we would go out and get a first hand experience of the life of the homeless and record it for everyone to have proof that we actually did it. This capstone has opened my eyes to how cruel this world can be and how easily it is to have everything taken from you. it has opened my eyes to make me want to strive and do better so I never end up like this. 


1.  "Alpha Project: Where Miracles Happen!" Alpha Project Catalog Products RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source is about an non profit organization who make it their duty to help the homeless and people who are in need. They also have basic homeless emergency service and they help anyone in need and provide housing and food. They help if you have a serious problem at home or something is wrong with your health and you really need help.

2.  "Building hope for today’s homeless ." Top Causes of Homelessness in America. Homeaid inc.. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source helped me because it gives information about what tends to cause homelessness. It also says the there are about 3.5 homeless Americans each year and that about a million of them are children. This also has helped me because it gives me ideas for the type of questions to ask the homeless people that I interview and also the people that work at the homeless shelters just to see if they are aware of these things.

3. "City of Philadelphia." Office of emergency shelter & services. City Of Philadelphia . Web. 28 Jan 2014.

This source helped me for this project because it gave me information in order to be able contact people in the city who are in some way involved with homeless shelters. I can use the contact information that I as given to find out who is the person I will need to talk to in order to continue on with work in this capstone.

4. ”Homeless Health Concerns.” Homeless Health Concerns. National Institutes of Health, 11 12 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source talks about the health concerns for the homeless and lets you know that some people being homeless was caused from health issues. It also tells you some of the main health issues that the homeless have and that tend to be obtained from being homeless. It also talks about the dangers of being a homeless women and how they tend to be victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

5.   "Philadelphia Pennsylvania Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy." Philadelphia Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy. Helping the needy Philadelphia Homeless Shelters & Services For The Needy. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source helped me because it gave me many different locations and phone number to many different homeless shelters in Philadelphia and New Jersey. I now know where all of the homeless shelters in Philadelphia are located and the phone numbers in order to contact them to be allowed to come and interview people.

6. Prois, Jessica. "Philadelphia Homeless Feeding Ban Officially Blocked By Judge." . N.p., 14 Aug 2012. Web. 30 Jan 2014.

This source talks about the attempt for philadelphia to ban the feeding of the homeless. The judge blocked this ban even though the Mayor had some reasons that could possibly make a good case for this to have happened. The mayor talks about how the homeless need other things than just food and this is why he tried to put the food ban into action.

7.  "Project HOME - Ending Homelessness in Philadelphia." Project HOME - Ending Homelessness in Philadelphia. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source gives you an overall view of the project home and the different things that it helps the homeless with. It shows you the way that they help the homeless children get their education it shows the time of job opportunities that they offer to people to help out the homeless and it also shows the different kinds of housing and medical care.

8.  "The State of Homelessness in America 2013." National Alliance to End Homelessness:. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This source talks about the economic issues that are found with homelessness and also the change in the amount of homeless people who are out here on the streets due to something happening in their life. It shows the change from 2011-2012 and begins to talk about 2013. It also says that homelessness is caused due to the fact in which people have the inability to pay for housing due to the income made by everyone in the house. The income made per household is also dropping.  

9. "Watch Full-Length Documentaries Online for Free. Updated Daily." DocumentaryTubecom Watch Documentaries Online for Free RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This source gives tips on things that you should do to create a good documentary and things you can do to catch and keep peoples attention. This gives tips on how to make a documentary as if you are a professional filmmaker and with these tips it will be easy to make a very good documentary that everyone will love to see.  

10. "5 Simple Mistakes Documentary Filmmakers Make." Raindance Film Festival. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

This source talks about the things that people do when making/filming a documentary. This will help me as I go along with the recording process and when I am in the editing stage to make sure to avoid doing these 5 things that tend to make documentaries bad.

Website Link:

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