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Septa Wasn't The Same

Have you ever wondered why you tend to always fall on the bus? If you answered yes to that 
(even if you answered no, keep reading) then you should watch this video about 
Sir Isaac Newton's Law's of Motions.. In particular his first law of motion. We created
a video that throughly explains the wonderful physics behind the wheels on the bus going
round and round. We are addressing Septa drivers in particular so they can be cautious
to keep passengers safe.
Yours truly,
M Money and the boyz

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You And The World:Public Education Blog Post #1

My name is Jason Greene and I am a 9th grader going to Science Leadership Academy.  For my You and the World project,  I chose to talk about public education in the great city of Philadelphia.  I chose this issue because this is one of the many issues facing the city today.  Public education has a lack of funding. This is important to me because me and all of my friends are affected by the lack of funding for our school district.  Education is important and we need to find out how to fix this.

This is the headquarters of The School District of Philadelphia in Center City.

When my English teacher gave me and my class this project I started to think about what I wanted to do.  One of my goals in life is to become Mayor of Philadelphia.  Since I want to do that when I grow up I started to think about some issues that face the city today.  I decided to do my YATW project on public education because I feel like it is the most significant.  Most of the money goes to charter schools and not public ones.  Because of this you can get a better education at charter schools.  We should care about this issue because most kids in the city go to public schools and it’s not fair that kids that go charter and private schools get a better education.  Coming from a public middle-school I know how these cuts feel.  At my old school we don’t have a music teacher no more.  I used to play trombone and was part of the all-city middle school band for three years.  Since my old school doesn't have a music teacher anymore there is no more band.  We also do not have an art teacher.  A parent that used to be an artst now comes in twice a week to teach.  Now I go to Science Leadership Academy.  This is my first year here so I don’t know how this school was effected but I am sure that a this school was effected.  I am just lucky that I can go to a school that can give me a great education.

This is the graduation rates of boys and girls who went to public schools from 2002-2011.

This is the graduation rates of boys and girls who went to charter schools from 2008-2012.

In 2012 The School District of Philadelphia had a 304 million dollar budget shortfall.  Because of this they had to close down they had to close down 23 schools and lay off 3700 teacher,nurses,music teacher,art teachers and other workers.  While all of this was happening according to 9 more charter schools opened and their budgets have been increased by 107 million dollars.  Why would they do this?  Instead of increasing the budget for the charter schools and opening new ones why don’t you use that money to fund public schools.  That 107 million dollars could have saved 9 public schools.  Now that makes more sense to me.  Over 10,000 students are at new schools this year because the school that they went to last year is closed now.

This is University City High School.  637 students went here last year.  0 go there now.

Going on with this project there are some things I want to learn.  I am going to go volunteer at my old school John Story Jenks Elementary School in Chestnut Hill.  When I am there I also want to talk to some of my old teachers to see how they are dealing with the budget cuts.  I will also talk to some of the students there to see if they notice anything different from last school year to this school year.  I hope to find out other thing while working on this.

This is J.S Jenks.  This is the school where I will be doing my volunteer work at.

This issue is very important to me.  This is important to me because this is effecting me and my friends.  This is also going to the kids that live in Philadelphia and get a public education in the future. I feel like no one really cares about this or say that this will change soon.  I don’t want soon I want now. We could change this.  If we come together and show that we care about we can change this.  

If you want to see my bibliography click here.





"The Anxiety and Depression of Bullying (A Personal Story)." . The Elegant Grunge Theme. Web. 17 Dec 2013. <>.

          This article is like an autobiography because it was written by a bullying victim. She has been beaten up by bullies, and even bullied by her tutor. This entire article will let people think twice before bullying. She was depressed because of this, and people don’t deserve to have that feeling

"Bullying and Suicide." . N.p.. Web. 17 Dec 2013. <>.

       This website is really good. This specific link will show important facts on bullying-related suicide. All educators should visit this site because the statistics are important. Bullies should visit this website to know that people actually kill themselves over bullying.

       "11 Facts About Bullying." . N.p.. Web. 16 Dec 2013.


      This is a very helpful for people that need more info on bullying. This website includes facts that most people don’t know about. If we really are going to end bullying, we need to know every bullying fact known to man. This website has 11 of the most important bullying facts, and if more people see them, they will better understand how to make a difference.

Joey Scarborough, and Dareh Gregorian. "Family of bullied suicide teen Joel Morales suing New York City, Board of Education and the bullies who tormented him." . N.p., 26 Aug 2013. Web. 16 Dec 2013. <>.

Family of bullied suicide teen Joel Morales suing New York City, Board of Education and the bullies who tormented him

        This article is about a 12 year old boy who killed himself due to bullying. I want bullies, and people who don’t care about bullying, to see that this is a real issue. This also shows that bullying affects others in a way that is not positive. I also found the image of the crying boy on here. I used it because I wanted to show that this affects not only the victim, but it affects the people that love the victim as well.

"11 Facts About Bullying." . N.p.. Web. 16 Dec 2013. <>.

      This is a very helpful for people that need more info on bullying. This website includes facts that most people don’t know about. If we really are going to end bullying, we need to know every bullying fact known to man. This website has 11 of the most important bullying facts, and if more people see them, they will better understand how to make a difference.

"bullying cartoon pictures." . Google. Web. 17 Dec 2013. < bullying&oq=cartoon bullying&gs_l=img.3..0l9j0i5.671.6964.0.7194.

bullying cartoon pictures

      This search on is where i found two of my images. One of the images that I chose was cartoon picture of a bully being pointed at by angry children. In the picture, those angry kids are screaming “NO BULLYING!” I chose this picture because it shows that some people don’t find bullying to be cool. The other image I had chosen was a comic strip of 3 characters from a show called “Regular Show.” The comic strip featured a bully picking on someone, while the victim’s friend isn’t happy about it. I chose it because in, the victim seemed either sad or scared, if not both, while his friend was upset. That shows how not-cool bullying is, and how people feel when being bullies. I recommend this page for anybody trying to find cartoons about bullying, and I recommend to anybody looking for pictures in general.

"Risk Factors." . U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Web. 16 Dec 2013. <>.

Risk Factors

       This website provides information about people who are at risk of being bullied. It is very specific about this, as well as the kind of kids who will likely bully others. This is really helpful for parents and educators, especially those that know victims of bullying.

"What is cyberbullying, exactly?." . Web. 16 Dec 2013. <>.

What is cyberbullying, exactly?.

              This website provides excellent info about cyberbullying. It is very detailed about cyberbullying, what it is, how it is done, and the possible aftermath because of it. It also lets you know the difference between predatory conduct and cyberbullying, because there is a difference between the two. I recommend that all educators, of any grade, go to this website so they can have more info on this disgraceful act.

"My bullying experience." . California Mental Health Services Act. Web. 17 Dec 2013. <>.

           This article is really good. It is about how a boy went through bullying. People called him homophobic slurs, as well as Ghandi. It really hurt him. But he kept his up, and got through it. I want bullying victims to be inspired by this victim, as well people in general.

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How To Prevent Yourself From Falling On SEPTA !

In this project, our group had to design a way to show how physics works on SEPTA. We had to choose a particular audience and 3 specific scenarios in which those people were affected by physics but did not have prior knowledge of how to react in those situations, so that the outcome would be positive. We decided to choose elderly people with canes that don’t have any tips (for extremely reduced friction) as our audience. By doing this, we could show how the canes will not serve much use if a person falls compared to grabbing a pole or knowing in advance where to stand/lean/sit prior to a possible turn or stop. We also wanted to show the correct way to stand/lean/sit on SEPTA to ensure that you don’t go flying and smashing your hand into someone’s face. Because no one likes to see an elderly man or woman falling and embarrassing themselves and or the people around them, we created this helpful guide that includes explanations for why these events happen and the forces that occur within them, comparisons between what you may have initially thought versus what is really going on (it’s deceiving, we know) and demonstrations for these scenarios so that you don’t keep remembering that time when you crashed into that lady, spilling her groceries because you were texting and didn’t see the turn coming.
Created by : Ashley S ,Alex H,Jeremiah C. and Katie N. .. ENJOY !
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Q2Physic: SEPTA Project

By: Melanie Harrington, Thomas Jeffcoat, Amy Chen, Reginald Simmons

This quarter in physics, the junior class was assigned a project hat applied their knowledge of forces and Newton's Laws of Motion to educate a selected audience about how they could use this knowledge to their advantage while taking public transportation. Our group decided to give advice to other people who don't like to come in physical contact with those around them on the bus. We came up with three specific scenarios and supported our advice using Free Body Diagrams, System Schemas and acted out skits. We hope you enjoy our video and gain some insight into the physics of SEPTA. 

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Cellular Respiration Presentation

In Bio- Chem we have been learning about cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Our group was chosen to do a presentation on respiration. We didn't know much about respiration when we first started but as we researched for the PowerPoint we learned a lot of new information. Initially we wanted to know about glycolysis and the Kreb’s Cycle. The information we found would sometimes be confusing, especially the diagrams. Though we were able to find out about glycolysis with all the places we researched. Below is one of the slides from our presentation:

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Taming Of The Wedding Crashers

(Wedding Crashers, Taming Of The Shrew)

In the Shakespeare play “The Taming of the Shrew,” Lucentio and Hortensio and Tranio all dress up and pretend to be tutors so they can sneak into the Home of the fair Bianca and attempt to woo her, making the claim that there is need for deception on the male’s part in order to win the heart of a female. In the movie “Wedding Crashers” Two guys every year during wedding season, sneak into multiple weddings under false identities in order to get with the women at the weddings. Although they are different because these stories take place many centuries apart from one another. Plus Shakespeare’s story has the characters dress up so that they have a chance at marrying the girl, and Wedding crashers has the guys impersonate people just so they can have one night stands. However in one of the guys when he crashes a wedding, he falls in love with the maid of honor and complicates things. The movie makes the case that nothing has changed much since the time of Shakespeare and that deception is still a part that the male character has to play. In both eras, the woman has more power than the man and therefore the man has to use trickery to level the playing field.

Now shall my friend Petruchio do me grace,

And offer me disguised in sober robes

To old Baptista as a schoolmaster

Well seen in music, to instruct Bianca,

That so I may, by this device at least,

Have leave and leisure to make love to her

And, unsuspected, court her by herself.

(Act 1 Scene 2 Lines 103 - 109)

This quote from the book is when Hortensio decides to dress up as a schoolmaster so that he can get close enough to Bianca to court her and win her heart. This quote makes the statement that the male character has to play a bit of deception into the game in order to win the female. And in this book, this quote makes the statement that in the book the female has more power than the man because the female is being sought after and the man has to use trickery and deception in order to get her to notice him.

This type of behavior is shown in Wedding crashers too, because the two main characters have to impersonate people that they are not in order to get into weddings to meet girls. And since the weddings have a lot of people, the other people at the wedding assume that they are just members of the family. Such as when one person at a wedding thought that one of the crashers was “Sid’s kid Leonard, the diabetic.”


In this shot, the two main characters have walked up to the entrance and are now telling the people at the gate their false names, after that they let them in. This relates back to the taming of the shrew scene when the two people dressing up as schoolmasters are getting permission to teach Bianca under their false identities.

Why, gentlemen, you do me double wrong

To strive for that which resteth in my choice.

I am no breeching scholar in the schools.

I’ll not be tied to hours nor 'pointed times

But learn my lessons as I please myself.

And, to cut off all strife, here sit we down.

Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 16 - 21

This quote is from when the two suitors are disguised as school teachers and Bianca is telling them that she decides when they teach her and how. This quote is here to show that Bianca, the woman, is the one that retains the power in the courtship.


In this image one of the main characters that crashes weddings is seen here putting tears into his eyes so that he can cry on command when the girl he is after can see it. This is a technique that he uses to cheat, or level the playing field by playing with the girls emotions so she thinks that he is a great guy because he is crying at a wedding.

The conclusion that can be drawn from analysing both of these movies is the statement that attitudes of honesty and deception in relationships have not changed in the sense of the fact that people still tell stories about it. Stories still tell of guys who impersonate or take on false identities so that they can get close enough to women to try to court them. And in both cases where Lucentio and Hortensio try for Katherina, and in Wedding Crashers where the two guys crash weddings to meet girls, the women have the power in the first place. More than the men. And the men have to resort to trickery to get what they want. And they want it enough to be able to do take it to the extremes to get it.

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YATW Blog Post #1 : Gay Marriage

My name is Miranda Abazoski and I attend Science leadership Academy as a freshman. In English class, we were asked to write three blogs about something that we care about. I picked the subject of Gay Marriage. I chose this topic because if you love someone, you should be allowed to love them and express it just like anybody else can. I wanted to see what has changed from the past and why people believe gay marriage should or should not be legalized everywhere.

As Fred Sainz, vice president of the gay rights group human Rights Campaign, stated “It has been the gayest year in gay rights.“  In just one year, the number of states that allow gay and lesbian to marry has increased from six states to 16. As of now, gay marriage has been legalized in the following states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, Maine, Maryland, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New Jersey, Hawaii and Illinois.

Some have suggested that this is because President Obama has decided to focus on Gay Marriage. “He's a guy who took an issue that had been something of a hot potato and put both his hands on it and said, 'I am mainstreaming this issue,’ Jonathan Rauch, a resident scholar at the Brookings Institution, said. Since Obama has touched this subject, it has shown great outcomes and such a leap from before. Even though, it shows a great growth, people still wonder how things would be with legalized gay marriage.

One of the many reasons why people think gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized is because marriage has been traditionally defined as between a man and a woman. Some argue that the institution of marriage would be further weakened. Since there is already a very high divorce rate, it is argued that allowing same-sex marriage would much further raise the divorce rate. The main reason people don’t want gay marriage is also because marriage leads to kids giving the idea that kids wouldn't have a stable relationship as if they would with a mother and father.

The favorable side of legalizing gay marriage would make a great difference. Rejecting the ability for same-sex couples to marry would make discriminating people much easier. It is also proven that divorce rates were lowered when gay marriage was banned. Massachusetts had the lowest divorce rate in 2008, after being the first state to legalize gay marriage from 2004. Between 2003 and 2008, Massachusetts’ divorce rate deteriorated 21%. Also, when Alaska prohibited gay marriage, their divorce rate raised by 17.2%.   In conclusion, I believe that legalizing gay marriage would give same-sex couples more opportunities and also help divorce rates around the country.  

Here are my sources

In my next blog, I will be interviewing gay and straight people on their opinion of same-sex marriage

How Do Parents Influence Their Child's Outlook on Education

      Today, now more than ever, parents are influencing their child’s outlook on education. Everything from checking their child’s homework to just giving them a pep talk, everything a parent does affects their child. However, according to a New York Times article,

  There’s no question that a great teacher can make a huge difference in a student’s achievement…...But here’s what some new studies are also showing: We need better parents.     Parents more focused on their children’s education can also make a huge difference in a student’s achievement.

As stated above, teacher play a huge role in students education, but parents have an important part to play too. Parents influence their children in a big way, but many of them don’t even realize this. This leads me to my topic: How do parents influence their children’s outlook on education?

        This topic hits very close to home. Both of my parents never received a college education. Because of this, they could not receive well paying jobs. Even though they are able to get by steadily, they remind me everyday how much education is important in order for me to have a good future. I have met and still know many kids who have the same situation as me, but their parents don’t motivate them. Because of this, I see these kids, who have the potential to be great, set education as a non-factor. Not only is this sad to see, but it gets me, and probably other people, infuriated because their parents don’t step in. According to TIME magazine,                      

 What they need to do with their children is much simpler:   talk. But not just any talk. Although well-known research by psychologists Betty Hart and Todd Risley has shown that professional parents talk more to their children than less-affluent parents — a lot more, resulting in a 30 million “word gap” by the time children reach age three — more recent research is refining our sense of exactly what kinds of talk at home foster children’s success at school.

This quote shows that parents, even in the littlest ways, affect their kids. By just talking, some parents give their kids 30 million more words than parents who don’t talk to their kids. I know that every parent wants the best for their child. However, if they don’t take the time to support them or even just talk to them, they won’t see how great their child can become.

                                                     Without parents taking the time to notice their children, they may not see the true scholar within them.

     Another reason why this topic is so important to me is because of the fact that I have friends who I know can be great, but they don’t have any motivation. For example, I have a friend named Trapetas. She is one of the smartest people I know,however, her family doesn’t support or motivate  her in any way.  But even with no support, Trapetas still focuses on school and always gives 110% in everything she does. After noticing this, I knew that parents do not always have to influence their children. Trapetas could have been just like my many other friends who basically gave up on education. She went against what was expected to be her outcome and she inspired me to help people like her. What I mean is that if kids don’t have parents/elders to motivate them, could I give them support? Could I be their “parent” to advise and help them? Questions like these led me to choose this topic.

   In an article by the Washington Post, It states,

               Let’s begin by noticing that the whole question is framed by the extent to which educators think parents ought to be involved.  The parent’s point of view is typically absent from such discussions.  And, of course, no thought is given to the student’s perspective — what role kids might want their parents to play (or to avoid playing).  But then that’s true of so many conversations about education that we scarcely notice its absence.

Essentially, the author is trying to make the point that parent involvement is not really provided because student’s inputs are not looked at. When people think of parent involvement, it’s either two things: parents don’t do enough or they do too much. However, if students were able to make comments on how their parents should be involved, parents would be  to meet their child’s specific needs. But what if kids don’t have parents that are willing to listen? That’s where I step in. As I start to access the needs of students, it becomes clear that I can help them, if only I listen. Many people would look at kids in Philadelphia as kids who are not going to do anything with their lives. Those assumptions will not help them. The first step is must to listen and for these kids I believe in, I will be all ears.

      This topic has been on my mind for a while and now because of this project, I will be able to finally do something about it. I believe that you give everybody the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. You give them a chance and that’s what I am going to do with these students. If everybody else has given up on them, I will be their support. Every child has something great to offer to the world, but they need help to see that and I am prepared to give them that help.

       As this project goes along, not only will I be able to figure out the problems kids face with education, but I will be able to build a support systems with these kids. Even if their parents don’t support them, I will show them that they still have people that care and will work hard to see them succeed. Like I said before, I believe that every child has something to offer to the world, but they need people to just push them to their own greatness.

        Thanks for reading my blog and watch out for follow- up blogs 2 and 3!

You can look at my annotated bibliography here.

My topic is hunger.

Hey, my name is Fodie Camara. My topic is hunger. I choose this topic of hunger because I want to know all about hunger and how it affects people  in differents ways. When I learn it, I want to tell people and try to stop hunger. I will spread the information around to teach people about hunger and many different.

We have many different groups in Philadelphia to stop hunger or support food to programs. We have Stop Hunger Now, Coalition against Hunger,  Philabundance. They all have one motto, is to stop hunger and feed people who don’t have enough meals in Philadelphia. They try their best to help people without food or in some type in trouble.

Stop Hunger Now works with  international partners that ship and gives meals in country.

Volunteers come and package the meals. They serves 70% of its meals to provide programs such as school feeding programs, vocational training programs, early childhood development programs, orphanages, and medical clinics. Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger program that has been promised to stop hunger for more than 15 years. They working with school and after school programs will try to stop poverty.

Philabundance was created in 1984. Philabundance works with families hit hard by the recession. They work with seniors trying to make ends meet. They are the largest hunger group. They are now able to address hunger through direct service such as food cupboards, emergency kitchens, shelters, and many more. Philabundance has take hunger really serious in Delaware Valley. They use Food donations, and the community. Philabundance helps 72,000 people per week.


Modern Effects of Teen Violence YATW BLOG 1

For one of our English assignments, we are to choose any issue in the world that we care about. After researching it more, we are to write about our topic in three blog posts and this is my first. For my “You and The World” project, I chose to do how a modern society plays its effect in the violence of youth, specifying Philadelphia. Youth violence is a young person either witnessing, commencing or being a victim of harmful behavior according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and each aspect of a modern society affects it. This drew my interest because of the people around me. The adults are always talking about how horrible and corrupt our future generation's mind are. Most times, they say how this was seldom to occur while they were being raised yet, is becoming increasingly common in today's society.


In urban cities especially, teenagers are beginning to play a more and more important role in crime rate statistics, a lot of times being the major contributors in data that include homicides, suicides, assaults and shootings. Younger age groups are also included in violent situations. In one story, a 10 year old boy punched his teacher in the face after having a BB gun in his locker the week before. With 10 being the youngest age which a child can be arrested, the boy was charged with assault and put on probation. His mother claimed that his neighborhood contributed to his violent behavior, which was said to contain many prostitutes and drugs. To view more situations like this, please read the Inquirer's article. Both the drug and prostitute businesses are growing, causing more to be around. If they were to be the cause of one child’s violence, imagine how more are becoming the cause of another’s.


The risk factors of a violent adolescent can range anywhere from a low IQ to a lack of family interaction to a low economic status. This means that almost anyone can participate in violent activities. It isn't helping any that peer pressure is becoming increasingly relevant in today's society. Peer pressure can take the form of a simple threat over text or post on social media. On social media, teenagers tend to brag about some of the bad things that happened to them, they saw happen or they did. This can influence younger people to want and take part in actions such as street fights and assaults, only creating a cycle of acts like this. A few years ago, in Audenried High School, a girl knew that a fight was coming, not only viewing the girls and boys preparing to fight, but reading the week before the Facebook post that was sent nearly promoting the fight. Click here to view the full article. Social media and technology is a large influence on violence in youth and is an increasing cause for it.


This chart shows the percent change of homicide victims from 2007-2012 for each year.


    Our generation of young people are affected by today’s society. They are the ones contributing to our violent environment. In the future, I hope to find more recent statistics to share. It’s a little challenging to find charts, graphs, and statistics that are about my topic because they aren’t recent. All of my questions aren’t answered either, so more resources would help too. I hope to find and check out books related to my topic so that I can continue to share information with everyone also. The more that I can find and share information, the better the chances are for a less violent adolescent group.




YATW Blog #1 Shortage of Donors for African American, Latino, and Mixed People


               The Shortage of Donors for African American,Latino and Mixed people with cancer


Hi my name is Niah Lombo and I go to Science Leadership Academy. I am a student in Miss.Dunn’s English class; In this class we were asked to research issues that are important to us and then express how we could bring awareness to others by starting a blog about it... This is the first of three blogs that I will be posting my thoughts & concerns. I choose to blog about the sad statistics of the shortage of bone marrow donors for African American,Latino and Mixed races with cancer.I am trying to bring awareness to this issue so more people will donate and save someones life.

Everyday thousands of people die from cancer because they can’t find a donor match.When you are diagnosed with cancer your family members have a 30% chance of being a match but the rest 70% is relied on strangers. Patients are most likely to find a compatible donor within their own racial and ethnic background.

"The truth is, when people of different backgrounds marry and produced offspring, it creates more types that are harder to match."

I am interested in this topic because when I was 9 years old my older sister was diagnosed with leukemia and later died because they could not find a donor in time.The doctors informed us because she was Latina, her chances were slim to find a match. There are so many other people with the same story; for example there is J’sons and Leni who is still looking for a match.The main issue is that minority children are dying because there are mainly Caucasian donors.

little Leni Hsiao, a 4-month-old girl who has endured incredible challenges since her birth.

This topic is significant because more children of ethnic backgrounds are diagnosed with cancer, and most of them die. In 2010 more than 400,000 African Americans, 300,000 Hispanic, and 290,000 mixed women’s died from cancer. Caucasians had the lowest number for death in 2010.

"So many donor programs has been pushing for years to recruit more racial minorities and mixed race donors. So far, multiracial volunteers make up just 3 percent of the 7 million people on the registry"

Caucasian patients have an almost 90% chance of finding a good match.  “ But minority patients have only about 45% chance” said Carol Gillespie, executive director of the Asian American Donor program in Alameda.

Percentage of ethnic groups on the national Registry:

  • African American, 7%

  • Asian/Pacific Islander, 7%

  • Hispanic, 10%

  • Native American, 1%

  • Multi-Racial, 4%

  • Caucasian, 73%

What I wonder is that how many more people need to die before everyone sees the issue that African Americans, Hispanics and mixed people are fighting for their lives every day hoping to find a match? As I go on with this project I hope to find ways that I could help to build awareness on this topic.

Bibliography here: