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Who am I online reflection Israt jahan

1. ​Today we watched a video in class. The video was an activity also. for the activity we had to click the eyeball emoji, to make jack's day go better.
2. The video remind me of those kids who gets bullied everyday. Bullying is the worse thing that can happen to someone. I think when someone gets bullied they should speak to an adult, and they will help you with anything they can.

3. I am a normal girl online. and all i do is like people's picture and watch my shows and do my homework. I think i appear to be a really nice person online and i shares her opinion.

4. I think people perceive me as a girl who likes to take pictures. Likes social media.

5. The goal on the internet is to hurt peoples feeling. and people really likes to mass with other peoples buisness. I think why people do that because they have nothing to do all day except messing with other people.

6.The positives  and negative results of online anonymity is People can help you out with the stuff that you need help with and the negative is Sometimes people stills people's information and use it for their own good.

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The Trap by Mali Fenning and Trinity Middlebrooks

Click the link to go to our project 

We created a website for our project that holds our Press Release, Audience Response, and Cultural Fabric. We wanted everything to be easily accessible and concise, which is why it is all on one website. Our press release consist of a book cover, blurb about the book, description of both authors, two quotes from "press",  and two book previews. Our book cover has many symbols hidden it. Those symbols are grills, green skin, the eyes being blocked, and braids. The braids and grills are more obvious symbols showing how our main character (Carter) appropriates hip-hop culture. The green skin shows how greed and money have changed Carter. Also, the green skin is also supposed to show how racial identity and racism is more complicated today. We decided to block out the eyes of Carter because eyes really show identity and who you are. It is harder to know who someone is when they block out their eyes. After our press release we wrote two reviews as our audience response. They are pro and con reviews to show the complexity of our novel and the complexity of the issue we are addressing. Our project focuses on racism and becoming internet famous, but our main issue that we show is cultural appropriation. We wanted to show how cultural appropriation is an ongoing issue today and does not yet have any type of solution. People are just starting to really grasp what cultural appropriation is and how it affects society. The white rappers in the hip-hop community have been very popular in discussion lately, so we wanted to use a current and relevant issue to show the issue of cultural appropriation. This project should be used as a discussion starter so that together we can try to find solutions, but the objective of our project was not to give any set resolutions.
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Who Am I Online? Jowon Dorbor

The video I watched in class was I Witness Bully. The video reminded me of the bullying assemblies I had in my elementary school. I appear positively online. I have some of my project from my 8th grade year on a blog. The goal of internet trolls is to make you feel bad. The positive results of online anonymity is to keep personal information to yourself and the negative result is to hide your identity while hurting others by posting mean comments.
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Kimberly Gucciardi Kriegh Reflection

1) Today in class we watched a very informative and emotional video about Jack. Jack has been bullied in and out of school. The most important message of the video is to really speak up and if you don't you are just making the situation worse. The video was very relevant especially when the bullying began to follow Jack home through cyber bullying, I feel like that happens to so many kids because that form of bullying is so accessible to the bullies. 
2)It sadly reminds me just of the everyday stories you hear about bullying. The video covered a lot of scenarios that actually happen to kids today. 
3) I think I appear pretty similar in real life as I am perceived online. 
4) Based on the information found I think you would think I am very educated and a hard worker. Many of my SLA things like Lucid Charts and Slate appear such as my old schools online education like Prezi. 
5)The goal of internet trolls is to spark anger and bother people. There job basically is to comment rude or hurtful things so you will reply back to them and start a disagreement online.
6) The positives are that if you are responsible with the content you post online you should have nothing to worry about when you are at a job interview and they search you on google. The downside is trolls can attack you and might say something you do not like. Also, if you are not responsible online it will come back to hurt you someday.

I chose this picture because I really learned a lot during this unit. It was so interesting to reflect on what a stranger would think of you online.
Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.34.47 PM
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This American Life 320: Contemporary Kafkaesque

This American Life episode explores the life of androgynous individual Piper Logan. Both the audience response and press release are included in this podcast. Please enjoy!

Cultural Fabric

Individualism, for the purpose of this project, refers to the ongoing theme of serving oneself and being unique in doing so. The following are a few examples of the individualist themes in modern literature, whether it be movies, books, or art.

Dystopian Novels

The popular novel, Divergent, is an example of young adults fighting for individualism in a society that punishes it. Kafkaesque in nature, the dark and dreary dystopia in the Divergent series is considered evil to author Veronica Roth’s readers because of its promotion of collectivism. Divergent’s government competes with the ideas that are heavily defended by today’s youth.

Fashion Blogs

Thrifting has become a trending topic in magazines and blogs. It’s the idea of purchasing things second hand and, in most cases, completely unique from anything else in the store that intrigues individualist culture. Blogs post about thrift shop finds and, in many cases, the thrift shop finds mirror a fad that’s been pre established by big name designers. The thrifting just allows for the guise of individuality, similar to the anecdote of Piper and his roommate.

Young Adult Novels/ Movies

John Green’s novel-movie adaptations like Paper Towns accentuates the fact that the main characters are “different.” In this story specifically, one of the characters is an enigma. She serves only herself and does things to please her and only her. The only thing that makes her interesting are these attempts to be different. The narrator of the story glorifies and romanticizes this compulsive need to be unique.


In the podcast, a New York Times article is mentioned titled The Age of Individualism. The author, Ross Douthat, says that individualism is detrimental in that it only caters to one's own loyalties. If Ross Douthat is considered a representative for his generation then it is safe to say that older Americans aren’t overly supportive of individualistic behavior. This article offers a contrary view, one in which individualism is a negative thing.


Pertaining to the art world, a lot of recently produced art pieces are up for interpretation. This allows for the individual to project their own selves into the art.

When speaking on individualism, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is or why it’s there. It’s intangible and elusive. It’s a theme that is underlying in so many things created by and for our generation that, sometimes, we don’t even notice it’s there.

By Leo Levy and Bella Mezzaroba
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Who Am I Online? - Reflection

1. In class today, we watched a video from about a boy who is bullied not only inside and outside of school, but is cyber-bullied online. 
2. This video brought to mind that we need to make sure we are respecting everyone online as well as offline. Bullying is a serious topic, and cyber-bullying often isn't recognized. 
3. Based on the Google search of my name, mostly other people with my name came up. Usually the things that came up were social media accounts, but there are also some college student profiles, one of them being an honors student. My Slate blog eventually showed up.
4. I think people who see the content under my name would perceive me as educated, but by looking at other websites that come up first, they might think I'm obsessed with social media.
5. We learned that internet trolls will exaggerate, lie, and offend to get a response.
6. Online anonymity can be used positively, like expressing your opinions online without people discriminating against you based off of your gender or race. However, people use online anonymity negatively by cyber-bullying other users and trolling them.
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 12.12.25 PM
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Reflection-Aysha Siddiquee

1. The video that we watched in class was about Jack a kid that was getting bullied it is also interactive by how once you press certain buttons things can change. It allows you to be interactive.

2. It reminds me of such acts as bullying still takes place in our society and how it can really effect people. There are many forms of bullying as well.

3. Online i'm a middle eastern female an actress and as well a creator of many websites and presentations, I apparently also have a twitter and a school based on me.

4. People see me based on this information a middle eastern Muslim or an Indian actress.

5. The goal of internet trolls is that they make people feel really bad about themselves or just spread 

negative energy, they are there to make people be self-conscious and down themselves and think that something is wrong with them.

6. The positive results of online anonymity is that if you ever do something by accident on the internet than no one will know it's you but there's also a negative to that since no one can find out who you are if you've been doing dangerous things or bullying. As well as your history, it is anonymous which makes it harder for the people who need to find you and what you've been looking up. So this is a negative.
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 3.45.13 PM
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Who Am I Online? by Jacobo Pastor

What video did you watch in class, what was the classroom activity today? 
We watched a bullying video
 (Enlaces a un sitio externoWhat does this video bring to your mind in reference to the topic of bullying?
Because those guys were abusing him
Who are you online, how do you appear?
I'm a professional golfer
How do you think people perceive you, based on this appearance?
I think they cant imagine myself as I do not appear
What is the goal of internet trolls?
Make people suffer with their actions
What are the positive and negative results of online anonymity? 
Positive: people can make that stop in a way
Negative: this person wont tell anyone about this  
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Reflection Brendan Hall

Today during class we watched a video about a kid named Jack being bullied. On the video there was an eye emoji which represented the witnesses, if you clicked the eye it would be as if the witnesses acted and helped the victim. When you didn’t click the emoji it showed how sad Jack was when nobody stood up for him when he was being bullied. When you did click the emoji it showed how just a few people standing up for him made him so much happier. This video brings to mind that all it takes to help victims of bullying just one person to stand up for them.  Online I appear as an Australian professional athlete. This would make people think I’m athletic and Australian. The goal of trolls is to give themselves entertainment from bothering because they probably don’t have much going for them in their life. The positive results of online anonymity is that people who sometimes are shy when having a confrontation in person feel more comfortable. A negative result of online anonymity is that people can harass each other without much consequence.

Depression_2014_Types_10-22-14_5PM-img_1280x720 (2)
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Reflection - Nick Ryan

  1. Google Yourself.

  1. I did not find anything that is under my name.

  2. I found a lot of people with the same name as me. They were the following: author, doctor, someone who works at the economics department at Yale, and someone who works at the economics department at MIT.

  3. I did not find myself.

  4. The fact that I did not find myself matters because then, if I wanted to get a job and my employer searches me on Google, then he/she will find all of these false things about me. They could either ruin or enhance my chances of getting that job.

2.  My partner is Ashley De la cruz. After searching her name on google, I could not find her but I found someone else. My five word impression of this person are brave, self-absorbed, hard-working, depressed, and transgender.

3. My partner’s five word impression of someone under my name: wannabe, self-absorbed, rich, confident, and cocky.


1. In class today, we watched a video about a boy named Jack on The video is about Jack. He goes to school and he is bullied at the bus stop, then at the lockers, then in class, and finally, on the internet. In the video, you get a choice to make Jack's day better.
2. This video makes me feel bad about the people who get bullied. Personally, I have never had any serious issues about bullying because I don't take any insults or anything seriously. I feel that people who do get bullied shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's insecurities. Everyone should lead a positive lifestyle and be friends with everyone around them.
3. I haven't found anything about myself online but there were other people with my name. They all appeared to be really smart people because they worked at MIT, Yale University, worked as an author, and a doctor.
4. If someone who didn't know what I looked like or how old I am looked me up on Google, they would perceive me as a really well educated person.
5. An internet troll's purpose is to lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.
6. The positive effects of online anonymity are that people can freely express themselves and their opinions without being restricted by the views of the person's family, friends, and peers. The negative effects of online anonymity are that people who are anonymous can bully others without being found out.
Profile Picture
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Bullying Video Response

​Today we watched an animated video on bullying and its effect on people. In relation to that, we did an assignment on our identity on the internet and how we are portrayed by our social media.

The video we watched today about bullying really showed me how people feel when they are bullied. When you are bullied, even if the things people say aren't true, you begin to believe the lies you are fed and eventually this effects your self esteem. Online, I monitor myself pretty well. I don't curse or cyber bully other people. Once you put something on the internet, even if you delete it, it still resembles and embodies things that you associate yourself with, good or bad. I think that people think of me as a good kid who likes baseball. The goal of internet trolls are just to make you feel you feel horrible and to draw attention to themselves. A
nonymity allows people to stay anonymous for the better or for the worse.
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Vivian Pham- PART 2: Reflection

B. Reflect in full sentences with correct grammar on SLATE
  1. The video that we watched in class today showed a boy name Jack getting bullied in school and there are emoji's on the video at certain parts where when we click on it, it shows what should happen. Like when Jack thought a guy was going to hit him, when the emoji gets clicked on it shows him giving him a high five
  2. What does this video bring to your mind in reference to the topic of bullying? The topic of bullying is very strong and sensitive, and it is something that everyone has either experienced or saw happen in their lifetime. And many know that bullying is a very harsh thing that has a huge impact on the person who is getting bullied. Bullying can mean more than just words, it can mean actions, and the results of getting bullied.
  3. Who are you online, how do you appear? There isn't much content about me personally, but there is a lot of content about those with the same name as me
  4. How do you think people perceive you, based on this appearance? I think people may perceive me as someone who does go on social media a lot, and social media is a big part of my life. And I spend a huge majority of my free time online just surfing the web. 
  5. What is the goal of internet trolls? to make someone online feel bad by posting inappropriate comments on their social media or upsetting them in any way using their words. They would do anything to make anyone feel bad. 
  6. What are the positive and negative results of online anonymity? The positive results of online anonymity is maybe being able to post anything or say anything online like on a blog post or something without anyone finding out your identity regarding posting something. The negative results of anonymity would probably have to be if someone were to cyberbully someone or send threats and this person who is getting bullied wants to tell someone or report this person, this person wouldn't be able to because this person is anonymous

We looked at this web page to describe Internet Trolls - LINK

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1. We watched a video against and for the prevention of bullying.
2. If you see bullying happening stop it.
3. I don't have much of an identity of me online, but there are people with the same name that are very successful.
4.  People may see me as a person who done a lot in their life, but that is a lie.
5. To upset people.
6. The positive is that nice people who are shy can speak to you, the negative is that some people can hide being rude behind a mask.
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Who am I ONLINE? by Sean DeSilva

Today, in Mrs. Hulls class we watched a short little animation called "I Am A Witness". While watching the video I thought to myself, "Wow, poor kid.. he did nothing to those three kids and yet they still bully him." I was thinking to myself, what I would have done if I were in his shoes. Bullying has been going on for years. To kids calling people names on the bus, to physically hurting them and even Online Bullying, called "Cyberbullying". Try your best to avoid bullying because once you get yourself into it, it's hard for you to get out of it. And it might not just be you that gets yourself into it, it might just be the bully himself/herself that just picks on you knowing that you can't do anything about it. So please, stand up for yourself if you're being bullied, and if you see someone else being bullied/picked on, don't just stand their and watch tell an adult. Because watching someone being bullied is worse than being the bully!
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Home Network, Lorenze

-Leila Lorenze Assignment #3 (1) (4)
On my Local Area Network (tun by Verizon) we have a wireless connection that controls 2 phones (one Galaxy5 and one iPhone 6), an iPad, a wireless printer, 3 laptops, and 3 tvs. I have learned that network seem more complicated than they really are. The home network relates to an Internet cloud, an ethernet cord is connected to the wireless router all of which connect to the devices. I just figured out that LAN means Local Area Network, omg! 

Other people should have their own ISP or home network, because without it they won't have a stable Internet connection. I mean free wireless Internet is great, but it might not always be there. For instance, if you have a project due and your neighbor shuts off their wireless capabilities, you'll end up having to go to Starbucks, and Starbucks is closed that day!

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Reflection, To

1.The video  we watched in class was “I am witness” Bullying video. The classroom activity today was to tell a grown up if this was ever to happen to you and that you should never do this to someone else.

2. This video brings to my mind in reference to the topic of Bullying is when someone being mean to someone in a hurtful way.

3. I am this random girl on google and I only have a picture of me on google. I appear as this girl from Housewives of Atlanta.

4. I think people perceive me maybe our names are kinda similar or face or race.

5. The goal of internet trolls is someone who post comments to be other people down.

6.. The positive and negative results of online anonymity are the people who score high on the Dark Tetrad said trolling was their favorite activity on internet and the people who score low on the Dark Tetrad except trolls their scores for the four traits increase on the chart.

Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 10.34.31 PM
This is my edited to the picture.
Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 10.37.08 PM
This is the original picture from flickr.
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Reflection-Sydney Rogers

Today in class we watched the "I am A Witness" video. The video was about a boy named Jack who was being bullied by a group of his classmates. First we watched the video without clicking on the emoji, and then we watched the video and we clicked on the emoji and Jack wasn't bullied and his story ended up happier when we clicked the emoji. This video made me think about how bullying isn't always a public issue but there are so many ways for a bully to hide themselves. There are different types of bullying too that so many people are unaware of and they don't even see it happening right before their eyes because it's hidden. 
I am someone who has multiple social media accounts, but I mainly use Snapchat and Instagram. I'm not a bully online and I haven't ever witnessed someone being bullied online, but if I ever do see something going on then I would say something or tell someone who could stop it. I don't think I'm a whole lot different from other people who are online. I keep to myself, I don't comment rude things or say anything to people online or anything like that. All my accounts online are private and although Snapchat can't really be private you can control who views your snaps and who can send you snaps and even when people add me as a friend I have the option to block them, deny them as a friend or let them add me. I think people perceive me based on this appearance as basically a pretty average teenager. I'm not so incredibly different from any other person online. I post pictures of myself and me and my friends, I don't talk about other people on any social media in a negative way. There isn't anything that separates me drastically from other teenagers my age I don't think. 

The goal of internet trolls is to get attention. They want to get a rise out of the person that the'ye bullying. Their whole purpose of cyber bullying someone is to get some form of attention from someone. Most cyber bullies remain anonymous which makes it harder for the person who is getting bullied to stop them or face them. When your bully is anonymous in a way they have more power over you because they can torment you all they want without having to deal with any consequences when the person being bullied can't stop them as easily and it makes it harder for the adult who is supposed to stop the bully. A positive point for a bully to stay anonymous is that it usually means that because they've chosen to bully you online as supposed to in person means they are too afraid to go up to you in person. I think it depends on the circumstances, but if you are only getting bullied online then that should mean that you are at least getting somewhat of a break from the negative vibes. 
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Who am I online? Reflection - Leila Lorenze

1. In class today we watched a video on, about a little boy named Jack who is bullied online and in school. The people who would not stand up for him also were bullies as they took pictures of him, instead of standing up for him. 

2. Even taking a picture as a person who stands by is still a bad thing. One should still help the person in a positive way, even if they don't want help. Taking pictures is not the right thing to do, as that encourages bullies to continue to do the wrong thing. 

3. I am pretty much a nobody online. Two things show up. I appear to be social (with a Twitter) however, it only has my interests, and no photos. The other link, is from my 8th grade honor roll. 

4. I think I am perceived as being a bit weird (the Twitter), but nothing bad. 

5. The goal of Internet trolls is for them to find information about you to use it against you. Mrs. Hull stated something along the lines of the following statement in class, "that Internet trolls are sociopaths who are creepy and look at you information." 

6. Positives of online anonymity: you can create a fresh reputation for yourself.
Negative of online anonymity: people with similar names could hinder the perception others have of you. For instance, it could be a case of mistaken identity. 

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Who I Am Online Reflection, Lucien Hearn

    Today in class we watched a video on bullying, created by the "I am a witness" campaign. This video, in my opinion, is stupid. Granted, I've never really been bullied in real life, people online have tried to bully me. Honestly, I don't understand why people care because whenever people try to insult me online, I just mess with them until they get really frustrated and give up. To me, this is hilarious, and all of those people are just morons. When people take these words to heart, I'm very confused, and I assume it's because they don't use the internet much. If you use the internet a lot, make any sort of content, play games, or really do anything online, after a week or two you learn what to take to heart and what not to. It gives you a thick skin, and you don't care anymore. This is the reason that when something "bad" happens to me, I just brush it off. If it happens to someone else, I'm confused if they're legitimately hurt, in a metaphorical sense. When you google my name, you get many results in images for boxers, after a few pictures of projects that I've made. Besides this, you see my Facebook and Google+ page. After this, you see nothing relating to me, and every name is different from mine. But to people that know me online, I just seem like a guy who likes video-games. People perceive me different based on how well they know me, as well as how they are discovering me. People will constantly talk about how "internet trolls" are malicious people who are psychopaths etc. They may be, however, usually they are just people who don't have anything to do, and so they use their time to just see others get angry, frothing at the mouth. Usually, people just ignore them and don't care, and someone who regularly uses the internet and is a part of the community knows how to spot one. The positive side of anonymity is that you can have privacy even online, and not everything you do or say needs to be seen by everyone. The negative side of anonymity is that sometimes, people can leave rude comments and won't have to deal with consequences. I'd like to end this post with one thing: you will not have more knowledge on a subject that someone who is at the core of that subject. I'm not saying that I'm the absolute expert, but you won't know exactly what happens if you only look at the information and don't experience it. The image In this post is of what every "troll" on the internet is. A stupid angry kid.
angy kid
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ILP Reflection

For my ILP, I am volunteering at my previous school Kearny Elementary/Middle School located on 6th and Fairmount. So far I have went there two times and things have been going great. Its nice to see some of my old teachers and principle and help my previous school's community out the best way I can. I am looking forward to helping Kearny's basketball team and other athletics programs involving the students. Maybe an assistant coach spot, which I have hands on experience with by previously having this job with my basketball unit outside of school. One thing that stood out to me while volunteering for these 2 days, was how much my school has changed since I left. With most of the teachers leaving and Kearny having to replace them with new ones, a lot has changed, but I'm prepared to adapt all over again during my time there for ILP. I feel its important for me to come every Wednesday and have fun doing my time with the school I attended as a young boy to a young adult! 
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ILP // Gear Up office

I don't remember exactly the day I first went to my ILP but I went twice. My ILP is that I am an intern at the Gear Up office at the school district building. The first time I went was a meeting and that went really well. It went well because before the meeting there was a me when each team was collaborating and the team that I was in wanted to hear my opinion and wanted me to participate. I am looking forward to keep going to my ILP and to really learn what Gear Up does. Something that stands out is how open people are to hear other people's opinion. It is a very friendly environment. I think it is important that young students learn about college and the opportunities that are given to them.
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The Collection of The Album, "Power." By Ameer Forte and Isabella Beato

Power. Album English BMQ1
power cont.
In our project we decided to make up an influential album called "Power." by a white female. The purpose of this project was to highlight the themes, race and gender. Throughout our made up album our artist, Isabella Nella, brings out the importance of equality for all from a unique perspective. Her being a white female she is aware she is a rarity in the rap industry, and so her voice transcended very powerfully to the audiences listening to her album which we showed in our audience response(Which is the part of the project where an audience responds to the piece we've created). Our audience response is a review of the album on the popular album review website Pitchfork, but most of the other components of our project fit into that review also. The album cover(which is the press release, which is the part of our project where the album is released to the public through some symbol of some sort which for us is the album cover) is in the review and some other album suggestions or albums that influenced "Power."(Which is the Cultural Fabric, which is the part of this project where we connected our album to actual albums that influenced our thinking in creating our album) are in that review as well. The final component of our project is an add on to our audience response, which is a social media response by our audience. That is shown above. To conclude, our project highlights race and gender through the eyes of a white female rapper who has a message that is very influential as she attempts to change the world by preaching equality for all no matter race or gender. 
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For my ILP I am helping Ms. Dianne in her office with the phone and running simple errands. Its fun because I get to speak to many parents and kids who are excited about becoming a part of the SLA community.  We also get a lot of strange calls though, for example a woman called asking if age mattered when applying to SLA. I said no thinking it was a 12 year old who was currently in the 8th grade. Turns out it was a 27 year old woman who never finished 8th grade. I was just shocked and passed over the phone to Ms. Dianne. Overall I like my ILP, and I feel like i'm really going to miss it when I go to my new ILP in January.
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Digital Age- Q1 Benchmark (Malwina Dymek and Olivia Mack)

​     We chose to write about technology because currently in this 21st century, the majority of society is exposed or addicted to technology. We wanted to provide people with information of a different perspective and lifestyles that doesn’t involve technology and the idea of social media. To conclude to the end of the project we researched excessively and connected this novel to the modern day.

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Trash: An Emo's Tale

If we assume the Metamoraphsis is a perfect representation of the modernist era, then what represents our time? 

We chose to make something somewhat satirical, making fun of the stigma around mental illness despite the rampant rise in diagnoses and the availablity of information that this generation has. We felt that these issues were best represented in the form of a book, as it gave us space to give detail and show day to day life for the main character, Callie. We set up a Twitter and a Tumblr account as our main character, post as if we were this character. Due to it's satirical nature, these social media pages make light of heavy subjects. We also made a book trailer promoting this work of fiction as well as an audiobook preview which can be found in the links below. 

Book trailer, audiobook, and review can be found here: 
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