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Pipeline Monologue Project_Iron

We were assigned to make monologues in the perspective of different people to gain a point of view of this thing called the Keystone Pipeline XL. This pipeline is designed to pump tar sands throughout Canada to Texas. Some people think this a very good idea while others think the opposite. I created three monologues to express somewhat of what I thought as well as things I didn’t believe in to give my readers, like you, a chance to be persuaded or to make a final opinion. I hope I was able to help you understand a little better, enjoy!

Monologue #1: Jenna: “NO!”

(Jenna is at a caucus, speaking on behalf of the people in her town. She feels very passionate about the topic, knows her facts, and is very secure when she speaks. It’s as if she’d been studying it her whole life. The purpose of this monologue is for her to sound like she’s stating facts because that’s her approach. She believes people will believe in facts more than they believe in opinions, so that;s what she’ll give them.)

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jenna Coney and I’m representing all the people in Paris, Texas who can’t find the voice to speak up. (Pause) We the people have to look out for we the people. They’re suppose to have our backs, hell they’re suppose to PROTECT us. What is building a 1,700 mile pipeline going to do? This pipeline is essentially “game over” for us. There’s nothing sustainable about it! (Voice gets louder) They’re using the dirtiest kind of oil with no consideration for the environment we live in.

They’re going to tear away our landscapes in order to make a path for this massive pipe and to get to the oil underground. 1,700 miles of our land, lost people! If we don’t step in and do what we can now, they’re going to keep forcing it on us. They’re going to build the pipeline and start pumping tar sands as quickly as possible and there will be nothing we can do about it. (Walk around desk and look into the audience) That’s not what I want to see happen. We have a chance to fight this. We have the chance to finally stand up and say “NO” and for the people out there who have no voice, or lost their voice in the process of shouting along with me, let us say “NO!” a hundred more times. We won’t have it. We can’t face this pipeline alone and we can’t face it passively. We have to look out for each other and give our planet a voice too.  (Throws paper, walks around desk & exits)

Monologue #2: Franklin: “My way or no way”
(This guy is a CEO of an oil company. He often talks to himself before he meets with the rest of his colleagues to make sure he sounds okay and to make sure he’s secure with his facts. So he’s in his office, sitting at his desk. Talking to himself)

Obama promised to put this economy back on track, but I haven’t seen any progress yet. This pipeline is ready to be built. It’s ready to generate abundant cheap energy from Canada throughout the U.S., so what’s the problem? We need to think about our futures. This pipeline will supply over 20,000 people with jobs. This pipeline causes no threat to our environment, at all. In fact it’ll help our environment and our people. I’m only saying this because I know. I’ve been working for this company since I was 22 and look at me now! I’m 55 running the joint! Our people will be much happier with their lives when their energy is safe and efficient. Who wouldn’t want to see economic growth? Who wouldn’t agree to having our energy secure? We have to think!

Hello? Yes this is he. (shocked) I’m what? (gets louder) My family is what? What did I do to- (pause) I’m sorry about your crops but I have my job too... hello? (hangs up telephone)

I understand how environmentalist see this as a threat. Believe me, I do but I’m the kind of guy who thinks about the people first. (pause/ gains a sarcastic voice) The people being me. I have my benz, my mansion, and all three of my kids in the best catholic school in the country. Why would I ever try to change that? Because some world freaks feel some kind of way about what we HAVE and SHOULD be doing? No! My company will play it’s part and ignore all of the little people because... I like things the way they are. And what I like we’ll just do. It’s so simple.

Monolouge #3: James: “Veggies”

(James is a heavy set hardworking man. He is also at a caucus, just to say what’s on his mind. He isn’t on a particular side at all. But he actually sounds very passionate about what he’s saying)

Let me start by saying that I am not an activist. I’m a farmer up in Nebraska trying to make a living. I’m trying to feed my children but I can’t do that if our resources are at harm. We have to protect our stuff! (Pulls out a map) This pipeline is coming at a diagonal, (his index finger follows the route of the pipeline and makes an immediate stop) and that diagonal cuts right through my land. (Starts to shake his fist mid way in the air) Average people such as myself work hard to keep up with our land and responsibilities. They can’t just force their will on the american people, it’s not fair. When there is a leak in our system, where will I work? How will I provide?

(Pause) Again I am not here to protest and I’m not here to say building it is the right thing to do but I am here because and only because this pipeline is directly effecting me for the worst. I don’t want it to come at that diagonal. I don’t want my life to be ruined by it. I’ve been farming since I was 15. In the hot sun picking crops, pushing mowing lawns by hand before they made these new machines. Where’s my credit at? Where’s my hardwork? Being taken away from me and my family. Today I’ll join you all by saying “no” to the pipeline’s route. But maybe it’s energy can beneifit my home. Be safer, and cheaper for people like me down in Nebraska. (Walks away)

Appendix: I found these six facts the most important out of all the articles I read

  • The pipeline will emit three time more carbon in the air (Friends of Earth)
  • Create thousands of jobs (National public radio: keystone pipeline)
  • Interrupts native peoples’ lifestyle (Friends of Earth)
  • Better to partner up with a neighbor closer to the U.S. than be dependent on another country (PBS newshour)
  • Uses the dirtiest kind of fossil fuel (National public radio: keystone pipeline)
  • 17-18 year contracts that say that they’ll ship over hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil DAILY to meet the needs of the people (TransCanada)  

"Keystone XL Pipeline Project." Keystone XL Pipeline Project. N.p., 20120. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

"Friends of the Earth." Friends of the Earth. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

<iframe src=";byline=1&amp;portrait=1" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Mono #1 "NO!"</a> from <a href="">Symone McCollum</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
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Keystone Pipeline Monologue Project -- Raekwon Smith & Brian Birkmire

Monologue #1:

Title: Cropped From the Picture

(John Lucas III Lives in texas and the pipeline is going to force him to leave and give up his his land for the pipeline to run through)

(Walking towards mailbox)Let’s go get the mail, hmmmm what’s this, from your friends TransCanada, (talking and walking towards table) let me sit down cause last time I checked they ain’t ma friends. ( mumbles reading letter) WOOOOOOOW aint that something. They tryna destroy our land and pay us for it. TransCanada that big company up north think they running stuff up in here. Those Canadian’s think they slick don’t they. Well I got something for em, A BIG FAT NO. I can’t believe this BS. Our family has lived on this farm for decades and a few thousand dollars isn’t going to change that. My great great great Grandfather brought this land years ago with my great great great grandmother. They built this farm from the ground up into what it is today. People think it’s all about the money and people will do anything for it, well newsflash, people also have morals! Myself and others care about family values and don’t let money change us. There is no chance in hell I’m letting someone take my land let alone a non American. I didn’t really care about this little project they had going on anyway but this did it and now, I’m ANGRY. I was going to stay out of way but, noooo those Idiots just had to run through our land. Why not the Taylor’s from across the way. I never liked them but I guess what goes around comes around. I’m just so mad that this is happening. If my grandfather was here today I believe he would feel the same way and be fighting for our farm to stay just like me. Back in the day, the Taylors who where big names in the town tried to kick us off my land, My grandpappy didn’t give up when they came a marching so I shouldn’t either. If I’m going to keep the family tradition going then I’m going to need to some help. Maybe if I call all my cousins and siblings maybe it we could do it but only if we put forth our best effort. I will put my life on the line if it means this farmland stays here. I want my grandchildren to be able to witness their ancestors work 1st hand.(Stands up and says it loud and proud) So when them rich Canadians come marching down here tryna act like they tough, I’m fittna put up the fight of my life. Although on the other hand that money could supply more than taking the cows and crops to the market every week. (Slaps self in face) Snap out of it man don’t think that way. Grandfather wouldn’t condone this type of thinking. He would march right on up here out of his grave and smack me around like a little kid. Then again, this money could change my life and I could actually leave this farm because the family tradition kinda sucks. I want a normal life where I don’t have to wake up every morning at 5am. I could get a normal sleep and I could work a normal job. I might even find true love and not some blind date my cousin joey set me up with. This girl Stacy I met on eHarmony wouldn’t want a farmer as a husband. No no no I can’t let greed and love consume me. I need to follow in my ancestors footsteps and maintain our land, it’s the only way. That’s final, I’m going to fight for our land. This Company wanted war, (Yells it) Well I’m going to give them war. May the best man win and may God have mercy on your soul. Time to get ready to enter battle because I will emerge victorious, I guaran-damn-tee it.

+Don’t make it so obvious
+Had a life
+Second Thoughts
+Stories to tell about grandparents

Monologue #2:
Title: Skating On Thin...Oil?

It’s been what, about two months since the Flyers traded me to the LA Kings? (Walking to the locker room) That’s all it took, two months for people to try and get me to do things I don’t want to do. It all started in my interview with ESPN (Hand on chin as if you’re thinking) when they began to ask my personal opinion on the Keystone Pipeline and whether it should be built or not. They asked because...well...the pipe was going to be built straight through my hometown. At first, it didn’t matter to me, but when I found out it was being built through MY view on it changed.

After my interview with ESPN I was stopped by my manager, he stopped me with simply a hand up on my chest. He wasn’t finished on the phone.

Who was that? Tell me what?

He told me I had to promote the pipe, and I’d get money from the TransCanada company.

“First of all, won’t people think of me as a hypocrite? I just told people on national television that I don’t agree with the pipe now they’re going to see me on posters and billboards agreeing with it?! (slam fist on bench) Great, this is just great.”

Today was the live news broadcast, the day I would become a hypocrite.

“Hello everyone. As you know I am Simon Gagne of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. I’m here today to discuss the Keystone Pipeline that TransCanada is going to built. Now I’m not that prepared to talk today, I didn’t have much time to think about things. But here it goes...” I started to pull out the paper (pull paper out of pocket) my manager handed me. As I pulled it out I looked over to my manager who was smiling and then at the CEO of TransCanada who nodded his head in a mafia, thug, kind of way.

“...So the pipeline. What it can do for us as Americans is provide about 4,000 jobs...and...and...” I was choking up. This all just didn’t feel right. The crowd was silent waiting for my words to pierce their ear drums.

“...Forget this. If I’m going to talk about this STUPID pipe I’m going to give MY opinion. This pipe has to be the worst idea ever created, big deal we’ll get more jobs, half of America is too lazy to even work anyway. You go to a restaurant or store where the lady or guy is rude or disrespectful and obviously they seem they don’t want to even be there working, then get rid of them and give that job to someone that is willing to work and NEEDS the money. These tar sands release 3 times as much CO2 as regular oil drillings, why is that a positive outcome? Oh my mistake it’s NOT! Do you not see the world’s climates changing as we speak? In the long run the world would be completely destroyed! Climate change will be the main problem in this world! Now if you’re with me, then be with me! Be against this pipe, against TransCanada, and join my side in stopping this pipe from being built!”

The crowd was silent...but...within seconds, there was a roaring thunder of clapping from everyone.

+ Message across
+ Emotion
+ Rebellion/personality
? Develop more on why Hockey player

Monologue #3
Title: The Opportunity

“Yes, I’m here to apply for a job.
...Okay...fill this part out? (reach for paper) Okay...bring it back when I’m done? Okay thank you.”

I sat there filling out the job application. Name: Cosmo. Height: 5’11. Eye Color: Brown. Birthday: June 22nd 1983. Address: 610 Walnut Street, Topeka Kansas. Health Problems: None. Allergies: None. Worked with welding before? No.

This form felt like it had a million questions on it, that, or I just haven’t filled out a job application in years.

“Here you go. (Hands paper to person.) Thank you. When will we hear from you if we got the job or not? About a week? Okay. Thank you. Oh Ma'am, will I need to go through training? For welding only? Okay. I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions, but will there be many jobs open? Over 4,000? Awesome. How long is the Pipe? Okay. Thanks again. Good bye now.”

Wow. 1700 miles long...that’s incredibly long. If I get this job, I wonder how much I’d be paid.

(Opens door)

“Hey hun. How was your day? Mine was good. I have good news. Care to hear? Alright so, I went down to the community center today and guess what I saw? That’s right! A poster for job applications! You ask what about? I will tell you baby! It’s an application for a welding job. There’s supposedly a pipeline being built from Canada to Texas, 1700 miles long offering 4,000 plus jobs! Babe! This can be our chance to get away from our finance troubles, this is our opportunity to get free from the constant letters coming in about us not paying our bills. The pipeline will carry oil from these things called tar sands in Canada. I know baby! I love you so much!”
I felt this was the chance god gave us. The feeling that he put us through the poverty to give us this opportunity.

About a week later I received a phone call.

“Hello. Yes I remember applying. Wait...I did? I got the job?! Thank you so much! When do I start!? OKAY! I will see you monday at 6! Thank you for this, my future will be brighter now, for my wife and I.”

“Babe! I got the job!...Yeah! They just called! I start on Monday, 6 AM.”

Monologue #4
Title: Oil Addiction...My Life From the Pipe.

Hi guys my name is Lakely and I’m an oil addict. Two years ago Oil was introduced to me by a pipeline by the name of Keystone who spilled hundreds of gallons of oil that I soaked up and became highly addicted to. For 2 years i was doing 10 gallons of oil a day. It really messed my life up, all the people I ever loved started to leave me because I was contaminated and they couldn’t live with me anymore.e  I promised myself that i wouldn’t get addicted to oil because many of my famous family members like my cousin red deer, and my other cousin Red butte became oil addicts. Yeah I know my family likes to name their children Red blank. Anyway, the oil just made me feel so warm and feel good. I didn’t care it was hurting me I just knew all my troubles were being washed away. My life was stressful up until I found oil, I was carrying different boats across me everyday and having fish and ducks and what not swim and you is no fun at all. The day the oil spilled in me I was having an argument with a Duck named Bill about how the chicken came before the egg. Keystone was flowing over me and then it just busted open and just spewed all of me. I was like “woah dude, what is this. And Bill was like “I don’t know but this is gnarly dude” I’m sorry about the sound affects but it makes it sound more interesting. So now I’m sitting with my friend Bill snorting oil and my friend Bill say’s to me “Hey, do you know what this stuff is” to my response “ I don’t know Gasoline” and Bill says “ this is the stuff they call oil.” That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks that the high was setting in. I was now hallucinating because I was now seeing Dolphins and Sharks making babies. After that day I did anything I could to get my hands on oil whether it was stealing my friend Bill’s oil or sending other lakes to get my oil. So guys as you can see this experience is one you can learn from and Keystone oil really was a bad idea. Thank you for listening to my story.

Monologue #5

Title: Work Hard, Bulldoze Hard

It’s another day at work on this pipe. There is 1500 more miles to lay down. I’m stationed here in Texas. I’ve been operating bulldozers since I can remember. My dad was a construction worker and he would sneak me to work and let me play with the equipment trying to hide me from his boss. “Hey boss (turns off bulldozer) this is a lot of work. I’m not making enough to support my family and I may need to work overtime. Why not, what you mean it’s not enough hours to go around. (pause for 5 seconds) Thanks you’re really nice. (turns machine back on) Well thanks, I think I should get back to what you’re paying me for.

I went back to work for the rest of the night. I finally got done at midnight. I was starving. A few of my coworkers and I went out to the diner about 10 minutes away.

“Today was hardcore. I know... I asked the boss for some overtime. Yeah he gave me some, me and Amanda are having troubles with money...she said...she’d leave me...if I couldn’t support us. I know, she’s... I don’t even know.” I’m glad I got this overtime though because without it I would be doomed. Well dinner was great man, Imma bounce and let y’all handle the check. I’m out.

When I got home I talked to my wife about my overtime. Hey babe guess what, no babe don’t be silly. I got overtime so I can make more money for us. Yeah I won’t be home as much now but it will only be for a few days. I love you to.

The project was about the Keystone Pipeline and how it was going to carry oil from Canada to the Southern parts of the U.S.A. Some people were for it getting built and some were against it. In Class we brainstormed about monologue ideas and the people or objects we would portray. My partner and I chose between the ones we brainstormed our 5 best combined. We chose the following 5; A canadian hockey player, a bulldozer operator, a jobless man living near the construction site, a farmer whose land will be plowed through, and the a water droplet infected by the oils from the tar sands.

My partner and I learned a lot from this project. We learned all about the negative outcomes and positive outcomes of building this pipe. The negative outcomes we learned were tar sands release three times the amount of CO2 as regular oil drillings causing more global climate change. The positive outcome(s) we learned were, safe oil transferring within America, and also this can help America’s debt with third world countries.

Background -
- 1700 miles long
- The United States spends 475 billion on oil a year
- It will Cost $7 billion and carry an estimated 800,000 barrels of oil a day.
- construction will begin in the “first quarter” of 2013

Argument for:
- 1300 Construction Jobs
- cheap, reliable energy
- TransCanada has received lots of support behind the project especially from those who are American and Canadians that work at oil refineries who signed 17 to 18 year contracts to ship over hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day.
- the Gulf Coast portion could cost $2.3 billion and create about 4,000 construction & support jobs
- provide energy security within the U.S.

Argument against:
- Tar Sand Oil not clean
- Climate change throughout years
- Have to destroy the planet just to get tar sand
- Brazil mines have 2.3 million barrels a day
- Tar sands are a high-carbon fuel mined from beneath Canada’s Boreal forest.
- in order to collect oil from the tar sands companies must destroy forest systems
- Tar sands mining effects: Canada’s forest systems, huge clean water systems, and disrupt people’s lives that live in the area.
- tar sand extraction emits 3 times more than the average oil extraction in America
- Extracting the fossil fuels from the tar sands from the sand, silt, and clay requires massive amounts of water, 3 barrels of water make one barrel of oil collected.
- pipe goes right across water supplies (pipe could leak)

Good monologue:
- natural way of speaking
- emotion ---> want/need
- one speaker
- unfolds ---> beginning, middle, end
- setting
- tension

12 ideas:
- be a bulldozer
- grain of tar sand
- canadian hockey player
- someone living near the construction zone
- somebody in Oklahoma waiting for the pipeline to help work on it (jobless)


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The Pipeline Monologue Project

The Keystone Pipeline from TransCanada that soon might be confirmed to built. Everyone has different opinions and emotions on this topic ad agreement. We have two parties about this oil pipeline. The people who think it's a great idea to have it here in our country, and the people who think this is a completely horrible idea. Here are my three monologues I've written as a solo. 

In this project, we were assigned to complete final drafts of monologues us as students written and created our selves. The topic has to be about the Keystone pipeline and express different opinions in different monologues in which ever way you feel like writing about it. 

From working on this project, I've learned that my passion isn't political science and I don't think I will ever major that in college in the future. All jokes aside now... I actually learned about knowing what the Keystone Pipeline is. I never heard anything about this oil pipeline until Mr. Block introduced this topic to us as a history project. I never even wrote a monologue before. So this project has taught me how to write a monologue. 

Here are my three polished monologues I present: 

Title: The Cranky Old Lady 

(A reporter knocks on a small house with a brown door, an old lady answers before opening the door)

Who the hell is it?! 

Ma’am, we just want to ask you a few questions on the Keystone Pipeline. It’d be nice if you cooperate with us. I promise this won’t take any more than five minutes. 

Jesus Christ. 

(Opens the door)

Hi Ma’am, I am just a reporter, call me John. Here’s the question, and you’re gonna answer it and I’ll record it. This is just for my newspaper company making a new issue and having articles about what people from our community think about this pipeline.

Make it quick, I’m tired. 

Yes, Ma’am. Okay, how do you feel about this Keystone Pipeline that is going to be built? You can be completely honest. Also, do you mind if I record your response?

Go ahead, youngster. Let me know when the freakin’ camera starts.

Yes, right now. 3, 2, 1, ACTION!


I ain’t playing with this damn pipeline. 

(Voice gets really raspy) 

I completely disagree with this pipeline. It has very negative environmental impact. I’m not trying to get my grandchildren killed. I have a 5 year old grandson and he has asthma. I do not want anything making that worse. The air is going to be toxic and dirty for him. In fact, we all gon’ die!

(Starts to speak even louder

What if it worsens his asthma? What if the pipeline cracks then it’s like a repeat of the oil spill?  Ain’t nobody got the budget to clean that mess up. We’re already struggling enough. It is also going to affect social justice if the pipeline breaks. Ain’t nobody got time for this. 

(Take her cane and starts banging it on the floor)

We could be using all that money invested on to this stupid keystone pipeline onto the green house project. It’s better use of money. We’re only hurting our earth. We’ve got 8 planets and this is the only one we can live on.

Title: The Letters

So is everyone settled? 

(Everyone gathering around a table and sitting down in a chair)

Yes, (Fiddling with papers)


Let me get my letter out, gimme’ a sec. (Fiddling inside a folder) 

Alright. (says the person in front of the table)

(Pulls out a piece of paper) Okay, I’m ready. 

Let’s start. Who wants to go first and  read their letters that we’re going to send to TransCanada? (says the person standing in front of the table)

(Raises hand) I’ll go! (a young man who looks like he is in his 30’s, wearing a white dress shirt, a black long tie and grey dress pants.

Okay, read loud and clear. (says the person in front of the table)

(Stands up, clears throat) 

“I am a biology teacher that is currently teaching ninth graders. I personally disagree on building the keystone pipeline, I think this idea is just madness. I teach all the ninth graders in my school and I love each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. I am not just a teacher, I am also their caregiver and someone they can go to if home is disappointing them or letting them down. As a caregiver also for a generation of children in my area, I do not wish to fail my priorities. And failing one of my priorities is letting the keystone pipeline be built. 

My logic is all proved and based on the science behind this pipeline. For example, what’s it made out of and the cons. The pipeline is made out of metallugy and welding. Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. Hydrogen can migrate solid steel when the temperature is warm. When the steel cools, the hydrogen can get stuck and it’ll make the pipeline crack. Don’t forget, too much pressure weighed on the steel will make it crack.”

The end (Sits down in chair)

(Everyone claps)

Title: Passing By

(Climbs on top of a statue near by in front of city hall)

LISTEN, EVERYBODY. JUST LISTEN UP. Did yah’ll hear about the crazy Keystone Pipeline idea that they wanna be killin’ our earth. This is where we live. Although I ain’t got no home and money, I’m already starving to death. I don’t want to die from shit filled toxic air! That is trifling. Besides spending 5 million dollars on some nasty oil pipeline, spend it on the homeless citizens! Look at me, I don’t care what none of yah’ll say but honestly, the last time I had a real meal was two weeks ago and I was lucky enough to happen to find half a cheesesteak in the trash can nearby here. Although I never got an education, the amount of money that we’re spending on this pipeline is completely ridiculous. Can I get an AMEN?! 

(Realizes no one is even paying attention so slowly comes off the statue and mopes away)

Appendix: 6 things that stood out to me and key points - 

- This pipeline goes over our second largest water source

- Obama has denied to build this, but he has a few months until the final answer is actually approved and announced.

- The tar sand takes a VERY long and big process to clean in order for us to use the oil.

- Chemical spills are at high risks

- Able to create more job opportunities 

- Mitt Romney said he would approve this pipeline if he were the president. 


Tar Sand Blockade, "Over 50 Enter Tree Blockade in Defiance of Police Repression to Defend Tree-Sitters." Last modified October 15, 2012. Accessed October 15, 2012.

Trans Canada , "Keystone XL Project ." Last modified October 15, 2012. Accessed October 15, 2012.

Walker , Bill. Friends of the Earth , "Tar Sands." Last modified October 9, 2012. Accessed October 15, 2012.

Nikiforuk , Andrew. The Tyee, " Pipeline Whistleblower: Cracks in The System." Last modified October 1, 2012. Accessed October 15, 2012.

Skit acted out video "The Letters": Click to watch! 

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Pipeline Monologue Project

In the project I wrote 5 monologues in the perspective of 5 different people and how building the keystone pipeline would affect them. I learned how much building the pipeline would affect people’s lives for the good and the bad. The 5 monologues were in the perspective of a Polar Bear, a construction worker, Texas resident, the president, and the Earth. The most affected out of my monologues is probably the Polar Bears. The keystone pipeline could potentially kill a lot of polar bears and I feel like it was my best one. I hope you enjoy all of my pieces.

Monologue #1

                                            Am I making the right decision?

Waking up on this bitter morning, only thing on my mind is guilt. I feel guilty because I have to support my family but by doing so I am also messing up the environment. As a walk into the kitchen, (walks in the kitchen) I see my daughters bright smiling face. I think about her future and what she will grow to be. Am I making the right choice for their future? Or am I slowly destroying it. The choices I make now, depends on her future.
As I’m leaving out the door (heads towards the door) for work, my daughter says “I love you daddy.” Hearing those words are the best feeling in the world.
As I arrive at the construction sight, (walking to my station) I see the exhausted faces of the other men and women here to work on the pipeline. The same thing is running through out my mind that I woke up thinking about. I try not to think about it, but it keeps crossing my mind.
I ask myself, Is this what I should be doing? Is there another way I could support my family? These questions disrupt me every time I come to work. And they always will, I guess until I confront them. But until then, I have to get back to supporting my family.

Monologue #2
                                        Does my future depend on the humans?

(Angry, grouchy) They can’t approve this. They can’t. Global warming is already affecting my family and I. My ignorant wife wants this pipeline plan to go through “it’s good for the economy it will help everyone!” “Not for us dumbass! You think they’re going to send any of that money down here to the ice caps?”. Then she gets an attitude for the rest of the night. (calming down) I shrug it off she’ll get over it by the morning. I wish she would sit down with me and absorb the information that the world news is giving to us. I don’t want to the bad guy but look at the news for god’s sake! We’re not a priority to them anymore. Ever since this global warming issue started to rise the whole neighborhood has been affected. I lost my brother Albert to global warming last year. He tragically drowned. We’re all suffering help us Lord! Food is scarce nowadays, we need some food on the shelf. I swam for an hour looking for food for my family. Some homes are falling off. Literally. (hopelessly speaking ) I go outside and look at the northern lights to look for an answer from god to my prayers to no prevail. I’m outraged, scared, and depressed, (Anxiously) I feel like I’m having a panic attack. What do I do? What can I do? Where do I turn? I’m trying to save my family. I go back inside and then a possible solution hit me! I suggest to my wife maybe we can get taken to the zoo and be saved! I heard in the Philadelphia Zoo they take great care of our kind. I heard they give all inhabitants a stable environment with your own living space and with a pool. “Sounds good right?... What do you mean that’s stupid?... At least I’m throwing out ideas, what are you doing to help?... Yeah that’s what I thought just walk away from your problems forever right?”. “She infuriates me!”... Aww what am I saying?... Everyone in the North Pole is trying to make it to the zoo to save their skins and the odds are horribly against me. I go the living room and sit in my favorite chair to keep myself updated on the pipeline. The Americans have already done their part in contributing to global warming which releases deadly greenhouse gases, melt the polar ice caps and raise sea levels, and these are just some of the effects that global warming has on the world. What am I supposed tell my son and daughter when they ask “what’s happening to our everyone’s homes Daddy?” I must lie through my teeth to protect their innocent hearts and tell them “everything’s alright” knowing that it’s only a matter of time before it’s all over. I pray everyday that they don’t approve this pipeline my home is already in danger and this pipeline will only speed up the process. They’re building it to save a couple jobs. How about you save a thousand lives! If they decide to do the right thing and say no to the pipeline we all could be saved. These days I pray, stay humble and live life day by day and spend time with my family because I know that our days together are numbered if they approve the pipeline. If I’m going to die let me die with my loved ones facing death on.

Monolouge #3
                                             Making a change

As I stand upon this stage this morning, (holding microphone)  speaking to you all, one thing is running through my mind. Did they ever think how it could affect me? My neighbors? My family? All the people that call this place their home. My home, Texas. The people at TransCanada really don’t care about the well being of us citizens. They only care about the money. Their greed disgusts me. They think of us like were not humans too. We all share this earth we live on
I’d never thought in a million years that the government would allow something like this to even happen. It’s destroying not only the land but the lives of thousands of people. Their homes, their families, everything. Living around the fumes that are coming from the construction are deadly. The fumes and gases could make someone extremely sick or even kill somebody that inhales the gases and fumes everyday.
Where do they expect us to go? What do they expect we the people of America to do? Just back down from it all? We have to fight for what we believe in. Hopefully the president will see our cries for help and not approve this pipeline to be built.
(Raises fist) It’s up to us to make a change in this world. To stand up and never give up no matter how hard times get. It’s on us to make this change.

Monologue # 4

                                                 Living on this earth

I can’t believe this are they serious? I’m the only thing these filthy humans have for a home. (starts to grow angry) I’m irreplaceable! What other planet can take you in and take care of you like I can? Yeah I thought so none of them. I’m being taken advantage of every second of the day. These filthy heathens are either littering their cans, paper bags, or they’re releasing CO2 driving their cars and their buses. I mean c’mon show some respect! 4.6 billion years. 4.6 billion years I’ve supported every species that ever existed on this planet and I’ve always been happy to help. Giving them the gift of life, the ability to grow and prosper and this is how you repay me!? I’ve watched the human’s grow and evolve from apes to the prime human race. I’ve let you all live here on me for free and have never asked for anything in return. (in a heartbroken voice) Until now. I’ve been slowly killed off for years now and now the only thing I ask is that you repay me by not building this keystone pipeline. Do you not appreciate me? By building this pipeline the leaks will damage my clean waters, and infect my airs with dirty tar sand oils. I pray the humans learn the mistakes of their ways and start to appreciate what they have before it’s gone. Before we’re all gone. We only have but so much longer to live. All of you already leaked in my fresh waters before. Here’s some numbers for you BP leaked 3,850 square miles worth of oil and 4,768 animals were also killed in the spill. If we continue on the same path that we are headed down, no one will be able to survive and breathe this air we have been polluting for so long. I sometimes ask myself, how are these humans still living on earth? I’ve been trying to keep things on earth better for humans well being for 4,600,000,000 years. And I feel like by polluting the air and building this new pipeline that runs from Canada through Texas will only make things worse for everyone. It won’t be easy for me or them to stay healthy.(Deep breath)  But what can I do? I’ve tried everything possible. You know the difference between right and wrong but when it’s comes down to it, it’s on you humans to step up and change the outcome this world will have.

                                              Am I the right president for america?

As I sit at my desk I think to myself, am I really the right president for this term? Am I prepared to lead this country another four years? There’s so much pressure on me. I have to appeal to the american citizens and show them that I’m the man with the plan. Time for change. It’s time for change. I’ve been extreme progress for four years now, and the republicans still don’t give me the credit I deserve on helping the economy and health care. Can I make a difference for four more years as president?
(takes deep breath) There’s a controversy going around the world about this keystone pipeline plan that wants to be built for oil to travel faster throughout the United States. The pipeline is 1700 miles from Canada to Texas. It has some great positives and some devastating cons. This pipeline will create 20,00 jobs for the unemployed, but it was also destroy the environment. The pipeline will create more ghastly greenhouse gases but safer and more efficient way to transport oil throughout out the United States. But also the economy is already in debt and this pipeline will cost 7 billion dollars to build. But then again it provides a lot of cheap abundant energy for Americans. As the president, I have to make a very tough decision on whether or not to approve this pipeline from being built. Will this be the right choice for families all around america? They depend on me. It will help the economy everywhere but what about those people whose homes run near the pipeline. It’s almost guaranteed to have a leak and ruin the soil. When the soil is ruined there will be no way for those inhabitants to grow their crops. It’s up to me to make the right choice, but what if I end up making the wrong one? (takes another deep breath) I guess only time can tell.

Appendix: The pipeline would carry oil throughout the U.S from Canada to Texas (1700 miles). Also the pipeline would cost 7 billion dollars, but it would carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day and it would create thousands of jobs. It’s way cheaper than getting oil from foreign countries when we can get it from an ally. The oil that’s being transported is extremely dirty, it called tar sands oil. The pipeline has a good chance of leaking and having an oil spill. If that happens it will damage the environment.

"Polar Bears International." Polar Bears International. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.
Jackson, David. "Obama Faces Dem Pressure over Keystone Pipeline." USA Today. Gannett, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

"Global Warming : Feature Articles." Global Warming : Feature Articles. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

Monologue #1

Monologue #2

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Pipeline Monologue Project

The Keystone Pipeline XL is the idea of building a pipeline that will transport tar sand oil from Canada to Texas. The idea is to switch from oil to tar sand because it is cheaper, and more abundant. Two of my monologues are against this pipeline. One is Earth talking to Jupiter about his feelings of this, and the second is a woman speaking to her therapist about the death of her husband from an oil spill. The third monologue is a pipeline company owner trying to convince Obama to agree on this, this is for the Keystone Pipeline. To this day, Obama has approved parts of the project and turned down others. There is still a debate going on, and still a conclusion to be found. I learned that America is trying to find ways to help the environment and find other options for energy but while doing that they're destroying what is left of our environment. 

                                             One day

 (Earth talking to Jupiter while sitting in outer space) 

I just don’t understand why they’d agree... No, you don’t get it, you don’t have people living on you. You’re Jupiter! You don’t have people walking all over you, and taking advantage of you. Why would they think about destroying me by building this Keystone pipeline. (Hold out pipeline) My environment is falling apart. The  water quality not only posseses supply problems for our population, but also has a huge, impact on marine life, and my resources.  How do they not understand that this is game over for me? Tar Sand Oil are already Canada’s largest source of CO2 emissions... Yes, I understand that this could save America’s economy, but America just doesn’t live on me. I have 7 other continents than North America... No, you don’t understand, I have a human population to take care of, to make sure they have a home... No, listen, I know that the prices for oil would be very low everywhere, but is that worth it to lose water, and maybe even your home? (Shakes head and turns to the polluted oceans/water lakes)Tar sand equals water population. 3 million gallons of toxic already are covered in my pools of earth. Humans need to change their mind set before it’s too late. (Pan over every continent one by one) One day they will not survive if they tear me apart, they need me. One day everything they have, what they wear, what they eat will be gone. If they don’t change how they see the world, and think of their future, if they don’t stop worrying money and being superior with power, then they will not survive. One day, if they stick to their egocentric mind, than they will be gone before they have the chance to destroy me. One day, starts today. 

                                              I'm not the crazy one
(50 year old woman sitting in chair facing screen, talking to therapist about the death of her husband.)

It’s pathetic, I can’t even watch the news without thinking of him. I hear “Keystone Pipeline debate today” or “US signed off to start building”, I can’t even watch the news.. Look at me, sitting here in a therpist office. (shake head, and get stern and firm, gets up off of couch) No, no it’s not pathetic. My hero. It’s been two years, but I know I’ll never be the same. It was a rainy day, and it was supposed to be me. I was supposed to drive to my sisters house to give her the kid’s birthday present. I wasn’t feeling well, so Jack went for me. He would do those type of things for anyone. People he didn’t even know, too. He was a man of many wonders, and had a weird way of looking at the world. (stay sentimental and start to cry) But I think that’s why I married him 30 years ago, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. We were so young, 19 actually, but I knew he was the only one of his kind, and boy, was I right. It shouldn’t have been him, if God had to pick someone, anyone he was the farthest on the list. But it was all chance. The God damn oil spill. OIL SPILL. (sits back down on couch and regroups) Come on Bella, get a grip of yourself. It was the oil spill of 2010. They were transporting oil from one company truck to the other and he had to be there at that very moment. The car had to swerve and had to hit the tree. I never really got a chance to say goodbye, I was asleep when he left. you know I look through these pictures and his smile could really change someone’s mood, brighten their day, and enlighten them. If there was never an oil spill, i’d still be here with him. I wouldn’t be here talking you, a therapist. I’m not crazy, I’m not. I just... I can’t bring myself to do anything. Why on earth would they consider building a pipeline where the chances of an oil spill would be 73%? Why would they risk someone losing their life, or someone losing their husband. I would never wish this on anyone. If they continue building this pipeline, people will lose loved ones, their homes, their lives. And I know how that feels. It only hurts when you start pretending it doesn’t. Human made climate change, are people crazy? I shouldn’t be the one at the therapist, I’m not thinking of creating a fast and easy cheap way to end the process of “slowly” destroying our earth. It all about buiness, our economy and money. That’s all it’s ever about. Don’t you get it? If it wasn’t about that, he’d still be here.

                                              Chug Chug Choo Choo
(Jack John Green, sitting at desk with hands folded with stack of papers)

 (pointing towards the screen) Obama sir, this video message is coming from Jack John Green, the owner of the biggest pipeline company in this country. We’ve been waiting for a response and we’re need you to approve this. You need to understand that this will be a whole new world for America. You want to be re elected again? Do you want to win against Romney? Well Romney is aboard this train, and you sir, if you don’t get on then you can kiss presidency goodbye. (get hype by the end of this) Just listen, give me a minute of your time.The number of jobs that would be created is too much to turn down. The people of America are for this, whether they think it’s “morally” correct. If we went by what is right, we wouldn’t be half of what we are today. This is a no brainer. It would add more than 250,000 jobs for our economy, that’s 250,000 votes you’re missing. Environmentalists argue this is killing the environment but in fact, just one percent of one percent of the forest's 1.4 billion acres are used for tar sands production, (simmer down, and slowly say next part) Romney has an appropriate responce to this saying that “When someone says we want to bring in a pipeline that's going to create tens of thousands of jobs to bring oil in from Canada, how in the world could you say no?" Now that’s the type of person you want to run this country. I understand you said Hansen has said Keystone XL would be “game over for the planet because of the carbon footprint of the oilsands”. But, according to your own Administration's (pick up paper and point to it) well-to-wheels analysis of greenhouse gases, this oil has a lower carbon footprint than Venezuelan oil -- some of the heaviest oil in the world which we get from. You need to pick up your pace and realize that America is hanging on a thin thread. You’re not just signing off oil, or a better economy, but you’re agreeing and reassuring the people of America that we will stand against terrorism, threats, other countries, and enemies, that we are one. That united we stand, divided we fall. (throw papers and screen goes black)

                                    The Keystone Pipeline XL facts
7 million dollars would be spent to build this. (Fox news)
800,000 barrels a day (debatepedia)
United States proposed a statement saying no significant environmental problem (Fox news)
45 million Americans are on food stamps, more than 9 million are unemployed, this would create over 300,000 jobs (debatepedia)
Cheapest and fastest way to move oil is with a pipeline (state impact)
Running over biggest water source in the us (state impact)
• Would reduce 12-15% of consumption, of the $475 the Unites States use in a year (state impact)

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Kerpen, Phil. "Last chance for the Keystone Pipeline ." Fox News. N.p., 23 2012. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <>.

·Monitor, Christian Science. "How Much Would Keystone Pipeline Help US Consumers?" Msnbc Digital Network, 09 Mar. 2012. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

  "Six Reasons Keystone XL Was a Bad Deal All along." Fox News. FOX News Network, 18 Jan. 2012. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

 "Keystone Pipeline: How Many Jobs Really at Stake?" CBSNews. CBS Interactive, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <



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Keystone Monologue Project

​In my World History class, we were asked to create 3 monologues focused on the Keystone Pipeline and how it affected different people / environments. This pipeline will transfer crude oil across the united states from Alaska. What this will do is pollute our air, ruin our land, and soil much, much water. My first monologue is about a curious chimpmunk in a tree above the building of the pipeline. My second is about a police officer who decides that he needs to stand up for what he believes in, and my third one is about a small town farmer who's land is going to be destroyed because of the pipeline. I feel the most important one is the chimpunk, because it shows how this pipeline will affect other animals, causing many of them to loose their homes. I hope you enjoy! 

Monologue 1: Jacob The Baby Chipmunk
(Jacob is a baby chipmunk living in the trees above the construction site. He is unaware of what is happening and why.)

*Perched on chair, hands on cheeks*

When will this construction stop? All day long I hear these loud noises and they’re scaring mommy and daddy. Sister says not to worry, the colorful people with drums will save us. So far, they just sit around and refuse to move. I wonder why they’re doing that. Big scary cops try to pry them away, but they just scream and won't get up. I wonder if they’re glued to the ground...

Mr. Turtle told me they’re building a big giant scary pipe to carry gross oil for the humans to use. Why would they do that? They’re destroying my forest and draining the water hole. Are they thirsty? I would be willing to share with the men dressed in orange, but they’re too busy with the colorful people. All they do is fight and scream, I wonder if they’re hungry and grumpy. Mr. Owl told me that after it’s all done, we won't be able to grow any more food. The land will be something they called ‘infertile’. How do they know all of this? I’m just a little chipmunk in a big big world. Momma said the air will get all gross and we won’t be able to breathe it. Why would they do that?

*Peeks over chair as if looking down from a tree*

Right now I can see one colorful woman running around and screaming. She seems really upset. I should probably go try to calm her down.*Gets up and gasps*  Oh! Now a man in a blue suit is chasing her! I think she stole his berries. All of the colorful people are getting up now and going into a van but they’re being dragged and forced to. Why don’t they wanna go in? It looks nice and cool on this hot day. Ah, again with the loud noises! *Looks around frantically* Oh no, they’re tearing up my tree! Where’s momma?! I need to get out of here but I’m too afraid! Please Please go away! Go away!! Oh, I see a colorful woman escaped! She’s pointing at me and yelling something in human. Whatever she said made the men in orange stop. They look really mad. They threw her back into the van, and now they’re all looking at me. What did I do?! Why are they all leaving? She saved me! I can stay!

Monologue 2: Police officer John
(Standing with arms crossed at construction site, watching protesters as they refuse to move)

Some people ask me why I became a cop. My usual answer is  “to protect our public, of course”. But that’s not true. The real reason I became a cop is because my father made me. He was a cop, and wanted my whole family to follow in his footsteps. If I could go back in time, I would.

*Walks over to protesters, worries expression*
Hey! Hey you!
Get off there !
You’re going to get hurt !
*Walks away shaking head*
Damn kids. I agree with what they’re doing though. Stickin up for themselves and others. That’s good. Wish I could do that.
*Runs over and helps a man down from bulldozer*
Sir! Sir!
Stop that! If you fall, you’re going to get hurt and in trouble!
Gosh. Maybe if I acted more aggressive, they would stop. But I don’t have it in me. I have to think about my family. If I gave in and just agreed with them I’d lose my job. But then again..
This pipeline that they’re building could be even worse for my family than me loosing my job. I could always find a new one. But in this economy...
I’ve gone over the pros and cons numerous times. If this is something I feel passionate about, shouldn’t I stand up for it? Shouldn’t I make a difference too?
*Walks over to Chief*
Hey Chief can we talk?
Yeah, uh, I’m not standing guard anymore.
It means that I’m not stopping these hippies, er, activists. I agree with what they’re doing and I’m unable to stop them. If this means I lose my job, then  so be it.
I understand sir, I understand. This is something I feel strongly about.
Oh, wow, really?
You agree?! I mean, of course you agree sir.
Thank you sir. I’ll see you in the station tomorrow.
*Gets in police car and drives away into the sunset*
I can breathe easy now. I may only be one person, but I can still make a difference. I hope the other officers follow suit, if they’re not scared.

Monologue 3: Farmer Sean

(Ignorant small town farmer whose being affected by pipeline)
(Slouching on couch with beer in hand)

What am I supposed to do about this damn shit? Damn politicians thinkin’ they run this country. Well, they do, but I still don’t like ‘em! Talkin all their big talk, runinin’ our land. I hear em outside right now. They say I can’t be in my own house during construction.

*Screams out window to workers*
Bullshit ! I can be wherever I want! This is my land!
NO! I will not leave my house! I will not!
You think I care about that? Ha, fuck em!
*Goes and sits on couch, turns on tv*
Once they build this contraption, all our fresh air gonna be gone! The lil critters ain’t gonna have no water no more! All this land gonna be cut up and used, we can all say goodbye to fresh crops!
*Hears banging on door, gets up and grunts*
What does yall want now?!
Once again, NO!
*Sits down and ignores the continued banging, thinks to self*
If we all respected this earth we live on here, we wouldn’t have to be doin all this. I live here by myself and I’m perfectly fine! Raise all my own animals, grow all my own crops. Don’t gotta worry bout nothin. Simple livin. That’s what ‘mericas all about. Don’t need none of this big time construction.
*Cops break down door, grab him*
HEY! You can’t do that! Let me go!
*Gets put in cop car, looks at his animals sadly*
I’m gonna miss all of yall.

Here's my video! 


-Pipeline Promised Jobs, but turns out those jobs would only last a few months per person

-Project wastes tons and tons of clean water

-In a few years, this will make our air practically un-breathable 

-Many people are loosing their homelands due to construction

-Farmlands will become infertile

-All the pollutants will cause tumors in animals that live near the pipeline


"Red State Ranchers Vs. the Pipeline." YES! Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2012. <>.

"Occupy & Crash Boehner's Office over Backroom Attempt to Revive Keystone XL." Tar Sands Action. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2012. <>.

"Friends of the Earth." Friends of the Earth. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2012. <>.

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The Keystone Pipeline Monologue Project

​intro : 
For this project we first watched a video that people  made to inform us what this Keystone pipeline project was. After we watched the videos we had a feeling of what it was all about so we got more information about it by looking it up. My first  monologue was about a young lady named Betty who lives in Oklahoma and is forced to work onto the Keystone Pipeline because she is jobless and needs to pay her bills. The Keystone pipeline puts people in different positons. For instance Betty does not support the Keystone idea because it raise global warming ,but someone like Mitt Romney wants to build it because it can increase jobs. With this topic you really have mixed emotions because you want people to get jobs but we will have to suffer in the end.

- can create more jobs :) 
-can increase global warming :( 
- when global warming increases animals such as penguins are in danger. :(
-  increase in pollution :(
- the oil can spill :( 
- Romney supports the keystone pipeline
KEITH, TAMARA. "Just How Many Jobs Would The Keystone Pipeline Create?." ©2012 NPR, 14 2011. Web. 18 Oct 2012.

"Keystone XL pipeline." friends of the earth, n.d. Web. 18 Oct 2012.

Minicucci, Daniela . "Pros and cons of the Keystone XL pipeline project Read it on Global News: Global News | Pros and cons of the Keystone XL pipeline project ." and cons of the keystone xl pipeline project/6442489765/story.html. © Global News. A division of Shaw Media Inc., 2012. Read it on Global News: Global News | Pros and cons of the Keystone XL pipeline project , november 6 2011. Web. 18 Oct 2012.


(slams newspaper down)
I’m so tired of looking at this newspaper everyday. I applied to many job for a long time and
nothing ever comes through!

Oh Hey, what’s this “ New job opportunity working for the Keystone Pipeline , call 405-346-7856 today!”
phone rings)
Hello? This is she … oh hey James.
Yes i know i’m five months behind on my rent. I swear when I get the money, I will give it to you, you know I lost my job , come on “brother” help a sister out. Okay James i’m going to  have your money. (hangs up the phone)
Oh gosh , I gotta find work asap , I can’t afford to lose this place.
(google’s keystone pipeline)
I can’t believe they are going to build this thing ; its bad for the enviroment , but then again I do need a job but do i wanna take a job that I don’t even support ?, then again James called acting all crazy and if I don’t have his money he will put me out! I don’t know what to do ! This pipeline can ruin peoples homes, oil can spill and it will cause a lot of damage that my state doesn’t need right now. It seems like it pays good money, I need this job badly ,
(sighs) I gotta do what I gotta do.  What’s that number again?

i hate humans!

Flipper the penguin:
(stands up on a chair)
I hate humans! They get on my damn nerves. They don’t care nothing about us, they just care about themselves. They don’t care if we live or not. They only think of themselves. Humans are disgusting I hate everything about them. All they think about is money and power! Your probably wondering why were having this assembly about humans , well there trying to kill us!because of these fucking humans the glaciers are melting. why ? because of global warming! My time and yours is limited on this here earth!  
(gets down from chair , stands up)
How are we suppose to survive in hot weather!?W
e CAN’T !! (get mad ,your in rage) for god sake we are penguins! We belong in the cold! Antarctica is my home! If the ice caps melt, my life is in danger and so is yours! my dad told me the humans are trying to build this thingy called the Keystone Pipeline.The Keystone Pipeline is a  pipeline system that  transports oil from Canada to Illinois and Oklahoma, this pipeline is going to kill us! why ? because of all that pollution it will cause This pipeline can … stretch that it WILL increase global warming! And do we need that!? No! live your life well! live it up because soon we will all die, all  because of those damn humans! I HATE HUMANS!

i’m not selling!
(turns channel on tv)
There’s never nothing on this damn tv. I guess i’ll watch family feud. Twice? It’s 10 times you idiot , people don’t know what to say on tv these days.
(knock on door). Who is ? who ?! Keystone .. what !? no I don’t want to damn health insurance ( opens door) ohhhhh the people from the Keystone pipeline , speak up I thought you said Keystone Mercy , you know that dern health insurance who won’t pay for my freaking meds , but anyway come in , sit down. Let me put my dentures in. ( puts dentures in ) Now you fellas say yall got to talk to me? what for? huh ? wait a min. I forgot to put in my hearing-aids. (puts in hearing aids).  Now talk. You want to do what ! Do you know how long i lived in this house !? (yells) do you!? 70 years I been living here , and now you bastards want to tear it down to build this thing called the Keystone Pipeline. what the hell is that anyway? a pipe that transfer oil ? Don’t you know this could ruin the environment you ass. Your trying to pay me to sell?! I be damned if I sell my house so you can build this thing , I dont care if I can get free beer for a year i’m not selling! This house is everything to me and yall just trying to tear it down to build a pipeline that can increase . . damn whats its called .. uhhh global something … global warming there we go. Yall money hungry people just care about yourselves. Well i’m not selling ! and thats final! Now get the hell out! But nothing , I told you i’m not selling my house now leave ! (slams doors). (talking to self) They really thought i was going to sell my house , so they could build this pipeline , that can pollute my air, and harm others. stupid people. (contuines to watch family feud) it’s car you dummy.
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The Pipeline Monologue Project

For this project, my assignment was to create a monologue that states whether the person you’re playing is for or against the Keystone XL pipeline. But before we was assigned this I had to research the pipeline and discover what it was and what the pros and cons of it. My monologue was how God didn’t want the pipeline to take place for reason that it will destroy his creation and also harm the water supply and nature altogether. As I looked farther into the details of it I learned that a lot of people went to jail to prevent this pipeline from being built for good reasons but also it will be good for our economy as well.


This damn bulldozer is so loud I can’t hear myself think but I don’t care. At least I have a job now. “What about the environment? What about the environment?” They scream. Who cares? Creating this pipeline is opening 100,000 jobs. So why are you complaining? This will get you off your lazy asses and getting you to work. You won’t be act like this when you have money in your pocket.

Wait. Don’t get me wrong I care about the Earth and all but I need the money too. I know if I help create this pipeline not only will I destroy the Earth but I probably won’t have any friends left either. I know that it’ll also might cause climate change and damage our water supply but think about how much jobs will be available, the money that will be coming in, or maybe how rich the oil company will be.

You remember when Obama said he wanted to create more jobs? Well here’s his chance. What the hell is he waiting for? There’s people sitting home doing absolutely nothing but watching television and collecting welfare and food stamp. I know I use to be one of them people but there’s three types of people who do that. There’s the people who is looking for a job but not having success finding one, there’s the people who have been injured and can’t work, and finally I the people who is capable of working but is either too lazy to find a job or gave up on finding a job and decide to live off the government. Now see I’m the person who was looking for a job but couldn’t find one until now. If people did what I did (not give up so easily) then they would have a job. But no, they like staying home. In conclusion, if the stupid environmentalist sit there asses down and let the people who want a job help build the pipeline then there would be nothing to argue about. To help you think, my question is do you want to live in a world where everyone is naked?

Over 6,000 items, most of them are everyday used items are made from oil. So think about it. If we don’t create this pipeline to receive cheap, close oil then eventually you won’t have paint, trash bags, dishes, clothes, and lots more. I’m a not mad or angry or anything like that. I’m just trying to convince people that building this pipeline will be a good thing to do if we want to improve this economy. There are pros and cons are both important to this world. But be realistic, do you care about money more than the environment or the opposite?

God Dislikes the Pipeline:
Why?! Why would you want to destroy my creation?
It took me years to create a wonderful world like this and now you want to go and destroy it.
And the pools of my tears. What if the the black, liquid gold accidentally spills into my rivers,  my lakes, and my oceans?
Would it still be a good idea then?
The oil company and I is in the ring and I refuse to give up.
Money, money, money.
That’s all they think about.
(Calm down)
But they decide to look past the risk of climate change or the risk of our water supply.
My friends will lose their jobs too when this pipeline give off more greenhouse gases.
There’ll be more sun rays than that wonderful sign of Christmas.
The white soft diamond that keep you inside so you can drink that hot chocolate.
(Chuckle) But you’ll learn.
You’ll learn that this the worst idea America have ever thought off and I refuse to let this plan get put into work.
Not only are you disrespecting me by doing this, but you’re also disrespecting the people who don’t want the pipeline for the same reason I don’t.
So go ahead a try to build your little pipeline, but I promise you... (Pause) it won’t happen.

The Sister Phone Call:
(The phone rings and pick it up)
What's up girl, how you been? (Happy)
Really? Oh no she didn't. MMMM.
Oh I'm fine you know life is good and all but raising this teen is a pain in the ass.
Yes child. (Laugh)
So how's Texas?
Oh I know what you talking about. You talking about that uhh…. Keystone XL pipeline.
That’s going to make a huge affect on you ain’t it?
I understand but at least it’s going to create more jobs.
I know that it will have a big affect on the environment it’ll also have an affect on the unemployed people too. Is your husband still looking for a job?
(Get angry)
Pause. Nobody trying to be up in your business. I just asked that because this will give him a chance to bring home so bread and stop using food stamps.
Ok. I understand that it could be a good and bad affect on people.
Sure the pipeline might cause oil spills but it’ll also be cheap and closer too.
Maybe you’re right. Maybe the environment is more important than the oil but what about the things we use that have oil in it.
What you mean like what? Toothpaste, clothes, dishes, and others.
So to you these things aren’t important to you?
I’m not putting words in your mouth I just asked a question.
Well, I say if you don’t like it then move so you won’t be affected by it. To be honest I think we need this to happen.
Ok I know what you're saying but I still say we need the money and the jobs.
Alright, I got to go. I’m about to watch the debate and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.
Yea that one. So I’ll talk to you later.
I love you too Sis.
Bye (Hung up the phone)

Six Facts About Keystone XL Pipeline. It could:
  • Tar sand oil is from beneath Canada’s Boreal forest - Tar Sands

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The Pipeline Monologue Project

For this project it was first shown to us a couple videos that give us a brief summary of what the keystone pipeline was about. Then after it was instructed that we explore more about it ourselves, done our own research, wrote down some notes and interesting facts that we found out on a table and share/discuss it with the class. Once we all shared and gained a full understanding of what the keystone pipeline was about, its pros and cons, and the background of it our teacher decide it was time that we create our own monologue from three different perspectives of characters that have an involvement with the pipeline. If working alone we were to pick three different characters (it could be anything you wanted.. ex. a teacher Australia, student in Kansas, a beaver up on a tree..exc.) that we would want to write about. My choices was a man named Maxwell a construction worker working on the actual pipeline, an unemployed autistic male named Sammy trying to make a living in this world for him and his kid daughter Alice, and my last character is a teenage girl named Kelly Stone who's mother is an environmentalist working on protesting against the pipeline. While doing this project I learned about a pipeline that is acting happening right now and this pipeline can affect the lives of many people in many different ways and perspectives. I enjoyed exploring those many different ways.

Monologue #1: I could say yes or no.
(The scene is maxwell coming to work signing in, taking to his co-workers, drinking coffee, then getting right down to business) he has flashbacks about the nes he had watched earlier with his wife about the pipeline, did a little research on it himself...)
(sits inside the machine while having his right hand on the lever) 
What am I doing? This isn’t in my decision to make. I could chose to move my hand up or down, continue on with the construction for this pipeline or not, lose my job and suffer or fight for what’s right. Right. What is right in this? I need my job for I have a responsibility to my wife and my kids but doing this will also affect the lives of many people and some don’t even know it.
(talks with anger)
What angers me is the fact that the people doing this don’t even care! Money, Money, and more Money is probably all they think about. Heartless bastards and I’m forced to follow orders or else. Else..
Nicole my gorgeous wife is probably watching the news right now seeing the this bulldozer knowing that I’m in it and to my left seeing the bunch of protesters by the gate chanting, forcing the words, “End The pipeline now or that means game over for the ozone” into our heads until it might actually find its way down our throats convincing us that this is wrong!
Alisha is probably in class learning about this in history; embarrassed to have me as a father... and my son sean as little as he is doesn’t even understand what’s going on.
Oh man, this is overwhelming! One push or pull of my hand can do so much I’m not sure if I can.. If I can
(stops and looks out the window)
Yeah, I’m alright. Yeah I’ll get to it. I think I drank some bad milk.
(covers mouth and pretends to burp)
But alisha, sean, and nicole. My family is all I have and jeopardizing their future is not an option. The thoughts of the risks of destroying their future probably is my bad milk that I “drank”. Well my decision has been made. I’m left with no other choice.
(yells out the window)
Ok. Lets get to it guys.
(pushes the lever)

Monologue #2: Sammy

(The scene is Samuel at work and is soon called in my the boss and is fired. He’s laided off. sitting on the couch sees a picture of his daughter and tears of the changes of losing will bring. His daughter Alice’s works on her homework with the other neighbors kids and he sits on the couch depressed, watching tv.)

(sits down on the couch looking at his daughter’s picture)

Got the eyes of her mother and my smile. Why has it come to this? Why me? I did nothing wrong. I followed orders. It’s not what people say a piece of cake finding a job when your autistic.

(looks aways from frame)

Dr. Browne is the only one who understands me. Yet she promised if I just followed the rules and look like everybody else everything would be fine. I did that. I know I did that.

(look back at frame)

Alice is all I have and all I want is to make her happy. I love my little pumpkin pie too much. I remember finding her on my doorstep with the letter her mother left. Sound asleep looking like an angel sent from God. God. I been so good. Now what am I going to tell her when she comes home from the neighbors. Um.. Hey honey, daddy doesn’t have a job right now. He didn’t do anything bad, he just had to be let go for a while. But don’t worry sweetheart everything is going to be alright ok? No, she’s only 8 and she doesn’t deserve that.

(looks around)

This little apartment is our life. All of our memories all started by that door

(looks at the door and back to the picture)

but this picture … this picture was taken on her 5th birthday and I promised her that I’d be there if she ever needed anything and I can’t fail now.


But what am I going to do?

(covers face and soon flips channel)  

Oh. the news -.- the channel on tv where people sit and tell you where you’re living sucks! Tell me something I don’t know

(listens closely for he hears sirens)

Example A, police sirens.

(shakes his head and looks back to the tv for he hears a word that catches his attention)

.. What?

(turns up the volume)

Keystone creates new job! and may destroy.. Whoow wait a minute, wait a minute! Create new jobs? *takes phone & dials* Doctor! Doctor! Can you please turn your tv to channel 6. Yes. Can you explain to me what are they talking about? Something about more jobs? The keystone pipeline? What’s that? What?! create 20,000 jobs in the U.S?! Well Dr. thats, thats a big number! But what? Can hurt the environment? They’re debating about whether to approve it or not. But those job can help the people. What’s the environment without helping the people in it first?

(looks at the picture and sighs)

We’ll find a way.. I promise ..

(listens back to what Dr.Browne is saying)

(Check the bottom of the page for the video of this monologue.)

Monologue #3: A new connection
(the scene is kelly in her room and flips the channel to new where it is said that the pipeline is being done in the area where she lives and is interrupted by the sound of her mothers downstairs. her mother is speaking to her associates about the pipeline on the phone kelly sits on the stair well and silently listens on.)
(In her room laying down when she hears voices)
What’s going on? Sounds like a crisis that needs to be saved? Wait.. I’ve never heard my mother so loud...
(moves and coches down to the stairwell and listens closely)
Let’s see. Might have to move? What?! No!!
(whispers to herself)
Oh, crap! I’m caught. Uh, hi mom. How’s .. you know.. stuff..
Are you okay?
Yeah, I figured. What’s wrong? The keystone pipeline? A little bit. I know that its a pipeline and that it can help create new jobs but at the same time hurt the environment. Its sounds pretty cool but I know since there’s an environmental issue that’s a big No No from us.  Oh wow, destroy. well thats a big difference from hurt. Well how? Wait, wait mom you’re talking way too fast! So, the mining of tar sands will worsen global warming, more polluted air and water, poisoned ground, a terrible climate, and extraction of our resources? But wait, if you’re aware of these things I’m sure the government is too so why are they still making this pipeline? Money! Of course! Like any of the other decisions made by the government didn’t involve money. Said to make many new jobs in construction? But only to polluted and hurt the people more right? There’s more? They’re mining it here?  Houston, Texas? Is that what you meant by us might having to move if things don’t work out? But that can’t be! Its not fair! ..  Oh Lord.
(walks over to statue and cracks as she begins to talk)
Dad’s dream was for us to live in a place that we can call home and not have to move around like he had to when he was child. He died working for us to have the “American Dream”..
(she pauses as she takes one last look at the birthday present statue that was given to her from her father and speaks with more strength within her voice
And we cannot fail him now!
(sighs and looks back to her mother)
Mom, I know I’m not usually all about the environment and your actions to pursuit its safety but this is much bigger than I thought.. So what can I do to help?
Some cool interesting fact about this pipeline is that it
-can help create 20,000 new jobs in the U.S.
- create a terrible climate
- create more pollution
- the oil that is being transmitted into that pipeline is tar sand oil which is the dirtiest oil of them all
- the U.S. is getting the oil from "a friendly neighbor" (Canada)
- It will be "game over for the ozone" when/if it is completed
-can help the jobless and unemployed but destroy the environment.  

This is my bibliography

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538- 4321

      A large majority of the people believes that Obama will win around 300 electoral votes.
      Obama has a 60% chance to win the popular vote
      Ohio has a 41% chance on being the deciding vote in the election, and Obama currently has a 66% chance on winning that state
      The “Solid South” is appearing to become majorly Republican instead of it’s usual Democratic edge.
      Governor Romney has tied or even gained the lead on some of the polls on October 1 after trailing by 4 or 5 points, which apparently is the tell tale signs of a loss
      North Dakota, which is a predominantly white and conservative state is being won over by the Democrats, which has only been done 5 times out of 30 previous occurrences.
     I’ve seen many pieces of evidence that show Obama winning in a landslide, and others where Romney is right on his tail. The Electoral Vote Distribution chart for example shows that Obama has the greatest chance to win over 300 electoral college votes, which is more than enough to win, but the latest polls have Obama winning only by 1%
 Although Republicans have made modest gains in a few Senate races, the polls have been poor for them on the whole.” I don’t know if that’s right or wrong because at the top, Obama has only a 1 percent lead.
Lately, the reoccurring theme is that more states are starting to lean towards Romney, but it’s weird that Obama is still averaging more of the popular vote. Maybe Romney is on a comeback, but then how is the electoral and popular vote so far apart?
 How much does the popular vote really matter if they are all after the electoral college votes?
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