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This was a very interesting project. The years I studied was 1950-2000. I was kind of shocked that there was no major pull factories besides immigrants being sold the American Dream thinking America will solve all their problems. The Pull factories was not so shocking. I knew the Korean war was defiantly to be one of them because that was an ugly war that left a lot of families broken. Then there was the cuban revolution that exile a lot of middle class families. Right around the time of the revolution a law has been passed granting people who is in the army, sick, or has been made to leave the country the opportunity to bring their families with them and make them citizen. This was a pull factor that I was shocked about because American government to me would want to keep immigrants out rather then let them come and bring their family.
The most obvious part of explaining my data would have to be that around my time period is war and government issues. In the 1950's World War Two just ended our money was up and there was job opportunities. My time period was after the wars and depression and women rights. 
When looking at the trend I can see the immigration rate going down. Technology is advancing which I can see they having a car human detector to detector if anyone is hiding. I can also see other places government  changing making it better for their people which will make them want to stay rather then leave. 
My group decided that we do not want to be standing and giving a boring presentation with reading so we gave summaries on the powerpoint then explain in greater detail so our audience will not be bored. We figured that the excel will be to confusing and a long powerpoint will be boring. Dealing with teenagers they prefer a quick visual powerpoint.
The most challenging part was one of my group member was slacking so we did not have an accurate idea on how good we were with our presentation. Its frustrating when a group member lie about the information and you have no idea rather or not your group is passing of failing because of the slack. Especially when they spend work period on other things besides their work.
If I had to do this project over I would add pictures and be more creative with my presentation. I feel that the information is dry and my audience will be sitting there half way listing because the information was not delivered right. 
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