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Media Fluency- My Slide Re-done

HWellner - My Slide Redux
Originally, my slide was very similar to this, but with a few differences. The text was slightly smaller, and dropped down farther, which I changed so that it would stand out more, and catch more attention, as the suggestions I received told me. It was also in a different font, Arial, which I changed to Lora because I felt it fit in with the image and background of the slide better. The word Legend was also that same font color, as well as not italicized. I changed this to make the word Legend stick out more, and show more importance and impact. The text is now bold to stick out more, and the text is slightly darker, to not blend with the sky or mountains, like the suggestions I received told me to. For the most part, this and the original are very similar, but there are minor changes that both my peers and I feel make the slide much better.
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Revised Slide

Untitled presentation (2)
I mostly got feedback concerning an imbalance of content on both sides of the slide.  Therefore, I added a tree so that both sides of the slide will be filled with an equal amount of content. The judges also gave me positive feedback, saying that the contrast between background and text color was nice.
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LaBrum, Harrison

I decided to create a slide that was completely antithetical to what's considered good design. Text is overlapping, images are stretched out of proportion; overall it's schizophrenic and disorderly. In reality this was born from my laziness and refusal to complete the assignment but I decided that I might as well turn it into a guide of What Not to do While Creating a Presentation. However I think this slide represents me in a much more personal and realistic way that any clean and simple one might. It's unorganized, has no linear thought process; it's just a collage of ideas, images and unfunny in-jokes. I like to think that last sentence properly describes me as well. One of the concepts that came to me while finishing this up was that a slide shouldn't just talk about or show who you are, it should be your parallel. It should be designed so that when it's being described, adjectives and ideas should be shared with it and you.

I also created a second slide. This was when I realized that this stuff is graded and i can't just turn in some sub par project and call it "muh artistic achievement". The second one was a parody of sort on the whole "inspirational image and SUPER DEEP QUOTE" style, but also holds a personal truth of mine.
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Lyle's Slide...

The only thing I was told to change was where my name was, because it was kind of hard to see, so I made it more visible. ​I put a box around my name, centered it, and then added a green highlight over it because it is a matching color to the sweater that one of the Backstreet Boys are wearing. 
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Sandra's slide

I changed the color and the spacing in my slide. I made a bright blue to contrast from the black and white setting because some one told me making a color pop would draw the eye even more. I also moved the picture farther to the right so it looks more like you see farther into the actual picture. 
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Jamie presentation #2

The reason I changed the things that I did was because I was told by my peers that there was clash between the pictures and the back round and so I changed the back round.  I included more pictures because I felt I did not have enough to talk about.  I made it symmetrical to show that they are all things that I enjoy and like.  Im in the middle of the slide to show that all the things relate to me.  For the music note I took out the picture of the Beatles because they play music and I felt that they fell into that caticory.   

Tech jamie presentation #2
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Revised Media Fluency #2

Untitled presentation (1)

​I changed my picture with a clearer one that still focused on the theme of my message. I made the picture take up the whole page and placed the quote on the bottom left corner of the page. I wanted the audience to focus more on the picture and then have their eyes drift toward the quote. I used the bolding technique from Zen. They said bolding can make the words pop off the page. I also want the viewers to be able to read the words easily. What I learned from this is that there are many different right and wrong ways to create a poser that is appealing to people and gets their message across at the same time. I also learned the many techniques that can make your poster or page more memorable and make the people remember the message that you were trying to get across.

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SLA Interview Weekend

​We look forward to meeting everyone for SLA's interview weekend. As a reminder perspective students must have signed up in advanced for an interview. All interviews are conducted at SLA Center City  at 55 N 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Remember your child must bring a project from 7th or 8th grade that they feel is a representation of their best work. Please be aware, if your child does not attend at their allotted time, we cannot reschedule interviews due to high demand. SLA does not have a parking lot, we recommend using public transportation whenever and wherever possible. 
There are pay lots and meters available near SLA but spaces are limited.

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that's me 2

So I change the anime girl into the anime artist, and make the letters bigger. Also, I made the background blue smaller. and I change the words to match up the "bad girl" more. 

Extra links:
Copy of Tech presentation try out 4
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William Figueiredo Slide!!!!!!

This is the slide i have made. I followed a few directions from some websites like One thing that this website thought me that i have changed was to never use italics, because if everything is emphithised nothing is. I have also followed a direction that states, texts are meant to be read, and it should never be smalled than 17px in heigh. Lastly this website have thought me that design should be simple and over-complicated is often a poor excuse for deth. 
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Saamir Slide Pt.2 Revised slide

This time I got a different picture for my background because the previous picture pixelated when it was my background and that would be a design flaw in my billboard. I also changed my logo so it could be transparent and not be out of place from the rest of my billboard and blend in more with my theme. I also rearranged where I put my basic title ¨Running Man¨ on the right side and put my logo on the left side to give my bilboard a better balance while still keeping it very simple, professional, and empowering. The main things I kept the same was my color scheme and my quote.
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Tech Slide 2.0

It's time for improvement! As you will notice I have stretched the Lamborghini to take up more of the slide. I aim for this car to attract eyes, as they do in real life. I also changed the background color to grey to allow the car and letters to stand out more. I also noticed that the misspelled fanatic and colorful letters took away from my main point I am attempting to communicate, so I just stuck with silver/white.
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Screenshot 2014-12-12 at 11.00.01 AM
What I learned since my first slide is that I slanted the words a bit too much! I also learned that if I continue to use this I will make great presentations and that my slides will get better each time I adjust. I have also learned that constructive critisism is an amazing! I kept my elemets in the slide. My slide was trying to potray doominance and put making a message  clear. 
I used the rule of thrids and big type and bold from I also used complementary colors at the advice of I also used some design tips from
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Media Fluency

On my edited slide I decided to have a 96 pt font to make the words ¨pop¨. The background I chose made more emphasis on the ¨good vibes¨. I kept it simple so it can be easy on the eyes. From my recent feedback, I was told to change everything. So, I did. When I think about it, my first slide was horrific. The triangle wasn't stretched out accordingly and the photos did not represent me. On Garr Reynolds' blog post he stated to use the color well. Certain colors evoke different emotions. So, the light warm colors will make the reader feel light-hearted.

Media Fluency (3)
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Revised Kenna Barrett

Kenna Slideshow (4)
I didn't really do much, what I did change was the size and orientation of the spotify logo. I increased the size of it to eliminate some negative space, and increased the size of the text to have a good ratio with the logo. Then I switched the words Concerts and Spotify because Concerts is longer than Spotify so it created an equallibrium.
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Me Magazine Slide: Redone Seyni Ndaw in Tech 9-016

tech  (1)
Most of the feedback I received on my slide was to include more content. I decided to keep the picture of myself to personalize it, and include and image of the phrase ¨AFROPUNK¨ instead of writing it in text. To give the slide balance, I duplicated the picture of myself and the AFROPUNK image and put them together on either side of the slide, leaving room in the middle. As before, the pink pastel matches the background of my picture and the text in the middle. And, seeing as I'm wearing black in my picture, the background of the AFROPUNK image fits. The phrase, ¨Societies' Beauty Standards (does not equal) Self Worth¨, reflects the content of my me magazine, which centered around my journey to self worth and battling insecurities due to societies' definition of beauty. This also connects back to the AFROPUNK image, seeing as AFROPUNK is a movement for black people coming to terms with their own beauty and self worth despite what society tells us.
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Tamir Harper

I personally choose the design concept of my presentation is to show my life as I get older.  This slide gives a person from one hundred miles away see the message i'm trying to convey through pictures and words off a presentation/bill board. I also completed this slide the way I did so that It shows the lesson I have learned about billboards and bleeding photos. It also shows my mental knowledge of how to create a Google presentation and a clearly viewed message. 

The second time around I used high contrasting color. The colors I used was bold and soft colors. I also made my letters stand out by making it a bigger font.  During the completion I used a normal font that everyone can read clearly.  Im also clearly show casing what the project is about. The colors I used made sure it stands out to the public. 

I created a slide and or billboard that you can see and get the message miles away. The video that we watched earlier this month class kinda tough me not to feel up the page completely of non-sense. The other information that I have researched also influenced my decision making of how to create a basic but amazing slide. On a link I have found they suggest that you do no hoard everything on my slide if its not necessary. I learned that using great graphics and wording is the way to go instead of words and everything everywhere.  

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New and Improved Slide (Gil Rosen)

NEW AND IMPROVED Computers are life
The resources I used about making this slide is Presentation Zen. I used that resource to make it nice and simple and let both the words and image pop out. What I changed from my previous slide is the wording I did. I made the message more simple and this way it made the words better too and let it pop out more than it was before. I moved image of the computer more to the middle so it was leaving a panel to the side and both sides are almost equal so it looks good that way. This whole experience helped me for future projects I might do here and if I become a graphic designer these were good tips.  

My Resource:
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Jojo's Slide Pt 2 :) :) ;)

​So for my new and improved slide, I made the background blue and green because they are my 2 favorite colors and they stand out really well and I think they clash together really well. I made the pictures black and white because it makes my background pop. Also, there are only little bit of pictures on this slide because I remembered that a picture can say a thousand words and each of my pictures have a lot to say. I made my text the way it is because I learned on that for good Slide-ology I can make my text big, get rid of some of the words, then make it bigger. I took the feed back I got from my peers and put it into my new slid by taking out a lot of pictures and making my slide more clear and focused so that my pictures are not distracting my viewers from seeing the main idea of my slide. 

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Hannah: Slide Part 2

Most of the people who I presented to mentioned the size of my text and pictures were small and difficult to read. I noticed I didn't space my side really neatly either. All the text was sort of in one section of the slide. So, I added a larger font and made the pictures bigger. I also tried to use up more space on the slide so it would still have negative space, but wouldn't be empty. 
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TOMMMY (slide-02)

As opposed to the first slide, I chose to make a more simple design, utilizing more negative space and less images. I wanted it to be simple to look at, notice the donkey, read the quote, and be done. Then you can turn your attention to me, the speaker. Like PresentationZen said, I want to have to be there for you to understand the slide.
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Part 2

Updated Tech Slide
​In my updated slide I tried to follow a lot of the suggestions that I received. I had a lot of feedback about fixing the edges on my image, getting rid of the excess black bordering the picture, so I cut it down a bit, so that those spots were no longer as disturbing. I positioned the image up a little higher like was suggested. I also increased the text size some and made the red text a little darker to better match the red in the picture. I visited as an extra resource in creating my slide. 
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