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La Casa de Quinn

A. Cliente: Quinn



Nuestro cliente, Quinn, es catorce años. Le gusta ver la tele, leer, y jugar videojuegos. Quiere dos  habitaciones.Tiene mascota un perro. Prefiere la casa cerca de un parque y el transporte público . Pedidos especiales para su casa tiene un grande biblioteca y un oficina privado.

B. Descripción de Casa:

Esta casa está cerca las montanas . Está cerca de un parque y el transporte público. Esta casa es enorme y moderna. Está lejos del centro comercial. Que tiene en jardín. Es muy vibrante y cerca la piscina en la casa. La casa tiene un blanco color.

  • Dos Habitaciones y es muy grande

  • Dos baños moderna con duchas es enormes

  • Dos dormitorios es espectacular y totalmente tiene espejas y camas es grande

  • El jardín es muy grande es cerca la cancha de tenis

  • La piscina es muy elegante y enorme pero está lejos las escaleras

  • La cocina tiene un lavaplatos, un fregadero, y la estufa

  • La biblioteca es cerca de oficina privado

  • la cancha de tenis está lejos de fútbol campo

  • El garaje es cerca de cueva de hombre

  • El jardín tiene un casa de perro     

Diseñado por: Grande Soñar Casa Empresa

Contactar Sianneh:

Contactar Ameena:

¡Gracias usted puedes contactar!

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“What class do we have next?” asked Reese.  Reese always forgets his schedule.  He likes to rely on his own thinking instead of “listening to a piece of paper”.

“History.” I replied.

“Oh, you mean naptime?!” replied Neil with a sarcastic tone.  Neil’s sarcasm in very important to our group’s dynamic.  It’s like how a clock’s gears turn; it’s a necessity for us.

“Essentially.” said Sam under a laugh that we all share together.

I enjoy this kind of sarcastic, humorous banter with my friends.  It always drives my mind away from all of worries.  I can always count on them to lift my spirits which is ironic since I’m the happy optimist in our group.  Their presence keep my mind off of what is truly bugging me: my family.

My parents always say to never keep secrets for they can destroy bonds that can never be mended.  Since that is a value in our house, we never lie to each other and always be perfectly honest with each other.  Sometimes, it can lead to hurt feelings and broken hearts but you get used to it after a while.

That is why I love my friends.  They are a second family to me and I can always trust them with anything.  As we walked down the hallway, we came across our mortal enemy and her henchmen acting like idiots; it’s the norm these days.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the lower-class beggars from the slums of Beverly Hills.” said Tina with a great amount of detest.

“Well if isn’t the bitch who thinks she’s entitled to everything.” I replied.  I try not to show emotion towards her comments to show her that she doesn’t get to me.

“Don’t be upset because I can afford it.  Daddy thought I deserved it.”  Even though my family is middle class, Tina thinks everyone who isn’t wealthy is poor.  I can’t imagine her attitude towards homeless people.

“I don’t think you should listen to everything your daddy says.” I replied.

“Like when he tells you you’re pretty!” said Sam with a devious smirk.

Sam’s comeback makes us and a surrounding crowd laugh uncontrollably and Tina walks away with a depressed look.  She knows not to have any interaction with Sam after what happened last year.  Tina was bullying another girl and Sam stepped in because she believes that nobody has the right to tease anyone for what they have or at all.  After she argued with Tina, she declared that she could do anything she pleases and continued to bullying the original girl.  She tried take her bag and Sam lost control.  I heard the words, “I’ll kill you, bitch!” followed by repeated slaps to Tina’s face and screaming. After the beating, Tina’s face was blood red and she had to go to the hospital.  Sam was suspended for a week but she thought it was worth it.  To finally put Tina in her place filled her with joy.  That is why I love Sam; she has spunk and morals unlike some people but what I really liked about her was that she had less compassion than the average girl.

When we get to History, I immediately feel a change in my persona since this is the “nap zone”.  It’s so boring that it makes watching paint dry or the grass grow more exciting.  Seriously, who’s bright idea was it to relive pass moments and compress it into a core requirement to graduation?  Sounds like a placeholder for something else and for my sake it’s something better than learning about people who are dead and don’t know that we exist.

. . .

My friends and I always find ways to be together.  We love being alone together because we understand that we all wish for a non-judgmental atmosphere.  We eat alone together, study together and sit at the same tables during every class, well except for the teachers that like to break us up.  We even all get off at the same stop because we live in a Cul-De-Sac and we all are neighbors.  It’s pretty quiet most of the time but we always try to liven it up even if it means tagging a few houses.  

When I arrive home, my parents’ talking quiets down to a whisper.  I hate it when they do that.  What are they talking about that’s so important? And if it was so important for them to quiet down why can’t they be honest about it?  Isn’t that the core value of our home or have I been living a lie all of these years?  Good thing, it’s Friday because I can go upstairs and take a nap because homework is a Sunday problem.  

I fall down on my bed hard enough to bounce a few inches in the air.  I wrap myself in my sheets like a burrito and fall asleep and when I awake, my phone says 6:23pm.  My mom and dad call me and my two brothers down to the dining room.  My brothers and I are a set of triplets.  River is the oldest of us, while I am the middle child and Tyde is the youngest.  What I don’t understand is why they have names from nature while my name is ordinary: Quinn.  I understand that the myths about middle children are unnoticed are fact now, but seriously?  I didn’t think it would be this bad.

When we all sit down at the table, my parents look worried about something.  Maybe what they’re about t tell us is going to change our lives forever.  I hope not because I am in a happy place right now.  I am about to graduate in a few months and go off to University of Richmond next fall.

“How are you kids?” asked my father with concern.

“I’m ok but I’d be better if River would put the toilet seat down!” I say with a scornful look on my face.

“Why is it my responsibility to make sure that the bathroom is prepped to your liking?!” asked River with slight aggression.

“It’s your responsibility because every time I have gone to the bathroom after you, the toilet seat was up and I have fallen into the toilet!  Do you have any idea how disgusting that is!” I asked with fiery passion.

“Not my fault you have sit down just to pee.” said River.  He says it so quietly that I barely overhear him and slap him in the face.  Surprised that I reacted so violently, he feels his face, feels the sting and heat of the slap and gets angry.  He practically  throws his chair out of the way to lunge at me but Tyde stops him in the nick of time.  Tyde has always been my favorite of the two, he isn’t much of talker but he will always have more maturity and integrity than River.

“What are you doing?!” said Tyde.  I can tell that he was slightly angry by the furrowing of brows and the look he was giving River.

“Did you not just see what happened?” said River.  He was confused that Tyde jumped up so quickly to protect me.  I have never had any physical altercations with my siblings but Tyde and River used to fight a lot when they were younger and Tyde would always easily overpower him.

“Dude, chill. When are gonna grow up?”

“Are you serious?!”

“I’m not smiling am I? She’s your sister, do not put your hands on her or I will hurt you. Understand?”


The bleakness and seriousness in Tyde’s tone is normal but it was never like this before.  I thank him for saving me but I’m worried that Tyde will do something that he won’t regret but River will regret.

“Other than that situation, are you guys ok?” asked my father.

“Yeah.” replied River, Tyde and myself.

“Good because we have something very important to tell you.” said my father.

“You guys know we love you right?” said my mother.

“Yeah.” we all replied.

“But we haven’t always been completely honest with you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Tyde.  He usually can keep an emotionless face but the tension in this conversation gives him a look of worry.

“We are a part of a secret race that have special abilities that we are born with because of our genetic makeup.  The name that society use to describe us is “EnerGenes”.” said my father.  We all look at each other with saying anything because we couldn’t believe what we just heard.

“Why is our race secret?” I asked.

“Because, we have tried to make peace with humans but they usually fear things that are new or different and our kind qualifies.” replied my father.

“Are you an EnerGene Dad?” asked Tyde.


“Why did you decide until now to keep it a secret?” asked Tyde.

“Because this is the time of maturity when your powers will start to manifest.” said my mother.

“ basically we’re a bunch of freaks?!” asked River.  I can hear the sarcasm in the pacing of his voice.  His sarcasm in obvious in the highs and lows of his voice and his facial expressions.

“We are not freaks, our kind have been on this world before humans.  How dare you address this this way!” replied my father.  He never shouts but whenever he does, he’s always talking or scolding River only.

“What did you expect?! We’re about to start living our own lives, we’re going to college and beyond and then you tell us about our heritage that could ostracize us from society?! Man, this is some old bullshit!” replied River.  After that, he walks out of the house mad that he now may potentially won’t have a future.

“Ugh. What do we even bother talking to him?” asked my father.

“I stopped ages ago.” replied Tyde.

“Don’t worry Quinn.  You and Tyde haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary with your bodies have you?”

“Not that we know of, right Tyde?” I asked.

“Negative.” he replied.

“Ok, well since you guys have just been hit with this, why don’t you guys take it easy for the weekend?” asked my mother and my father agrees.

“Fine by me.” I said.  

“I’m cool with that.” said Tyde.

With that, we went into our rooms for the rest of the day.  I’m mad that my parents kept a secret from us because we were raised not to keep any from them.  I thought we were all supposed to live by that principle but I guess I was mistaken.  But what makes even more disgusted is the fact that River is being so selfish.  This is big change for everyone and he is behaving like a baby.  Whereas Tyde, he realizes this and does not want to cause our parents anymore strife because things are already complicated enough.  Supposedly, River is the oldest and Tyde is the youngest but from this scene, maybe their powers accidentally made them switch brains or something.  This needs to be further verified.  But since our powers haven’t manifested yet, maybe River was born to be an immature whiner and Tyde was born to a be a strong leader.  

I don’t know how I will function at school on Monday.  I don’t know if my powers are triggered by emotion, whatever they are, I don’t want to accidentally blast anyone by mistake, well maybe except for Tina.  Mom and Dad never said that I couldn’t tell anyone but even still, I think it was implied in the conversation about the conflict between humans and EnerGenes.  The worst part about the whole thing is that I can’t tell my friends.  My dear, dear friends that I have known since middle school cannot know who I truly am and that makes me sad.  I unintentionally squeeze out tears into my pillow, stifling my sobs.

. . .

It’s been two weeks since my parents revealed their secret to me and my siblings.  I haven’t felt like myself lately.  Knowing that I have had more power than I realized all these years makes me feel uneasy.  I feel like my secret is so obvious that everyone can see it.  It makes me feel like an outsider.  I’ve never felt this way before and it’s definitely not a feeling that I want to get used to.  My friends have noticed that I have been acting differently and consistently try to check up on me.  Since I try to avoid them at school, afraid that I might hurt them without trying, they text me nonstop.  Reese texts me the most which is admirable but I can tell that he has a huge crush on me.

At lunch today, I sit at the table I share with my friends without realizing it.  I try to get up but they sit just in time and I don’t want to look like I abandoned them so I stay seated.

“Quinn, have you been feeling ok lately?” asked Reese.

“Yeah.  What’s makes you say that?” I asked.

“Well for starters, you’re eating your soup with a knife.” said Neil.  He chuckles slightly after but I know he means well.

“No wonder why I’m still hungry and the inside of my mouth is bleeding.” I say and I can’t help but laugh but I know that I can’t get comfortable.  I have to leave but I cannot come up with a legit excuse since we have all of classes together.  Instead, I reach into my pocket while they’re not looking and go to the ringtones menu on my phone and click one to make it seem like my parents were calling.

“Sorry guys but I have to answer this.  I’ll see you later.” I said.  Reese grabs my arm before I can get up from the table fully.

“Quinn, you know we’re here for you if you ever need us, right?” he says.  Sam and Neil nod in agreement.

“Yeah. Thanks.” I reply.  When he lets go, I quickly speed-walk out of the cafeteria.  My bland tone when I responded doesn’t make me sound to keen on the idea of them providing me with some type of closure.  I don’t want them to stop trying to help nor do I want to lose them but I can’t risk them finding out about me being an EnerGene.  I am so confused that I break down in the girls’ bathroom.  I guess I am crying so loud that someone comes in to check on me but luckily, it’s Sam. 

“You are definitely not ok.” she said.

“No I am, don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” I reply.

“You know you could never lie to me right?  I’ve known you since the fifth grade.  I know when something is bugging you and by the sound of your crying...something’s bugging you.”

“Listen I’m fine. Let’s just drop it ok?”  Before she can say anything else I leave.  Sam is extremely persistent and I knew that she wouldn’t budge until I finally spilled the beans.  It saddens me that I can’t tell her or any of my friends.  She’s the only girl in our group besides me and we have always been able to talk about anything even if we couldn’t tell Neil and Reese.

. . .

It’s been days since I had my conversation with Sam.  Things are already awkward between them and me and I don’t want to flare it up anymore.  I’m riding the bus home and my friends are sitting in our usual seats and since we’re the last ones to get off the bus at our stop, it feels weird to look in their direction.  I don’t want to come off as snobbish and rude so I pretend to do something on my phone.

When our stop comes, I quickly rush off of the bus with my friends right behind me.  While I’m walking, I lose sight of them and quietly think about them.  All the things that we’ve been through together was about to be thrown away and all because of my stupid heritage.  Just thinking about it gets me so worked up that I can’t control and a bright light beams from my fingers which causes a transformer to explode.  I stop it and just before anyone could look to see what happened, I run as fast as I can to my house and slam the door behind me.

Tyde greets me at the door but I’m so frantic that he has to drench me with a bucket of water.  He carries me up his room and questions me.

“Quinn, are you with me?” he asked.  Even though Tyde is younger than me he will always be a better older brother than River.

“I couldn’t control it! I didn’t mean to-” I replied but he interrupts me.

“What happened? Are you ok?”

“Yeah but the transformer...I accidentally shot it.”

“Did anyone see it?”

“No. I ran before anyone could see me at the scene.”

“Good.  We have to keep our EnerGene heritage a secret.  Let’s just keep this incident between us ok?”

“Ok. Thanks T.”

“You’re welcome.  I’m glad you at least have one brother you can count on.”

“You and me both.”  It’s a shame to say but it’s true.  I can’t trust River like I can trust Tyde.  And I definitely don’t have that type of relationship with River either.  We just aren’t compatible like me and Tyde are.  With Tyde’s soothing words, I go to my room, start my homework and go to sleep.  I don’t even want dinner and it’s times like these when I want to be by myself.  But something Tyde said doesn’t sit right with me.  Why do we have to keep our powers a secret?  What if we weren’t meant to live in hiding?  Maybe we all can live together in harmony but by the way things looked when I accidentally destroyed the pylon, there’s a very slim chance.

When I awake the next day, I feel like I shouldn’t go outside because of yesterday’s incident.  It’s as if people can point me out as the culprit from a mile away.  But I can’t stay cooped up in this house either so I get out of bed and go to the park.  I am sitting on the bench with my phone in my hands when my friends walk up to me.

“Hey Quinn.” said Reese.

“Hi guys.” I almost forgot that I’m supposed to be avoiding them to stop myself from hurting them by accident.  Before I let the conversation get too long, I’m going to have make up a fake excuse to leave.  I don’t want to but I have to limit their contact with me physically.

“How have you been lately?” asked Neil.  I have never seen nor heard him this serious before.  It’s surprising because he’s the snarky, sarcastic and prankster of our group and his seriousness is messing with our group dynamic.

“I’ve been ok but I gotta go.  My mom wants to take me shoe-shopping so I’ll see you guys later.” I say quickly getting up from the bench but this time Sam grabs me instead of Reese.

“Quinn, we know what happened?” she said.

“What are you talking about?”

“The pylon explosion?  We saw your powers.” said Reese.

“You’re an EnerGene, aren’t you?” asked Neil.

I already have my head down because I can’t bear to look at them.  Then the tears start rolling down my cheeks and my face turns red.  I start sobbing into my hands but Reese presses my face to his muscular chest, using his shirt to wipe the tears away.  I am so close to him, that I soon start smell his cologne.  The scent is familiar which makes me feel safe around him: sweet, fresh and clean.  They all soon start to embrace me and I finally feel the love I once had with them before I found out I was an EnerGene.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding us?” asked Sam.

“Yeah.  I don’t want to hurt you guys by accident.”  I replied.

“Yeah we saw what happened to the pylon.” said Neil.  We all laugh and I chuckle a little bit.  The sarcastic tone is back and his voice is normal again.  I’m glad this Neil is back but I never knew he had a serious bone in his body.

“If I did, I wouldn’t be able live with myself.”  I replied.  The thought of them being hurt or killed because I can’t control my powers makes me cry again and Reese pulls me to his chest again.

“Are you guys gonna tell everyone about my powers so they can call me a freak or turn me in to the police?” I ask them.

“No, Quinn, you’re our best friend and we’re work through this with you, together.” said Reese as he kisses my forehead.  Neil and Sam nod in agreement sealing our the deal on this agreement.

“I guess this is another adventure for us to embark.” said Sam as she smiled at me.

“Yeah.  We’re never going to leave your side Quinn, no matter how times we get zapped!” said Neil.  That actually makes me laugh uncontrollably, making me forget all of my worries.  I almost forgot how we used to act.  Always laughing, always happy no matter who saw us or said about us.  All we need is each other and we always have a great time together.

“We’re a team now.  Put your hand in if you’re in!” said Sam.  When she stretches her hand out, we all put our hands on top of hers.  We had a pact now and there’s no way it could be broken.

“Do you need some time alone?” asked Reese.

“I’ll catch with you guys later.” I replied with a smile.  Sam and Neil both walk away and Reese kisses me on my lips.  His lips are soft and warm against mine and after he leaves to catch up with Neil and Sam.  My cheeks are fire red and I am literally blushing at what just happened but I didn’t know if it was because my friends are so amazing that they accepted my heritage or that Reese actually kissed me.  I guess it’s both.


La Casa de Holly

Screenshot 2014-06-08 at 8.54.03 PM

Mi cliente nombre es Holly Dancy y ella es 22 años. Quiere ser un professora. Ella colores favoritos es amarillo y verde. Holly le gusta jugar básquetbol, voleibol, fútbol, y nadar. En su tiempo libre le gusta cocinar, leer, ver la tele y películas, pintar, y hacer arte y poesía. En el futuro, quiere dos niños y un esposo. No quiere un mascota.


La casa esta en Rabat, Morocco. La casa está cerca de la ciudad, muchas tiendas y supermercados. La casa está lejos de Filadelfia. La casa es mediana con uno piso. La casa es conveniente porque hay muchos cosas ella le gusta dentro. La casa es espectacular con un montón de árboles. La cocina es elegante y moderna con mucho ventanas enorme con vistas de piscina. La puerta en la cocina conduce a piscina grande con sillas a relajarse y leer. La comedor es muy simple pero es surprisingly bonito. Hay ventanas y mucho luz del sol. Tu y su familia comen en la sol. La dormitorio #1 es muy magnífica porque hay un baño ir con lo. El baño #1 es todo blanco con luz del sol y una ducha de lujo fuera.  Hay una oficina personal. Usted lata escriben poesía, trabajan, surfear la red, estudian, o ver la tele solo. La casa tiene dos dormitorios extra para niños o invitado. La casa tiene un garaje para carros. Este casa grandísimo es la casa de sus sueños y lo es de venta.

Contacto Me

Precio: $800,000

Agente: Tianna McNair

Contacto Numero: 215-888-CASA

Llamar ahora para descuento

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La Casa de Rifah!

Descripción de Rifah: Nuestro cliente, Rifah Islam, es muy divertida y baja. Le gusta tenis y correr . Tiene 15 anos. Ella vive en New york city. Ella tiene dos ninos. Le gusta escuchar musica y dormir.

Description de CASA:

Esta casa esta en Manhattan de New York. Esta cerca de la parque y centro comercial. Esta casa es media y moderna. Hay un piso en la casa y un jardín. Hay tres dormitorios y cocina grande.Hay balcon y muchos flores. Hay un biblioteca y tele grande.

1. La casa es largo y magnifica!
2. Cinco habitaciones y ventanas muy grande!
3. Un simple garaje y carro de lujo!
4. Un solo piso!
5. Un jardin grande y bonito!
6. La casa es muy sofisticada!
7. La casa es elegante!
8. La casa perfecta para todo el mundo!
9. Hay una biblioteca y cine!
10. Hay un increible balcon.
photo 1 (9)
photo 2 (12)
La Foto #1 
1. La Casa 
2. el habitacion #1 
3. el habitacion #2 
4. el comedor 
5. la cocina 
6.el cine 

La Foto #2
1. la biblioteca 
2. la sala 
3. el habitacion #3
4. la casa 
5. el piso 
6. el bano #1 

Desinado por Nyla Moore y Joaquin Thomas 

La Casa de Sus Sueños por Colin Pierce y Quinn Grzywinsky

Cliente:Owen for Spanish.jpg

Nuestro cliente es Owen Grzywinski. Tiene 18 años. Él es muy sociable y más o menos alto. Le gusta jugar videojuegos, leer libros, y a veces, escribir cuentos y poesías. También, le encanta su perro Zeus. El prefiere casas modernas y elegantes, en las montañas si es posible. Sus deportes favoritos son fútbol, frisbi y golf.

La Casa:

iBienvenidos cliente! La casa diseñamos es muy fabuloso. La casa es cerca de Los Angeles, en Pequeño Tujunga Canyon Carretera. Está cerca de La montaña Baldy.

La casa tiene dos pisos, siete cuartos en todo, y un balcón chévere. La mayoría de los cuartos tiene ventiladores. Primero en el piso uno, tú entrar en la casa a través de la sala. La sala es grande, y tiene una sofá azul, paredes azules, y un madera dura piso.

Los baños son medio, y tienen duchas, y los lavamanos también. El piso

La oficina es medio también, y hay un piano grande y una computadora por escribir. (El hombre llevando verde la ventana no es importa.) La manta es chévere, y la ventana con un agradable vista.

Hay un lavadero, pero cuidado, es muy despiramente. La cocina tiene una mesa con cuatro sillas y una nevera media. También tiene un bol de manzanas gratís.

El cuarto de los niños es largo, y hay juguetes y una litera. También tiene papel pintado

Finalmente, el dormitorio maestro es muy grande, y tiene una cama para dos personas, y una aparador alto de osos.

Teléfono: 1-800-COMPRAR

Diseñado por Colin y Quinn


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¡la casa de sus sueños!


Cliente: Brandon

  • Brandon tiene dos perros.

  • El es alto y delgado.

  • Brandon es comico y divertido.

  • El tiene ojo marrones.  

  • El es de Filadelfia, pero viven en las montañas

  • Tú gusta escuchar música


Brandons casa es en las montanas. Brandons casa es cerca de nada.  El quiere vivir lejos de todas las distracciones. La casa es en al campo y esta lejos todo. La casa es moderna y grande. !Es la casa de sus sueños y es de venta!

  • La casa tiene tres dormitorios. Uno es un principal dormitorio con un lujo baño.

  • La casa tiene un super moderna cine con grande sillas.

  • La casa tiene un nueva garaje. La garaje es grande.

  • La casa tiene un cancha de basquetbol.

  • La casa tiene un grande piscina con vistas de la monantas.

  • La casa tiene un bonito sala con acuario para el 20 pescado y dos enorme tele por los videojuegos.

  • La casa tiene un increíble cocina.

  • La casa tiene un elegante comedor con muchos ventanas.

  • La casa tiene azul pintar en muchos rooms.

  • Las guardarropas en las dormitorios es super grande. Nada en la casa es chiquito.
  • Casa con piscina.
  • La casa.jpg
  • El Cine

  • increíble cocina. 

  • Sala con acuario

Diseñado por Dejah y Stephen

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Casa De Soñar

Cliente:Keyaira Doughty


Nuestro cliente se llama Keyaira Doughty. Es muy bonita y inteligente. Tiene 18 años. Se quiere dos hijos. Le encanta natácion y cocinar. Su casa debería todo sueñas de.


-La casa es perfecto por Keyaira, es grande y esta cerca de una playa.

-La casa es en el suburbio en Malibu.

-La cocina es largo con dos neveras y un horno con una estufa y un microonda. Los gabinetes a lo largo de las paredes con un lavaplatos y un fregadero mediana.

-La sala se tiene un sofá grande que tiene la forma de un ‘L’ y es negro. Hay ventanas de las paredes. Un tele mediana en la pared.

-El baño se tiene un jacuzzi bañera mediana y un ducha grande con un puerta de vidrio. El piso se tiene baldosas de mármol. Hay dos lavamanos con encimeras de mármol y un espejo.

-El dormitorio principal es perfecto por Keyaira porque es largo y tiene un bano con un lavamanos, un espejo, un inodoro, y una ducha. El baño es pequeño. Su cuarto tiene un balcón.

-En la casa es dos cuartos de huéspedes.

-Hay un piscina.

-La casa es cerca de un banco, un supermercado, un centro comercial, y restaurantes.

-Hay cerca de un parque tambien.

Fotos De La Casa:

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 4.41.44 PM.png

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 4.44.40 PM.png

¡Es la Casa de Sus Sueños!

¡Es la Casa de Sus Sueños!

De Señorita Tea Corson y Señor Kevin Bowser

El Señor Lehmann

Nuestro cliente se nombre es El Señor Chris Lehmann. El Señor Lehmann tiene cuarenta tres años y vives en la Filadelfia. El Señor Lehmann es muy muy sociable, divertido, súper listo, y un increíblemente trabajar duro persona. En la Casa del Señor Lehmann tiene cinco niños y una esposa. La casa de sus es moderna y mediana. Algunos cosas sobre el Señor Lehmann es colores favoritos es azul y blanco, tiene dos carros, y el Señor Lehmann le encanta deportes. El Señor Lehmann es también el principal del escuela Science Leadership Academy.

Fotografia de la Casa

1. Frente de la Casa

2. Espalda de la Casa

3. Uno Piso: La sala con una sofá y la silla. Hay un puerto y dos carros garage.     También una la cocina

4. Dos Piso: Hay un techo con patio. También Dos habitaciones con uno baño

5. Tres piso: La maestro habitacion con baño. Tambien hay son escaleras

¡Es las casa de sus Sueños!

Esta casa de sueños del Señor Lehmann es en un centro comercial Filadelfia. Esta cerca de un parque, transporte público, un banco, unos museos, y las escuelas. Esta casa es mediana en tamaño pero ¡asombrosamente vibrante y moderna, es muy lindo! La Casa es muy fabuloso y divertida para por la familia de cinco.

¡La casa tiene TODO!

  • Cuatro habitaciones lindas

  • Tres pisos elegante

  • Dos baños y uno mitad baño mediana y moderno

  • Dos carro y muchas bicicletas garaje totalmente nuevo con mucho espacio

  • El techo y un patio con un montón de espacio y de lujo

  • Con visitas de La Ciudad espectacular, Filadelfia

Solo cuesta: $7500.00

Contacto: Kevin y Tea

Telefono :1-800-1TK-CASA


Space Cowboy

“Are we there yet, we’ve been flying for hours?” said Lando.

“Relax we’re almost there. We would’ve been there already, but someone blew out one of the engines making a trip to the other side of the solar system.” grumbled Jack.

Jumping of the couch Lando said, “You’re still holding that against me? I told you I thought the bounty was 100,000 woolongs not 1000. That decimal could’ve fooled anyone. “

Pinching his eyebrows Jack says, “A grown man can’t tell the difference between a comma and decimal,” Jack throws Lando his jacket, “come on we’re about to jump out of warp space.”

Jack and Lando jump out of warp space near the now inhabited Venus, they dock their ship, the Jukebox, in at Venus’ spaceship garage and take a shuttle down to one of Venus’ most popular casino, Heavy Hitters.

“Our target is here?” asked Lando.

Jack looks around surveying all the people and says, “Yea he should be, but this place is packed more than usual so we can’t just walk in guns blazing.”

Lando smirking says, “You know that’s not my style anyway let me see his picture again,". Jack pulls out his phone and shows Lando the hologram of their target. “What’s his bio?”

Jack says, “The guy were looking for is Micky Robinson, an ex-criminal who used to work for a small organized crime group known as Neptunes. Micky got caught selling one of the galaxy’s most dangerous  drug known as blue tomale. Once he got caught he spilled the beans about his organization to save his own skin. He alone was the cause for more than 15 members arrest. You could say that the Neptunes weren't too happy about that, hence that’s why we’re here.”

“I hate dealing with rats.”

“They really want this guy he's got 15 million woolong bounty on his head.  He's probably under witness protection so don’t do anything stupid when you see him. And make sure he's alive this time please.”

Lando nods and the two of them split up and begin their search. It took them no longer than 20 minutes to find their man. He finds Paul at a poker table drunk and boasting about his winnings.

Lando calls Jack and says, “I found our boy. I could see why they put a hit on his head.”

Jack says, “ Alright stay there I’ll be there in a sec.” Lando hangs up and walks over to the table and sits next to Paul.

Paul yells, “ We got new blood over here now things are getting interesting!”

Lando smiles and says, “ Things about to get a whole lot more interesting in just a minute. So Micky Robinson you come here often? Wouldn't mind spending the rest of my days hiding here.”

“H- how did you know my name?”

“Oh I wouldn't worry about that. Right now the only thing you need to worry about is coming with me, I have a few friends who would like to have a word with you.” Lando then taps his pistol against his groin. “ And don’t get any bright ideas either wouldn't want things to get messy.”

“Who was it, was it the Neptunes? If it was just kill me now I knew I couldn't run forever. At least I spent my last few days having fun. ”

“Oh well that’s the things I blow the bounty if I blow you away.”

Paul stares at Lando. Paul then flips the table on him and starts running. Lando gets the table off of him and starts chasing Paul.

Lando calls Jack and says, “He’s on the move you see him?”

Jack sees Paul running with Lando chasing him and says, “Yeah, gonna try and cut him off, don’t lose him” Jack tries to run ahead, but is slowed down by a crowd of gamblers.

“Where the hell are you I’m losing him?”

“He didn’t pick the most spacious area to get caught.”

“Hold on I got an idea.” Lando pulls out his gun and shoots it at the ceiling. Everyone in the casino starts running for the exit.

“What was tha… you know what I don’t even want to know I’m going out the back,” said Jack.

Paul is pushed and shoved by numerous people as he tries to make his way outside. Paul makes it outside and grabs a random woman running out the casino and pulls out a gun and puts it to her head.

Paul sees Lando and yells, “Leave me alone, let me walk away and she won’t get hurt!”

Lando stops and points his gun at Paul.

“Didn't you hear me leave me alone or else I’m gonna shoot this lady!”

“That would be a real shame, but I’m not part of a charity organization sorry lady today just isn't your lucky day.”

Woman flails and screams. “You son of a bitch! I hope you go to hell! Get this man off of me!”

Paul points the gun at Lando and yells, “You cowboy scu…”

Lando shoots Paul’s gun out of his hand and shoots Paul in the shoulder. Paul lets go of the woman to tend to his wound. Jack shows up mere seconds after the confrontation and handcuffs Paul. The woman asks, “What did he mean when he called you cowboy, who are you?”

Lando says, “Just a humble bounty hunter ma’am.”

Jack and Lando walk Paul to their ship. Once inside they tie Paul to a chair and tape his mouth and put him in the storage room. They power up their ship and type in the coordinates to Triton, one of Neptune’s moons, and take the warp gate.

Jack begins to cook food while Lando takes a shower. After thirty minutes they both sit down on the couch and eat.

“What you make this time big guy,” asks Lando

Jack says “Chicken stew, we’re kinda low on chicken so there isn’t as much in it as usual.”

“Uhh Jack, there is no chicken”

“Relax it still tastes the same.”

“I don’t think that a stew without chicken would qualify as chicken stew.”

“And why doesn't it.”

“Because there is no chicken!”

"Well we start to miss out on things when you're broke."

"What happened to the 1000 woolong reward we got for that last guy?"

"That's repair money for the warp drive you broke. Just relax, once we turn this guy in we'll have enough money for all the chicken you want."

“We better I’m tired of sitting around with nothing to eat.”

“One more thing I heard what you said back there about the lady did you really mean it, did you?”

Lando scratching his head replies, “Well to tell you the truth I really don’t know. You know we can’t waste our time with every single person that gets in the way. But then again I don’t like being the cause of an innocent person’s death. I usually don’t think about it.”

“I guess I can’t blame you. Next just don’t be so convincing you had me scared for a minute there.”

Lando laughs, “You think too much about the world. You gotta learn to just go with the flow with things. It’ll solve most of your problems,” he gets up pats Jack on the shoulder and asks, “How’s our plant doing?”

Jack says, “He’s in the storage room, he might need to use the bathroom. You think you can handle that?”

Lando walks towards the storage room says, “I was never good at changing diapers so don’t be upset if he’s messy.”

Lando walks in the storage room and finds Paul asleep. He taps Paul’s cheek and says, “Hey buddy time to wake up.”

Paul wakes up and tries to talk, “Mmmmm Mmmmm.”

“Hold on someone put tape on your mouth,” says Lando as he begins to rip the tape of Paul’s mouth.

Paul screams, “You better let me you bastard! I know people, people like you’ve never seen! These guys will flip your sh…”

Lando kicks Paul in the face and makes him fall on his side. “You know you talk too much Paul,” said Lando.

Paul spits out blood laughs, “You still don’t get it, you think a guy who snuffed out most of the Neptunes would go without protection. I got the galaxies finest witness protection program coming for you. You see it’s a policy that those under the program are required to have tracking devices put under their skin. Sure I lose some privacy, but it pays off when hot shots like you try to mess with a guy like me.”

“Like I said you talk too much,” said Lando as he kicks Paul in the face again.

Lando walks out the storage room and tells Jack the news, “We might have a small problem on our hands. Turns out our guy was really under witness protection and has been giving our position to these guys once he got on the ship.”

Jack sighs and says, "Damnit why can't we just get one easy job?"

"How long do you think we have before they get here."

"If they've been tracking him since we left then not that long. Go power up the Little Lady. We’re gonna wait for them at Jupiter.”

Lando nods his head runs towards his hangar gets in his ship and powers up the Little Lady.

Lando radios Jack and says, “I’m in, open the hangar doors.”

Jack replies, “I just picked up 3 ships on the scanner they’re coming out of warp.”

Three small fighter ships appear out of thin space and barrage the Jukebox with lasers. Jack trying to maneuver the Jukebox yells, “The Jukebox is taking hits you gotta get them off of me.”

“I’m on it,” says Lando as he positions the Little Lady behind one of the attackers and fires on the it. The pilot tries to maneuver his ship to dodge Lando’s attack, but is too late. He hits his fuel tank and the ship explodes. “I think that got their attention,” says Lando.

“Don’t get too excited, you got two on your tail,” says Jack.

“I’m going to have to get a little fancy with these guys. I’m gonna try and lure them to Ganymede you to the warp gate and get out of here and I’ll catch up.”

“That’s way too dangerous Ganymede is way too populated for you to have a dogfight on. Go to one of Jupiter’s uninhabited moons.”

“Too late already I’m too close to change moons now. Worry about our bounty and get to the warp gate now!”

“I’ll wait at Triton’s space station you better make it back.”

Lando laughs, “If I didn't know any better sounds like you’re gonna miss me.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself I just need you alive so you can pay me back the damage you did to my ship. So try not to get shot down.”

Jack takes the warp gate and starts his trip to triton. Lando and his 2 pursuers begin to enter Ganymede's atmosphere. One of his pursuers lines him up and makes an attempt to lock a missile on him. He maneuvers by turning off his engine and pulls up. He slows down dramatically causing both his pursuers to fly past him. He then flips the engine back on and lines up one of his pursuers and fires at his wing causing his plane to flip over and plummet to the moon’s surface. Lando attempts to do the same to the last pursuer, but he maneuvers just in time to dodge a fatal hit. Lando then dives down causing his last pursuer to get on his tail. He flies through one  Ganymede's canyon and shoots a missile at the top of the canyon. He then turns on the afterburners to dodge the falling debris, but his pursuer isn't so lucky and is crushed by the debris. Lando flies out the canyon and back into space and makes his trip Triton.

Jack jumps out of warp space and docks in at Triton’s space station. Jack then goes to the storage room to check on Paul and finds him crying.

Paul asks, “Why do you people do this.”

Jack shocked to see him crying says, “It’s a way of life. Don’t know what else I would do without it to tell you the truth.”

“That’s what I thought when I was part of the Neptunes. I had it all fast cars, nice clothes, the big house. Life was good, but then I met this woman about 7 years ago. It didn't make since she was different, she was innocent. She knew I was part of the Neptunes, but she never liked it when worked with them. She always begged for us to run off to some distant planet and get married. I wanted to, but I told her I couldn't. I didn't want them to find her through me so I told her to runoff on by herself.”

“So how’d you end up on Venus?”

“I found out she had a girl and that they were both on Mars. So I went there to see them. They both looked beautiful, but they were having money issues. I started dealing more and gave them almost all of it. I finally got caught and decided it was time to leave the Neptunes. I knew they weren’t going to just let me leave so I made a deal that if they let me go I’ll tell them everything I know about the Neptunes. A few of my good friends got locked up, but it was worth it. I was free and I went back to mars to go live with them. Only thing was she found a new man.”

“Wow did all that work just for her to turn around and marry a new guy.”

“She claims that I wasn't giving her enough money and that she needed him to help put food on the table. She wouldn't even let me see my daughter. So I went to Venus got drunk and decided to live the rest of my days being drunk and having fun.”

“That’s some heavy shit.”

Lando comes out of warp drive and beeps in on the radio, “I made it back how’s our plant doing.”

Jack walks to the bridge of the ship and opens the hangar door for Lando. “He’s doing alright. He uuhh told me some things kinda making second guess our decision.”

“Awww fuck he told you a sob story didn't he come on big guy don’t get soft on me. We went through a lot of trouble for this guy.”

“Ehhh I guess you’re right.”

Lando walks in and asks, “You ready.”

Jack nods.

“Alright then lets get our boy in.”

`Jack unties Paul from the chair and puts him in cuffs. Jack and Lando walk Paul off the Jukebox and take a shuttle Triton. It’s not long before their shuttle touches down.

Paul asks, “Before I die can I ask one favor?”

Jack says, “Sure what is it.”

“Can I call my daughter to see how’s she’s doing?”

Jack looks at Lando. Lando rolls his eyes and says, “Sure why not.”

He hands Paul his phone and dials the number for him. Lando and Jack wait outside the shuttle until Paul comes out.

Pauls says, “Thank you.”

Lando replies, “Time to cash you in.”

They walk to the Neptunes headquarters. One of the guards recognizes Paul and leads them to the main room.

“Mr. Corello your guest have arrived,” said the guard

The guard leaves and closes the door behind him. Corello turns around in his chair and says, “Gentlemen come in. You can call me  I see you found my old friend.”

Lando says, “Yea and we went through a lot of trouble to get him too.”

“I bet you did, but I assure you it was all worth it. 15 million woolong it was right?”


Corello walks over to Paul, pats him on the face and says, “And he seems to be alive and healthy. Very good I’ll have the money in your account right away.”

“Thanks. Let’s go Jack.”

“Oh no you can’t leave yet, you’re gonna miss the show. You see Paul here has done a horrible thing my organization and now he owes me a long and painful death.”

“Ehh I think I’ll pass. Not a fan of watching someone get tortured”

“Don’t like the sight of blood huh? Very well you two enjoy your trip and don’t spend the money all at once.

Lando and Jack turn around and begin to leave the room. Just as they get too the door Jack’s phone beeps.

Lando asks, “What is it?”

Jacks replies, “Got another bounty.”

“On who and how much.”

“It says 50 million woolong for leader of the Neptunes Joseph Corello, wanted dead or alive.”

Lando and Jack both turn around, pull out their pistols and point them at Corello.

Corello asks, “What the hell are you guys doing.”

“Someone just put a hefty bounty on your head and we’re about to take it,” says Lando

“You think my men are going to let you just walk out of here with me?”

“Of course not, but you’re lucky enough be wanted dead or alive.”

Jack says, “If you don’t mind Mr. Corello we’ll be taking Paul too.”

“What kind of people are you,” asks Corello.

“Just a couple of humble bounty hunters is all,” says Lando.

Only The Good Die Young

In the heart of Austin, Texas lies a rancher in the middle of the woods. Living in that rancher are Sara Jane and her fiancé Luke. The high school sweethearts have been together for over eight years and their love just grows stronger every day and is a constant reminder of what happiness is. Growing up in a small town has its perks. More freedom, less people, basically easy living. There wasn’t a store on every corner, downtown was really 10 miles away and you knew everyone by first name. They didn’t live a very lavish lifestyle. Sara Jane was born a preacher’s daughter.

She would attend church regularly and on her free time growing up would tend the horses at her mother’s ranch. Her parents had been married for many years and she wanted her love to be just like that. When she met Luke in high school it was love at first sight. He made her heart flutter. She knew there was no other person that would make her more happy than him.

One day, Luke finally came up to her and told her he liked her. Her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach and she tried to utter the simply words “me too.” He knew how she felt about him before she even opened her mouth. He just felt the connection between them. He knew they could make it work. Staring right into her eyes with her hands wrapped in his, he asks “Will you be my girlfriend?” She smiles back and replies “I’m glad you asked. Of course I will!”  They were inseparable. They literally spent every minute together. He would pick her up before school and drop her off after school. They would go out for dates, and talk on the phone for hours. Until one of their parents yelled “Off the phone lovebirds, school tomorrow.”  Each day would start and end the same. However, things weren’t always perfect for them. They went through their periods of ups and downs and childish breakups. But they always found their way back to each other. 

Sara wanted to pursue a career in medicine ever since her grandmother passed away because she wanted to stop everyone from going through what she went through. However, she needed to prove herself. She needed to get into the best college. She needed to show everyone that she was serious about this.

She was a straight A student in high school and had perfect attendance, however she was scared that she was making the wrong mistake going to medical school and becoming a nurse because she was breaking the mold of everything her family does. Being a preacher’s daughter and her mother working on a farm, a nurse really doesn’t match their lifestyles. 

However, she didn’t want that to stop her. During her first three years of medical school she continued to get straight A’s until the last year of college when she moved on her own and became distracted. That was quickly changed when she realized that she wanted to be better and just get her last year finished. 

She graduated from college with a 3.89 GPA and was immediately placed at the neighborhood hospital. She started at the bottom of the hospital scale cleaning bedpans and making sure that each patient had water and then worked her way up to being the head oncology nurse, using her degree to the fullest. Oncology was the department that she wanted to stay with because she wanted to see if there was a cure to these cancers that people dealt with everyday and that claimed so many lives. 

The more she worked around cancer patients the more she began to question the way things were and how they were supposed to be and why people had to die. “Why does cancer exist” she asked herself one day. It just happened to be that she was standing in front of one of her patients rooms and he overheard her. “I ask myself the same question everyday when I wake up in here” he responded to her. “Oh my goodness, Mr. Johnson. I am so sorry I didn’t know you heard me.” “It’s okay sweetie, just be careful with what you say sometimes.” Those words stuck in her head for days after that incident. Mr. Johnson died a few months later of colon cancer and those were the last words Sara ever heard from Mr. Johnson. 

Sara and Luke were the most perfect couple, the did everything together and lived such a happy life. He loved that she was a nurse and he was a lawyer and their schedules matched up perfectly. He would cook dinner for her every night. They would spend hours just talking and then fall asleep in each others arms. What Sara didn’t know was that Luke was holding something from her. Luke sat Sara down one night during dinner and had to tell her something. “Sara, I need to tell you that I have been hiding something from you for the last few weeks.” “Okay, what is it.” “I went to the doctors the other day and they told me I have liver cancer.” “Oh my god, please say you are kidding.” “Why would I kid about that Sara?” “I don’t know Luke, but I cannot handle this.” “Why did you hide it from me?” “I don’t know Sara, I didn’t know how to tell you.” For three days there was not a word uttered between them. Sara was hurting and Luke didn’t know how to help her through it. His health was declining and he needed treatment. Sara made sure that he had the care he needed but was scared to loose him. He was her everything. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew he couldn’t be strong. Sara knew she had to find a way to cure him before she lost him. She couldn’t handle it. She would go to work every day and in the medicine cabinet try to figure out what could go together to heal him. One day she thought that if she could find a way to mix the medicines together, how would she know if they worked. She would have to find people who were dying of cancer and try it on them. But that was wrong. How could she do that? How could she potentially kill people while trying to save them? It could work, but there was no guarantee. 

She couldn’t tell anyone of these plans. These thoughts she was having were evil, but she needed to be sure that she was doing everything that she could. She needed to know that she tried to cure him and that if she couldn’t that she did everything to try to help him. She needed to plan this out. She needed to figure out how she was going to test the medicine on those patients. She had an idea but she wasn’t sure. The only way she could do it was by using their Iv’s. But how would she mix the different medicines? She would have to find a room and do all of it, or could she do it at home? She found a room in the hospital that she could mix all the medicines and fill needles so that she could inject the patient’s Iv’s with while no one was looking. She would do this and test the patients progress over a few days. 

Luke continued to get worse. Her treatments with the patients were a win and loose situation because there were good days and bad days. There was no clear set cure yet, but she wasn’t going to stop. Not with Luke getting worse everyday. But time was getting short. Most of her patients were getting closer to dying and she wanted to save them and save Luke but she didn’t know how to. There had to be a perfect combination of medicines she just had to find it. She then began to start making different combinations with three or four medicines and finally she started to progress. But how could she treat Luke? He was in and out of the hospital as his condition worsens. She had to tell him.. But she doesn’t know how. She was going to write him a letter. She was going to tell him before it was too late. She was going to try her mixture and hope for the best. 

When she went to the hospital later that night she injected him with the treatment while no one was looking and hoped that he will begin to feel better. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Luke had a bad reaction to the mixture and whatever the hospital on him and later he lost his life.  However, she still had the letter she wrote him and was going to bury him with it. 

Dear Luke, 

I am writing you a letter to tell you something. I didn’t know how to tell you in person however I just need to get it out. I did something very bad and need you to forgive me. From when you were diagnosed with the cancer I spent my days thinking about ways to cure you. I worked at the hospital mixing medicines to cure the treatment and I used my patients as guinea pigs. I am so sorry. I didn’t want to loose you. I love you! 


Sara Jane

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¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

La casa es muy enorme, moderna y muy vibrante. La casa tiene tres pisos o más. La casa es en las afueras. Esta cerca de un parque, las escuelas, y un supermercado. Es lejos de el transporte público y museos. El jardín es muy bonita. El habitación increíblemente espacio. Una piscina grande con silla de playa cómodo. Hay un sala de juegos para los niños. El garaje es muy espacio para largo carros. ¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

Las fotos de la casa descripción:
Tapa izquiera- En el sótano, el centro de entretenimiento con televisión, cómodo sillas y sofás.
Tapa derecha- Dormitorio Principal con grande cama, enorme principal baño, etc.
Fondo left- Segundo piso de casa con piscina, sala, baños, garaje, patío, oficina, y muy.
Fondo right- La guardarropa es increíblemente espacio y bonita.


Q4 Art

As the school year comes to a close I can finally see how I've grown as an artist. Finally realizing that art is copying what exactly what you see it is individualizing the pieces I am are trying to recreate. Although I am not the best artist I am proud of my work because it is truly a reflection of me. 
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Quarter 4 ART- Julian Makarechi

My name is Julian Makarechi, and I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy. This year I decided to become a better artist by taking Ms. Hull's. In her class I am able to explore any different parts of art I wish to. So, I decided to create three major pieces. Each piece of art has multiple steps.This quarter I drew 3 cartoon characters. For each, there were three stages. First I drew it with pencil, then with sharpie, then with colored pencil and then with both sharpie and colored pencil. I drew Baby Donald Duck, Baby Daffy Duck, and Maggie Simpson . 

Here is a link to my work:

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This quarter I did some fantasy drawings such as the dragon. There were also a lot of drawings where we had to focus on line hatching and shading which I thought was a still a bit hard. And lastly, there was a lot of drawings where I had to examining and study different things, such as the nose or face. These were all quick sketches that still produced a great drawing.

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Art Q4 V-Z

This quarter I struggled the most. I thought senioritis hit me last quarter, but this quarter was truly a "struggle" I felt overwhelmed by all the work that was due and being the procrastinating person that I am I made it really hard on myself. I dont believe this is my best work but I do believe I put in 85% effort to say the least. I really wished I could of spent my time more productively.
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