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My new Slide :)

I changed my slide from a collage to a simple slide. The way I set it up is that the first thing you look at is my name.  Then you look at the music symbols around. I made my name purple so it could contrast from the black background. Then the pictures white so it could contrast too. 
New Tech Slide
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Blog Post 2 (YATW)

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.31.55 PMHello again, for those of you that have not read my blog post #1, my name is Marcus Cruz and I’m on a mission to help prevent young students from dropping out. In my first blog post I explored different things that those that have drooped out can do to get their life back together (you can view my blog post #1 by clicking here). However, my goal for this part of my project was to find the causes of dropping out and warn the youth. I think it is better that they are exposed to why these things happen and if they see it happening in their life, they will be prepared to handle it.
First I began by interviewing my cousin Andrew, he has graduated recently from El Centro de Estudiantes, a school for those who have dropped out to get the education. I started by asking him what was his life before he dropped out? He answered “It was good, I felt like that there was a lot of pressure, for me as a student to handle all the responsibility...” I then asked him, how did he handle this? He said “I ignored it, I turned away from it, I thought I ain’t need it...”
We next talked about how was his life after he was ‘done’ with school. He gave me one word description, “broke” saying that he had no income.
However, Andy was able get back to school with El Centro De Estudiantes, a program/school to get dropouts back to school. I was there at his graduation, I was able to see his able to see his satisfaction and pride when he had that diploma in his hand. I asked him at his graduation, “now that you have your diploma what do feel?”.  He responded “Way more confident, now that I’m educated, I think I ready to work in more sophisticated places.”
Second, I went to Julia De Bergos (a middle school) and spoke to up and coming 8th graders, we discussed why they feel that they dislike school. They told me that it’s boring and it’s hard. I continued forward with their opinions why they don’t like school. I asked them how can we eliminate these problems by fixing ourselves. That question had them stumped.
Thats a problem that a lot of students are facing, self evaluation and constructive criticism. If students were able to fix solutions they found in themselves, they would be able to focus on obtaining their education.
I came back a week later, I told them my opinion and we made a goal. We would see an improvement from their 2nd report card by using self evaluation and fixing problems they find in themselves.Now my next post will contain, the results of this little test. Until next blog post.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.45.26 PM
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Lizzie's New New Slide

​I made a few slight changes to my slide but not many. I changed the picture to a picture of just me as opposed to the picture of me and my friend because I thought there would be confusion with who "Lizzie" actually was. Plus, I made it bigger because I found it to be an important part of the slide but I didn't make the size of the actual slide. The reason for that was I didn't it to because less important by, quite literally fading into the background. I made my name a vibrant color so it would be the first thing you saw. Lastly, I faded the superhero music notes because they aren't really that important compared to the other components of the slide.  
New new slide
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Shaion's Slide

​I had to change my slide based on what my peer were criticized about. I wanted my name to stand out but not enough to distract people from the rest of my words. So I made them the same color but different fonts sizes. Another thing I did to make myself stand out was swap one of the photos in the background so that it was sure to stand out. I think I worked more on how to get things to stand out so I also pointed in the pictures.
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New New Slide !

I made this new slide because it looks better ! Its more simple than the collage I made the first time. The way the words have an affect it makes it pool and the picture fading makes you look at the name first. 
Chrissy - Imani

New Slide

​As you can see my slide is totally different from the very first one I did. In my first slide I did somewhat of a collage. As you can see now my slide is not a collage. Even though my name is not big as people told to make it bigger, but I wanted it like that. I'm saying that because look at the big baseball player. Now look at his arm with his glove in it. The glove is actually pointing at my name. This will catch everyones' eyes. So thats why I made my name in that size. I hope you guys are interested in my new and improved slide.
Slide 4

Platzer_Food Benchmark

​To make Latkes:

2 cups Grated Raw Potatoes with skin (round white or red)

2 T Whole Wheat Flour

2 Well Beaten Eggs

1 t Salt

1 t Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 425˚ F. Pour off dark water accumulated on top of grated potatoes. Add the ingredients and beat well. Heat pan with one tablespoon of olive oil. Spread oil thinly and spoon drop batter onto pan. Spread as thin as possibly and fry each side until nearly golden. Remove from pan and soak extra oil off cake with paper towels. Bake in oven for 10 minutes.


For this project, I chose to make potato pancakes, also called Latkes. They’re traditionally eaten during the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Because latkes are a little different depending on the country, I chose to use the Polish version. In my efforts to make a healthier version of that latke recipe, I made sure to keep my ingredients as whole as possible, like the potatoes, red instead of russet, and eggs. The cooking oil, salt, and sugar is processed. The whole wheat flour, which is substituting bleached while flour. is only a little processed, since it’s not shelled and bleached. When selecting the ingredients at the store, I went for the organics, especially the eggs. The salt, oil, sugar, flour, and potatoes were produced by lager manufacturers, like the Acme brand where the ingredients were purchased. If a person were to eat nothing but the latkes, health problems would certainly arise. It has all of the basic vitamins, proteins and fiber that the human body needs. The main problem is that one batch doesn’t have enough of everything to stave off malnutrition. In order to get all the essentials, one would then have to deal with obesity. Luckily, the ingredients aren’t all that regulated. Everything found in latkes are common staples of the Western Diet. The one ingredient that is a little special would be the eggs. They require special processing, shipping, and storage. They also need to be cooked in a certain way to prevent food-borne illnesses or food poisoning.

Self Reflection:

The problem with our food choices is related to a few things. The amount of money we have. Groceries needed to make fresh, healthy meals all week can cost $100 or more. Fast food is cheaper, especially with their dollar menus. Another issue is availability. While the nearest grocery store is about a mile or more away, fast food can be found right around the corner, especially in poor-income areas. Unhealthy food is everywhere, in corner and dollar stores, and much closer and cheaper then healthy foods. Yet another issue is motivation. Americans these days as a whole are lazy. Electronic addiction overrules the body’s basic needs, like exercise and nutrition. I would know, I am one of those people. 

Like many people in America, I find it easier to go out and grab some chicken, fries, and soda than cook for myself. If I want to make the food myself, which I have done before, it can eat up over an hour that I could be using to browse the internet, make progress in my favorite games, or chat with friends. While cooking for myself can be fun once in a while, it gets tiring and boring. Exercise is the same. It take time and dedication. It’s hard work. 

The worst part is that the only people who can fix this are the people themselves. Instead of driving to the nearest fast food restaurant they can walk there. Try cooking once or twice a week. Pick stairs over elevators. Get some friends together and go out. The government can’t make people to do so, and even if laws were made they’d be difficult to enforce. The only thing they can do to help is make healthy alternatives more readily available. This is what I learned this semester.

Food Rules Slide.001
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Media Fluency- Slide 2

On my first slide, I made a few minor mistakes. I did a collage format and had an idea to just put pictures everywhere. Then when I went over it, I realized that some pictures were over lapping others and they were not alined correctly. The edges of the pictures were not in contact with the other ones. That was all I would change if I redid the same slide over again. 
2nd Slide

Rburenstein Q2 Benchmark <3

For my project I thought that I was going to make kugel, but after realizing that I wouldn't be in class I decided to make matzo ball soup because it's more culturally relevant.


I have learned a lot of things in this food unit. I learned a lot about the diseases that unhealthy eating can cause, and what those diseases can do. I think the most interesting part of the unit was when looking at supermarkets. The graphs that showed the obesity percentages vs availability of supermarkets vs income and population density were very eye opening. At first I thought that it was strange that although there were more supermarkets in places where there were more supermarkets, more people were obese. Then I saw that these places also had a high population density, and they were usually on the lower end of the income bracket. I came to realize this is because there is also a lot more fast food in these areas. The fast food is much cheaper, but unhealthy to it makes sense that people of lower income would go here more than to supermarkets which are a lot more expensive. Something like this was shown when we watched "Food Inc." There was a family that just ate fast food because they didn't really know it was unhealthy, and it was so much easier to get. This showed a real like family that was in the situation that I couldn't really imagine. I have a supermarket .6 miles away from me, and that's almost exclusively where my family shops. This unit showed me how different eating conditions are available for other people, and how much it can effect lives. 

Recipe and Analysis:

Matzo ball Soup:

  • 2 (10 ounce) packages matzo crackers  - 877 calories. 0 fat. 

  • 1/2 cup butter - 814 calories. 809 fat

  • 6 eggs - 428 calories. - 268 fat

  • salt and pepper to taste - 0 calories

  • 3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley - 3 calories

  • 2 onions, minced - 0 calories 

  • 5 ounces matzo meal - 516 calories - 13 fat. 

  • 96 ounces chicken broth - 96 calories - 96 fat


Only three out of the eight ingredients are processed food, unless eggs are counted then it's four. The rest are mostly natural ingredients, or things that aren't processed. The nutritional information is shown above next to the ingredients to make the soup. Most of the calories are from the processed food, in fact the three processed ingredients have 80.7% of the calories in the whole mean. The butter is also the main contributor to the calories from fat. Almost all of the calories from butter are fat, making it the most fatty and unhealthy part of the meal. The natural ingredients of the food are much more healthy than the other parts, with eggs somewhat excluded. All the other ingredients have barely any calories, and almost none from fat. The chicken broth has the highest calorie to fat from calories ratio at 1:1, but it is still a very small amount. Eating Matzo ball soup every day wouldn't be unhealthy, but probably shouldn't be consumed every day. The butter in the soup is the most unhealthy part of the meal with all the fat it has, but it's not really enough to be harmful because one person wouldn't eat all of the soup made with this recipe.

Most of the food in this has probably been sent from somewhere else. Because this is a Jewish meal, some of the food has to be prepared specific ways, so it can't just be sent from anywhere or straight from where it was produced. Some has to be blessed by a rabbi, or kept from other ingredients. Most of the natural ingredients were probably not grown organically, or in the healthiest way possible. It's much more efficient for companies to mass produce the ingredients, so it more than likely came from large fields that were treated with chemicals or other things to make the food grow faster/taste better. 

The meal costs about $15 to buy all the ingredients, possibly a little more or less. This is a lot more expensive than most fast food. Most fast food is less than $5, and although the soup isn't for just one person, fast food would be more cost efficient. The items in this aren't really regulated. It's not very hard to buy any of the ingredients except for maybe kosher matzah because of the requirements for it to be kosher. The people that made money off of the meal are the supermarkets that sell the products, like Walmart and ACME. Also the places that supply the supermarkets with their products (the places where the things are made). There aren't many small corporations that would make money off of this, because most likely all of the ingredients come from places that mass produce the food. Walmart sells several of the ingredients, so they will be making money off of the sales for matzo ball soup. 

Walmart gets some of it's eggs from Sparboe Farms. Sparboe farms claims that it is "family owned since 1954". This might be true, but that doesn't really mean anything. A whole page of their website is devoted to being family owned, but that doesn't mean they're better than other companies. This just means that the family owns the company, and doesn't say anything about how the eggs are made, or who works for Sparboe. They also say that their chickens are "cage free". This is the same thing as free-range, which just means that the chickens have access to go outside. They could be allowed outside for only 1 minute a day, and have the space allowed as a 2x2 foot small cage. This, along with the "family owned" claim are both technically true, but are purposely misleading. The companies use the definitions to their advantage, making customers think that they are more person and animal friendly than they are in truth. 

Food rule:

food rule
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My NEW slide!!

My last slide was really random, and I didn't read up on what would make the eye follow the path I set out for it. Since my first slide was judged and graded, I completely changed its look, only transferring a few basic ideas. I didn't write so much on this one, I spaced the typing well, I made sure everything was lined up, and I added a colour scheme. Making the slide altogether easier and more pleasant to look at. 

For ANYONE that plans to make a slide for anything in the future, I suggest check out that will really lay out what you want to do. Also- don't crowed your slides.
bad ideas.