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Pipeline Monologue Project

Part 1: 

This unit we learned all about the Keystone XL Pipeline and we learned the pros and cons of it, regarding the environment, the people, and the economics. The pipeline is proposed to start in Hardisty, Alberta in Canada and will end around Steele City, Nebraska. It would transport about 830,000 barrels of Tar Sands oil a day. There are so many opinions out there surrounding this topic which we explored a lot of, and then they helped us write monologues about the pipeline project.

Part 2:

- It will be 1,179 miles long

(About The Project, TransCanada)

- Pipeline will have a diameter of 36 inches

(About The Project, TransCanada)

- The tar sands oil is under the very large Boreal forest in Alberta. 

(Keystone XL Pipeline, Friends of the Earth)

- it would result in climate-damaging emissions equal to putting more than 5.6 million new cars on the roads in the U.S.

(Keystone XL Pipeline, Friends of the Earth)

- It will require 9,000 American workers.

(Jobs and Economic Benefits, TransCanada)

Part 3:

Daddy’s Job

(Daughter is at school, Dad is picking her up.)

Bye, Samantha! Have a fun weekend! Hey Dad. Yeah, Mom took me to get my haircut on wednesday. Thanks. School was fun. Mmmhhm. What’s that smell? Is something wrong with the car? Oh. What do you even do at work? Well, then why does Mommy hate what you do so much? Why couldn’t you give it up for her? (Pause) Is it because of this nice car? (Pause) Ice cream? Um. No, I think I just wanna go home and play with Sandy. Grandma’s... again? I don’t wanna! (Whines) Why are there so many meetings? I never get to play with you anymore. Yeah, I like all my toys but I wanna play with you. A big project? What kind of project? Pipeline? What’s tha… 1000 miles!? Well, that does sound pretty important I guess. But I still don’t get why Mommy doesn’t like it. Is it cuz the smell. It is pretty gross. Do ya want me to ask her? I… oh sorry. Ok, well what time are you going to pick me up tonight? I’m sleeping over? I don’t have any clothes or pajamas! And I got school tomorrow! Can’t you just take a day off for once? (Whispers) Well is it really that important? (Pause) Oh, I didn’t say anything. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye Daddy. (Pause) Hi Grandma. Yeah, his dumb job. I know.

Family First

(Leaving house)

See ya later, honey! Bye kiddos! Love you, too. Yup, Daddy’s gonna bring in the big bucks! Haha! You guys be good to your Momma, alright. Ahh, ok.

(Walks out the door, walks to car) (Sighs)

(Arrives at work) Hey guys. What’s up? We going back to the James’ house today? Alright. What are we doing there, just putting down some sod right? (Sighs) Landscaping is hard work, men. Wish it paid a bit better though, am I right? (Pause) What about the Daytona’s? Wait, what? Why? Sold half their land? To who? What is TransCanada? A pipeline? Over a thousand miles?! That’s ridiculous! Are we really that desperate? What’s that gonna mean for all our customers? Anybody else sold their land? Really? Aw man. Wonder how much they gave ‘em for that piece of land. They wanna make a deal with me? They can have my 2x2 shed. Haha, yeah! Man, I really need this job though. Only source of income for my family. My wife got the kids to take care of while I’m gone and on top of that she’s thinking of going back to school! I need this! (Pause) Maybe this big old company will hire me. I’ll help with this pipeline thing! Destroying the environment? Oh, please! Isn’t everything doing that these days? I gotta keep my family alive. That’s more important to me! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Yeah, I know. Alright. Let’s get going.

Biased Boss

(Walks into boss’ office)

Mornin’ Mr. Clark! How are you doing, this fine morning? (Begins to sweep the floors of the office) Aw man, what’s bugging ya? Ah, the pipeline XL? You mind telling me more about this thing? My co-workers have been telling me bit by bit of what they are all hearing, but I don’t got the whole story yet. Course, I’ll keep cleaning while you talk! You’re the boss! Steele City? Now, where is that? Nebraska? Woah! Any idea how far that is? Woah, what’s that number again? I wanna write that down and tell my husband. He won’t believe this! 1,179 miles you said it was? That sure is incredible, sir! And when is this starting? Ohh, Obama’s a good man, he will never be able to turn down something like this! Sounds great! I’m super excited to see how this goes! (Finishes up cleaning the floors) Alright, Mr. Clark it was nice talking to you. It’s my lunch break now. I’ll see you around, have a good day! (Picks up supplies and walks out of the office) (Hovers outside the office for a second and pops her head back in) One last question Mr. Clark, good, old Mother Nature won’t be harmed in any of this,right? You know I love my trees and fresh air, ha! Nothing to worry about? Alright! I’m getting more and more excited! Bye now! (Walks to locker rooms) (Puts stuff away, grabs lunch and bag) (Walks outside and sits on a bench) (Pulls out phone and searches “Keystone Pipeline XL”) “Say No to Keystone Pipeline?” Hate articles already, gosh! (Pause) (Reads article a little) This oil is under a forest? That don’t sound very good. Hmmm. This plan doesn’t really sound as peachy as I thought it was before. (Continues reading)

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Pipeline Monologue Project

Part I: In this unit of study, we learned about the Keystone XL Pipeline. We learned about all the background info needed to understand the pipeline as well as arguments for and against it. We then learned how to write a good monologue. Now, as our project, we are making monologues about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Part II: 

1: "On the one hand, the Obama administration is taking important steps forward with investments in renewable energy and the recent power plant regulations. On the other, they’re letting fracking go unregulated, still deliberating on the Keystone XL [crude oil] pipeline, and weakening key international climate policies" SOURCE: INTER PRESS SERVICE 2013-09-27 00:29:00

2: "The fact of the matter is that as the (U.S.) state department itself says, the environmental impacts of the Keystone pipeline are negligible ... In fact it will displace a crude that in many cases comes from not just higher-emitting sources of oil but frankly from places where the environmental standards of production are very poor" SOURCE: THE PROVINCE DAILY NEWS 2013-09-26 22:15:00

3. "Mr. President, please do not make a bilateral agreement approving the Keystone XL based on the government of Canada’s mitigation promises ... While this may seem like a generous offer, Canada simply cannot mitigate the carbon pollution from the pipeline; those emissions would simply be too big. Keystone XL would be directly responsible for the equivalent annual emissions of 51 coal-fired power plants or 37.7 million cars. As a point of comparison, Canada has about 26 million cars on the road" SOURCE: ECOEARTH NEWS 2013-09-24 04:25:00

"TransCanada keeps insisting the Keystone XL pipeline will be the safest pipeline ever built despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary. In fact they are building the southern portion of the Keystone XL to the lowest permissible standards, just as they have the Keystone 1 and the Bison Pipeline." SOURCE: DESMOGBLOG 2013-09-22 21:47:00
"I don’t think it’s specifically Keystone XL, but I think the challenges that Keystone XL and other pipeline projects have had, and the delays that they have faced, are causing the industry to realize that we need alternatives".SOURCE: NATIONAL POST 2013-09-23 08:38:00
Part III:


Monologue 1: John

[Enters through door] “Hey, Daddy’s home!” [Walks to living room] “Hey sweetie how are you? You look kinda sad today.... Something happened at school?.. Oh the pipeline, well what’s the problem with it?.. Your friends? Let them protest and stuff, nothing’s gonna change anyway... [Sits down on couch] Well, that’s the thing. This pipeline does a lot of good stuff for us... I mean... Look at this house, look at your TV, your iPhone, and all your other stuff... And look, so many other families will have the same chance. I mean, look at it... Yeah, I don’t need to treat you like a baby, I’m just, you know, worried.

“Let me tell you something, I was a board meeting today and we were talking about this stuff. The risks are worth the reward.... Well I don’t care about the ‘state department’ or the ‘President of the United States’... Well, ok. Yeah, it can leak, it can spill, it can do hundreds of things... The point is that it won’t... I don’t know, ok maybe I should...

“My point being, this pipeline is important! Not just for us but for an entire nation! Sweetie, listen to me... No, it doesn’t matter here. We won’t even see it.... Yes that’s the big oil spill... Yeah, but that was the gulf of mexico, Not here... Wow, is... is that what happened there.. [mutters] So much destruction... [speaks normally] Well in america... Well here in canada...

“Alright honey...  I admit it, it’s dangerous... But not for us... Yes, people can be hurt... Ok, I think it’s homework time for you... [Get’s up and exits]


Monologue 2: Will

[Walks in door] Hey, man, how are you... Come on, lets sit down.... Actually I’m not sure about that, another protest?... I sympathise man, I really do, but we’re adults, not the free-riding teens we once were... [Waitress walks to table] What would I like to have... Get me a scone... or a muffin... Actually a berry muffin please... And some tea. What about you?.. [Waitress walks away after order]

So are you ready, I mean, we are in DC after all, every protest here is bound to be big. Why don’t I want to come... Well that’s the thing, call me crazy, call me a establishment shill, but I think Keystone XL is one of the keys to fixing our economy. We need to take risks right? And XL constitutes a risk. I know the environmental and health stuff, but damn this needs to go through.

[Waitress comes by and brings food] Thanks... Yeah, I do wish the best of luck to you though... Well, we are all in our own little hell right now, and an oil spill is nothing to the suffering of the poor and the middle class. Right now we have a golden opportunity. The door out of this place is standing right there, but you keep trying to barricade it.... Things aren’t always black and white like they are for you and so many others. There are so many other colors and shades. And this one isn’t all bad.

I have a job, but I’m barely getting by... I have meds to take and all that stuff... You know, when I came in, I was on the fence, but now, I’m more than certain this pipeline has to go through. [alarm beeps] Well... I have a doctors appointment in half an hour so, I’ll see you around...


Monologue 3: Jack

[Jack is collapsed on couch, wife walks in] Hey honey... Well yeah, really I’m just tired... Look at me, I’m a mess. I have to clean up... But I’m too tired. God this job is killing me.

God, this couch is so comfy... Am I in heaven... Never mind. I need a cold drink, god, I’m thirsty... [Wife leaves and brings drink]

Have you seen the bullcrap safety at the place! Just today I saw Jim nearly get crushed by one of those huge pipes! I’m looking at the thing and I don’t see how it’s going to hold up for more than a year! If this goes through... I don’t even want to think about it.  I mean, what the hell is going on?

I remember when I got this job, I thought it was going to be good. I thought it would help us get back on track and you know... Help us save up for that house... Well I guess that’s all just a dream gone by...

This is supposed to be the thing that helps the economy... Helps us all get back on track. But at what cost? Welcome to hell, North america, you’re taking a page right out of the devil’s playbook.

Ok, that’s it! Tomorrow I’m turning in my two weeks. It’s time for all this to end. I’m going to start looking for an office job tomorrow. I can’t stand that place anymore.


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Q1 Monologue- Ameer Holmes, Alejandro Bautista-Garcia

Monologue #1 - Ameer

(Son of a construction worker of the keystone xl)x2

Two children meet up at a construction site and talk about their father’s work

Peauterbread is sitting on an oily pipe

Peauterbread: aww man I soiled my trousers sitting on this stupid pipe!

Peauterbread: ehh... What

*smacks himself in the face softly

Peauterbread: what is peasant mean?

P: I'm not a kid. I'm 6 years old now

*holds up 4 fingers

P: anyways you don't look too old yourself

P: wow a rich amount of money... must be a lot...

P: Well what’s your name dude

P: Uhhh… ok… My names Peaturbread. My daddy works here... He knows a lot about the keystone XL project they're working on

P: My daddy says that it helps out a lot with the green house gasses...

P: The world has too many greenhouse gasses… wha? So… this is actually bad? Hey! my dad's not stupid!

P: well maybe that's not what my dad said but he's not stupid.

P: my dad says jobs help the economy... So it would be a good thing that he's working here, and those

P: How is what I said dumb? It helps the economoly, or the umm... The umm.. Economy

P: What not true!!! And I never called youuu smart at all.

P: Well no... But my daddy sure knows a lot about the pipeline.

P: whhaaaaaat boooring!!! All i know is that its a one way pipeline and its giving my daddy a way to support his family

P: I’m not a child!

P: I don’t want to hear about this stupid pipeline. It’s just a reason for my father to get a little extra money

P: My father is working on the pipeline.

P: My daddy only needs to work here because he takes care of me by himself… so he needs the extra money.

P: What is divorced mean?

P: Well my mom left when I was 2… so I guess thats what you mean?

P: What do you mean my parents only separated because of me?

P: My Parents do love me!... My daddy does all he can to take care of me… and my mommy only left because he was abusive.

P: Shut UP!!!! you act like your family is sooo perfect, Shut  up!

P: See You have problems too. Don’t go around attacking other people you big hypocrite!

P: Do you think it’s all going to be all right? Because you know your father might get poorer and poorer! Don’t think everything is going to be all right.

P: Wait so you don’t actually like this pipeline? All this time...

(Peauterbread slowly walks away…)

P: How sad.

Who: Son #1 Peauterbread

What:  Talking to a horrible bratty kid

Where: construction one keystone xl

Why: His father works their

How: he is board.. another kid is bored. the other kid walks up for convo… conversation… argument… explain facts about keystone fathers come to pick them up

Monolouge #2- Ameer

Sean walks up

Sean: Peasant!

Sean: peasant. entertain me

Sean: hmf never mind that. What are you doing here? This place isn't for kids.

Sean: I'm 9. and my father is a rich man. He has a lot of money

S: I’m Sean… I don’t really need to know… your name

S: If he knew a lot about the Keystone XL why would he be working here?

S: This world has too many greenhouse gasses, and the Keystone XL emits too much of it. If he thinks that greenhouse gasses help the environment your dad is stupid.

S: He is stupid! He’s definitely not as smart as my father.

S: anyways with those rags you're wearing your family must be working here for the 20,000 jobs it's opening up.

S: Those 20,000 jobs it opens up however, don't help the economy. It’d be killing more jobs than it creates… I know I’m smart, don’t thank me. Hah, you made your father sound dumber than you realise, or maybe you're just the dumb one.

S: Do you actually know anything about this pipeline?

S: well this is a 1700 mile pipeline. So this pipeline will cost a looot of money and make my daddy a lot of money-

S: ugh children… I’m trying to explain to you trash… how this works. Maybe it’s because you’re only a six year old child.

S: This line runs from Canada all the way to the gulf . It’s a one way North American Pipeline.

S: Wait… What does your father do here?

S: Oh haha! He’s one of those guys. Doing manual labor.

S: So. wait your parents are divorced or something?

S: Like Separated

S: Your parents only separated because of you..

S: Your Parents don’t love you.

S: Simple... lame... laborer problems

S: My family is perfect. Or… at least it will be again once my dad makes money off of the pipeline...

S: that’s a big word for a little boy like you… hypocrite… wow! My family is only in a temporary financial crisis. My father made a bad business deal is all.

S: No… No I’m not talking to you anymore… I don’t even like this silly pipeline… Your right. This is probably a bad deal that my father hastily invested in due to some… previous problems.

S: If one thing goes wrong with this pipeline it’s all over… I single pipeline traveling 1700 miles… a 7 billion dollar project… If one thing goes on it’s all over…

(Peauterbread slowly walks away… leaving sean to sulk)

Who: Son #2 Sean Paul Smith the second

What:  Talking to a kid who is poor

Where: construction one keystone xl

Why: His father works their

How: he’s bored.. another kid is bored.he walks up for a convo… conversation… argument… explain facts about keystone fathers come to pick them up

Monologue #3 - Alejandro

News reporter doing a bit on the keystone xl (actual tv)

New’s reporter is standing in front of the camera

News reporter: Bob Robby broadcasting here from Canada vancouver ehhh, I am standing

in front of where the horrendous and maybe unstable pipeline is going to be made it will go

from canada Alberta through The United States of America to the Gulf Coast of Texas

eh, several civilians are concerned by the propaganda because it will destroy the earth and

it will also be too wide in distance in order to cover for spills eh, the makers of this project

and some politicians think this is a cheaper and easier way to get oil from our allies Candanias

civilians all around America and Canada our forming big protest against this horrifying project  they are also forming barriers were the trail of this project will be or chaining themselves to bulldozer and trees ehh this project WILL infact destroy and ruin earth by polluting it and ripping

the land apart. Thank you all for listening good bye canada eh.

Who: Bob Robby the Reporter

What: Doing news on the show

Where: In Tar sands reporting

Why: Because he wants to get paid (he hates his job)

How: Gets cued in to report… Goes to jane the weather girl… Finishes report then contemplates quitting his job.

Monologue #4 -Alejandro

Protesters in  tar sands

Hello everyone my name is Matthew Jones and I’m here protesting about this disgusting

horrible pipeline it will destroy our beautiful mother earth, the way this so called friendly

cheap project will work is by getting oily sand from our friends the indigenous people

and taking all this sand through America until it gets to the goal coast of Texas which

from there it will be refined but what they don’t realized is that we are taking peoples

lands like nothing and also it will raised the pollution in the air!! which will also contribute

to the climate change. Now I am proud that all of us got here to stop this irreversible

disaster, I want you all to stay strong and keep protesting in front of the white house

because they will hear our voices, I’M TELLING YOU THEY WILL HEAR US!!!!.


Who: James Mcfarlen

What: Protesting along the construction site

Where: Along the construction site

Why: He is a hippie and cares about nature

How: He camps at tar sands over night then wakes up…Protests... has conversation with another protester… protests again

Monologue #5- Ameer

IM conversation

*Ughh* I  had the hardest day at work/  

This couch is so comfy/


lets see… whats on the tv right now/ oh the news, cool i guess/

This global warming crap again/

Oh my god../

wait what this tar sands crap is amazing.../

Let me hit up my girl… Ellie-o/
*typing* hey ellie im watching the news right now and theirs this thing on about tar sands.../

No not tarzand, tar sands! stupid auto correct./

*Typing* no babe  shumafafumma auto correct  *ughhh*./

Why should she care hugh why shoooould she care/

*typing* because did you know…. that uh… that uh… oh that

*typing* it probs gonna create 20,000 jobs, but its a major threat to the environment/

You dont care! oh, oh she doeesn’t care… *typing* well you should care/

how is it a threat? well I’ll tell you… as soon as the news shows me lol/

*typing* oh well it is harder to get  anddddd, it releases more carbon in than other oils/

It’s not my fault your bored with this conversation/

well what do you want me to do/

I’m done with her/ *texting* you know what I’m done with you/

*texting* Not with the relationship bay/ now your getting into some other stuff/

im just going to go to bed now./ what noooooooowww/ She’s always complaining/

*texting* I’m sorry it’s just… It’s just that since we always text I can’t really convey what I really feel to you... I just can’t handle what going on in the relationship./

She is telling me it’s over oh no!/ Fine fine fine… CHUCK FROM ACCOUNTING IS NO LONGER YOUR MAN!!!

Better sound directions

Why are they having the arguement

missing peices

Who: Chuck Fromacounting

What: Im ing  his gf

Where: Home… at dinner… eating lamb

Why: He sees a news segment on his cable tv

How: Comes home from work… Plops down the couch turns on tv its the news…. texts his gf about news… they break up and he goes to bed sleeping alone.
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Pipeline Monologue Project

 In the early part of the year in World History, we are learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL. We are learning about the benefits and the consequences that the pipeline could bring. The pipeline would be a extension from the already existing Keystone Pipeline, built by Trans Canada. The project is proposed to create around 20,000 jobs for American but only about 30 people will be able to keep those jobs one the pipe is built. The 7 billion dollar project is also projected to make a total of 20 billion dollars. The only problem with this is by building this pipeline we now have a opportunity to damage the land beyond repair.

                                            Facts About Keystone Pipeline XL
1. Has a projected inservice date of 2016

2. Creates green house gasses
3. Would contribute to climate change
4. Run from Alberta to refineries in Texas
5. Cost 7 billion dollars to build


Presidents Speech

Were set to go live in 30 seconds and i still don't have my water.   (Clears throat ) 5 years ago, a friend came to me and asked me to read something over for him. SO I told him sure and kept on with my day. About a month later my schedule allotted me some time to read over this document presented to me from my northern friends in Alberta, ( Quickly Clears throat ). It was a proposed document to extend a pipeline that runs through the great plains of our majestic country and you know what I did. ( quick sarcastic laugh ). Well when I got back to him a couple of months later I told him its plausible. I mean why not right, creates jobs for our depriving economy. Why not, if it brings in millions of dollars more in tax money. I don't see a problem with that I stated. But being the democracy this is, I figured before I made any big decision I would talk it over with the people. And when I mentioned the idea of the pipeline expanding, I got mixed reactions. Reactions of joy and reactions of sadness, reactions of hatred and of approval. So I got back to this friend again and told him that we as a group of united people will talk over the proposal another time and as soon as we came to a definite decision I would let him know. Here we are 4 years later and still have not made up our minds. Maybe because we have been focusing on bigger things such as the war and funding the troops, but I feel we have waited long enough. We as a people need to decide, make a decision. Weigh the benefits and consequences of our choice. Should we go with the benefits we see beforehand. Or should we take a chance with the environment. Well personally I’d love to call my friend back and say sure, you can start building tomorrow, but I’m not sure that can happen. I am not sure we want to damage the environment beyond repair by taking a risk a chance a leap of faith. I don't think thats what we should do America, but at this point its not up to me its up to you.        

The Alberta News

“Hi, my name is Jeff Hankrich and I am reporting to you live at the building of the Keystone Pipeline XL. (walks around trying to get a better idea of what's going on) Here at the scene, there are hundreds of people, from corporate executives to angry mobs blocking the construction site. I mean it’s just ridiculous out here. To get a better view, we’ll go inside the crowd to find out exactly why all of these people are here. ( whispers “pss come on” for the camera man to follow ). Here with me today is Ms. Cindy Lou who traveled all the way from right here in our beloved city of Alberta, Canada to tell us exactly what is happening here. ( Says I see every now and then ). Well folks this is just in, Ms. Cindy Lou told us that the oil executives have lied to us and don't care about the safety of the pipes, they just want the money. Wow, I don't know who to trust anymore. Lets go inside enemy lines and get there take on the statement made by American Cindy Lou. Ok folks were here with Russ Girling to get his views on the matter. Hello Russ, I would like to know what you think on the whole pipeline idea.... Well you heard it here first on Alberta's number one news station Transcanada CEO Russ Girling feels these reports are outrageous and says we need to keep our oil out the middle east. Well I don't know about you but that idea sounds pretty good to me. We’ll keep you updated on the situation happening here but remember, protecting the environment is key to being able to live here for years to come.


The Protest

Hello chief,

Sargent Buchanan told me that I was supposed to come here to fill out a report on the surveillance of the protest.. Thank you sir... do you have a pen I can borrow... I appreciate it... Ok so here is what happened today, the construction workers came to the sight as planned. And protesters threw themselves on the ground the the vehicles were supposed to be working. ( Sighs ). I just don't stand the inconsideration of those people. Just not too much goes on in this here. Where was I sir,... thanks, so like I was saying, the trucks were there as planned and these protestors just threw themselves on the ground ground making sure the workers could not get through. At this point Sargent Buchanan called in for back up but since its such a small town he found out we were the only troopers in the state of Nebraska. So he pulled out his megaphone and started shouting orders, (takes a sip of tea) and by that point every last one of them put there hands in front of them as if they were saying arrest me. But as we both knew there was not enough prison vacancies in the state to arrest these people. So we thought starting the truck would surely scare them away. But we were wrong. Its like they were fighting to save something. It was deeper than just some pipe being built. It brought all different types people throughout the state together. Its like this all had a meaning now. They were fighting for what they call home. They didn't want to see the land destroyed by the chemicals running through that pipe. Now I see why they did it, I understand how they felt. After all they need food and shelter just like the rest of us. So you see chief, I feel we should let them protest them fight, they are standing up for themselves.. ( takes pause ) they are protecting the only thing they know as home.

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The Pipeline Worker, Ted D. and The Lost Dog

For  the last few weeks in World History we’ve been studying the background and origin of the Keystone XL Pipeline. For those who don’t know, the Keystone XL Pipeline is a 1,179 mile crude oil pipeline that is proposed to be built and in service by 2015. The main purpose of the pipeline is to give American and Canadian oil producers access to a wider range of oil refining markets across America. The class spent a lot of time watching and listening to different opinions and movements toward the pipeline. There were many that opposed and gave solid facts to why the pipeline is dangerous and detrimental to America, then there were those who gave facts, that later turned out to be inaccurate and/or exaggerated. We were then given the assignment to write three different monologues from the perspectives of three different people and/or things towards the pipeline. These are the monologues I’ve written from those perspectives.

Brief facts about the Pipeline: 

  • The TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline is intended to be built and in service by 2015 and will stretch from Canada to Texas.
  • Will stretch a total of 1,179 miles between Canada and United States and will transport 830,000 barrels of oil everyday.

  • Will cost an estimated total of $5.3 billion US dollars.

  • According Dr. James Hansen, if the pipeline were to break and cause an oil spill, it would be “game over” for our environment.

  • About 7,000 US jobs are being supported through TransCanada’s need for pipeline materials.

  • About 4,000 US employees have been hired by TransCanada in Oklahoma and Texas.

  • 60% of the oil that is produced is from different countries.

The Pipeline Worker

(Sue drops her bundle of keys three times before exiting her home as she is stalked by her orange cat. The day is gloomy and the sun is shining between every section of the window blinds. Sue closes the front door in a silent hurry and heads down her long set of stairs)

I hate being late. It’s not exactly one of those things that leave people with a good impression of you, right? It’s like you don’t care about anyone but yourself and no one buys your excuses anymore. (She pulls her hair out of her face as her feet hit each step with heavy stomps)You see- I was up all night watching jeopardy and helping with homework at the same time. My job calls for me to be there every weekday at 9 am, but that doesn’t give me enough time to get my girls ready for school that starts at 8:30.  

(She trips over a small log merged into the landing)

SHIT- ow…Did anybody see that? (She looks to both sides of her frantically. When realizing no one was there, she continued on). Anyway… The bills have been piling up. Electricity is the most expensive thing around this place. And since my deadbeat husband doesn’t want to give me money for anything, the bills stay. It’s not like it matters really. This new job I’m taking up should pay more than what his salary is. So I don’t have to worry about asking him for squat. When I save up enough, I can actually get the heck outta here. Plus, since this thing is going be up and running by 2015, i’ll have a steady job for the next few years.

(Sue unchains her bike and takes off down the road)

So yeah- my husband- well- the guy who isn’t really a husband but just someone who put a ring on my finger- is a shrub. He could be taking this job instead of me, but he decides to literally stay home all day. I want him, but then again, I don’t. He used to be so ambitious until the accident he had a few years ago. Now he just lays in the dark, with a bucket of tubes and screws filling in as his heart.

--OH C’MON LADY! (Sharply putting on her brakes, Sue’s hair whips her in the face).What type of driving is that?! Are you blind or just plain stupid? ..See these are the type of people I have to deal with every damn day. A bunch of morons if you ask me. And no- I’m not some sort of hothead who blows up at every little thing, that woman just doesn’t know how to make a u-turn and someone needs to tell her about it. I could be late for work-all of us drivers could be late and it’d be all because a giant rhinoceros fairy can’t see even if her eyes are open.

(She drives under a short tunnel, splashing some mud water on the sides of her shoes. She sighs heavily in disgust)

I just can’t wait for this day to be over. I hardly know much about construction, or any type of architecture at that. I got turned onto this job by some guy on the bus. He said the ladies barely have to do anything but push a couple of buttons and bring water to the men. Easy paycheck if you ask me...The guy was sweaty and musty. I don’t really pay attention to guys like that or anyone for that matter, but he seemed to know what he was talking about.

(Reaching the end of the tunnel and out into daylight, Sue rides into a dead end. It was a dirt field that’s already occupied by some visitors)

He said that it would be an easy paycheck, but the price to pay was actually ruining the Earth itself. It’s not that I don’t care about the global warming theory and climate change and blah-blah-blah, It’s just that I’m sick of hearing about it. The moment the Earth came into existence is when it starting slowly falling apart. We’re just speeding up the process.

I mean, the entire project isn’t perfect. But the benefits outweigh the non-beneficial aspects. I skimmed through a little brochure after I first got hired. Apparently, all of the hype about the pipeline being dangerous and filled with crude tar oil sands is just a bunch of bloated drama. A bunch of know it alls claimed that crude tar oil sands were the dirtiest and most dangerous out there. But it was proven that oil sands were no more corrosive than any other heavy crudes. Even in some cases they seemed to be less corrosive.

Our economy is supposed to improve as well, which means there is going to be more money pumping into the pockets of hardworking Americans like myself. Taxes will increase in about $5 billion. This will go into the communities across the nation and will help educate our children. I mean it sounds too good to be true but look-....

(Approaching the gates to the TransCanada pipeline site, she is yelled at by nearby protesters)

What is with these people? Why are you guys yelling at me? I’m just doing my job it’s not my fault.

How exactly am I adding to the problem? I didn’t ask for them to build this thing now did I?!

I am just trying to provide for my children!

(The screams and shouts of the protestors get louder. Sue reads the signs that are being held)

Tar sands and oil spills? If It’s built right nothing will happen! America can have future. Our kids can have a future don’t you guys understand. It’s not my fault. My husband can’t work! What am I supposed to do?

(Sue disappears into the crowd. Shouting and defending herself from the painful reality the crowd has given to her).

Ted D.

(Ted is heading to the station wagon with a tall businessman by his side. It is raining heavily and fog is thick)

I have never aspired to be anything. Mainly because the thing that I am supposed to be, has already been chosen for me. I am not really the ambitious type person either. I spend a lot of my time reading or watching UFO documentaries. There isn’t much to do at my home other than that. My parent’s aren’t around so I’ve been secluded to the role of being a latchkey child.

Today I’m supposed to be going to a lame pipeline press conference my dad is working on. It’s hard to call him my dad, honestly. I wish I could say it without feeling a bit empty inside. He used to leave me at my aunts house for days to weeks when I younger and wouldn’t come back unless reminded to. He’s not a very good dad either. (Ted grabbed onto the dripping wet handle of the black Range Rover. He had to play with it a bit before the door unlocked from the inside)

(He gets into the passenger side of the car and waits patiently for Fred to turn the ignition). I might sound like a entire emotional wreck here, but I’m really not. I do fun things. However, the ratio for fun and work is pretty uneven and really unfair in most cases. My dad wanted me to memorize a bunch of important information about the pipeline that boosts his revenue. Because ya know, hearing it from a completely “innocent” kid will bring more supporters than from a man in a suit.

(He holds onto thick deck of index cards with dozens of paragraphs on them. He cracks his window, letting in thick cool air. Fred immediately rolls his window back up)

(Ted turns to Fred, shocked and says in a whiny voice..) What are you doing? It’s like an oven in here...You know it’s pretty rude to do something like. I can tell my dad… My dad DOES care about me. He just isn’t around enough to show it thats all. Mind your business please.

(There was a brief silence before Ted decided to break the silence).

Ask me something about the pipeline. I need to rehearse these cards for dad and I’m trying memorize as much as possible… “...introducing the pipeline to America will bring more jobs to us and more ways to keep America, American”..(He raised an eyebrow) Did a five year old write this? Do these people actually buy this load of crap? (He sincerely stared at the profile of Fred’s face) Do you?

...Yeah it’s your job but shouldn’t you be doing something with your life that actually makes you happy and you know...something that will help the world?…I’m not being rude, I’m just saying the truth. You know my dad better than anyone so...what’s he like?

...Just as I expected, I guess. I don’t trust him at all so when he asked me to speak for him, I was really reluctant. I looked up a bunch of information about the pipeline and knew it was too good to be true. You know what he told me? That there was nothing to worry about and to just do what he said. But the sad thing is, he lied to me.

I’ve got to talk about how the pipeline would reduce American dependence on foreign oil, when in reality that’s a big fat lie! (His voice was high in anger). The oil that Canada transports to American refineries will be sold in different markets all over the world! They’re going to take the cheap Canadian oil and turn into diesel so they can sell it in Latin America and Europe. A good amount of the oil from the pipeline isn’t even going to reach American gas tanks!

I called this one with common sense. If that pipeline breaks, our entire environment is going straight to hell. The spill would be the equivalent, or worse than the BP oil spill. Keystone even predicted that there would 1 spill every 7 years, but there have already been 12 in one year. These idiots are getting the pipe materials from the same Indian manufacturer that sold them the faulty pipes in the first place! (He started to calm down and his voice lowered.). And the animals...our wildlife would be toast.

(Ted looked down at his note cards, his hands were shaking) I’m sorry. I’m just sick of being fed of bunch of lies and being forced to take them and stride. I have to swallow my tongue because the big guy is my father.’ve know all about  this? Why haven’t you said anything?

(He looked at his deck of cards.)I plan on swapping this deck for a more refined and innovated version if you know what I mean. It’s time someone tell the truth and I may just be the one kid that has to do it…(He crumbled them into his hands).

What are you smiling at Fred?

-Lost Dog-

(A small weiner dog waddles around a crowd of humans that resembled giants in his eyes. He and these beings were outside of a Keystone XL pipeline construction site. The humans used their bodies to keep the pipe from being built.)

I’ve never seen so many angry faces everywhere before. Definitely not my family. My family is nice and the kids always give me extra beef jerky before bedtime.

(The dog stopped in his tracks and perked it’s small ears up in excitement). OH LOOK AT HIS BEARD. ITS SO LONG. AND SO MANY HAIRS. (He admired the long brown hairs of a tall man).

(The dog continues to quickly walk around the crowd. Directionless). Sorry... I get distracted so easily. I got lost from my family a few days ago while we were at the beach. They were trying to clean up some birds that had gotten caught in an oil spill nearby. I felt sorry for the poor fluttery things. They wouldn’t have been able to fly away from me if they tried. A few seconds later, I caught myself chasing this really pretty squirrel and sort of got lost on the way. I’ve been through dog hell, I can say the least.

I’ve had to trek through little creeks with tons of trash filling them. I couldn’t eat any fish of course because they’re weren’t any. I almost got run over twice. And I’ve had to either sleep in cold puddles or on top of street steamers because of the constant change in temperatures. My coat isn’t very thick either so I guess you could say it’s been a pretty hectic few days for me.

(The dog is picked up by one of the protestors abruptly)

Woah! What are you doing? (His objections sounded like loud barks to his kidnapper). My ears are pretty sensitive, so if you keep yelling like that I may run away. If you’re planning on taking me home with you I would like you to atleast contact my owner. I have a chip so you can do that okay?

(The dog stopped struggling upon realizing he wasn’t being hurt). I can’t understand a word these people are saying. I wish they would talk in those nice voices like my family does. But the imagery is compelling enough for me to pay attention and they seem to try to be making a case. (He looked in all directions of the crowd. Mainly at the signs)

That sign has a group of humans looking sad as they walk...away from a building? They look like they’re crying. It’s kind of similar to that time when Daddy came home upset from his awful long time away. He said he was usually gone 8 hours, but for me it seemed like an eternity. After that he stayed home almost everyday.

Wow! That woman over there is very intense. She’s saying “STOP TAR SANDS!”. I don’t know what tar sands are, but they seem to make her upset. Maybe they’re a bad thing? (The dog looked to a couple holding a series of enlarged pictures of animals covered in oil).

They’re just like the birds from the beach! Except there’s a cat, a fish, a penguin...a dog. Would I end up just like the birds covered in oil at the beach? I won’t be able to run around and play anymore?

“Keystone is not accounting for the wildlife that this pipeline will affect! Thousands of animals will perish at the hands of the greedy people who care for no one else but themselves! Your pipeline will cross through many agriculture lands, fisheries, the rivers of Missouri and Niobrara! Such pollution from this pipeline of death will cause carbon emissions to rise and ultimately our environment will be doomed!” ‘

(The dog intently listened to the foreign words of the woman. His attention was then caught by a large, grey headed man).

“The SDEIS haven’t been doing their job…” (The man was old, and couldn’t yell as loud as the crowd. “...The extraction and refinement of the tar oil sands effects GHG emissions way more than other conventional oil. Adding the pipeline to these emissions will cause a 12-23 million metric ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Nothing short of the emissions that 2-4 coal-power plants give off. These emissions are being underestimated by over 20%”

(The old man began coughing and the dog continued to look. The old man was so big, he had just noticed the tiny human by his side.) Hey...That looks like Matilda! I mean, it’s not Matilda but it could be! I know her scent anywhere!  (The girl had dirty golden hair and studded blue eyes). Why...why is she crying? Is this making her sad? The pipeline? The pipeline must be the problem here. That is why everyone looks upset.

(The dog is put down and left to roam. He begins barking and running down the road, signifying his support of the protest).

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Pipeline Monologue Project

​1. This unit has been about the environment and, more specifically, the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The unit was about studying peoples reactions and understanding of the environment. The pipeline is an oil pipeline that goes from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. I learned about the pipeline, and about the problems with oil refinement and transport in general, from both an economic and an ecologic level. 

2. Facts about the Pipeline:
-The pipeline is 2147 total miles. (Keystone XL Pipeline,
-Creates the emissions of 5.6 million cars. (Keystone XL Pipeline ,
-Pumps 830,000 barrels a day. (Keystone XL Pipeline ,
-Will cost US approximately $5.3 billion. (About The Project, TransCanada)
-Will require over 9,000 American workers. (Jobs and Economic Benefits, TransCanada)

3. Monologues

Above Ground

Hi folks. Now, this may come off a bit odd to you people, but I’m a piece of the ground. Now, I bet you're wondering why this even matters? Well, the truth is, I have feelings too. And this pipeline thing? That is a serious no-no for me. I live in South Dakota, along the edge of the state. I like where I live, its nice, there is some local wildlife, friendly people, but not very many. And, you know what, my already low amount of neighbors will be getting smaller. If you are wondering why, then the blame goes to the Keystone XL Pipeline. This monstrous excuse of a American economic boom is a sickening piece of destruction, that is trying to directly inject poison into my body. And you know what? I like my body.

Where to start! So, the people building this pipeline think it is a nice addition to my body to stick a giant, long, obtrusive pipe straight through me, sitting in front of my face? Though I may be in an area with a low level of inhabitants, that doesn’t mean I want a construction project in the way, scaring off the wildlife and making the nature around me look terrible and unnatural.

Now, a pipeline is ugly enough from a physical direction. What happens when that pipeline is damaged? The oil, of the very corrosive tar sands variety, comes pouring out, gallons upon gallons a minute. This stuff is terrible? Now, I won’t get into how bad the mining process is, but it kills. This oil, when getting into the water, straight up murders any animal that drinks from that water. Some parts of this pipeline go over water sources for not just small woodland animals, but humans! You guys are poisoning yourself over a stinking pipeline, and you don’t have effective enough ways of getting it out. And the carbon dioxide coming out of this crack? Are you guys trying to make me look like a chain smoker? You humans say you are trying to cut down on C02 emissions, but the pipeline is effectively adding the emissions of 5.6 million cars, in the Unites States only.

If this hasn’t been clear for you listening, let me make it clear. I hate this pipeline. Hate it! It is filling the ground with poisonous, cancer giving goo that gets on and in everything you humans and the wildlife ever could possible touch. It makes me look ugly, pours stuff on me, and makes me stink. But, even more so than that, it makes me lose all respect for you humans as a race. You are the ones killing yourselves with this. It may turn me into a plague ridden monster, but it won’t kill me. I can’t die. I just sit there. All of the actual damage is done to you and your resources. It makes me sad.

The Angry Canadian

Dear TransCanada,

I am a mother of three living in Alberta, Canada, near the Boreal Forests. I am writing with a desperate plea to the board. This operation, the Keystone XL pipeline, is a destructive menace to my cherished community. I believe that you will be responsible for a large amount of damage to the local environment, and that you need to take responsibility by cancelling the pipeline project.

The project is just a generator of poison. The use of tar sands oil is the major problem. Tar sands oil is a destructive thing. It’s refinement revolves around pumping water and heat to extract bitumen, which the oil is refined from, which fills the water with toxic sludge! They are using drinking water. Our drinking water! This is a huge problem. My children drink this water! They breathe this air! What are you trying to pull here? The things you are releasing into the system are giving people cancer! Do you want to give my children cancer? I don’t think you have any right to be making this pipeline.

Do you know whatcha’ve done?You’ve gone and made a canadian woman angry. Believe me, we’re not the folks who get angry over every little thing, but when we’re mad, we’re mad. You know those forests I mentioned? Do you know where those are? That’s right, they WERE where you are drilling. But, you know what, not anymore. You tore down those those forests? And the caribou? The endangered caribou? What about them you wonder? Oh, I’ll tell you all about them. You killed them! That’s what you did! You are trying to kill my children! You are giving indigenous people cancer! And, now, you do it all by killing a precious natural site, and its caribou? I’m going to write some more strongly worded letters now!

Yours Disgustingly,

Theresa Mcintosh

Biased Toy Story

(A boy, four years of age, is playing with a set of trains. He is being questioned by reporters.)

Oh, you want me to tell you about daddy’s new pipeline? That thang he is helping get built out there aaaallllll the way across ‘murica? Well, lemme tell you all about it. Daddy and his company are making a BIIIG pipe, to move all of the oil from Canadia. You know, Canadia is a reaaally long way from Dallas. Thats where I live. Daddy’s friends are moving the oil 2147 miles. Daddy has never said a big word like that before. Well, he only says that when talking about money. Daddy says we will get lots of oil, and lots of money! And the money means more toys for me!

(Little boy turns to continue playing when he hears the inaudible response from the reporters.)

What? You said that the pipe is gonna be bad? Well, daddy says the pipe will be very good! He says that it will give lots of people jobs! There will be lots of stuff to build, and the pipe will give lots of people jobs building it. So, lots of people will have jobs and the pipeline is very, very good for you guys!

And, and, the pipeline, it gives lots of money to America! Now, daddy told me that America had to give all of its money to buy guns from China, so I have to work hard and bring millions of millions of dollars into America. So, what the oil is doing is giving lots of money to America, so they can pay back China, and so I can get lots of money and buy more toys!

(Child is in tears by now. It is the beginning of a temper tantrum.)

What about the dying trees? I don’t care. Trees die to make paper, so they die to make toys and oil and more toys. I don’t care what you say. The oil is good. Daddy says it is good, and the people that daddy talks to say it is good. So, it has to be good. Shut up! Leave! Daddy, these mean people are saying that I need to read more about the earth! Make them go away!


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Pipeline Monologue Project - Zoe Schwingel-Sauer & Mali Fenning

Part 1: In our world history class these past few weeks we have been learning about the Keystone Pipeline. We have explored the pros and cons both economic and environmental. We spent a good chunk of this unit looking at the opinions on the pipeline. Come project time we created monologues that took a stance on the pipeline or climate. 

Part 2: 
1. The proposed pipeline is 1,179 miles long. (
2. The U.S. consumes 15 million barrels a day. 60% of that oil is imported from other countries. (
3. The U.S. imports 2.4 million barrels from Canada daily. (
4. $7 billion proposed pipeline. (
5. September 19, 2008 is when TransCanada first submitted the proposal. (

Part 3: 

Ben Saunders(Zoe)

(Pacing back and forth in living room/pulling hair looking stressed/squeezing stress ball)

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. This could be such a good opportunity but it’s not officially going to happen, yet. Being an assistant for the editor of a newspaper isn’t as glamorous as it might appear. All I do is fetch coffee, copy papers, and answer phone calls. I’m dying in my cubicle every day. I need to get out. I’m trapped and I need to get out. Ever since Kate died nothing’s been the same. She used to make me happy about my job….used to meaning past. I find no joy in what I do now. What would my boss think...Quitting my job as his personal assistant for working on a job that isn’t even secured--what a joke! Ughh. It would be much better pay though. I could pay all of my rent and still have leftovers, wait no daughters, daughters, daughters! How could I forget?! My sole reason for getting a new job is for my girls. Always my girls. Pipeline, right! Think about pros. The biggest one in my mind is keeping oil dependency away from the Middle East. God I hate the Middle East. All Kate ever tried to do was help those people and what happens?!! She ends up never returning home. Right. Moving on. Other pros.  Umm the pay? Well of course that’s a pro geesh. Us Nebraskans would majorly benefit from increased tax revenue. But what about being away from my girls...could I manage? No that’s selfish; would they be okay?  Nannies. I should look into that. The contract for the pipeline is in my bedroom. I miss Kate. She would know what to say. (Pause squeezing stress balls really hard) Why is this even called a stress ball? Is it supposed to relieve it because it sure isn’t helping. It probably induces it. I would go out and buy a different stress toy but this is Nebraska so I highly doubt I’ll find one at the corner store. Uh so uh right the contract. I’ve heard it is bad for the environment? Well erm it’s going to create jobs--jobs that I so desperately need. The environment isn’t the most important thing to consider it’s the people! And the people need jobs. (Pause, in deep thought) I’m going to do it! It’s the right thing for my family! Obama won’t be able to say no to the proposal….it’s for the good of the people afterall, right? Yes, right! I’ll call Roger and quit right away and sign the contract. It’s a done deal. My girls will be so happy. Happy.”

Joannah Luns(Zoe)

(Driving in police car to protest; to contain protesters...excited...talking to partner Rachel)

“Joannah Luns Saves Community from Rowdy Protesters! Tomorrow’s headline I tell ya. Good cop saves the day. Okay so maybe not that exact wording, but how awesome would that be if it actually happened?! Oh come on Rachel don’t act like you don’t want to be in the newspaper as well. No I never said that. I don’t want this job for the attention….I just think it would be nice that’s all. Whatever. You can be pissy all you want. Let’s get out now and go help out.

(Walks to protesting group)

Okay everyone I’m going to need you to listen up. We need to keep this protest calm and violence free. Now I can only do this with your help so I would appreciate cooperation. No need for that language sir. I care about the safety of the people at this moment. Uhhm uhh yeah I mean of course I know about the pipeline; who doesn’t?! Oh you want me to tell you about it? Well you see I really don’t think I’m the right gal for ya! Lemme find you Rachel! RACHEL! No there’s not a problem I just wanted you to help me out over here….Sorry for yelling but you know that’s the only way I could get your attention.

(A man starts talking about pipeline)

You want to talk? Umm I suppose I could sir. Yeah okay just a second. Go on now! Uhh well no sir I didn’t know that. Or that. Um wow 1,179 miles yeah that’s quite a lot. There’s not much I can do sir. $7 billion?!! Sorry sir. Well I-I-I-I’ll try my best sir.

(Walks over to Rachel)

Rach did you hear the man? Well he did mention that tar sands is up to 19% more greenhouse gas intensive than conventional fuel and that it’s nearly impossible to clean up! No I didn’t go soft! I just uh had an emphimy? Well you go listen to them and try to not be affected! 1.5 million people could be affected if there’s a spill Rach. That’s a whole lot of people. No I’m not trying to save the world….but there’s no harm in trying….right? Well okay be a debbie downer. Uh sir? Yeah you. Well if it’s okay with you I’ll sign the petition thingy you’ve got there. Yes the one about preventing the pipeline, what other one would I be talking about? Sorry that was a little snappy. Can I try to get the entire station to sign?...that’s a pretty big task. No worries I’ll still give it ago. You have a good day, too sir. Good luck!”

Native American Man(Mali)

(Sits with his family outside at a picnic table talking with his family when his son mentions the Keystone XL pipeline)

“Well Ryan the government will never end their constant picking on the oppressed, repressed or depressed. Yes we are certainly the oppressed. No one cares about the Natives they never have and they probably never will. You don’t think we are the oppressed? Well then tell me why the government wants to build a pipeline through our land? We cannot turn the other cheek any longer; we must act. We are just as American, no even more American than any of those white folks. And these white men want to dig in our land and destroy it for what... oil.” (son starts to speak but he cuts her off) “No son, the only way to get tar sands oil is by destroying our land... our earth. And for some reason our president is not understanding that and that my family is why we have to take a stand. I would walk and march for days if it meant that my ancestors land would not be destroyed. (louder and angry) And I refuse for any more of our ancestors land that they natured and lived on to be striped away from them.” “ Because family look to your left, look at that fresh water flowing in that creek. (points to left) That water would no longer be the pure water we swim in in the summer. It would be the tar sands water.  (sad but still has passion in his voice) And I can’t... I just cannot deal with that. After today, I will be going to Washington D.C. and I will be one of those thousands protesting and risking arrest.” (answers to wife) “Yes I know it is dangerous –– but I won’t be there alone. There are thousands of people that feel the same way I do. The same way we do, and the president has to listen to his people. Because the last time I checked this is America, which is apparently the home of the brave.  Our history as Indians is traditional and conservative; I will not fight the government, but I will stand for I believe in. And I hope family you will join me.”

Sasha Obama(Mali)

(Walks into lobby and starts to talk to her father’s secretary Anita Decker)

“Hey Ms. Anita.” “Oh what? No nothing nothings wrong. Just a long day thats all. I mean you know how school is.” (hoping to dodge the question) “You don’t know how school is? Well didn’t you go when you were a kid? I mean your experience probably wasn’t that much different from mine. I mean just because my dad is… well you know who he is... doesn’t mean my school experience is somehow magically and crazily different from yours.” “ But anyway thats not important. I had a great history class today. It was quite controversial actually. It was about those pipelines. . .You know, Keystone XL its called I think. Have you ever heard of it? ”  “Yeah I know he talks about them a lot; that’s why I was thinking of talking to him” “Well you know they can be quite detrimental to the environment, and climate change, did you know it is predicted to spill every seven years and ––” (talking faster and a little louder) “Well actually predictions do mean something. Predictions could show life or death. I mean all those people that stood in front of this house. Did you know there was 1253? That’s 1253 people that believe those predictions Anita, and thats a lot of people. Don’t you think?” “And I think those people are right and I think those people are brave!” “And Ms. Anita, didn’t you know that the pipeline would probably kill more jobs than make jobs?” “Where did I learn this? Well my history teacher and and the Internet. You know theres a lot of environmental websites out there and they are really great actually!” (quieter)“ Well yeah, I know its all up to my father. But – Yes Ms. Anita I know he has a lot of thinking to do. Yes Yes I know I’m young, but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand.” “Do you know when he will be finished with meeting?” “Soon... ok.. I’ll just tell him exactly what I just told you and he’ll understand right?” “I think he will.” (The presidents office door opens) “Oh hi Daddy.”

William Peterson(Mali & Zoe)

(Grandfather sits in living room in a large chair staring at a old picture of his grandson/talking to grandson)

“Yes Rob I realize how much this matters to you. I get that you’re into all this environmental stuff. Yes stuff I don’t know all the tree hugging activities you do. Yes it is Rob. I mean it’s true….Well I don’t know what else you want me to call you. Oh you want me to call you an environmentalist hunh? Well thats just too long and I mean what even is that anyway, Robby? Uh-huh ok. Yup sure. Just listen, I’m trying to sympathize with you but it’s pretty much impossible! You’re only thinking of yourself. It’s not that I don’t want to understand, it’s just that I can’t. The benefits of this pipeline would majorly outweigh the cons. Our economy would vastly improve but I guess you wouldn’t know that because you majored in environmental-whatever. The pipeline won’t leak and damage waterways Rob. This is a safe way to go about it. It is the RIGHT way to go about it. Our family has been involved with oil drilling companies for generations! Sorry if I find it a little hard to understand why you’ve suddenly changed. Oh come on now, it was suddenly! Last I remember you couldn’t stop talking about how much fun drilling oil will be. Yes you got a degree in environmentalism, but you also wasted tons and tons of money Rob! The job that has been in our family for years doesn’t make you lose money; you GAIN money. Do you even have a job? Being a leader of protests is not what I meant and you know it. What did I mean?!! Are you serious??!! I meant a PAYING job! One where you have a steady income to support your family! Or did you forget all about your wife and son? Emily cannot support your entire family, that’s just not right. Rob you wanna know what I’m looking at right now? Yup thats right, the picture when we visited the White House together when you were only five. What happened to that little boy Rob? Oh you grew up? Well thats not what I’m seeing lately. I miss the old Rob. I gotta go. I’ll talk to ya later bud… (hangs up phone and puts picture back on mantel. Rest his head in the palms of his hands)      

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Pipeline Monologue Project: Tiarra Bell & Brandon Yam

​In the first unit of the 10th grade World History class, students learned about  global equality and the different ways humans interact with their environment. Some of our topics were education equality, different views of development within countries and about this major project the Keystone XL Pipeline. For the Keystone pipeline we examined both sides of the pipeline, the people who support it and the ones who are against it. To really gain full perspective of whats going on here, we were given a project where we had to construct monologues based off of people we created and how the Keystone pipeline will effect them. 

Keystone XL Pipeline Key facts (Need to Know on PBS): 

* The pipeline would carry oil from Canada’s “tar sands” down to U.S. refineries by the Gulf of Mexico.

*The pipeline starts for Alberta, Canada traveling 1,700 miles  through the United States to refineries in Texas, passing through Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

The pipeline will create 20,000 construction and manufacturing jobs and make about $585 million in new taxes. 

*The tar sands oil being drilled carries diluted bitumen, a highly corrosive, acidic, and a blend of thick raw bitumen and natural gas liquid condensate. 

Drilling oil from tar sands threatens the environment, and depleting Alberta’s boreal forests and wetlands in the area. 

Click here to view my monologue and video. 
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Keystone XL Pipeline Monologue/Day

Link to My Video here incase not emdeded. 

During this unit in World History we learned about American consumerism as well as the Keystone XL Pipeline, a pipeline that will stretch through U.S States to Canada. We went over the pros and cons of this and wrote monologues about someone/something who was effected/affected by the Pipeline in someone kind of way. Here are my monologues. 

Here are some quotes and facts that stuck out to me. 

"“It’s a given that the crime activity increases and hospitals are getting more use, and housing is so expensive. Sure, there are jobs, but you can’t find anywhere to live."” — Bill Whitehead 

Giant oil corporations invested in Canada's tar sands. 

Perspective #1

Who: Junior Executive for TransCanada who does not agree with pipeline extension.

What: To keep pipeline as same and to not extend it

Where: From the boardroom of TransCanada

Why: He believes it will hurt the environment and he is a bit of an environmentalist.

Perspective #2

Who: Chairman of TransCanada who is pro pipeline extension

What: To keep line extension in place.

Where: From his office

Why:  He believes it will be an efficient way of gaining oil independence and a great money maker. The chairman is broke, and is trying to continue to give his family the lifestyle that they have always had.

Perspective #3

Who: Protester who is contemplating their stance on the Keystone XL pipeline

What: Is unsure

Where: From rally outside of potential construction site.

Why: He does not know if hurting the environment will benefit it in the long run. He does not want to upset the other protesters so he tries to keep his opinion silent.

Good Guy, Gone Bad

( Opens as Terry sits in board meeting with other colleagues thinking in his head about the pipeline)

Who am I? What am I doing here? I was head of the Environmental Club at Princeton. What would the club think of me if they knew I was going to be apart of making a decision that could possibly contribute to the earth’s demise? I don’t get how someone who was about to become an environmentalist, and save the earth, is helping destroy it. I was suppose to help save it. Not kill it. What am I going to do… I (votes in Board meeting for pipeline) what did I just do? Maybe if I… no, I can’t do that I could get fired, and face it, i’m only doing this for the money, until I can do what I really want. Repair messes like this. I have to stand up and face my demons. But what am I going to do? Fine… I’m going to do it. (Stands up and begins to speak to board) I feel that we should stand up for what we know is right. We cannot just stand here and do nothing while we get the construction workers to kill our precious land and fertile soil. When I was at Princeton I learned a lot, but something that always stuck out to me was standing up for what I believed in. And this is what I believe in… Not building the pipeline. We can’t continue to do this! Well don’t just stand there do something! I know all of you can’t be that corrupt and money hungry! Life as we know it on this planet will be over if we do not stand up, and do something. (Board member makes rude remark) Well fine, FUCK YOU ALL! AND I QUIT! HOW ABOUT THAT?!?! (Leaves board room to go with protesters outside of building)

A Change of Heart

(Kim stands at head of table in board room is in the middle of presenting Pipeline Proposal before vote)

The pipeline will not only benefit our the company revenue, but it will also benefit the country. The U.S is very dependent on oil from foreign countries. This would boost the U.S’s level of independence extremely so, and would also give the U.S more resources to create more allies around the world. This would boost the productivity of TransCanada by approximately 14% in comparison to last year… (Terry, a Junior Executive stands up to executives and quits) (Kim drops pen) You know what! Damn it! He has a point! Why am I doing this, I don’t need this, my man got a job, and ain’t nobody got time for this shit. Like i’m so tired of wearing this suit and pretending like we are not savage! Have you ever thought of the negative effects of this pipeline!!! Like killing the earth! And you can just stand there and decide this, all for a 6 figure check?!?! Are you crazy?! How will you spend money when there won’t be any trees to make any paper. Like that is completely obtuse. And the thing about it is, I don’t even understand how someone could be so careless about the world that we live in. (Board members look in awe). WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE! DO SOMETHING!!!! (Board members continue to give blank stairs) You know what! I quit! And good luck building the pipeline without my leadership. I’m going with Terry, and the rest of the ‘savages’ that want to save our country! (Kim takes off blazer, Work ID, and glasses and throws them on the ground and goes protest with Terry)

A Man Confused

(Jordan stands with picket sign raised screaming to get rid of pipeline with other protesters)

DON’T PLANT THE PIPELINE IN THE EARTH YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?!?! *Crowd screams* Our world! (Jordan begins thinking in his head about the pipeline) I mean what if the pipeline actually did benefit us in a way… We’re out here not even trying to negotiate and just demanding things that have nothing to do with us and are really out of our control. (Comes back to reality and begins to talk on megaphone). We cannot continue to not look at the other side, we should not be blaming those people in the board room and instead we should be blaming ourselves as citizens for letting things get to this point. Instead of standing out here like savages. (Protesters simmer down until they get to a level of complete silence.) Umm… what do you guys think? (Terry comes down to be with protesters and is harassed a yelled at) *Protestor speaks* “What the hell do you want?”  (Terry gives reasoning behind him joining the angry protestors, then Jordan begins to speak to himself) In the midst of all the chaos, he came down to join us, this must be a sign, we must be fighting for a good cause! (Kim takes megaphone, and comes down to join Terry and other protesters) If two executives have join us, this is a change I want to be apart of. (Jordan begins to chant) WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?! *Crowd screams* Our world!!! (Monologue closes)

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Keystone XL Pipeline Monologue : Brandon Yam & Tiarra Bell

I feel that I have learned a lot in this unit. In this unit, the sophomore history class (taught by Mr. Block) , learned about the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a pipeline that will go from Canada through the U.S. to Texas. This is for the transportation of tar sands oil. We were tasked to make monologues from different perspectives of those who live along the pipeline route. I learned about the pro's and cons of a project like this. I also learned what it's like to live along the pipeline route and the hardships it brings. 

Five Key Facts: 
- Keystone XL Pipeline will cause environmental harm and ecological problems. 
- Money gained from this project will further education in local schools. 
- 30% of U.S. emissions are from the Keystone XL Pipelines. 
- The project will create thousands of jobs 
- Contribute over $20 billion to the U.S. economy.

Monologue #1 (Brandon)

(Icarus, a spoiled rich child. wakes up in his room)

Icarus - *yawns*

“Herald! Bring me a chocolate sundae, yeah?”


(get’s up and makes his way through his house)

“Herald you dumb buffoon I said no cherries! You can’t get anything right can you?”

“ Where is my mother and father? “

“ Out? What do you mean they’re out? “

“ Yes, I would like to call them”

(calls his father)

“ Dad, where are you and mom? “

“ Jail!?”

“What in the heavens are you doing in jail?”

“ You did all of this for a stupid pipeline?!”

“ What about the new xbox you said you were gonna get me? Huh? What about the PS4? Huh? How are you supposed to get me these things when you quit your job and donated most of our money!”

“ I don’t want to play with those stupid toys anymore. I’ve had them for a long time. They’re old and stupid.”

“ 2 weeks is a very long time! “

“ You know, I don’t care just come back quickly before Herald has a stroke or something.”

(hangs up phone)


“Stupid parents… “

“Herald! Do you know anything about this XL Pipeline?”

“ I want you to look it up and report back to me with everything you found out in the next hour you hear?”

“ Go on, run along now.”

(Icarus goes around the house occupying himself)

“ I’m here! OVER HERE, HERALD!”

“ You’re too old for this job, Herald, god gave you eyes for a reason. Please use them.”

“ Did you find anything? “

“ Pro’s and cons?”

"The environment will die out quickly?"

"Sure as hell not as quickly as you."

"Health problems, environmental problems, and even ecological problems?"

"What's the worst than can happen? Plants and fish are gonna die?

"Oh. They will die. Whoops. "

"Enough Herald. I don't want to hear no more.  I think my IQ dropped like 10 points just from listening to you. "

“ What should I do Herald? “

“ Should I just stand here and wait for my parents to come back?”

“ I them?”

“ I mean I could do that, it’s not a big deal.”

“ Whatever, I suppose helping people sometimes isn’t a bad thing. I’ve got to build up my rep anyways.”

“ Get the car ready, Herald.”

(Icarus gets in the car and heads over to where the protest is taking place)

“Stupid pipeline ruining my day. I’ll make sure this doesn’t get passed if it’s the last thing I do.”


Monologue #2 (Brandon)

Terra- (walking down the street slowly browsing stores from the outside) *sighs*

“Looks like nobody is hiring around here…”

“Maybe that’ll change tomorrow.”

(Stops in front of a Radio Shack)

“Hmmmm, let’s try here.”

(walks into the shop)

“Hey! Oh no I’m not buying anything I was just wondering if you have a job opening by any chance.”

“Oh, alright. I’ll wait here then.”

(He hear’s a nearby tv talking about the Pipeline opening up 80,000 jobs in the U.S.)

“A pipeline, huh?”

“80,000 new jobs?!”

(Terra paces back and forth in the shop thinking about the pipeline. As he’s doing this the store attendant returns)

“Huh? Oh yeah, that’s me. So, you don’t have an opening?”

“Ok, well thanks for asking. But I think I’ll be able to get a job soon.”

(Terra calls a friend of his that works for TransCanada)

“Hey, bud!”

“No, I’m not calling for money this time.”

“You work for TransCanada, right?”

“I was just wondering you know, I heard about the pipeline and how it will open 80,000 new jobs.”

“Do you think you could promise me a spot for one of those jobs?”

“Of course I support it! I mean yeah! XL Pipeline all the way, you know? *laughs*”

“ Really? You’re serious right?”

“Thanks bud! You’re the best!”

(call ends)

“Whooooo! I can’t believe this is happening!”

“ I guess my luck has finally changed for once.”

(Terra calls his brother Samuel about the good news)


“ I got a job!”

“Yep, I’m serious.”

“My bud promised me a spot in building a pipeline. I think it was called SL Pipeline or something.)

“Yeah! I meant XL Pipeline. How did you know that?”

“What do you mean you’re protesting?”

“What’s so bad about this pipeline?”

“You know what, I called because I thought you’d be happy for me because I just got a job, but I guess I was wrong.”

“I don’t care about the consequences! For once, Samuel, for once in my life I have something to look forward to! I don’t have to worry about what my next meal will be or when my house will be taken away.”

“This isn’t what I need to hear right now. Goodbye, Samuel.”

(hangs up)

“What a knucklehead.”

(Terra’s at home in a chair thinking about the Pipeline)

“Why was he so mad at me?”

“What’s the big deal about the Pipeline?”

“I guess finding out what I’m working for isn’t a bad idea.”

(researches XL Pipeline on computer)

“Can kill more jobs that it creates huh?....Go figure”

“ Tar sand oil dangerous….”

“Health problems…”

“Is this what I am supporting?”

(calls Samuel)

“Sorry about earlier Samuel I was just on the edge.”

“Can you tell me more about this Pipeline?”


Monologue #1 (Tiarra)

*Emma Tremblay is a single mother living in Athabasca Alberta, Canada; she soon faces trouble when the company TransCanada is trying to run the KeyStone XL pipeline through her backyard.  

(Emma is sitting at her desk at work when she sees her phone ring. It’s reads *Chelsea - her daughter* )

I was at work when she called me. I remember it clearly.

“Mama these men are at our house”

I’m thinking, what men?

But to only realize it’s those men.

The fear in her voice brought tears to my eyes.

(On her drive home she begins to ponder)

“Sure, Yes, Go head”

These words used to advantage and to control many people. One being me.

Too many times have I said them. Too many times have I been controlled by them.

“Yes you can do that” “Sure why not” Always trying to please others even if i’m totally against it.

Our so called friendly neighbors want to take our resources want to make a little profit but at the same time destroy our land. The government took control of the commoners for way too long. Not only are they going to destroy their land but they are going to pose a threat to me for me land.

(Emma is at home now and she discovers those men, the pipeline men in her backyard)

Red, grey, red, grey, phony smiles, constantly nodding heads scattered all about my property. Those men dressed all in their suits, sticking the flagged stakes where this pipeline is supposed to be... in my backyard while i’m hiding on the sidelines watching it all pass before my eyes. They push and trampled over me like they just hit a gold mine. I ask them…

“Why must they do this to me?”

Only to get papers thrown in my face saying they now have procession over my property.

Now the time has come…

Come ahead and mess with me, i’m not ashamed of what I am now. You provoked me, thinking I would sit back and watch this. This land has been preserved for us by our ancestors for hundreds of years but now we are the sacrifice for the devil’s works. It’s time to stand up and fight for what’s ours so it can be here for generations to come.

Monologue #2 (Tiarra)

*Jackie Loo is a News Reporter for Maine's News channel for about 6 years, she travels all around the world reporting breaking news. You would think she enjoys her job but soon you will find out she hates it. One story in particular is the Keystone XL pipeline, she travels to the construct sites reporting for why they should build the pipeline while she completely opposes the idea of this pipeline and anything else the media puts out there.

(Jackie Loo is at the TransCanada Corporate building interviewing the head of the Keystone XL project when all these thoughts of anger pop into her head.)

I can't keep going on like this…

It’s secretly tearing me apart.

This job is wants me to be something i’m not.

Everyday, I travel all over the world then I get in front of that camera  and pretend to support something I completely oppose.

“Jackie Loo here reporting for the construction of the Keystone pipeline”

Don’t people know what will happen of this plan is followed through?

Not only lives will be at staked but our wonder home. Planet Earth.

Here I go again.

“60 seconds to air”

I really don’t want to feed this crap to Americans.

“20 seconds”




(The camera man starts to count down on his fingers)


“Now to you Jackie”

“Thanks Dave, I’m here at the TransCanada cooperate building speaking to the head of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Bob Toomey.”

“How will this pipeline benefit the American people?”

“It will create 20,000 jobs and bring in $585,0….”

(Bob continues talking while Jackie is telling him off in her head)

Why can’t this man be completely honest and tell America what could really happen?

How about this dirty Tar Sands oil? Or oil spills or taking people’s land?

I’m sick of this rich people thinking they can control everything and do anything thinking the consequences would just fade away.

These people are the reasons that i’m being pushed closer to the edge.

Each day they put me on air to sink their bios opinions on how life “should be” into to the minds of innocent viewers. Americans watch television seeking for some light in their lives but only to be feed this crap.

These people don’t care about us, they are their own priorities; they want to rip us off to become more powerful.

But I’ve got news for you, your cheap propaganda doesn’t work for me.  I will not conform to your image. You are not going to turn me into something i’m not. You thought that I could be another mouthpiece for the creed but I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm not.

(Jackie interrupts Bob)

“Can you stop talking for a moment Bob. There’s something I would like to tell America”

Monologue #3 (Tiarra & Brandon)

Sid - “Hey! I’m home!”

“What’s up little ones? Did ya miss Daddy?”

“Yeah kind of”

“How was school buttercup?”

“It’s could be better but what can I do. So how was your day?”

“Aah, I had a good day at work, but today was my last day.”

“What!! Why?”

“Because I’m quitting my job.”

“No, you can’t!”

“There are some things you may not understand, but it’s for a good cause.”

“But you’ll understand later in life. There are people in this world that do things to hurt others. Some people right now are trying to build something that will hurt the earth.”

“But you can’t quit, times are hard and we have no money.”

“Don’t worry about the money. We’ll get by somehow.”

“You’re worrying too much about this. Don’t you trust your own pap?”


“Besides, nature is too beautiful. I won’t let it be destroyed.”

Daddy I wish you would just listen to me for once, we are all you have and I want the best for you and Bud.

Ever since Mom died things have really gotten rough on us.

We had to learn how to take of each other while still living through the pain.

The pain inside us had to be keep in a box behind our hearts to show that we are strong for Bud.

“Why did mama die”

“Well because she was very sick”

“Didn’t they give her medicine”

“Yes but it wasn’t strong enough but everything is fine because be we will soon see her when we go to heaven”

Every night.

Every night it was a routine.

Bud would ask those same questions, some how I knew he was crumbling inside just like us but I just had a feeling he was trying to stay strong for us too.

During those 7 years of Mama’s cancer, it began our journey to truly find who we are as individuals and a family. I’ve learned that we have to take care of each other when she is no longer here. You are trying your best by working this construction job so we can have a little money on your pockets. But now you want to quit.

Dad, you know how hard it was to get back on our feet and now you just want to throw it all away because you don’t like what the “company is doing to the earth”. You are right, the earth is our home but drilling a little oil from the ground won’t hurt. We can’t focus on the earth right now, our top priorities are making sure we have a steady income to at least keep the lights on.

So just consider not quitting your job.  


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Keystone XL pipeline

The unit we were are learning about in class is about the keystone XL pipeline. We researched facts about the pipe line, and we saw video's about the two different sides to this pipeline. Pro and con. This unit really helped me understand the pro's and cons on two different opinions, and to not judge peoples opinions before really listening, and thinking about their perspective.

1.The Keystone Pipeline starts in Canada and goes all the way down to the golf of Mexico,

2) 2,157 miles. 

3)Some people think that the pipeline is good, next to the other alternative, using trucks the transport the oil. They think that transporting the oil in trucks i way more dangerous, because of accidents. 

4)Other people think that the Pipeline is bad, because there will be more leaks. 



(at the dinner table)

My day was good...Mom, tell him what I did.

(pause)Yeah, I wrote it. Okay (stands up)

Dear dad, I think that the Keystone pipelines are very bad for the environ….( Pronounce wrong) (pause) Environment. To get the oil people have to drill holes into the floor and that is bad for our earth and makes us have a holie earth. Then,

(starts speaking frantic) the pipes will have could leak, like the ceiling, when it rains. And it could get into the water that the animals drink. And If the animals drink that they will get sick. And If the animals get sick, then you couldn’t have your meat

(holds up chicken) and I couldn’t have my ruby (points to dog with chicken). But not just Us, no one will have their meat of their ruby’s. But also, it could mess up plants, because, well, Mommy told me, that when it gets hot, the water goes up in the air, and it goes into the clouds, then the clouds move and it rains. But what if the dirty water from the pipes go up into the air, and turn into clouds and it rains over Mr.Humphrey's Farm? Then won’t have any plants either, and Mommy can’t eat her salad. And soon enough all anyone could say at dinner is (yells)”Pass the salt!” because that is all we will have. So please daddy, vote against the pipeline. And save your dinner! *whisper* And ruby.



(In the front of the cop car)

What was happening back there? But it is important; Well I mean it looked important... Well then why did you taze him? (looks to the back seat) I heard them talking on about some pipeline, and Tar sand oil? (small pause)yeah tar sand Oil.

(Pause)well what’s wrong with the oil? (change of tone) Because I wanna know, the people sounded mad! Just tell me what happened.

(long pause) So…..this pipeline …...will destroy the Ozone? (talks faster) But a pipe is better than trucks that can get into accidents.

(pauses) Well yeah…. there could be leaks, BUT they could get people to fix it, we could have people for that. More jobs right?  It sounds to me that the pipeline isn’t the issue. It’s the tar sand oil, that’s what you people should be yelling about ( looks back seat) Whether we use truck or pipes.  We still have to drill in the ground, so the pipeline shouldn’t be what you protest about, it should be the sand

(pauses & looks looks forward) Yeah I guess it will destroy the farms and the grounds...why did you protest? you could have sent a letter, it’s not that serious. I mean, going to jail for that. Is it really that worth it? Personally I wouldn’t want to go to jail, and I don’t think you would want to either. I mean. Would I?


Okay, so we need to have something that won't get easy leaks. Since the press wants to worry about leaks. I wonder…..If we put rubber in the pipe if it will leak, or if It will fall off and mess up the oil.

(picks up phone* *dial tone)Kristen I need a test ran on  how the oil reacts with rubber inside the pipe. Thanks, call when your done, Bye bye. (hangs up phone)

(sigh) hopefully thats taken care of. Now, daren. (dial tone)hey Darren, I need you to find out all the farmland on our rout for the pipeline. Oh, you already have the map? well can you fax it to me? yeah thanks. Okay. bye. (hangs up phone.)

(sips coffee and taps pen* * paper comes out* *Look at paper) Okay, so it looks like we have to get some curves over near the Robinson's ranch.

(dial tone) Hello? Yes Darren, I need you to call the Robinson ranch to see what parts of their farm they don’t really use, and ask if it’s okay to put the pipeline their. We have to try to make this pipeline as eco friendly as possible. (hangs up the phone)

Well, Good things about the pipeline (pause and taps pen ) A Pipe would be more eco friendly than driving trust with oil, and It would be much safer than having flammable oil near other peoples cars. Plus the exhaust from the trucks.  

(phone rings)This is Braden. (pause) Oh you ran the test? ( pause) Great! I’ll come down now! thats wonderful. Okay, Bye bye. (hangs up phone) Yes!

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Pipeline Monologue Project (Kadija K.)

STEP ONE: Basically our project was about the research on the Keystone XL pipeline and how many people had controversy about it. Also it was a series of types of information either stating the opposing side of the pipeline or the people that proposed it. I feel that I learned a lot, because before we started, I did not know anything regarding to the pipeline, and now I am greatly informed and involved.
STEP TWO: 1.The pipeline will cost about $7 billion, and run about 1700 miles long. (
2. The oil refineries are in Texas.(
3An estimated 20,000 jobs will be created.(
4.Increase use of Canadian oil will limit our dependence on foreign oil. (
5.Could potentially hurt 1.5 million people and pollute drinking water. (

STEP THREE: monologue 1

“I`m Losing My Dad”

By Kadija Koita

“turtle sitting down in his cage, thinking in his head.”

Why can't anyone understand that it is so fun being home alone. No kids, no dad, and no mom because that would mean my owner would have to not be single, and he is. He's A lonely man, hope he finds someone. But besides that he works on something called the pipeline for keystone XXL or XL, whatever it is, i dont know because I`m just a turtle. Did I mention a pretty good looking one too. Anyway he says he needs the money because he wants to move, so i guess its for the better. He leaves the TV on during the day and I see the protests and stuff they do for it. Guess it`s a big deal, if you ask me. Tyrell, that`s my owner or dad, yeah dad. He works as a worker from 6 am until 8 pm and comes home so exhausted ,I  think he forgets if he has a little turtle that needs loving. But child let me tell you about them days where its nobody home, its nice and quiet, I can lounge around with no clothes on and do whatever I want, that`s all the love I need. Alright, enough about me, more about this big pipe that they want to build. Tyrell said they're going to have about 20,000 jobs created, and his sister said o give her deadbeat husband one of those jobs. I think that`s good thing I think. These humans is crazy. Some people want the pipeline and then you got the people over here saying it could kill our world and release carbon into the world. I don't know what to think. Tyrell is saying the only reason he`s doing this is because of the money, but I feel like he`s getting blindsided. I want my old Tyrell back, the one that used to actually let me come out of my cage once and  while, the one that actually told me he loved me, God only knows when the last time i heard that. You know I actually didn't care about this big pipe thing, but now i do because they are taking away my only friend in the whole world, the man I trusted. Someone that gave me a chance when i was being sold for $10 and he picked me up and took me home. They are saying the pipeline will cause people to lose clean drinking water, oh no. You crazy if you think i'm going to be sitting here with bugs and bacteria floating in my tank, because ya'll want to send some tazan or tar sands, whatever you call it, down the middle of our country. I live in Alberta, Canada, and let me tell you something they are not too happy about it. I may not know a lot, but I do know I want my dad back, I miss him, so if that meant not supporting this pipeline thing, then fine, I don't support it.

monologue 2: Title, "You wouldn`t understand"

Look you guys, I really have to do this job, it`s for the sake of my life and my kids lives. I have to pay his child support or i'm going to jail, and then my kids are not going to be able to see me. Seriously, I'd rather work for something that is disagreed upon, then to be not with my kids. It`s not like i'm prostituting or something.Thats what they are treating me like. I really don`t think its all that bad. They said it would create like 20,00 new jobs, and they should be thanking me, because i could actually find them a job if they needed one, its good pay. They're also saying something about 7,000 jobs are being supported for the people that actually make the steel in the factories. I really don't understand the big deal, I mean you gotta agree with me on this. I could see if i was killing baby pandas for their fur, but i'm not. I don't even wear fur. But besides the point, they have to at least support me, because i'm trying to support my kids right? Regardless i'm doing it ]m weather they like it or not. They definitely won't be complaining when those paychecks come in and I buy them whatever they need. I mean i understand of the world and all that nature stuff, i get it. I did my part though, i saw a chip bag on the floor and you know what i did, yup you guessed it .picked it right up and put it in the trash. I don't get why my sister is calling me killer, she says that they are going to hurt communities near the pipe and potentially pollute their drinking water, and I said look man i understand your hurt, but i gotta do what i gotta do. I love my family, but they gotta love me too regardless. So now i guess they're not talking to me, so was is really worth it. See now i gotta make a decision, what to do? Thats the question right.

Monologue 3: Title, " We hate this!"

(in front of the white house, people yelling with signs opposing the pipeline)

“DON'T KILL OUR FUTURE, BECAUSE OF A PIPE!”  protesters chanting.

 I can't stand them, they never listen to anything we say. I come here everyday in my work clothes after a long day, just to stand up for what i believe in, is it wrong to not want die,because you might have polluted water, is it not wrong to go against it because it could potentially hinder 2,000 lakes, rivers, and streams, and have the leakage that we so didn't want to happen. Its horrible, the way people could be so blinded to what's in front of them. its destroying all the forest and God knows we need to save every bit of nature we have left.  Today when i was out there i was chanting with all my friends and it made me happy that we could make change in a way that actually was not violent, but you know what, its only so long i can take this. you're going to listen to me regardless of what those bimbo cops have to say. A change is going to come, forced or not.

(1 month later)

“GET THAT PIPE, DESTROY THE HYPE” Protesters chanting.

Today was crazy. I stood my ground and didn't move. We were yelling, not speaking, we were telling not asking. Because I learned a valuable thing, you gotta take what you want, because in this world, nothing is offered. I stomped my feet, pumped my fist and held my ground fiercely. The police all blurred and i wasn't even paying attention to them, they just looked like a blue blanket on the street. I really couldn't tell you guys how crazy it was. People were yelling louder and then it was like 300 people on the street. it was a wednesday, it was 75 degrees, and sunny. It

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“Hallada muerta con signos de violencia una niña de 12 años” Artículo #3

Este artículo sobre una niña de doce años quien era asesinó con signos de violencia. Ella era encontrado en un buscó camino. Allí son no detalles porque el caso es un secreto. El artículo dije, “El alcalde de Teo, Martiño Noriega, reconoció que las informaciones en torno al luctuoso suceso son confusas y que el caso se encuentra bajo secreto judicial y que este "hay que respetarlo".” Allí no era testigos. El artículo dije, “Manuel Crespo, un vecino del lugar de Feros, que reside en la única vivienda unifamiliar situada a escasos cien metros de donde fue hallado el cadáver, aseguró que pasó por el lugar de regreso a su casa después de un paseo en torno a las 00.30 horas de la medianoche, aunque nada le llamó la atención ni a él ni a su mujer. "Mi mujer y yo veníamos de pasear y pasamos por ahí a las doce y media de la noche, y no vimos nada. Tuvo que ser entre las doce y media y la una y cuarto de la madrugada", explicó.” Elegí este artículo porque yo pensé el artículo era un buen tema. El artículo está muy triste. A conexión a el mundo es muchos niños morir cada día. El mundo esta cruel y violento. Deseo el mundo era un seguro para todo niños.  

Word Count: 221

"Hallada Muerta Con Signos De Violencia Una Niña De 12 Años." El Periódico De Aragón. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2013. <>.

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Spanish Journal #5

Breaking Bad finale

August Polite


intrigante - intriguing

temporada - season (tv)

química - chemistry

obra maestra - masterpiece

era, época - era

retratar - portray

rendimiento - performance   

El domingo pasado mi programa favorita terminó,  y lo estuvo el final de una era. La programa es "Breaking Bad"; una historia sobre la vida de Walter White y sus decisiones malas. Él estaba un maestro que tenía cáncer, comenzó a hacer drogas con su estudiante Jesse. Fue un maestro de ciencias y sabe mucho sobre química. Jesse sabía el mercado y Walter Sabía las químicas, su idea fue bueno pero ellos tenían muchos problemas. Walter White estaba retratar de el actor Bryan Cranston, y Jesse fue Aaron Paul. Pienso lo estaba el debut de Aaron Paul y estaba muy bueno para él porque ganó muchos premios por su rendimiento. Fue cinco temporadas y todos fue muy bueno, cada temporada tenía algo que fue muy interesante. Los escritores están inteligente y ellos saben como a hacer un historia intrigante. El creador de el serie (se llama Vince Gilligan) escribía el episodio final y lo escribió bien. Breaking Bad es una programa que será amado por muchos años en el futuro. El año pasado mi tio me introdujo a breaking bad, y cuando estaba en california con él y su familia nosotros lo mirábamos cada dia. Estoy triste que no puedo ver más de este programa, pero estoy emocionado a ver que Vince Gilligan y su escritores van a hacer después de su obra maestra, Breaking Bad,  Ese es el final de una época.
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Sample Pipeline Monologue Blog Post

Please create a SLATE post in our World History course.

Title it: Pipeline Monologue Project

Part I: Write a paragraph that summarizes our unit of study and what you feel you have learned in this unit. Make this paragraph polished and clear for readers that know nothing about the pipeline or our unit of study.

Part II: List five key facts or short quotes that you feel everyone should know about the pipeline and/or humans relationship to the environment. For each point put the title of the source in parenthesis after the bullet point.

Part III: The monologues! Make sure they are polished and revised (double check the blue page in the room). Make sure each monologue has a title and that stage directions are in parenthesis.

Part IV: The video(s). Make sure the video has a title page with the title of the monologue and your name. Post the video to Vimeo. After Vimeo has processed it get the embed code and paste it into the multimedia section of your blog post. If you do this correctly your video will show up within the blog post itself. (It should not be a link.)

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Spanish 3 Essay - The Challenge of Usain Bolt to Tony Parker

Alex Held      Q1

Don Marcos

El reto de Usain Bolt a Tony Parker

El artículo que elegí era acerca de Usain Bolt y Tony Parker, dos atletas increíbles. Usain bolt hizo un video en youtube. En el video, Bolt dijo que Parker, la estrella del baloncesto, su tiro en salto no fue bueno. Parker sonrió y rió. Elegí este artículo porque me encantan los deportes. Aprendí que hay mucha competencia amistosa en deportes. Cuando leí por primera vez el artículo estaba un poco confundido  Me gusta que Bolt hizo un video porque él sabía Parker iba al video. Me identifico con él porque a todos nos gusta presumir. Bolt es una persona muy arrogante y confiada mientras que parker es más modesto. Creo que es genial que hizo esto porque crea mucha publicidad por ambos deportes y ambos atletas. Bolt y Parker son las atletas incredíbles. Será interesante ver si esto sigue así en las próximas semanas. Porque pensé que parker había hecho algo ofendió Bolt. Este artículo me enseñó una nueva frase. “...propuestas de todo tipo.” Esto significo en inglés “proposals of all kinds.” Me encanta aprender cosas nuevas de la lectura. Este fue un artículo divertido y lo disfruté mucho. Espero ver más de Bolt y Parker. Mi gusta este articulo.

Escudero, Emilio V. "The challenge of Usain Bolt to Tony Parker." Blogs ABC. ABC News, 26 Sep 2013. Web. 30 Sep 2013. <>.

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“Eventos culturales en Philly”

Melanie Harrington Q1

Don Marcos

“Eventos culturales en Philly”

En domingo 15 de septiembre, el Consulado de México en Filadelfia y el Centro Cultural Mexicano invitaron los gentes de la ciudad a participar en “Grito de Independencia.” La celebración estaba en la gran plaza de Penn’s Landing. Los asistentes disfrutaron un día de comida y música tradicional.  En sábado 21 de septiembre en la Theatro de Arden, la comedia de Indira Paez, “Mujeres de par en par”, entregó por primera vez en Filadelfia. La comedia está sobre la sexualidad y los sentimientos de cinco mujeres. También en sábado 21 de septiembre, “El yunque” celebró riqueza cultural en gala de ‘Concilio’. El yunque está el símbolo del evento. El objetivo de la celebración para informar los jóvenes sobre el orgullo cultural. En jueves 26 de septiembre, los gentes celebraron la semana puertorriqueña en Filadelfia. El obispo auxiliar de la Arquidiócesis de Rockville Center, Nelson J. Pérez, conductió  una misa religiosa en la catedral basílica de San Pedro y San Pablo.

Yo escogí este artículo porque es muy interesante. Yo no sabía sobre estos celebraciones o la existencia de la semana puertorriqueña. Yo aprendí que hay un pájaro llama el yunque y todos culturas tienen los jóvenes que necesitan recordarse de sus culturas y tradiciones. Estos celebraciones recodan me de la festival Italiano. Esta festival celebra los tradicionales y el patrimonio Italiano. Yo pienso que cada cultura necesita se celebra. Yo aprendí  dos palabras nuevas; la misa y disfrutar.

Word Count: 238

" Eventos culturales en Philly (sept. 15 - 26)." Ponte Al Día. N.p., 10 Sep 2013. Web. 27 Sep 2013. <>.

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“Philly se puso a la moda”

Audrey Pham


Melanie Manuel

Word Count: 200

“Philly se puso a la moda”

El artículo sobre Filadelfia tiene actos de moda. Nombre de actos de moda es “El colección de Filadelfia 2013”. En caso de colección de Filadelfia, personas observa creativo talento de moda y costura. Tambien, famoso diseñador de moda presenta sus ropa. El espectáculo es una semana cada año. Escogí este artículo porque quise leer sobre la moda en mi ciudad. Me gusta moda tambien. Leo este articúlo, apprendí sobre Filadelfia va a abrir más masas tienda de roda compañías. Y más personas estío interesado en moda y más esté aprenden sobre moda. Moda es importante en el mundo porque es estilo. Cada persona tiene sus propios estilo. Su estilo es parte de personalidad y como te gusta lleva. Moda es parte de industria de empresa. Mucho dinero o no dinero, su estilo es como te gusta y tú permitirse. No tiene opinión para este artículo porque es no polémico. El artículo es sobre la moda en Filadelfia, nuevas tiendas, y desfile de moda. Yo credo moda es arte. Hay quien cree que moda es no arte y derroche de dinero. Me gusta moda en Filadelfia. Nosotros tienes mucho tiendas de ropa. Nueva vocabulario es compradores, agregaron, liderano, aprovechan y abiertos.

Gamboa, Ana. "Latino News and Opinion." Philly Se Puso a La Moda - . N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2013.
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El impuesto de las clases bajas

Michelle Friedman

Señorita Manuel
Quarter 1

Palabras nuevas y importantes en este artículo están: sobrepeso, impuesto y pobre. En inglés, sobrepeso está “obese”. En inglés impuesto está “tax”, y en inglés pobre está “poor”.

Que ocurriendo en México hoy, es muy importante y peligroso para los ciudadanos de; México. El gobierno hizo impuesto de veinte porcentaje a refrescos. Científicos en profesores de Economía de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) hablan por este impuesto nuevo y qué efectos van a estar.

Este impuesto nuevo va a estar cosa muy difícil para las personas que no tienen mucho dinero. Los personas más pobres compraron refrescos y bebidas dulces. Por un lado, este impuesto va a hacer que las personas piensan otra vez cuando ellos compran los refrescos. Cuando ellos piensan otra vez ellos a veces escogen a comprar agua en lugar de refrescos. Cuando una persona bebe agua en lugar de refrescos, ellos van a estar más delgado.  Por otro lado, más impuestos no estan buenos.

Personas en México no tienen mucho dinero, y cuando ellos necesitan pagar más impuestos sus vidas se convirtió mal. El gobierno no tiene cuidado para las personas. En conclusión, el impuesto nuevo tiene lados buenos y malos. Yo pienso que este impuesto no es bueno.  

Word Count: 205

Peinado, Mari Luz. "El Impuesto De Las Clases Bajas." EL PAÍS. N.p., 22 Sept. 2013. Web. 27 Sept. 2013. <>.
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Artículo Tres-Andrew Roberts

‘Breaking Bad’ y ‘Modern Family’ Triunfan en los Emmy

de Andrew Roberts

Este artículo es sobre los Emmy.  Los Emmy es un ceremonia para los premios para programas de televisión.  Este año, los programas de ‘Breaking Bad’ y ‘Modern Family’ recibieron muchos premios, pero la programa ‘Behind the Candelabra’ recibió el mayor número de premios y es el mejor miniserie.  ‘Breaking Bad’ recibió el premio para el mejor drama, y ‘Modern Family’ recibió el mejor comedia.  Neil Patrick Harris, de ‘How I Met Your Mother’, condució los Emmy.  Jeff Daniels recibió el premio Mejor Actor Dramático por ‘The Newsroom’, y Jim Parsons recibió el premio Mejor Comedia Actor para su papel Sheldon in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.  Los creadoeres de los Emmy incluyó la cantante hispana en su vídeo de homenaje a las artistas fallecidos.  

No vi los Emmy.  Mucho de los programas que ganaron es en los canales que yo no tengo.  Mi familia no recibe mucho canales, y no veo mucho televisión.  

No hubo mucho artículos en Al Día en la noche pasada que me gusta.  El soló programa que yo veo es ‘The Big Bang Theory’.  Eso programa es muy gracioso. 

Yo estoy contento que las programas para premios existir.  Es bueno a dar premios a las personas que merecer ellos.

"Latino News and Opinion." 'Breaking Bad' Y 'Modern Family' Triunfan En Los Emmy - . Ponte Al Día, 23 Sept. 13. Web. 27 Sept. 2013. <>.

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¡Ay dios Miley!

​Nikki Adeli, Señorita Manuel

Miley y hannah montana, en mi opinión, son oficialmente dos personas muy diferentes. Hannah montana fue respetuoso y sincero. Miley cyrus es totalmente lo contrario. Yo creo que esto es lo que Miley quería. Miley quiere que la gente al ver que no es el medio actriz disney. Ella es ahora su propia imagen. 

Miley Cyrus no quiere que pase un día sin que se hable de ella. Ahora, ella es “provocativo”. Comienzo con twerking en el escenario a cantando desnudos en su vídeo de la música. No cabe duda de que el afán protagonista y exhibicionista de la cantante no tiene límites. ¡Todo el mundo es confuso! 

Algunas personas creo que Miley no tiene un cerebro. Yo creo esto es incorrecto. el sufrimiento es Miley. Se divorció con su compañero, Liam, y esto es cómo ella muestra su dolor. En su video para la canción “Wrecking Ball”, Miley está lamiendo un marillo. La gente pensó “qué extraño!”. Más tarde en el mes, Miley dijo revista de Rolling Stones sulamiendo un martillo significa le gusta el dolor. Esto es muy extraño para mí. 

Yo escogí este artículo porque Miley cyrus es un tema popular entre mi edad. Un tema popular y controversial. Por eso yo decidí escribir sobre Miley. 

Word Count - 210

"El Peor «twerking» De Miley Cyrus Tiene Como Protagonista a Un Mono." N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

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Zack Hersh Article 3

Zack Hersh         Quarter 1

Señorita Manuel

¿Regresa Larry Bowa a los Phillies?

Hay un posibilidad que Larry Bowa, un compocorto de los Phillies en los 80’s, va a regresar a los Phillies. Ryne Sandberg, el manager de los Phillies jugaba con Bowa para Chicago y Filadelfia. Ellos son amigos buenos y Ryne Sandberg se caye en Bowa bien, y igualdad. Porque de esto, tenemos razon para creer que Bowa va a juntar Sandberg y los Phillies el año proximo, en 2014. Mientras Ruben Amaro, el gerente general no va a hablar sobre este, muchas personas creen que Bowa, un jugador amado, juntara los Phillies el temporada proximo. La idea tiene razon, y fanaticos de los Phillies, quien no han tenido una temporada muy bueno, estan esperando que este rumor es la verdad. Yo espero tambien.

Espero que este es cierto porque Larry Bowa es una persona y jugador muy chevere y el podria ayaudar los Phillies tener una temporada bien el ano proximo. El podria ayudar los Phillies ganar, que los no han podido hacer las dos temporadas pasadas. 

Yo elegi este articulo por que me gusta los Phillies y quiero saber que esta occuriendo con ellos. Quiero los Philles ganar la temporada proxima. 

Este es muy interesante y estoy muy contento que lei. 

Words: 203

Will Gonzalez, "¿Regresa Larry Bowa a los Philles? Al Dia, 9/25/13
Web, 9/27/13

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Miley Cyrus

Aaron Tang

Ms. Manuel


Miley Cyrus fue en Hannah Montana de Disney Channel. Ella es popular porque gentes miran la televisión. Su padre también canta. Miley Cyrus tiene tatuajes y ella es diferente. En dos mil y diez, Cyrus tenía un hombre; su nombre es Liam Hemsworth. Ellos son actores en The Last Song. La familia vive en Toluca Lake de Los Angeles. Liam y Miley se van a casar, pero en Septiembre ellos no. Este año, Miley cantó “We Can’t Stop” en MTV. Muchos gente no les gusta porque ella hizo algo horrible. Ella quiero tener divertido.

Cuando yo era nueve años,  miré Hannah Montana con mi hermana. Yo no sabo Miley es diferente porque en mi escuela, mi amigos hablaron Miley es desagradable. Su canciones son increíbles, pero ella lleva ropa corta. Ella fue en Instagram, facebook y mucho más, gentes hablan de ella. Me gusta su pelo largo y no su pelo corto. Pienso,  Miley es fea ahora porque ella no es bonita. MTV en el verano era aburrido cuando yo miré gentes catan. Me gusta cuando Justin Timberlake cantó con Back Street Boys. El año que viene no voy a mirar MTV Choice Awards porque no hay música buena.

"Miley Cyrus: Confesiones De La Niña Más Salvaje Del Pop." CNN En Espaol Ultimas Noticias De Estados Unidos Latinoamrica Y El Mundo Opinin Y Videos RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2013.
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El Sumario Tres

Sieanna Williams                                                                                                  Q1

Srta. Manuel

Obama apuesta por un acuerdo nuclear con Irán

Este artículo agarró mi atención para dos razones. Primero, el titúlo! Porque yo sé que los Estados Unidos quieren ir a la guerra con Irán, es importante que nosotros (la gente viviendo en los dos países) aprendemos más sobre lo todos los días. La razón segundo, es porque yo no quiero nuestras países ir a la guerra.

Yo no estoy de acuerda con la guerra nada. Yo pienso que como humanos, necesitamos solo vivir. Nosotros queremos luchar y odiar el uno del otro porque todo sabemos es cómo competir. Competición no está importante. Humanos necesitan vivir pacíficamente, no lucha el uno del otro. Pero lo más importante es que la razón solo que Obama quiere ir a la guerra con Siria es porque los Estados Unidos necesitan el aceite. Es más problems importantes suceso en otras lugares como África, pero los Estados Unidos no quieren ayudar. Eso no tiene sentido. Ellos solo ayuda las personas quien se ayuda. No es justo.

Obama dijo que los Estados Unidos y Irán están en acuerdo que tampoco país va a  construir armas nucleares. ¡Bueno! Así lo veo, yo no estoy de acuerda con la guerra, sin embargo,  yo tengo aceptar la decisión de mi Presidente, porque yo no puedo pararlo.  Por la tanto, sí Obama decide ir a la guerra con Siria todavía, sería mejor tener una guerra sin armas nucleares. Con armas nucleares, todo el mundo pueden morir! Eso no va resolver nada.

Gracías Obama. Pero por favor, si tú puedes, no ir a la guerra.


"Obama apuesta por un acuerdo nuclear con Irán." El Nacional, 24 Septiembre 2013. Web. 25 Sep 2013.


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Spanish report 3

El sumario del artículo es sobre un jugador de béisbol llamada Mariano Rivera. Mariano Rivera nació en la ciudad de Panama en Panama. Él jugó béisbol cuando él era joven. En el artículo, ellos habló sobre Mariano Rivera y como él ayudó los Nueva York Yankees impuso cinco serie mundial de béisbol. La noche ayer era el juego final por Mariano Rivera con sus carrera con Los Yankees. Los Yankees perdió el juego 4-0 a Los Rays, pero Mariano Rivera dijo este él era emoción cuando Joe Girardi llamó Mariano Rivera a enchada la ocho entrada.  Después de juego, Mariano era aplaudió por sus carrera fabulosa en Nueva York. Mariano Rivera con 658 carrera saves es el mejor récord en MLB. Yo pienso Mariano es un hall of famer. Yo use este artículo porque Mariano Rivera es el mejor jugador de béisbol en la historia de juego. También me gusta béisbol y ver el juego en la televisión. Pero Mariano Rivera hago el juego de béisbol mucho diversión a ver.  Mi opinión en el artículo este yo es muy triste porque Mariano Rivera represente Los Yankees por mucho años y también el juego de béisbol es sus vida. Mariano Rivera es el mejor de mejor.

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