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Ahinson Snesbitt Business unit project

For this project Abou and I decided to create a website. We did this because we thought that all of our research and analysis could be easily displayed, and people can go at their own pace to look through the site and read what they want. We focused on comparing the two time periods, and how the President/government acted upon the economic crisis at hand. We talked about their similarities and differences, and mainly if their plans were success or failures.  
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Ananda/Jamie Weebly

My group member and I decided to present ur project using Weebly because we feel like a website is an good way to present information and also it keeps it simple. When creating the website we wanted to make sure we listed the really important components and didn't write to much where as that may overwhelm readers. We think making a website is the good way to go for this project because it allows a lot of creativity, thinking , and hard work.
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History Benchmark

For our project Jovan and I decided to make a video explaining and giving our feedback on the topic at hand. go went into a deep analysis and try to keep an unbiased standpoint. we try to make our video creative as possibly while keeping the video focused on the topic.

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podcast: siblings

Crossing boundaries is something that happens in everyday life. It is when someone oversteps their place as a person, it can be bad or it can be good. It can help make a big change to something that is important. In my story I interviewed my aunt about the time she saved her younger brother at the YMCA. She crossed a huge boundary but it was certainly needed. 
I learned a lot while making this podcast. I learned how to use garageband which wasn't always the easiest thing to do. I also learned the details of what happened to my aunt and uncle that day and everything in between. 
english interview
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"Gaydar Alert"

GAYDAR ALERT! Many people in this world are quick to turn their heads to a person that is homosexual. Do they even know the person beyond their sexuality? Do they understand how they feel?Will they take the time to even listen to just one? Well, I did and I hope some of you will too, and take the journey of a person being hit with "Gaydar".

Bryanna Jones Interview

      My interview was a project I probably will admire forever. Not only did I get to understand my friend and her feelings better.But, I actually now understand how a person feels in society because of their sexuality. I have gained so much just from my friends perspective. My friend Bryanna allowed me to understand the emotional, religion, and family boundaries that were crossed, due to her sexuality. Now, some people will say they heard of the story about a gay person in society. Although, they may never get the chance to actually understand them emotionally or mentally. 

      That’s only because of a mental system set in people’s heads that tell them to retreat from people who like their own sex. The society has placed a radar that tells them that homosexuals are sinners,evil, or devils that “shouldn’t walk the earth”, but this interview told me that that same signal won’t tell me why the CAUSE of this has happened. Although, it will tell me how it EFFECTS what has happened.

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Cheating Jaaz H.

Cheating can be seen as many things, it can be seen as a hug, kiss, sex, touching, and ect. Cheating is tried to get covered up, or sometimes is brought to the open. Cheating affects lives majorly, and is wrong in all aspects. So listen to the podcast to understand cheating. 
Cheating, Jaazaniah Hayes
I liked my interviews, and how the people I interviewed kept it real. This interview was fun to do, and it made me think. It made me think did I get cheated on in the relationship i just got out. My interview with my mom brought up feelings she had. My interview with Kenyatta Bundy jr. was fun because he is like a close friend of mines. We knew each other for 4 years now, and i know a lot about him. So it was exciting to hear his take.

Crossing a child's boundaries, from a girl to a woman

Determination is a key to succeeding in life. Can determination push you to cross boundaries? In my podcast my mother, now 38 years old, Tylene Lane, will tell us her story on how crossed the boundaries from a girl/ child to a woman. 


To cross a boundary is to do something to offend someone, or to do something that you know you aren’t supposed to do. Crossing boundaries for the most part only has negative effects, because it offends someone else. There could be good results for crossing a boundary for you because most of the time you cross them for a personal benefit. I didn’t really learn anything new but I discovered exactly how my mom felt about the situation and how the people around her reacted. No, garageband was really easy and fun to use. I agreed so I just made it a little more interesting and because I couldn’t get the interview from my grandma I had to add more from my mom. I felt a strength was editing it and getting to the point on how she crossed a boundary.

English Bm

Crossing The Pain Boundary

​There are a lot of extreme sports out there, and a lot of opportunities to get hurt in the process. but what drives people to take part in those sports even though they could get hurt. During this podcast, I explore that question. 

Link to the audio file can be found here.

I think that I had some strong attributes in terms of producing this podcast due to my previous experience in digital video production, It was fairly easy for me to record good audio for this project.

The interviews were pretty relaxed since they were with other students like me. It was fun to learn about other peoples experiences and get to talk to them for this project.


"Starting New, Halfway Through" by Nia Hammond

The years of being a freshman, and then a sophomore at Archbishop Prendergast for Siani Widman were very easy going. The following summer, she had opportunities to have fun like everyone else. However, everything started taking turns when she realized how much time she had to know what school she would be going to for the upcoming junior year. When she finally did get a call of acceptance and began attending her new public school, life got a little harder for her. Here, she shares the story.
To cross boundaries means to find new things and move on to them. Not all boundaries are fully crossed, and it sometimes takes a push by an outside force to get someone over. No matter how dangerous that boundary being crossed is, everyone has time to reflect afterwards. The range of reflections can go from regrets, sadness, and pain to joy, happiness, and no regrets. While doing interviews, I noticed how much I could pick out parts of what my interviewee was saying and look back to notice that she was saying true things. Interviewing her only helped me realize how obvious the changes were, in a sense. 
Editing the project was a little different. Using the Audacity program at first seemed easy, but it was later frustrating and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. So, I switched over to GarageBand, a more familiar for me program and was able to change a shabby project into something better than it was before. I do not think I would have been able to produce what I did if I hadn't changed programs. I believe lots of people had problems with understanding Audacity, and we all only used it for the sole fear of having GarageBand delete everything, which was a common glitch at SLA. 
In this project, overall, I had trouble trying to find an interesting enough topic that featured crossing boundaries. This changed, however, when I got the help of my peers to brainstorm. Boundaries are all around us and are constantly crossed, and it took more than a few minutes to realize that. It was a good experience for me that I got to know how people's lives change all from doing the unexpected.