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You and the World Blog post #3: A Post for Change

This blog post is the third part in a 3 part series on our English class' You And The World project, where we each tackle a problem in our society that we want to spread awareness about. Blog #1 is about our initial research on our topic. Blog #2 is about our field research, where we gathered data ourselves based on survey results or observation. I took a survey of everyone in our class on their opinion of littering.

A signed SOSNA trash bag

In my research between now and my Blog #2, I looked into organizations like the South of South Neighborhood Association who hold neighborhood cleanups periodically, where they supply grabbers and garbage bags (pictures below) to small groups of people who help clean up the street. For my Agent of Change assignment, I participated in the first SOSNA spring cleanup of 2014. I put an ad in the school memo for it, but nobody could make it there. Neighborhood clean ups are a great way to get involved in improving the environment and beautifying your city, and other than that, it's great exercise for your back and arms. A few more interesting things were that we filled up around 10-20 trash bags over about 9 blocks and a couple parks, there was a 4 block stretch where there were no trash cans (except for one belonging to a business), and that the quality of the sidewalks and surrounding buildings appeared to be a big factor in the amount of trash in those places.

Various supplies provided by SOSNA

This was a fun project, and I’m looking forward to participating in litter cleanups in the future. The project has also taught me alot. Mainly that people don’t litter just because they don’t care. It’s also because they just don’t want to touch those gross garbage can handles when it’s so easy to just toss your stuff on the ground, but I digress.

Even though our city is bad in terms of cleanliness, it's only considered the sixth dirtiest city in America. Others include Atlanta at #5, Los Angeles at #4, Baltimore at #3, New Orleans at #2, and the Big Apple itself, New York, at #1. The cleanest was Cheyenne, Washington. Cheyenne even received the EPA’s Clean Drinking Water award in 2009. According to the website, they use special precautions and techniques to prevent large plants from leaking toxic fluids into the water supply. This may help with problems involving larger structures, but it wouldn’t be as effective here. If we as a whole really want to do better, we can encourage more cleanups and stricter laws in those places.

To conclude this post, thanks to Andy from SOSNA for agreeing to let a group of SLA students join their neighborhood cleanup of this spring. Also, big thanks to the 22 people who took my survey on littering (except for that one guy, you know who you are). And thanks to Ms. Dunn and Ms. Lucy for their continuing influence and support.

Annotated bibliography (Sources for #2 and #1. See hyperlinks for #3.)

Take this survey about littering!

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Q4 Reflection 6

Michelle Friedman

Senorita Manuel

Reflection 6

Quarter 4

Piden Reforma Tras Caso de Policia Indocumentada

Ahora, las personas en los estados unidos tienen una problema con inmigración. La

problema esta muy grande, pero no todos las personas entienden que necesitamos hacer algo. Pero, ahora, algunas de las personas que no entienden que necesitamos hacer algo, van a entender que nosotros necesitamos hacer algo porque algo muy importante sucedido. Hoy en los Estados Unidos, estan once míles personas sin documentadas para vivir aqui.  Estos personas vivian en peligroso porque el gobernio puede deportase ellos.

Carmen Figueroa fue una persona importante en los políticas en los estados unidos. Carmen Figueroa fue una detective de policía, pero los oficiales descubrieron que ella esta un inmigrante ilegal. Este situación presente una problema muy grande porque mucho de tiempo cuando tenemos inmigrantes ilegales, ellos trabajan en trabajos muy fáciles y trabajos que no estan muy importante por el gobierno de los estados unidos. Pero, este situación es significa porque Carmen Figueroa es una mujer que trabaja en la industria de policía.

Despues de yo leí este articulo, yo aprendí algunos de palabras nuevas. Cuantos palabras nuevas en este articulo estan  advirtieron  y descubrir. En inglés, advirtieron  es “warning”. Y descubrir  es “be discovered” en inglés.

Word Count: 202

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Aazimah and Drue.


We both sat down and compared notes, like we have during the entirety of this book discussion. We took turns going back and forth about what topics grabbed our attention and what we wanted to discuss further. These two chapters didn't bring out any disagreements between the two of us. Final questions were just about our thoughts on the book as a whole. 
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Q4 Reflection 5

Michelle Friedman              Quarter 4

Señorita Manuel

Reflection 5

Descubren más de 400 especies en el Amazonas

Ante todo, yo quiero enseñarles algunos palabras nuevos que yo aprendí. La palabra primera está “descubrir”. Este palabra está muy importante para este articulo; en Ingles, descubrir significa “discover”. El artículo está sobre la increíble selva amazónica. La selva amazónica está el “Amazon Rainforest” en inglés. Estos son todos de los palabras nuevas que yo aprendí después de leyendo el artículo “Descubren más de 400 especies en el Amazonas”.

De los cuatro cientos cuarenta y uno especias que cientificos descubren, todos los animales están muy interesantes. Están doscientos cincuenta y ocho verduras, ochenta y cuatro peces, cincuenta y ocho anfibios, veinte y dos reptiles, diez y ocho aves, y un mamífero. Los científicos descubren las especias durante cuatro años- 2010, 2011, 2012, y 2013. Muchos de los especies nueves viven solo en la selva amazónica. Hoy, el el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF) dice que las especies que viven solo en la selva amazónica necesitan va a protedidar.

Yo pienso que animales en la selva amazónica estan muy importantes para personas y para el mundo. Los verduras y peces estan importantes también. Hay muchas animals estan moriendos. Animales como el oso polar. El oso polar vives en el polo norte. 

Palabras: 209
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A.) Negative space is the empty space in a drawing. It the main point of the drawing.
B.) I found the negative space in cut out are different colors.
C.) It helps an artist to see negative space in a drawing because  see things in a  drawing that you wouldn't usually see.
D.) Negative space is useful in art because you can do some cool and interesting things. 
photo 2 (1)
photo 1 (1)
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Q4 Reflection 4

Michelle Friedman


Reflection 4

Quarter 4

Inconstitucional prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania

Recientemente una persona escribió articulo por el periódico, Metro Noticias Las Vegas con el título: “Inconstitucional prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania”. Yo vivo en Pensilvania y yo se que el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania es problema muy importante. Es problema muy importante porque cuada nosotros vivimos con el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania, es como nosotros dijimos que nosotros no tenemos cuidado por los hombres y las mujeres gay que quieren vivir sus vidas como todas de las otras personas.

Cuando yo leiste el articulo, yo aprendi cuandos palabras nuevos que yo no se antes de leer el artículo. El hombre que instigó el cambio es un juez. Un juez es el persona que trabaja en un tribunal y práctica leyes. En ingles, “juez” es “judge”.

En Pensilvania, el juez federal hable que el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania en inconstitucional. “Algunos de nuestros ciudadanos se sienten profundamente incómodos por el concepto de matrimonio del mismo sexo. De todos modos, el hecho de que el matrimonio del mismo sexo provoque incomodidad en algunas no vuelve constitucional su prohibición”, escribió el juez al justificar su decisión.


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Lexus, Kila, Amanda, Zaria, Katherine: 2nd Podcast

​In this podcast the group discussed chapters 4-6. All members of the group were present in this podcast. We focused on how graphs could be perceived in different ways by how it is designed. We also talked about how different studies and test don't always test accurately. We brought up numerous examples from the book to support our opinions and compared ideas from the book to what we learned in class throughout the school year.   

Our podcast:

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Laura De Jesus Capstone

Project Type: Presentation Keynote ​

Student Name:

Laura De Jesus

In school mentor’s name:

Ms. Martin

My capstone is a presentation about Teen Pregnancy and Abortion.


The goal of my capstone was to make a presentation to teach and show the freshmen about the statistics of teen pregnancy and abortion. The main reason I did this project was to inform other people around the same age group about the things that could occur after you are pregnant and that there are options, everyone that has a story without answers would be heard and understood. This project is not only bringing me out my comfort zone but also making me feel like I am a better person for helping others in the future and right now. I have been working with various people and have done a lot of research to be able to get all the information that I have now. I have learned more than I expected to learn in the matter of such a short amount of time. As a result of my project I have been able to get something out of it that I never thought I would get which is confidence, this a milestone. But the main thing is the fact that I am learning at the same time as the students. I hope that the students learn as much as I did during this process, because I want them to leave with the same amount of knowledge that I left SLA with.


Birth Statistics

I chose this source because it is the most beneficial because it is from Pennsylvania Philadelphia. I selected this source because the information that is given is accurate and useful. It is a reliable source and used for important purposes.  It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project.  I chose this source because it is a part of life, it is something that people don’t talk about is religion and the trace back to how it is viewed with teen pregnancy and abortion.

"Birth Statistics." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Birth Statistics")

My Abortion My Life

I chose this source because I feel like it is a powerful source, it is giving out the stories of others and what they went through when they went through abortion and what they felt. It is useful because you are learning what the struggle is and the life lesson. The only limitation is that it is stories and things of that sort which limit me from really using any of that. But on the other side you are leaning a story of another person.

"My Abortion My Life." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014.  <>. ("My Abortion My Life")

Planned Parenthood: Abortion

I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides all the information that I need for this topic, it keeps the issues that are at hand. It is informing the people that are going through this there are options. One limitation for this source is that there is only telling you the options, meanwhile if you go to the actual class you learn more because they are information session.

"Planned Parenthood: Abortion." . N.p.. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>. ("Planned Parenthood: Abortion")

Planned Parenthood

I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project, it is the main source of my information and where I will be getting my data from. I found this source useful because it has everything in one and all types of different links and date information for all of the topics that are involved in my final project. One limitation for this source is that there is too much information and some of it is not needed and some of it is repeated, but other than that this a useful source and comes in handy.

"Planned Parenthood." n. page. Print. <>.

Religious Beliefs No Barrier to Teen Pregnancy

This is a source that is different because it is involving religion. It is giving information that is useful and comes in handy. I chose this source because it is a part of life, it is something that people don’t talk about is religion and the trace back to how it is viewed with teen pregnancy and abortion. I found this source useful because it made a difference on how I viewed certain things. One limitation is the fact that there is information but it is limited.

Peck , Peggy . "OB/Gyn Religious Beliefs No Barrier to Teen Pregnancy." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. (Peck )

Teen Birth

I chose this source because it accurate but also because it is informative also. I chose this source because it is beneficial to my capstone, it is telling people who need help and giving out options. It gives out information that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, because there are some options that are from them. One limitation is the fact that there is information but it is limited.

"Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 Population Ages 15-19." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 Population Ages 15-19")

Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries

I chose this source because it is beneficial to my capstone, it is telling people who need help and giving out options. It gives out information that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, because there are some options that are from them. I selected this source because while I was interviewing my friend this is where she went to get her information and help to make up her mind on what was the best for her. I found this source useful because although it is slightly different than the other sources it is that it is religious. The only limitation is that the information is somewhat limited.

"Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries ." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries "

Teen Mom

I chose this source because the fact that it is real life and reality. Also for the fact that it is something that people can relate to and have a connection with them. It is useful because it is showing the life after teen birth and that is something nobody really thinks about because they aren’t focused on it. The information that is given through this show will showcase the main point of my presentation.

"Teen Mom." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.  ("Teen Mom")

Teen Mom

I chose this source because it is showing the progress that has been made since the world has been in contact with the show. The data that is shown is useful and informative. I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project, it is the main source of my information and where I will be getting my data from.

"Teen Mom' Shows May Have Cut Teen Pregnancy Rate." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Mom' Shows May Have Cut Teen Pregnancy Rate")

Teen Pregnancy

I chose this source because the fact that it is real life and reality. I chose this source because this is the outcome of what could happen. Things change when the things around the surroundings change. The story behind the information is useful and interesting. I found this source useful because it is a source that is informative. Teaches you life, the only limitation is that it is in Texas and not in Philadelphia. It makes you wonder what it is really happening. It is empowering.

"Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 45.7 Percent When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

("Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 45.7 Percent When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town")

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.46.18 AM
Capstone Senior Year
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Alexis Babcock Capstone

Digitalized Capstone:

Mentor: Mr. Herman (Digital Photography and Digital Video Teacher)

Summary: My capstone is a journey to discover what a “Lexy Babcock” looks like through analyzing different genres and elements of famous photographers. 

Abstract: The idea derived from my love of photography. After seeing a project last year that related to photos of Philadelphia, the wheels started churning. I knew that I wanted to work with photography for my capstone. I first played around with the idea of creating sculptures made of photographs that I took, which turned into a photo-gallery event. That became the goal: presenting myself in a photo-gallery night. When I finally was able to let go of my focus on the final product, I started to focus on myself and photography. I decided that I was going to figure out what a “Lexy Babcock” photograph looks like. I researched photographers that I admire in various genres of photography. I decided that I would look into elements they use and in a way mimic them. I’ve struggled with equipment, finding models, securing locations, etc. The challenges I’ve faced that made the process worthwhile. The photographs that I took will be in a photo-gallery event on June 6th.


Source 1: Alessio Bolzoni

Bolzoni, Alessio. N.d. Photograph. Alessio Bolzoni Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

When I was looking into editorial work, I came across Alessio Bolzoni. I picked him out as someone to be inspired by because of the way his models are. He’s known for putting his subjects in weird, structured poses and sometimes creating patterns out of models. I’d like to try this because it’s completely different than the other candid, natural photographs I’m also going for. 

Source 2: Alfred Eisenstaedt’s work & bio

Eisenstaedt, Alfred. VJ Day, The Kiss. 1945. Photograph. Life, New York. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

When studying photographers, I had to include Alfred Eisenstaedt. He’s famous for his candid photos, most specifically “VJ Day, The Kiss.” Everyone has seen this photo. I want to be able to catch moments like he did. Moments that everyone can appreciate. I’m hoping that as I continue to study him and his work, I will be able to find a way to catch these moments without interrupting my subject. People tend to be different with a camera around so I’m using his secrecy as an element that I want to mimic.

Source 3: Exit Through the Gift Shop Documentary

Exit Through the Gift Shop. Paranoid Productions, 2010. Film. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

I chose Exit Through the Gift Shop to put on my bibliography because it goes along with me finding my niche and my brand. Banksy, an infamous graffiti artist. He has a clear style, an anonymous outspoken street artist. His work is consistent and it’s something that I can look to for inspiration. I’m hoping that after seeing this documentary, I’ll notice a pattern in my work.

Source 4: David LaChapelle: Heaven To Hell (GO)- David LaChapelle

LaChapelle, David. David LaChapelle: Heaven To Hell (GO). Cologne: Taschen America, LLC, 2010. Print.

I’ve chosen to look at LaChapelle’s work because he is currently one of the best photographers. He uses a unique theme in every one of his photoshoots. Many people want them to shoot him because he’s so over-the-top. His avant-garde, colorful style is what draws me to his photos. He likes to push boundaries and take risks. I’m going to mimic his use of Color Saturation and Avantgarde style for a photoshoot. My photoshoot is going to contain people looking as if they’re in space with funky colored clothes and over the top makeup and hairstyles.

Source 5: Peter Lik’s personal website that contains his work

Lik, Peter, and . N.d. Photograph. Peter LikWeb. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

Peter Lik has absolutely beautiful landscape photos. From the beach, to forests, they are all colorful and leave you feeling like you’re there. Many of his photos are perfectly centered and structured. Most of his photos are cut to look extremely wide, and without a lot of length. This idea helps guide the eye. I’m going to take up this idea, but add my spin of an urban environment. I want to achieve that natural beauty and color where it’s unlikely to see it.

Source 6: Terry Richardson: Terrywood- Terry Richardson

Richardson, Terry. Terry Richardson: Terrywood. Bologna: Damiani Editore, 2012. Print.

Like David LaChapelle, Terry Richardson is also a very desired photographer. He shoots all of the stars. What I love about him is that there is a very distinct style that he has. I admire his consistency. I want to study his photography to possibly discover what my person niche is. His photos tend to be very raw. His models, no matter who they are, look completely in their element. Bringing out natural emotion is something I’m hoping to do when I practice portraiture. He also tends to use a plain white background. It allows the person looking at the picture to focus on the person, less than everything else. Although his photos aren’t always up-close and personal, there’s a very intimate feel and everything is always well lit. Nothing’s hidden or left to figure out. I’m going to use this idea of blunt portraits. 

Source 7: Tips and Advice for new Photographers

Rowse, Darren. "11 Tips for Beginner Photographers."Digital Photography School. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

I cited this source because it’s important for any type of photo. It’s a list of tips and tricks for people who have little experience in photography. It’s important for me to remember these because they will help my different photoshoots. It will help me keep from forgetting important elements such as: clothing, lights, other equipment, people, or a product. I picked this website over a few others I saw because I felt like it was more useful than others. This one talks about basic necessities. Some other sources were too detailed and overwhelming. This is the only helpful one. 

Source 8: Cindy Sherman’s Cindy Sherman: The Early Works

Sherman, Cindy, and Gabriele Schor. Cindy Sherman: The Early Works: Catalogue Raisonné, 1975-1977. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012. Print.

Cindy Sherman is easily the coolest photographer I’ve ever studied. All of her photos contain the same model, herself. She puts herself in all of these crazy costumes and becomes millions of characters. The idea of self portraiture is scary unless it’s a selfie. By studying her work, I want to develop a set of photos of myself dressed and posing as multiple different characters. I think this photoshoot and studying her will help me to put myself in the place of my models. I’ll be able to understand what they’re feeling and how to make my photographs and connections with people better.

Source 9: The Wade Brother’s website containing all of their work

Wade, Lyndon, and WadeDavid Lindsey Wade. N.d. Photograph. The Wade BrothersWeb. 28 Jan 2014. <>.

After checking out the Wade Brother’s website, I noticed they had a variety of work. They worked with many different companies to do their ads and commericials. I was going to use them to study editorial; commercial things, but I came accross one of their personal projects. It was called “The Birds,” which I soon figured out was designed with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in mind. Their version is very dramatic and creepy, but it’s very original. I’m going to use their use of mimicry by showing my perspective on Disney Princess’ storylines. They also use pops of color in their very dark and creepy photos. I might take up this idea and make it my own. 

Source 10: 30 Pictures from the past

Wain, Alex. "30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past." So Bad, So Good. N.p., 30 May 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

All of the photos on this blog post are from important moments in history that were captured in photographs. I’m looking at them for inspiration for a photoshoot. I want to do something with a black and white, vintage style. These photos are candids also so I’m hoping to incorporate that also. I’m thinking about mimicing the idea of famous photographic memories and create my own memories in history with sets that I create. 

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La Casa

Está en la casa de Rafael. Esta en Puerto Rico. Está cerca de la playa y el gimnasio. Está lejos de el parque de diversión y la estación de tren. Tiene dos pisos. En la casa hay dos dormitorios y oficina. No tiene garaje. Hay un jardín. Tiene dias ventanas afuera. La casa es bonito.

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La casa de Shaq

Esta es la casa de Shaq. La casa de Shaq esta en Espana. Esta cerca de Madrid, y lejos de mi casa en Filadelfia. Tiene un piscina. Hay muchas sofas. Hay un jardin con muchas palmeras. Tiene muchos arbustos. Finalmente, la casa de Shaq tiene un fuente.
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Podcast #2 (James, Isabela, Sarah Charlotte, Dan

What group members present during the discussion?

Isabela, Daniel, Sarah-Charlotte, James,

What we discussed:

  • We discussed chapters 4-7

  • We responded to everything that Mr. Miles asked us to talk about, address, and discuss

  • This includes rephrasing a particular paragraph in chapter one, analyzing one of the quotes on the first page, and each finding articles and reading the article given to us with faulty graphs.

  • We then go on to discuss the chapters of the new reading.

How we discussed it:

We discussed it in order by chapter and went through the concepts brought up in each.

We all had points and notes that we wanted to share, and we went over them raising questions and responding to each others ideas and notes.


We really had none this time around.

Questions that come up:

We didn't really have any questions besides is it legal to be giving out misleading statistics?

Our articles:

Isabela -

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Sean McAninch Capstone

Abstract: For my project I wrote a book. With the world I created in the book I created a board game based around the this world. I asked some of my classmates to act as beta testers for my game. I learned quite a bit from the process of creating two products. One being if you are gonna create a game you should make sure the story is easy to understand. The other thing I learned is to manage time better, Because you never know when you will lose a good head of steam when writing. Something I would tell someone who is trying to understand my project is. When working with other people set a date and stick to it.

Nightwave GameMastersGuide


"How to speak like a Dwarf ?." The Three Hammers. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

*I used this source to enhance my writing for dwarf characters so I could get a real feel for the way they would speak to other people, and I felt this source really empowered my ability when writing.

*This source did have a sort of drawback because I couldn’t see any examples of writing that used this type of writing. Where it was helpful it didn’t and could have had better information about it.

*But this source did help me with getting an understanding of dwarfish culture and language. Where they are a and what type of land they would normally live in. So I could be very accurate with my description.

"Wikia." WoWWiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <‎>.

*This web site helped me see how another game world of warcraft, worked out an experience system with a mathematical equation I used a similar one to create my own guide with a complete workout through 100 levels for the game I am working on creating, With the level guide I need to make it so it was fair and balanced so this webpage helped me a lot on this. It had a lot of questions about levels their levels and how they balanced it with different checks. But even with this source I will still need to test the level system.‎

* This website tells me about the rules that made up dungeons and dragons so I can use this as a guide to make my own game considering it has withstood the test of time and no other tabletop rpg game has lasted as long as it with it fan base. It gives me a good understanding of how they made their game and other hints and tips. That will help me get ahead and work towards making a good working game. They also have an idea of how to create items and special power ups.

*World of Warcraft has given me a great inspirational source, for my writing they have created many books that Describe a fictional world also they have created many tabletop games, Where this source has a drawback they have worked on this for a very long time so it is harder to follow the story because of how much they have developed it and because so many things happen at the same time.

Hallford, Neal, and Jana Hallford. Swords & Circuitry : A Designer's Guide To Computer Role Playing Games. Roseville, CA: Prima Tech, 2001.eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

*This book is explaining that with the game he created people really like the fact that the world was so full, because they could do a lot of side missions and quests. So it tells me that if you want a successful game that last a really long time you need to give the player base a lot of activities in the game/ mini games or assignments so they can keep with the flow of the game and get to point B from point A.

Mayer, Bob. The Fiction Writer's Toolkit : A Guide To Writing Novels And Getting Published. [S.l.]: E-reads, 1999. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

*This book has some good information about starting out writing books because they say in it don’t mess around with writing something you feel about with the fictional book I am writing because I really want to do this then I souldn’t waste my time with short stories I should work on the main story of it. This book does leave a lot of open ended questions and they don’t really lead you anywhere but they do explain somethings.

McAninch, Edward. Personal interview, November 13th 2013

*My brother gave me key points that I used use in written combat he also helped me by writing for one of my characters to in a combat event so that I could get to making a better scene, He also helped me by editing some of my work and advised me about how to make a good dramatic final part of the event. He also gave me a lot of constructive criticism so I could use it to grow and make better plot lines later on in the book. Lastly he has given me pointers about how to change some of the parts of my story so it doesn’t become a repetitive motion.

*This web site has a guide for creating a game, I don’t like to read this type of website because I like to use my own imagination and have a spark of creativity this tells you a nice easy way to create your own game for people who need the extra help. I only looked at this to get an overall understanding of how to create a game the creator tells you the way but I still like to make everything with my own understanding because They may have did it one way and you could do it your own way to truly make it your game.

*This artical had good points about how to write a fictional novel and good ideas that I can use when I go back to look over my book and make edits to it. Also It had many good book quotes to emphasize its points. I feel I got a lot of good ideas and tools from this to edit my book, also I can look over what the other authors do to see how they follow the rules they created. So that I can produce the best book I possibly can.

Herald, Diana Tixier. Genreflecting : A Guide To Reading Interests In Genre Fiction. Englewood, Colo: Libraries Umlimited, 2000. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

This source did not really help me much because It was a guide about different genre’s of fiction instead of a focused source but it still gave me a good bouncing point to look into fiction as a whole instead of just books that are fiction so I used it still to start forming ideas about the genre of my book which lead to my game because I was still unsure about sci-fi or mythical fiction so it helped me pick one of the options.
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Casa de Wiz Khalifa

Esta es la casa de Wiz Khalifa. Está en Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Está cerca de bosque. Está lejos de Filadelphia y Spain. La casa de Wiz Khalifa tengo una Jacuzzi y cinco maestro banos. Wiz Khalifa es moy adinerado .
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La Casa de Rihanna

    La fotos es la casa de Rihanna. La casa es muy grande. In ella casa, hay 8 dormitorios y 12 baños. La casa tiene una cocina y dos sala. En la sala, tiene un sofá, y una mesa. La casa es muy expansivo.
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La casa de Drake

La Casa es grande !  Tiene seis cuartos y uno pso y no escaleras . Tiene diez ventanas. La casa  esta en Miami.  Tiene cinco dormitorio. Tiene cocina pero comedor. Hay es cinco banos 
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La casa de Jimmy Rollins

Esta es la casa de Jimmy Rollins.  Está en Nueva Jersey.  Está cerca de el oceano y la playa.  Está lejos de el cento y el estadio de beísbol Citizens Bank Park.  Su casa tiene una piscina y un gimnasio.  El no tiene un jardin.
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La Casa de Bill Gates

Bill gates house
La casa de Bill Gates es en Medina Washington. La casa de Bill Gates esta muy grande Hay una grande sala con uno grande sofa. En la casa de Bill Gates, hay uno  grande piscina. En el dormitorio, esta una grande cama y una television.
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La Casa de Oprah Winfrey

Screenshot 2014-05-05 at 12.43.57 PM

Esta es la casa de Oprah Winfrey. Está en Montecitio, Calif. Está cerca de la casa de Ellen Degeneres. Está lejos de mi casa. Hay un jardín, muchas de las habitaciones, un garaje, y un fuente. No hay piscina. La casa es muy muy muy bien. 
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La Casa de Lil Wayne

Lil wayne casa costo catorce millones. Lil wayne casa tienen un tres coche garaje y una piscina. Hay tres dormitorio invitado casa. Lil wayne tienen veinti baños, ello puedo caca todo el día. Lil wayne casa es muy largo y hay quince mil plaza-pies. La casa tienen sobre doscientos ventanas. En Lil Wayne casa tienen sobre diez dormitorios. Lil wayne tienen cinco coches en contando. Y Lil wayne tienen una cocina, mucho grande.
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Mi Casa (27/5/14)

          Mi casa claramente es pequeño. Hay ere más que veinte dos ventanas. Fuera hay es un carro. Tiene una lámpara en la sala. También en el dormitorio hay es un sofá. Tiene una nevera en la cocina. Y en sala hay es una mesa y silla. 

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