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Babies Having Babies

In this podcast is an interview with 16 year old Hezekiah White who has a 1 month old daughter. 
English BM

My definition of crossing boundaries is to go through a rough time or struggle to do something. Some factors of crossing boundaries is family, friends, relationship, race and gender. The causes and effects of crossing boundaries can either be good or bad. If your boundary is finance issues the cause would be you don’t have a job or your spending money too much. A good effect could be you get a job and get back to be financially stable. However a bad outcome could be you ignore the fact that you aren't financially and keep spending money you don’t have or not get a job and make the problem worse.

My crossing boundary was teen pregnancy. While I interviewed a did learn a little but I was previously very familiar with that topic. But some things I did learn from interviewing. I kinda knew it was hard to do and it made you grow up a lot faster. But when the interviewee talked about how his girlfriend and daughter lived with him it shocked me a little because he’s just a child and they’re living like a married couple and they didn’t even finish high school yet. Another was how when he got home from school the first thing he did was go take car of his baby. That scared me a little because It made me realize that his whole life had change and that he has to go straight home and when he gets home he cant sit down and relax and he has to do homework while holding a baby. 

While editing this some things were a little hard because I never used Audacity before and I kept scrolling the wrong way and I thought i lost my project about 12 times and because this is a benchmark I was beginning to stress but then I realized it was still there. The feedback from my peers was pretty good. I did agree with a lot of it and it helped me. 



This podcast tells a story how 23 year old African American, went through life totally standing out from the rest of the world.

English Interview
I liked that we got to interview who ever we wanted and got to talk about anything we wanted. I didn't really learn anything from my project because I knew everything that my sister was talking about, I just wanted the world to be aware of albinism. and know that there is nothing weird about it, so when they come across it and won't be strange to them and treat people differently. I thought she was a little less comfortable with her albinism then she was, well at least that's what I was prepared for her to say. I did learn how to use audacity though.
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When other people go through a great loss, its not the same impact on you as the other person if you weren’t close to that person. Losing people is probably a fear most people have. When you lose someone you make the realization that nothing is forever. You only have a limited amount of time with the people you care about. I think people more than anything try to stray away from that thought. Something that was new for me was how my great grandmother died. I hadn’t known her, and was never aware of how she died. Though I was aware of how some of my great uncles had died. We are a big family but as the years go one we lose members and we gain them. This is true for every family. We all hope that we are carried into old age with the people we love and cherish. Though it isn’t always that way, and it seems like it should be. I fear losing my mother though I try not to dwell on it. She’s an important aspect of my life, and I know that no matter what she’s there if I need her. 

Crossing Boundries

Misunderstood Sexual Identity

​Here's a story about my best friend, Enthony Chhin, who has a life where people constantly think he's something he's not. 
English Podcast
Crossing boundaries is a serious issue to some people and in this case it happened to be Enthony Chhin. Making assumptions can lead to miscommunication and in this interview it showed that you can lose a friend by doing so. This experience was a gift to me because if I had not asked Enthony to share his story, I don’t think he would of been able tell me on his own. Discovering a part of Enthony Chhin made us stronger as best friends because it showed that he can finally reveal his social past. Since this was the first time Enthony shared this story with me it felt like he was ready to let go and be who he wanted to be ever since he started a new chapter at SLA and making new friends. 

Making this podcast was the best benchmark I have ever done in previous english benchmarks. I really did enjoy making this podcast because it gave me chance to know my friends better and it can definitely give advice to other people that making assumptions can be a pretty big deal. The thing I learned about myself is that getting through to someone like Enthony Chhin showed that he can trust me and that was also a strength for me. I was aiming for this podcast to be a sad one and it did and the background music just made it even better. It showed part of my creativity and I just really liked it. The only weakness in my podcast was that the volume was too high and I fixed it. 

While doing the interview with Richard Yoeun it also just gave a twist to the podcast and it also made it ever cooler. His story in this podcast made it even more interesting and it was really good. 


Word Can Be Strong

In today's soctiey, young teens are always under constant pressure, and they may not know how to release pain and stress, other than to harm themselves. That's were self harming comes in. It's when someone harms themselves by cutting, burning themselves, or other ways. I've interviewed one of my fellow upper classmate, and she told me how she struggled with self-harming. 
English interview

As I growth up, I had never being in a environment where teenager are cutting, drinking, smoking, and harming their-self is command. When I see those story or hear a story of self harming I begin to judged them, I feel like those are not normal, people like that had problem in their mind in order to do that to their-self . Like other, I often say thing that doesn't mean to hurt anyone, something that I view as joke, but many people who are under depression are taking it really serious. Attend SLA help me realize that people who surround me who had different story then  I'm. Some growing up without both of their parent being their life, some struggle with relationship, or eve and many other thing that I cant image is happened to their life. Everyone had it own journal and they had their own struggling.Their struggle maybe different from I wont know how it feel because I'm not in their shoe therefore I don't have any right to judge them. I should also be mindful of what I saying because that joke or a command that I make can hurt someone. Word can be really strong.

How to Deal With Anger


Welcome to my podcast everyone. If you don't know who I am, my name is Emmanuel Kouadio. Im a current sophomore student at Science Leadership Academy and I am here today to inform you on how people cross boundaries when they get angry. For my English 2 project I decided that this topic of "anger" was good to interview someone on. Through my experience I know many people who have anger issues. I myself have a problem with controlling my true emotions and feelings. To express some of my emotions and thoughts I decided to write this intro for the person reading this today and explain how people go to far when they're angry. I hope you enjoy my podcast and can relate on how crossing boundaries by not knowing how to control you anger/ temper  would be useful for future information. 


After interviewing other individuals that can and can't relate to having anger issues I can come to a agreement that not knowing how to control your anger 
is crossing boundaries. Getting out of a normal state of mind is also how people cross boundaries when they get angry. I learned many new interesting things bu doing this project. People made me realize that their are better ways to control your anger. Their are also ways to not get angry and do stuff you regret. Their are no benefits for getting mad because it causes your blood pressure to get high and it will not result in any positive behavior. When people cross the boundaries of getting angry they should think. Their are two main questions people think about in their head before or when they're angry. Question one: What should I do? Question two: How can I deal with this problem without it getting out of control? If you don't think before you do, then something bad will occur. I hope that you can use this knowledge for future references because I learned a lot of things and you can too.Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Crossing Boundaries Benchmark: "Anger" Podcast - Medium

"You're Gay? Who cares?"

This Podcast is about my sister, "coming out of the closet" and how it affected her life. 

Podcast Azaria Burton

I was really happy to do this project because I knew I would learn so much about my sister and understand why she feels the way she does about her childhood. Izena always told me that her childhood was hard but I never knew the reasons why until know. I learned about how being gay has affected her life. When she told my family that she was gay, there was a huge uproar and people in my family made her feel bad about her sexuality. This was very surprising to me because everybody in my family seems to have no problem with Izena being gay. They even invite her girlfriends over to family parties and seem very welcoming. So, for these reasons it's surprising to find out that they did mistreat her for being gay when they first found out. I also didn't know that when she was young she though being gay was a sickness. It makes me proud of her to see how many obstacles she's gone through yet,  she still loves our family and is also very honest and open about her sexuality. To me interviewing Samirah was the perfect touch because it was interesting to hear how Izena's sexuality affected Samirah and how the families reactions affected her lifestyle and how comfortable she was with them.  I enjoyed this project because I learned so much about my sisters and my families. I have newfound respect for my sister, Izena and I will continue to support her and remind her that there is nothing wrong with her sexuality. 


"To the Window!" "To the Wall!"

​In this project I have learned that people are not what they appear. People can go through things that you never know about and be able to comprehend how they feel. I just want to know have you ever listened to one of your favorite and the artist talks about woman in negative influence like calling her a bitch or hoe. Has that ever been something that makes you want to change your song or listen something different. Well to me that's crossing boundaries. Im here with Katie Walker & Pierce Luck who have a stories for us.

Reflection:This is a form of crossing boundaries because people should know that life is always changing you have ups and downs. And you have people who speak there mind. In the project I have learned about new things such as, how people act when they hear things that have profanities in them.This is major conflict in the world and I'm still not sure if there should be change because, at the end of the day they are just words.Its just how we interpret them.
final interview #2


Many who have been raped often have trouble forgiving their rapist; it's also hard for them to completly heal. I interviewed two of my friends- a victim, and a friend of a victim, to hear how they dealt with this traumatizing experience. 

Throughout the project, I learned things about my friends that I never knew before. The amount of courage they showed, and the forgiveness they gave just amazed me. They taught me that even when a trusted friend or family member crosses the line and hurts you, that you should forgive them. In a way, they themselves crossed emotional boundaries when they found the bravery to get over this experience (and not dwell in the past) and to eventually tell the authorities about it. Some who have been raped can never get themselves to tell anyone, and for my friends to cross those emotional boundaries to tell me their story was just great. They taught me to never hang on to things that only cause you pain. 

Also, this project taught me plenty on how to use Audacity, and how to edit audio so that it sounds okay. I had to edit out my friends voices because they wanted to be some-what anonymous, and it was fun and interesting to learn about that as well.  Finally, I learned how to convert .mov files to .mp3 just by using itunes- made everything a lot easier. 



At first glance, my uncle and my father are normal citizens who look just like any other people in America. But, both of them are dropouts from school. Nowadays, people may assume dropouts in a negative way. But, not all of them suit the stereotypes that dropouts face. My uncle and my father are living examples of how some dropouts really are in the past, by crossing the boundaries of language, borderlines, and the expectations of both the Chinese and American societies. The interviews digs deeply into how and why education is important. 
Combo Interviews Edited Version #4
As soon as the project was assigned, I know what my topic is going to be able. It is the most hottest topic that my family would love to discuss every time they meet each other-----education. This topic pops out of my mind like a light bulb when Ms. Pahomov announced this benchmark to the class. You see, in my family, I can sort of gain more attention within my family when I get decent grades. In my family, it is more like a academic competition. At first, I thought that it is just a normal expectation that was put on me by my grandfather. But, it is more than that.

After I interviewed my father and my uncle, I discovered the various hardships that my father need to go though after he had quit his school too early and the consequences he needed to face when he came to America. Like my father who didn’t know a single English word, my uncle came to America when he was in his 20s. I didn’t know that my father’s expectations is based on the fact, that he didn’t want me to experience the same hardship and the various difficulties he had experienced in this life. He is just like any other parent, who want his child to be better than him. (The same reasons behind the strict conduct on grades also applies to my cousins.)

I realized that I am now pressed under a even higher pressure because I will be the first person in my family to go to college. Every single one of my family’s expectations and hopes are placed on me. So, I feel really uncomfortable after I heard about it, and I am even more scare to get an Asian F on my report card. Since, it would certainly disappoint my whole family and knocked down their expectations of me.   

Crossing Boundaries: Openly Gay

Being gay is being more and more accepted by the United States but what about the times when everyone was against it? Back then, you could be killed for it. People thought it was a disease or a sickness. But it is not any of those, it is just who you are. My Dads felt that they were born gay. Their stories tell you about what happened to them and what they did.

But after going through this interview, I got to experience my Dad's lives and hear about the struggles they had.
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Nuestras Actividades

Mi nombre es Adowa . Tengo 15 años. Soy es bastante divertida y sociable. Por lo tano, mi encanta pasar un rato con amingos. Mi encanta corro y practicar deportes.  Mi encanta leer y escribir increblemente poemas, así que mi encanta clase de ingles.  
Su nombre es Bella. Bella es 15 años, ella es muy divertida, sociable, boba, y comíca. Ella encanta escribe poems. Todos  los dias come. Así que ella encanta concina.
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Anger Boundaries

How to deal with your anger issues? I interviewed my friend Emmanuel Kouadio on his anger problems and how he feel like he crossed boundaries. How his anger impact his life ?


After interviewing my friend Emmanuel on his anger problems and crossing boundaries I learned people can cross boundaries in good ways and bad ways. As I was interviewing Emmanuel I learn that control your anger can be hard for you. I learned that it can impact your life. I also learn that it shouldn't impact the people around you because they can't handle your anger. I really didn't learn anything about myself well interviewing Emmanuel about his anger because I don't have anger issues and if I feel like Im having anger problems with a situation I can control it. My weakness was just editing, audio problems, trying to figure out the parts were I messed up and putting everything in order. My strengths were finishing the final piece and getting everything in order. Doing this project made me realize the actually meaning to crossing boundaries.

English Project
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Originality in Appearance

​   Haji and Marley has a very different and unique style of clothing that makes them original. They wear exciting and creative clothing and hairstyles to be out of the social norm of appearance. Their originality has changed over time and will continue to change. Their styles and surrounding influences have affected their lives and how they portray themselves to the world. 

crossing Boundaries 1 1
Reflection :  

From the project of crossing boundaries I learned that people are influenced by society and influenced on how things should be other than how you want it to be. As I was interviewing Haji and Marley I learned what influences their unique style which to me is cool because they both have different reasons on why they dress differently to stray away from trends. Crossing boundaries is a way for people to be different and a way for people to stress their originality. In my topic of crossing boundaries the cause is people following the same trends and the affect would be people straying from the trends. The cost could be the loss of popularity or even respect but you gain you individualism and your own self respect. I really didn't learn anything about myself during this process but if I were to take a lesson out of it it would be to just be yourself and do what you feel is right and dress for you and not anyone else. I think I got good information from the interviews that really showed off my topic. My interviews were my strength in this whole process, I felt like I made good questions to reflect on my topic. My weakness would just be the editing of the audio for smooth transitions but I did what I was capable of doing. This project made me think of people around the world who are going through the same thing and that is trying to find that thing that makes them original. 
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"Suffering with Love"

My sister Jessie Tepoz, suffering with love. Crossing boundaries to be with the one she loves. The people she thought she could trust which are her parents are making her suffer and pulling her away from the one she loves. 

While doing this interview I learned a lot of things while doing this podcast. I learn that my family is really messed up, that they supposedly want the best for my sister and I. I notice that they only want them selfs to be happy, use it doesnt matter, as long as my parents are happy they think we are happy. Well that is not the case. Falling in love is scary, not because we'll get hurt, it's because they fact that the people we are suppose to trust, won't like our partner and try pulling us apart. As they are doing to my sister.

I learn my sister has so much pain in her. While telling her story she wanted to cry, but she didn't, she kept that smile I see her fake everyday. She tried hard not to cry while telling her story, I know it may not sound like she wanted to cry but that how good she is because she been trying so hard not to cry for past year or so. As my sister I know her well. She likes to hide her feelings from other. She keeps away to avoid me seeing her cry, but sometimes she breaks down and comes to me and cries in my arms. She is in pain, and the people we thought we could trust are making us go threw that pain. I am in a similar situation my self but not as bad as she is. I learn so much threw doing this podcast, I learn how to edit which I never knew. I learned how to understand how my sister is feeling.

The comments with my peers I agree with them. They were positive comments. I think I did good as well. Had a little mistakes around, I fixed them up and my podcast was like I wanted it to be. Doing this podcast taught me a lot. This was my favorite project because it was interesting to know how others cross boundaries, how other people feel.  

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"Crossing Career Boundaries" by Jaime Christmas

When entering a political race, I don't think you're ever quite aware of what's at stake. In this interview my dad, John Christmas, talks about entering a race to become judge with only two months of prior preparation. The successes and struggles that come with the stress of competing in a political race are discussed. 
jaimes crossing boundaries project
Whilst doing this project I learned that procrastination is not the key at all. It’s one thing to have to perform a 45 minuet interview, but its another to have to edit it all, and leaving that process to the last minuet is surely not the best way to go about getting an A. Another thing I learned is that Garageband and other programs that can, and will be used to complete this project are, and will continue to be, especially irritating. Numerous things could happen that could destroy your project from completing shutting down or I don’t know, things could just go horribly wrong. I also learned that you should interview someone that is a good speaker or is confident enough to tell their story. If you decide to interview someone who is even slightly hesitant, you’re not going to be able to get every last inch of the story out of them. If they’re not comfortable speaking anyway then you might just be stuck with short responses that could leave a very interesting story having lose ends and unanswered questions. The last thing I learned from this project was that you should come up with questions or at least like a starting off point before you go into the interview. Even though it’s supposed to be a natural conversation, if you don’t have stable ground to start on, both the interviewer and interviewee are going to be stumbling over each other with their words. There should be some kind of rhythm, that way you won’t have to edit out extreme amounts of unnecessary conversation that might leave your interview being too short. 
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Crossing Class Lines

            My father, associates with people in his everyday life have very different backgrounds than him. People who he does not share many common similarities with. He is an outsider. How did he get here? Listen to this podcast to find out!



Crossing Class Lines
Music: Re: Stacks by Bon Iver

           Through the process of interviewing my father and mother, I learned things I had no knowledge of before. I learned aspects of his life I did not know about, aspects of my parents relationship that were new to me, and ideas about crossing boundaries filled my head.  


When crossing boundaries, there are things to be gained and things to be lost. When my father went to college, he did the unexpected, and crossed boundaries. No one in his family had, and in that way, he lost some ability to communicate openly with them. What he did gain was a whole new perspective on life, and a window into a world he had never know. It was like he got an invitation to a party that he had always dreamed about attending. When he got there, he learned that no matter how fancy the party, you can still feel out of place.

When you cross a boundary, you are leaving the past behind. You can’t un-cross a boundary. If no one crossed boundaries, no one would ever do anything original, or new. We would be trapped in our routines. It is an important thing to do, and despite it’s possible downsides, everyone should try to cross at least one boundary. It is something to be both taken with caution and celebrated. 



"Sometimes it is Okay to Cross a Boundary"

Crossing boundaries happen on many different levels. It could be something as simple as getting in a fight with your friend or committing a crime. But what about the people in between? Some people cross boundaries on purpose, and even for the right reasons. This is an interview about how my mother crossed a boundary by choice. During the interview, you will learn how she felt about it and whether or not she did it for the right reasons. 

I learned that crossing a boundary can be so effortless, in good and bad ways. I also used to think that crossing a boundary was always a bad thing, until I did this interview. I also learned that there was a whole logic behind my mother leaving her job. I didn't know that until I questioned her about the topic. It was nice to learn another side of my mother yet interesting to finally see why my mother crossed the boundary that she didn't. I used to be too little to know why she left, and as I grew older, it wasn't really something I considered I wanted to know. However, doing this project made me realize what it means to cross a boundary and that people around cross boundaries all the time without us even knowing. 

Hamlet Close Reading

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The play is set in the Kingdom of Denmark and it dramatizes Prince Hamlet’s revenge to his uncle for murdering Hamlet’s father. The play portrays both true and acted madness and explores various themes such as family, revenge, madness, etc.

One of Hamlet’s most famous soliloquies is his ‘’Tis now the very witching time of night’’, which falls in the Act 3, Scene 2 (pages 380-391).


This soliloquy is a really interesting and important one since it lets the reader know what Hamlet’s plans are.

        Prior to this monologue, Prince Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude, sends an order for Hamlet to go to her chamber to have a talk with her. After the play, Hamlet asks for a short amount of time alone. Thrilled because his plan worked out, he experiences a surge of confidence and delivers this soliloquy in which he plans out the conversation with his mother and talks about how confident of himself he is.


''Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter business as the day
Would quake to look on. Soft! now to my mother. — 
O heart, lose not thy nature; let not ever
The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom:
Let me be cruel, not unnatural;
I will speak daggers to her, but use none;
My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites, — 
How in my words somever she be shent,
To give them seals never, my soul, consent!''

‘’Tis now the very witching time of night’’, Hamlet starts his monologue with a reference to the people who use the darkness (middle of the night) to do their dirty work.

‘’When churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out", refers to the middle Ages, where people used to bury the bodies at their local church graveyard. At the time during which Hamlet occurs, Europe was suffering from the ‘’Black Death Plague’’. Art during this period was very dark and often represented the Devil and demons.

 At this moment, Hamlet describes himself to be in a mood in which he could drink hot blood, and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.” Hamlet is very upset that his mother has re-married in his father’s absence. In this mood, he could kill anyone (including his mother), but he would not do that. “Let me be cruel, not unnatural.”

 "Soft! Now to my mother.’’

At this point, he has been considering how to deal with the situation he’s currently facing. He wants to speak the truth to his mother without being too harsh. He knows that if he makes the wrong move at the wrong time, there could be a lot of trouble. That’s why he plans everything out, including his conversations with his mother.

O heart, lose not thy nature; let not ever
The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom:
Let me be cruel, not unnatural;’’

These lines are hard to understand since a lot of people don’t know who ‘’Nero’’ was. Nero was a Roman Emperor who was quite famous for being crazy and murdering his mother. He was extremely cruel and executed people in awful ways.

" I will speak daggers to her, but use none;
My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites

 Hamlet will be direct when speaking to her mother, yet he will try to be as gentle as possible. He does not want to hurt his mother although he knows his words will hurt her.


‘’How in my words somever she be shent,
To give them seals never, my soul, consent!’’

Seals were used during the Middle Ages like signatures are used today. Since Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark, he had his own seal and used it whenever he wanted to consent something. He is basically saying that he didn’t consent the actions his mom took when he married Hamlet’s own uncle. 

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And who am I?

I think in english.
Yo Hablo en la clase de español en la clase de español
I feel in english
Yo estudio español, en la clase de español.
I laugh in english
Yo Echo bromas español en español
In english I feel the earth the earth beneath my feet
En español entiendo la srta manuel
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This Is the story of how my aunt, who holds a very prestigious position in the church, became pregnant out of marriage.
Crossing Boundaries Podcast

When I heard that this project was going to be about crossing boundaries, I wasn't sure who I'd interview. So I began to think about people who had a set a boundaries placed around them. Immediately, I thought of people who belong to a religion. Most of my family is apart of the Christian religion, but then I had to think of someone who'd broken a rule. My aunt came to mind. Fornication is a big sin amongst Christians,  and that was a sin that she'd committed. 

I learned that my aunt is very devoted to her faith and her religion, but her love and devotion for her children is even more powerful. Although she may have been ashamed at first to be carrying a bastard child, she was no longer ashamed once the children arrived. Not because she didn't want the child to feel unwanted, but because she was genuinely happy to have brought them into this world.


"HE" por Micah Henry

He, he eats he hangs out with his friends, he plays video games,he practices sports,estudio en español, leo en español, trabajo en español, dibujo en español. He sleeps, he relaxes, he runs, nado en español, voy a la escuela en español, ayudo en casa en español.
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Family Does whats best

---------------->  <---------------------
I think by doing this project I learned that crossing a boundary has many different meanings.I think that my project mainly focuses on emotional,physical,and racial boundaries. The Emotional was my mom having to go against what her parents wanted,the physical being her getting moving out and living by herself with three kids,and the racial being my grandparents not wanting my dad to help raise the child because he was black.Some times crossing the boundaries weather its by yourself or with someone it has good and bad effects.Take my moms story for example the emotional boundary was crossed when deciding to have my sister.My grandmother and grandfather did not want to talk to her,but it all paid off in the end because it was right for her made her happy and today they love my sister and my mother.While I was doing this project I was surprised with the answers that I had gotten, and even the two views on the situation.I really did enjoy working with them both because even though you didn’t hear my voice because I cut it out I was having a conversation with my parents, its like the mic wasn’t even there we where just having a normal conversation.My dad at first didn’t want to do it because he didn’t really want to tell me the story, so it was hard to get him to talk but when I did get him to finally talk it was nice because me and hime do not really talk about things like this.It was the first time in a while i was able to get his point of view on things.While I was interviewing my mom I found out that my grandfather's brother was really his nephew.I found It interesting how my dad said my grandparents where crossing a racial boundary and my mom didn’t really seem to think they where.