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New slide/ Abuharthieh

I changed my whole slide. At first my slide was very un organized and had too much on it. After the good information I was given just because you have more doesn't mean it is better. I kept mine simple by adding a picture of me in grey, with my name written in lime green with a very big lettering going across the screen to attract viewers. I added that certain picture in the back because most people wouldn't do something like that so it also pushes the viewers attention to my slide.

Tech slide
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Net neutrality - Friend

Untitled presentation

It is very important for teens to know about net neutrality because it is a huge deal. Making the wrong decision with net neutrality could possibly cause protest. Teens are the future of the world and they need to know about very controversial topics. If we don’t then it is more like we will start controversies. If we do know about it than it is less likely we will have controversies.

Net neutrality is the freedom to view all websites without paying an additional fee to few certain websites. It also makes the speed of the internet faster. Now if you're in the one percent than you probably won’t mind having to pay. But if you're the average joe then you should have a problem with this. If ISPs get rid of net neutrality and teens don’t know about it then they won’t be able to restore it when we become the leaders.

Now lets say every teen new about net neutrality. I guess about 63% of them would protest to keep net neutrality. Now say if the ISPs still get rid of net neutrality. When we become the adults we can just restore it. Why? Because we will know that it is a good thing to have because we had to go through it.
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Net Neutrality (Kara Lazorko)

To start off,  net neutrality is something that everyone who uses the Internet needs. It is not fair to have certain websites blocked off. The Internet is like a jungle filled with wild things. In that case, those wild things (websites) need to be accessed by certain internet users. For most people, that is not fair.
Net neutrality is important for teens to know about, because it widens their knowledge of the Internet. There may be those people who wonder why they cannot access certain websites. It would be really useful to know about it. Net Neutrality was/ is a giant issue! You cannot ignore what goes on behind something like the Internet that everyone seems to be using.
In conclusion,  net neutrality is not s light topic. It would be useful to those everyday Internet users to know. Specifically, teens use the Internet a log now and these days! So it would be useful knowledge for them. Also, for the school district, the wifi blocks off certain websites from students trying to access them.
FullSizeRender (13)
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Save Net Neutrality!

Net Neutrality
The internet is in danger! Not too long ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a proposal. This proposal essentially stated that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon would be able to control the internet speeds that you receive. The companies' justification is that certain data is bigger than others. They SAY want to prioritize this larger data, things like videos and songs, over other smaller bits like blogs and text.
However, if you know anything about big corporations, nothing is done solely to make our experiences better. There's always a string attached, and it's usually ends with them making more money. So, what exactly is it that makes this seemingly practical idea into an evil marionette? Well, such a proposal being approved would mean that ISPs would be free to throttle your interent connection, causing certain sites to move slowly, and others to be blocked entirely. The exception would be the sites they own and provide content on, unless you were able to pay the hefty toll to access the other websites. Short answer is, you don't.
I don't know about you, but this terrifies me. Not only would your Internet become expensive, but if you couldn't even pay for the extras on the Internet, the worldwide web would become one big Comcast advertisement. Given the relative popularity of AdBlockers, nobody would want that. So why are you just sitting here on your computer? Help us fight this preposterous idea before it's too la-

Sorry, it seems your Internet timed out. Possible options:
Try again later.
Check your router.
Pay a small fee of $70/month for premium access to the Internet.

*Picture is mine*
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Second Slide

Me Slide
So, I made essentially three major changes. First of all, I enlarged and reorganized the text. This allowed me to make it bigger and easier to read. The second edit was the font. I got feedback from a few students that the font wasn't very capturing, so I selected one with more excitement. The final and most important change would be the image. I replaced the picture because the previous one was entirely off topic, so now I have one that's more of a play on words, and is much more relevant. I think it turned out quite nicely! (^_^)
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Net Neutrality // Dennis Technology

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is not a lovely thing. It prevents people from doing reasonable things on the net. Most people think net neutrality is a way of ensuring that the net is not censored. Net neutrality is a way of allowing net providers to filter content that they think is illegal, or slow down things that they think is taking up much space.

Net Neutrality is something that teenagers shouldn't have to adapt towards for future references. It affects what they want to see on the internet and that's a very bad thing. The issue with Net Neutrality is that when we would use our different resources on the internet with limited access to multiple things, a bill would stil passed on to you and I, ever though the amount of information we received was not sufficient enough. This is very important with teenagers and their schoolwork. If they're not able to get certain information due to their ISP's personal decisions, the work that they are trying to complete would end up become a complete bust.

There are several things at play here. Specifically, lots of people appear to be under the impression that Net Neutrality is somehow controlling of the telephone services that all teenagers and adults have access to. Every phone call makes use of the same amount of "bandwidth". If a user wanted the ability to place more calls, they had to pay more money for phone lines. The rules being discussed by the FCC fundamentally amount to the same thing. One example of an essential that teenagers use all the time is Netflix. Netflix consumes HUGE amounts of bandwidth for its streaming services, which takes up a lot of bandwidthIF they are willing to pay for it. Net neutrality isn't something that us teens should be forced to follow with certain service providers. It is ultimately our decision of what we want to see on the internet


"Net Neutrality: This Is Serious." Net Neutrality: This Is Serious. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2014. <>.

"Bill Moyers Blisters Obama for Abandoning His Net Neutrality Promises."Raw Story. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2014. <>.

Huber, Alisha. "Raise Your Hand If You Want Your Internet To Get Slower And More Expensive. If Not, Click Here." N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2014. <>.

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Slide Change (Kara Lazorko)

Tech--Lazorko (2)
I only changed a small portion of my slide, because there was not much I needed to change. As you can probably see, I shifted the word ¨HOPE" a little closer to my face. Other than that, my background and the word are still the same. To start with, my slide already had a deep meaning to it. I felt like one word could have a bigger meaning, then more words with less meaning. So I just experimenting with my ideas.
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Net Neutrality

This is what your internet will be without net neutrality:


Net neutrality is when all data on the internet is treated equally. This means that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) and the government treat everything on the internet the same by not discriminating or charging differently by user, content, site, etc. This is important for everyone to have the same access to knowledge. Some people see net neutrality as an important part of an open internet.  A “closed internet” is the opposite situation, when there is restricted access to different resources in the Internet.

I argue in favor of net neutrality. If we did not have net neutrality then we will have to pay more to have faster internet. This means that those who have fewer financial resources will not be able to access the internet if net neutrality does not exist. An open internet increases creativity and allows people to share their ideas with the world. In other words, “diffusion of innovation” will decrease with no net neutrality. Discrimination on the internet might increase inequality in the physical world.

I feel confused and disappointed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) cannot stop digital discrimination and ensure network neutrality.  Therefore, those who have more money will receive more benefits and have access to resources that the overall public cannot. Equal data does not hurt anyone because everyone will have the same access for the internet. When equal internet service providers do not want net neutrality it will hurt others by having to pay more. We say this because if the all internet service providers that suddenly started to be equal they will lose money.


  1. "Net Neutrality." A Guide to Net Neutrality for Google Users. Google, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2014. <>.

  2. "What Is Net Neutrality?." American Civil Liberties Union. american civil liberties union, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2014. <>.

  3. "Net Neutrality FAQ | SaveOurNet." n.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2014. <>.

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Johnny's Slide

Technology Slide part 2
I changed everything about my slide. I thought that the old slide didn't look like I put enough effort into unlike this one. I made a whole new design including some of my artwork. The texture is pretty straight forward. I have a huge addiction to Dc universe, I have much pride in mexico, and lastly but not least I really enjoy drawing. I draw whatever my heart feels like drawing, I usually draw whats on my mind or what my surroundings are. You may criticize my artwork, but it won't disprove my courage and confidence I have for myself. After all I have chosen my path, the path I'm going to follow. My path is to surpass god, and the devil you may say I can't do it, but someday I will and prove everyone wrong, I may give up at times, but I'm able to pick myself right up and continue the path I have chosen for myself. No one can take my goal away from me it's the path I have chosen you can only convince me to change it, but can't make me lose that goal.
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Los Seres Queridos En Mi Vida

Gavin’s Gijon--

Intro: Los Pronombres por Gavin Lane

Slide 1: Yo

Me llamo Gavin Lane.

Tengo 15 años

Slide 2: Él (Hank Hill)

Él es Hank Hill. Su cumpleaños es 4 de abríl, 1957.

Slide 3: Ella (Ariana Grande)

Ella es Ariana Grande. Ella encanta canción.

Slide 4: Ellos (Victor y chicas)

Ellos son Victor y chicas. Los ojos son azul y cafe.

Slide 5: Nosotros (Mi amigo y yo)

Nosotros somos mi amigo (David) y yo. Nosotros atendiendos SLA y String Theory.

Slide 6:  FIN. ¡ADIOS!

Here is my video.

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Equipo ¨Puerto Rico¨

Kawthar Hasan (Kay) Script:

Background music: Don Omar, Danza Kuduro.

First Slide:

Hola buenos dias classe, el nombre de este título es Los seres queridos en mi vida.

Second Slide:

¡Este soy yo¡ Me llamo Kawthar pero mi apodo Kay. Tengo 14 ½ años. Soy muy gupa, baja, un poco loca, y inteligente. Mi cumpleaños es el vientinueve de febrero.

Third Slide:

Este es mi hermano. Su nombre es Rasul. Rasul es alto, divertido, muy cómico, y es loco. Sin embargo, él es muy amable.

Fourth Slide:

Este es mi hermana. Pero, es mi mejor amiga. Su nombre es Sukainah. Sukainah está en 6th grado. Ella le gusta la escuela un poco pero, le gusta dormir. ( Yo también)

Fifth Slide:

Este es mi prima y yo. Mi prima nombre es Salma. Salma tiene 6 años. Soy su primo favorito. La quiero mucho.

Sixth Slide:

Este es mi madre y hermana. Ellas es simpicatas, guapas, les encanta cocinar, pero, no les gusta leer.

Seventh Slide (Last Slide):

¡FIN! Gracias classe

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Los seres querido mi vida slide (Kim)

Intro: ¡Hola amigos! Te presento a los seres queridos en mi vida (hermana) Me encanta familía!

Yo: Mi  nombre es  Kimberly.  Soy de Filadelfia. Tengo cuarto años.  Yo guapa, intelligente, sociable, habladora, divertida, talentosa, . Le encanta ir de compras, bailar, escribir, leer, pasar un rato con amigos, ir al cine,  y descansar.

Ella: Mi mamí es Kuzonza Barnes es de SouthWest  Filadelfia.  Los  ojos cafés y el pelo cafés. Enero de nueve cumpleaños. Tiene cuartenta y cuarto anos.  Ella es muy  guapa, habladora, sociable,  a veces  seria , cómica y baja.  Le encanta  ver la tele, ir de compras, pasar un rato con amigas, y descansar.

Él:  Es  Diggy Simmons . Los ojos cafés y el pelo negro. Tiene diecenueve  años. Es de North Filadelfia pero vivo en West Filadelfia. Él es  muy muy muy  guapo, alto, cómica y súper talentoso.   Le encanta cantar, bailar, escribir musica  y esuchar musica.

Nosotros: Mi hermana es Zenobia. Los ojos cafés y el pelo negro y cafés. Julío de diecicinco cumpleaños. Tiene diecesies años. Ella es mi mejor.  Ella es muy guapa, cómica, divertida, sociable, trabajadora, tranquila y boba. Ella es African- Americano. Le encanta bailar, ir de compras, leer, pasa un rato con amigos, ir al cine, comer. Le gusta mucho filete de queso.

Vosotras: Mi amigas Frankie, Destiny, Y Fatoumata. Nosotros somos guapa, cómica, chévere, divertida, trabajadora, y sociable. Frankie le gusta trabajadora, habladora, y knit. Destiny le gusta cantar, bailar, ella telefono, y comer, Fatoumata le gusta bailar, ir de compras, pasar un rato con  amigas.

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Seitz - Net Neutrality teen awareness

I think it is important for teens to know about net neutrality because in the upcoming years the internet will become more prominent in everyday society, and the people of the future will need to know their rights, and shouldn’t be held back from all the opportunities the internet has to offer. Without net neutrality, the internet service providers will be able to tell schools what they have teach their students, and what is appropriate for children to see. If they tell us what we need to know, then they are telling us what is wrong and right, even if what they think is controversial, and may be disagreed on by the majority of the country. For example the issue of Global Warming could be completely braised over by everyone because the i.s.p.’s don’t let websites with information about it through the fire wall.

Another reason why net neutrality is important for teens is because it promotes the spread of ideas, giving more opportunities to today’s youth. Everyones says how we will be the next generation of creators and innovators, but if our main source for information is being held back, then how do they expect us to reach that. If the I.S.P.s want to be part in making the next generation of geniuses, then they should take part in net neutrality. It is important that teens have as many opportunities as their parents, and as generations before. What is the use of the internet if you are restricted from all of the great things that it offers.

Finally a free and open internet promotes free speech. One of the things that all teens should have the opportunity to do, is to speak their minds, and of that is being taken away from todays youth then we will end up with a messed up generation of kids. In twenty to thirty years, imagine a society of people who are being suppressed because they are afraid that if they speak their mind, then it could lead to a punishment, or the put down of your ideas. This is just like the novel 1984, where no one can speak their minds, and no one has a chance to be independent. This is what I imagine could happen to us, this is what people should fear, and we should work on fixing it, for the teens today.

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Madison's Slide #2

 I learned a lot from the criticism of my first slide. For my second slide, I changed the layout but kept the same pictures and text. I chose three main points about myself: tumblr, cookies and cardigans. I enjoy tumblr. because it gives you a place for self expression through pictures, quotes, and videos. Cookies are one of my favorite foods. Cardigans are my fashion staple. I wear them with mostly every outfit I wear. I put these in the shape of a triangle because  the Zach Holman blog suggested that it makes the slide visually interesting. I chose the color blue because it is my favorite color. I put several cookies pictures because it shows repetition.  
tech slide (1)
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Los Seres Queridos En Mi Vida



Los Seres Queridos En Mi Vida


Me nombre es Joseph, tengo los ojos cafés y el pelo café. Quiero ser un veterinario. Soy muy inteligente.


Él es son mi mejor amigo, Tim. Tiene los ojos cafés y el pelo negro. Tiene quince años. Es de Filadelfia pero vive en California. Es muy comico y súper loco y muy talentoso.


Ella es mi prima, Sfen. Tiene los ojos cafés y el pelo café. Le gusta la banda All Time Low y la banda Panic At The Disco y le gusta anime. Asiste a Freire Charter School.


Él es mi perro, Duke. Tiene los ojos azul y el pelo cafés y blanco. ¡Es un amor de gente! Ella es mi gato Amanda. Tiene los ojos verde y el pelo negro, blanco, y café. La quiero mucho. Les encantas las personas. Son un poco molesto y son (casi)siempre simpático.


Ellos son mi familia. Tenemos los ojos cafés y pelos cafés, pero mi Padre no tiene pelo. Nos gusta ir al cine y escuchar musica. El nombre de mi padre es Joseph, el nombre de mi madre es Regina, y el nombre de mi hermano  es Caleb.


¡Muchas gracias por tu atención!
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Isaiah's Slide #2

Tech Slide #2
I have changed a lot of details so my new slide can pop out more. Instead of just using contrast and bleeding, I made a bright frame and font color that's behind a collage of different pictures. In this slide, the wallpaper actually fits in with the title because the pictures are supposed to show experience of me journeying around the world. I changed the forest picture because I have see and experienced more things in life than just a forest. I changed the font to a more ¨uncivilized¨ type because the background shows natural havens which are wild compared to a city skyline. My new slide would catch people's attention more because the background doesn't mess up the message that I'm trying to get across.
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Los seres queridos en mi vida

Los seres queridos en mi vida

Sydnye: Intro: ¡hola! aquí es los seres queridos en mi vida. En está presentación es yo, mi padrastro, emma y maddy, mi equipo de baloncesto, y jessica.

Yo:Mi nombre es Sydnye Misero.Yo tengo ojos pardos y pelo café. Soy de Bethelehem Pennsylvania, pero vivo en Philadelphia. Soy deportista, inteligente, guapa, aplicada, y antipática. Le gusta ir de compras, pasar un rato con amigos, leer, practicar deportes, dormir, eschuchar musica, ir al cine, y descansar.

él: Te presento a Said Sharif. Said Sharif es mi padrastro. Ello es muy serio sin embargo amistoso y somos familia para siete años. Nos conocimos cuando yo era ocho años. Le gusta trabaja, pasar un rato con familia y amigos, y tremendamente escuchar musica. Es moreno, africano-americano, y tiene los ojos café.

ella: Es mi mejor amiga Jessica Delmore. Jes es de decendencia europea, irlandés,italiana, y alemána. Ella tiene rubia y ojos azules y grises y muy alta. A veces ella visitas filadelfia  en los fin de semanas estar de vago. Lo quiero mucho  

ellas: Ellas son mis amigas mejor de filadelfia. Son hermosas y Emma es un morena sin embargo Maddy es rubia. Asemás Maddy tiene los ojos claro cafe también Emma teine los ojos grises y azules.

Nosotras: Nosotras tienen mi equipo de basketball. Mi equipo es tremendamente talentosas tambien locas. El equipo son de Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

gracias por ver mi vídeo

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Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the idea that the internet should be free and monitored for all customers. The FCC, Federal Communications Commission, wants to over ride this and take this freedom away from us. The FCC wants companies like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast to charge their customers for faster internet. Certain companies such as Netflix or Google can pay to have their internet faster to your computer than other websites. Providers aren't allowed to do that.
If we do not have net neutrality, our phone and internet companies can slow down a certain website because a different website is paying your service provider more money. For example, Netflix can pay Verizon to play faster on your phone. But a friend is playing Netflix too with AT&T and it is slower. The FCC would also monitor what you are watching and design what you like. The ads that pop up websites are tailored to the websites that you've visited.
We should care about net neutrality because we need our freedom on the internet. We shouldn't be stripped of our rights on the internet. The people should be trusted with what they do on the internet. If you aren't educated on what net neutrality is, you should be. It's important to the way we surf the web. 


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Fatoumata Net Neutrality

Net 2
Net neutrality is a network that is designed by engineers and other people. The interent addict many teens because of the cyberbullying that be going on the internet or just the things that entertained the teens that make them so addict to the interent. I am as a teen that is addict to the internet i can be on it for 8 hours and i used the internet for school to so it will be another 8 hours again. Net neutrality is a internet that is open to the whole world and whenever you have a picture you may think its delete but its not delete at all. A closed internet have restricted to access on certain thing.

Why teens should know about Net neutrality is that internet is a useful thing when you need it for class or homework. But another reason is that women are very addicted to internet. One example is that students task a force to to the study of needs that we need on college campuses . All schools use interent so if people cut the net neutrality students would go crazy and would have to write homework and students will be exhausted writing down all these essays when you can just type it on your computer. Everybody would be so exhausted if we didnt have any interent.

Net neutrality really means that the FCC has proposed that the internet service provider Verizon and Comcast that had access of tiers service. If net neutrality left women and teens mind teens will go so crazy because the internet is where is erased from our screens and and speakers. Having the proposal of the FCC would have the internet to tell our stories and people own words. Justice in the many form of the companies of tools to use. Lets keep the FCC proposed begin

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Teens and Net Neutrality. Should YOU care?

NEt Neutrailt
Well, you have somehow stumbled upon my blog post. And as you can tell from the title, I am going to talk about Net Neutrality. But first, a little background. Net Neutrality is what is cheapening to your internet data right now! As of the day I am writing this, (12/23/2014) Internet Service Providers are not allowed to treat your data differently than they way they treat mines or anyone else. However, this might change.

Recently there has been a huge debate over this lately. ISP's aren't exactly happy about some of the views in our government. Take president Obama as an example. Many republicans are angry over his view on the matter. Sure, this happens all the time in Washington. You many be interested in this one though, and it does in fact relate to you.

If Net Neutrality is gone, the internet as it is now will be gone. You'll probably run into websites that your ISP ha blocked, because they can. You may also have slower internet, and you will need to pay more if you want faster internet. Which is just what you had before Net neutrally was gone. So chose what you want, a blocked, slowed down internet, or a normal fair one we have now. Because one day, this is going to be in our hands.
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New Slide

Tech slide (2)
    For my new slide, everyone said that I needed more contrast, so I modified my palette. My words are also bigger so they jump out, and align more neatly with the line, respecting the rule of thirds a bit more. I changed the words so they were less stupid, and more fun. Like teh original, this slide has a collage of things I like, which I didn't edit that much.
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Net Neutrality Tamir Harper

Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about?

How much do you know about net neutrality? If not much come sit in Mrs.Hull tech class to find out more! The information below is facts and opinions. Everyone may have a different views. The information below touch base on two things; one being that net neutrality is important for the safety of teens and adults and finally that it is important so everyone can have equal internet connection.

Net neutrality is very important for the safety of teens and adults. It allows us freedom of speech over the web. There are over 2 billion people that uses the web daily and should be able to type and say whatever they please. This is so important to the citizens of the internet because it allows you to express yourself through words/ comments over the web. Also, if you are not able to do so it can cause extreme anger and would be against the Declaration Of Independance.

Net neutrality is important also because it suppose to allows all teens to have equal internet connections. Without this I.S.P.S can allow someone to receive slower internet or close to no internet at all. The more you pay the faster your internet. Personally that would not be far to low income families because if they can not afford as much internet as a millionare they internet service will pretty much be off. Finally, it is important for everyone to have equal internet connection so that no one will have a fast lane or anything else. Everyone will be equal.

The information above is facts and it is also my opinion. People may disagree but this is right for everyone that uses internet. If the President Of The United States think this is important and he think we should keep it. The internet should be equal for everyone no matter what. Also, I.S.P.S should not attempt to take advantage of people.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 at 10.13.22 AM
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Why is it important for teens to know net neutrality? Well I do! By: Gil Rosen

Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about?

    It is important for teens to know about net neutrality because they should be able to know what is happening to their internet use. Net neutrality should be spoken out to everyone especially teens. Teens probably complain about their internet being slow the most. Teens need the internet speed more than adults for casual use. More adults are patient than teens are. 

    Teens need to speak up and be the future guidance in the future for equal rights. The teens today are the future adults that need to take charge about their internet. Teens love WiFi and the internet more than anything they own. Speed is key to the teens so they should know that their ISP's are taking charge about their internet that the families are paying for.

     As an ISP you can't just block certain websites and slow others down. It is just not right for ISPs to slow down the websites teens love. This is why teens need to know about net neutrality. They can't take the slowness that the ISPs are giving them, it is just not right. So I hope teens now know why it is important to know about neutrality and they take action on the things they love, internet speed. 


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Net Neutrality, Frankie Murphy

Screenshot 2014-12-22 at 10.06.08 PM

The term Net Neutrality means that all data we use on the internet is treated equally. Right now, everyone on the internet has access to anything they want and any amount of it they want; all for one flat fee a month. ISPs (internet service providers) give everyone the same quality of internet, and the data that goes through the ISP is strictly the user’s choice- besides ISPs only being able to slow down illegal content . Net Neutrality gives everyone a right to equal data, and it ensures an Open Internet. Currently, this means that the people own the internet and no one else.

The issue being debated right now is whether the people still get their Net Neutrality or not. Big ISPs have started to make a stink over the last year, saying that Net Neutrality wasn’t thought up by a legal standpoint; so they turned the case over to the FCC (Federal Communications Committee). What has gone on from there is this: big companies want to make the internet censored and controlled by making everyone pay for ‘special’ services and charging for data use instead of flat fees. The proposal that was come up with is basically that, and is very dangerous because it would let the ISPs take control of the peoples’ internet so that there can be lots and lots of money sucked out of it. If this happened, the internet would be slow for all who didn’t pay ridiculous prices, and many people wouldn’t even be able to access or say what they want online- it would all be up to the big companies.

The current issue with Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because we are growing up in a generation where internet is essential. If we do not have proper access to it, then information and our rights is being taken away. The internet has to be a place for expression, learning, and communication so that We the People can take charge and not money-guzzling companies looking to censor and add expense to our lives. The internet was created to be run as an open place, and it was a safe-haven for all who needed their voices to be heard or access to information. Net Neutrality is important for us teens because without it, we will only be looking into a world of big companies manipulating what we see.

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