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Tito's Opinion on - Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?

I got this straight from the online dictionary to give you the simplest explanation: Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

What is Happening to Net Neutrality?

There is an article that was made by John Naughton that clearly explains what the situation is, an although it is currently in the United States, it is very probably for such a thing to spread to other nations.

The principle that all bits traversing the network should be treated equally was a key feature of the internet's original design. It was also one of the reasons why the internet became such an enabler of disruptive innovation. Net neutrality meant that the bits generated by a smart but unknown programmer's application, for instance the web, file-sharing, Skype and Facebook, would be treated the same as bitstreams emanating from a giant corporation. Neutrality kept the barrier to entry low.

So far, so good. But the problem with general principles, however admirable, is that they sometimes create inflexibility. In that sense, net neutrality is like the principle that one should never, ever, tell a lie, not even a small one: excellent in principle, unfeasible in practice. The internet works by breaking each communication into small data packets and dispatching them, often by different routes, to their destination, where they are reassembled into the original communication. This was fine in the early days, when most communications were files and emails, and it didn't matter if the packets failed to arrive in an orderly stream. But once innovations such as internet telephony, streaming audio and video emerged, it looked like a good idea to give them privileged treatment because otherwise quality was degraded.

When media corporations such as Netflix came along, they were outraged that their bits had to travel in the same third-class carriages as everybody else's. Which, of course, led big ISPs to the idea that they could put those bitstreams into a fast lane and charge their owners accordingly, thereby earning more revenue and throwing neutrality out of the window.

In the US, the neutrality buck stops with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), historically a doughty supporter of the principle. Since last January, however, the FCC has been impaled on the horns of an appeal court decision. Verizon, the huge US ISP, successfully challenged the FCC's rules on neutrality. The court ruled that the commission did not have the right to prevent Verizon from charging a fee for traffic carried on its network and since that point Verizon has been billing Netflix for providing a fast lane for its content to Verizon subscribers.

Mulling its options in April, the FCC concluded that, to stay within the law, it would have to allow ISPs to charge for providing fast lanes so long as the terms were "commercially reasonable". Anticipating the outrage that this violation of the neutrality principle would generate, the commission put the draft ruling out for a period of public consultation that closed on 15 July.

You can imagine what happened. The commission was deluged by public comments, most of them online. It had to add extra capacity to cope with the fallout from Oliver's broadcast. By deadline day, it had received nearly a million submissions, the vast majority of which were probably hostile to the proposed new ruling.

Also received were a much smaller number of submissions from corporations. Verizon, for example, filed a 184-page comment written by five lawyers. Comcast, another huge ISP, submitted a 71-page document. Other companies (internet giants and telecoms mainly) did much the same.

Guess which submissions the FCC will take seriously?

You know the answer. All the public submissions will be read and most of them rejected. This not because FCC officials are biased or corrupt. It's just that they can't do anything with expressions of outrage or affirmations of values. They're charged by Congress with making rules that can stand up to legal challenge. They need submissions that have evidence and arguments, things that most laypeople are not in a position to provide. Sad but true: even in a democracy, rulemaking can't be done by plebiscite, online or off. And that noise you're hearing is the ghost of Edmund Burke cheering.

The Philosophy

It is stupid for companies to do this to us, honestly the fact that there are people going against net neutrality is insanely stupid and I can't even imagine how idiotic some people can be. The internet is a place with billions of gigabytes of information, a cloud with vast numbers of intelligence and information. It is an archive of events both positive and negative and it is a useful element to the evolution of the human race.

The Past

When my father was working as one of the leading members in the team that brought the internet to Italy, many of the people that worked by his side did not imagine a web that is imprisoned by the plagued ISP's (my dad's name is Andrea Mazzucchi, in case you wanted to look him up). Their vision of what the power of the internet could do was young and positive. People like them, people who are the reason why companies like Comcast and Verizon exist, the reason why they have the power they have today, and I don't care how many lawyers they have in their stupid contracts, they are WRONG.

The Effect

If the internet was not working to it's fullest capacity, then there would be hundreds of thousands of people who would not be able to access it due to the price increments and the overall difficulty of using it. If this was the case then many protests like the ones in North Africa, where twitter and social networks like those were used, people used them as a method to organize a protest against an unfair law or unfair government choice or policy. Think about school! The protest me and my fellow classmates did to help support our teachers was organized using the web! If people would of had trouble accessing the internet, then how could the protest be as efficient as how it was before?

The Dream

I have a dream, a dream where boys and girls, women and children, men and seniors, can live in peace and serenity under the ways of Net Neutrality. I have a dream where history's events do not reenact themselves, where unfairness and stealing from the money we pay to speak out to the world, the very words that change who we are as a species does not occur. I have a dream that one day I will be able to provide for my family without having to worry about spending too much money to have a normal connection and that what I can do with the internet will change the world in a positive way, forever.

What will happen to us?

Not all of us can afford to use the internet now, and not all of us have access to the wonderful privilege of using an endless archive of information. If Internet Service Providers were to increase the cost in exchange of having a weaker connection many more people will be doomed, excluded form a virtual paradise. What will happen to those people? The same ones who will never be able to access the online news, the ones who won't be able to vote online for important events that impact THEIR lives along with the REST of the people around them. Their lives will never be the same... that's what will happen.


I have had a problem for a long, long time. Since as long as I could remember, I was lost. I used to sit out from class and think for hours of what would happen to me in the future, what I was going to do, what did I want to do. I remember this sort of depression that was on me since always, this shadow that blurred my vision of my future. Now, I am happy to say that this thing is fading, the disease in me, the same one that I had since the beginning of my childhood is finally going away. I now know what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want my legacy to be.

My dream is to make videos, YouTube videos. Like pewdiepie and many of the great YouTubers before him I want to change the world in a positive way, by doing what I love doing best. To be able to provide for a family using my imagination, my passion and my heart. How can I make videos without internet connection? How am I going to be able to fulfill my dream, if the dream itself doesn't exist??


For anyone who already doesn't know, the death of net neutrality is basically what will stop your connection, what will steal your money, and what will please the greedy bastards who call themselves Verizon and Comcast. Do you truly think that if this was to happen, that it would stop there? No, no, what I mentioned was merely the beginning. They Internet Service Providers will only get greedier, they won't stop here. This will spread across the world if we let it, to the point where people from different sides will not be able to communicate. That's right, no longer will you be able to Skype your relatives if you go off on a trip, and no longer will you meet wonderful people that can change the way you think.
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All About Me (New)

Copy of About Me
My slide includes pictures that describe me, my personality, and what I like to do. The "#Maddie" matches the "love" on my shirt so it will be eye-catching and it will grasp your attention. I figured adding other things that I like that it will just make my slide pop and add more personality to it. My slide shows everything about me and how I see things.. Enjoy!
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It's Clearly About Me (Ijustice Avery)

My slide is clearly all about me.  I designed my slide based on my favorite colors and my background is one of my favorite pair of sneakers.  These colors contrast but they are also compatible with one another.  They also match the sneakers in the background. But, I didn’t just choose these colors because I them, they are suppose to represent that I have a colorful personality.  I tried to make my slide as short as possible but also to have a lot of information about me as a person.   My slide isn’t just a slide, it has meaning.  The picture in the background represents something in my life.  The sneakers  resemble my sneaker game and they are basketball sneakers so they also represent how ball is life.  The 23 on the sneaker represents January 23rd which happens to be the day my uncle died.  He had a big impact on my life and I wanted to show love to him.  Finally, the mansion door in the back represents how tough times don’t last, and if you really try you can succeed.
Untitled presentation
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Semaj Dukes, Pronombres

Espero que lo disfruten

yo: ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Semaj, Tengo catorce años. Mi favorito actividad es andar en patineta con amigos. Soy alto y algo delgado. Mi cumpleaños es en la primavera en trece de mayo. Mis ojos son cafes.

El: su nombre es Mekhi Amigo también Mekhi es mi amigo. Mekhi es catorce años también, Asistimos a SLA escuela juntos. Su favorito deporte es pista y campo.


Ellos:  ellos son mi mejores amigos. Los he conocido toda mi vida, Y se mantendrá de esa manera


Nosotros: Esta es una foto de mi hermano y también mi. Nosotros ambos gusta jugando deportes.

Fin: Gracias por su atención.

Spanish Proyecto Pronombres
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Justin's slide #2

Tech Slide
What I learned was making something more simpler. My last slide had so much color and the background was shoes with all sorts of colors. I think that the new slide I made represents the one true thing about me. That the organization I play for is what my whole life is about, supporting my second family through sports and events. I made the quote we use to each other in black and white because white on black is simple. I put the picture with the four corners as if the background was fading into the picture. I think that it makes the background bleed through the pictures which in my opinion is a cool tool to use. I used the same font for each word in the picture because each word means something. 
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Net Neutrality

Untitled presentation (2)
Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about? 

Net neutrality is important for teens to know because teens like freedom. Net neutrality is the freedom of internet use that is in the edge of getting taken away. Teens should learn more net neutrality because they spend most of their time using internet for everything. I think that if teens don t know about net neutrality they would get mad if their ISP made the "fast lanes" to slow down some of the sites they use.
Its important for teens to know net neutrality because if their freedom of internet get taken away, they could get mad and doesn't realize what was happening. If we don't have net neutrality we wouldn't have equal internet access from our ISPs. If we don't have it, some of the sites that we use will be slower than the other sites, such as Netflix. Teens now are on Netflix to watch lots of movies and if the ISP makes the use of Netflix slower, it would be a big problem.
If the ISPs get to make their fast lanes and net neutrality is taken away, we might have to pay more for the internet we use daily. Teens should know about the rights that they have online. The next generation of kids won't know what its like to have networking rights. I hope that teens will understand how important it is for them to know about net neutrality.
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Net Neutrality Blog - Tia Roberts

​Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about?

Net neutrality is very important in our society and can take over the rights of anybody who doesn't know what is going on. Especially teens and younger adults. With the amount of time kids today spend on social media and internet connections, we need them to be well aware of stuff going on on the internet. ISP's are trying to control what they go on and what they can and cannot see. They are also trying to take away the speed of internet and basically make you pay more for the same speed you have now. We as a society need to keep our teens and kids aware of these problem to help make a difference and keep them safe while on the internet.

ISP's are trying to control our internet and are restricting what we go on and what we watch. We need our kids to know this so they can know what is right and wrong, because our kids are our future and have voices too. This is also not just affect adult but will also affect them. ISP's might take away the social medias we all love to go on or not allow us access of it. This will hurt for connecting with other and sending messages. 

Also ISP's are trying to higher the cost of speeds given on the internet, while only still giving the same amount of speed as you've always had. If providers start to control the internet they will have no competition and you will no longer have a choice. We would either have no internet or pay way more for the same speed we've always had. These are why we need our teens to know the dangers of net neutrality, and no one can try to manipulate our kids into something that will hurt their internet. Let your kids know what net neutrality is and one day they will have the voices to keep our internet safe.

3 Sources: 
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Justin's Net Neutrality Blog

Untitled presentation
​I think that net neutrality is very important for teenagers. One way net neutrality will help you is when you are in need to watch a movie in school. If the teacher tries to watch a movie in class to teach you and the movie is blocked doesn't allow access, then it could stop your learning. I think that this is unfair to happen because some kids doesn't want to hear lectures all the time. Movies that help you learn gives you a break from lectures and when the movie isn't working, then the kids may hear more lectures.

Net neutrality helps students with homework. Like in this school, we have computers. Most homework is assigned online. If a certain website isn't allowed to be access then the student will have trouble with problems. The school may not have enough money to get the websites to be accessed. This could be a real problem to students learning through the internet. 

Net neutrality can help teenagers with their learning. When students are researching in class, the internet could be a problem. The internet could become slower if the school isn't paying their provider enough money for faster internet. That makes the students education slow as well. This can cause slow learning for student who are learning through the internet.
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Kim's Net Neutrality Blog

Untitled presentation (2)

Net Neutrality is important for teens to know, because it helps them realize how much freedom net neutrality allows us to have and helps us not take it for granted. It also helps teens learn more about I.S.P and what their jobs are and how they affect net neutrality. It helps them see that Internet Service Providers doesn’t give us the freedom that we deserve to have on our website.  Net neutrality is also important for teens to know because it treats all the data you get from a website fairly and keeps it safe.  Like, for example if you were trying to get on both YouTube and Facebook, the internet and the I.S.P's could limit your speed and charge you while net neutrality would allow you to browse and access both freely and not make you pay a charge.

I.S.Ps  want to charge you for almost every time you get on your network. Unlike Net Neutrality which allows every website you visit to have no limits for you usage. Net Neutrality also gives you freedom to use any website you want and doesn’t charge you a monthly fee for the website you are using. Internet Service Providers also want to control how much internet you use which limits your time on it. They create illegal downloads which charge you for how much internet you use and this is not fair.

Companies like Comcast and Verizon can be very crafty and can block a website or source you want to use and make their own and charge you for it. This makes you pay more money while you can easily use a website that would charge you less. This is why Net Neutrality is so important because t lets you use any website you want. Open Internet, which is another way to say free internet, avoids high and unfair prices, it limits competitiveness  from other companies, it allows more ideas, and allows you to use any speech you want.




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Net Neutrality Blog

Net Neutrality!
In a word without Net Neutrality, little Jimmy tries to watch Netflix on his Xfinity internet. He goes to the profiles, chooses his, then wants to watch Scrubs. He presses play, then waits for it to load. While waiting, he sees his homework pile up on his desk, and just wants to watch that season finale. It's been four hours, and now hes just asleep on the keyboard, and it's finally loaded the first minute! This is the world without the Net Neutrality.

Johny decides that he wants to watch something. Unlike Jimmy, he doesn't have a subscription to Netflix, but still has Xfinity, so he watches the TV section of Comcast. He watches Divergent, and it loads instantly! It doesn't even take a minute, and he is already watching the movie, but with Netflix he would ave to wait hours in end. 

In this world, Netflix is always slow. YouTube is even slower, and Hulu, well nobody uses Hulu. In this world, it is slowed by the internet providers. It doesn't matter if you pay extra, it is still slower than an old man.
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Net Neutrality

  Many people don't really know what Net neutrality is.The definition of Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Many people feel different have opinions about this. Their will be many problems if we eliminate Net Neutrality. 

In my opinion Net Neutrality is important. Without it getting internet service would be very difficult. Honestly Until this point I had no idea what Net Neutrality is. Now that I do I think more people should be made aware of it. We have to stop the FCC from manipulating our data.
I think specifically teens should be taught about Net Neutrality. Media plays a big role in teens lives. I believe if would be beneficial for them to know about. They should be educated on it in school. SLA is a role model for other schools.
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Net Nuetrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the internet equally. Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because teens lives are on the internet. Every likes fast internet speed but its especially important for teens. Teenagers have school work, social media and other needs that requirement the web. It may not seem like a big issue but it is. 

We have to protect our right as people to access what we want and how we want on the internet. If bigger companies that use the internet to promote what they sell have faster internet, than everyone else is slowed down. Including teens internet service. If the government doesn't act soon about it then net neutrality will soon be to an end. Computers will slow down and websites will load slower.

If companies paid money for faster service, it will disrupt many things because everything revolves around technology today. Teens need to know that just because it isn't exciting, its still important. Equal web access for everyone is crucial to life. Equality on the internet has been fine so it shouldn't change. Its important for teens to know about net neutrality because it result on their life
Untitled presentation (5)
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Tia Roberts : Slide #2

Screenshot 2015-01-08 at 12.09.06 PM
¨Why breathe?¨ The point of this slide is to show people my true passion. I enabled a catchy title to enhance the attention of my readers and added bold pictures to tell a story without actually having words. I used minimum space for my wording so that my pictures could be big enough you would see it without having to look so hard. I made my slide have a little contrast by making the whole background black with bright colors added on top to pop out at the audience. This slide not only expresses who I am without portraying actually me, it makes people think deeper and actually have a feeling towards it.
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Slide #2

Express yourself
I chose to make my slide like that for many reasons. One reason is that I chose to use large text and I decided to manage my space so it wouldn't be too crowded. I also made some of my pictures bleed off the slide because not the full picture should be used. I wrote "Express Yourself" in red because I think that it would catch people's attention if it was on a billboard. It contrast with the white background which catches the eye. The pictures that I used expresses some of the things that I like. I like keeping things simple, but meaningful so I decided to make my slide not too flashy. I sing and dance at church, so it became a hobby for me. I like working and helping out little kids, they're always make someone smile. I love chilling/hanging out with my friends and watch movies. Music and shopping is just my thing! I love music because everyone can relate to them and shopping is always fun.
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Slide Two

Whats the first thing you see? The picture of course. My slide represents me with my family. I think family is a very big aspect in your life. They are what brought you into this life and supports you when you need them the most. I made my slide look very appealing and sharp so when you see it, you will have the urge to stop and look at it. I didn't want it to look very mixed and full. I wanted it to centralize just one picture which is my family. The picture gives the whole space around it to breathe. The background is a red and gold Victorian that contrasts with the outfit I was wearing in the picture. It is intriguing and colorful which makes the slide look bold. The background also bleeds throughout the whole slide. The quote, ¨Family is everything,¨ represents the picture. I put it in a white and big text so it will look huge and be the second thing you see. I separated it and broke down the words to be in a column on one side of the slide.
Screenshot 2015-01-08 at 12.02.59 PM
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Slide One

Whats the first thing you see? The family picture. My slide represents me with my family. I think family is a very big aspect in your life. They are what brought you into this life, and supports you when you need them the most. I made my slide to look bold and sharp with the colors. So when you see it, you will have the urge to stop and look at it. I didn’t want it to look very mixed and full. I wanted it to centralize just one picture which is my family. The background is a intriguing, and colorful layout which makes the slide look bright. It bleeds throughout the whole slide. The text represents the picture is, ¨Family is everything,¨ I put it in a white and big text so it will look huge. I broke the words down so it could spread out throughout the slide and be the second thing you see.
Screenshot 2015-01-08 at 11.56.38 AM
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Slide 2 by Nat

Technology (1)
I made several changes in my slide, many changes where difference in color and text. I was given a lot of advice to switch out the background for a more calm and desired color, not a loud red. I was also criticized for the eraser being a different color, so I swapped it out as well. I then added even more variation within my text, making more words bold and larger than others to make it much more appealing. I learned that even the smallest switches in color and boldness can make something a thousand times more eye capturing, even if a color is slightly off it can cause boredom and lack of interest.   
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Q2 Proyecto / Linder

Copy of E1 U3 Proyecto Prep for anya (2)

Spanish benchmark #2 script

Slide # 1 opening

¡Hola! amigos y amigas

Por favor, disfrutar de estudia positivas sobre los seres queridos en mi vida.

Slide # 2 yo (I )

Este soy yo

Mi amig@s y familia dicen que soy más a menos loca de vez en cuando.

Me gusta ir de compras, pero no me gusta para probar la ropa.

También me gusta leer y cocinar.

Slide # 3 el (He )

Esto es Vic Fuentes

Vis Fuentes es la conducir cantante y guitarrista de Pierce The Veil.

El es muy lindo y talentoso

El cumpleanos es en febrero diez, 1983 y que nacio en San Diego, CA

Slide # 4 ella (She )

Esto es Jenna Marbles.

Ella es un bien famosa YouTuber.

Jenna es muy boba y sociable.

Ella tiene el pelo rubia y los ojos a zules.

Slide # 5 ellos (They )

Esto es Sleeping With Sirens

Que son banda Americana des de Orlando, Florida.

Dos de sus mejores canciones son ¨ Roger Rabbit ¨ y ¨ If I’m James Dean Then You’re Audrey Hepburn¨.

Mi favorita Cancion por ellos es ¨ If You Can’t Hang¨

Les escucho casi siempre.

Slide #6 nosotros (We )

Esto es mi y uno de mejor amigas, Kara.

Hemos side amigos desde el primer dia en la SLA.

Nos gusta bailar y comer

Nos gusta a colgar cuando tenemos tiempo libre que es en general los fines  de semana.

Slide #7 Ending

A dios gracias por ver !!!!!

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Los Seres Queridos En Mi Vida

First Slide:

Hola buenos classe, el nombre de este título es Los seres queridos en mi vida.

Second Slide:

¡Este soy yo¡ Me llamo Kawthar pero mi apodo Kay. Tengo 14 ½ años. Soy muy gupa, baja, un poco loca, y inteligente. Mi cumpleaños es el vientinueve de febrero.

Third Slide:

Este es mi hermano. Su nombre es Rasul. Rasul es alto, divertido, muy cómico, y es loco. Sin embargo, él es muy amable.

Fourth Slide:

Este es mi hermana. Pero, es mi mejor amiga. Su nombre es Sukainah. Sukainah está en 6th grado. le gusta la escuela un poco pero, le gusta dormir. ( Yo también)

Fifth Slide:

Este es mi prima y yo. Mi prima nombre es Salma. Salma tiene 6 años. Soy su prima favorito. La quiero mucho.

Sixth Slide:

Este es mi madre y hermana. Ellas es simpicatas, guapas, les encanta cocinar, pero, no les gusta leer.

Seventh Slide (Last Slide):

¡FIN! Gracias classe

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Fabian Colon

Fabian's video

Fabian’s Script:

Hola me llamo Fabian colon, Tengo catorce anos Tengo los ojos cafés y el pelo negro. Soy de Puerto Rico pero vivo en Filadelfia.

Ella: Ella tiene 36 anos,Ella tiene los ojos café y la pelo café, ella es mi mama.

Ellos: ellos son (Mi Hermano) ( Mi hermana y( Mi Papa)

Nosotros: Nosotros son mi equipo de atletismo

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hola mi nombre es                                                                   

Conor y tengo una                                                    
mezcla de razas.                                                     

Me gusta surfear la                                                          

red con mi mejor amigo Eli y como

si fruera poco yo soy tremendamente



se reúnen kenny

él ama a hablar español

depende del dia que puede loco

que es tremendamente divertido

que nació en diciembre de dieciséis


conocer a mis otros amigos

kabani pierce y trayvon

son tremendamente buenos

en ultimate frisbee y como si fruera poco

son super alto todos ellos viven en Filadelfia


míranos estamos un poco increíble

ambos nos vestimos tremendamente.

los fines de semana nos gusta estar de vago

los dos tenemos el pelo oscuro

somos tan parecidos Que chevere

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proyecto dos

Loved ones (2)
Opening: ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

Yo: Me llamo Jhazzelle. Tengo quince años. Soy de Filipinas pero vivo en Filadelfia. Me gusta mucho la fotografía, escuchar música, y pasar un rato con amigos. Cuando tengo tiempo libre y me encanta pasar tiempo con mi familia.

Él: Este es mi hermano. Él es tremendamente adorable y encantador. Le encanta jugar. No le gusta ir al cine.

Ella: Esta es mi mamá. Tiene cuarenta y dos años. Ella siempre es sociable, trabajadora, súper cómica, amable, más o menos tranquila, y guapa. Tiene los ojos cafés y el pelo negro.

Ellas: Esta es mi hermana, Jam, y mi mejor amiga Bianca. Mi hermana es diecinueve años y Bianca es dieciséis años. Mi hermana Ambos son muy cómica, divertida, y muy guapa. Son también boba es por eso que los amo.

Nosotras: Ellas son Jessica y yo. Jessica es de Filadelfia pero vive en Filadelfia. Tengo catorce años. Ella es cumpleaños dieciocho de agosto. Ella es tranquila y encantadora.

Fin: Gracias por su atención.

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Madison's Proyecto

  • Intro: ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Madison y este es mi proyecto.

  • Yo: Soy de filadelfia pero vivo en filadelfia. Tengo catorce años de edad. Asisto a Science Leadership Academy. Me gusta ir de cocina, escuchar música, leer, y ir al cine.

  • El: Su nombre es Quran. Tengo catorce años. Es de Filadelfia. Él tiene ojos marrones y cabello negro. El asisto a Science Leadership Academy también. Él es agradable, inteligente, y divertido.

           Le gusta divas totales

  • Ella: Su nombre Siani. Ella tiene 14 años. Ella es muy bonita, inteligente, y divertida.

           Ella tiene el pelo castaño y ojos marrones. Ella asisto a Science Leadership Academy.

  • Ellas: Estos son mi amigos.  Ellos son nombre Mekhi y Siani. Mekhi gusta Batman y Siani gusta ir de compras.

  • Nosotr@s: Estos son mis amigos. Son divertidos, talentosos, y muy trabajador.

  • Fin : ¡Hasta Luego!


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Media Fluency #2

Slide--Tech (1)
With my second slide I didn't really change much because all the reviews I got were great. The only thing I changed was the quotations because they were different. But it was a very minor change. What I learned from this keeping it simple is the best thing ever. You don't want too much on your slide because it will take away from the big picture. I'm very happy I listened to that advice because it really helped me in the long run.  
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Net Neutrality and Teens // Nadya Negron

Net Neutrality

What is Net neutrality? Net neutrality is that Internet Service Providers and the government have to treat all Data on the internet equally. Not discriminating because of the user, website, application, etc. Net neutrality protects us from ISP’s treating traffic differently. Without Net neutrality you can forget about youtube,netflix anything online you can forget about it. If the ISP’s get control of that you won’t be able to do anything like that.

I think it’s important for teens to know about Net neutrality because in the future in can be in jeopardy and since we know about it we can do something about it. Right now Net neutrality is in danger and I think it’s because not many people know about it so they don’t care. Us teens are the new generation we can fight this. WE can make a difference just by having this knowledge and sharing it with the world how important it is. I don’t people understand without Net neutrality the internet would be a completely different place.

I also think it’s important for teens to know about net neutrality because our generation lives off of the internet. All most teens know is that the internet works fast. They don’t know why the internet works fast or what some people have to do to fight for our internet rights. Soon they will want to know when the internet isn’t working fast anymore. But we don’t have that type of time. So that’s why I think it’s very important for teens to know about Net neutrality and what it does for us.

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