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Q2 Art and Statements - Kamilah Hudson's

During the Second Quarter of my Junior year, I was asked to create a list of things for my art class and accompany each of them with an artist statement. Below is exactly that. The first picture is a charcoal drawing of a large clear object. 

​In the picture above I chose a large clear glass mug to draw. I started it over very simple sketching out an outline of it's shape and then building on top of it. Unfortunately the outline was slanted and had some disproportions.I did not notice until the very end of the drawing though. Anyway, after I finished drawing the basic shape of it, I added the shadings, background and extra just for the sake of adding to the volume of the picture. I found this picture medium difficult to complete because drawing still objects isn't my expertise but it isn't completely out of reach of my capabilities. I enjoyed drawing this because I usually don't draw objects often and so do so occasionally like this will me the practice I need in case some time in the future I am required to do so. 
​Above Are Five Pictures that I took with the camera of my cell phone or with my laptop and then edited in photoshop in order to change a simple picture into freeze frames of stories. The original assignment was to take 200 photos and then edit five out of those 200 photos in photoshop in some way. Having that much freedom with my creativity I decided that I would take simple pictures and then transform them into something that someone, somewhere, might look at and find some deeper meaning in them. I took three scenery pictures and two pictures of people (one being myself and the other on of my best friends.) Each picture can be interpreted in a number of different ways and I did that purposely because I want each picture to invoke the imagination of people. Each picture represents something meaningful and purposeful to me and I hope that who every sees them can find something they can personally relate to them as well. 
The pictures above are the next part of my art project. The task was to take a picture of an official artist and try to copy their work. Originally I chose to draw a picture made by Hijame Ueda who is the artist of one of my favorite animes called "Fooly Cooly". After thinking about it though, I decided that I needed to draw something that I wasn't used to drawing. I needed to draw something of different style. So I took a picture from a manga called "Me and the Devil's Blues". It was still in the category of the art i was used to drawing but it was more detailed and realistic. The artist of this manga is Akira Hiramoto. As you can see from the pictures above, I found it very difficult to do this picture because I could not get all the lines and angles completely right along with doing the shading right. There are a lot of similarities between the two pictures as you can see but their not exactly identical because of the fact that Akira has a different, more detailed drawing style than mine that I'm not familiar of comfortable with.

The fact that I'm not good with copying images and doing realistic drawings also became a problem on the last part of this project where I had to draw a bike.
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The Kingdom: Film Review

The film, The Kingdom, written by Matthew Michael Carahan and directed by Peter Berg, was a film about FBI agents Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx), Grant Sykes (Chris Cooper), Janet Mayes (Jennifer Garner), and Adam Leavitt (Jason Bateman) who travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to conduct an investigation and seek revenge after their friend/partner was killed during a terrorist attack.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was quite an eye-opener, and very visual and realistic. I liked the opening credits because it showed the history between America and Saudi Arabia throughout the years including a timeline with clips of film that were in black and white. This small part of the film really helped me to set a starting point for the movie, as well as the overall tone of the movie. I also liked how the movie began in what seemed like a random setting, which I gradually began to realize was in Saudi Arabia as the movie slowly jumped right into the action.

The dialogue of the film is something that I liked as well. The characters used words, such as curse words at just the right moments to represent anger, frustration, panic, etc, which really was a plus for me, as opposed to many movies that include random curse words in the dialogue which is unnecessary and adds nothing to the film. The dialogue of the film also seemed to really represent each character and define who they were, and made them unique from one another. For example, the character that Jason Bateman played often spoke in a sarcastic-like tone, and occasionally spoke in a way that seemed cocky, unlike everyone else, which really made his role stand out more than the other characters. Also, each character had a different amount of dialogue throughout the entire film, which also helped me to understand the character’s role, and their importance in the film.

Out of the entire film, the thing that stuck out to me the most, however, were the costumes that were used in the movie. Once the main characters arrived to the plot setting (Saudi Arabia) of the film, Colonel Faris (Ashraf Barhom) constantly reminded the main characters that their protection was his main concern, and that they must be careful at all times. With that said, the costumes in the film played the most important role to me because during most of the film, the main characters were surrounded by the army and police officers, who all wore the same uniforms and outfits. This created a sense of uneasiness and on-the-edge feeling for me during the whole movie because I never knew if someone was going to jump into any of the scenes and attack the main characters.

The Kingdom was a great movie that I recommend for everyone to see (however, I wouldn’t suggest it for younger kids) and was a definite eye-opener, especially the ending. The ending was completely unexpected, and really made me think. I assumed that the ending was going to be the stereotypical happy conclusion where everyone went home feeling good because they avenged their friends death and prevented future terrorist attacks, and right from there go straight to the credits. However, the ending was not that at all, and definitely did not disappoint.

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Requiem for a Dream: Film Review

Requiem for a Dream, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Well, actually probably a lot. Let me start off with my god honest opinion of this movie, it is a fantastic movie, but it is not an easy movie. I watched this movie twice, and the first time, it beat me senseless, the movie came across the room and it slugged me real good, so when I watched it a second time I thought I'd be fine, wrong, the movie beat me senseless again, completely remorselessly, and perhaps even harder than the first time. The movie is sharp, strong, and like I said, it hits you hard, not in an action movie way, but in a way that the movie beats on your psyche till all you can do is sigh and hope to feel better later.

Let's start with the title, going at it from the top, you might think, "Kinda a cheesy title." Well, let me break it down, Requiem for a Dream would mean, the song for the rest of the dead dreams, that's one hell of a title, it implies two things we see in the movie, dreams, and them being utterly and completely destroyed. The movie is divided into three segments, Summer, the beginning, Fall, the middle, and Winter, the end. Not exactly cheery, but neither is the movie.

The movie begins pretty weak, to the point where you might think that it could be (gasp) a bad movie. The first few shots are pretty cliche, and don't do anything for me, with several basic shots and possibly my least favorite, a cut down the middle shot that has two images displayed. However, the movie sets its tone so powerfully for that first part, in an opening scene where the main character, Harry steals a TV from his mother in order to pawn it for drug money, specifically money for heroin. Before we even see the title of the movie, we see most of this action, ending with the golden line from Harry's mother, Sarah, "As long it all turns out OK."

The acting in this first scene, once again, doesn't do much for me, the lines are delivered, but the movie starts so suddenly that it makes little sense to the audience. However, the acting throughout the movie is surprisingly good, even Marlon Wayans and Jared Leto manage to be very good, of course Ellen Burstyn steals the show as Harry's mother, Sarah Goldfarm.

The movie, as a whole, is about addiction, and how it ruins lives. Every character struggles with their addictions with a dream in mind tossed aside by their addiction. As the movie moves forward, these addictions become more and more extreme, culminating in frightening situations and an overall terrific ending. But let's not be too hasty.

The movie is heavy on foreshadowing, every single line seems to reek of the stuff, and all throughout the first act, characters seem to allude to their ultimate fate, whether it be something slight, or almost overwhelmingly obvious. The beginning also works hard to establish motifs, the sudden and sharp cuts that signify drug use instantly get in your head, and leave a powerful effect. It also shows the style of camera work, no shots are completely steady, and the camera shakes slightly even in pans to set an on edge move, like I said, the movie is sharp. The score settles into the movie early on as well, establishing itself in the opening sequence.

What you notice, early in the movie is that the shots are warm, not very dark, they let in a lot of warm orangey light to reflect the season the movie begins in, Summer, but as the seasons progress, every single set the movie is in gets paler and less warm, almost colder as the seasons get colder and colder. The tone also changes with the seasons, while during Summer everything is handled fairly well in a relaxed matter, by the time Winter begins, the excrement has hit the fan. The lamer shots disappear, and the movie becomes the violently sharp thing that kicked my ass both times. The dialogue gets more tense too, you can feel the effects of the seasons changing on the characters as the stakes get higher and higher, while relationships between them get more and more strained. The movie's smash cuts pick up, and the transitions are less basic, even disappearing, the effects of constant drug use become painfully obvious in a terrifying scene involving Ellen Burstyn being attacked by a refrigerator. The movie doesn't stop there, it picks up to the point where everyone's dreams are ground into nothing.

The movie is a dramatic and powerful experience sure to entertain and absolutely destroy you. I end this review with a bit of dialogue I had with my sister upon finishing the movie, having never seen it, I asked, "So spring never comes?" To which she replied without missing a beat, "No one makes it through the winter."

Sound: A+, great score and snappy noise makes the movie feel completely real and totally adds to the feel.

Visuals: A, minus the very beginning, all shots are perfect for the tone of the movie, and the seemless transitions during dialogue make the visuals a treat. Not to mention some excellent special effects and make-up.

Acting: A, you can never take Jared Leto too seriously, but that just might be my problem. Besides that, amazing acting, Ellen Burstyn of course stealing the show.

Story: A+, like I said, the first half drips foreshadowing, and the second half drips tears onto my face. A fantastic story.

Overall Grade:
A+, would watch again if I'm ever too happy.
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A killer with Amnesia ? There are very few Suspense/Thriller movies with this concept. When you think of a killer, you almost consider that person an animal. In this case he would technically be an animal because the one of the things that separate a human from an animal is in fact memory.  Go figure.  What this character represents, the structure of the film and the refreshingly new idea brought to the table is what made this movie great, brilliant. Leonard is on a quest of vengeance.  

    This movie starts off with a close up shot of the main character, Leonard Shelby, an investigator that is trying to figure out who raped and killed his wife, looking at photographs of a dead body.

As the move progresses it reveals that Leonard Shelby is in fact the killer of this man named Teddy. The movie is backwards. He takes the photograph of Teddy, then it rewinds back to him shooting Teddy and then all the way back to the Inn where the movies then stops moving backwards and continues forward.  He uses pictures and tattoos for him to remember who he has to kill and where he needs to go because of his short term memory and on the bottom front and back of the photographs he’ll have the person’s name and number and something like “Don’t believe his lies. He is the one kill him.” in order to remember his duties.

The main character can’t remember anything really except the day his wife was killed. His mind is so complex but at the same time understanding. He has the ability to remember something so explicit and yet can’t remember something as simple as a name. The character’s problem is what makes him unique and interesting and makes me want more.

    As the film continued I noticed something going on with the colors the director decided to used in this film. Nolan used black and white sequences to show what happens in order and use the parts in color to show it in reverse. This was also a huge part of why the film was entertaining because he kept the viewers thinking and thinking until finally the two different sequences met.  This also made me feel what the character was feeling, confused and lost, which was a good thing.
In the pictures below it shows the two different color sequences, the one in black and white going forwards and the color one is played in reverse.

The middle-end to the end of the story, the main character meets with this woman, Sammy Jankis who at first has a weird relationship with Leonard. He met her during his job before the attack in his home happened. (The attack killed his wife and is the reason he has amnesia) We find out that Sammy was in a car accident. Later on in the movie she kept asking for her insulin but didn’t remember she had it already, neither one of them remembered and as a result she fell into a coma and died.

    There wasn’t much music in the movie but mainly towards the climax it became very intense and scary.  Every time the main character got close to kill someone the music became louder and scary , but right before he does kill the the music is calm which always is scary.
    The climax was also relieving to the mind after all this thinking, it reveals piece by piece and makes sense out of everything in chronological order (black & white) . His wife who was Sammy wasn’t really anyone and his actual wife survived the attack and was diabetic and that his wife died of insulin overdose and not “Sammy”.  Teddy ends up saying that  he even has a “John G”  name. This causes Leonard to write down Teddy’s driver’s plate and and get it tattooed on him and that lead to the very start of the movie to Teddy’s death.
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Film Review: the Grave of the Fireflies

Film Review: the Grave of the Fireflies

The film begins with a scene of the boy Seita after he is dead, giving the audience a understanding of this movie that it is a tragedy.


The way of using color in this movie is very unique. The scene of dead Seita is shown by using reddish color to portray the character and background, which is attractive since the dead Seita sometimes has some interaction with the actual world, or his memory. For example, when a guard at the train station threw away the candy can that carries Seita’s sister, Setsuko’s bone meal, the dead Seita, or his soul picked it up.


On character portraying, the film shows a strong contrast between different characters. In the aunt’s house, Seita and Setsuko’s cousin always spoke for them while the aunt was mean. Also in the later part of the film, when Seita and Setsuko lived the abandoned mine, without anything to eat, other boys ran pass them with nice clothes and went to fishing happily. Meanwhile, those adults are all different with each other on the attitude of treating Seita and Setsuko, for example, the aunt’s selfish but a little compassion, the old farmer’s sorrow, the doctor’s indifference and the demobilized soldier’s abhorrence, each person has his or her idiosyncrasy.


About the film itself, I have some opinions. Firstly, I consider Setsuko an innocent poor girl suffered in the war, but Seita a ignorant and lazy boy with a simple mind filled with militarism. If Seita really loves his sister, what he should do is not taking her to the seaside and play with her but trying his best to find a work or help his aunt’s family by doing housework. Although he was only thirteen or fourteen at that time, although he was brought up in a rich family, he should have grown mature enough to handle things, and the decision he made to move out of his aunt’s house is totally wrong and childish.


Secondly, being a Chinese, I really abominate what Seita thinks about war. Even before Setsuko is almost dead, he is still dreaming to join the army. What will he think him be doing? Killing Chinese or Americans? Although the main theme of this movie is about anti-war, Seita is apparently some sort of advocator for war.


Thirdly, the film itself is really moving and touches deeply into one’s soul.

Everybody knows from the beginning that this film is a tragedy, but people still feels sad or even cries for Setsuka’s Death. Seita and Setsuka's desperation  reflects the theme of protesting to war and a wish of hope. In the entire war, countless families like Seita and Setsuka's are broken and destroyed, and even seldom does one know whether their government is right or wrong. This film no longer shows a tragedy of a family, but a tragedy of a whole nation, a whole world.

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Despite the fact it's a terrorist movie which I tend to not like the movie overall was actually rather amusing. There weren't very many parts which I could say were bad or parts I'd really want to critique. It was well done story line wise. The visuals of the movie were very nice with an exception of the angles in some of the running scenes, in the very beginning of the movie there was a scene with the US military running towards a building but the camera was looking at them from almost ground level so the majority of the image was the floor lower body of the people. I felt as if they could have done that better. There was a scene within the movie where they chased down a young terrorist the organization recruited and threw him off the side of a bridge to get hit by a train the angles and the way the camera was worked during the chase scene and the body being thrown was done well. The music in the movie kept it alive it made me feel some what on the edge of my seat as I watched. 

As the main character Samir Horn was organizing and selling bombs to the islamic organizations. He was a former U.S soldier and Citizen. The FBI, and the CIA begin to track Samir as he tries to set up multiple terror attacks on all 50 states. The movie ends with Samir saving his country he puts all of the terrorist on the same bus and it only ends up killing a few citizens and he becomes hospitalized and once he is better he is greeted by Clayton the man who was chasing him down.

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For this assignment we had to sketch a clear object using charcoal. I was nervous at first because I am not good at sketching or using charcoal. but once you get the outline like shown in this picture which was glass cup it gets really easy. My first steps were to darken the background area to create more depth and shadows. then I drew the outline. Then comes where I take my eraser and create shadows and reflections where the lights were hitting off the glass. Overall it was pretty easy
Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 6.21.08 PM
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Maleena Mel Clear Object, Photos, and Drawer of a person

This is a picture of an clear object of a glass. i drew this picture by using a black charcal and shading the white paper than i had grabed a paper towle and stated to rub it on to the charcal to light it up. Than after that i started to sketch my modle, and after i finished my picture i started to use a pencil to erase some of the parts so that it can look 3D, and real life. Also you can see the parts that i erased and some parts that i had darken up. than you can see that i had made a shadow on the side of the glass so that it can show where the light was shining at, and the light marks where the parts where the glass was shining at. But other than that, there is a picture of what i drew that was a clear and glass object.

The picture on the bottom shows a picture of one of my classmate i drew. Her name is Dejah. As you can see that i drew her figured form top to bottom, but i couldnt get her legs because from a angle i was looking at her from. Well the point of drawing was trying to find the points of how to draw a life thing to paper.

As you can see the third picture and down are the photos edit. I did it o photoshop. i didnt do much but changed it up just a little bit. like put some light into the photo. Also i drew a photo that represents my culture and it economy. and what i did was i drew the picture on my cousin Drawer. And what i did was after i was done drawling in i fixed it up so that it can look just like the photo i seen on Google. other than that those are the picture i took and edit using Photoshop.
Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 9.40.54 AM
Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 2.29.52 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 9.46.44 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 12.32.25 PM
Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.19.43 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 12.32.35 PM
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Artist Statement Q2 - Breeanna Noi

​During the second quarter, I did some of the work that was written for the quarter. But, most of my drawings are personal work I've done to improve my art skills. 

Photos 1-3: I edited pictures of my family and I. The first and second pictures are just images I've edited by just pressing a few buttons here and there to come up with an "interesting" photo. My third picture was a picture I edited using a tutorial founded online. It kind of has a 3-D ish effect and I thought it was interesting for a first time editor. Next quarter, I hope to improve my editing skills. 

Clear glass object: I drew a picture of the triangular beaker using charcoal. My biggest problem with drawing with coal was that I usually sketch with pencil and to try to draw with charcoal was a challenge. I used to press hard on my artwork and using charcoal has trained me - which is a good thing. 

Mickey Mouse: I drew Mickey because I was working on drawing people, but everytime I tried, I could never get the face right. So what better way to start improving that drawing cartoon characters? Based on my drawing, I'm proud of the way I drew the face. However, Mickey isn't realistic enough to relate to an actual face.  

Hand: The reason I drew the hand is because I've been working on drawing people. I can never draw an entire person successfully yet, but I work on each body part and improve in order to fit all of the pieces together. 

Next quarter, my goal is to draw an entire person including their face. I'm going to attempt to draw each body part and attempt to draw men since I've only been working on drawing women. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 1.54.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 1.45.50 PM
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Quarter 2 Art

During this exciting quarter of art class, I decided to get as creative as possible with pictures. But first, I'll talk about my "clear drawing" and "copy a master" assignment.
My clear drawing was of a glass from Senior Prom last year, I liked how the letters turned out, they turned out better than expected. I wish it was straighter though, it was a bit crooked.
I continued with Omar Dogan, I copied him last year as well. I decided to go with something simplistic, yet with a feeling. The girl in the picture doesn't have a name as far as I know, but she has a really determined face. I liked how her body turned out, and wish I could improve on the face. That is an area I struggle with.

As for the pictures, it was good to walk around and take pictures of random views, then imagining what could happen in that specific area.

Finally, my hat. My duct tape hat. It's made of poster board and duct tape. Poster board for the structure, and duct tape to hold it together. I only wish I made the base bigger, and the hat actually wearable.
​Large Clear Drawing
​Internet Scupture

(Duct Tape Hat)
5/200 photos

IMG_1704 2
IMG_1631 2
IMG_1743 2
IMG_1749 2
IMG_1746 2
​Copy a Master (Omar Dogan)

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History Benchmark Q2- Women's Rights

Link to my video:


I chose this topic because women's rights is something important to me, as well as a delicate subject. I wanted my project to serve as a reminder of all of the hardships women have gone through in the past in order to be seen as equal. What I like the most about the project is the examples of historical women I've used as examples as well as all of the background research. Something that was challenging in creating this project was picking the perfect sound track and the format in which to present it. One of the most interesting things I came across was the fact that women almost gave up on equal rights several times as well as during WW1. I feel that this project could improve with more description. I did not put as much words in the final presentation as I originally planned. Something new that I tried was using C-Span for this project and I feel that it could have gone better. Overall I really enjoyed this project I felt that it was a very nice change and it really resonated with me. I  now value women's more then ever. 

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Clear Object

For the Clear Object drawing, I didn't have much trouble because I already did it in first quarter. I think I've excelled at drawing clear object. Especially, shading because when I did the clear object in first quarter, I had difficulty shading cause whenever I did one part of the shading, it never look exactly like the object that was infront of me. I also realized that when I'm drawing clear object, I have to stay at one place with specific lighting because if I left my drawing undone and continued the next class, it makes a huge difference with shading. 
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Exit Poll Data Analysis

Chart 1:

This chart shows the ages of voters. There is a clear trend: as people get older, they become more likely to vote for Gingrich or Romney, and less likely to vote for Santorum or Paul. My theory is that this is caused by the kind of advertising the candidates use and who their policies appeal to. I find the divide interesting: Paul and Santorum, who are kind of on the fringes of the campaign, appeal to young people; Gingrich and Romney, who seem to be the two main contestants, appeal to older people.

Chart 2:

This chart shows the incomes of the voters. Each candidate has a really interesting trend. Ron Paul's strongest support is in lower income households, and becomes less and less popular with groups of greater incomes. Gingrich has relatively high support across all levels, but his strongest point is definitely in the middle – he has less support among the richest and poorest groups. Mitt Romney is popular in exactly the opposite way as Gingrich: among the richest and poorest, he is popular, but less so among middle classes. Santorum is, like Gingrich, most popular in the middle – but less so among the poorest and wealthiest voters.

Chart 3:

This chart is the results of the polling question, "What quality matters most to you in a candidate?" I found a few things most interesting. First, each candidate has a clear weakness: clearly, Romney does not appeal to anyone who wants a "true conservative", and Gingrich is not considered to have strong moral character. Santorum is not popular among those who want an experienced candidate, and Paul is not favored for beating Obama. Another great analysis of this chart is the fact that there seems to be an inverse relationship between having strong moral character and being able to defeat Barack Obama. Clearly, people do truly believe that those who are morally true can succeed in politics. And, apparently, for good reason: there is also an inverse relationship between those who are favored for experience and those who have strong moral character!

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Phoenix Models Casting Calls

An ad/card for a casting call. Modelling gives people the oppurtunity to be pampered and beautified. It helps boost self-esteem and for the most part is fun.

Anybody looking to be in the world of fashion.

Everybody wants to be considered pretty and what better way than to have your face represent beauty in every aspect of the word.

If i were to do this again i would have a video incorporated with the casting card

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 15.50.13
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State of the Union


 While we watch Obama deliver his State of the Union Address comment in this chat to express your opinion(s) on the topics he discusses, and the plans he lays out for the country.

-Post Questions if you are unsure of what he is talking about
-Clarify the questions others have if you understand
-Express your opinion on what Obama discusses
-Express your opinion on comments your peers make
-Comment on the data visualization to the right of the video clip
-Direct your comments at specific peers to clarify your posts



2012 State Of The Union Address Enhanced Version (1)
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Inglourious Basterds: Film Review by Matthew Scuderi

The “Basterds” That We Could Have Used In WWII! 

Film: Inglourious Basterds

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Cast (Stars): Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Diane Kruger, Daniel Brühl, Til Schweiger, Mélanie Laurent, and Eli Roth

Released: 2009


            A Jewish-American squad thirsty for Nazi blood and violently scalping and beating Nazis to death are on a mission to assassinate leaders of the Third Reich in this epic fictional story. Lead by Lt. Aldo Raine, (Brad Bitt) the group of Nazi scalping Jewish-Americans known only as "The Basterds" set out to kill as many Nazis as possible in the midst of completing their mission. The role of Brad Pitt leaves the audience fascinated by his Tennessee accent, ruthless behavior towards the Nazis, and strong characteristics as the leader of the Basterds. In all the roles assigned to the actors, they are effective in creating character through dialogue, facial expression, and motion.

            The movie starts like a classic movie from the late 60s or 70s with the credits in a classic western (stencil like) font and classical music that sets the tone of the movie as a classic itself. Prior to the opening scene, text reads, "Chapter One: Once upon a time… in Nazi-occupied France." The effectiveness of the style in which the film is formatted with chapters allows the audience to feel a chapter-by-chapter story being told to them, rather than just a straight story. With the use of chapters (a technique used in many Tarantino films such as Pulp Fiction) in the film, Tarantino is able to designate the setting, time period, and/or location as well as allow the audience to predict what will happen next based on the titles of the chapters, which leads the audience into the story with curiosity. 

            The opening scene shows a dairy farm with dairy cows to the right and a small house to the left from a distance. From the distance, you can see grass all around leading up to a man between the house and herd of cows chopping wood, which is the sound, the audience hears as the scene opens and progresses, followed by the year on the bottom of the screen. With the year popping up at the bottom, you would guess that this story is non-fictional if you didn't know beforehand. The camera switches its point of view to the man chopping wood and the scene begins, pulling the audience's interest in as Nazis on motorcycles and in a car approach from the distance. While intense action is not the run of the movie, Tarantino interests the audience with the build up of music that is fitting yet strange since it seems classical and Spanish/western with the acoustic guitar. The lighting of the scene outside is bright, but tends to change when the camera shows the inside of the house. Audio in the film is definitely heard from the camera’s position, which makes the sound of the scenes real and within certain proximities.

            In the first chapter, Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) meets with Perrier LaPadite, (Denis Menochet) the owner of the dairy farm to have a discussion about the "Jews" that were living in the area and whether or not LaPadite was hiding Jews or not. While the conversation is somewhat long and awkward at moments, it is at the very least boring. To spice up the scene, both characters constantly do things while having a discussion in the house. LaPadite eventually breaks down after Col. Hans Landa questions him enough and he is found guilty of hiding Jews. The colonel calls in his soldiers that came with him and they begin shooting up the floor and one Jewish lady manages to escape and run down the field. She is spared as she runs off into the distance while the colonel aims his gun at her and refuses to fire. The scene's end the fades to black with the same audio of birds chirping bleeding into the transition introducing the second chapter.

            As the second chapter’s first scene opens, Lt. Aldo Raine briefs the Jewish-American soldiers about what their mission is (to kill Nazis) and the scene takes on a variety of effective angles, one of them behind the soldiers standing straight in line and passing behind each soldier as the lieutenant briefs them on the objective of their mission. The style that Tarantino uses for this film, like many others, is a jump from one time period to another without mention or notification at times, which allows the story to progress without causing the audience to loose interest. In the scene after the briefing, a scene with Adolph Hitler comes next and lighting is significantly dark to add to the “evil” tone of the character. In many of the scenes of the movie, there are comical things happening in the background or in the scene that are not directly noticeable, such as the midget painting Hitler on a wall in the background as he screams about the Basterds and how they are killing all of his troops. The scene then leads to a soldier named Butz that is a survivor of an attack by The Basterds.

            As the soldier tells the story of how he and his regiment were attacked by The Basterds, the scene transitions back and fourth to the scene of the ambush and Private Butz talking to Adolph Hitler about what happened. After the chapter is over, chapter three begins with a woman named Shosanna Dreyfus (Mélanie Laurent) who is taking down letters from her theater when a Nazi soldier named Fredrick Zoller (Daniel Brühl) at night (setting is dark). The two discuss a little and have a brief conversation until they meet again later on in the chapter. Shosanna discovers that Frederick is in fact the star of a movie called “Nation’s Pride” that he wants premiered at her theater by high Nazi leaders, including Adolph Hitler. Against her will, Shosanna has to air the movie, but she and her friend Marcel (Jacky Ido) plot to burn the theater down after the film is shown.

For the first three chapters, the film consists of the main set up for the Basterds and Shosanna and Frederick and by the fourth chapter transitions into the rise of action, in which things start coming together for the Basterds and they plan out how they will execute their mission to kill a bunch of Nazis along with leaders of the Third Reich in the Shosanna’s theater. In this part of the movie, most of the action is brought out until the middle and end of chapter five. In chapter five, the climax of the movie is brought out and nearing the end of the movie, the resolution. The way that the film is set up is in the beginning there is some action, in the middle there is more action, and at the end there is a lot of action. There are also moments in the film where narration comes in to explain things such as the past of Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz (Til Schweiger) and how nitrate film is flammable.

While the film is not exactly set up in the standard or common form with a build up, middle with a major conflict, climax at the near end, and then resolution, it certainly follows this outline towards the end of the film. In the first act of the film (the set up), the audience is instantly brought back to 1941 in France and throughout the movie, the audience experiences the realism of the situations with the props, costumes, and acting. The first act however, does not exactly set up a goal for the protagonist, other than the fact that he wants to kill as many Nazis as possible. Because of the way the film is split into stories of different characters and at different times, there is no major focus on the protagonist(s).

As we are taken though act two, conflicts for the characters come about, but develop drastically into the third act, when the climax hits. I feel that the second act was the meat of the film so that many things could build up to the climax and the way that the movie ends. Here in the second act, the audience gets the full perspective of how the conflicts for the protagonist(s) of the movie are set up rather than shooting straight to the climax and then showing how it all went down later on, which is a technique that has been proven effective in many films, but is very difficult to pull off. In act three of the movie, the climax is reached, but only through slow development that keeps the audience anticipating how the plan that the characters came up with will flow. The climax is not met abruptly, but it builds up and the characters focused on keeps shifting to provide the audience with knowledge of what is happening to each character.

Once the climax of the movie does come about, the action cools to the aftermath quickly with a scene with Lt. Aldo Raine and the antagonist. The ending is very unexpected and somewhat disappointing when things don’t go the way they were predicted. However, as a very popular aspect to many films, the unexpected final scene is what makes the movie transition smoothly into the ending credits.

For the majority of the movie, each chapter is a jump from focus on one character to another until the last chapter. Lighting, for just about all of these scenes, gives the movie a medium tone of seriousness and a sort of interesting dullness, as lighting is realistic. Everything that goes into the scenes of the film is realistic and planned in a fashion that allows characters to act as though all situations are real. Sounds comes directly towards the camera’s position, which makes you feel like the dialogue is directed towards you and that things are making the correct sounds that they would from various distances. There are very few elements left untouched in this film that contribute to the effectiveness of the acting, storyline, visuals, action, and so fourth. I believe this is a film that just about anyone interested in WWII and history would enjoy, even though the story is fiction and surprising with its twists of facts. I for one thoroughly enjoyed this film along with many other Tarantino classics such as Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs.

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State of the Union


 While we watch Obama deliver his State of the Union Address comment in this chat to express your opinion(s) on the topics he discusses, and the plans he lays out for the country.

-Post Questions if you are unsure of what he is talking about
-Clarify the questions others have if you understand
-Express your opinion on what Obama discusses
-Express your opinion on comments your peers make
-Comment on the data visualization to the right of the video clip
-Direct your comments at specific peers to clarify your posts



2012 State Of The Union Address Enhanced Version (1)
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Advanced Art Quarter 2

Take 200 Pics/Edit 200 pics

When I found out that we had to take 200 hundred pictures, I was shocked because I didn't know how I was going to take 200 pictures in a week. But when you actually do it, it's not that hard and it goes quick because you're having fun taking pictures. After taking 200 pictures we had to photoshop 5 of them. The reason for taking 200 pictures is because you would get a variety of different pictures, some will bad lighting and focus and some with good lighting and focus. When I found out that I had to photoshop some pictures, I was excited because I was learning something new. I didn't really know how to use photoshop and this was my chance to learn.

  When I photoshopped my pictures, I chose five of my favorite pictures. And then I did different things to my pictures. For one, I took a picture of my hallway then photoshopped a creepy little girl in it, for another it was a picture of my aunt and I photoshopped my face into it and made her eyes red. For the next one it was a picture of me and my two friends and I photoshopped us into a concert. I took a picture of me and then put bubbles in it. And the last one I took a picture of me and my friend and then put leaves in it.

The hardest part of this assignment was taking one pictures and photoshopping it in another because when I tried to crop it out, parts of the picture was getting cut out because my hand wasn't that steady. Also I had to get the right background or picture because sometimes it would be too big or small. Another thing that was difficult was making my aunt eyes read because the red was going on her skin and it wasn't even.

Internet Sculpture

I didn't have a clue what to make when I found out that I had to make something off the internet. At first I was going to make a piece of clothing, then I was going to make a picture frame, and then I finally decided that I was going to make a phone booth. The reason I was going to make a phone booth is because a phone is something I can't live without. Also because a phone booth is something no one would think to make.

The whole process while making the phone booth was easy. First I got an old shoe box and then covered the outside of it with paper because the outside couldn't be painted without it. Next I took a mix of blue and black and painted the outside and inside of it. Then I took the bottom of the box and cut it down some so it can be the part with the numbers on. I cut pieces of paper out with the numbers, star, and pound sign on it and glued it to the box. I then glue the piece with the numbers on it to the bigger box and painted the whole thing. After that I took the base that my perfume was on because it looked liked a phone and painted it black. Then I put a string at the end of it and connected it to the bottom of the box.

Lancaster.Internet sculpture
Larger Clear Object

I wasn't shocked or hesitant of making a large clear object because we did it before. So it's not like I don't know what I'm doing. But making a larger clear object does make me more confident of making one. I was happy that we had to make a larger clear object because this one of my favorite assignments. And since I already made one before which was smaller, I wanted to make one with an object that I didn't use yet.

To make the larger clear object, first I decided which clear object I wanted to draw. Then I decided to do a object that looked like a measuring jar. Then I took a piece of charcoal and shaded the whole paper black. Next, I started to draw the object. I took an eraser and erased the parts that were clear and places where it was lit. Then I darken the places that were dark on the object and then made a shadow for the object. Lastly, I made a table like figure for it so it looks like it's not floating in mid air.

Lancaster.Big clear object
Copy A Master

I love to draw so copying a master piece is one of my favorite assignment. When I was looking for a picture to copy, I was searching for something that wasn't to hard or to easy. I finally found a picture that was called "Donkey and Cart". I decided to choose this picture because it was something that I've never done before so I was welling to try it.

I started with the end of the picture and when I was done with the end, I did the front then the middle; this part is just the donkey, cart, and the man. After doing that I did the rest of the pictures and then put the details in it. 

Lancaster.Donkey and Cart
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Quarter Review

 For this quarter I did three assignments and started on a fourth My first one was creating large clear objects, which was challenging for me. Drawing well shaped geometric shapes has never been a specialty of mine; while it was very difficult, I enjoyed being able to find weak spots in my abilities in my artist. The other technique I saw a weakness in mine was shading on large objects. I'm able to do shading easily on smaller objects, because I'm working with less space than I was on this piece. Getting proportional shading was a difficult. I enjoyed this assignment a lot, because it showed where I can improve.
 After doing this assignment, I decided I’d do another charcoal piece. For this one, I did an alligator eye. Alligators are one of my favorite animals, and their eyes are pretty incredible looking. The primary color of the eye is a picture of gold, black and brown, giving it a foggy look. I especially enjoyed this project, because I was working with something I'm comfortable with.
 My third project for this quarter was creating a piece of art out of recyclable items. For this, I decided I'd create a lamp shade out of book pages. My original idea of what would happen was a light would turn on, then the shade would illuminate many different letters throughout the room. I couldn’t get mine to do this, because I had to use another piece of paper as a foundation to hold the pages together. I also couldn’t shape this well, because the paste caused the pages to develop creases. I enjoyed doing this because I was using resources I’d otherwise not use to create pieces.
 My fourth project for this quarter was designing shirts with spray paint. I’ve always enjoyed spray paint art since I saw Keith Haring’s mural down South Philly street. I decided I’d create an Olympic ring template for the Olympics this upcoming year. I used cardboard for my cutouts, which was the most resourceful, but very unaidful towards making my prints. The shape that the rings came out in weren’t circles, but distorted circles with edges. After I finished spray painting that, I decided I’d do something that had sharp edges. I decided to go with a triangle for this. The triangle came out much better than the Olympic rings did, due to the sharpness of its shape. The cardboard wasn’t able to retain its shape well after undergoing the spray paint though. If I were to redo this, I would use stencil paper, which is being used for my next art project. For this stencil project I'll be creating cut outs, then spray painting them. I have several ideas, one of which is a stencil of New Gingrich with the words "VOTE STRUDEL" under it.

Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 6.37.23 PM
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Isabela Aznar- Quarter 2 art reflection.

This quarter in art was a big growing experience for me. Olivia Smith and I joined together and decided to work as partners in creating our own curriculum of abstract art. Part of this curriculum was thinking of art projects that would challenge us, but that we would enjoy and grow from as well. We also were both very adaptive and decided that art is something that can grow and so it was ok for our projects to branch of from the original guidelines into a piece of art that really described us and our project as well.

Projects we did:

The first project that I did was a project that was suposed to be half of a picture of my face, and half of a cartoon version of my face together making a whole of my face to show contrast. This was drawn in charcoal and colored pencils. below is an image of the final piece and what half of my cartoon face would like in comparison to my actual face.

The second project Olivia and I did was a Tim Burton inspired animal of our choice, with any colorful art materials we wanted. I decided to paint a wolf and then go back and do parts of the background and face in pastels. I chose to do a wolf because they are my favorite animal. Below is the sketch and the final version.

Another project I did individually (started in class, finished at home) was a drawing of a girl smoking a cigarette with the words "society told me to" underneath. I did this because Philadelphia has the most underaged smokers in the United States and I feel as if the pressure to do so can really come from peers and society.

Overall, I think Olivia and I grew a lot together this quarter as artists and have really helped each other see art in a new perspective.
IMG_5696 copy
IMG_5711 copy
IMG_5731 copy
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History Quater 2 Benchmark Reflection - Student Rights (See Sean Moss Page for Blog)

For my final benchmark in American Government I choose to do Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is located in the first amendment. It is important to have freedom of speech because it allows the person how to express how they feel.  This is a right that not should be taken away from any one. Going back and doing this process I feel that more time should have been put into the project and the communication should have been alot better, however it is not a person fault if they do not get internet half the time.  Other then the technical problems I feel like my partner and I worked very well together and also I was keeping up with him to make sure the work was getting done in a timely matter.  How this could have improved was that we should have added more people then what we had. We should have gone to other schools and asked more of outside people. If i was to do this project again i would not change the process. what I learned is that you shouldn't take away people's freedom of speech and that everyone has a right to this. What went well with this is that it was turned in on a timely matter. The most interesting fact was that was defended in alot of cases. What i liked about the project was that it was creative and made us use out people. what i didn't like was that there was alot of technical problems with uploading
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Benchmark Reflection

​We  choose this topic because this is something we believe in  and it is a very controversial topic. I feel like  a lot of teenagers really dont show their view about this topic (LGBT) and I personally have experience with seeing how people treat LGBT. I like this project because we could  get creative with  the video and  we can also speaking about thing we never really pay attention to. The most interesting fact I found out was that same sex marriage was accepted in the state of California between the date of June 18th 2008 and November 5th 2008 then is was discontinued by the proposition 8. I think this project can be improved by broadening the topic and not having it relate to the constitution because you feel like you have to stay under this one umbrella and cant move out to talk about something else. It's like you wanna say more but what you want to say may not be related to the constitution. Finding out how our topic correlates with the constitution was a challenge. Finding  out a way to explain what LGBT has to do with the constitution/ the 14th amendment and then making a video about it. Also staying on track.  Working with the group I was in was a big pro in this project because we were on the same page with the video and how we were going to get our point across.  I think  I would change my process of this project and give myself enough time to figure what Im going to do, how I am going to do it and how can I make it better instead of waiting until the last minute and not turning in my best quality work because I was rushing. I learned that there was a Marriage Act that was passed in 1996 that give each a state permission to either accept or reject same sex marriage.  Only 10 states (& Washington DC) accept same sex marriage 

To See The Entire Benchmark Click This Link
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