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Life Hack

(Grabs controller) This game, that game, almost every game deals with hackers, lag switchers. Don’t get me started with these consoles (Looks at gaming consoles). These petty gaming consoles get hacked or shut down for a day due to their poor security system. Last year, Playstation and Xbox or known as Microsoft got shut down on christmas day. A hacking organization known as Lizard squad hack into the security system and shut the connection to play online for the day and they claimed to that this was their doing. If these companies gain so much money for their production why do they have such a poor security system? Furthermore these companies gain a portion of games created for their console.

(Faces the direction of the computer) Hacking organizations, I’m not sure if I should be fed up with them or not. Not every hacking organizations are bad. They have created code names such as Black, Gray, and White hats. Which stands for what they do, Black and White hats are the opposite of each other. Black hats are groups of hackers who hack for their personal gain, to get attention, for their personal amusement. While white hats are groups of hackers who hack for other gains, such as they may steal money but they donate it to a charity for people who need it more they're more like vigilantes. Gray hats are neutral.

Why the hacking? Aren’t games meant to be FUN!? (Exhales) Even though I may get mad because of the hackers but I can see why they hack in videogames. It’s like a hateful comment on a youtube video, and people arguing with the comment. They simply hack/cheat to get something they want. an awesome piece of gear in a game, most people do it because they lack skill the game others tend to hack because they just want to see what it’s like. Others just simply do it to piss people around the world off just like that hateful comment on youtube. But why hack? There’s other options, get carried, improve in the game, get friends to help, etc. Most people who play videogames normally get skilled at the game and enjoy the game, until they meet a group of hackers. They rage, hate the game and eventually rage quit.

(Grabs the keyboard) It’s not that difficult to hack is it? Just a number amount of codes to get into the system, and patience. Playstation and Microsoft make billions of dollars with their production, and yet they have this weak ass security system. To most hackers it’s like stealing candy from a baby. (Turns on monitor) Maybe I should try hacking, or see how it is for myself. I can’t I just can’t do it, as a rightful player as a player who gets things done the way it should I shall not fall into that path. (Turns off monitor, and pushes keyboard away) If I do this then I can’t complain so much about hackers because they’re in almost every game whether it’s console, pc, or portable console. The virtual world and reality are so different. Security system should be improved, I didn’t decide to pay this amount of money to buy this console, or game, just to experience hackers ruining the fun.
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Media Fluency Kersten

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 10.38.21 AM

My slide was designed on things that I enjoy doing and how I see myself. I put on my slide what I enjoy doing and the sports that I play. I also put two quotes that I like. I made some of my pictures bleed of the page for more space. I made the words big so they would be easier to see. I wanted to display the fact that I am athletic and enjoy sports. I included my horoscope sign in my slide as well. I want people to get to know me for who I really and and not just who I am perceived to be. I enjoy many other things but these are the ones I wanted to share.

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Media Fluency - Boubou Magassa

Boubou’s Presentation (1)
This One Slide has almost all the characteristics that make up me I love anime and video games. Those are basically my life but I have other things. But, these are the things that stick out the most. I love where I come from and take pride in that. I like to say that I reside in the gaming and anime culture I enjoy watching a Japanese superhero show for kids called "Kamen Rider" they curse in it but, Japanese people don't really care. They also curse in the Japanese "Power Rangers" series that america takes and edits. I love the anime culture so much that some times I dream of going to the birthplace of anime and even live there. I love the Japanese culture. They feel nature in everything they make meals from the foods the come out in the different seasons and the people eating can some how sense the season as if they are in the snowy season  or the heat season too. The Japanese are very spiritual and I would try to make manga if I were able to draw. I was introduced to gaming when I was about 6 or 7 but, I played it a lot and gaming became part of my identity.   
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Media Fluency- Naima DeBrest

When I was about to make my slide I knew that I had to pick a theme. I liked the idea of the two colors on top of each other. I chose my favorite color purple and the color white because I thought that would compliment the purple Next I had to pick a font. I decided to pick cursive so it would flow. I also like the kerning of this font. I pick a quote about joy because I love to be happy. 
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Media Fluency, DeRock

Me Magazine Slide

In my me magazine I talk about how I am so interested in computers, and the process in making them. That's why when I grow up I want to be a computer technician. My slide is a picture of a motherboard because the motherboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. Ikea’s advice for slides, helped because I usually just throw facts on the power point and it doesn’t look pleasant to the audience, but I changed that for this powerpoint. I only placed one sentence on this powerpoint, and that sentence is “I love computers.”

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Media Fluency- Hamidou Doumbia

Untitled presentation
The reason i made this side because i want to show everyone my passion of video games.The reason i made this design for the side like this because i want it to be colorful but i didn’t want too much color so i want with a simple color. I know video games was my favorite thing to play so that influenced and my me magazine help me a lot to choose this design. I also used Kern which let my picture come alive. I loved the way bleed off the page it gave the side a design.
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Media Fluency Powers

Untitled presentation
My image is not contained and bleeds off of the slide. The bright colors are eye catching and draw the viewers attention to the picture, and then the words. It is "glance media" because it is simple and understood at a glance. I used 120pt font so it could be easily read on such a large scale.
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Media Fluency Koffi

Untitled presentation (1)
This assignment was difficult because I found it hard to summarize my entire me magazine in one slide since I incorporated so many aspects of my life into it. I decided to choose a running theme in my me magazine, moving forward against all odds. In my slide I have myself thinking about things that are important to me and that trouble me then I have my self reassuring myself that I can do this. I used contrast with the font, small and large, and color, green and red and black and white. The main message which is moving forward is the largest and thus the first thing that is noticed. I also made some of the picture bleed off of the page.
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Media Fluency, Johnson

Ever since I was little, I love to watch, play with, and be Disney characters. I love to watch Disney movies too, and most of them I watched over and over again. My favorite Disney movie is Snow White, because I loved how she sung her songs and always stayed happy and positive through out the whole movie. I will forever love Disney, and I will never forget, so I showed my favorite quote from Walt Disney. To make my slide, I made the Disney castle bleed off my slide. 
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Media Fluency- Benjamin Seing

This image is a Selfie of a memorable moment with my friends a couple of years ago. The love of friendship can the best thing in the world. Friends hip is the main peace in the world. From the trouble things to the best things, no matter what this group of friends couldn't be better. I used extra spacing for kerning the title phrase of "Me Magazine of Me". By cropping the picture and enlarging it helps the attraction of the attention. The picture is partly bleeding outside of the slide and the a bit of the "E" bleeds in the picture. Combining these activities makes me happy to remember the memorable moment. 
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Media Fluency, Meymey Seng

To make my slide look the way it does, I had to follow the rubric, find some helpful websites, and think back to my ¨Me Magazine¨. Something that influenced my decision making was a website called ¨Slide-share¨ which said to not squeeze everything in the slide. At first, in my mind I had many pictures that I wanted to add but when I read this, I realized that I had to choose the most important pictures that I wanted to use. Another website that has influenced my choice was a website by Stephanie Evergreen where she talks about bleeding pictures to make the image look bigger and more eye catching. This made me enlarge my pictures to go outside of the borderline of the slide. Hopefully, this will make my pictures more eye catching. The third website that I used was a ¨10 Tips For Better Slide Decks¨ website which told me to not include a lot of text. In result to this, I simplified my text by only including a creative title. Another tip I got was from the ¨Presentation Zen¨ website which told me to make my words big and this made me enlarge my title to big fonts. I also made my slide look like a glance media so people can see my slide quickly but still understand what it’s about. I made sure to include a lot of pictures from my ¨Me Magazine¨ because they describe my interests. When I completed everything I used to rubric as a checklist and made sure to complete everything in order to exceed expectations. To conclude, this is why I made the slide look the way it does and the things that has influenced its look.
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Media Fluency- Bostani

Tech Presentation - Majd Bostani (1)

When I had to design a slide on my passion as part of my ME Magazine, I thought about my passion for aviation and flight. I made this slide look the way it did because it had two roles to play. First, it had to pop out as something brief and easy to present. Basically, I made a slide about this quote that Leonardo da Vinci wrote about flight. I wrote it in a white cursive font at a 36 font. This makes the slide not only pop out in the term of contrast, but also big enough to be read. The second role this slide is supposed to have is to describe the sensation of flight at a glance. The quote alone is probably my favorite quote and pretty much exactly describes the sensation of flight at a glance. It is probably my favorite quote ever. That is why I chose to present the slide in this way.

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Media fluency - Amaris Ortiz

I chose to make my slide look like this for many reasons. I didn’t want to have too many pictures since that would take long for the reader to process. People have a short amount of time to view a billboard so you have to be able to understand the picture at a glance. That is why I decided to only put one picture in my slide. I chose to have a picture of paint because without my creativity I would not have even been accepted to SLA. As my project for the interview, I presented a website I created in school about the clay pieces I have made over the years. I felt that the only way for me to show how I felt about attending SLA would be through my creativity rather than just presenting a project about something like the solar system because that doesn't really describe me. I like how when painting or creating something you can be creative and do anything you want to express yourself.
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Tech - Media Fluency

tech Me Magazine 3
The reason I created this slide to look the way it does is because I wanted to use keywords from my magazine and include them in the advertisement.

These words included passion, art, and me.

The major piece in out Me Magazine was our passion piece. For my passion piece, I wrote about my love for art. Therefore, it was only natural to include that in the slide.

I also did not want the slide to appear crowded, so I used as little words that I could. As for the picture, I looked at pictures that had not been copyrighted and were open to the use of the public. I saw the picture and I really liked it. I also felt that I could relate to the picture. Art had ¨pulled me by the hand" when I was younger and has continued to do so these past years. It also appeared the be bleeding off of the page and brought my attention to it.

I spaced the letters and put them in a unique font that I found eye-catching. As for the spacing, I used graph paper first the see how it looked and when I created a set-up that I found appealing, I translated it onto the slide.
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Media Fluency- Harlem Satterfield

Tech Slide (1)
It took a while for me to get a good idea for this slide. I wanted it to be a "visual aid" and still say a lot about me. Then, I thought that since I'm fourteen years old, I could write things about me that are fourteen. I choose to make my slide like this because it was one of my good ideas and there were a lot of creative ways to write it. Even though I couldn't find a good image to go along with the slide, I made the best of it.
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Media Fluency Lauren Matthews

Q2 Media Fluency Slide  Lauren Matthews
I made my presentation look this way because I feel that the picture of the referee holding the basketball, makes it clear to see that my passion is basketball. It is not like the referee is holding a football, it is holding a basketball to indicate that basketball is the sport being played. The picture is large and visual. I also made my text large so it can can be apart of the whole slide. What influenced my decision making is that I thought the best way to explain how I strongly feel about my passion for basketball.  Just like how a referee is excited to play a part of controlling a basketball game by making the calls, I feel that same way when I have the ball dribbling down the court and having control and guiding my team.
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Media Fluency- Lor, Autumn

I made my slide this way because I wanted it to be plain yet colorful. The words have the same font but I shifted the words around. So in one corners,  I put the title of the magazine and in the opposite corner I put the subtitle. I also made “Me Magazine” smaller than “PHOTOGRAPHY” because it more important, it also makes it eye-catching. I tried to make the words somewhat same the the colors in the picture. The picture itself is contrasted. In the picture there is a word that say “VISIBLE” but I made the picture transparent showing the opposites, making the photo a bit pale.

Me Mag. Ad (1)
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Media fluency James

Tech Slide presentation
I decided to design my slide the way i did because i wanted my slide to look clean and simplistic. I used color contrast with yellow on black to make it so people notice the title of the slide and get the main point of the slide. I also made the font size of my title big for the same reason
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Tech Media Fluency - Conley

I chose to use this picture of a bowl of rice crispies on the stairs, because I believe it most closely represents me in one picture. This is how I spend most of my 3am’s, and I like to say that it is how I keep my sanity, because it is how I wind down and stop the momentum of my day. I used extremely an extremely large font, and focused my image on the right hand side. I kept my image on the right, in order to follow the rule of thirds, which dictates that the focal point of your slide should never be in the middle third of the presentation.  

Tech Slide
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Media Fluency

Media Fluency Me Magazine Slide

The first choice I made with my slide was to pick a color palette that I liked. According to the first source given, you should pick colors that contrast with each other, which is why I picked white and red. The source also mentioned that the words should be big and simple, which is why I do not have many words on the slide. I used kerning to make the “my passion” part fit into the word "reading" in a way that is visually pleasing. According to the second source (the Ikea one), you shouldn’t be afraid to let your images bleed off of the page. I decided to have the books bleeding off from the bottom of the page to make the image more engaging to the audience. I tried to use the rule of thirds to have my audience focus on the books first by making the books the larger image. Overall, I tried to keep my slide simple and to the point in order to get my passion across.

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Media Fluency Eli Zimmerman

I choose to use use a very vivid dramatic image that is somewhat mysterious. This grabs the reader's eye and keeps it focused on the slide. I used large wording and a simple phrase that goes hand in hand with the picture. My background color compliments my image and my text color. I used the rule of three to get and keep the spectators attention. For the kerning I used a professional style, which means I slightly spaced the words. I wrote the word connection in a larger font because I want the readers mind to stick with that idea.
Tech Media Fluency
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Tech Media Fluency - Gerber

For my slide, I wanted to focus on photography. It's a passion of mine, and I wanted the slide to reflect that. I tried to find a picture of a camera that I liked, but this proved to be very difficult. The creative commons pictures of cameras aren't what I was looking for. Eventually, I found this one, and I added it to my slide. I chose this picture not only because I liked it, but because it followed the rule of three. It had the largest point in the right third of the slide, and this was something that the websites told us to do. I wanted the image to be what you saw first, and I tried to make my words fit in a way that made that happen. The rule of thirds makes the image pop, but the words have an impact on it to. I didn't want to over power it too much, but I tried to balance the photo out as best as I could. I didn't have to use kerning in my slide. I thought that I might, but I didn't end up needing it. I also didn't have to bleed, which really surprised me. My plan all along had involved bleeding a photo of a camera, but I never found the right photo. I'm happy with the one I have, though, so it's alright. Overall, I tried to use what we had learned on the websites to make a slide that was easy to view, but still showed my passion. 
Untitled presentation
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Media Fluency- Salsabeel

Why I did I make the slide the way I did?

I made the slide the way I did because Music is my passion. I enjoy playing piano and making song covers. I always listen to music and also enjoy writing songs. Music is my passion.

I made the slide empty and plain because I think that it should show the most important things that represent music and It should be in black and white to be classy. I tilted some of the pictures in my slide to make it pop out a little.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 1.31.23 PM
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Media Fluency

Tech all about me

Hello, the name is Sean. Today I am here to present who I believe that I am and how other people think think of me through these two categories.

We first begin with my silly side that I think everyone in this room has gotten to know very well. I feel as though I express a silliness because I am sort of an attention seeker, which causes me to do some stupid things sometimes. Outside of school I have a sort of reversed personality who doesn’t want to be bothered and is a loner. But on to the next category, I am a pretty active person. I play soccer, I dance ( ballroom & freestyle ), I do cycling, I work out, and I occasionally go to my jobs at the academy of natural sciences and Zoo.

This pretty much sums up who I am as a person and I’ve learned to appreciate it and live with it.
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Media Fluency - Amelia Benamara

Tech Slide

I made the slide look the way it does because I wanted to have a clear, beautiful cooking background that is very colorful. The colors that are in the picture also symbolizes happiness and passion about cooking, which the quote talks about. Colors with a heavy amount of contrast provide a lot of flexibility with text, backgrounds, and objects around the power point. This was influenced by the major love I described for cooking and how much of a passion it is to me, in the Me Magazine. I think this was a good way to present the board because I feel that the audience will connect with the quote mostly, because everyone has a passion that would colorize themselves and make them happy in any way, such as cooking does for me.

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