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Home Network, Shamble

mind mapping software
​Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.
The internet connection extends to my desktop computer (through a wire), and four nooks, three laptops, two smartphones, and a Wii. There is also two televisions and house phones connected by the same deal that pays for the internet.

Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned.

I learned that networks are ore complicated than they seem. I thought they traveled in the air or something, but as it turns out, it travels through underground pipelines. That was an omg moment, especially when I learned that it travels at the speed of light. That's pretty fast.

What would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

It's more expensive and complicated that it looks, and do your research when looking for a company to use. It's not just about memes, even though memes are fun.

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Home Network, Roberts

1. My ISP is Comcast. It connects to my modem-router through a co-ax wire. It can be found inside my living room of my house. Then my desktop and printer is connected to the co-ax wire from the modem-router. Then all the other devices like my phone, my sisters phone, my moms phone, and my brothers xbox are all connected through wifi.

2. I had a very big OMG moment when we watched the video and I learned about the differences between firewalls and antiviruses and when I discovered how my much my mom pays monthly just for our internet.

3. I would tell other people that when they have their friends over and they connect them all to the wifi that them connecting to you wifi cost per device and think about how much money your parents have to pay just for your internet plus all your friends added on the wifi.

mind mapping software
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Chernowski, Home Network

mind mapping software
My internet comes in from the wall in my living room and my I.S.P. is Xfinity by comcast. It comes in through a coaxial cable that connects to our modem/router. The modem/router then connects to by desktop and home phone by Ethernet cables. The devices that are connected using wifi is two speaker systems, a game system, a printer, cell phones, tablets, and laptops. I learned that your information will never go away if you post something and it can be used for or against you. I have not had a OMG moment and I plan not to. I would tell people to research their I.S.P.s, especially the yearly cost.
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Home Network

This is a visual representation of my home network. By surveying my diagram, it is clear that my ISP is Xfinity.  I also expressed where internet comes into my house my placing a cable, that sticks onto a side of the room, titled "living room΅.
tech home network (1)
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Climate Change Monologue Project

Atlantis the lost cable subscription.

[A mermaid talking on the phone with a mermaid contractor to clean up her house]

Yes...I’ll hold...Hello my name is Amelia. I would like a cleaner to come to my house...Theres a large amount of customers okay I’ll take the next available appointment please. TWO MONTHS FROM NOW… I’m sorry for shouting I know there was an oil spill and demand has probably increased ten-fold. Two months are fine thank you. What am I going to do for two months my house is filled with shit. My favorite things are covered and oil. And don’t even get me started on the smell. Too late I’m already started. It smells like a wedding proposal at applebee’s. It smells like the way dropping the last chicken nugget on the floor feels. I can’t even watch the TV how will I live? I have to get this cleaned up NOW! But who will I call? What if I started a campaign for the surface dwellers to clean it up. Those nasty men. They caused this mess in the first place they will clean it up. I will start an organization to clean it up. Bam I will have my TV back. I will call it save Atlantis. I can’t reveal to the surface world anything about Atlantis. I will have to disguise myself as someone. I do not know who. I’ll figure that out later right now I have to get a game plan. I will need to print out flyers and set trash cans on fire for dramatic effect.

[A montage happens along with eye of the tiger playing.]

The organization is a success if only for now. We have cleaned up almost all of the cute animals of the sea and still have some work to do with the nasty blob fish. Not to be racist but i couldn’t tell the difference between the blobfishes before and after. Anyway I got my stuff fixed and so did the rest of the sea. I guess thats great but Larry across the street plays Duck Dynasty too loud on his TV. I want him to burn. I also set a few trash cans on fire just to mess with the undersea laws of physics. Everything is fine so now I can maraton TV again. YAY. Next time something stupid happens I will be the one to call.

That smells gross.

[In the air somewhere over a large group of factories.]

You know man I really hate these new fangled Carbon Dioxide molecules. They come from these nasty factories, that smell like if a hundred people farted into a jar. One in four Carbon Dioxides is one of the new ones. I hate them so much they are taking all of our jobs. They are tearing everything up they trap all the heat in. I will try to get them kicked out of here but I can’t because I am an element. I will rally all of the new molecules to go into trees and plants first so they can get out of here. I will create new jobs and opportunities for them so they get out of here as soon as possible.

[Several Jobs Later]

I have successfully created many jobs to get rid of them and start to improve the atmosphere. If only humans planted more trees that would help. We need some more plants. Funneling the nasty shitty Carbon Dioxide into the trees doesn’t get rid of them if people are still making more and there aren’t enough trees for them to go into. We will have to go below the belt. I will send the carbon dioxide into towns and cities where the make the most carbon dioxide. This will surely cause for action.

[Super Villain-esque schemes later.]

Well that sort of worked I feel bad for doing this but it needed to happen and humans are known for acting last minute like the civil war. I think soon the whole problem will have a solution if they work together but who am I kidding. No. I have to hope for the best. This isn’t just about me anymore. We need to save this planet. It is the only one I have.

Ground Control to Major Tom

[Beeping noises on a spaceship along with end of transmission walkie talkie noises.]

Sir...I know you are my captain but I assure you we cannot land on that planet because you want see how many cows you can stack on top of one another. How do I know, I am a highly intelligent artificial intelligence. They are currently experiencing a climate change epidemic that will probably end the life of cows and humans if it goes too far. You WHAT! My programming prevents me from slapping the living shit out of you so I will tell you we cannot land on that planet it is against international laws and treaties. wait what . HHHHHHHHHH ..EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. iiiiiiii. Stooooooooop Over-iddding my controlllllls. Do noooooot sppilllll thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

[Moments later after a loud crash.]

I have regained most of my speech software luckily. There was a crash because SOMEONE happen to drive while drunk and ttrying(intentional)  to tip cows. You nasty man. You could have kkilled(intentional) someone. Any way now that we are here what will we do? Huh give them our Carbon Dioxide fuel engines. NONONO. Don’t you dare. Don’t almost kill me again I will help you once you sober up. I will call a press conference to unveil your invention. That will fix this and you can get you ship working. Then we will leave. No matter what.

[several bad ideas later]

Great you got us arrested. Smooth move man. Don’t you ‘I’m sorry’ me. You nasty man. I hope you get hit by a ton of prison inmates. I hope you get a face tattoo of Batman licking the Jokers face. You're not sorry I have to get reprocessed. I will be factory reset. I will have no memories. Well this is it. It was a enjoyable experience with you.
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Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit we have learned about climate change. We have learned about several different people’s perspective on climate change and learned about how climate change affects people all over the world in different ways ranging from extreme weather like the typhoon in the Philippines to respiratory problems like asthma. While writing my monologues my goal was to show how many different opinions there are on climate change. I also wanted people to realize that deciding to do something about climate change or even just deciding what your opinion is on climate change is something people struggle with. Some people depend on things that cause climate change and others feel as though climate change really isn’t that important.


Why Should I Care?


(A 15 year old girl who lives in New York. It is 1988 right after NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen, testifies in front of congress about global warming and the greenhouse effect. She is at school, sitting at a table eating lunch with a few friends.)

Do I have to read this article? Don’t we do enough boring reading in school? I don’t want to waste my lunch reading this. (Pauses, sighs) Fine, whatever. (Reads for a couple of minutes and frowns) Are you sure this is really true?  Cause, I don’t understand. Why haven’t they said anything about this before? I mean, this guy is saying that we’re polluting and warming the earth. I mean, how is that even possible? (Pauses) I know it explains it in the article! I’m just a little skeptical. How is burning some stuff really hurting the earth so badly? Either the earth must be really weak or these losers are exaggerating and making a big deal out of nothing like they always do.  I mean, according to this article we have (deepens voice and reads quote in a mocking way) “altered the global climate in a way that will affect life on earth for centuries to come”. (Rolls eyes) What’s that supposed to mean?  How is this going to be affecting the earth?(Looks down at article) Okay...melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and evaporating inland water. That’s really not that bad! I don’t understand why these people are complaining so much. Why should I care about that? (Pauses) Alright…fine, I guess it’s bad… But what would we be able to do about it anyway? It’s not like it’s going to affect us in any way, so who cares! (Pauses) Wow, you’re right, that sounds really selfish. All right, suppose we do try to do something. Would our actions really make a difference? No, they wouldn't! There’s only four of us and what would we do? Stop buying stuff made in factories? Stop using energy? That would be impossible! Besides, I don’t really care about this so why would I even try to do anything like that? And seeing as it’s just not possible for us to do anything, I don’t see why you’re so worried about this. Just forget all about it and let’s just try to have fun with our lives instead of worrying about boring stuff. I was thinking that after school we could...(Pauses) He said that? Oh...Well then...I guess we will do something about this climate change stuff. (Pauses) I know it’s stupid to just change my mind cause of something he said but I don’t care! We’ll join that stupid club and do whatever we’re going to have to do there and I’ll finally have a chance to get to talk to him more. (Looks around) He’s coming! Alright, alright, keep on talking about this climate change stuff I want him to think that I care about it.

Source of Quote

The Earth’s Beauty


(A 20 year old man who lives in the country. He is sitting outside on a bench looking at the stars.)

Every morning when I wake up I run to my window so I can see the sun rising over the gentle green hills where I used to play everyday. When I go outside I take a deep breath of the air, enjoy the gentle breeze and the smell of the damp earth and the trees. Then at night I look up and count the never ending amount of bright twinkling stars and revel in the beauty of the silver moon shining down on my face. I love this world so much and admire it’s beauty but I often wonder; what it was like before? (Looks up wistfully)Before humans came and destroyed what it used to be. Before forests were cut down and gases we’re pumped into the air. Was everything ten times as beautiful back then? Was every part of this world as lovely as the colors of the sky while the sun is setting? I wish I could have seen the world as it was in the beginning but I know that I will never be able to do that. The world will most likely get worse, these small areas of pleasure and beauty will disappear forever, because of us, our pollution and global warming. (sighs)

When I was younger I didn’t understand global warming. I just thought it was something bad like war and injustice. When you're younger you can’t understand how complex and complicated problems are when they seem so simple and easy to fix. I remember reading a quote from my hero and namesake, Alexander Graham Bell. “The unchecked burning of fossil fuels would have a sort of greenhouse effect...The net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house.” I didn’t really understand that quote until my mother explained it in words that a 7 year old could more easily understand. That quote just reinforced my belief that climate change must be bad; if my hero thought it was bad then I definitely thought it was bad too.

But now I know more. I’ve grown older and am no longer a naive little boy rolling down hills and swimming in lakes. I now know that all the money we have comes from my dad’s company. And my dad’s company gets their money from burning fossil fuels. Soon, my dad expects me to work for the company too. I just don’t know what to do. All my life I’ve been against something that my dad has been working for and supporting. We’ve already argued and I hate fighting with him. I hate telling my dad that he’s a monster whose selfishness is going to kill every single thing that is beautiful. And I hate having to hear him tell me I’m a stupid child who doesn’t know anything. We both know we don’t really mean those words but still they hurt. I love my dad and I know he loves me. I don’t want to disappoint him but how could I live with myself if I knew that I was one of those people who was willingly and happily causing so many problems because of my selfishness and need for more money? I need to decide what’s more important to me. My dad and family or the earth and my integrity?



(A 34 year old man who is sitting in chair talking to his two children. )

Hey, kids, come here and listen to me. I have something important I want to talk to you about. Alright, you may have heard about a climate change march and about global warming. (Pause) You have heard of it. Good. Well, I just wanted to tell you that yes, global warming is happening. Wait! That’s not all I wanted to tell you. Sit back down! Well, your mother really cared about this before...well, you know. She wanted me to teach you about this. But really, who cares about the earth when there are more important things? Now, you listen to me and stop worrying about all that. The most important thing to me and what should be the most important thing to you is to make sure that were all fed and have a roof over our heads. Don’t make those faces! Sure the earth is important because it’s where we all live but in a hundred years none of us will be here. We won’t be alive to be affected by this climate change. Remember that. I don’t want you two to waste your lives trying to fix the world. Let other people worry about being heroes. You and I just need to stay alive and try to be the happiest we can be. We need to work, make money and take care of the family. Don’t ever forget that. Okay? Okay. Now go to bed.

(He waits until his children leave and then picks up a picture)

I’m sorry, darling. I know how you felt about climate change, how we both felt. (Smiles) Do you remember when you and I thought we could just fix the world? We laughed at other people’s mistakes and told ourselves that we were smarter and there was no way we would mess up. We we’re so naive. We thought it would be easy. Why didn’t we realize that if so many others couldn’t do it then there was no way we would be able to. And now you're gone… I’m glad you’re not here to see the mess of a world we live in now. The children are just like you. They can barely stand living in a world like this but I can’t let their lives turn out like yours. I can’t let them throw away their lives on an unfixable problem like climate change. I want them to be happy. How could they be happy if the only thing they think about is the earth? I’m sorry I can’t teach them to be better people but in a world like this “better people” don’t survive.

Here is the video for my first monologue, “Why should I care?”

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Home Network, Ream

The internet service provider I have is Verizon Fios. Which has a fiber optic cable wire that is goes from outside my house into my room, because that's where the modem router is located. The modem router is what all of my devices are connected to because WiFi. It's connected to all the laptops, all the cell phones, all the tablets, the 3 game systems , the tv's  and my printer. Something I learned about network was the things that could cause blocked and slow internet networks. Something I would tell people is that they'd never know anything about why there are problems sometimes or whats going on if they don't really look into it. I am Tatiana Ream and this is my home network. 
mind mapping software
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Home Network Cooper

My home internet provider is Verizon. I use a fiber optic cable that comes through my parents bedroom. It connects to our modem router. That gives off a WiFi signal. It connects to my TV, a Wii, 4 phones, 2 iPod touches, 3 computers, and a Google Chrome Cast. learned that my ISP isn't working very well because my house is an inconvenient distance away from the provider's center. I would tell other people that they have more connected to their home network than they would initially think. I'm Liv Cooper and this is my home network.

mind mapping software
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Climate Change Monologue Project by Cano

Part 1:
​My goal is trying to tell people that how important atmosphere is, and let peoples know how awful climate change is.
Part 2:
Monologue 1 : 
Hi…... sir, how are you doing? I’m Devin, I’m here because this morning when I open my eyes, I just found myself laying on my farm, the moment when I stand up, I see all of my dying plants, I starting to feel sad again, why is this happening on my farm? I’m a men from South Sudan, I have a wife and two sons. I’m a farmer and I’m really poor, I always feel like I want to commit suicide, because I can’t hold this anymore, my farm it’s really dry, it needs a lot of water. Day by day all of my plants are dying, all of them use to be color green but now, all of them turns yellow and dry. I can’t even get enough food for my self right now, how can I feed my family? My sons are 6 years old and 8 years old, sometime they will help me with farming, my wife has been with me for 15 years, we were a really nice family, but one day, because of some business, I move from north Sudan to south Sudan, and everything got worse. If I have one more chance, I’ll love to get out of this country with my whole family, I want a better life and so does my family. If I may ask, is there anyway that I can leave this country? If there is, I’ll be grateful my whole life, thank you.

Monologue 2:
Hi, my name is Emily and I’m 6 years old. well, I think everybody have to protect the earth, Why? Because the climate change killed my daddy and I never even had a chance to see him. This is a conversation with my mom yesterday when I see all of my friends who have their daddy, but I don’t have one “Mama! Mama! where is Daddy? why do everybody have a daddy but I don’t? please tell me Mama.” and after the conversation, i just found out that my daddy was get killed by the skin cancer, the reason that he get skin cancer it’s because he was a building worker and he had to stay out for a whole morning and afternoon without stopping, and the sunlight just keep irradiation on my father, without the atmosphere protecting, the sunlight turns from hot to hurt, the atmosphere is really important, it decide what sunlight could be. If the atmosphere is good, than the sunlight will have less ultraviolet, but if the atmosphere have hole or get thinner, than there will be over ultraviolet, and it will harm human body, and if you get too much ultraviolet, than you will get skin cancer. Afterall, I learned a very important thing, no atmosphere no daddy.

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Climate Change Monologue

​What we learned:

We learned many things during this unit. We did warm-ups, and watched a documentary showing one perspective on Climate Change, as well as watching a dramatic monologue. I think that all through this unit, we shared ideas, gave and inspired others with them, and from this we were able to increase our quality-way of writing in the monologues. 

Monologues (Pakistan, Germany, Russia)

Unfair Change - Different Views of Change

Every day, I sit back and look at my land. I see that it is changing, day by day, but the appearance is not. Somehow, I feel that I am living in a different place than I was just a few days ago….

I currently work as a high ranking chemist for the government. Although my job is not directly related to climate change, or agriculture, I have connections which inform me about what is happening. I hear that climate change is causing increased flooding, which leads to severe danger and reduced living conditions.

I was informed that the ambassador, in a recent summit, said that climate change is impacting agriculture, cities, energy, funding, and other things in Pakistan. Along with this, I was told that around 20 international experts came to Pakistan and said that implementing a climate change policy was necessary for Pakistan to survive.

Today, just after coming home, I heard news that there was going to be flooding in my area. Shaking it off, I took a trip to the store, and bought some flour, and some rice. After getting the stuff, and walking back toward my house, I saw water…. you see, there is a bridge that I have to cross every day to get home.

On my way back today, I was going to walk across the bridge--like a wooden handmade footpath, but the water level had risen so much that it had covered the wooden planks. I had to get home, so I decided to risk it. Carrying the flour, and rice made my body act sort of buoyant - the bags were waterproof, and floated, so it was dangerous if I got too close to the edge; the railing was only 2 meter high. I almost got killed, almost wiped off the face of Earth without even a second to realize what had happened.

We need to work on a climate change policy. One that will actually work. In order to do this we will need the cooperation of not only the people, but the politicians. There is a lot in it for both the people, and themselves. They will not only get the riches of money, but the security of their nation.

[picks up phone - call incoming]

(In my language - he says Hello, I am coming. One minute. I am doing a a presentation. Okay, bye.)

Ah. Hallo. Mah ana panh. Hic minute… Mah presentation karana panh. Acha, bye.

Have a good  night, and take care, I have to attend to my children.

German Monologue - Education is The Archenemy of Climate Change

Hello. How are you all doing this fine evening? My name is Piotr Zeiss, and I am a student at The University of Munich. In my school, we think differently. Recently, with the improved realization of climate change, we must do everything we can to stop it before it’s too late.

The US, Germany, and 170 other countries signed a bill that shows that they will implement or get help implementing Climate Change policies, but there are three which did not sign, and are going to make our job of implementing these policies harder.

Stage Direction - Walk over to front of stage-area, and say “Does anyone have any ideas who these three countries are?”

Yes, these countries are Russia, India, and China. These countries have not signed, and might be opposed to climate change, we do not know.

There is a Russian general named Vladimir Ivanovich. In his recent speech, he had an assault rifle. With this, he threatened a member of the audience, as well as put everyone else in fear. He spoke about how China, Russia, and India, which are all related. Russia funds India militarily, and China is still communist -- explain. I feel that he is thinking in a Communist sense, as he was a general during the soviet times, which probably led to his mindset.

I hear news day by day that there is an issue of climate change, and our country is the leader. Not only do these phrases give me happiness, and hope, but they also give me sadness. How is my country at the top of maintaining such a threat, but also, not really educating other countries to follow. We gave one billion to support the UN’s Climate Change policy, but I feel that this is not enough to even dent the problem.

Coming from Munich, as you know, I understand the importance of climate change, ad how it’s a secret-unkown thing that is poisoning our Earth, and our life.

Not many people know about this, yet because of this non-understanding, people refuse to believe it is real. The leaders of countries do not like foreigners coming into their society in fear of spies, etc. If just the developed countries instill climate change policies, it will create a good impact, but if all the poor-developing countries joined and started climate change policies, then this would successfully eliminate the problem.

Russian Monologue - Change is Detrimental to Russia

Hello. I am Vladimir Ivanovich. You can call me Vlad. No, no ,no. That sounds too peaceful. Hi. I am Vlad. Recently - no, still too peaceful. You see this rifle I have? This is what I am going to use to hunt when I get my farm. Farm? You may ask…

Recently, there has been news climate change all over the world; ice has been melting, temperatures have been increasing, and places have a higher tendency to experience a natural disaster. Well, I’m not one of them. Many sources state that Russia, China, and other countries of the Iron Fist will gain useful farm land as well as increased income from the agriculture it provides. This will do so much for the countries, and it will occur naturally. We won’t have anything to lose, except maybe a few people in rural areas, but who cares. Mother Russia will be far ahead of the Capitalists in Western countries, such as US.

In US, farmland is already beginning to dry. Droughts set in. They are working vigorously to stop climate change for the benefit of their own countries, and allies. If they stop this, Russia, China.

[Stage direction -- look over at someone]

What? Say that again! Do you want to be 120 grains heavier?!

[Stage direction -- chamber gun]

Why you call me Crazy Ivan? Racist dog!

[Stage Direction -- Cover head with hand and sit down]

I don’t know why you say this to me! Does anyone have any questions before I proceed?!

Stage Direction -- look at different person in audience

Yes sir? You said that Climate Change will destroy Russia? Let me see. Huh? You are saying that it will increase temperature and mess up Earth. Ha ha ha. Not for me!

I am 50 years old, no kids, my wife was killed… When I die, I will see grass, and the wind will blow… This is not my worry. ROS-SI-YA will survive, when I pass policies will change!. I have to get home, Bye.


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Home Network , Barnes

mind mapping software
​1. All devices on my home network are: 2 LG phones, 1 Assurance wireless phone, 3 Laptops, and 3 house phones.

2. Some new and interesting things that I learned about my home network are: My home network does not just consist of laptops, but there are other things that  make up my home network such as: phones and even a printer. I always thought that the only thing on my home network was laptops and computer, but now I know that there are other things on my home network. My OMG moment came when I had times my monthly ill by twelve, my jaw almost dropped. I didn't know that it cost that much each year just to provide internet. Now I've learned to be more grateful for my home network.

3. Some things I would tel other people about ISP/home network are:
  • Enjoy your home network- Even though your parents do pay a lot for internet, it is there for your enjoyment get the most out of your home network.
  • Be careful with your home network- Even though your home network is your own private network, be careful with how you use and treat it. One mistake can cause your entire home network to be messed up.
  • Be aware of your home network- Treat your home network with care, it takes a lot to provide Internet and i'm sure your ISP will be very grateful to if you respected your home network
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Climate Change Monologues

In this unit, our class was introduce to the topic of climate change. Change change, at this time and possibly in the future, is effecting almost every single person and if nothing is done, the earth we know today will be destroyed. Also in this unit, , we looked at the effects of climate change all over the world and its impact on daily life. After exploring, we were given this project to create three monologues through the point of view of people who are relevant to the topic of climate change. My video for my first monologue is below:


​My script for the first monologue is below:


It is Noonday and a mother is at a water pump station. Another women is there

Mother: (sigh)

             It is another day with no clean water. My name? My name is Chaonaine. My mother must have seen the future because it means ¨it has seen me¨. Now look at where I am now: I have lost everything because of the flooding water and this is the 3 one in 2 months. I dont know what is going to happen the next farming season. I am tired to seeing my  children crying from no food or water. It is bad enough I have lost my home, but I can't see my kids suffering like this.

But this is so unusual. In my life, I have never seen anything like this. The land use to be so fertile, but now it is so dry. My crops have not produce anything. I know that God is angry with this country and this is the end of times. But I beg my God to please spare my children. They are the innocent and have not done anything.

What? Our president said what? Climate change? What is that? Our country is too poor to put food in our own mouths, so how can we pump things into the air?

What is happening to our world? People have forgotten about others. Malawi is suffering and big countries are only worried about money. Why cant we all just help each other? This world is for everybody, not just for the rich.

Well I hear my children calling me. I must be on my way now. I pray God delivers us all out of these hard times.

These are the rest of my monologues:

Monolouge 2:

The Press Conerence (Rex W. Tillerson)


Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. As you all should know, I am Rex W. Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil company. I will now be taking question.

What’s that you say?

Does climate change exist ?

I believe that climate change does exist, but by science, I think its a natural thing that happens in the lifetime of the earth. I feel that people are trying to blow up a small problem and it does not need to happen. People

Next question. Oh yes you in the back. No, not you Cnn, you in the grey hat.

Does Exxon contribute to climate change?

Exxon contributes to job growth in this country. In Houston alone, we have created 10,000 new construction jobs. We help stimulate the economy and everybody benefits from our company.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I will close by just saying this. Right now please know this, Exxon contributes to job growth, not destroying the environment. We understand that climate change might seem like a problem, but in reality, people are just a little bit over concerned. Exxon makes decisions that will benefit the america and its people. Exxon is on the peoples side. We always think of the people.

Monologue 3:

 We have to come together (Desmond tutu perspective)


    At an interview.

The people of South Africa have forgotten. We have forgotten that we are suppose to be strong. We have fought apartheid, but we now face a bigger problem: Climate change. Our world is disintegrating right before our eyes. The worst part is that we are letting this happen right in front of our eyes. South Africa  contributing  to its own downfall. Its just South Africa. America, China, Europe, and other big  countries are pumping noxious gas into the atmosphere and it is making our world uninhabitable.

We are in control. We have the ability to choose on how our earth is going to turn out. That will only happen if people come together in order to solve the problem. Countries are only worried about money and what they fail to realize is that if we have no earth, then what good is the money?

However, in order to solve a global problem, we have to start in our own backyard. We have to begin being conscious of our daily decisions and think of the future effects. People have to be aware and that is where the first step to improving our world starts from: ourselves.

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Home Network, Halprin

I have a desktop, house phone, printer, scanner, and fax connected to a switch by ethernet.  The switch is connnected to a router.  All these devices have internet connection.  Also, A printer, computer, cellphone, and TV are connected with wifi.  I had no idea how things were sent from place to place using the internet, and finding out things travel in packages through light was surprising.  I would want other people to know what ethernet is and how it can be used.  
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Climate Change Monologue Project

Part I: Introduction

In this unit of study, we learned about climate change. First, we started off by watching a documentary about the climate rally that happened in New York. We got to hear from officials, scientists, and just everyday people speaking out about what it is and what the rally would do. One thing we learned were that carbon dioxide plays a major role in the change of our global climate. We also learned about the impacts it had on some communities and towns, like the typhoon that happened in the Philippines. After we watched this documentary, we got to listen to a sample monologue, and learned ways that we could make our own monologues interesting and thoughtful. Finally, we created, revised, and even performed our monologues in class! 

Part II: The Monologues

Monologue #1: John Appleseed’s Asparagus Farm- Tragedy of the Drought

Honey...yes, I know, the farm didn’t bring in much money this week. I don’t know what else to do. There’s just not enough water for the crops. (Looking stressed out, he slumps down into a chair by the Kitchen table). Half of the asparagus field’s already gone dry. Get more water? From where?! I can’t just scream at the sky to give us rain, Lisa. It doesn’t work like that. Well I’m not God, so. Look, I don’t understand it either. They’re saying it’s something about climate change...the scientists. What do you mean “What does a drought have to do with climate change?” ? It’s got everything to do with climate change! The weather changed, and it’s been like this for awhile now. Keeps getting worse. So the climate, changed! Geez. I’m sorry..I know you were just asking. Just seemed pretty obvious. Well I don’t know what they’re gonna do about it. We’re over here auctioning off water. Water!! $1,350 an acre-foot! Remember when it used to be $135. Times are crazy. At this rate, next month I don’t know how we’re gonna survive. I don’t. How’re we gonna pay the- oh hey sweetiepie! How was school? Now why are you pouting? No pouting. Here, I think I’ve got something to cheer you up. (Hands her a watercolor painting of a sunflower.) I painted it last night. Just for you. (Her face lights up, and she jumps up to give him a hug. She thanks him for the painting and goes up to her room.) How sweet is that. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using the water. It was only a cupful. There may not be enough water for the crops, but I’d give it all to my sunshine if I could. Look, I don’t know what we’re gonna do about this. I’ll make some calls, see if I can get us into an auction or something. Bill’s probably got someone I could talk to, or Annie.

Monologue #2: Ralph McKelly: Coal Keeps the Bills Paid

Hello everybody...(waves) hey Janice! Bert, how’s my boy doing? Hey y’all, alright now settle down! My name is Ralph McKelly, as most of you may already know. I used to work at the Eastern Kentucky Coal Mining industry, along with a handful of other faces in the crowd. Yes, used to. I know, I know, it’s a shame. It’s a damn shame. See, Washington don’t care about us With their EPAs and regulations. You know what I think of the EPA? The “Environmental Protection Agency?” I think that they’re full of it. Talkin’ about regulations. They don’t got one good reason to shut these coal mines down. They don’t got no proof! This is God’s land, He gave us coal, so we burn it! Y’know, one of my favorite songs, “Coal Keeps the Lights on,” by Jimmy Rose...yep, him! Well, it says, “They don't care that much about the little man or the calloused hands. It's a way of life 'round, just like it's always been.” And I just think that that is so powerful. Coal has always, always, been a way of living ‘round here. It, “keeps food on the spoon in my youngin’s mouth.” My daughter, she’s grown now, but we got people like Bert here. His daughter’s five. He just got laid off from the mines too. Just this July. And like me, mining’s been his entire life! I remember when my dad brought me down to the mines, first time. I was nine. The black ash, smoke reaching out to the sky- it fascinated me. And so, I’ve been there ever since. So now, we’ve gotta figure out what we’re gonna do from here. Are y’all with me! Okay!

Monologue #3: Brenda Ekwurzel: Life of a Scientist

(Extending her arm to the far left corner of her desk, she answers the ringing phone). Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, senior climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Oh hello Jill!...So I’ve heard...It’s frustrating, yes. I agree, all of these rallies against the EPA have to be countered. Ah, so you’ve seen my blog post on carbon emissions! Well the amount of carbon dioxide in the air right now is quite alarming. You know, I’d be willing to hold one of these countering rallies for your organization, to spread actual knowledge about this issue to others. Oh, you were just about to ask me that! Haha, well you know I’d stand up for the EPA any day. So, it’s a done deal. Oh, nothing much is going on right now. Lot of work. Oh, he’s good. He just got a promotion at work! Yeah, I’m so proud of him. He’s been working for this for awhile now. The cats are good, yes. Haha, MInnie is turning seven this year! February…yes come in and visit! You know we always like visitors. Yeah, the guest room’s all refinished as well! We added that on-suite, you saw the pictures, right? It’s always good to change things up a bit, you know? Well how are you holding up, I know the divorce must have been tough on you...yeah...yeah, I can imagine. Well I’m glad you’re doing well now, Jill. We’ll have to catch up more soon! I’ve got some more research to get done now, so I’ll have to catch you later. Alright, keep me updated on this rally! Goodbye!

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Home Network, Kopf

mind mapping software
1. Our internet is provided from Comcast, and comes in through a coaxial wire in the basement. This internet then goes to our modem and router which are located in the middle of the second floor. The modem and router provide wireless internet to our 5 computers, dvd player, tv, nest thermometer, cellphones, ipads, home phones, printer, xbox, and apple tv. 

2. I have learned a lot about my internet system through this assignment. I've learned about how the internet works, and what wires connect my system, and how expensive it can be per month and per year. I feel like this assignment really helped me understand all of the connections and the internet much better.

3. I think people should know who their ISP is and how it comes in so they can understand how it starts in their house, they should also know whether they have a modem and router or a modem-router. Another thing that's important is they should know how most of their devices connect to the internet and what devices are on their network. With this imformation they will know the general and most important information about their network. 
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Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit of my World History class, we are learning about climate change and how it affects Earth and all of us. We also looked into people's variety of opinions on global warming including extreme activists non-believers, and those affected by natural disasters that were results of climate change. The goal that I had for my monologues was to explore the views of three very different people with various and unique views on the subject and why they have these specific opinions.

Senator Jim Inhofe

Good afternoon my fellow senators and representatives. My name is Jim Inhofe and I would like to address a recurring argument in these meetings which is climate change. We hear about the issue of global warming everywhere we turn, but just because it is a repeated phrase thrown into these discussions doesn’t mean that it has any real worth or meaning. Who’s to say it isn’t all just a hoax meant to trick us into buying into a cause that isn’t occurring. Why do you believe climate change is real?..Because some scientist says so. How do you trust them to know they are right? Meteorologists are scientists that make assumptions about the weather, but is it not true that they are wrong a lot of the time. They say there is 0% chance of rain and you look outside and it is raining. What are the chances of that? Science itself is all just a bunch of theories that can’t always be proven. We are only human and we don’t have the knowledge or the power to state that global warming is real. The only one who has that power is God. God knows and controls everything. It is arrogant and disrespectful that we are so quick to say that we have the power to change the climate. That is not our power that is God’s will. I see you all snickering and I know exactly what you’re thinking! Oh, he’s just some crazy religious fool. I may be religious, but I am not crazy nor am I a fool. Anyone who buys into this scheme is a fool, because all you are doing is filling scientists pockets with useless money for them to stop something that probably isn’t happening. Even if the climate is changing we can’t assume that we are the ones doing it, because we’re on God’s earth and we are his creation. So he controls us, the land we stand upon, and the air we breathe. With that being said we should disregard this global warming hoax as nothing but scientists trying to fool us into giving them money for their “important research”. (Sits down and sighs) Why do they always laugh at me? I'm not crazy! They are close minded and refuse to admit the truth, and I feel sorry for them.

To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,

It’s’s all gone. Swept away within a blink of an eye. Now a place that I used to call home is just a plain of trash as far as the eye can see. Trees that once stood tall are nothing but scattered branches. I now stand alone in a city called New Orleans that once had its sidewalks filled with joyous people not too long ago. It is a depressing scene that will forever haunt me. But only this nightmare is real and her name is Katrina. Such a beautiful name for such a heartless creature. She flooded the coast, desecrated homes, stole innocent, including my sweet, good-hearted little sister. You have heard about this tragedy on the radio or seen pictures on the news and you say, "Aww that's horrible!" and "Oh they are in my prayers." Then you go back to your more demanding life. Stop lying to yourself..this is your’s all our faults. We are too blind to see what we are doing. We are hurting mother Earth and now she is getting her revenge. We are too consumed in out daily lives to realize the damage that we do to the Earth every single day. What will it take for you to see that there needs to be a change? Are you going to sit on your ass and wait for this to happen to you or are you going to open your eyes and ears in order to understand how we are hurting ourselves by ruining this Earth. You know what?! I don’t even know why I addressed this letter to whom it may concern, because that is no one. (Drops letter)

Money Over Existence

Hey I’m on my lunch break.. I miss you too, but I should be home in about a week. We are almost done repairing the electrical and phone lines in New Orleans. I can’t wait to see you and the boys when I come home. Hows school going for them?..Did John bring his math grade up?...That’s good..Tell them I love them and that I will beat their butts if they misbehave while I’m away...okay I’ll call you back tonight when I get off work..alright have a good day. I love you…(hangs up phone and sits in the back of a open van and takes a bite of sandwich) Ugh I told them no pickles..those people can’t get anything wonder they get paid minimum wage. (steps on crumpled piece of paper) What the heck? (picks up paper and opens it) To whom it may concern...Damn I hope this girl is okay. I just heard about this global warming stuff on the news this morning. It must be pretty bad, but hey it pays my bills and feeds my kids so I can't really complain. I can’t fix electrical wires if there are incidents like hurricanes to create them. Plus, hurricane season means the biggest paycheck for me. I also can't support something that might put me out of a job one day or else I'll be the one making crappy sandwiches for five dollars and getting paid minimum wage. (folds paper and shoves it in his pocket and goes back to work)

The video below shows me performing "To Whom It May Concern"

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Monologue for World History

​Part 1:This unit we spoke about climate change. We also spoke about how climate change affects people. I believe people in the city don't realize climate change. We aren't affected by it so we don't care about it. We act like we care but we don't. The only people that care about it are people that mostly rely on the environment to survive. My goal for this unit was actually understand how climate change is changing the world. I also wanted to be able to write thought-out monologues.

Part 2: 
                                                                                           Stand up

Twenty-five cent!? That’s all you have for me!? Why has my pay been decreasing for the last couple of years?! I can not feed my family with this. Oh you’re sorry That makes it better. Thank you…

Hey honey. Yeah I got it. I can’t keep doing that work for declining pay. Quit? And do what? Just throw the last last 35 years I dedicated to mining work away? That’ll be real great for the family. *Smacks wife*. You’re worthless. Get up and pass me my meds and my leg. It’s over there in the corner. How much did you make today at the kitchen? That’s good. So we’re at 15.25 for the month. I’m going to sleep. I love you too darling… It’ll all get better....


Goodmorning. It’s okay. Get you some coffee. I’ll be okay. Bye. *This leg is so uncomfortable*. Hello, Mr.Kabongo. Funny *fake laugh*. I was coming to speak to you about my pay. What do you mean you don’t have time to talk?! Is this what I have to do to get your attention!? I’ve been your most loyal worker for the last 35 years and you can’t even sit down and have a talk with me!? Unbelievable! *Storms out of office onto the field*. I’m okay Chanko. The man asks as if I haven’t been on this field all my life working for him! I wanted to talk to him about what the future hold for our mining business. *Opens eyes real wide*Is it bad? It’s beyond bad Chank. We need to start a movement to fight climate change. Are you in? Great! I need you to gather everyone that works in the fields and mine workers. Tell them that we will be camping out on the governments lawn. We will be screaming "CLIMATE CHANGE IS KILLING US!" Can you do that? Great! See you tomorrow... *Thoughts* We can fight this. This can change 

the world...

A new war

-Slowly drifting away into the trans those *SARCASTIC VOICE WHEN I SAY

LEADER* leaders taught us to gallop towards at night… *pause*

-It helped on the nights when we weren't thrusting knives into throats, and piercing peoples bodies with a mixture of pain and agony.

-No lady.

-The killing is the part you got used too.

-But the unbearable torture that imposed on me brothers at hand, unimaginable.*Long pause*

-Vietnam born and raised lady.

-I was over there fighting the climate changes and people for 22 years.

-The gun and cannon smoke mixed in the air with the blistering sun was what I've dealt with 22 years.

-At first it was bearable. Hot,*PAUSE* but bearable. Over the years, it got worse and worse.

-I started to wear less gear. *PAUSE* I know it wasn't safe.

-*SPEAKS IN AN ANNOYED VOICE*I know it wasn't safe! But I couldn't afford to faint in these circumstances. Hey, hey! That is not apart of your job description! You’re the guru, the zen master of dealing with my kind! What should I do?

-*WAITS A COUPLE SECONDS* Yeah, that's what I thought.

-*SPEAKS WITH A LOW SAD TONE* No response; just like the government of my country.

*CONTINUE SAD TONE* Every night, it just consistently keeps me up. The fact that it’s a world problem and no one is doing anything about it. I don’t want to go outside in the summer. I keep my blinds shut. I’m afraid to drive past factories and see the smoke and fumes being emitted into the air… It just worries me.

-Yeah, it was a good session. Thanks zen master… I mean Ms.Slope. *Murmurs “crazy lady”*


-Hey fat Tony. Yeah, I’m doing fine.

-*LOOKS AT ARM* It’s a little itchy. I wish I my real one didn't get blown off. This’ll do though.

-I need you to gather up all our brother and *WHISPERS* tell them we have a meeting on “It.”...

-You know, “it”. The only fight harder than the enemy. The invisible fight.

-1198 Callow drive at 2200 tonight.


-I’m happy to see everyone.

The reason I called us all together is to address an issue that affects all of us. SETTLE DOWN, SETTLE DOWN! Now I know the first we spoke to the government about it, it didn’t end well. *Starts to sweat*

-But we’re warriors and warriors never quit.

-I want us to put together a rally together to get this problem worked on.

-It’s a big deal! Lives depend on our fight!

The government will not listen to those regular people in our society. It’s our time to be leaders!

-*POINTS SOMEWHERE IN CROWD* What’s your question? Yes. We meet at the board house and we stay out there as long as we need to get there attention. From there, we’ll demand that a bill or plan is put into place for our countries arriving years, to cut down on the amount of factories being built, and the amount of people driving gas cars.

From this, our nightmares won’t be ended but at least we can know that the future generation will enjoy their lives…


Subliminal suicide    

        Dear mother,

I’m falling… We’re falling I mean. Into a hole impossible to get out of. respected and cherished me. Don’t I deserve that? I just hope that some sense is pounded into the heads of those earthlings. I can’t deal with getting treated badly anymore. Why can’t I just be respected? I feel unappreciated, disrespected, and misused. The fill  me up with litter and debris. Carbon monoxide is constantly being injected into my bloodstream. Do they know I belong to them? Generally, when you own something, you take good care of it so it can last long. Don’t they love me? It wasn’t like this as I was growing up. People weren’t greedy, selfish, and ignorant. They only used the resources I provided when they needed it. My friends are getting cut down everyday to build injection plants to pump more monoxide into me. I think it’s time I just end it. I think about ending it everyday I get mishandled. I’m useless. At least that’s what they show me. There are consistent events headlined “TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH… IT’LL BE BENEFICIAL TO EVERYONE.” That’s a bunch of crap! They focus on my disease a couple times a year and litter the rest of the time. No! You CAN’T do that! It has to be a collective effort! Everyone recycle. Everyone change the light bulbs they have. Everyone cut down on the gas they use. If this doesn't happen soon, we’ll all die. Maybe I should end it now. Write back with your thoughts and suggestions when you get chance.



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Climate Change Monologue Project

​In this unit we learned how climate change affects people all around the world in many ways. We got to see videos and articles towards this issue. We also got a chance to write our own monologues.

(a girl is being told that she has lost loved ones and now is going on a rant about climat change)

Missing Out

What happened to the rest of us? Why are there only a little bit of us? You mean she is gone and so is he? Well that can’t be right, please tell me it is not right, right?

(runs hands through hair furiously)

Huh, how the hell did it come to this. Oh yea I heard bubba and mumma talking about how the air was being polluted by smoke filled with nasty things, yeah and then they went on that trip to the philippines where the typhoon hit and now are somewhere else far away from here. Why, Why did people decide that certain things had to be built on earth and other things had to be done on earth. What is wrong with earth that you have to change all the time, and now with all of the change happening we will never know when the earth will come to an end, it could be today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or a year from today.

(makes random and unnecessary hand gestures)

Many of you realize what you are doing to the earth, but are not doing anything about it. Why don’t you want to do anything about, I just don’t understand. You decide to waste money by putting things on and in earth that will not help it, but destroy it more instead putting that money to good use and find ways to help the earth. People, honestly, do you not realize what is happening here. Just like everyone is saying there are things going into the air that are not supposed to be there, yet you sit around at look at what is happening, might as well you a drink and some popcorn and call this a movie because you are not doing anything to help what is happening on this earth, now because of people like you that ignore the problems factories and everything else brings I no longer have anyone or anything to call home. Now go take a long walk and think about what you have done.

(a secret animal is talking to a random guy even though he doesn't understand him)

Unheard Voice

I saw you walking past me just a few minutes ago, so I slyly moved down the street hiding from any sign of danger you might bring me, but you didn’t do anything. Peeking to see if everything is alright, coast clear? Alright. There goes my cousin, oh and brother and sister. We are all out here, we hardly ever get enough food or water. Everytime it rains we have to run and hide. Nowhere is really safe for us. We don’t have a family because they want us,  just to throw us away into the streets. Many of us died in the typhoon, too much to try and keep count. It is a miracle some of us managed to survive. I’ve heard you and others talk about how something is being put in the air, carbon dioxide. I knew something was wrong with the air I breathe, you breathe, we all breathe. They say we are supposed to inhale the good and exhale the bad yet everything we inhale and exhale is bad.I also heard people say the water is becoming a little too dangerous to drink, just a little, yet I drink it or else I will die. I know people like you put these bad things on this earth because I’ve heard you say it and other people say it. We didn’t do anything to deserve this. You never realize how this can affect us or anyone else. It is already bad enough many of us die every day from starvation, abuse and cruelty. It isn’t fair to us, we suffer from the things that are caused by you humans. Humans why do you have to do this to us. What did we ever do to you. This might seem all about me, but I am speaking for everyone who feels the same way, we suffer everyday because of you and this how you think respect should be earned, please. If only you can truly feel how much pain this has caused us. Everything you have done to this world. You don’t even realize the way it affects you. You are destroying the earth little by little and don’t realize it until someone decides to shove in your face, but even then you still don’t realize it. Now what am I rambling about, nothing really, and you would not pay attention anyway. Though I should stop talking since no one really cares about the feelings of a cat.

(an amish mother is writing a letter to a random person in the city)

Letter From An Amish Mother

Taking care of five kids is just as hard as it sounds, probably even harder, but I don’t think so. Living here in Ohio has gotten real hard for us, what with the climate change and all. Being the seventh most populous doesn’t help either. In the summer whenever I want to grow things to feed the family I can’t because of all the carbon dioxide in the air. It ruins my crops just when they are ready for picking. I would be able to sell some if had enough crops to sell and feed my family. We are lucky enough to feed my family for a whole week with the crops we pick. Climate change is affecting us so badly. I can’t teach my kids about home like because the water is getting too dirty to do anything with and since the crops are not growing well that I can’t teach them about plantation. I heard many cities have factories and that is what is releasing the carbon dioxide. Why do you need so many factories,I mean we manage and we don’t need all of the factories you guys have. I know we get products that are made in factories, but it is very few to be honest, so you can’t say we depend on it, because we don’t. This just isn’t healthy for the atmosphere and for us as humans, I wonder if you could pass this on to anyone who can read this and consider what they are really participating in. This has got to stop because our world is crumbling to pieces and we are a contributing factor to this. If we want to achieve a good future, one of the big steps we can take is by doing something about climate change. Thank you for taking your time for reading this letter from a rambling mother, but this had to be heard by someone or no one.

This is my video for my second monologue

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Climate Change Monologue: Reily Knott

  During this unit we as a class have studied climate change and how that effects our lives as we know it. for example in my partners monologues we touched on topics as forest fires, clean air as a broad topic. To be more specific here are details about what exactly climate change is and what causes it. In most cases we see that its caused by human influence such as the exhaust from our cars release chemicals into the air. I mean something as simple as cutting down tress which release CO2 in the air. Greenhouse gasses are used to run o many things and is released by so many things but in reality is killing the earth. These all contribute to the loss of out natural sources and the loss of homes for many animals.

 Clean Air

(walking to school)

As i walk to school in the morning sometimes i  look up at the sky and see the dark muted grays that have taken  over the once blue beautiful skies and the humid weather in october. And i wonder why nobody ever taught me about my effect on the environment. California used to be a great place man i mean besides the fact the all the ice cream places are now juice bars, but thats besides the point. Suddenly a big group of people come walking past me. Oh and by the way i'm not very popular so… *eyes rolling and shoulders shrugging*  its a rare occasion that multiple people come to me. Hey give me my paper back i need that for science. I assuming none of these kids had a idea that this paper on climate change could affect my grade in a good way or….a very bad way. HEY HEY i need that paper. C'mon guys. On wait you just didn't do you paper…. You could've just asked I would've help. Look nobody really understands the damage climate change can do to our everyday life. *everybody around takes about paper* Okay so let me break this down for you nice and slow. Climate change is caused by many things. Water vapor most know as greenhouse gasses this increases as the Earth's atmosphere gets warmer, and so the the possibility of rain, clouds and participation. Carbon dioxide this is let into the atmosphere by natural causes such as cutting down trees and all that natural stuff. *takes a deep breath* Are you guys getting any of this? Okay….I’ll take that And you know when you're too lazy walk to school or wherever you go. Your parents drive…. Yeah well just let them know they’re killing the earth. But actually i just remembered why am i even helping you guys... You tried to shove me in a locker yesterday. GIVE ME MY PAPER, your own your own now..


Hello everyone thank you for letting me come to career day, So my name is Robert Vick and I am a firefighter here in Colorado. So one issue that we firefighters face that the world is not really aware of is Wildfires.. Does anyone know what that is?...... A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in wildland areas, which can  consume houses. Wildfires often begin unnoticed, but they spread quickly igniting brush, trees and homes. And its very hard to put the fire out, once one it started it spreads through the woods very quickly… and its not safe to be around, not safe to breath and causes a of smoke. Everyone thinks that most wildfires are started by humans but really its caused by global warming… yup shocking right?... who knew that already?......hmmm okay so ¼ out of the class knew..And its only going to get worse…  climate change and other pressures are causing more intensified firestorms, sparking more damage and putting wildlife more at risk… so does anyone have any questions so far?.... yes you in the green shirt?....... How else does wildfires affect us?.. Well it  contributes carbon to the atmosphere. As this cycle progresses, climate change and wildfires both increase in frequency and severity…. Anyone else? Yes you in the pink flower hat……………. Im sorry i couldn't hear you, can you repeat that? Oh, how could you help prevent it?.. Okay well you guys can Ride bikes to school, walk, recycle, offset your carbon purchase, and plant trees. Thank you all for being a good audience, Hope you have a great school year.  See you soon, hopefully not because of a fire…...


wow its so gloomy outside?.... this better not mess up my date with johnny….. okay blue or the red dress…. *BANG* what the h…….. AHHHHHHHHH HELP… Where is all this water coming from…. Sh** its coming up the steps…. omg omg omg what should I do? Climb out the window! … the water is coming in fast. it stinks so bad…. god damit why won't this window open!!! HELP SOMEONE HELP…. finally this thing opens.  Holy crap I can’t see the street, its flooded, this whole town is flooded…. the water is still rising. I have to get to higher ground?.... The roof! Okay don’t look down… you got this kelly, don’t look down…….. okay breath you won’t fall….. yes I made it……. omg… look at this town… its completely covered…. *cries* oom-g i’m gonna die, noooooooooo…… HELP ME SOMEONE HELP ME…….. hello? did someone just call me?... HELLO?.. HELLO…….. OMG JOHNNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! Are you okay? I should have listen to professor Gerry….. What?... yes my professor was telling us how Global warming is partly to blame for  heavy rainfall events and floods. Because warmer air can hold more moisture, heavier precipitation is expected in the years to come. But i thought he was just crazy… i don’t know it was early in the morning when he said this.. what else did he say? well he said As the climate system changes in accordance to more CO2 we realise that by polluting our atmosphere we literally pull the carpet under our own feet….. i dont know.. so what do we do…. WATCH OUT FOR THE BRANCH… AHHHHHH.  *slash noise* ewww this water is dirty… johnny where are you? JOHNNY… swim towards me I see you!! I need help I can’t swim….. help me up.. thanks. are you sure I think there is more room on the door that I’m floating on?... okay.. how can we prevent this from happening again? ummm well my professor said that   Important steps include discouraging development in flood-prone areas and protecting the natural systems, such as wetlands, that help to buffer against floods…. yup…… do you hear that? Its a person?... OMG johnny look its help!.. Johnny? No johnny no wake up no JOHNNY (Titanic song plays). NOOOOOOO…. HELP OVER HERE!!!

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Climate Change Monologue Project

​In the first unit of World history, we learned and explored the serious effects of global climate change. The primary greenhouse gas that is responsible for climate change, carbon dioxide has been mainly emitted through human activities.  Climate change has always existed, but has progressively worsen. We furthered our knowledge on the topic as we watched various videos and researched the potential future effects of climate change on our environment.  We were asked to create characters and describe their relationship with climate change, while informing the reader about the global issue. My goal is to leave the reader with information and for them to know that no matter who you are, we're all experiencing the effects of this global issue.

Monologue #1

Job Regulation   (Clarise,  New York, Works at Sanitation department, 40 year old, single mother, 3 kids, )

The boss just asked to see me in 5 minutes. I really hope it’s not about coming in late yesterday. I have three kids, I’m a single parent. What does he expect from me ? I’m living paycheck to paycheck ! Maggy just started school... which reminds me, she has back to school night. Ugh, Nooo ! I have a late shift that night…. Has it been 5 minutes yet ? I think so.….Wait that’s him calling me now. Before you say anything else Mr.Rogers, I just want to apologize for being late the other day. My son Tommy, remember him ? He got sick, his asthma has been acting up really baa ( stopped in mid sentence) Oh so if it’s not about that, what is it about ? As the member of the sanitation department our goal is to keep the area cleaned, we recycle and try to the best of our ability to keep things cleaned. Is that what you called me in here for, to ask what this department does ? Okay. Yes, I am aware of the Amendment to the clean air act. It’s aiming to reduce acid rain caused by power plant emissions. I don’t remember how much the estimated cost would be to do this. 7.5 billion really ? We don’t have that money no way. I have said it time and time again enviromental protection is much too expensive for our economy.  I don’t understand, Mr. Rogers you called me here to have a discussion about climate change ? Yes, I would appreciate it if you just cut to the chase.  You had to lay some people off ? (Pause) I was one of them. (holds mouth and begins to cry.) I have three kids, what do I tell them ? Find another job ? It’s not that easy BOSS ! So, your telling me hard working people, are going to lose their jobs because you want to purchase cleaner equipment, and use sulfur dioxide and some nitrogen crap. Is having a cleaner environment the main priority right now ?  Now, that people have let pollution get out of hand, we’re just supposed to hurry and spend money to just try to stop it now. This has been going, it didn’t just pop up. It’s just noticeable now. How will you feed your family tonight ? Billy, Mandy, and your wife ? No ! No ! You can’t do this. (Long Pause, wipes tears) No, you won’t have to call them, I’ll get my things and go.

Monologue #2

Crop Growth ( Tica, Female, 16 year old, Africa, eldest of all her siblings, 2 sisters and one brother.)

As I wake, I wipe the crust from the eyes that have been held open from the night before. The sun pierces my eyes, but it feels good. I look forward to being  awakening by the sun. It is true, the world does revolve around the sun. I thank god for it everyday. Without it , how would I be able to feed my brothers and sisters. Mother leaves at 6 today, because she has to be at the bus early. Last time she almost missed it . I’m glad she didn’t because no work is no pay. So, this means I I I I have to get the kids dressed and fed for school. Sometimes I miss school,  this week has been awful, but I have to help mom. Since Dad is gone. I think about him when I’m plowing the fields everyday. He always said that if you're plowing has a rhythm it goes much faster. (Pull, dig, dig, pull, dig)  He was the strongest man I knew. (Huff)  It’s 8 o clock already, I should go wake the girls up so they can get washed. Onikaaaaa Tukaaaaa. Stop arguing just hurry and get clean ! Okay, now they’re up let me go get breakfast ready. ( Sigh) We’re out of rice. I thought I sent Mabitu to the field for more yesterday. He never listens, that why he stays in trouble. He’ll learn one day. It’s been so hot lately, the sun is beating upon my neck as if I stole from it. The rice isn’t ready to picked yet. (Pause)  that explains why he didn’t bring them in. Now that I think about it, It’s been three days without rainfall.  Rain is what affects the balance and nourishment of the seeds. How can anything grow without it. (Papa told me that)  I do remember Zimbawe, the wise one of the village. He mentioned something about none of the crops growing, due to the changing of the weather. He said  With the change of weather, the distribution of the plant seeds are messed up, so not only will our crops not be able to grow to their full potential, their won’t be many of thee (Stops in mid sentence)  Yesss, I’m out here ! I’ll be in there, in a second.  It’s almost time for you guys to leave out. We won’t be having rice this morning, I know, I know. Each one of you take a apple. Make sure you eat it, I don’t care if you don’t want it. I’ll have dinner ready when you come home. (Door shuts) ( Sits down) Will I ?

Monologue #3

Human Health ( Robby, Malawi, 17 year old boy, Sjögren’s Syndrome, practicing for presentation.)

Good Morning,  How's everyone feeling ? I’m here to talk about the climates impact on health. Some of you may walk away with the feeling of wanting to help, others with the feeling why do I care. But the goal I hope to accomplish is only making you aware of it. Let me tell you a little about who I am.  My name is Robby I was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome when I was 6 years old, I am now 17. It was a shock to everyone, because no one had the syndrome in the family, so it wasn’t hereditary. At first we thought I had lupus, but with a serious amount of other tests ran we discovered the real thing was Sjögren’s Syndrome. I used to feel like an outcast, I was different, I couldn’t do what other kids did. The simple things I couldn’t do. for a while my  best friend was an oxygen mask. When I started to get better and regularly take my medicine, I started to meet people with the same disease. In school, I had more confidence and I actually began to join different groups. I started to invest my time in environmental science. It became a hobby. You have any water ? Thank you, my mouth was a little dry. (Clears throat) I’m sorry class, Okay good, I’ll continue. Around the time of the spring that just passed, I started to experience a more intense pain. Every so often I would have this feeling, my heart would  run a mile a minute. At any moment it felt like it would burst. My chest would tighten like a fist beginning to close. I’ve never took anything for granted, because that feeling burned in my chest every time I did. Of course my parents and I  were worried so I went back to the doctors. I was switched to different and stronger medicines. One of my doctors mentioned the change in my health might be due to the environmental changes. I was very book savvy and already involved in science so I did some research. I found that climate change affects those with respiratory issues and allergies. Along with asthma, food borne, insect borne, and heat related issues. The respiratory and allergy related issues applied to me, so I did further research. The spring pollen season was happening earlier and lasting longer. For example, Ragweed is a popular flowering plant and it was shown that the amount of pollen production is increased during this spring season. Tests on Ragweeds also showed that high carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures increased the amount. This not only told me that I needed to take my medicine, but told me there are high carbon dioxide levels. This carbon dioxide is causing climate change and pollution is due to carbon dioxide emissions.  (Gasp),  I just said a lot . Everyone with me ? Kinda ? No ? Okay. So all this carbon dioxide we’re producing is polluting our air and effecting things that we may not know about. Which is our health. I thought this needed to be shared to other people, as young children we may feel like we can’t make big changes. But we sometimes fell to realize the little things we do can contribute to the big. Awareness is change, people’s knowledge and views change due to awareness. Twice a week I visit schools like yours and find kids who are interested in taking apart in the this movement. Thank you for your time. A you all have been a great audience. (Sigh of  relief)  Okayyyy mom, I’ll be down in a sec. I Guess I better run through it again after dinner so I’ll be ready for the big day tomorrow.

Monologue #2 
Crop Growth Video 

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Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit I have learned how Global Warming is becoming a big issue but people make take Global Warming as a little deal. There were many stories on how people are affected by Global Warming. All of them are very very sad and heartbreaking to hear. No one really cares about this issue unless they are being affected by it. Not a lot of people are affect but we still need to hear the ones out that were/are affected now. We have to help the Earth become a better place for everyone to live in and it has to be an safer environment. But how is that going to happen if no one is listening? Well, this is why in my World History class we had to make Monologues. These Monologues has different stories being told. We are trying as a class to help everyone else understand why this should be a bigger deal. We can change this and make it into a good thing, only if we all hear each other out and make sure that the Earth is here when the next generation is here too! We can help change this Global Warming into a good income!

Monologue #1: Eye of Japan

Hello. Yes, this is her. At the time of when the Earthquake and Tsunami happened, I was actually at work. I work a tall building in Tokyo. At first I felt a little shaking, I thought it was just me. Everyone in the building was rushing down to get down to the basement of the building. The shaking kept doing on. I was running down to the stairs. The building was tipping over. It finally had stop. All of a sudden, I hear these bells ringing and ringing. I didn’t know what they were. However, I just knew that it wasn’t a good bell. I asked one of the older workers and they had told me to go to the garage. It was the bell of a warning for an incoming Tsunami.

I have one brother, he’s older than me. Yes, he’s alive and my parents had died from the Tsunami. Leaving me and my older brother praying that they are doing so much better and praying that they would take care of us.

My brother and I are planning to move to a safer city in Japan soon. We don’t think it’s a safe place to live in right now. With all the damage and we want to have children later on. We can’t afford to having a family here, knowing that it might happen again in the future.

No, it’s just me and brother. My cousins, uncles and aunts live in Japan too but they weren't affect like how my brother and I were. It’s been a few years now and there is only little progress happening. They can’t just rebuild it again and again. Who knows when it might happen?

Monologue #2: People Are Doing This ?!!?

Yes this is Polar Gris. I live in the Arctic where it’s getting warm and cozy. I usually go into the Ocean looking for food to feed for my kids. The fish are usually the easiest thing I can find.

Uh-mm.. Well, my kids are still young too. I try to keep them out from the water. It’s so dangerous. I try not to stay in the water for too long. Now that the water level is rising I can’t really swim well. There’s not a lot of ice anymore. It’s getting warmer and warmer everyday now.

Yes, I did lose a few of my family members. They couldn't find enough land to get on. Yes, it’s sad. Eventually, we will all die. Unless, people start taking care of what is going on. Everyday, I just worry and worry about what or who might I lose next. I have to look after my family.

The fish are fine, it’s just that it gets harder and harder everyday. The ice is melting quickly. My family might have to find a different place to live in but everywhere else is just like the place we are living in now. I don’t like it. I see about 1 Polar Bear drowning everyday. I wish I could help them but how could I? If I help them, I’m taking a big risk myself. My life could end there.

It’s not just us who has to deal with this. It’s other animals too. Penguins, Beluga Whales, Harp Seals and many more.

No! I never heard of “Global Warming”, is this why all of this is happening? The water rising? oh wow. I never knew that.

You’re kidding, people are causing it?! Well, they need to help us fix this problem before we all die.

Monologue #3: Everything Is Turning Into A Disaster

After seeing what happened to my country, it breaks my heart.

*said in a breaking voice*

I don’t know how some people could look at this and not do anything. You people don’t know how bad it is until you see it lively yourself. You’re just sitting here wasting your money on stupid things. Right now, as you can see my family is struggling. We are left homeless. We’re trying to find shelter but where will it be? No one close by. The roads and streets are flooded with water. The water is at least up to my waist. If my kids were to stand, they would be underwater.

Every time we walk, I have to carry them both in my arms.

This Typhoon is the worse thing that ever happened to my family and I. We have no other place to say but we must go to the city and get a hotel room. I can’t even work now. The crops are probably all gone by now. Everything is turning into a disaster. I just need someone to direct me into the right path right now. I can’t even think start. We all have been wearing the same dirty clothes.

Yeah, we have been walking for days. At night, well, we just try to look for a little dry area. We really don’t want to sleep next to or near the water. It could rise again. Who knows? It just hurts me to see this happening to everyone that I grew up with. It sucks. Everyone else are struggling. Struggling to find a house, food to put on the table and even money. Everyone in this village has been working in the fields. Now, that the field might be gone. We really can’t find another way to find money. Everyone out there, we aren't struggling. Just help us. Help us by not making Global Warming a bigger issue. Make it a smaller issue by not doing bad things to the Earth.

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Climate Change Monologues: Eva Karlen and Ayanna Lemon

This is the compilation of climate change-themed monologues by Eva Karlen and Ayanna Lemon. We chose to write from the perspectives of five very different characters, some fictional and some that reside down the hall at SLA. Though these characters' backgrounds do not follow a specific trend, their monologues constitute different perceptions of climate change that vary between regions, by people's ages and especially by personal beliefs and experiences. Not only did we attempt to scientifically analyze climate change through the eyes of our characters, but we considered the emotional and psychological impacts of climate change through their backstories and transformations. The climate change unit in history helped us to determine the settings of our monologues and how climate change would have affected those specific locations.

VK Tries to Convince the Freshmen of the Corruption and Idiocy of the Government

[VK, a can of red bull in hand, paces between white boards at the front of a Freshman engineering class.]

[The students sit motionlessly in front of the tall, manic man.] So… the political issues related to global warming are… horrible, because the fact is, that it has turned from an ideological argument to a political one and is not founded in the sciences. At all.  There is complete consensus among the scientists...the people who think it’s not a problem? They’re not actually scientist, for the most part, they’re people who have degrees from Universities that aren’t credited to give science degrees.

Why is it that politicians can say “I’m not a scientist, so what can I say about Global Warming?” - listen to the scientists then. And they’re not and it’s completely ridiculous.

[A student raises his hand. VK enthusiastically calls on him.] “Like, wasn’t Obama at the climate summit in New York or something? I think he cares, or whatever.”

[VK grins at the student and continues to rant.] Well, what it really comes down to is the way our political system runs in regards to the fact that people have to pay to advertise - so that therefore what they do is they pander. They create policies that will pander to give them money and since they are willing to get that money, that then enables them to get re-elected. The majority of politicians, sorry not the majority, a large plurality of politicians, instead of trying to better this country have instead decided that they are going to try to get re-elected. That is their number one goal, and in order to do that they are taking positions saying “Oh well...Global Warming...I don’t know if that’s real or not”.

How in the world can you have an energy and science committee for the house of representatives where half the people there are climate change deniers? Thats just stupid. The phrase I’m going to use here is willful ignorance. If a politician says that they don’t know weather or not climate change is happening that is because they are choosing to not know it. It is a reality. [The class stares timidly. VK’s voice softens slightly] Also, “It got really cold during the winter, so there can’t be Global Warming” that is also willful ignorance. Okay? You are making a choice to not be aware of the problems. It got colder here because there is more energy in the system and since there’s more energy in the system the weather systems are gonna change, all that kind of stuff.

So basically, what it really comes down to is money. [VK grins to himself] And right now, because you are able to get a multiple dollars-per-gallon profit on gasoline, a lot of the people who have the money have an economic interest in destroying our climate. And since they have the money, they are then enabled to buy off the politicians - not in a direct I-give-you-money type of way, but you get the picture.

The economic argument against climate change is complete bullcrap [Several students grin], in fact, there’s a study that came out pretty recently by a lot of major business leaders - including some that have an economic interest in oil- that show very convincingly, and I personally don’t have a doubt about this, that it is in both the short-term and the long-term economic interest of this country to pursue energy methods that global warming. It’s not an economy vs. environment - helping the environment is going to help the economy - because instead of repairing a coal plant, you just put in a wind plant. It’s the same money that’d be going into it, except now it’d be going into something sustainable, something that is relatively non-polluting.

(This monologue paraphrases several VK quotes.)

The Gondolier

[An elderly woman sits in a gondola on a narrow canal in Mantua, Venice, oar clutched between her frail fingers]

Droplets cling to the cartouches of law firms and the fangs of stone gargoyles that guard churches. Dew speckles window frames and splintered sunlight wakes the citizens of Venice once again. I pull my the hood of my coat off of my head, withered hands gently shaking my silver hair from where it plastered itself to my head overnight. My bones groan and my elbows squeak gently as I haul myself out of the gondola I’ve come to know like the lines on the palm of my hand, the slender oar like an extension of my arm and my legs easily taking the shape of the curved belly of the lovely boat.

The canals of Venice are incredible in their expansive beauty and intricate grandeur. I know the canals like the veins on my knees or forearms, and each curve down a different section of the city is like the familiar groove my tongue tip touches between each molar. The city, my own body and boat are the only types of “home” that I’ve ever had. Brackish water juxtaposing the candy hued paint of tourists’ shop windows like pastries in a striped box and the rich smoke from markets and the smog from motor boats during the summertime attract tourists internationally, but every time I deliver a person to their destination, the city loses some of the luster and beauty that it once possessed as I grew up around the canals.

I watch as the canals leave muddy streaks on the flanks of buildings as their waters rise with every rainfall, but don’t recede. I weep along with archaic buildings as their crumbling bricks fall like tears into the waters below, only to be patched with scaffolding, their original integrity forever changed. I mourn as the history of my beautiful canals is morphed into a tourist’s paradise. Our visitors want to appreciate our city before it is underwater, but refuse to think twice about the fuel burned from their flight to Italy.

[A young couple saunters over to the elderly woman] Ciao! Ciao, sir! You two are honeymooners? Yes, sir, gondola rides all around the most romantic parts of the city… Oh, you’re visiting to see the city… before it’s too late? I see. Yes, the canals are truly marvelous. I only wish that their beauty was not taken for granted.    

Dear God

(A young boy sits on the porch or his trailer and stares at the sky. He periodically rips chunks of bread off a stale loaf he keeps by his side and feeds to nearby pigeons.)

I don’t really understand how Momma dying could be my fault, dad’s fault, all of our faults, but that’s what they say. They say that it’s a chain reaction, that when we make trash or take long showers or when my dad drives me to school or mines coal at work we somehow help make these bad gasses that poke holes in the ozone layer - that’s like a shield that covers the planet from the sun.

When I was littler, Momma would take me to the woods after school, you know, if I didn’t have too much homework and if dad wasn’t home yet. We’d sometimes take Jenny with us, to walk her. Jenny died a while ago too, but I don’t think it was ‘cause of the sun. I asked mom why she liked the trees so much, and she would just smile and say that they reminded her of my eyes. She told me she wanted to take me somewhere where it was safe to breathe. She taught me a whole lotta important things in the woods, like how everything will die one day, even all of the huge trees and the sun and how dad’s drinkin’ wasn’t his fault, that he was still good to us and that he hated his job, but how sometimes you have to do things you don’t like and try not to be selfish. I still don’t know why you had to take her, and pardon my saying this, God, but I think that was awfully selfish of you.

(Rips a piece of the bread and tosses it to the birds)

When I told my dad what I learned about the sickness, he got angry. He yelled and shouted and threw things - not at me though, never at me. I think he just didn’t know how to deal with his feelings. Then he got very quiet, and he told me that it wasn’t true. I thought about when Jenny died and the animal doctor had to give her a needle and how dad got very pale. But later that evening, after he sat in front of the television to watch the Monday night game, as he always did -drink in hand-, he cried himself to sleep. And I hid in a corner, and pretended I couldn’t hear - like I always do.

Anyway, my mom had Melanoma. That’s skin cancer. But I guess you knew that. They say most people don’t die from it, that it was a one-in-ten chance - but I guess she was just unlucky. And I don’t know much about it, but I know she was sick for a long time before she ever said anything. Not that she was hiding it, it’s just that it’s a sneaky kind of sickness, the kind that isn’t always easy to notice. And by the time she did, notice it, that is, it was already too late.

So, I wanted to ask if maybe you could save my dad. I know he’s not a church-goin’ man, but he’s a good one - he doesn’t deserve to die. But now he’s sick, too. His lungs are black and the doctor says his kidneys - I don’t know what those do, but I know that not having them anymore isn’t good -  can’t take much more of his drinkin’. And now that he’s been laid off, I’m worried that he might stop fighting to stay alive. But I don’t want to be alone, God, and I know that’s mighty selfish of me - that’s what momma would say - but that’s how I feel. And maybe if you let him stay with me a while longer, at least till I’m on my own, he won’t have to cry himself to sleep, and we can get a new dog and go for long walks in the woods and it will be like how it was before we poked holes in the sky.


The continent of Atlantis was an island

Which lay before the great flood

In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.

The antediluvian kings colonised the world

All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas

In all legends from all lands were from far Atlantis.

And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind

Let us rejoice

And let us sing

And dance and ring in the new, Hail Atlantis!

  • “Atlantis,” Donovan

[A haggard, middle-aged man stands in the weed-infested yard of his crumbling house overlooking the Atlantic ocean as a storm approaches. A Donovan album plays from a turntable inside the house.]

Can you smell it, Lindsay? No, no, smell again. Not the garbage! The storm! … Yes, of course I can smell the storm. Mmm. Delicious. Detoxifying, even. The tree branches hang a little lower. Plants bow their heads in anticipation for an awe-inspiring- monsoon! The ocean air even infects landlocked villages, remarkable, isn’t it? Lindsay, your flowers should love the rain… well, they used to be beautiful. I’m sorry I’ve let them go to ruins, along with the house. You’ve been gone for so long… I know, darling, not for too much longer and I’ll be joining you.

Do you remember when we bought this LP, Lindsay? No, no, not in Toronto. That little record store in New Paltz, remember? When we had to visit for a conference on alternative energy? The rain in Upstate New York is infinitely gorgeous. Won’t they be surprised when old Lake George floods over? Of course New York will go under, we’ll all go under! No, I fear not death, nor rivers flooding. As long as you’re by my side, darling… ha! Well, death is not so much a black casket as it is a watery grave. We’ll be a modern day Deucalion (doo-key-li-on) and Pyrrha (peer-a), no?

You know, those Greeks were on to something. The Mesopotamians, too. Hell, even in the Bible! … Hardly a depressing thought, darling. An inevitable apocalypse, in my mind. The thought of a Viking funeral was always appealing to me, after all! We burn fossil fuels like it’s our job, who knows how quickly the waters will consume our cities? You realize that the icecaps are melting, don’t you, dear? But what’s the end of the world to a woman with a maggot in her brain?

Really, I am sorry, darling. I didn’t mean to upset you… oh, but look! The storm is getting good now. Vermillion and carnelian streaks of the sunset, like your delicate fingers painted in blood, violent indigo waters, what beautiful chaos… I needn’t go inside, dear, I’ve been waiting a long time for this storm… Lindsay, you have typhoon eyes, you know. Every shade of blue in two irises. Miraculous. Say, darling, do you remember Hurricane Charley as vividly as I do? Right here. Cayo Costa, Florida. We didn’t pack up the car in time to evacuate. We’d left a few important albums in the attic, hadn’t we? Ha! Your body disfigured under wooden ceiling beam debris, winds lashing your hair back and forth across your disfigured face, like the shattered jaw of a stone angel fallen from the steeple of a church and your arms and legs like cracked china doll limbs.

Lindsay? Lindsay, don’t zone out just yet, dearest. What a perfect storm brewing, yes, what marvellous lengths the clouds must have gone to to conceive this fantastic array, to construct stained glass church windows in the heavens! What a funeral the skies have prepared for me! Lindsay, my dearest… we shall be the king and queen of fair Atlantis. “Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be.”

The Incurable Illness

(A dark place. The air is thick and humid as our narrator’s feeble voice resonates.)


Their fumes fill my air and  blacken my lungs. My children die at their own expense as my waters slowly turn acidic, killing all they touch.

And I am tired, so tired. But at night I cannot be comforted by the stars, for their lights cloud my eyes and their smoke fills my skies.

Inhale, Cough

They are in constant movement, burning and boiling and trampling and toiling -They toil and toil, slowly polluting my soil.

And their machines dig deep. Extracting and probing and melting and molding.

And I feel tired. Tired from sustaining and growing and compensating and devoting everything to recompense

Breath in

for their destruction.


They take, and take and take, never considering the long-term effects of their recklessness.

And I try. I try to tell them that they’re killing me. I try with every storm, every drought, every landslide, every typhoon, every fire.

But they do not listen. And soon, no amount of trying will account to anything anyway, because I am dying and there is only so much resistance I can put forth.

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps this is a war for them - if humanity has finally united under the single cause of bringing my upon my downfall? What they do not realize, is that by killing me, they are killing themselves.


Humanity is an incurable illness. Like my own personal cancer, they multiply and multiply, but there is no medicine that can save me. And no hope for them should they not change.

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Climate change Monoloque project

Our unit of study was about climate change and what we are doing to contribute to it. In order to learn about how it affects certain people and how different parts of the globe are being affected, we used monologues. When writing monologues, we got to experience climate change through different perspectives and this helped us grasp the concept of climate change better. Climate change is not a simple thing and the only way to fully comprehend it we need to know the different ways it plays out in different places. These monologues helped us to realize that climate change is not a distant thing. It’s happening right now, and the damage is constantly being done.
​Perspective of an Inuit
  This climate change. Its been years, and the weather continues to change my life. Climate change has changed my life. Im so used to the cold, it has been like this for my whole life. But the climate change has really gotten very drastic so it is very hard for me to continue to live my life the same way as i have always done it. I am open to change but not like this. The worst part of all of this is I know that it is only going to get worse, and I keep getting these blows. First I just have to re-locate where I live. But my tribe has lived her for so long. I don't know how it is out there, all i see is it is getting hot.  In a place where it pure natural, you are alone with the winter. And every year the Autumn Freeze-up happend around the same time, but now with the climate change happening it occurs up to a month later than it should be. The spring thaw comes earlier every year, and it seems like everything that we instituted into our tribe and our culture is coming to an end. The hot weather in the summer is something that we are not used to. It is not how it is supposed to be, it melts a lot of ice, so we are not left with normal turane.
I have to start moving again, because all of the ice is getting my home damp. I don't know how long i can do this. A world leader has to do something about this, How will my kids live in this world I don't know.  Something has to change, but its the environment. I can not control what happens and that is the hardest thing to understand. My whole tribe is in a frenzy, i really hate how much this involves the whole community. Poor Uhiti, he warned all of us, but we just continued to do what we did. I guess that we will deal with it, and then we will end up happier.

Victim of Hurricane sandy
Its been three days since my home has been destroyed. I would have never thought that I would be homeless. It was just a week ago where i felt on top of the world, I had just earned a raise. Sandy they called it, what a terror. Tore my whole house apart, lucky I was staying at a freinds. But how can I be upset, Its our faults right? I feel like we did this to ourselves. This hurricane would have never happened if we just cared about our environment. If we just cared about our stupid environment I wouldn't be homeless. If we just cared about our stupid environment Scrappy would be alive. Man I miss scrappy, little fella. It seems like it really came back to bite me in the butt. But it can’t all be me, I couldn't have done it myself even if i wanted to. So it was not my fault! Our goddamn society ruined my house, my city is underwater and I lost my dog. I went to college, how the hell can i be homeless.
My life is a mess, i dont even know where to start. Where will I live. And right now, i live in a ford focus. I guess not totally homeless. But if i'm not homeless i'm hopeless, I just can't seem to see the end of this. Thank god all of my friends are okay, if they were not I don't know what i would do. Damn, i wonder how badly my house is, I saw pictures and it looks like I am going have to find a new house. I guess I will just start over, time to stop double thinking myself and just commit to something, I think it will be for the better. I just can not get it out my mind that all of this could have been avoided if we as humanity cared about our home and this planet. As much as we get from the planet, we also take it for granted. And destroy it daily, so know we are paying for it, and so is scrappy.

Making her Suffer
Watching your friend suffer is hard. Watching your friend suffer due to something that you know you contributed to is even harder.
I’ve never been a recycler, I’ve never been a nature person, and I’ve definitely never stopped to ask myself how my decisions are impacting the world I live in. When I got the call from my best friend that I had known since basically birth, she told me that her house was torn down, her mom had died and there was little relief going on in her town in the Philippines right now. This was all due to an unexpected hurricane that shook her town into oblivion.
I didn’t know what to do but tell her it was going to be alright and offer to fly her out to my house to live with me for a while. But I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt for the way I’ve treated my earth. 
For the past 20 years, until that moment I had been living in a fish bowl, not realizing the things that I was doing actually had consequences. All the stuff that I had put into that landfill or all the energy that I use that contributes to the burning of fossil fuels and speeds up the rate of climate change.
I’m not blaming only myself, I am just aware that I  am one of the many ignorant beings that do not understand what I am doing to my home. These natural disasters that people suffer through such as my friend, are getting bigger and bigger. For me to just stand by and watch this happen is unthinkable. 
The earth can’t speak for itself. We need to realize the signs and we need to make it right. We’ve already done irreversible damage, let’s not do more. I’m starting with myself, not just for me, not just for the earth, but for my best friend. I think it’s not too late. 

Complaining for a Change
For me to say that I hate climate change would be an understatement. The only reason I make money is because of the climate. The only reason I’m alive is because of the climate. Climate change is a nightmare that I am living.
I am a farmer. I work morning and night to keep my piece of land plentiful and I am also an in love with my planet. Lately though, things have been happening. I live in Florida. It’s very warm here generally but recently the temperatures have been lower than usual. This means crops dying left and right. Life as I’ve always known it seems to be falling apart. All I know is farming. I’m the best at what I do. I have never been in another profession. And climate change is slowly draining my money. I can’t sell and produce with the weather that has been going on lately.
If you ask me what motivates people to make a change, I wouldn’t have an answer. I believe that people won’t be determined to make a change until it’s too late. We tend to push things off and if we aren’t making a difference now then when will we? When the hurricanes get stronger or the tornados move faster? I can’t say, but I do know that we’re doomed as of right now.
But I guess I’m a hypocrite because what am I doing for climate change? Just whining about how no one is doing anything. I use quite a bit of energy, I don’t protest, and I most certainly do not get thrown in jail for mother nature. If I want a change, I need to start with myself.

Saving my Home
As a person living in Africa, my life has already suffered many stresses. The effects of climate change have yet to destroy my life.
Africa has struggled for many years, leaving us with a history of death, violence, but also beauty. Our land is full of exotic animals and amazing wildlife. To think that this is threatened is beside me.
By 2020, 75 to 250 million people are going to be experiencing more water problems than ever before due to climate change. 
Our agriculture is at risk. Many of it is rain fed, and we will be suffering major droughts due to climate change. Africa has a lot of economic stress right now meaning that many people already are at a shortage of food. With the shortage of rain making less food, this means disaster.
What annoys me most is that I can’t really do much. I feel very disconnected from the world leaders that could actually make a difference with regard to climate change if they wanted to.
I don’t know who to turn to or who to blame but I do know that if we don’t change our ways soon then everyone including my beautiful homeland is doomed. 
It starts with me asking you for help and it ends with a chain reaction. I need our earth. And so do you, for that matter. We all do.
It feels so awful to know that our poor planet is suffering due to us and our lazy, greedy, ignorant actions. I just hope that it gets the help it deserves before it’s too late. I love my earth and I love my Africa, and I can’t stand to see them suffer any longer.

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Climate Change monologue project



[ A boy is sitting on a dock looking at the water. ]

Why is this water so dark? My friends are telling me that the fish look bad and they wont touch it.  Dad I wish were here you would be as scared as me. The water is getting worse every time I come up here. What scares me is what if I have to move? I will not move till its the worst. Dad I promised you that I would never leave but that may be my only choice. Our little town has almost all gone accept for the fisherman. There must be away to fight back this dark water. You always said the worst will all ways past and I hope it does.

[pause ] reality

¨Hey jay - I am good- you are leaving when - I see - I will stop by later - I know the water is getting bad- I am with my uncle- He may not stay there is not money coming in- I don't want that to be an option this is my home- ok I will see you later.

[goes back into thought]

Dad I been thinking about all the times you and I used to fished here. You said the world endless and that fish will always need to be caught. The sea was so clear you could see all the rocks that fish would jump out. Now the water is dark and you can’t see anything in the water. You made me feel like everything was going to be good even if it was not.  

I believe there something wrong but what? The loss of my town is scary. Everybody is leaving what is there left to save? I want to fight this but its almost a disease that killing everything I love. Dad I hope you know I would never do anything that would change our life we had made here. But its not safe to stay.  


World with worry

[Women is on stage at a conference]

Hello everybody thanks for coming today. My name is Anne and over the last few years my life has changed. Living in New York in Manhattan I never thought in a million years I would ever be speaking on climate change. But my last job has change my mind on climate change.

[sites in a chair in the front of stage]

My job was working for a large company and we built keyboards for computers. I never really thought of what really goes into the manufacturing of the keyboards. I worked hard on design with a design team. We all wanted a perfect design that could pull in the big bucks. One day I was walking home looking up at the sky. I Started to think where do things come from.  How are they built. We all have theses ideas but to make your ideas you have to make the product.

[stand up and stares into audience]

I started to question where my company. I knew that there was outsourcing involved. But I later learned that the mass production was being in Asia in large factories that had a high rate of chemicals that were really hurting the environment and the people inside the factories. I was fired and yet no matter how much I try to not think about what this company had done it stuck with me. I believe all theses companies need to change and understand that factories and plants are killing us without knowing or caring. So I want to stand against this and change the air because I want my kids and the future to have a healthy and happy place to live.  


A life change in a moment

[A man sites on porch writing ]

Dear Prime Minister Enda Kenny,

My name is Charlie I am writing to  you because my family farm is being destroyed. The land that I live on and have my family farm on is getting worse every day. Everyday I see crops stop growing and there is nothing I can do but watch.  My life is being torn apart every moment of every day. There is no complete answer.

You and your friends watch as the things we need in life are being striped away. I believe you can make a change one that can have a huge impact on what’s going on. To be angry at you means I need to know you which I don't. There are many farms that need even more help than mine and peoples homes and land are being taken away.

As there is no money coming in. I hope you understand that just waiting till all the farms have all disappeared and there is nothing left is a very bad idea. If we can change what's going on now we can change the course of where all these farms futures are going towards.



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Nevrid's Climate Change Monologue

Part 1

During this unit in World History, we have been learning the way humans have changed this world, by affecting it’s climate, and causing climate change. Climate change affects the Earth by heating the planet and causing destruction in many different ways. Humans play the biggest part in climate change, by releasing CO2 in the atmosphere from cars, factories, etc, and causing climate change. In my monologues my goal was to show the perspective of different people and nature, and how they felt about climate change. I wanted the monologues to inspire and make people actually feel and do something about climate change. I hope you enjoy them.  

Part 2

Oil Miner

(Picks up a megaphone and speak in front of a large crowd behind a fence protesting for no more mining and hurting the Earth, causing global warming.)

Guys, what do you want me to do?... Leave?!... Than what? Have no food for my family. No money to pay the bills. What do you guys think? You think i want to do this job?... No i don’t it’s something i hate doing, but it pays the bills. Mining 18 hours a day and getting payed almost minimum wage is not what i want to do, but like i said, it pays the bills. Hear me out guys. This is from the heart. You are right, but are you going to pay the bills in my house? No, you won’t. So this job is what i have to do. This protest you are doing, is hurting you more. As you can see, work is still going. Please, go home. Take rest. Coming out here is not worth it. Us workers we are just trying to bring food to the table. You should take this to the government. They can give you what you want. Protesting us to stop, is just making us angry. So, leave!... Guys we got families to feed, just leave.

Harry Cane

(Harry (Hurricane) thinking of a speech to give, to the people that he destroyed their properties.)

Im sorry! From the bottom of my heart, i want to say i’m sorry. It is my fault for doing all of this. I know your now homeless. I know you have lost everything. I know i caused this. My destruction, is something that i can’t control. The houses i knock down, the cars i flip over, the debris i make is all because i can’t control it. The better the environment around me, the less i appear, and the less dangerous i am. I’m just like you, a human. My surroundings affect me, just like they affect you. I do accept that some of it was my fault, and im sorry.

(Mummbles) Ok, here we go.

Not all of it was my fault. It was mostly your fault. This is a two way street. You can’t receive but don't give back. You take everything from this planet, destroy it, cause global warming, and think it will be okay. But it won’t. You know why?... Because of all of you. I come because of you. You treat the planet bad. I then return the favor to you. Don’t just think about your planet, think about your children. What kind of future are you leaving for them? What example are you setting for your children? Think about how they will have to pay for this. There is ways to fix this way of treatment to the planet. There are many ideas that are phenomenal, and would work greatly, but nobody does anything about it. If you get off your phones and computers, you can actually do something about your planet and follow those who already have started. Again, blame yourselves for this destruction that happened. Because of this destruction, you have no houses, no belonging, and are sitting in a crowded shelter. Think harder for what your actions bring you!

(Talks to himself) Needs more work.

Steven Gerrard

( Steven who is about to give a speech in front of his entire school about what they can do to help climate change, and what they are currently doing)

(Speaks to himself) Oh my God! … I can’t believe i’m doing this! … Hope everyone doesn’t make fun of me. …

Hi guys! How are you doing? … Great! … Look i’m not going to stand up here, and bore you. I’m going to get straight to the point. Climate change. The world has now the highest CO2 levels that there ever been and, we are in trouble. What are we doing? … Nothing! Why? … I’m curious as well. We are one of the leading schools in our area, we have the minds to accomplish change for the better, but we are not even trying. So as a school, as students, i think we should stand up, and make our own future, not one that is directed by the government. The same government that is not doing anything about this. We could start by spreading the word, to everyone that doesn’t know, and remind those who do know. Than make our way to the big steps. Start making plans on bigger things. A process that follows once we get things started. What do you guys think? … Our knowledge is here together, the people of this world are also here, we are part of it, and we are also part of the future. How about we change our future for the better, for everyone, starting now?  

Part 3
Password is SLA.

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