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Poema S1 U2


Soy Shana.

Siempre, soy

artistica y aventurera.

A veces, me encanta

ir de compras, escuchar música, y sacar fotos.

No soy ni coja.

ni perezoso.

Yo soy…


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Watch It

*Singing and dancing* Social Justice 1.2.3. Woo woo!  I wanna be PC. Woo woo!  It’s just the way to be, for me and you. Woo woo!  Awe girl, I love this shooow. It’s the best thing in the frickin world yo. *Whispers* It’s even better than kittens. *Raises right hand* All the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me god it really is. Child, this show is like the internet times 10 plus 11. Watch it! It’s not just awesome, it’s amazingly awesome! This show ain’t got no picks forreal. You really need to watch it. They basically don’t give a fuck. They’ll say and do whatever they want. No lie. The creators got bigger balls than Rick Ross. They’ll come at you no matter what. Yes gurl, they be right at ya situation forreal. The other day they was making fun of Caitlyn Jenner. *Wildly laughing* Exactly, the woman hasn’t even been a woman for a year yet and they already at her neck. But forreal though you got to watch it.

Ha. Stop, you really tried it. It is way, way, waaayyy better than Family Guy. Nothing can compare to this show. It comes on all the time and you barely see reruns.  Every episode is different.*Pause* What you mean how? Because they are different. A baby and a dog don’t go on an adventure every episode. I’m not tryna throw shots though.  I really think you should watch it Terry. *Pause* Because you are my best friend and this show can benefit you. It can benefit all of us! *Begging* This show has been on 18 years and it deserves the attention Terry.

Are you going to watch it? Come on, it’s basically about a group of third graders... I don’t care how old you are. People older than us watch this show. No, a sixteen year old watching a bunch of third graders isn’t weird at all. Shh, just listen dammit. It’s funny because one of them always die. Naw, it’s the same boul. He die like almost every episode and then comes back to life and his friends never remembers it. They was like fuck YOLO, “our characters live a lot”. But wait, shut up I wasn’t done, I gotta tell you more. So there are 4 main characters and one of them hella funny forreal. He disrespectful on a whole new level yo. He be bullying everybody, especially Jews. It’s funny and wrong at the same time. He’s always messing with the other main character who is Jewish. But I don’t feel like explaining it anymore. Can you just watch the show please? Please? I always do things for you Terry. *Pause* Really? Okay, okay, don’t hang up yet. It’s called South Park and it comes on *hangs up* Comedy Central… *rolls eyes* She’s so damn rude.

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Mi Poema by Nick Ryan

Nick Ryan
Blue Stream

Mi Poema

Mi nombre es Nicholas.
Soy problemas de audición y sordo
Pero yo todavía poder oir todo.
Yo amar escuchar música,
Y hablar con amigos y familia.

Soy de decendencia europea.
Soy irlandés y alemána.
Es por eso que soy blanco
y tengo cabello rojo.
Y ese soy yo.
Profile Picture
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Mister Pee-body

(Looks up and hollers at his wife)

Hey Hon, can you come downstairs for a minute?

I have great news to tell you!

I also have some pizza and wings here!

I know, we ate an hour ago but, I’m hungry so come down and eat with me!

I have to tell you something!

(Heads to the living room and sits on the couch)

Before I tell you, let me go to the bathroom first.

Don’t worry, I’ll be quick.

(Looks back at his wife, irritated) I said I’ll be quick Susan!

(Back on the couch)

So, If you’ve noticed these past few months I’ve been going out with the boys, right?

You know, Victor, Manny, Ben, and Jerry.

Don’t you remember? Ben and Jerry are my dudes with the big ice cream company.

You know! We’ve had their ice cream before. We thought it was pretty damn good!

Uhmm, I forgot what the company’s called but I know that it’s an ice cream company.


Yeah, yeah! I told you, you would remember mhm, it’s the one with the weird and long ice cream names.

Anyways, I told my boys that I lost my job a week ago and Ben and Jerry offered that I could work at their company.

So, these past few weeks I’ve been going to their factory at South street trying all of the different flavors of their ice cream to help my palate familiarize all the ice cream flavors before I start working.



...But for some reason, I always get a blurry vision and I’m desperate for food at the end of the day after the tasting!

(Pauses and his brows moves down as it comes together)

I have to be careful with what?

Oh, that’s a different story.

I know that  mom has diabetes but that doesn’t mean I’m getting it too!

Well, I could if I keep doing this for years and years but I’ve been only doing this for a few months.

Susan! Are you even listening? (Eyes widening)


(His brows furrowed) There’s nothing to worry about, honey.

It’s not a big deal...

(Stands up)

Hold on a sec, gotta go to the bathroom!

(Sits back down)

Okay, back to what I was saying.

What was I saying again?

Ohhhh, (laughs) right!

No, I am feeling just fine honey!

Like I said, it’s normal!

My vision always gets blurry but if I relax for a bit, it’s all good!

(Slams his left hand on the couch) No, you don’t have to worry about this...

Okay, again, back to what I was saying!

Their ice cream is great and they still create those cheesy and weird names for their ice cream.

(Giggles) They even made fun of me for peeing every minute and joked that they will name their new ice cream flavor the (Does the finger quote gesture) “Mr. Pee-body,” dedicated to me!

(Laughs and right palm facing up just below his chest)

Well, at first, I was irritated by them making jokes about me but, I ended up laughing with them!

(Laughs) Oh god, it was a fun day!

(Stands up) I’m sorry hon, I gotta pee again!

Be right back!

(Comes back to the couch)

(He raises a brow) Wait wait wait, did you just call the doctor?

For why?

Oh my god, Susan!

It’s not that serious, okay?!

What do you mean, “you already set an appointment for tomorrow”?

Now you’re making me feel like a child who is afraid to see the doctor.

(Head down, looks to the right, and exhales) Fine, we’ll see what happens.

(At the doctor’s clinic)

Hi, how are you Doctor Porter?

I am Mike Breyers and this is my wife Susan Breyers.

(Short smile)

It’s nice meeting you too.

So, I am here today to… uhmm know if I have a uhmm oh yeah, I just have some concerns about how my body has been responding to certain things lately.

So, I’ve been working at an ice cream company as the ice cream taste tester and yes, I do consume a not so little amount of ice cream everyday. But, afterwards I tend to have a blurry vision and I am always hungry…

It’s nothing serious but it’ s weird.

(Lips pursed together and eyes widening)

Are you serious, Susan?

Okay, so just like what my wife said, I also get irritated a lot and (laughs) I visit the bathroom frequently.

(Sarcastic tone) Wow, thanks for noticing Hon.

Yes Doctor, I’ve been getting a blurry vision, I do pee a lot, I am always starving…

Yeah, I get irritated.


What about them?

I’ve noticed that my body is acting weirdly, Doctor Porter.

I don’t think I’m allergic to ice cream...

I’m not feeling anything severe, but…

My wife’s right, I’ve been acting differently and so does my body.

Oh, so you think ice cream has a huge impact on my body?

(Forehead creased) I have most of the symptoms for what, Doctor Porter?

(Jaw drops) For diabetes?

But, that doesn’t mean I have it!

Well, my mom has diabetes...

She has a type 2 diabetes.

(Exhales deeply) I really have diabetes, Doctor Porter?

(Murmurs) I guess I have to tell Ben and Jerry about this that I could no longer work for their company.

Yes, I work at my friend’s ice cream company.

(Eyes widens) Oh, how do you know Ben and Jerry?

Ahhh, right.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream.


Hon, it’s called Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream gave me diabetes!

(Murmurs and sighs) I guess I have to tell Ben and Jerry about this...
Mister Pee Body

hermano talentoso

Matthew Lor (Brother)     

     Tengo lindo y moreno.

Soy alto y me gustA salir con mi novia.

   Soy de fiLadelfia pero vivo en upper darby.

 Odio mi hErmana.

   Me fasciNa break dance.

    y no poder canTar.

          Soy asiaticO.

         Tengo dieciSe anos.

 SOy inteligente y me interesa ir a la escuela.
Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 9.36.34 PM
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   Me encanta Justin Bieber

                 Me gUsta escuchar Justin Bieber

Yo quiero ver JuStin Bieber en concierto

             Justin BIeber me fascina

     Me favorita Cancion es "As long as you love me"

Justin Bieber es Adorable


Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 9.29.49 PM
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Poema E1 U2

                    Soy Zahira.

A veces, soy

extraña y encantador.

De costumbre, me encanta Bailar,

cantar y salir con mi novio.

No soy ni aburrida

ni tímida.

Yo soy…


Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.07.28 PM
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Where Is Home?

(picks up a quarter on the ground) Nothing is worth a quarter anymore. Why would I even need this? I’m pathetic.

I don’t want to do this anymore. I know that I can be better than this. I don’t want to be the person I am. I always wonder what people think of me as I sit here. I know they look at me with such pity. ‘Oh, the poor homeless girl. Look at her. Maybe I should give her money so I can feel like a charitable person.’ No, I don’t want to be pitied. I shouldn’t have to. I should be in a home and with a family and not here… Under the bridge with my makeshift bed and pile of clothes.

The man in the red pick up truck has given me singles a few times a week. Sometimes he has a little girl in the back seat. I wonder if I could have been her in another life. I wonder what their life is like.  They’re probably driving to a playdate or going to her grandmother’s house. At the end of the day, he’ll pick her up and they’ll have a nice meal in their dining room, laughing over something that happened earlier. The dog, a golden retriever of course, would sit next to the little girl, waiting for her to drop some of her food. At the end of the night, he’ll tuck her into bed and maybe even read her a stupid bedtime story.

Why was this my fate? Why couldn’t I be born as someone else? Out of all the people in this damn world why was it me that had to end up like this? I never asked for any of this. I never did anything wrong in my life to end up this way. It was my mother. She had to leave my father. She had nowhere else to go. My father was abusive. He controlled everything to the point to where when she left, she had no one else to turn to. We slept in our car for a while and it’s been that way ever since. Where is she now? Probably helping Ronnie sell on some street corner.

(points into the left) I heard she sells on Carlyle Street past the Burger King and a few blocks over. She does it to get some cash. Ronnie doesn’t give her much. Just enough so she could buy herself a new shirt or food. I’m starting to resent my mother more and more each day. I understand she was abandoned once she left my father. Everyone shunned her because of her 17 year old pregnancy and controlling boyfriend. Before she had me, she was warned. She didn’t listen. When she realized her family was right, it was too late. They already forgot about her. She could have tried to pick her life up by now, but she hasn’t. I don’t want to repeat her mistakes.

I want stability. Everyday is different. I never know how much I’ll eat or where I will end up at the end of the night. Or when it will get too cold, that my quilted blank won’t keep me warm anymore. The unknown is what I’m scared of. I want the unknown, but at the same time I don’t know where I could end up. I don’t know where to start. No one is going to give a job to a girl who smells like cheap dollar store perfume and has several knots in hair, that was washed in the train station bathroom. I think I can do this without any help, but I need it.

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What Comes With The Money

Good Evening Idiot Prostitutes. Look at me, I’m Taylor Hunt, you know who I am but allow me to reintroduce myself. I drive a Rolls. Royce that is. It’s a hot pink and no I don’t drive everyday, but I do have car service pick me up. And please don’t you ever disrespect me by saying it’s an Uber.

Why did you look at me like that? I am not driving in that widely popular car service, that's where you get diseases, and um by the way I’m widely popular also. You may be popular in two or three months but I’ll always be the Regina George of this group.

My father is filthy rich. He’s a billionaire, You know him, Jonathan Hunt the person that developed most of your houses. I don’t want or need for anything. Oh and I’m also dating the hottest football player on campus Mike Sergiano. Yup thats right number 13. He’s my man and if any of you sluts have something to say to him, you must go to me first. Oh yeah by the way I was crowned prom queen twice. And No I wasn’t left back, I was asked to prom my sophomore year. Any questions?

My mom, what do you mean who’s my mom? Ugh okay, oh god….. My mother is Grace Helen. I don’t talk about her because I haven't talked to her in two years. She was who I looked up to, who I wanted to be and in an instant she was gone. No, she’s not dead but from the feeling I have inside she is. It was not her fault and I know she didn’t want it to be like this but it was him. (voice cracks, starts to tear up)

Him, the guy that I never admired, but the one who takes care of me. It was chaos, it was fear, it was trouble, it was pain. I hated to see the dark red marks on her back. But at least she got away. I always wanted her to be safe but now….. I’m stuck with the fear of never seeing her again. Her beautiful face, the glisten in her eyes, the pretty white smile, it was just a show. It hid the pain than sat forever (big pause, deep breath) love. I’m scared of it, It’s hard to see that love isn’t a slap in the face or a black eye, but it’s compassion, affection and kindness. Mike, I’m sorry that you love me and I never say it back, It’s just…..I was never showed what true love is. The Rolls, the hair, the makeup, it doesn’t solve anything. Well wait I do like my Rolls though. But what does money buy you….Nothing that has true value.

All my life I have been blamed for everyone's problem, without anyone ever asking if I was okay. There was one time in the third grade when I yelled at this girl for bumping into me. I wasn’t mad at her it was the day after I saw my mom and dad get into a physical altercation for the first time. I was traumatized, I was mad, but no one would know because no one asked. All they cared was that the girl I yelled at was okay. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should tell someone because I didn’t want to break up the family, but I regret it. I could've stopped the war. (Crying)

So please don’t ever ask me about my mom or you will not have the honor to be one of my little minions.

What Comes With the Money (1)

La Balada de Smaug

Soy Smaug.

Siempre, soy

perezoso y tremendamente rico.

A veces soy mentiroso y tranquilo.

¡Soy bastante malicioso,  violento, y poderoso!

A menudo me encanta matar gente, dormir en mi propio mar vasto de oro,

y manipular otros.

No soy ni insano ni encantador.

Yo soy…


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Me llamo Kimberly

Soy De Filadelfia

                      Me gusta Ir de compras y cantar

                     A Veces soy poderosa!

    Soy mucho fEliz y positivo

      En escuela, soy siempRe ambiciosa

    Cuando soy Tiempo con amigos, soy cómica

           Soy amour Ir a SLA diario

Mi cumpleanos es el primero De mayo

     Soy tengo cAtorce anos
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Abuela Joyce - Taylor Green

Yo soy Joyce Banks

Yo soy professora

Me gusta leer y ayudar a los demàs

Soy fuerte, valiente, y ambiciosa

Soy una hija, hermana, tìa, madre, abuela, y tìa abuela

Y muy importante, una amiga

Yo soy Joyce Banks, y no hay nadie como yo

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Acrostic Poem

Me fascina Tocar el piano.

                                                                 Soy de FilAdelfia.

                                                Mi cumpleaños es eL 7 de marzo.

                                                           Tengo catorcE años.

                                                                  Me gusta Nadar.

                                             No me gusta hacer la Tarea.

                       A veces soy perezOsa pero de costumbre trabajadora.

 Soy loca y maS o menos timida.

               Me llAmo Mindy Saw.

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A Bit About Olivia

All about me slide
For my slide, I chose to keep it simple. I chose four things I identify myself as so the slide wouldn't have too many words. To keep the slide visual, I decided to make a picture in the background to visually show those four traits that I wrote about myself. You may be wondering why the visual for "reader" is a cloud. This is because I associate reading with the imagination, and clouds are things often associated with the imagination. Just like the examples in Presentation Zen, I made the words have a bold contrast with the background. Another simple visual trick I used is I made my name the same color as the moon and stars so that you might identify it as one of the stars. Then, I placed the telescope pointing in the direction of my name and the stars to help support that illusion. 
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Advanced Essay #2: Central

Digital Story.

Before I start, I would like to thank those who helped me with this essay, and I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read this. I focused mainly on the general atmosphere of Central High School and it´s learning environment as a whole. I am very pleased with being able to let my angry emotions flow out from the awful experiance at Central which allowed me to write this essay with a passion to let everyone know how the dreaded school made me feel. As a writer, I plan to write many more things that I can directly connect my feelings to in a similar fasion. I also work to revise how I input my emotions in future assignments. With No further ado, Lets begin.

A school's experience can greatly impact the way one learns. I am here to talk about Central High School, who greatly ruined my learning experience. ¨Central is such a horrible school¨ I´d tell myself every day I got home. Central was one of those schools that does not expect you to make any mistakes, and always expected you to be on your A game. However, even after trying my very best, it was not good enough. F here, F there, Fs everywhere I looked. It was impossible to pass with solid grades at Central, even after hours of study and hours of work. I believe that my ADHD made it very difficult to excel, because I learned at a slower pace than everyone. That being said, none of the teachers got the memo. Even after countless attempts to connect to the teachers and explain to them that I worked at a slower pace, while having an IEP to back it up, they just could not teach me in the way I needed to learn.

One teacher, in particular, was the worst.  My Biology teacher. Ms. Bonner was her name, and detention was her twisted game. Show up late, detention. Miss an assignment, detention. Ask for help, get talked to in a way that made you feel like trash, then detention. If that wasn't enough, she straight up lied to parents about how classroom and working conditions were student friendly. She also lied about her relationship with the class being on par with friendliness and connectivity to working on assignments step by step. If that wasn't enough, she lied to me about telling my old cab driver that I needed to stay after school for detention. It turns out that she never communicated that to the cab driver and when I showed up to the cab later than usual, I got in trouble with the cab driver due to him saying I wasted his time.

The story called ¨I Just Want to be Average,¨ written by Mike Rose, had a situation that was like looking in a mirror with my situation at Central. ¨My homeroom was supervised by Brother Dill, a troubled and unstable man also who taught freshman English.¨ Brother Dill acts very similar to how Ms. Bonner acted, and this quote reflects greatly on Ms. Bonner as far as her teaching skills go. These types of actions provide stress for many students, as they are pressured to retain a constant behavior each day. Said teachers also expect many of their students to refrain from making any mistakes, as if they expect them to be perfect.

 The only class I ever loved was my Mandarin Chinese class, where we had a nice, strict, yet compassionate teacher, who took his time with everyone and made sure we learned. However, staying at Central for the one class that I enjoyed was not worth me failing my other classes. I gave up hope when I received a notification from the school, claiming that I had failed too many times to participate in extracurricular activities.

This whole predicament is not just about teachers, It was also about the other people there as well. There were only about 3 to 4 kids that were friendly while the rest were pretty much stuck up jerks. There was 1 student that purposefully got on my nerves. He fooled me with his friends and then he called me gullible. He called me out in class when I screwed up. He criticized me for things I couldn´t help. But out of this all, it´s almost as if all the Central students hated each other, due to the school having such a bad atmosphere.

There was even a thing going around, in which, every Friday was dubbed ´Freshman Friday´.  On ¨Freshman Friday¨, most of the seniors aimed and/or picked on the freshman just for fun. Even after the principal said it was not to happen anymore, seniors still did it. Mike Rose describes a similar situation in his story. ¨I just want to be average.¨ In the story ¨I just want to be average¨ this line is spoken by Ken who is struggling to fit in. This quote represents how I felt amongst the people of Central when they treated me horribly.

Central put a lot of stress on me from these experiences, and yet I could continue to talk about so much more. Central, who claims to be diverse, is absolutely not diverse in any way. In order to be diverse, you can´t just accept a bunch of Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Mentally impaired, physically disabled people and such. You also need to prove that you can work with them as well. And Central Failed in the vast majority of this.

It´s imperative that schools should be honest, accepting, diverse, and have a warm atmosphere in general. Without these traits, it would be very difficult to retain a steady learning environment. Such schools, like Central, who possess little to none of these traits, Fail to sustain a suitable learning environment for everyone. In cases like these, the student struggles to sustain a suitable grade, which can endanger their future colleges and careers. The student may also be frowned upon by many individuals who would criticize them for things they cannot control. In conclusion, for Central to call themselves a ¨diverse¨ school, without possessing any of the traits listed, proves that they are not diverse enough to follow their own claims.

All in all, The only school that has followed Central's ¨Diverse claims¨ is Science Leadership Academy. In Science Leadership Academy, the students are usually teamed up with other students to complete group related activities. Science Leadership Academy mostly dedicates their time to making a warm and friendly environment, while still retaining hard work and tough challenges. The teachers are very friendly, have a nice and generally slow pace when it comes to teaching by making assignments easy to understand. The periods where we dedicate time to study up and complete assignments are controlled by teachers who try very hard to help you succeed and raise your grade by keeping you on track with what assignments you may of missed and advice to do better jobs in other classes. And best of all, this school accepts any race, ethnicity, and mental/medical conditioned student in order to try to help them excel at their own pace.

I´ve come to literally love school through Science Leadership Academy and it's teachings. Something I could never do before.

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Vivian pham diamond poem

                                                                           Soy Vivian
                                                             a menudo soy comicaa y seria
                                                               a veces me encanta cantar
                                                                      bailar y trabajar
                                                                    No soy ni deportista 
                                                                         ni artistica
                                                                           yo soy...
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Meeghan Kersten



        A veces, yo

tímido, bastante y loco

Nunca he izuierda los Esrados Unidos

Hasta que el invierno passado cuando fui a Australia

Me gusta comer, domir y leer. No me

Gusta hacer la tera y cantar

Y soy…….


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Poema - Sashoya Dougan

Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 8.09.03 PM

Animales ere muy bonito

Me eNcanta la serpiente,

ser muy tímido pero muy Inteligente

Serpientes ere por lo general tranquilo,

sin eMbargo son peligroso a veces

Serpientes encAntas comer y dormir

Son magnífico nadadores parcialmente porque son deLgado

AnimaleS ere impresionante
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The Golden Dream

(Lays down) I lay here with a bunch of others. I don’t have much memory of what happened before, it was all just a blur I seemed to just appear here. I always wondered what it was like outside of this place. It’s the same thing every day I sit here with a bunch of golden others like me. No mother or father, we just wait here to be taken away by someone to adopt me. I get up in the morning when the big lights turn on and realize that someone is missing everyday.

When did this happen? I was here the whole time. My home seems to be getting smaller for some reason, but wait is this really my home. If it was where are my parents? As days and months pass I realize that more and more are leaving me. After a while I would lose memory of what happened in the past, as if I start a new slate every few months. Either someone forgets me or I forget them. The only thing I seem to remember is the words...

“I want that one”

Those words just flow through my head every time I realize there’s another one of us missing. Why am I still here? It’s not too bad here, I get fed once a day but everyone else eats before I get the chance to. As they grow I still stay small and weak or weaker than the others.. It’s always the big ones that get adopted before anyone else.

“Give me the big one”

Whats wrong with me? Are my fins not big enough or am I just too little to be desired? I know what to do. It’s time for me to be the alpha fish, float like a puffer and sting like a ray. Here comes the strange person with our dinner, he’s dropping our food in I have to swim through everyone like a torpedo. I start rushing through the crowd of these hungry fish waiting for thee food to come... three, two one!

(Eats food very quickly then lays down)

Ugh I’m so full I can’t do this every day, I need some air.


Wait that’s it! If I jump out of the water when someone comes to adopt one of us, I will definitely stand out, and I would have to be adopted, why didn’t I think of this before! I should probably practice before anyone comes.

(jumps up and down)

Oh my god here comes someone now, this is my time to shine, I must do it now so I get adopted. It would be great to have someone care for me, and feed me and only me, not anyone else… that would be the golden life. I would have what I’ve been searching for, and it might just happen.

(Jumps up once)

As a man points down at me with an amazed look on his face as he saw me jump in and out of the water, the big green bed that will finally take me home lifts me up quickly, in this moment I know that I will surely be living the golden dream.

Monologue Recording-nick

Los Yo Poema

Soy Eli Zimmerman

Casi, soy

Considerado y Apasionado

Cuando tengo tiempo libre, me encanta esuchar música

Practicar deportes y aprender cosas

No soy ni violento

Ni malicioso

Yo soy…


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Kimberly Gucciardi- Kriegh Media Fluency Slide

Media Fluency  (1)
The reason I put the microphone in that corner is so it bleeds off of my slide. Just like in the picture of myself in the top right hand corner, it has the illusion of my arm not on the slide. It somewhat looks like it is bleeding off the slide. I inserted pictures of myself, my friends, and my family because I mention that in my slide. Just like the pictures of the microphone, makeup, those are a few of the actives I mention I like to do. The heart resemble my happy, loving, and positive personality The background is pink because I like that color, and I think the white font matches it well. I think it shows my personality through pictures and words well and it really shows me as a person. It does not stray away from the main topic of my one slide and is extremely visual.

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Aysha Siddiquee

Soy Aysha.

       A veces, soy
deportista y adventurera.

De vez en cuando, me encanta ir de compras,

       pasar tiempo con amigos y ir al cine. 
 No soy ni timida 
            ni aburrida.

              Yo Soy...

Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 7.00.13 PM
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