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My slide all about me Tech Savannah Manns

Savannah :  hi my name is savannah manns and this my slide on me

Savannah : i made my slide look like this because the colors are eye catching and the bleeding pictures draw you in

Savannah: While making my slide I Looked to other logos and the article given to me by my tech teacher Ms. hull for inspiration.

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Syeda Kalim - Slide

Tech Slide project
I put my name bigger than the rest of the words because that should be the main thing people notice when they look at my slide. It shows that the rest of the things I wrote is about me. My name is also spaced out to make it look less crowded. If I didn't have a color scheme for my slide, it wouldn't look as organized because there would be multiple random colors everywhere. I included pictures to represent what I wrote, and I also made them bleed over the side of the slide. I didn't write too many things after my name because I think that the few words I chose describe me pretty well.
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Me Magazine Slide Seyni Ndaw in Tech-9016

Seeing as I had to create my own theme, I chose a background color that matched the color of my picture. The color of my room is pink, so I chose a pink gradient as a background. To give my slide some symmetry, I duplicated my picture and flipped them so they were opposites and aligned them to either side of my slide. I then typed my keyword, ¨Afropunk¨, down the middle to support the symmetry. I also centered the text to have it run down the middle using text alignment.  
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That's me.

​The way how all those websites say that words got to be big, and people need to see the words easily and etc changed how I choose to design my slide. I want my slide looks clean and neat, instead of too colorful. Sapphire blue and black and white made a great color combination, and so I chose that background. Also, I blend the picture of anime into the whiteness, but not completely. And the words BAD GIRL can catch eyes. So people would pay attention to it. But at the end, they will found that it actually means "Bookworm, Artist, Dreamer, Great, Imaginative, Restless, Lazy."

Extra links:
Tech presentation try out23456
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Soccer is Love Soccer is Life

This slide slightly shows my love for soccer/football. Soccer to me is life, its everything. All my life i grew up playing the beautiful game. Soccer have helped me make a numerous amount of friends but it also destroyed some friendships, since the game is super competitive.
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  • Hi, I’m Wes. This is my slide and I feel like it really has a lot to do with my personality and my characteristics

  • I chose the color of the slide because light blue is my favorite color

  • As you can see the color scheme of my slide is pastel

  • I learned from the article that I should use colors that go well together and fonts that, in a way, relate to the color scheme.

  • The picture in the middle really goes with my persona because, unlike a lot of teenage girls, I don’t want a boyfriend. I want to pet and cuddle cats

  • As you can see, there is a burger, I think that burgers might be my fav food ever. Also, this particular burger is a drawing from the TV series “Bob’s Burgers”. Which is my favorite show

  • I put the brofist with the words “real friends” in this slide because real friends are really important to me. I really value a friend who is loyal and trustworthy

  • Like most of you know, I’m really sassy, that’s why I put the heart there. I think that being sassy is a really big part of my personality

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Saamir's Slide show

My design consists of a more grainy theme that simplicity captures your attention. The quotes and name of the slide is supposed to make you sit down and think about what is really being stated on it, and stick with you. It also shows that the runnner is really dedicated to obviously running and doesn't flaunt that he runs, yet is proud enough to tell people he is apart of the running community. The things that influenced my decision making the most was which cultures and aspects that I do make me the happiest, and since I love running and is one of my favorite past times. At first I thought about dedicating the whole billboard to a specific run that I did but that wouldn't hold true to the me truly as a runner and all of the events I've done so I decided to go for a more general approach to everything. 
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Tamir Harper Tech Presentation

​I personally choose the design concept of my presentation is to show my life as I get older.  This slide gives a person from one hundred miles away see the message i'm trying to convey through pictures and words off a presentation/bill board. I also completed this slide the way I did so that It shows the lesson I have learned about billboards and bleeding photos. It also shows my mental knowledge of how to create a Google presentation and a clearly viewed message. 

I created a slide and or billboard that you can see and get the message miles away. The video that we watched earlier this month class kinda tough me not to feel up the page completely of non-sense. The other information that I have researched also influenced my decision making of how to create a basic but amazing slide. On a link I have found they suggest that you do no hoard everything on my slide if its not necessary. I learned that using great graphics and wording is the way to go instead of words and everything everywhere.  

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What I learned on Google Presentation.

My presentation is a great way to show how I learned to use good presentation, or as I like to call Prezi. The video influenced me to make a slideshow and follow exactly what she did for her prezi, since it looked cool. In my slide show i learned how to change my background for my slides without using a theme. First you save a photo as a pdf file. Then you go to the top of prezi where it says background, and you hit upload photo. You then you pick the photo you want, and hit apply all, then done. I have also learned to make animations for the photos or word boxes i put on my slides. First you click on the photo or word box and go to the top of the page and click view, the scroll down to animations. It will pop up on the side and you hit add animation. There are a variety of choices to pick from. You can pick more than one. To do that under your first animation it still says add animation. You click on that again and pick once more. For example, the first thing you made your photo do was fly in, now you can make it spin after it flys in. Also if you don't like the font or color of your text you can click on the text box and at the top Arial with and arrow will be there. Click on that and pick the font of your text. To change the color just highlight the words and go to the thing at the top that has the letter A with a line under it, and choose your color. If you dont like your slide you can just click on it and hit the backspace button on your computer. To add a slide go to insert and hit new slide. To duplicate go to edit and hit duplicate, your slide theme will be repeated. To play your slide show go to the top right corner of the page where it says presentation with the play button, and click on it. The screen will be full screen and just hit the enter button to continue watching the slide.
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My Slide Design

    My design incorporates smaller images around the text. My text itself is big enough so people can read it from far away and it’s also not too many words for people to read while driving or walking down the street. The colors I used such as yellow and red kind of pop out against the black background so they’re even easier to see. So I’d use this as my “visual theme” if I were to make more billboards in the future. The images are also simple, but get the idea across. Of course if this were an actual billboard I may get sued by Nintendo for using their images, but since I’m not, I can use them. Anyway, before I thought it'd be easy to make a design like this. Now I realize that there's much more effort in creating something like this. You have to get an idea, find a color palette that works, and create a message that's not too long but still gets your point across, and I'm pretty sure I was able to accomplish all of these things.
My Slide
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Justice Slide

My Slide of using the Internet

  This slide is about being an embodiment of justice. To display this, I color my text and pictures with a white tint and colored the background black for contrast. Regarding the pictures, I bled them off so I could have more empty space of balance. Utilizing some of this empty space, I typed the word justice in big letters to get others’ attention. Also, by using only one word and a few pictures I made the slide more of a visual aid than I text aid and made the slide only about one point.

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TOMMYYYY (slide-01)


I wanted to create a slide that really represented the “glance media” that was on Presentation Zen. I wanted you to be able to look at my presentation and get a decent idea of me, but if you want to know a lot about me you need me there to explain. I wanted it to be simple and not be something that you have to sit down and take time to read. You gotta glance, and get out. The beaver, the center of attention, flows with the background to really have it pop out compared to the rest of the slide, such as the text. However, the background is a light color so you can easily see the text and images without eye strain.

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My slideshow

My design consists of a simple black background, enlarged spotify logo, and a list of occupations/things I enjoy. I chose to make the spotify logo a large part of my slide and the most eye catching point. To accompany the spotify logo I made the background black to create a seamless flow between foreground and background. I chose to make the text white so that it stands out against the black background and made it ¨calibri¨ because that font is easy on the eyes and fits my personality.
Kenna Slideshow (1)
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Keep Going

Slide Creation #1
I chose for my slide to look like this so i could play with the contrast of colors. The picture is black and white so it pops against the background, and the purple text makes an even bolder statement. I chose to have both the picture and the text slanted differently so that the message could be conveyed from the wobbling dancer in a more relatable way. If it was straight and perfect then the true message would be lost. I chose this font because I was advised by this website:  to not use a "thin stroke" or "ornante font" so that the it would be easy to read. 
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Sydnye slide post

To create my slide I kept in mind that successful bulletin boards/ slides were always more successful when simple and straight to the point. I knew that I needed to keep the font large so therefore it would stand out to the eye. I chose to only list key points: because really most people will only remember certain key phrases so thats what I chose to provide the reader with. I chose this specific picture of coffee because of the white background, so it stood out and was the main force of color and pop. All together I am satisfied with my slide because it is neat yet creative and straight to the point.

Sydnye Misero
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My Slide (Gil {Bob} Rosen)

​This slide that I designed is truly about me. My whole life besides school in centered around my computer. What my slide is trying to explain is that in today's world, our life are centered around these beautiful, magnificent machines that you can do anything you can dream of. What influenced me to make my designed like this is the examples you showed us. Why I chose to make it like this is the fact that it is clean and simple and explains me in one little sentence. I feel that everyone owns a computer in some sort of way, but if you don't for some reason, you need one or you just can't live in today's society. So if you don't own a computer, get a life and buy one. (Unless you are broke and homeless)
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Slide Design

Tech Slide
I found a picture with a stack of books and made it big so that it would catch your eye but no so much so that it would take up the entire slide. I positioned the stack so that it bled a little of the slide. For the words I noticed that the picture already kind of had a color scheme and used the colors in the picture for my font. I used the same size font and color for the first two lines of text but I wanted the last line to stand out so I increased the font size and changed the color. I made the background a kind of neutral that I found in the image I used. I tried to position everything following the rule of thirds and leave an attractive amount of negative space on the slide.
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Guns For Hands

You picked me out of many others from a hunting store. “Finally” I thought, “I finally get to be used!”

I know many people don’t approve of hunting, but, you know, that’s kind of what I’m made for. The person who sold me said I’m a great shot, and fairly easy to use. That’s true, I’ll get your job done quick and easy. But, I haven’t been used yet, I’ve just been sitting on your mantel for weeks. Your house is empty. Just a table, a couch, and a TV that plays nonstop. Your fridge is also kind of pathetic, barely any meat. I bet if you used me soon, your fridge could be filled. But, I don’t see any hunting gear, or anything that could be even close to hunting gear.. Maybe you’re just looking for the right equipment.  

I know you’re just preparing yourself. Hunting is a big deal, the dude who sold me would talk about how awesome it is all the time. And how much you need to prepare yourself to hunt. I know it will be so much fun. But now I feel like you’re not gonna use me at all. I have hope though. While you’re away at work, I look around. I noticed how you have a picture of a really pretty women on your coffee table. I think that could be your wife, or sister. But mostly wife since I see a wedding ring on your hand. I haven’t seen her around though. I wonder where she could be.

You came home empty handed once again, but you had a scowl on your face. You started to pace in front of me. Yelling obscenities. How could someone think of such hurtful things. Such harmful things. You said you wanted to hurt someone. You said you were finally at your breaking point. But, no one should want to hurt someone, the way you want to.

It’s late at night, and you’ve been staring at me for hours. You still have the same look on your face as you did when you walked in earlier. You’re getting up, and you’re coming towards me. Am I finally being used? Are we finally getting to go hunting?

You threw me in your car, and we’ve been driving quite some time. You keep muttering things about how much you want to hurt some girl named Carly. You stop the car, and take me with you. We are somewhere deep inside of a city… So I’m guessing we aren’t going hunting?

You barged through someones house without knocking. You start yelling the girls name “Carly! Carly!” Then I see her there. She’s the girl from the picture. She’s crying. You’re screaming. She’s yelling back. You keep asking her why did she leave you, and why did she find someone else. She stays silent yet you keep yelling at her for answers.

Then there’s silence. You pick me up and aim me at her. Don’t do this. Your hands are shaking… Please don’t do this.  You pull back my safety. You’re better than this. You start to mutter a countdown. You could walk away right now and all of this could be over. “3…” She is standing still and crying. “2…” Please don’t make me do this. “1…” I’m begging you, please don’t make me the cause of this.


She’s down. You’re shaking and her blood is on the both of our hands
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4 minutes left, down by 2. We gotta get a stop here. As soon as she makes her move, I’m going for the steal. I got this, I got this…. NOW! (feels the screen) Someone’s there. I have to go around. Alisha, go around it. (trips and falls) (pause and then a scream)

Why didn’t my team yell anything? They should have communicated with me. They should have told me that she was setting a screen! I should’ve went for the steal quicker. I waited too long. I could’ve took the ball and had an easy lay up, only if I was 1 second faster. Just. One. Second. Damn! (smacks down her crutches) I could’ve had it. We should have won that game! It’s all my fault and now I’m stuck in this stupid rehab center with a torn ACL.

I’m walking today. I know I will, I know I can. (exhales) I’m just going to get my crutches. They’re only (starts to get up using arms) right (struggling to speak) there... (falls back onto the seat) Just like the ball was (sigh) I can’t get the ball, I can’t walk, I might as well stop trying altogether. There’s no point anymore. The season ends in a few months. There’s no way I’ll be able to do this. I’m not going to be able to get any scholarships, and I’m not even going to be able to play my senior year.

Now that I really think about it, it’s whatever. Cool. Fine. Fantastic! I don’t even wanna play anymore for real. It was just something to do. I might as well not even walk anymore. I don’t even care. Being in a wheelchair isn’t that bad and crutches are even better. They’re like swords and like, in a wheelchair, I can go faster than everyone else can. Plus I don’t have to walk up the stairs anymore. Speaking of that, let me go get my crutches. (Tries to get up.) I remember everyone speaking

“Come on Alisha.”

“Take your time.”

“You can get up?”

“What hurts?”

“Can you feel it?”

“Do you need ice?”

“Where did you fall?” All of the crowd is silent and I finally get up and they clap but I fall back down. Tears all over my face, with so much pain in my knee.

(Hears a knock at the door) No! I do not need any help! Stop coming to me! I don’t need any help walking and I don’t need any help trying to get my life back together!
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One Last Time

Stop, put me down. I don’t need you to drag me along, even if I am paralyzed. Every little movement scrapes another layer of graphite from me. If I were like the human hand which controls me, you would be scrapping my skin off. This graphite tail of mine will not grow back if you rub it away. You are pulling out my hair when you grind my rubber against paper.

You leave me in the worse places, zippered into dark spaces. Every time I am left alone, I pray you will forget me, and it will all end there in peace. The darkness is better than when you hold me down against that blade, and cut away my wooden surface.

Oh, what could my purpose be? To be tortured into recording all your ideas without pay. Am I supposed to work my life away?

Wait, what did you just write?

(looks down) “I’m sorry that this may be our last dance across the paper. Thank you for recording the words I was too scared to say aloud. You pay the bail to get my thoughts out of the jail that is my mind, with your life, writing in your graphite blood. These words are mine, but you wrote them.”

(gasps) Is that a thank you note to me? A love letter. I remember writing these before, while held in the warm embrace of your hand, and dying in your fingers with every sharpening.

Without you, I would be sitting alone, growing cold. I can not move, speak, or do anything on my own. You are the murderer that rescued me from a life on the shelf, like an unwanted puppy in a shelter. I was not the nicest one available for adoption, yet you chose me. You could have taken that smooth, long lasting mechanical pencil, which could be refilled with new graphite, but you were environmentally conscience, choosing me, the biodegradable wooden pencil. To you, I was never number two.

Or maybe you were scared that the mechanical pencil would outlive you. It could be past down as a family heirloom, with every new stick of graphite prolonging its life way past yours. Even if it ran out of led and you threw it in the trash, its plastic shell would still be sitting in a landfill a thousand years from now. You and me are made of organic materials; dirt and trees. The only exception is a person created me to be with you. I’m sorry it couldn't last forever. With all the sharpening, we were bound to reach my metal end one day. It will be alright. Go ahead, and find another pencil. It’s time to let me go. You don’t have to scrape away at the millimeter of graphite left to finish this letter. 

Unless. You could leave me in my bag, and when the new pencils arrive, I can tell them our stories. I will convince them to not fear you. Then, they will not screech in protest against the paper as I did. Your pencils will dance across the page if you let me be the one to encourage them. I’ll be an old pencil, the grandparent to the new ones, who never leaves the house, our pencil bag, but is always there for them when they come home. In those moments, I will have found my purpose. I wish you luck in writing your life story, my love.

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The New Girl

First day of school tomorrow. What to wear? What to wear?

“Pink, ew no.”

“ I know, I’ll wear my black leather jacket with a white top and grey scarf, my black ripped jeans, and my black boots.” Two hours before the first day of a new school. It’s the middle of winter, they’ll think I’m a weirdo.

“ Teddy, what do I do?”

“You’re right maybe they won’t notice me.”

I take a breath and step inside the giant school. All eyes on me, I look behind me there is nothing but a closed door. They must be staring at me. My nerves take over my body I put my head down in shyness and walk. First class of the day, I walk in and introduce myself to the teacher.

“ Hello, my name is Josie, I’m the new student.”

I sit in the first seat in the first row. Everyone files into the room, and takes their seats. I hear whispers coming from behind me. They sound like they are making fun of someone. Maybe there is another new student here?

I feel something hit me in the back.

“ Ugly, go back to where you came from.”

I crumbled up the paper and hid it in my bag. The class ended, now for PE. I find the girls locker and change into my gym clothes.  I go through the whole day hearing hurtful words. I almost cried halfway through the day.  I’m happy that I’m going home.

“ Why are words hurtful Teddy?”

“ What do I do to  make it stop?”

I can’t help but replay what that note said. I walk over to my bag and pull it out and read it to my teddy.  Feeling the tears building up in my eyes and my heart is aching.  “ Ugly go back where you came from.”  I cry myself to sleep not wanting to be bothered.

I see the group of kids that wrote the note, I walk up to them.

“ Listen, I don’t know why you guys thinks it’s okay to call people names. I may be the new girl and all, but that doesn’t mean you can call me ugly or tell me to go back where I came from. I don’t to on anyone bad side I want to make friends so hopefully you guys won’t be such jerks and make that hard for me.”

I went on with my day with a smile on my face. Walking through the doors of my home and up to my bedroom.

“ Teddy I stood up to the jerks who hurt me.”

“ I hope they don’t ruin my chances of making friends”

“ Your such a good listener when I need you the most.”
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Slide (5)
This is a slide all about me. I chose the simple grey background to create space for contrast, and to keep attention on my content. The first six words are from a “Six Word Autobiography” that I created, because they are simple, short, yet interesting. I found that photo and added it because it used simple silhouettes and it was understandable at a glance, and the white background went well with the grey and the red text. I overlaid the “Hurry up” text on the picture to make it seem more part of the picture (I tried to make the text color match the ribbon color, too). I connected the six words with the picture to make it draw the eye along the way I want it. I left rectangular spaces so it has some space, but the spaces look clean and on purpose.
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