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Los Productos Más Curiosos y Disparatados del CES

Michelle Friedman

Señorita Manuel

Quarter 2

Reflection 5

Los Productos Más Curiosos y Disparatados del CES

Recientemente, fue una conferencia en la ciudad Las Vegas del estado Nevada de los Estados Unidos. La conferencia se llama (en Ingléss) Consumer Electronics Show. El conferencia tiene muchas personas profesionales que inventaron y vendieron cosas electronicas electronicas. Esta conferencia está para personas que compran cosas electronicas nuevas.

Hay muchas cosas nuevas a el Consumer Electronics Show. Algunos de los electronicos en el Consumer Electronics Show es un impresora 3D de azúcar. Los terrones de azúcar hay cosas de arte moderno. Antes de yo leí este artículo, yo no sé la palabra “impresora”. Pero ahora, yo se que “impresora” hay “printer” en inglés. Antes de yo leí el artículo, “Los Productos Más Curiosos y Disparatados del CES” yo también  aprendí la palabra “terrones”. “Terrones” en Inglés es “lumps”.

Pero el impresor de terrones de azucar no es el solo cosa electronica que hay a el Consumer Electronics Show. En el conferencia hay un invención de una bombillo muy especial. En ingles, la palabra “bombillo” es “bulb”. Como un bombillo de luz. Este bombillo es especial porque cuando no hay electricidada en la casa, el bombillo puede trabajar sin electricidad. El bombillo no es muy fuerte. El bombillo puede trabajar por cinco o seis horas sin electricidad.

Words: 214  
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Article Response #5 [Q2]

Lauren Thomas          Q2

Senorita Manuel

Frío Extremo Debido al Calentamiento

Calentamiento Global es un problema grande. Calentamiento Global es cuando la tierra tiene un cambio de temperatura grande. El cambio de la temperatura es caliente.

La Casa Blanca es el casa de el presidente de los Estados Unidos de América, Barack Obama, y la familia del Presidente Obama.

Actualmente en los Estados Unidos de América, no hay clima que es muy malo. En los Estados Unidos de América, el clima es muy, muy frío. La Casa Blanca informó a en un vídeo que el frío clima es el resultado de los problemas del Calentamiento Global.

John Holdren es el consejero de ciencias y tecnología en la Casa Blanca. El artículo explicó el punta y visión de John Holdren. Esto es que el artículo dijo sobre la punta de John Holdren : “Este argumenta además que la causa de estas bajas temperaturas es el vórtice polar, que es una corriente de aire cuya intensidad depende de la diferencia de temperatura entre el Ártico y las latitudes medias en el hemisferio norte.”

Yo aprendí nueva vocabulario de este artículo. Yo aprendí que paradójico es “paradoxical” en Inglés. Yo aprendí que meteorológicos es “meteorological” en Inglés.

Yo decidí escribir sobre este artículo porque este artículo es un evento actual.

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All About Me Slide

Tech Presentation-Alex

When I first did my slide, I honestly had no idea of what my slide was going to have on it or how the layout would be. I did some research but I still was very clueless. I decided to find some images of what I like to do or what represents me and put it on a slide, but now that I have seen all the other slides, I decided to cut back on the images and have a little bit more of an interesting background as well as finding different images that made the slide a bit more connected and not separated by white space.



Tianna McNair's Billboard  (1)
I learned a lot from the in class presentations which made me want to revisit the sources that were given to us from Ms.Hull on canvas. I really liked how Alicia spaced out the letters in her title so I thought it would be nice to borrow that idea from her and incorporate that into my new slide. I learned from the sources to use the rule of the thirds, which I attempted to do on my first slide but was more successful this time around. From the Design Slide website I read how color was important while making a slide because it draws the viewers yes to it so on my slide I tried to use bright colors that were from the same color palette. I used a white background because I found it way easier to find colors to contrast with it. From Presentation Zen I learned that your slide should stick to one point and I believe I was successful with that. My slide stayed with the theme on traveling so I used colors the represent the earth, I used a image that displayed the world map, and my quote/definition talked about traveling and wanderlust. I really tried to leave some empty space so that my slide wouldn't look cluttered just like the website Presentation Zen mentioned. Overall i feel really proud not only about my new side design but more so how much I learned and how much I grew from my first slide to now. 

Marca de hipopótamo

image (5)
Mi tipo de marca es "heaven", porque me gusta arte. Si solo tuviera palabras no sería arte. También es un hipopótamo porque me gusta hipopótamos. Tiene destornilladores porque me gusta la palabra.
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Malcolm X

The life of Malcolm X By: Todd Samuels Jr. Malcolm X or Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925. His father was a preacher who spoke of the “black man” so to speak not having a place in this “White America” which later on played a major role on Malcolm’s later teachings becoming the leader of the “Black Muslims”. During Malcolm’s formative years his father was killed. It was rumored that his father had been taken hostage and was put on to train tracks where he was run over and tragically killed. He was found with a strike in the back of his head like he was knocked out with a hammer or weight before being placed on the tracks. After the death of Malcolm’s father his mother went into a very deep depression. She was placed in a mental home. All of her children were split up and sent to various foster homes. Malcolm did great in junior high school though he dropped out when he told his teacher that he would like to practice law, he teacher told him "no realistic goal for a nigger". While living with his half sister in Boston Massachusetts he worked odd jobs. He lived a life of crime he was a hustler. Common crimes he committed were drug dealing, gambling, robbery, and pimping. In 1946 When Malcolm was in prison he became a part of the Nation of Islam. He was paroled in 1952 and quickly became one of the leaders of The Nation of Islam. While Malcolm was in prison he met a man named John Bembry. Malcolm later described this man in his autobiography he said "the first man I had ever seen command total respect ... with words". Once Malcolm was released from jail he met Elijah Muhammed in Chicago. Over the next few months he expanded Temple’s in multiple cities such as Boston and Philadelphia. The more large Malcolm became the more he was threatened and watched by the FBI or other people that were making threats on his life because he had eventually split from The Nation of Islam. He had become the face of muslim people he had taken over in a sense he had become larger than Elijah Muhammed. In 1955 Malcolm met the woman who would become his wife Betty Sanders. Together they had six children all girls including a set of twins that were born after Malcolm was assassinated. In the late 50’s Malcolm began to use the name Malcolm Shabazz or Malik el-Shabazz. He for the most part was still referred to as “X” though. Tension between Malcolm and The Nation of Islam grew. They continued to make death threats towards him. Elijah Muhammed said in a speech that "hypocrites like Malcolm should have their heads cut off." which shows the power struggle building between them both. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was preparing his speech for a crowd of 400+ people when a person yelled out; "Nigger! Get your hand outta my pocket!". As Malcolm and his bodyguards attempted to quiet the uproar a man with a sawed off shotgun ran up and shot X in the chest. Two other gunman with semi-automatic pistols also shot Malcolm multiple times. At 3:30pm Malcolm was pronounced dead. He suffered from 21 gun shot wounds. After Malcolm’s death Elijah Muhammed said, "Malcolm X got just what he preached, "We didn't want to kill Malcolm and didn't try to kill him", Muhammad said. "We know such ignorant, foolish teachings would bring him to his own end." Though he denied any involvement with the murder. After watching “Spike Lee’s Malcolm X” I learned more about who Malcolm X was. By watching his interviews I could tell more about his character. At first he started out as a very radical being. He had such a strong hatred for white people, which during this time alot of blacks did. To gain a better understanding of how Spike Lee directed movies I watched “Do The RIght Thing” which was about the youth in the 80’s and how they dealt with racism after the civil rights era. The Italians still maintained that way of thinking and the blacks boycotted and started a riot against the Italians in the neighborhood. I learned that Spike Lee is very extreme with his actors, he has a lot of 1 on 1 dialogue between each character as well. Denzel Washington said that when he got into character it was hard to come out of character sometimes after leaving the set.
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Mi Marca

Mi marca es mi nombre. Escogí estos colores porque son brillantes y porque rosado y morado son mis colores favoritos.  Mi marca es un mesclo de "Block Graffiti" y "Calligraphy Graffiti". 
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Esperan recolectar sobre 100 toneladas de material reciclable en la SanSe

Aaron Tang 
Q2 Reflection #5 

Entidades privadas y grupos preocupados estaban con el eterno.  Las tradicionales fiestas sanjuaneras sirvan para reciclaje. Noelia Rosa dijo ella trabajó por Sanse Recicla en two años y ella trabajó con otros organizaciones (Scuba Dogs, Caño Martín Peña Recicla). Ellos se espera la visita 500,000 personas ofrecer. Año pasado, hay 250,000 personas. El plan consiste en reducir donde las personas pueden visitar la fiesta. Hay 22 estaciones de reciclaje y hay 250 voluntarios en San Juan. Ellos aceptan vidrio, aluminio, plástico y cartón. La compañía tiene 3,000 botes de basura. En facebook,“Basura Cero” tiene información por 22 estaciones de reciclaje. Quieren 100 toneladas de material recliclable en el 2014. Las personas pueden ofrecer.

En SLA, pienso las estudiantes deben cuidar reciclaje de botellas y papel. Nosotros tenemos botes de basura de reciclaje, pero nosotros tiramos la comida. Pienso la escuela que la escuela debe hablar más de reciclaje porque nosotros tiene muchos papel. Ayuda a la tierra y a la comunidad. En mi vieja escuela, reciclamos mucho. Tomamos las botellas a un legar y ganamos 5 centavos. Mi vieja escuela también recogemos las tapas de gaseosa por Ronald Mc Donald.  La gente en Filadelfia debe reciclar más y ellos no, ellos consiguen un boleto.

Word count: 205

"Esperan Recolectar Sobre 100 Toneladas De Material Reciclable En La SanSe." El Nuevo Dia. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2014. <>.
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Q2: Reflection #5

Will (Guillermo) Amari


Señorita Manuel

Woody Allen es el chulo de John Turturro en el nuevo tráiler de Aprendiz de gigoló

Woody Allen es el chulo y John Turturro es el gigoló en un nuevo película. Que es muy loco, pero mucho cierto. Dos amigos castros fecha mujeres y ganar dinero. Entonces aunque la filme sonidos ridículo, desde mi punto vida, la filme sonidos divertido.

En la vida real, Woody Allen y John Turturro son dos amigos, actores, escritores y directores. Woody Allen no tiene actuó en una película que no dirigida por él fue en 2000. Turturro fue en una película por Woody Allen. En 1986 John Turturro fue en la Woody Allen película, Hannah y sus Hermanas.

La filme es una comedia que Allen y Turturro comparte protagonismo Sofía Vergara y Sharon Stone. Sonidos como un buen momento en el cine. ¿Qué opinas? Yo leí el artículo porque el dije que Woody Allen es un chulo y yo fue como, ¿En serio, Woody Allen un chulo? Para era por un filme. La historia de Aprendiz de Gigolós es sobre las andanzas de dos amigos que necesito dinero. Ellos intenta prostitución masculina.

Yo aprendí que Woody Allen y John Turturro era amigos. Yo también aprendí que yo no quiero ir al cine y ver la película con mi familia. ¡No por mi familia! Aprendiz de Gigolós es en los cines a finales de abril.

Palabras: 230.

"Woody Allen es el chulo de John Turturro en el nuevo tráiler de Aprendiz de gigoló." 10 1 2014, n. pag. Print.


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Kareem's Media Fluency

With my slide, I wanted to capture the main things about me. There were 3 main things, music, writing, and video games. They all are important, but some are better than others. Music is at the top, then writing, then video games. So once I found a picture for music, I made it my background because it was my favorite of the 3. The writing and video game pictures were hard to find only because I needed them to fade into the background. I noticed that one of the pictures went nicely with the background, because it blended nicely. The other one I really liked but couldn't blend it, so I just put it in the other corner. I finished it off with the statement, "Who Am I..." and this is the final product. I kept it simple and I hope it’s good.

Media Fluency

Through presenting in class, I learned that my slide was bad. It was too cluttered with the stuff on it, and now I feel better. As one classmate said, I should just have one central idea, that's what I did. My new slide was only about music, and then I added a nice quote in the corner. They go together nicely, and I used the rule of the thirds, plus empty space in this design. Although I was set up for failure, I think I triumphed in the end. It took some work, but I got my slide done and it’s way better than the original.

Slide Remake

Mi Marca

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 6.00.37 PM
Mi marca es de mi nombre. Es similar o inspirado de la técnica "Wild Style" . Los letras en mi nobre rodeado con vinas y natura. Los colores es las letras y las vinas representan mi personalidad.
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Mi Marca

Este es mi marca, y es de mi nombre. Es del estilo "wildstyle", y tiene muchos colores. Hay unas flechas, y muchas líneas pequeñas para la decoración.
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.12.27 PM
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