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Finalized Slide

From the critique of my slide, I learned that simplicity is the key to presenting slides. You must keep your stuff simple, but still interesting to view. I also learned that you don't need your name on slides like this and that too much stuff on a slide is really distracting. One last thing I learned is how to create a slide for presentation the correct way.
I made many changes to the slide. For example, I removed most of the words, changed the background a bit, and removed my name on the slide. I removed most of the words because I realized you didn't need them. It was also distracting and too much on the slide. I changed the background because it wasn't as visible, so i made it a bit darker also so it would compliment the pictures on my slide more. One last change I made was removing my name because you don't need it and it isn't appropriate for the slide.
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New Slide
There were many things that I learned from the critique of my slide. The first was that the box in the center of the all the word boxes was not legible because of the color of the box and the amount of words in it. I changed this to a simple question, which was "who am I?' and edited the color of the box as well as the size and font of the words. This, in my opinion, allows the viewers to see my point easily. The second thing I changed about my slide was the coloring of all the boxes. Mrs. Hull mentioned that the colors of the boxes could suggest at the colors of my kimono, so I changed the colors from neon to pastel colors, which were the actual colors of all the flowers on my dress. The third thing I changed about my slide was the font of all the words on my slide. Mrs. Hull and a few of my classmates mentioned that the comic sans font was a joke in the design industry, and I could definitely see this so I changed all the words to my favorite font Amatic SC, which I think fits the slide better. I still kept the colors light so they would contrast with my black background and did not change the picture placement. These were the changes and what I learned from the critique of my slide.
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Second Slide Presentation - Mindy Saw

From the critique of my slide, I learned that some of the fonts that I used on my words should be bigger and more visible. 
The changes I made to my slide were the size of some of the words and the color of all the words. I changed to the size to make the words more visible and easy to read. I changed the color of all the words to to let it pop out and appear more than the color I used on my first slide. 
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Second Slide

I learned that we need to take time and realize what truly looks good and what we can try and get rid of. 

After the critiquing I knew that I had to change a few things. There was geometric shapes in the corner that I couldn't get rid of at first, and then when I went to redo my slide, I figured it out. I knew that i had to get rid of this because people didn't like it during the critique. The other change that I made was that I got rid of some of the space between the words because people advised me to do so.

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New Slide

From the critique on my slide I learned that simplicity is key. I also learned to make every photo and every text visible to the naked eye. The last thing I learned from the critique was that I should have my photo pop out from the background to make it easier to decipher each photo. 
I made the changes I did to this slide, so that my entire slide could be visible and easier to get the message and to understand what I  was trying to get across. Also because I wanted to not complicate the slide with not needed text or photos
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Reflection ON Media Fluency

Copy of Tech presentation
 I re-organized my slide using placement, I changed the placement of the words so that they would lie on the hands. I thought this would help keep the readers attention and increase the efficiency of the font color to make it more appealing and creative.
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Los Fotos Cuentan Una Historia - Inés Shareef-Trudeau 

Luciana tiene trece años. Ella es muy aventurera. Ella ama explorar. La semana pasada, ella mudó de Panamá a Filadélfia. En su primer día en Filadélfia, Luciana sacó todos sus cosas de las cajas.

Después, ella fue para un paseo. El día fue bonita. Luciana fue al río Schuylkill. Ella caminó cerca del agua. Muchos peces nadaron en el agua.

Luciana caminó y empezó a llover. Primero, la llúvia fue pequeño. De repente, empezó a llover duro. Luciana fue muy mojada. Luciana corrió en la llúvia. Ella corrió lejos del río.

En poco tiempo, la llúvia cesó. Luciana miró por todos lados. Las calles fueron desiertas. Nadie quedó afuera. Por fín, Luciana llegó a su casa.

Despueś de llegar, Luciana hizo un fuego. El fuego fue muy caliente y grande. Luciana secó rápidamente. Luciana quedó en su casa para comer almuerzo. Para almuerzo, Luciana tuvo arroz y frijoles.

Ahora hace buen tiempo. Luciana quiere explorar mucho. La madre de Luciana dice, ¨Volves antes muy tarde.¨ Ella trae un paráguas para tener cuidado. Ella aprendió su lección.


Luciana visita un parque. Al parque, ella juega en los columpios. Luciana juega a baloncesto con otros niños en la corta. El equipo de Luciana gana. Fue muy divertido.

Afuera está más oscuro que antes. Luciana puede ver la luna. La luna está grande y ligéra. Muchos edificios tienen luces. La noche esta bonita así.

Pronto, es tiempo para Luciana volver a casa. En su camino a casa, Luciana ve la policía afuera. Ellos llevan un hombre al cárcel. Ella tiene miedo. Ella camina muy rápido.

Cuando Luciana llega a casa, ella va a la cama con sus gatos. Ella está cansada de su largo camino en la ciudád. Ella ama su nueva ciudád, pero puede ser peligroso a veces. Luciana duerme rápidamente. Buenas noches Filadélfia.

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