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Guide To The World's Most Outrageous Creatures Q4 BM

Artist Statement - 

When I first set out to do was create a picture story and where I ended up was not where I thought I would. I ended up making a reference guide to the creatures in my drawings. I choose to do that because I have at least 12 books just like the one I made and I thought it would be nice to make one. In each drawing description, there is a short story about how the guide saw creature and what he went through. While creating my book I hope that the readers would gain a sense of wonder because the creatures in my book are very strange so I would hope the reader really thinks about them. While I was drawing the creatures I gained a sense of what it really means to be a artist and to be an artist that tells a story through his work. 

Link -

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Here We Go Again

And there we were. At it again. Laying next to each other imagining the possibilities of each other. Exploring each other. I could never explain it. As I inhaled her aroma, enticed by her beauty, her bare skin carressing against mine. “Babe”, she would say. Her lips would slowly whistle my name. Our bodies were in sync once more. My body glided like a razor to freshly shaved legs right above her. She was just a childhood friend, I would tell her this. I know her body. I always give her that fresh feeling and glow right after. I explore her.

It has been six years. Everytime I heard her breathe slowly and softly, her body at relaxation my body goes limp. I was there again, body limp, penis hard. And this is honestly just a diary of a typical guy. I can not explain how much I love sex with her and only her. I tell myself that even though she was “just a friend” she was all I want now. “Slow this time?”, I usually say to her.

We connect eyes, lock our fingers together so that slowly, but suddenly I am back to dominating her body and thoughts. I have a hold on her. I know she was not mine, but in those moment we always share something together. Some days after we would handle my “limp moments”, I keep to myself. I  sit there alone in my room, skateboard, hit the vapors and just feel chill. I would catch myself attaching myself to her, addicted to her.

I would catch her slipping into her emotions, but over the months she became much more logical. It scares me. But I will never understand her, yet I never have cared to. She is she, and I am I. We will never fully understand each other’s thoughts. That is what brought her back to me each time, fight after fight. It would always be a misunderstanding.

We have been seeing each other for a while now. I loved that she comes and go. We tried a relationship before and it did not work. I hated the institutionalized ideas of a label or being called her boyfriend. Shit, I am just too young to settle down. I hate to let her down, but I can not stand committing myself. She was due to go soon anyways.

Let me introduce myself.

I am just an 18 year old guy. I do not know what love is. I do not even think I love myself. We stopped saying I love you back when we were 15. Occasionally she will tell me that she loves me. I know she does, I just feel weird about love.

She is leaving in just a month. And last time that is why she left, because I hated the fact that I knew she had to go. I always imagine us slipping us in our old ways when we are not together. I am not binded to her nor she is binded to me. That is the most beautiful part about it. I allow her to go out and explore the world, as she allows me to. I adore her and our bond. I will allow her to explore other people too, I want to taste the salt in her mouth, victory that her vocal cords have yet to scream, and the trail of the people she passes by to get to me. The treacherous moments without me and the battles that allow us by each other sides is what I yearn for. However, I do not expect them.

I know that there is a possibility she will leave and never come back. So as I lay there tonight, and our fingers intertwine, this time is no different. She whispers to me “Babel”. I grasps her sides, pull her close, and press my lips against hers. This time I allow myself to breathe, inhale her aroma, leaning her head against my chest as she plays in my hair. I say to her, “Will you come visit?”. Immediately she responds  “Of course I will, I will call you every night crying telling you I miss you”. I reply, “You’re gonna leave me here all lonely and shit”.

Either way she is going to go. I have no say. I do not know whether I will explore others, or whether she will, too. Now is all that she is giving me, now I will take, now I will give. Until we both are granted to love again, even if I am stuck loving someone else.

Wake Up, Wake Up

Waking up this morning was a struggle

And the depths of my thoughts submerged me

Consumed me

Self infliction

So my predilect for happiness kicked in

and I slowly digressed from the thoughts

where you inevitably lie

Yet again I can not help it

Lying to myself

Justifying "us"

even though I know that there is only you

and then there is me

And you continue to be on the walls of my mind


As if you were the flower to my dirt

Where you suddenly seem to have bloomed

And I suddenly seen to remember that flowers are not my thing

That I hate them and never seem to engulf myself in their beauty

And I slowly begin to have tsunami tides in my eyes

Watering my thoughts

So that they can grow, only greater than they were before

but I stop

and remind myself

that I am the dirt

Used to create such a beautiful disaster

However, I can not seem to stomp on you

Pull you out of the dirt where I know that you can grow

Because I provide you with the nutrients

As if I am your food for thought

And so instead I decide to leave you there

Plant new seeds in my dirt

Because I know that they will grow

So I will crowd my garden

Until there is no longer room left for you


We were inseparable for years on end. I knew that she was someone who I wanted in the moment. But i  could not promise our future moments. I was okay with that. Wrapped up all she and I could be right now. But it was on a gloomy day where we decided we no longer wanted to be confined by the ways of each other. I could hear the subtle ways she would push me away and I would do the same to her. Her actions and her voice as it was all composed of hesitation. I had known her, I had known I. But there is nothing like losing two instead of losing one.

A Love Like This

His hand glided against my skin. I know it sounds sexual, but he knew how to please me. Satisfying it was. It was hand on mine, that got me everytime. Where our eyes met, as I indulged in his chestnut brown eyes. And see, he was not my lover, per say. Little would even imagine that from the way that it sounds, but he is my father. My father held my hand, as my small hand fit into his large palm scooped up by his fingers.

My father held my hand like no other, a bond in which could not be rectified. This was our time together, and few of it is what we had together. He would give me a father-daughter glare and that is what gave me hope. He was the man that I looked up to, confided in. He was the only man I had ever trusted. I confided in him, and I hoped that this would not hinder but help my abilities to have a strong bond with someone else in life. So as his hand softly carressed at the inside of my palm, I could not help but stay.

It was simply satisfying. I did not have to be reassured by his words, or his glares, or his actions towards me. I did nothing but believe. I made him greater than just a person to me. It was inter
esting and years later, here I am with his hands gliding against my skin. Yet this time it is not my father, but the man I am giving my body and soul to. As I look him in the eye, it is a similar love to which I learned with my father. A first trust, bond, and form of energy I was able to extend.



Easily just getting your way with me

Because nothing stimulates me more than your mind

There is something about your creativity

a hint of spontaneity

that makes me wonders what is next

I often get lost in you

A mystery you are

And you do it without even knowing you are or even trying, for that matter

Effortless I say

because no matter how many times you say my name it sounds right

There is a deliberate flow in your words and conversations with me

Forced would be considered a clouded judgement, a fabrication

You are like the clouds to the sky, easily just moving along

but there is no effort

and so again I will call you effortless

because you are sometimes like a spring day

and drench me in your rain

and somehow I just want to run in the rain, spin, twirl, and jump in puddles.

you can even be like a winter's day

Mounding me in your snow, piled high, freezing me to death

but I find a way to just indulge in the beauty, by either playing  or just staring all day

but other days I just want to stay inside

Love you from a distance

Cover myself up with layers and layers, so you can not get through to me

Because you are effortless

You do not try to love me

But I seem to be addicted to you

From your multiple layers

Surprise filling

hard exterior

I know you are not the best for me

and that is the most thrilling part

You excite me

Provide me with a rush

and I simply want you

But then again, candy, spring, and winter seem to just as much as you do for me.

Giving me a peace of mind. And these things I learn to let go, although time after time I have repeatedly welcome them again. Willingly or unwillingly, because sometimes the effortless ability to captivate me is all I can ask for.

And even through all of your effortless, I always seem to justify you, find beauty in your cracks, or even in places where I never thought to look before.

And I wonder if that is why I keep you around.
Throughout this project, I set out to write short stories. It was difficult and it did not quite end up being short stories except for one. I realized that this is something that I would like to pursue, although I was in fact able to make a story that was pretty decent from a guys perspective. This was meant to capture a part and side of me that is not shared really in my writing that I thought would be interesting to include. I think it incorporates the art of storytelling because I was able to tell stories of emotions and of different readers or different people so that it kind of incorporated a tad bit of what the female felt, compared to what the male also felt about a female. I think going through the situation made it so much cooler because I was able to take a close friendship I had and magnify some of these strengths to make a story that capture the idea more how teens stress relationships when we should be building lifelong friendships with people instead. I am not sure what I want my audience to gain from my work, besides trying to understand that you should not ruin a friendship with someone because a relationship did not work out. From doing this work, it definitely helped me learn more about how I want to write in the future. I definitely want to explore different genres and not stick in the realm of typical love and teenage writing even though sometimes its definitely necessary. I want to learn of structure for telling stories to use this because I always wanted to consider writing a book but then I lose my steam.
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Math Benchmark Podcast #2

(Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Five)

Group Members:

Lexy Babcock

Goldie Robins

Jessica Maiorano

Gabby Santaniello

What Our Group Discussed:

We discussed Chapters 3 to 5.

How We Discussed It:

We mostly stayed in chronological order and went through each of the following chapters: 3, 4, and 5. For each chapter, we tried to pull out some different ideas and examples from the book. Some individual group members picked out things that others didn't notice. 

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

We mostly agreed. We had a few points of discussing an idea to better the understanding of another group member. 

Questions answered:

  1. Choose one of the quotations inside the front cover and discuss how it relates to the Introduction.
  2. Put the second paragraph on Page 18 (“A river cannot….”) into your own words.
  3. Which kind of “average” (statisticians call all three “measures of central tendency”) would give me the best way to compare the performance of two classes of a required math course? Why?

*ALSO, We are going to include the articles in the next podcast with chapter 6 discussion. 

Second Podcast (ch 3,4,5)
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Negative Space

photo 1 (1)
photo (11)
     ​Negative space is basically the area behind an object in a picture of piece of artwork. This includes anything above, below, and on the sides of the object(s) you are looking at. 
     I found negative space in my "Cut Out" by first identifying the object I was looking at. The objects are a house with a fence and clouds in the sky. Only half of the paper was done at a time (left and right). On the paper, before cutting and tracing, was two separate colors (light gray and dark gray). The dark gray color covered all the objects I was looking at (the house, fence, and clouds). The insides of the windows of the house were also dark gray, along with other details of the house. All of the light gray area was the negative space. After cutting and tracing, the colors changed for negative space on two different sides. The negative space is now blue on the left side and one the right it is light green.
     I found negative space in my "Stool Drawing" after I identified the objects that I was looking at. The objects are a table, two stools (one on top of another), a plant, and a chord hanging from the ceiling. First, I took a white piece of paper and shaded it completely with a pencil. I then took my eraser and erased any part of the objects that i saw until they were white like the paper before shading. Now I can tell the objects from the non-objects. The non-objects are the negative space, which is the shaded part of the paper.
     It helps an artist to see in negative space because I believe it makes it easier to shape the object they are trying to create. It is useful in creating art by being a short cut. When I say this I mean it can help others who are not proud of their drawing skills. This is one way you don't need to know how to draw to complete.
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Art Stool/ Negative space drawing

Screenshot 2014-05-27 at 11.07.16 AM
Screenshot 2014-05-27 at 11.08.25 AM
Negative space
  • 1. What is negative space? Negative space in this photo is the blue paper.

    2. Why use negative space? The negative space makes the photo more interesting and it gives the paper levels of creativeness.

    3. How can negative space be used in photography? We can use negative space in photography to display more than one photo. We can also use it to add a better color scheme.

    4. What is the best way to take advantage of negative space? The best way to take advantage of negative space is to have a hidden drawing on the blue paper that someone couldn't see unless you told them about.

Stool drawing
  • 1. What is negative space? Negative space in this drawing is everything but the stool.

    2. Why use negative space? I used negative space so my stool could stand out more.

    3. How can negative space be used in photography? Negative space could be used in photography to portray different illusions.

    4. What is the best way to take advantage of negative space? Best way to take advantage of negative space is to use it as something that is unique. Like make a picture three d with negative space.

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Q4 Benchmark!

  • I set out to make a dedication to someone very important to me, who I lost this past November. He was always telling stories so I wanted to share some of the ones that stuck with me.
  • My work incorporates the art of storytelling because this whole project is me sharing stories about his life. Also, the times that we shared together when he was telling me and I was just sitting there listening to him.
  • I hope that my audience learns all about the type of man that my pop was and they love him just from the stories that I shared.
  • From doing this project I also gained some more stories that he shared with my mom and my grandma. This project didn't even feel like work because I loved what the topic was and that made it all the better. 
Link :

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Q3&4 Benchmark


For my 3&4 quarter benchmark I wanted a way to combine the clubs and sports teams that have molded my senior class. With 120 seniors we are all apart a club that shaped us to who we are, and I am only showing a glimpse of it. I talked with my peers and asked them to voice how the organization they are apart of has helped them, some senior it is easy to tell what their life has become. For an example Krisiti Bezhani has used rowing to show her motivation, and team work. I am telling the story of how a group of seniors have the city of Philadelphia on their fingertips to encourage them to go out into the world and make the difference they've experience within different programs. I hope my audience gains the importances resources are out there for teens to succeed in cities, and the varieties of programs. 
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photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
Selifes are in the moment emotional expressive picture. It is like a timed moment, where you pause and pose not to mess up the moment in any shape or form or add another emotion. Selfies are told like stories. It should the proper emotion, and it is clear to the other party. Some are taken to be funny, an uncomfortable setting, happiness, love, sadness, and to even be memorable. I personally do not take selfies to upload everyday onto social media, but I take them and actually frame them. I am planning on taking selfies with all my closest friends and framing them before I go off to college. My first photo was taken in a car, as Morgan, Kaia (Morgan's little sister), and 2 of her friends and I drove to the beach to watch the sunset. The second photo is a selfie of my best friend that lives in the city where I am attending college. My third photo was a selfie I took in a car, the photo was taken because it had been 8 weeks since I last updated my instagram at the time. 
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Negative Space

photo (1)
photo 2
1. A negative space is the space around and between an object, of an image.

2.One should use negative space so it can enhance  It cab affect the overall "composition" of your art work.  It can also greatly improve your ability to create more successful pieces of artwork. 

3. Negative space can be used in photography because it is a concept that's been used in art, design, architecture, and sculpture for hundreds of years. It's equally useful in photography, and can be used to turn an average photo into an outstanding one.One can use it to see shapes and sizes more effectively, and produce better images and pictures.

4.  The best way to take advantage of negative space is by when we have to design something that’s difficult or something that’s not very familiar to us. Pretend that you have the lovely task of drawing your grandmother’s beautiful, wrinkly feet. Rather than focusing on the details, such as the wrinkles, toes, and nails, start looking at the unfamiliar negative spaces, such as the spaces between her toes, the distance from the ground of each toe. This will make the most regular things seem more unique and better. 

5. We can see the chair on page 34, even though it is actually not drawn because the frame outside of it is what they have drawn not the object itself but the things around. Creating the same image but in a different and more special way; that you technically don't even make!


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Phoenix Ward Benchmark "The Story of 'Jakal'"
  • What did you set out to do?
    • I set out to write a story. This was a story that was to incorporate a lot of themes I have seen with the readings I’ve been given in class, ranging from confusing, yet thought provoking plot twists, deep character development, a ‘stranger’ character, and many other things.
  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
    • My work incorporates the art of story telling because it involves the development of a character over time. This is told from the point of view from that character, which is an effective form of art because of the fact that this puts the reader into this character’s head. Each thought the character expresses to the reader give him thought and imagination on how this character works and whether or not the reader likes this character or not. It’s the art of putting an image into someone’s head, and it’s an art that a lot.
  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
    • I hope that my audience gains that you can make friends however and whatever way you want; just don’t forget the people or things who are important to you, may they be friends or family. It’s a message that a lot of people forget when moving to a new location or making new friends. It’s something that concerned me, and still does concern me when I think about college. It’s a new environment that’s different from how I’ve grown up.
  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
    • Not only have I gained a sort of ‘release’ when I finished this piece, but this also gave me a sense of how to develop good characters without giving them their whole life story. A brief summary is almost enough  to satiate a reader. I think this was a good story to just develop characteristics and emotions of these characters, even though there weren’t too many moments where there was a major event that occurred in the side characters of the protagonist.
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Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.05.03 PM

Name: Taylor Ximines

Mentor Name: Ms. Martin

My capstone is about making my community aware about what Breast Cancer is, and I made a team for the 2014 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that was on Mother's Day. 

For my Capstone I wanted to do something that would actually be special to me. I did not want to do a project that wouldn't be meaningful to me. So I started to think about issues that affect me gender, culture, race, and age wise. And something that seemed to be a common factor among those were breast cancer. For me personally my family has been affected by the disease, and I know for millions of other people it has to. I wanted to make a difference in anyway that I could. So my initial plan was to recruit students to join the team that I would make to participate in the race that took place on Mother's Day. The process for this Capstone was one that was long and hard at times. Things did not always turn out like I wanted them to. It took a lot of  patience on my end to carry through with what I wanted my project to be. In the end I did make a team for SLA for the Race for the Cure and did the walk/run. I learned along the way that things to do not always happen like I want them to. That no matter what we always have to remember what the end goal for everything is. I hope that by me starting this somebody in  the years to come can do the Race for the Cure under the SLA team; as well as help to take steps toward finding the cure for breast cancer.


  1. "WebMD Breast Cancer Center: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Genes, Staging, Tests, and Treatments." WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014. -

This source basically explains what breast cancer is. It tells about the disease and what it does. I used this source to explain to people exactly what breast cancer is. Some people may be unsure about what it is. So I used this resource because WebMD is one of the most credible online medical journals. So I can be almost one hundred percent sure that the information on here is non bias and correct.

2. "What Is Breast Cancer?" N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2014.

This is the website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I used this website as a source for breast examinations. One of the main ways to see if you have breast cancer is to have an examination done. It could be done at home or at a doctors office. This website explains each step and what to do when it comes to checking to see if you have breast cancer.

3. "50 Fundraising Ideas." 50 Fundraising Ideas. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

This website gives 50 ways on how to fundraise. For my project I will need to raise money in order to make my team for the walk. Having money is something I will need in order to make my team. But since I am not rich I must receive donations  and get money my own way while trying to put my team together. So this website has given me some new ideas on how to raise that money.

4. "The Big Pink Footprint:." Susan G Komen Philadelphia. 27 Jan. 2014


This is the website for the Susan G Komen Philadelphia Chapter. This is probably my most important source. It tells me what to do when it comes to making my own team. As well as giving me resources to people that will help me. When I do the walk I will need to be registered with them and they will tell me exactly what to do. So this is my most important website for doing my whole project.

5. "What are the key statistics about breast cancer?" What are the key statistics about breast cancer? 26 Jan. 2014 <>.

This websites gives the most recent statistics when it comes to breast cancer. I used this because I will need to tell people just how serious of a problem this disease is. That somebody they know has breast cancer or will develop it statistically speaking. So doing this is something that is needed to help support research for this disease.

  1. 6. Schawbel, Dan. "5 Ways to Network in the Real World." 5 Ways to Network in the Real World. 27 Jan. 2014 <>.

This source gives various ways to network. It includes whether it be on social media, or by people that I know. It gives key details and tips on how to make my circle bigger. Networking is something that I will need to do for this Capstone. The more participants I get, the more sponsors, and the more money that can be raised for my Capstone.

7.  Kelly. "Welcome." Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Stories | Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. 27 Jan. 2014 <>.

This is a story about a woman named Kelly. She talked about how breast cancer ran in her family and that she always did early screening and got regular mammograms. But that she still unexpectedly developed an aggressive breast cancer. But through different foundations and walks that the money raised helped her get the treatments to get rid of it. This can be used to show why my Capstone is important. That most families will be affected by this cancer and it is important to keep making teams who do walks and races to raise money to help people.

8.  "Financial Information." Susan G. Komen®. 25 Jan. 2014


This source is very important for this project.  A big part of my Capstone is the fundraising. That in order to make my team and do the walk/run on Mother's Day we have to raise the money. But I do not want to raise the money and then not see where the money is going. Or have other people committed to my team and not know exactly where their finances are going. So this source shows the Susan G Komen's finances for all of the past years. And it also explains how the finances are distributed back to breast cancer research and treatment.

9. "Corporate Partners and Sponsors." Susan G. Komen®. 27 Jan. 2014 <>.

This is a source that tells just how big the Susan G Komen foundation is. There are a lot of breast cancer foundations. I wanted to make sure that for my Capstone I picked one that was renowned and very well known. So this is just a list of so many other famous companies that sponsor the Komen Foundation and are their partners. This just reassures my team and I that we are actually working with the biggest breast cancer foundation, and it will do the maximum amount of help.

10. "Careers / Internships / Volunteering." Susan G. Komen®. 27 Jan. 2014


This is a source telling how else to get involved. I do not want my Capstone to be the only time that people are involved with this important topic. During and after my Capstone I still want people to care about Breast Cancer Awareness; including myself. So if people want to find out how they can still volunteer this is the source for it. Or even if somebody wants to continue this same Capstone idea by having a team for next year's walk then this is the source for them.

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Negative Spanish Reflection

Screenshot 2014-05-19 at 12.56.12 PM
Screenshot 2014-05-19 at 12.55.29 PM
1) ​What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)
1)It is the area around the main object.
2) Explain how you found negative space in A. your cut out?, B. in your stool drawing?
2a) I used the bigger part of the bird to create the negative space.
2b) I shade the outline of the table and stool to create the positive space.

3) Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
3) It helps because it defines the positive space.

4) How is negative space useful in creating art?
4) It is a great way to define objects.
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A. Negative space is basically the background of the picture,where there is no objects. It is focusing on the background. the cut out the negitive space was the back piece of paper on one side while on the other it was the front cut out part. In the drawing I found the negitive space by drawing the objects then shading the background.
C.negitive space extentuates the essential image in the picture. is useful because it makes a picture looks better and nice
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Negative Space Reflection

Negative space is the space behind a object or person which will move your ideas to focus on the main point of the picture. I found negative space in my first cut out where there wasn't any construction paper. Secondly  there were spaces behind the drawn parts of my artwork. It helps an artist to see in negative space because they can determine what to draw more focus to and what not to. Also because it adds on to how to the focus of one item. 
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Negative Space

photo 2 (3)
photo 1 (6)
  • A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the background of an object in a picture.

  • B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

I found negative space in my cut because I had two different colors and the purple was the space in the background. In the stool drawing the white space surrounding the table,stool and plant.  

  • C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

If you can get rid of the object in the picture or look around the object you can find the negative space.

  • D. How is negative space useful in creating art?

It helps to see where your drawing will go or the right size for the object.

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Negative Space Cut-Out

Screenshot 2014-05-17 at 2.01.55 PM
Negative space is the space around an object. In another drawing I did of a stool on a table with a latter and plant, I found negative space by coloring it in around the objects to form them. An artist can benefit in seeing negative space because it lets them see some images in different perspectives. Negative space is useful in creating art because you can use it to put more focus on an object and it makes it look better. 
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Negative Space Reflection

A. Negative space is the area around the main focus of a picture.
B. 1. Negative space in my cut-out picture is all the black space. 2. The negative space in my stool drawing is the area that is shaded in.
C. It helps artists see in negative space because it is just as important as positive space, and can help define the main focus.
D. Negative space is helpful in creating art because it helps you define your main focus.
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Session 1

​Group Members Present: Jalen S., Robbie M., Sarybel M. Rose K
What your book club discussed:
We all talked about the first four chapters of the book.
How you discussed it:
While reading the book individually we all wrote down things that stuck out to us. Once it came time for us to discuss the books we all were able to share questions or things we found interesting. As far as the format we thought it would be easiest to follow for us and the listeners to go chapter by chapter. Once we had acknowledged the chapter we were discussing someone would share an interesting point and we would go back and forth on things we agreed with and how the book brought in examples to support the thought. 
Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion:
At this point in the book there is not to much controversy so it was pretty easy for us to all be in agreement. 
Questions that came up as a result of the discussion:
As a group we all are wondering about how there could be some sort of regulation in how advertisements and really anywhere uses statistics. Sort of finding a way to keep people accountable and really speaking the complete truth and not tricking people. 



Negative Space Drawing

Negative space is space around a drawing or painting in other words a piece of artwork that makes up the picture or makes it look better. I found negative space in my cut out of the bird with the blue paper that showed the negative space in the drawing to the actual picture that was in pink. I found negative space in my stool drawing by the different shapes that were around the table that made it look like a table with triangles and rectangles that almost made up the picture. So space that was not containing a object was the negative to the drawing. It helps a artist to see in negative space because it can really extenuate the picture that you are trying to show and shows the central image if you know what you are trying to show around that. Negative space is important in creative art because it allows the artist to again focus on what they want to show and the viewer really gets to wrestle in there mind the difference in the both. For example in bird cut out.
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Quarter 4 Final Reflection

Zack Hersh Señorita Manuel

“Una elección primaria y también especial”
Por Committee of Seventy

Este es mi último reflexión del año. Después de un año de reflexión después de reflexión después de reflexión, semana después semana, este finalmente es mi último. Cada semana yo escribía por lo menos dos cientos palabras sobre un artículo y hablar sobre lo. A veces estaban completados en clase, otras veces no, pero en orden de asistir en la clase de español cuatro el próximo año, yo tenía que hacer uno cada semana.Esta reflexión va a ser un reflexión en mis reflexiones pasados por el año. A veces, fueron una lata, y a veces, yo los disfrutaba. Haciendo los me ayudó quedar informado en los deportes y los Phillies, y también los sucesos actuales. Para este reflexión (cuantos tiempos ha decido “reflexión” en este reflexión?) contar como un reflexión, lo tiene que ser sobre un artículo. Entonces, para mi último, yo leí un artículo sobre los eleciones primarias que son solo dos días lejos, este Martes el viente (yo saberia porqué no tenemos que ir a escuelo eso dia). El artículo habla sobre muchas de las mismas cosas que el uno que yo leí el Viernes pasado. 
Y ahora, estoy completado todos mis reflexiones del año. No habere otra reflexión de mi por lo demas del año de escuela. (Yo dijo “reflexión” once, ahora doce veces!)

Palabras: 240

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First Podcast

  • Group members present during the discussion?

  • Robert Jenkins, Martez Cards, Niyala Brownlee, and Markitra Kesse

  • What your club discussed?

  • Introduction and Chapter one

  • How you discussed it?

  • Our discussion was about biases in statistics and if its possible to have a statistic without a hidden agenda.  

  • Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion?

  • We disagreed on what was a bias study and how are the displayed.


Negative Space Drawing and Cutout

photo (4)
photo (3)

A. Negative space is the empty space around the subject of a drawing or photo. The negative space is just as important as the subject because the negative space can make the subject stand out more.

B. I found the negative space in the cutout with the base paper after I cut out the traced template that was in another color. I found the negative space in the still-life when I was drawing only the outside lines of the objects and shading in the empty spaces.

C. I helps an artist see in negative space because the negative space defines the subject of the drawing or photo. Without paying attention to negative space, the subject could just blend into the background.

D. Negative space is helpful in creating art because the negative space like explained in the previous question, makes the subject stand out and the negative space can make the drawing more interesting.

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Negative Space Cut Out Reflection

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space around a subject in a image.

B. Explain how you found negative space in your 1. your cut out? 2 in your stool drawing?

I found the negative space in my cut out by finding the space that was outside the tree the I cut out.  In my stool drawing it was the same as my cut out.  I founf the space outside the stool and lamp.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps when an artist can see in negative space becasue it can help the person who is looking at the art to get a better undersanding at what they are looking at.

D.  How is negative space useful in creating art?

Negative space is useful in creating art because it helps make the drawing look better.

negative space tree
negative space
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Book Discussion (Introduction- chapter 3)

  • Group members present during the discussion?

  • Taylor Ximines, Tsion Habtamu, Tyikenyua Anthony, Ananda Knight

  • What your club discussed?

  • Our club the introduction of the book up until chapter 3.

  • How you discussed it?

  • We started out discussing what each chapter was about and what we got from it. We were able to make connections with the book and our personal lives as well as school assignments that we could relate to what we read. Each of us took turns stating our opinions of what we read, using quotes from the book to support our understandings.  

  • Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion?

  • No. For the most part every part of the book that we have read thus far we have all agreed on what the book was saying and how we interpreted it.

  • Questions that came up as a result of the discussion?

  • After reading the first three chapters we all are wondering what other statistical tools can be used to deceive people. So for the next few podcast the question of ways to not lie with statistics will be present.

Podcast :