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All The Things I've Done (Independent Reading)

Reasons for Song Choice:

(Daughters-John Mayer) Anya always relates everything back to her dad. He has had a big impact on her life. He impacted her so much it has came to the point of she can't go five seconds without thinking of one of his sayings or something that he used to do. She still follows the instructions he gave her before he died. I think this is a good song to represent this because its about the impact fathers have on their daughters.

(Both of us-B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift) Every thing seems to be against Anya. All she wants to do is take care of he brother and sister, but her mob connection keeps getting in the way of it. This song shows that no matter how manny times she is pushed down, she will trying to protect her brother and sister no matter the cost

(Stand up-Jessie J) I feel this song represents Anya's relationship with Win. How with him she just threw caution to the wind, and went with it. She is so used to controlling everything in her life, but Win took her by surprise. She couldn't control it so just decide to justlet it happen and see where things end up. It also shows how Anya did not allow her soundings effect her judgment. She did her best to not allow her family background to control her sister's, her brother's, or her life.

(Blow Me(One last Kiss)- P!nk) This is the song represents Anya and Win's break-up. In the end they both still loved each other, but their relationship got to much to handle. Win was always being put n danger because of who Anya was. And Anya was couldn't let her relationship with win take away from her responsibly to her brother and sister.

(Girl on Fire-Alicia keys ft. Nicki Minaj) The main character is a girl. She has all the weight of the world on her shoulders, and yet she still keeps going. This represents her strength and will to keep going, no matter what is throne at her. 

(Empire State of Mind-Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys) I felt that this song was important to add because the book was set in NewYork. Also because the song specks of over coming the things that put you down. Anya did just that, she tried to make the best of her situation. 

(If I Die Young-The Band Perry) I added this song to the playlist because it reprints all the deaths that have happened throughout the course of Anya's life.

(Runaway love- Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige) (Show goes on-Lupe Fiasco)

 Represents how bad Anya world is, not just her world but the world Gabrielle Zevin created around Anya. Its filled with violence and corruption, and yet there are still themes few people who say good and stand up for those who can't do it for them selves. 

(Beautiful People-Cher llyod ft. Carolina Liar) This song represents the betrayal in the book. I thought it was important to add a song about betrayal because that is what the whole plot line revolves around, I mean how can you have a good mafia book with out a little betrayal?

(Changes-David Bowie) I added this song because I felt that this book also represented change . The change in Anya's life, change in the political world, just change in general no matter if it was for bad or good.

(Not like the movies- Katty Perry) I added this song because I felt that Anya and Win's relationship was something you only here about in movies and books so I thought it was important to point out that detail about the book.

(Chocolate-Snow Patrol) Because Anya family is the head of the U.S chocolate shipping and the book is centered around her family and it's business I felt it was important to add a chocolate song to my playlist

(Cleanin' out my closet-Eminem) I felt this song best represented the title of the of the book("All the Things I've Done), because it has to do with looking at your problems and dealing with them.

(Feel Again-One Republic) This song best represents how Win showed Anya that the world still had some good in it.

(Jesus Walks-Kanye West) This song represents Anya's religion. Even though she loose, she always finds her way back, even in some of the darkest times.

My Review of the book-

All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1)All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished reading one of the best books I have had the liberty of reading. "All The Things I've Done" (book #1 of the birthright series) is an unique creation from the amazing mind of Gabrielle Zevin.
The year is 2083, chocolate and coffee are illegal and the great city of New York is now poverty ridden. Since the death of her father, 16-year-old Anya Balaniche has been taking care of her bother and sister. It is Anya's job to make sure bother and sister are safe, happy, and above all stay out of the family's chocolate business, so they would be spared the same fate as their parents. But lately this task has proved to difficult thanks to some unwanted publicity focused on her attraction to win, the new Ass. DA's son. Thanks to a poisoned chocolate shipment Anya is thrusted into the world of organized crime and dirty politics, when she is wrongly accused of trying to kill her ex with the tainted candy. To clear her name she must uncover who is behind the tainted shipment, while trying to protect her family, keep Win alive, and maintain her grades.
I feel that the book was the perfect balance between action and romance. I loved every second of it. I was able to look at Anya's life and see aspects of my own. Like how I have to care for my family at a young age, even though my parent are alive and well. Many kids are given the responsibility of taking care of younger siblings so the parent can provide for the family, and some time it's nice to see that they are not alone. If I had to recommend it to anyone who likes dystopia, romance , or even a people who enjoy a good growing up story. All in all, I believe this is a good read and anyone would benefit from picking it up.

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Independent Reading Josh Berg

Josh Berg

I think that it is difficult to incorporate all of the different themes of the book into music. Only someone who is a true master at such things could ever have an ability like that. I am no master so the purpose of this piece is to talk about the many themes and emotions that I didn’t really touch on. When I was making the music, I had to work with some new tools so I stuck to other things that I was more comfortable with. This unfortunately can be a bit limiting, however I conveyed as best as I could what I wanted to convey. I recorded some things I ended up not using, even whole entire songs that I didn’t actually choose to use because I eventually failed to see the connections to the book. It would have been possible to connect however I don’t want to make any stretches in terms of connections to themes in the book. I didn’t want to stretch because that defeats the point of analyzing if you are looking back. This is one instance where doing the steps in reverse doesn’t really work. Another issue that I encountered was that of not having enough music in order to convey all of the themes and emotions.

I wanted to have a song for the Vanger family. An easy way to convey how proper they are, as this is a big part of their family, they are very rich, is through something like classical. The issue is then became that I don’t really do classical so well. After a few attempts, I wasn’t satisfied with the sounds although the piece sounded OK, I am not Wendy Carlos so this proved a bit difficult with the options for sounds that I had. I don’t play any instruments that are used in classical a lot. I decided that the next best thing to do would be to do Jazz. I am still not sure that this was a good choice, as Jazz has a bit of a reputation for being seedy. However, in todays day and age, people perceive Jazz to be a classy genre of music, (how wrong they are). With that said, it seemed to be an OK choice to make and certainly one that I am comfortable emulating musically. 

The other song that I wanted to do was primarily electronic. I wanted to make an ambient song like one you might actually find in a soundtrack to a movie. It is ambient and repetitive at times but in my opinion conveys the mysterious feeling of the island and just the general idea of mystery. It strikes me as very important to have a song that can convey the scene. I was very lucky in that the setting that the book takes place in strikes me as very mysterious, and the feeling of mystery is easy to convey in pretty much any art form. I find it actually quite ironic that something in essence, is the idea of not knowing something, is actually pretty easy to convey. 

There are many other elements, emotions and other important things that I found hard to touch on. I think the idea of a sole shining ray of truth, being the Millennium, deserved a sort of heroic theme. It is actually a theme that is touched on a bit earlier in the book, and not so much later. This theme also appears in the next book from what I have read so far. This is something I wish appeared even more in the book, the idea that there is that one small journal with some of the best articles and doesn’t lie or suck up to anyone that has a very strong but small cult following. I think that Larsson based Millennium off of what he perceived his magazine to be like. If this is true or not, I don’t know, but I think that he did a good job of crafting an organization like Millennium that almost manifests itself into a character. 

Although close to the theme of mystery, I think there was also a theme of danger, as there is in many books. Books are often about things that people will not experience in their lives, or they wouldn’t be very interesting. People are not usually having their life threatened in various scenarios, so there are many places where characters find themselves in a situation where they would not like to be. This book however does not have danger in the sense that many other books do. Although there are some times when characters are in peril I never really felt my blood pumping while reading it. I actually enjoyed it. It was much like in many mystery novels where you don’t really see it as danger, the situation sort of turns itself into another clue as you try to figure out the grand scheme of the mystery and what it all really adds up to. 

Another theme that appears a bit in the book is the idea of generation clashes. Mikael is most certainly from a different generation than Lisbeth and they have very different personalities. I find that this can be a bit cliche as well so I am glad that this was not brought up too much in the book.

Overall I think that I tried my best, however the proper emotion is hard to convey. With more practice I imagine that this is something that I can improve at greatly and will certainly make more attempts to do in the future.

Head of footprints- 

Wayne Shorter (for the song that wasn't erased)
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Independent Reading Book Review

Looking For Alaska, published in 2005, is the first novel written by the author, John Green, who at the time was only 28.  It was a powerful debut, winning the young author the Michael L. Printz Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.  John Green would go on to write five more novels and become a prize-winning, best selling author.  Similar to this book, his books are directed towards teens with a focus on the idea of coming of age.

            Looking For Alaska is a melancholy story about a boy named Miles Halter and what he experiences and learns during his junior year at boarding school.  Miles Halter did not have many friends at his old school and is not notably adventurous, so when he comes to Culvert Creek in pursuit of “The Great Perhaps,” he discovers more about himself than he ever imagined.  From the moment he sets foot on campus and meets his roommate, his old safe life becomes a distant memory.  He gets entangled in both alcohol and cigarettes, and the most interesting person he has ever met, Alaska Young.  Alaska has a playful personality and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes is right, but she is an extremely troubled person, with more complications in her life than Miles can even comprehend.  Alaska lives life to the fullest; living everyday as if it were her last.  Unfortunately, it proves to be a short one.  During the winter she dies tragically in a car accident.  This is the central event of the novel and gives the book its structure of “before” and “after” that is noted in the chapter headings.  This event leaves Miles with many questions of how and why she died, which he just can’t come to terms with right away.  He and his roommate, the Colonel, need to do some detective work to answer their queries.

            This book is full of interesting and well-developed characters, each of whom has their unique traits and attractions, but everything orbits around Alaska. She is the magnet that draws the reader’s interest into the novel.  Alaska is my favorite character because she is the embodiment of many contradictions like youth and maturity.  Most importantly, while she is friendly and exceedingly mischievous, she also has a deep and pensive side that brings up many thought-provoking questions. The most powerful question that she brings up is “how will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering.” She answers this question with only three words - straight and fast. On the other hand, Miles finds a completely different answer.  He realizes that the way out of the labyrinth is to forgive.  After all, if one never forgives you will never truly be light of heart because you will only be given more anguish and constant nagging.  I feel the same way as Miles, because if he is never forgiven by Alaska, he would always be haunted by the sense of guilt that he let her go and never he would never forgive himself.  Earlier in the book this is what tortures Alaska - the feeling that she could have done something to save her mother.   She never realized that her mother would have forgiven her and that the last thing she would want Alaska to do is cause herself more agony.

            Looking for Alaska is a powerful and compelling book.  It explores topics that resonant with young adults with a deep sympathy and a wry sense of humor that makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read.   All the characters in the novel are well developed and fully rounded.  They have their flaws and good traits that one would expect in people. Sometimes They feel like real people and during the course of the novel the reader grows to deeply care about them.  I highly recommend this book to all readers whether adolescent or adult.

             For my project I created a Miles Halter's Journal in which he writes about Alaska's death. I decided to create this for many reasons, mainly because he has a lot of emotions after her death and he had mentioned his journal. I also wanted to include a couple objects that have proven to be important or just seemed to well describe the book such as Takumi's letter to Miles and the Colonel, Alaska's drawing of a daisy, and Mile's drawing of Alaska.                                                                             
​Miles Halter's Journal
​Alaska's drawing of a daisy which she drew before her death because it was her mothers favorite flower.
​Drawing of Alaska with a daisy in one hand and a cigarette in the other, this represents her youthful side and her mature nature.
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Independent Reading Project

Independent Reading Project Script:


-The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

-Made into 3 movies, the first “An Unexpected Journey” came out in 2012.

-Considered one of the most defining books of the 20th century.

-Defined the modern fantasy genre.

Paragraph or Two about book:

Gandalf spontaneously recruits bilbo for the journey with the dwarfs to save their kingdom from Smaug. They face many perils on their journey....

Important Characters: 

-Bilbo: Our reluctant Hero. He, though refusing to help in the beginning, slowly gains a knack for saving his comrades through feats of cunning. 

-Gandalf: Mysterious, the guide/advisor of the dwarves, providing powerful assistance when times got difficult.

-Thorin Oakenshield: The leader of the dwarves, and the rightful heir to the mountain throne. He is also one of the tallest dwarves ever (Able to ride a horse)

-The dwarves: Bombur: The lazy, large dwarf. Almost always eating, sleeping, or whining. Balin: Though all of the dwarves didn’t care much for bilbo, Balin had his back the entire time.

-Smaug: The dragon who took control of the kingdom under the mountain. He looks down on all other living organisms.

Conflict: The primary conflict is that of the dwarves against several adversaries, such as goblins, giant spiders, elves, and Smaug. There are several societal conflicts however. The races of humans, goblins and wolves, dwarves, and elves are usually at odds with each other, they team up against common enemies (Goblins and dwarves vs Humans, elves, and dwarves). The main characters also go through trust issues, such as Bilbos constant secretiveness and his risky decision making. 

Favorite Character: My favorite character is Bilbo Baggins. He goes through the most change as a character. He is never reluctant to save his friends, yet never minds going against them for the greater benefit, like stealing the arkenstone to give as a negotiation device.

Take Away: The main thing you can learn from the Hobbit is that, if you are trying to achieve a goal, you have to WORK TOGETHER. The only way the dwarves and Bilbo were going to survive their mission is through teamwork. When the mission fell to shambles, it was because of either bilbo or another party members selfishness. They could have been more successful if they were organized and got along.

Personal Experience:

-Now, the Hobbit is a work of fantasy, removing almost all aspects of reality. The events are completely impossible in life. However, the ways the characters, especially the dwarves and Bilbo interact, it can be fairly realistic. Bilbo faces the problem of trust. The dwarves don’t trust him initially. He is constantly talked about behind his back during the earlier parts of the story, until he comes to the rescue numerous times. The way he is treated here reminds me of how I used to feel about my “friends”. Some people talk about each other behind their backs. It makes you feel hated. This must have made the journey even more difficult than the initial danger of the mission.


-I really like the book.

-Strengths: It is the defining work of modern fantasy. JRR Tolkien pioneered fantasy, almost all aspects of fantasy are based on his works. The book has extremely good detail, and the characters, though there are a large amount of them, are very memorable. Seriously, making 13 dwarves with rhyming names have distinguishable characters is a great feat.

-Weaknesses: These days, most people are accustomed to faced past and action filled sequences in their fantasy. The Hobbit will NOT fulfill this need. The action is slow as can be. A single sequence in a mine, one battle against goblins, lasted for 3 chapters. Tolkien’s eye for detail can be a blessing as well as a curse, making each sequence last forever, as every little detail is described in full. Also, the book was written in the 60’s, a time before women’s rights were fully appreciated. A strong female lead would have helped the book a lot. The story mostly focusses on a group of men, and their encounters with other men and genderless creatures.

-If I could change something in the book, I would change the amount of action vs the amount of traveling. The book has way too much traveling for the modern reader. More action is really all the book needs to make it into a modern work of fantasy. That and strong female leads.


-The Hobbit is a great book for all those who love fantasy. You get large amounts of action sequences, and powerful characters. The Hobbit is also great for those who love detail in their books. Wether it is thought processes, multiple character viewpoints, or songs and riddles, you will receive a plethora of detail.



Hobbiton = 6698

Narrator: This is Bilbo Baggins.

Bilbo: (Facing away from the camera, into the distance, turns around) Huh? Who’s there?

Narrator: He is hobbit, a short little man with no wish for adventure, or a need to leave his home. He lives a small little existence...

Bilbo: Hey! My great-great-

Narrator: Yes, we know your ancestors were the most adventurous of hobbits, but we are talking about you. You can’t steal credit for other peoples feats... Oh, here comes Gandalf!

Gandalf: Bilbo, old friend! You’re going on an adventure!

Bilbo: Wait, what? (To Himself) I’ll give this man some tea, but there will certainly be no adventuring from me!

Inside Bilbo’s House = 6702

Gandalf: Ah, here come the dwarves!

Bilbo: Dwarves? What dwarves?

Dwarves: Ah! Gandalf! We are here to take back the treasure!

Bilbo: What treasure?

Gandalf: These dwarves are here to take back the treasure stolen from them by the dragon Smaug.

Bilbo: Dragon? No, I will have none of this Tookishness!

Gandalf: But you’ve already been hired! Pack your things! We are going!

Thorin: (Serious tone) Wait Gandalf.

Gandalf: Yes Thorin? 

Thorin: We must first sing. 

The misty mountains theme plays in background.



Bilbo: Gandalf, why are they singing?

Gandalf: Why, it is the dwarves' way of explaining the background story through an overly long and repetitive poem, which he author used to attempt to add a bit of color to the book. I believe it may have been entertaining during the time the book was written...

Bilbo: Moving on... Alright, who is in charge here.

Thorin: It was my kingdom which has been taken from me. I am Thorin son of Thrain son of Thror.

Bilbo: OOOOkay. When do we begin, before I lose my tookishness altogether.

Thorin: First thing in the morning.

Forest = 6694

Narrator: So Bilbo proceeded to sleep in a great deal. Then, he embarked on a mighty journey filled with walking and hiking and trekking and even strolling. This is also a story about talking behind the backs of your comrades.

Forest = 6692

Dwarves: Argh that Bilbo, he’s useless.

Bilbo: (Goes crying off camera).

Narrator: These are the most realistic emotions you will find in books even to this day. The company traveled through caves and forests and rivers and more forests.

(The backgrounds switch through different backgrounds as the company changes the way it walks)

Cave = 6685

 They fought many dangers;They fought goblins only to be rescued by Gandalf.

(Running from goblin noises in a cave)

Tall Tree = 6684

 They fought wolves and more goblins only to be rescued by randomly appearing giant eagles.

Mirkwood = 6674

 They got trapped by giant spiders only to be rescued by Bilbo.

(Running through forest from giant fake spiderleg)

River = 6691

 They were captured by elves, and rescued by Bilbo.

(Bilbo maniacally chucking them into barrels)

Screen Note: Warning, barrels contain dwarves. Extremely Fragile.

Lonely Mountain = 6679

 They were chased by a dragon, only to have it chase after and be killed by a human. 

Smaug: Hahaha, pathetic mortals, I empty my nasal passages in your general direction! No one can stop m---

(Dragon puppet flies off and is shot down by arrow)

Erebor Treasure Hall = 6701

As you can see, the story revolves around the dwarves going on a journey, and being absolutely helpless. You would think the author would do a better job of making their supporting cast useful in the slightest...

Dwarves: Hey! We heard that!

Narrator: Oh calm down gentlemen.  You are the defining fantasy dwarves, have some self respect. Your story has defined fantasy for the ages. Though, why are you all a bunch of men. Have you just left the females at home? Was there no such thing as a strong female lead back in the 60s?

Dwarves: Oh, we hadn’t thought of that... 

Bilbo: Come on guys, we have treasure to steal and a dragon to not slay! Oh yeah, have you guys noticed Gandalf’s disappearance? He seems to appear out of nowhere just when we are helpless without him...

Thorin: He has his ways... Now, let us take our treasure!

Bard: The dragon destroyed our village! Give us the treasure!

Elf King: We captured you, give us our treasure!

Thorin: Wait, no!

Bilbo: Well Gandalf, looks like we need to get those stupid dwarves out of danger again...

Narrator: The Hobbit, now a major, hold on, three major motion pictures! Winner of countless awards and the defining piece of fantasy. For the full exploits of a once pathetic hobbit, a powerful and overly generous wizard, and a pack of completely useless dwarves, read the hobbit.


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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida

Introduction: ¡Hola!

Soy: Me llamo Hikma Salhe.
Soy de Filadelfia, pero vivo en Ethiopia. Tengo quince años.Soy baja y muy loca. El pelo café y los ojo marrones. Mi  familia es muy grande. Mi mejor amigas es cuatro. No le gusta perro. Me encanta leer.

Ella: Se llama Joie. La muchacha es mi amiga. Ella es bastante cómica Joie es super baja. No le gusta estudiar y leer.¡Es un amor de gente! Es una buenisima amiga.

Ellos: Ellos les gusta deportista. El es increíblemente altos y guapos. El pelos café y los ojos marrones. Tienen un perro.

Ellas: Les gusta leer y dormir. Tambíen, les gusta carrots. No le gusta nada estudiar y ayudar en casa. Mi amigas es una mezla de razas y como si fuera poco ellas son muy bonitos.

Nosotras: Somos es muy hermosa y morena. Cuando tienes tiempo libre somos les gusta estar de vago con amigos.Myrna, soy de Filadelfia, pero vivo en Bangladesh. Nosotras son mejor amigas.

Conclusion: Ademas, gracias por su mi video! ¡Hasta luego!
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Mar Adentro

La película, Mar Adentro, se trata de un hombre tetrapléjico, anteriormente un pescador y escritor, quien viajaba el mundo. Él vivió en España norte en el pueblo, Galacia. Después de un accidente que lo dejó sin mover, Ramón Sampedro desea quitarse su vida. Porque él es un tetrapléjico, hace un petición a los tribunales de España entonces su familia puede ayudar porque él no hace por su propia voluntad. Los tribunales no están de acuerdo con él. Entonces que nadie se metería en líos, Sampedro consiguió la ayuda de sus seres queridos que dieron veneno pequeño lo matar. La película muestra cómo amor, religión y los efectos en las vidas de otras personas afectan la vida de Sampedro.

La película es controvertida porque presenta unas preguntas polémicas tales como si la vida y la muerte es un derecho. Todos personajes en la película tienen opiniones sobre si está bien quitarse su vida y intentó imponer sus creencias. Porque Ramón quiere quitarse la vida pero él no puede hacer, entonces una problema es si él quitarse la vida y si una persona ayudando alguien quitarse la vida es un crimen. Las cosas como religión y el significado de la vida son importantes. También, la idea controvertido mejor al final de la película fui si una persona puede estar enamorado de un tetrapléjico.

Con las preguntas proponen en Mar Adentro, fue muy difícil hablar con mis opiniones a primera porque la película está deprimente y las temas incómodas. Desde mi punto vista como Rámon, la vida no es un obligación y la muerte es un derecho. Pienso que hay más bien opciones pero llegué a la conclusión para mi, no está bien quitarse la vida pero es un derecho. No sé por que alguien querría vivir si ellos no comer, tomar una ducha, correr o mover solo. Es no una vida digna. Estoy de acuerdo hay las cosas para vivir pero Rámon fue un hombre activo. Si fuera en este situación, no sé cómo sentiría. Con respecto a la familia de Rámon, quitarse la vida no es un crimen si que un deseo de la persona. Sería difícil para su familia atender a él sabiendo él no quiere vivir. Si la persona es lúcido y ese es lo que quiere pero ellos no se quitan sus vidas no pienso que es un crimen a la persona que ayuda con los documentos legales. Ramón quiere la muerte digna y él tiene un derecha a escoger. En la película, Rosa dije que ella esta enamorado de Rámon pero no pienso que. Supongo que ella amé como la familia porque para mi un relación física es necesario.

En general, no me gustó nada la película. Las temas son importante, sí, pero yo prefiero las películas cómicas. Tengo opiniones pero no siento cualificado juzgar porque tengo ni idea. Aunque para mi, el reparto fue fantástico. Los emociones la actuación fueron genuino. Como yo lo entiendo, la premisa es claro, pero la parte con los tribunales estoy confundido. No entiendo el proceso, sólo la decisión. También, con Julia no entiendo si ella estuve en enamorado con Rámon en realidad. Supongo, este no fue más importante porque fue sobre las temas de los éticos. Mi personaje favorito es Javi. Cuando él corrí después de el carro con Rámon dentro, quise llorar. No me gusta viendo cuando Rámon rompí su cuello. Pienso que fue increíble cómo él usó su boca lo escribir. El actor, Javier Bardem, fue increíble también. Para mi, esta película de Alejandro Amenábar es creativa, conmovedora y que haga pensar.
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The never Built Castle - book review of the glass castle

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir. I think it is important to know that this is a memoir, because it could easily be fictional. The story is about Jeannette's childhood and family. Her experiences seem so impossible to overcome and have had as her everyday life.

When Jeannette is young her family travels from place to place and is very poor. Her mother is an artist, and stays at home, although she has a teaching degree and teaches classes occasionally when necessary. Her father, Rex Walls,  finds what jobs he can, but they never last long. He is a very smart engineer who is closest with Jeannette. But he spends all the money he earns on alcohol. The reason this book is named the Glass Castle is because Rex Walls always promised to build the family a castle made from glass when they have enough money. As you may guess, the castle was never built.

I think that the idea of the glass castle perfectly described Rex and his parenting philosophy. He always wanted to do the best he could for his kids. It is apparent that he loves them very much, but his drinking problem controlled him, and made it impossible to have a steady income and provide all he wanted to for his family. One of my favorite examples of this is that one year for Christmas they had no money to get presents. So Rex took his kids outside one by one, and let them pick out their very own star. That is the positive side of Mr. Walls. That is the side that teaches his kids to read years before they even come close to a school, and the side that makes his kids do their math homework in binary, because he has taught them math skills grades above all the other kids. Another Christmas, all the kids save for weeks so they can have a good end to the year, because things have been especially hard lately. That year Rex gets drunk, and when he gets a lighter as a gift, he burns down the Christmas tree and all the presents. This is the side of Rex that is controlled by his addiction and spends all the money he earns, and even some he doesn't have on beer. This side of Mr. Walls got into a fight with his wife, and almost threw her out the window. This is the side that locked his three kids and newborn child in the back of a U-Haul truck for several hours. Rex never seem to want to change himself or deal with his addiction, but I think his good deeds outweigh his bad ones, even if the good ones were never accomplished.

As a young girl Jeannette is fine with moving about, but when she gets a little older her parents finally buy a house. It is not a real house; it is a shack that is falling apart. Worse still is that they don’t do anything to fix it, even as it crumbles to the ground.  After a few years, her older sister, Lori, moves to New York to escape her impoverished life. A year later Jeannette joins her. Eventually their little brother, and sister join them, and after that their parents move there too. All the children seem to lead regular lives, despite their insane childhood.

My favorite character is Lori. She does not always take care of her siblings, but she does her best. She also takes good care of her mother. At some points in the book, Lori seems to take more care of her mother than her mother ever has to her children. Lori also works hard to go to New York, she was the first one to take the risk of leaving, and because she is doing well there, her siblings could join her. By her taking the risk to leave the crazy nest her parents built, she enabled her siblings to join her on the route to a sane life.

In all honesty, I could not relate to this book at all. I don’t think that should come as a surprise. My parents have lived in Philadelphia for twenty-two years, and have provided a good living environment for me and my brothers. Despite the fact that I could not relate to the book, I enjoyed it very much. I wanted to keep on reading, partly to find out what would happen next, and partly to see how Jeannette grew up to be a well-respected writer, and to see what would happen to her siblings, and parents.

I recommend this book to just about anybody. At some points it seem like fiction, and it is amazing to think that these things really happened. I cannot think of anything that should change about this book; it was well written, and Jeannette’s experiences were told in a beautiful way. This book is written with a loving hand. Jeannette could have focused on all the times she w

ent to bed hungry, and every blanket she wish she had in the winter, but she did not. She wrote about the times her family sat around reading books, and the adventures they all had together. She decided not to hate her parents for not always being able to feed her, and instead love them for wishing they could feed her. Despite the insanity she describes in her book, you can feel her love for her siblings, and parents radiating from every page.

This is an image of my representation of the glass castle, wich I (7)
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Jiwon Choi's Review on Crewel

Jiwon Choi (Red)


     The book Crewel is a young adult fantasy book that was written by author Gennifer Albin. It was first published in October 16, 2012 and it is the first book in the series of Crewel World. It is about the world being controlled, being watched, and the segregation between men and women. In this world, Spinsters can decide everyone else’s destiny except theirs. Spinsters are women who control people in the world. They control how many kids one has, what people eat, where they live, and even when they die. They can also control how the world works. For example, they can weave what kind of weather the people on Earth are going to get. When one becomes a spinster, they go into a Coventry where they will control the world and will never be let out from the Coventry. Even though Spinsters are controlled and watched by the Guild ambassador named Cormac, the most powerful spot is being a Creweler. A Creweler is not controlled by anyone and is the only person who can actually make Arras (the outside world of the Coventry) a better world. Crewel is a book that is amazingly unique and is a world that is filled with magic and secrets....


      Adelice Lewys is 16 years old and has a special ability in weaving. When her parents find out about her special ability, they try to hide it because they don’t want her to become a Spinster. As soon as one is eligible to become a spinster there is no going back. Every year girls train to become spinsters and they test to see if they are eligible to become one. On the day of her testing, she accidentally shows her special ability of weaving which is being able to weave without a loop and gets elected to become a Spinster. When her parents find out that she became chosen to become a spinster, they try to run away but eventually becomes caught by the group from the guild that came to escort her into the Coventry. Her father is killed, her mother and her sister named Amie are nowhere to be found. Now, she will have try to stay alive in the Coventry, where she will be spied on, and may be forced to be remapped (turn into a different person and do what the Guild ambassador wants her to). It’s her time to decide what world she would choose. The way into becoming a Creweler or go to Earth and save her sister and Jost’s daughter. 

     The main characters in Crewel are Adelice, Jost, and Erik. Erik and Jost both falls in love with Adelice and Adelice is not a sweet girl who does everything they want her to do. Adelice is a girl with special abilities in weaving. She is a very brave girl who does not even try to act sweet towards people she doesn’t like. She says everything she wants to and has to say. She comes into the Coventry and tries to save her sister Amie when she finds out that Amie is still alive and determines to untangle all the truth about the Conventry and what happened to her family. She also falls in love with Jost the valet even though she knows that will put both of them in trouble. Jost is the valet in the Coventry. He comes into the Conventry to avenge for his wife and his child’s death. He is a very sweet guy with some deep dark secrets, and eventually becomes close with Adelice. Soon, he falls in love with her and soon he finds out that his daughter is still alive. Then he decides to help Adelice try to find his daughter and her sister Amie even though this means that he has to risk his life. Erik is a guy that was a nobody in Coventry who soon becomes adopted by Maela and becomes a somebody in the Conventry. He is the assistant of Maela, and he does work that Cormac and Maela gives him to do. He is also the guy that is allowed to be near Spinsters because he was well trained of what he is to do and not to do when he is near girls. He tells new spinsters where to go and where they will stay. He is like the tour guide for new spinsters. After Adelice comes into the Conventry, for first time of his life, he falls in love and betrays Maela. In the end, he has to choose who to be with, Maela or Adelice...

   There are two types of conflicts in this book. The conflicts of the story are person versus person and person versus self. I know that the conflict in the story is person versus person because in the Coventry, there are a lot of people who have conflicts within each other. For example, Maela is always trying to pull down Adelice and make her suffer because she doesn’t like Adelice. Adelice “stole” Erik away from her and she is loved by Cormac so she is jealous of Adelice. Another example is that when new Spinsters come into the Coventry, they have to go against each other and try to be better than everyone else to be in the top position as a spinster. For person versus self, Adelice has to fight herself in the book. For example, she has to try hard not to show off her skills of weaving and has to act dumb in order to not get into any trouble. Also, she has to pretend like she doesn’t care if someone talks about Amie and try to fight the urge of the tears coming out whenever she hears about her family.

    My favorite character is Adelice because I like how she has courage and is never afraid to say what she wants to say. I like the fact that she can express her feelings and opinions without being scared of what the other person will think of her. This character trait is something I don’t have but would like it if I have this character trait. She doesn’t care about what others think about her also. I think she is a very strong character and has a lot of talents. I cannot relate to any of the characters in the story because since this book’s genre is fantasy, the conflicts the characters have are not really anything that I came across in my life. The characters have some kind of problems that are realistic or non-realistic that the characters are experiencing or struggling with. For example, Adelice’s and Jost’s family members being killed by spinsters or having to live while being monitored 24 hours. Even though I cannot relate to any of the characters in the story I like the book Crewel because I become drawn to it. The book makes me want to keep reading it because I am also curious of what will happen next. Even though I really like this book because there is clear character traits in the characters I think that it was unnecessary when Maela was being very rude to Adelice and the “evil” events in the story.  In my opinion, there is suspense in the story. Also the fantasy of the story, what the story is about, and the images it creates in my head is just wonderful. Some strengths are that it makes the readers want to keep reading and find out what will happen next. In each page, something new is revealed. Also, it has a mixture of realistic and non-realistic of the world traits. There are politics, romance, segregation, being monitored and controlled. Some weaknesses are that the story is kind of hard to follow if someone is summarizing it to you because you have to read the book to understand what it’s about. Also, that even though Adelice is a very strong character in the story, there are sometimes when she could have done something better in that situation.

     Important ideas that the reader should consider while reading the book is of how the women has limited options, men are in control, and there are constant observations.                    The readers should also note that this world is very segregated. The neighborhood is divided with men on one side and women on the other so that they do not meet with each other. They get married with the parent that their parents choose and is then controlled with how many kids they have and how much food they eat from the Coventry. The theme of the story is that you have to overcome your hardships and you have to have the ability stay strong and have determination in whatever you are trying to achieve. Also, a theme can be that the segregated world does not make our life better because the people do not really have any freedom from the segregation and how their lives are controlled.

     I would strongly recommend this book to people that are into fantasy and romance. If you want to enter another and whole different world from what we are living in today, I recommend that you read this book. Also, whoever liked reading The Hunger Games and Twilight should take a look at the book.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 7.54.19 PM
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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida

Intro¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Mi nombre es Nebil. Yo te mostraré un video de mis amigos.
YoEste soy yo. Yo soy muy talentoso y inteligente y alto. Me encanta comer y a veces ir al cine. Yo nunca ir de compras y bailar.  Yo soy los ojos marrones. Soy de Filadelfia.
Él (Rafi)Este es Rafi. Él es súper perezoso y siempre extraño. Le gusta dormir y escuchar musica. No le gusta leer y estudiar y ir a la escuela.
Ellos (Micah y Tomy)Este son Tomy y Micah. Ellos son más o menos aburridos y feos. Ellos practicar deportes y de costumbre jugar videojuegos. No les gusta estudiar y salir con mi novia. Ellos son de Filadelfia.
Ellas (Hikma y Jade)Este son Hikma y Jade. Ellas son un poquito habladoras y sociables. Les gusta ir al cine y comer. No les gusta ayudar en casa y trabajar. Ellas son Filadelfia.
Nosotros (Yo y Jordan)Este somos Jordan y yo. Nosotros somos bien altos y delgados. Nos gusta jugar videojuegos. No nos gusta ir de compras y por lo general ayudar en casa. Nosotros somos de Filadelfia.
Conclusion¡Gracias por ver el video! ¡Adios!
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Mis Seres Queridos

Intro: ¡Hola! Los Seres Queridos en mi vida

Yo: ¡Hola! Me llamo Joie. Soy
incrimente baja y súper guapa. Tengo catorice años. Tengo una torguga, su nombre es Herman. Me encanta ir de compras. Mi cumpleanõs 24. 

Ella: Su nombre Amirah. Ella es bastanté loco tambien guapa. Le gusta cantar y baliar. Tiene muchos amigos. Ellas tiene gato, Ameena eres muy loca. Ella es mis buen amiga.

Ellos: Ellos son Daniel y Nagee. Ellos son mas o menos loco. Tienen catorce años. Le gusta cantar, ver le tele y domir. Ellos son mi hermonos. 

Ellas: Ellas son Jakie y Mia. Ellas son bien bonitas. Ellas son sociables y muy comicas. Tienen el pelo morena. Son un disastre. Son mis buenos amigos.

Nosotros: Nosotros somos hermosas y súper bajas. Nosotros trabajdor. Tenemos muchas amigos. Nosotros zodiaco cancer. Jada es mi mejor amigo

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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida

Intro: ¡Hola! Los Seres Queridos en mi vida!

Me: Me llamo Myrna Yousuf. Soy baja y más o menos inteligente. Tengo catorce años. Soy de Filadelfia. Me gusta bailar y dormir.

Hikma: Ella es mi amiga. Su nombre es HIkma. Hikma es bastante loca y boba. Ella es de Ethiopia pero vive en Filadelfia.  La adoro porque ella es comíca.

Cameron y Cole: Ellos son mis amigos. Sus nombres Cameron y Cole. Cameron y Cole son súper comícos.  Les gusta practicar deportes y jugar videojuegos. Me caen bien porque ellos son genial.

Chemi y Olivia y Maggie: Ellas son mis amigas. Sus nombres son Chemi, Olivia, y Maggie. Tienen el pelo morenas y muy guapas. Les encanta comer. Me caen bien porque ellas son simpaticas.

Maggie y Soy: Somos un poquito locas. Nosotros somos incrediblemente perezosas. Cuando tenemos tiempo libre nos gusta pasar un rato con amigos. Nosotros somos algo baja y extrañas. Nos llevamos bien porque nos amamos.

Conclusion: ¡Adios!

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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida

¡Hola! Me llamo Mia. Soy una estudiante de SLA. 
Soy alta. A veces soy perezosa. Tengo una perro. Se llamo Sherlock. Los fines de semana me gusta leer. Me encanta bailar y comer. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me encanta dormir.
Se llama Katelyn. Ella es guapa y muy popular. Es mi mejor amiga. Por desgracia es de Kentucky. Tienes un hermano. Se llamo Sean. Le encanta pasar con un ratos. La extraña. Es importante para mi porque es mi mejor amiga.
Conocer mi amigos. Nagee, Joie, y Bella es súper cómicos. Nagee tiene catorce años. Le encanta comer, bailar, y Niall Horan. Joie es muy baja y adorable. Tiene un tortula. Se llama Herman. Le encanta Trey Songz. Bella es bastante deportista. Le gusta comer. No le gusta nada nada dormir. Son importante para mi porque son amigos buenisimos. 
Conocer Kara, Greta, y Kristina. Ustedes es morena excepto Greta. Greta tiene el pelo rubia y rosado! Kara y Greta es mejor amigas. Kara y Greta les encanta salir con su novios. Kristina es muy inteligente. Es de trienta y marzo. Tambien ella es una mezia de razas. 
Nosotros somos muy extraña. Personas piense que es Aribe pero es de Italia. Ella es muy guapa y alta. Apodo es Lizabelle. Ella banda favorita es Kooks. Jackie es artistica y boba. Tienes un hermano gemelo. Su nombre es John. Le encanta salir con su novio. Angelo es guapo y bajo. Él pelo corto y rizado. Le gusta pasar con un ratos. 
Esos son los seres queridos en mi vida! Gracias! Adiós!

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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida


Mis Seres Queridos 

¡Hola! ¿Que tal?


Me llamo Malwina. Soy de estudiante de SLA. Tengo quice años. Tengo el pelo rubio, largo y rizado y los ojos súper verdes. Tengo un perro también pez. Soy de Polonia pero vivo en Filadelfia. 


Hannah es muy guapa. A ella, le encanta practicar deportes y siempre pasar un rato con amigos. Es importante para mi porque es una buenísima amiga. 


Cameron y Jackie son increiblemente simpáticos. Son importante mi porque son mi mejores amigos. El tiene catorce años y ella tiene quince años. 


Mia y Caitlin son bastante quapas y inteligentes. Ellas tienen una familia grande. Su cumpleaños es el doce de agosto. Son importante mi porque son mis mejores amigas. 


Martyna y yo bien somos bobas y extrañas. Es importante para mi porque es mi hermana. Nos encanta dormir, ir al cine, escuchar música y un poquito relajar. 


¡Gracias! ¡Adiós! 


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Gregor the Overlander

Gregor the Overlander Book Review

By Zack Hersh

While Suzanne Collins is best known for her best selling “The Hunger Games” trilogy, her book “Gregor the Overlander” was written before that trilogy, and explores the fantasy side of Collins’ writing. And, like “The Hunger Games”, the New York Times and USA Weekly bestselling “Gregor the Overlander” does not disappoint readers who are ready to fasten their seatbelts.

This adventurous, exciting novel is about an eleven-year-old boy name Gregor.  He is what you would call an ‘ordinary kid’, but like to most things, there is more than meets the eye. He lives in a small New York City apartment with his Mom, 7 year old sister, baby sister, and their grandma since the mysterious disappearance of his father two years prior. Gregor follows his 2-year-old sister, Boots, through a grate in the laundry room of their apartment building, and they fall into the “Underland” below. 

It is here where a human population lives in a delicate peace with giant roaches, bats, rats, and spiders. All that concerned Gregor was getting home, until the Rat Army, led by King Gorger, declared war on the humans, and an ancient prophecy foretold of a role for Gregor to help restore peace to Underland. Accompanied by two giant roaches, two giant bats, two giant spiders, and the Princess of Underland, he sets out on a quest to fulfill the prophecy and restore peace to the Underland.  Along the way, he may run into familiar faces and discover new things he never knew about himself.

The conflict in this story is intense and tangled, a spiderweb of plot. Between Gregor’s futile attempt to return home, the Rats battling the humans, and everything  else along the way, the conflict will keep readers hooked from the beginning. One way to describe the conflict is Person versus Person, or, in this case, People versus People, with one group of people being the questers and the humans and the other group being the Rat forces. But, the story is about so much more than that. It’s about adventure, friendship, and trust. It’s about trying to complete a brutal quest while at the same time taking care of a baby. While struggling to get along with each other. While struggling to survive. It’s about how the most unlikely of people can be the biggest heroes. And, those willing to indulge in this book will find the Underland an exciting and mystical place to be. 

Gregor is not the only main character in the story. The Princess of the humans,  and a deft, fierce warrior, Luxa, is also a highlighted character. While struggling to get along with Gregor, she helps and battles on the quest in any way she can. Without her presence, their journey would have been much different.  

The other main character is Boots, Gregor baby sister, and my favorite character.  She likes and is liked by everyone, and tries to be friends with everybody, oblivous to the danger that surrounds them. She accompanies her brother on the quest while being revered as “royalty” by the two giant cockroaches. She is always cheery and can make you smile, but sometimes, the other characters forget that she is only two, and is still a baby, and this might cost them on their journey.

Despite the stellar quality of the book, I feel it is hard for me and other readers to relate to the book. Nobody would find themselves in Gregor’s situation. Because of the fantasy nature of the book, most of the scenes aren’t relevant to people’s lives. However, I believe that this aspect adds to the book. Its fantastic qualities make it very exciting knowing that these things couldn’t just happen in everyday life. This quality is one of the many reasons I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and Collins‘ writing has yet to disappoint me. It was exciting and thrilling, with the perfect mix of dialogue and action, a distinct strength of the book. It is hard to get the perfect balance, but this book hits it home. Collins also has a great way of describing and writing action scenes so that it’s engaging and the reader really gets a vivid picture of what’s happening. She has a perfect way of mixing dialogue into and with these action scenes, and this is present in every action scene in the book.

It is quite difficult to pinpoint weaknesses in the book. Almost everything was excellent and almost every quality of the book was incredible and engaging. The only thing that fell short was the description of people and places. I would have added more of this, and it definitely would have added to the story. For example, she never really describes what Gregor and most of the other characters looked like, and it was difficult to get a picture in my mind of what the characters looked like.

But all in all, this book was phenomenal. I recommend this book almost everybody. Everybody who loves a good read with an exciting plot. Everybody who takes down a book in one sitting and leaves feeling sated. Everybody who enjoys thrilling adventures not weighed down my the inclusion of romance. Everybody who has it in them to enter the Underland will love this book: its plot, tempo, characters, writing, and everything else as much as I did. That is why I would recommend the book “Gregor the Overlander” by Suzanne Collins, because a good adventure with a unique cast of characters never gets old. 

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slide one: me llama rosalie

soy loca, boba, guapa, deportista, comica, inteligente.

soy de Filadelfia. 

yo tengo gato

catorce anos.

me gusts lord of the rings y me gust harry potter.

slide 2: ANNA 

ella es anna.

anna es loca, boba,  inteligente, guapa, alta, comica, artistica.

ella es de Filadelfia.

anna tiene tres gatos.

anna es catorce anos.

anna tiene pelo rizado.

ella le gusta dr. who.

la quiro porque ella es muy bien amiga.

slide 3: LEO

ella es leo 

leo es bobo artistico comico loco

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Los seres queridos

Intro: ¡Hola! ¿Como estas?

Yo: Mi nombre es Mitchell. Yo es increíblemente bonito. Yo soy mas o menos perezoso. ¡Me encanta dormir y comer!

Él: Él son llamo Amir. Él es muy artística y alegre. La niño es como un hermano para mí.

Ellos: Ellos son Wilson y Tobi. Ellos tienen el pelo rubio. Les encanta jugar videojuegos. Ellos son mis amigos porque tenemos mucho en común.

Ellas: Ellas son Jiwon y Michelle y Trinity. Ellas son una mezcla de razas. Ellas son muy sociables. Ma caen bien porque ellos amistosos.

Nosotros: Esto es Rafi y me. Somos casi extremadamente cómicos y habladoras. Tenemos mucho amigos. Nos llevamos bien porque somos especie de estúpido y locos pero en el buen sentido.

Conclusion: ¡Adios amigos! Gracias por su atención.
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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida (Loved Ones in my Life)

¡Hola! Me llamo Avery estudiante en SLA (eseh eleh ah).

Soy alta, inteligente, y guapa. Tengo el pelo moreno y largo y los ojos cafés. Mi cumpleaños es veintisiete de octubre. Tengo dos hermanos y una hermana. Tengo una perro también. Me gusta surfear la red y ver la tele. Soy de Filadelfia.

Lizzie es mi amiga. Ella es bonita y loca. Ella tiene catorce años. Su cumpleaños es el cuatro de diciembre. Le encanta Allstar Weekend, Tumblr, American Horror Story y surfear la red. No le gusta nada leer. La quiero porque ella es muy cómica, bastante simpática, y es una buenísima amiga.

Jordan, Callie, y Lucas son mis hermanos. Son altos. Tienen el pelo moreno los ojos marrones. Depende del día son simpáticos. Ellos son de Filadelfia. No les gusta estar de vago con yo. Me caen bien porque ellos son mi familia.

Kara y Greta es mi mejor amigas. kara tiene el pelo moreno y los ojos verdes. Greta tiene el pelo tiene rubia y los ojos azules. Los fines de semana les gusta salir con sus novios. Ellas son hermosa. Ellas son súper locas. Les gusta platicar con amigos y comer.  ¡Les gusta ir a fiestas! Me caen bien porque son loca y son buenísimas amigas.

Liza y yo. Liza es mi mejor amiga. Somos locas y cómicas. Tenemos quince años. Somos de Filadelfia. Liza es muy simpatica y guapa. Nos llevamos bien porque ella es muy boba y es un amor de gente.

¡Adios! Gracias por ver mi video. Tener un buen día. Por Avery Monroe
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Mis Seres Queridos

Yo soy Saul. Los fines de semana, me gusta jugar video juegos también leer. Tengo 15 años. No me gusta cocinar y nunca me gusto la escuela.

Con mi loco lindo amigo, es el Mr. Mannequin! Tiene 20 años y gana todas las mujeres! Y como si fuera poco, el encata Megan Fox! Y Megan Fox amor Mr. Mannequin! Mr. Mannequin le gusta salir con su novia, Megan Fox. Mr. Mannequin tiene ojos negro.

Nosotros tenemos muy mucho poder en estudiar. Nosotros también gusta jugar videojuegos en Slender, de noche, estoy solo con la luces apagada. Nosotros nos gusta dormir y ir de compras a veces. Nosotros depende del dia nos gusta cairle en sima a los muchachos caundo salen de las escuela. Nosotros nos gusta ver la tele, y bailar.

Conclusion, adios. Aquí esta mi video.

Photo on 11-14-12 at 3.25 PM
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Los Seres Queridos

​¡Hola! Me llamo Jacklyn Middleswarth. Soy apodo es Jackie. Ir al ese-ele-ah
Soy los ojos café. Tengo quince años. El trece de octubre. Soy más o menos baja y habladora. Me gusta practicar deportes pero no me gusta nada ver la tele.

¡ÉL! Se llamas John. Lo quiero porque él es hermano gemelo. Su color favorito es rojo y azul. John es un poquito antipático pero cómico y bobo. Él mejor Malcolm. 

¡ELLOS! Se llamas Mike y Shaion. Mike vive en Pine Valley. Él un hermana. Ella nueve años. Shaion tiene dos tortugas, un pescado, un perro y un gato. Ellos los encanta muy practicar deportes y jugar videojuegos. Me caen bien porque ellos es simpáticos y cómicos. 

¡ELLAS! Se llamas Malwina y Hannah! Me caen bien porque mi mejor amigas. Ellas son bastante guapas y divertidas. También ellas le fascine siempre practicar deportes. Hannah's cumpleaños es cuatro y febrero. Malwina's cumpleaños es dieciocho y septiembre.

¡NOSOTROS! Mia, Hikma, y yo. Nosotros tenemos morenas. Nosotros somos locas y lindas. A veces vosotros tímidas pero nunca Mia. Mia vive con su mamá. Hikma vive con su hermano y padres. Mia de Kentucky pero vive en Pennsylvania. Mia los ojos café, Hikma también. Vosotros somos súper inteligentes.

Conclusion: Eran los seres queridos de mi vida. ¡Gracias! ¡Adiós!

My video for my benchmark
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Draft !

Me llama Imani. Yo increíblemente guapa y cómica. Yo siempre hambre. Tiene mi familia trabajorda juntos. Me gusta bailar y cantar. Muy me gusta leer.

Se llama Shaimir. Muy mucho mucho excellente e praticar deporte. El es delgado. El es pequeño familia. Madre y Padre.  Lo adoro porque es bondadoso. Siempre risa el cómico. Le gusta trabajador. Le gusta salir con amigos. No le gusta correr, no perezo. Es un buenisimo amigo. El niño es amigo.

Se llama Troy y Josh. Siempre bailar y cantar. No bueno. Ellos siempre tiene razón. Tiene ojos morena y pelo negro. Le gusta aburrido. Siempre comico. Le gusta muy comer. No le gusta nada leer y trabajador. Ellos un amor de gente. Ellos Estan mi amigos.

Se llama Shamarah y Tyesha. Ser simpatica. Ella es genial. Incredibilmente guapa. Muy perezoso y no aburrido. Siempre salir con amigos. No animals. Le gusta cosmeticos. Shamarah cumpleanos y mayo siete, Primervera! Tyesha cumpleanos y marzo catorce. De donde es filadelfia. Ellas es importante para mi porque es hermanas.

Shadiqua ! Nosotros esta loca juntos. Shadiqua tengo ser catorce. Apodo es Diqua . Ella ser meteorologist. Increíblemente actuación. Diqua negro el pelo. Ella es oscuro. Los ojos es morena. De donde es filadelfia. Le gusta bailar y actuación. No siempre la televisión. Es genial. Shadiqua es mi amiga.
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​Que pasa este es mi proyecto sombre mi y mis amigos de mi primaria...Eres bienvenidos.
Yo Ameer Holmes

Mi nobre es Ameer y mi apellido es Holmes. Yo tengo soy chevere. Me encanta dibujar manga
y me encanta tengo súper perezoso.
Él/ Ella Sean Chandler

Este es Sean Él es algo comico y muy bobo. Tiene él pelo y los ojos cafes.Es delgada. Es fascina guapa chicas, pero es un poquito feo. Lo caen bien por que es extraño.
Ellos Malik & Skyler 

Son Malik y Skylar. Skylar tiene el pelo rizado y cares. Malik el pelo corto y negros. Ellos es mi amigos. Como a mi les gusta dibujar y Malik dibujar Manga. Me encanta como un Hermano por que son chevere.

Ellas Christina y Doris

Se llama Christina y Doris. Doris de inteligente y perezoso. Christina es increíblemente adorable y le gusta dibujar con amigos. Doris le gusta tiene bien inteligente. Me caen porque son siempre divertido.
Nosotr@s Me y Osei

  Soy me y se llamo Osei. Tenemos extraño, comico y bobo. Nosotros tenemos amigos. Somos gusta chevere, loco, y divertido. No llevamos porque somos chevere.

Tenemos estar de vago. Epor eso que me fascina mi amigos.
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Los Seres Queirdos en Mi Vida

​¡Bienvenidos! En mi vida, mucho personas habla conmigo, pero yo encanta un poquito. Es por los personas quien mi familia, y mi mejor amigos. ¡Esta es la bastante loco, y bien interesante seres queridos en mi vida!
¡Hola! Me llamo Heaven, y tengo catorce años. Soy de Filadelfia, y tengo mucho personalidad. Yo soy baja, simpática, y muy creativa. Me fascina escribir, leer, dibujar, y escuchar música, pero no me gusta nada, estudiar, correr, or practica deportes, (¡Yo no son deportista!)
Ella es mi mejor amiga, Noelia. ¿Qué tal, Noelia? (: Es de Puerto Rico, pero vive en Filadelfia. ¿Qué chévere, no? ¡Noelia es súper artistica! ¡También, ella es muy deportista, y además, Noelia es un amiga muy bien!
¡Qué adorable! Ellos es mi mama, y mi pequenia hermano. Mi mama tienen ojos cafés, y los pelos cafés. Mi hermano tienen los ojos cafés también, y los pelos morenos, pero es bastante rubio. ¿Es igual, no? Mi mama es muy trabajador y seria, sin embargo, mi hermano es increiblemente alegre y súper encantador. Ello es un chico muy malo...
¡Hola chicas! Son Bella, Gina, y Veronica. Las tres le gusta leer, escribir, pero, Veronica y Bella le gusta escribir poemas. Todas tienen una familia pequenia, y no animales en la casa. Los fines de semana, ellas encanta dormir y decansada. ¡Excelente actividades, chicas!
¡La finale! ¡Hola! Se mi otra mejor amiga, Jennifer, y yo. ¡Somos tienen una grande fascina en música! Nos gusta dibujar y escribir, (Nosotras es muy creativas.)  y somos es muy inteligente en la escuela. 
Este es mi vida. ¿Interesante, no? Yo mi querido los personas, por que ellos es muy importante, en mi ojos. Los personas y yo tienen mucho historia, y bueno memorias con nosotros. ¡Mi encanta los personas mucho! ¡Adiós! 

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