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La casa de Tómas.

Mi clienté Tómas casa es en Miami, ello casa es muy grande, cerca la playa y la central commercial, perro lejos de afueras. En una casa de Tómas tiene siete cuartos para dormiendo y cuarto baños. En Tómas casa tienes una grande estudio para musíca, y una garaje, jardin, ofician, balcón, y picsina. Questo es mucho grande con mucho ventanas y mucho espacio.  
Tienes una salon.
* Es a mediano cuarto, con un television, una sofa, lampara, la mess, sílla y plantas. Un colores de cuarto es rojo.
Tienes una cocina.
* Es muy espacio, con 4 ventanas, en el cuarto es refridgerator, estufé, lavaplatos, microonda cafe. Un colores de cuarto es possiblé, cafe y rojo.
Tienes un estudio de música
*Es así así pequiño, uno ventanas, con la guitarra, estudio de musica, sistema de música. Un colores de cuarto es cafe o oscuro rojo.
Tienes un comedor.
*Es muy mediano y muy ventanas, con una mesa, sílla, y amario. Un colores de cuarto es possiblé rojo, cafe y crema .
Tienes siete habitaciones.
uno por Tómas niños, Pooncie y Char.
uno por Tómas y sus novia
uno extra
Tres por "honey dips"
El grandisimo casa es, 300,960 ! pero es perfecto por Tómas : )

la casa ideal!

La casa Ideal para Bryanna  Jones


Esta casa está en Miami en las afueras pero está muy cerca de la ciudad, el cine, la playa y el central comercial. Está lejos de las montañas. Es muy grande, bonita, divertida, moderna y muy tranquile. Tiene cinco cuatros y tres baño. Hay un garaje, jardín, biblioteca, oficina, balcón, piscina, sótano, y estudio de baile.


¡ La casa tiene Todo!


·      Cinco habitación linda y grande, hay una corriente altera en todos, porque tienen mucho amigos.

·       Hay una sala, es muy bonita y enorme. Tiene mucho muebles.

·      Comedor tiene mucho muebles, es grande y muy moderna.

·      Estudio de baile, tiene carteles y mucho cosas eso tenga con baile y mucisca. También tiene mucho muebles.

·      Garaje es muy grandisim y tiene mucho colores. Hay una ascensor en la graraje porque es muy

 Es $50,000 ¿Es muy bein no?


nschiavoni What If- 4Q History Benchmark


    Point of Divergence- THe point of divergence that was presented in my benchmark involved the kidnapping plot of President Lincoln that Booth plotted amongst others. The future that was effected by my point of divergence was the result of President Lincoln's Reconstruction plan before his assassination. With this divergence happening many events were able to take place, such as the event of the civil war ending sooner then it should of due to abraham lincoln's response.  What I liked about this project was that as a student I was able to research a topic in history that I wasn't familiar with and able to change the course of time within it. Something that I found challenging about this benchmark was finding certain primary sources to fit my type of divergence. The most interesting event that I learned was about the Civil War and learning that Abraham Lincoln was involved with it. The actions of individuals impact the historical record because a specific time in history could of changed its course. If I were to produce a better project, I would take the time to look for a more specific point of divergence instead of the one I picked because I would feel more confident with other primary sources. Overall I am happy with the process of my 4th Quater benchmark.

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Q4 BM- Danny Wirt

Above is the link to the website or you can click the picture and it will take you to the site: 

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.55.48 PM

My point of divergence occurs in the year 1865 when William H. Seward dies because of complications of the attempted assassination. As a result of this event, William Seward never purchases Alaska, and thus the British Empire takes Alaska by force from Russia. After the British Empire discovers all of the benefits from Alaska, it aids them in future wars, and saves the United States on more then one occasion. 

The process of this project was probably the most challenging. Being able to find points in history that can be changed and work was difficult and finding primary sources was even more difficult. However, even with all the difficulties involved with this project, it was rather fun being able to create your own future based on the turning of events. It also enabled me to discover some interesting things from the past. I had to look into World War 2 a lot considering the changes that were made because the British Empire controlled Alaska. 

Over the course of doing this project I learned that one person really can make a big difference to the world. In the short term it may not be that big, however in the long term it can create massive changes. For instance because Seward ended up dying, the U.S. never found it in their interest to get Alaska from Russia. Now the United States is out of lots of oil and lots of money. The same thing goes for actions that are made. When certain actions are made by a group or a person, it can change the way things are short term, and massively change them in the long term. It takes a snow ball effect as time passes. 

Due to the strictness of this project it is hard to say how this can be improved. It has to be very precise and accurate. Therefore, there is nothing to really improve on as a project. This did make it hard, but hard work makes good results. Unless you are in my case when you spend an entire week trying to find primary source docs and are unsuccessful. This is something that I think I can improve on. If I were to do the project again I would make sure to move on after being unsuccessful for so long. 

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Ruben Burenstein Q4 What if? project

That is a link to my website, you can also get there by clicking the primary source below

My point of divergence was a decision that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made. He knew that he was sick, so instead of focusing on ending the war as quickly as possible, he decided to work on the second bill of rights. He kept this secret so that the citizens of the united states would think he was doing the best for the nation by ending the war. As a result of this, 2012 has much less problems. Our economy is great, we are third in the world for education, and employment never dips under the rates it was at when the bill was passed. This is all because the second bill of rights helped the citizens of the united states with all of these issues.

    I liked being able to choose my own topic for a project. There was a lot of freedom, and I was able to look at something I was interested in. Even though I chose my own topic, there was still a lot of challenging work. Sometimes it was hard to find resources that I could use to know what would happen in the future if this point in time would change. It was also hard to find a topic that could be altered by history, and have some impact on the United States now. It took a lot of work, but I was eventually able to settle on a topic that I found interesting, and could effect American history a lot. The most interesting thing about my topic was the fact that it might have been possible. I had not heard about a plan for the second bill of rights before, and I really liked thinking about how the world would be different if it had been made.

    What if it had been made? The choice that FDR made to focus on the war, and not start creating the second bill of rights could have impacted our country greatly. It could have prolonged the war, but in the end made out country a lot better. The choice that he made effected our whole country. There are also millions of other choices that could have effected history, and we have no idea how much they would change the world had they been made differently. The choice that FDR made surely wasn't his own. It took him and some other people to decide what would be better for the country at that point, and they chose to focus un the war. There is no saying how much their decision, or any other has effected the world. Some decisions may hold no weight in the world, so that if they were changed nothing would be different, while others could look like not important decisions, but really change the world completely.

    My project could have been improved if the created primary sources were more interesting or creative. There could have been a video element to them, or something more exciting than a news article, and 2 dimensional things that can easily be printed out. I would also change my website a little to make it better looking, and possibly have more creative elements. If I could do this project over again, I would like to choose another point around the same time as the one I chose. This would help me see which one was more important to society, and why. If I chose the same topic, then I would make different primary sources as I mentioned above, and change my website or have a different form of presentation, like a magazine.


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¿Qué pasa con tu casa? Alaina y Owen

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.09.37 PM
Nombre- Tony
Edad- 40’s
Estado civil- Casado
Profesión- Soy trabajar en un casino.
Actividades favoritas- Relajar, Ir de vacaciones
Deportes favoritos- Fútbol, Basquetbol
Mascotas- Un perro
Personalidad- Activo, Tranquilo
Vehículos- Un carro
Lugares favoritos- El gimnasio, los calles peatonal
Planes para el futuro- “No hay cambio. Soy contento.”

Está cerca de las montañas, y está lejos del desierto. La casa es mediana, pero hay tres cuartos y tres baños. También, tiene un jardín muy grande, una oficina, un garaje, una piscina pequeña, un sótano, y un estudio. Todo son prácticas. La casa es en Knoxville, Tennessee.
¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

¡Su casa tiene TODO!
  • ¡Tiene un jardín grande para sus niños!
  • Una casa es moderna y mediana, el tamaño perfecto para su familia.
  • ¡Tiene un garaje para sus carro!
  • ¡Tiene un oficina en la casa para su marido!
  • ¡Tiene tres baños y tres cuartos para sus familia y amigos de familia.
  • Él jardín tiene muchas árboles y flores bonitas.
  • La cocina es similar y practica.


El Sotano tiene:
  • Mas juegos.
  • Una piscina

El Primer Piso tiene:
  • Una sala grande.
  • Una cocina.
  • Un baño
  • Una comedor.
  • Un garaje en el exterior.

El Segundo Piso tiene:
  • Tres cuartos.
  • Dos baños.
  • Un estudio con una oficina pequeña

El Exterior tiene:
  • Un jardín grande con arboles, y flores. Hay una valla para el perro.  
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.33.41 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.19.20 PM
El exterior de la casa.
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 12.20.31 PM
La cocina
“¡Nosotros esperanza que tú gusta su nuevo casa!”
- Diseñado por Owen Grzywinski y Alaina Silverman

What if WW2 never happen?

My website & a picture of the first page.

Its from a point of view from a girl name ana that was 13 during this time. She tells how she feels during this and how 2012 is. The newspaper facts are true however instead of having hitler just injure and just slightly blinded i made it more dramatic. The germans and Britian fought and germany won and many more.
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La casa perfecto

Se llama Siani. Ella tiene quince años. Es es muy habladora y es divertida. Deportes favor nadar y basquetbol. Siani es sociable y muy bonita. Le gusta la ciudad y la playa. Diseñador de modas planes para el futuro.

En la casa hay dos el cuarto. El cuarto es grande. Tiene hay una la cama,  hay seis el ventanas ,  un el sofá y un el baño.En el cuarto puedo vere la tele y dormir. En la casa hay un el sótano. El sótano es delujo. Tiene hay una la messa, una la silla, una la tele y un el sofá. En el sótano puedo vere la tele y el conversacíon. En la casa hay un el garaje. El garaje es enorme. Tiene hay cuatro el ventanas, hay un el carro y un el bicis. En la casa hay un el jardín. El jardín es elegante. Tiene hay seis el árbol, hay una  la piscina . En el jardín puedo relajar y nadar. En la casa hay una la sila. La sila es conveniente. Tiene hay un el sofá y una messa. En la sila puedo relajar y conversacíon .

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.22.55 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.23.13 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.24.11 PM
#1 Fóto la casa
#2 Fóto la cuarto
#3 Fóto la sila 
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What if ? - JFK Died in the PT-109 Boat of World War II

This is the link for my benchmark 

My point of divergence was not having JFK exist. There was a point where JFK almost died before he was assassinated. JFK was in World War II. He was in charge of the PT-109 boat in the war. JFK and his crew men were sent out north, PT-109 was not notified that enemy engagement was happening. PT-109 was in the path of Japanese destroyer Armagiri. Armagiri ran down PT-109. The captain of the destroyer was not aware. PT-109 was cut in half. JFK along with seaman Andrew Jackson Kirksey and Harold W. Marney. Which results in him not becoming President.
My future wasn't a specific things changed just in 2012 but the dates leading up to the things that changed in the United States. I just talked about things that happened in 1960s to 2012.

 I changed important things that happened when JFK was president and changed things that happened because of him since he doesn't exist anymore. What I liked about this project was that I could change what ever I wanted and there was little to no limitations. This was a little challenging finding a specific time to change and a specific thing to change. It was challenging finding specific things that had changed in the United States as well. The most interesting fact that I had found out doing this project was that JFK wasn't the best at the space fund. It seem to show that when he was assassinated the space fund was more funded then it was before. Systemic changed impact the historical recored because it had changed things that happened in America and things that could have happened that could have changed the course of American history just because one single person or event didn't happen. What I would change would be more time on the project and having more information then I already have.

Three Created Sources

President Nixon Letter

President Nixon Addresses the Nation
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What If ? - Brown Vs. Board Of Education

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 12.11.31 AM

Here is the link to my website 


When it came to picking a certain topic to focus on I knew I wanted to think of What If with segregation or anything relating to the civil rights movement. Once it came down to picking a more solid topic I came across the Brown V. Board Of Education case. I remembered studying it during my ILP last year with the Marshall Brennan program and I knew I would be able to create a very solid project with this topic. The easiest part to me was picking what i could change, my divergence point. For this I chose to prevent the death of Fred Vinson. In this case many people believe that his death was a major factor in the final decision taken. Many believe that if he hadn't suddenly died segregation in schools would have continued.So of course I knew that making that my point of divergence would allow me to create a very solid final project. 
Once the researching came up I was having trouble focusing on certain things. In the beginning I didn't really think of sources that would help me with the final project I was spending time just looking for sources about segregation. Of course these were some kind of help but later on in the process I found myself trying to find other sources that would help more with the topic.Even though at first I had trouble with finding my primary resources once I got a sense of what I wanted and needed I found plenty of useful materials. Pictures,Articles as we all a Documentary. 

When it came down to determining how to present it I had a hard time choosing the final medium for this. At first I wanted to create a simple wiki spaces. Which then I realized that it would be too plain and I wouldn't be able to do much with it. I also later had the idea of making a weebly but I also wanted to be able to post the intro to the mock documentary I made and with weebly that wasn't possible. While I was thinking of a clever way to present this I came about a link to a project created by Christian Gelbolingo in Mr.Hermans history class. Once I realized that creating a website on this site was what I was looking for i got started right away. I found it difficult to get use to all the setting and what not but later on found myself enjoying the challenge. Compared to other sites it offered more then just a way to make a website but it allowed me to make it more appealing to my audience. Even though its a simple theme I still find it more appealing then a simple wiki space or a weebly. Not only that but I was also able to include the video I had directly on the website. 

Through out the whole process I was trying to find a way to organize it as well so it could flow and not be confusing. I decided to present the disclaimer and the introduction to the project as the first thing seen on the website. I then move on to including background story of what the case was about and the i start to slowly flow into the What If part of it all. In my opinion I include a lot of visual appealing aspects, very few writting but I keep it informative. Overall I am very proud of all the work I put into the researching, into the creation of my own primary sources as well as the creation of the final website.

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Click here for the project.

Click here for a Beatles song. (Hey Jude.)

Click here for a One Direction song. (Moments, written by Ed Sheeran, and one of my personal favorites.)

[both links are youtube links so don't be doing illegal things if you're listening in school. i'll know, too!]

Dre's Quarter 4 Benchmark


The car that this woman is driving is from the automaker Nissan. Nissan is the sixth largest automaker in the world selling 4,669,981 cars in 2011. Nissan was founded in Japan (which where it's still headquartered) in 1933, and has since spread to sell cars all over the world, and now has factories on an international level.

Nissan sells cars and has built factories all over the world, taking a place in the major economy. Currently according to google maps there are six Nissan Dealers in Philadelphia alone.  Another hint of Globalization is that Nissan current CEO is not Japanese as were the previous ones. The CEO is Carlos Ghosn a Brazilian born businessman.


This a picture of a Volkswagen "punch buggy". Volkswagon is a German automobile manufacturer that was named in Forbes Top 25 Largest Companies in the world as of 2000. Volkswagen was founded in 1937, and has been in operation since.

Since then Volkswagen has grown to have 2 dealers in Philadelphia (according to Google Maps) and still continues to sell

L'Occitane en Provence

Is a retailer store of face, body, and home products originating from Manosque France. The company was founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976. This company currently has shops across the world and now has a shop located in Center City Philadelphia.

Ferrari is a sports manufacturing company in Maranello Italy founded by Enzo Ferrari 1929. Now Ferrari has expanded globally and in Philadelphia like in many other places Ferrari's represent wealth
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La casa para Echols. "Alexis y Joy"

Esta casa está en Utah. Es más o menos grande con elegante muebles. Está cerca del el parque  jugar frisby . También está cerca y la montañas porque le gusta “snowboarding”. Está lejos de el campo porque no aventura. Ella le gusta aventura, Echols es a afuera

tipo persona. En la casa tiene, una oficina, una balcón, una sotana, la cocina, el baño, la canch de frisby, la sala y dos habitaciones.

El baño-

El baño es muy grande, limpio y increible. La muebles hay grande ventana,puerta, la tele, lavamanos, ducha, espejo y una pisa. La actividades es ducharse, usar el inodoro y vestirte.

2012-06-01 13.59.15
La cocina-

La cocina es muy grande bonita y limpio.  hay una estufa , una lavamanos,  una isla grande, una nevera, cinco ventanas y dos puerta.  En la cocina puedes cocinar, lavar los platos y relajar. Es muy de lugo.


La Sala-

La sala es muy grande preciosa y de lugo. En la sala hay unas tres sofás, una mesa de café, cuarto ventanas la puerta grande, la tele y tres la silla en el cuarto. en la sala puedes  tiene  tiempo de familiala, ver la tele, y relajar. Es muy perfecto.

2012-06-01 14.00.14
La cancha de frisby-

La cancha de frisby, es muy grande parece auténtica. La muebles hay el gol y “scoreboard” también , máquina de vender de aqua. La cancha de frisby es muy simple pero conveniente.

2012-06-01 13.59.25

Las habiltaciones

Las habitaciones es grande y elegante. En cada habitación hay un grande la cama, dos ventanas, tres almurios, una puerta grande, la tele grande y una silla de peludo . En las habilitaciones puedes dormir, relaja, leer, y ver la tele. Es muy simple.

2012-06-01 14.00.00
Telefono: (1-800)


Solo cuesta: $350,000

Arquitecta: Señorita Echols


Elisa, Marina, and Markia Election Country Project

When we first picked our country we knew that Elisa’s father had connections in Venezuela. After asking him to contact them and give us their emails, we informed them about our project and what exactly we needed from them. We emailed them the questions that we needed answered. Luckily one of the contacts had a child that was happy to help, they interviewed people on behalf and emailed us the product. Below is the transcripts in english, of all of the interviews.

To view the transcripts click here
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English #49

"If memory helps us to survive. forgetting allows us to go on living" - Elie wiesel 

I think that if you forget the bad memories and remember the good ones it will help you survive and allow you to go on living. If you remember the bad things you will be happy.
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Maggie's What If Benchmark

What if Abraham Lincoln did not issue the Emancipation Proclamation? 

Click here for the link to my website! 


The point of divergence that I choose was to make the Union loose the Battle of Antietam. This caused Lincoln to not have enough power to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Changing this point in history only held things up rather than changed them. The League of Nations came in and enforced equality in 1920 as a result of the Union loosing the Battle of Antietam. 
The future I envisioned resulting from the POD was a whole different thing than I got. I expected that the world would still have slaves and that we wouldn't have Obama in presidency and it was a whole lot more dramatic then what it actually came out to be. I figured that if I got rid of the Emancipation Proclamation, that the world would be how it looked in the 1870's. It turns out that even without Abe Lincoln issuing the Proclamation, the League of Nations would have jumped in and declared freedom for the slaves. 
I had the most fun putting all of my sources together. When I wrote it all out, it finally made sense and was in some kind of order. My favorite part was closing up my wikispaces page and getting this done. The hardest part might have been making the fake primary sources because I didn't know how to actually make a source. Creating your own newspaper clipping is harder than I thought it would be! The most interesting fact had to have been that Abe Lincoln had to wait for a Union win to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. I would have thought that since he was president that he would be able to do whatever and be able to keep that power. 
The actions of each individual effects the history because if you change one point, it dominoes and changes multiple other events in history also. You cannot just erase or swap history and expect nothing to change. Even with an end result that is similar to how life is now, the history behind it has been changed. One decision can be majorly influential to the historical landscape. For example, the decision to make the Union win the Battle of Antietam changed the outcome of major historical events. 
I could improve this project by making the website more colorful and eye catching. If I had to do this project over, I would change the way I made the wikispace. I would add more links and make it more wikipedia like. 

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