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The Thew: Ted vs. The Taming Of The Shrew

A play read in school was called The Taming Of The Shrew by William Shakespeare. Key characters in the play are Petruchio, Hortensio, Katherine, and Bianca. A movie that was watched after is called Ted by Seth MacFarlane. Important roles in the movie are Ted, John, and Lori. In both plays the men and women have automatic expectations of what their partner should do for them, but Ted isn't just talking about romantic relationships.

“Say as he says, or we shall never go.”

Act 4, Scene 3, Line 13

The Taming Of The Shrew has two characters that get married, Katherine and Petruchio. Petruchio has wed Katherine against her will in order to get money that her father will give him. Both characters are stubborn and mean to anyone who tries to get close to them or is just in the way. Katherine hears of her sister Bianca's wedding and the newlyweds are supposed to attend the celebration. But Petruchio is still in the process of completing his secret plan at this point; break Katherine into the perfect obedient wife. 

To test her he say's that the moon is shining even though it is clearly the sun. Katherine then tries to argue that it is the sun but quickly stops as he threatens to not go to the wedding. Petruchio's servant Hortensio then whispers the quote above to Katherine so that they can attend the wedding. Petruchio expects Katherine to follow where ever he goes and agree with whatever he says. No matter how crazy or wrong it is.

Husbands aren't always the person demanding attention and respect all the time though. Sometimes it's the best friend or servant or even the wife that has expectations to be met.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.28.50 PM

In Ted, John has a magical stuffed bear that has been his best friend sense childhood. They do everything and go everywhere together. John has always depended on Ted to fill him up with the friendship he never had as a child. In this part of the movie, Ted asks John to hang out with him later. John turns him down saying that he has an anniversary dinner with his girlfriend Lori. Hearing this, Ted acts upset and not thrilled one bit with the fact that John and Lori are having their 4 year anniversary. 

Ted expects John to be free whenever he needs something. His thinking is that if John really cares for him he'll come when called. It's not enough for Ted that John lets him live for free in his apartment with Lori and himself. The expectations have increased between them over the years. Just like the expectations Petruchio has for Katherine increases every time he breaks a piece of her spirit. Ted has been easing his expectations onto John sense childhood nurturing it in his head. While Petruchio is force-feeding his expectations onto Katherine daily with no remorse. Wether it's by a friend or a lover, expectations are being made everyday.

“First kiss me, Kate, and we will.”

“What, in the midst of the street?”

“What, art thou ashamed of me?”

“[No] sir, God forbid, but ashamed to kiss.”

“Why, then, let’s go home again. Come, sirrah, lets away.”

“Nay, I will give thee a kiss. Now pray thee, love, stay.”

Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 147-154

After Bianca and Lucentio wed in The Taming Of The Shrew they throw a dinner for everyone to attend and dine together. Katherine walks with Petruchio at her side as people enter the large hall. Wanting to prove his ownership once more, Petruchio stops and tells Katherine to kiss him before entering. He gives her the options to stay at the party and kiss him or refuse and go back home.

Katherine wants to go inside the hall and see her family. To see the father who wed her to this maniac and to see her sister who has gotten her true love. At the same time Katherine doesn't want to kiss Petruchio, especially not in front of a crowd of people. Her family expects her to show up to the party while her husband Petruchio expects her to kiss him or go home. To satisfy both sides she puts her feelings aside and kisses Petruchio quickly to get it over with. 

Katherine found a way to make everyone content for the occasion at hand. Both sides want their high expectations met by Katherine no matter the feelings she has. This happens all the time between families, friends, and lovers in life.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.42.02 PM

John is faced with a similar problem as Katherine in this part of Ted, the movie. His girlfriend Lori is ready for marriage and to have a better life with John.  She is tired of John letting Ted dictate his life and get between them. While Ted wants to stay at Johns side forever as best friends. Ted and John have already been friends for more than 20 years. Ted wants the relationship to be everlasting while Lori wishes for John to choose her and let Ted go forever.

To compromise and try to gain peace, John makes a decision. He decides to make Ted get his own apartment and job so that Lori can have the place just for herself and John. Now to make Ted not seem alone and left out John also decides to visit him keeping contact. John loves Lori more than anyone else he's known romantically. At the same time Ted is the best and only close friend that John has had all his life. Both of them are important to John and now they are making him choose against his feelings of having happily living together.

In the times of The Taming Of The Shrew women often had no rights or say in who they married. Women also had no voice in their marriages. All they were supposed to do was follow their husbands commands. Ted brings the same points but in a modern sense. Yes people have more of a say in who they marry. But now there's no guarantees like back in the day. 

Once a woman married, she and her husband were actually bonded until death died them part. Now a days women and men divorce, separate, and then elope at least once after the first marriage. A man and woman had to be married before they could become intimate in the Shrew. While in Ted there are prostitutes, drunken sex at parties, and sex between mates that have not yet tied the knot. 

Society has let dating and courtship become less organized and traditional. Less people are getting blessings from parents before marriage while parents are letting their children have a say in who they bring home for the blessing. Even as time progresses towards the future, society will always have people coming up with expectations for their mates to live up to.


Shakespeare, William, and Thomas Goddard Bergin. The Taming of the Shrew;. New Haven: Yale UP, 1954. Print.

Ted. Dir. Seth MacFarlane. Screenplay by Alex Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. Perf. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane. Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2012. Online Viewing.

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Alicia Jones- Media Fluency | Tech Class Q2

Introductory for why I have this slide:

Alicia: Is a girl who actually doesn't know “what she likes” nor do I know the answer to  “why” to any question really. However, I do know or at least has an ideal of who she is. For starters, I don’t care how a person truly perceives “What they THINK I am like.” Only because I know what I truly am. As I refer to “What I am” I speak as in the things that I do. These things all make up parts of what I do as a human being, what I do as Alicia. I know of each decision I make and why but each and everyone of them will all have an affect on my life.

The Reason for my slide: My slide is eye-catching, I used big font for my letters, my slide has one point but it can draft off into different points. Lastly, I did use my contrast nicely and rule of thirds in a evenly set way. Black background : You see that my background  is all black and this is because I can be mean at times but when I am happy I can have the prettiest attitude ever. This connects to the bright pink letters of my name and how I used a spatial view between letters to have an emphasis on how my name is much more than just any name : A L I C I A. Although I can be a bit crazy I am truly a cool person. So this is why I have added the quote “This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.” - Miley Cyrus. In conclusion I am who I am. No matter what someone might think about me I am going to be myself regardless. Even if I do not know who I am yet, I still have quite a few time to find myself. Maybe then my background would be filled with beautiful pictures and so forth.

Media Fluency
I learned from my old Media Fluency project that I should make a cleaner heart, Make the spacing in my letters look even and put Miley Cyrus' name in a smaller pt. size. Through the positive criticism I received from my class mates I noticed that I should change certain things or the whole thing. So I decided to change the whole thing and still use contrast rules and rule of the thirds. My re-created version is taking all of the changes I was told to make and add more. If I couldve done anything different in the last version I would've probably re-thought about the sketchy heart and making the spaces in my name more even. 
2nd Media Fluency
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Nelson Mandela

Aaron Tang

Q2 Reflection #2


Nelson Mandela murió en cinco de Diciembre. El fue en su casa de Johannesburgo y él se hizo enfermo. El tenía noventa y cinco años. Mandela es popular en Sudáfrica y el dijo infección del pulmón. Luego, es peligroso en veinte y tres de Junio. Mandela era el primero presidente de negro. En Sudáfrica, el otro líder es Frederik de Klerk. Había una guerra civil por blancos y negros. Nelson Mandela era el primero presidente negro. Mandela fue es cárcel por veinte y siete años porque sus acciones.

Es triste cuando murió porque muchas personas les gusta. El es múy simpático! En Estados Unidos, President Obama es primero presidente de negro. Obama cambió nuestra historia. Yo pienso en Sudáfrica, gente recorda Mandela de acción. No me gusta President Bush porque el piensa en guerra. La economía ahora es mal. Este año, sabo muchos gente muere. Mandela es viejo y yo pienso es mejor. Mis amigos me dijeron en facebook y yo tuve que preguntar. Tambien, yo miré las noticias. Yo aprendí mucho de él. Nelson Mandela tiene educación y el es un abogado. I quiero gente en Sudáfrica votar.

Varela, Arturo. "Latino News and Opinion." Falleció Nelson Mandela - . N.p., 5 Dec. 2013. Web. 06 Dec. 2013. <>.

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Yasmeen Collins Q2 Fluency

Yasmeen Collins

Blue Stream


Script for Dance

To start off with  I made a professional dancers picture as my background along with her quote about dance. That quote in particular in my opinion is very unique and significant because I can relate to it. The picture is also of that same professional dancer named Martha Graham. My title is “Dance Is Me” I chose that title because I believe it expresses who I am and one my major interests. A part of my picture bled off my page which was an element of design on the website called Presentation Zen. Another element of design that I used was empty space. Just as it said in the example you don’t have to fill everything in and make it look cluttered.

My Design!
My Design! (1)

In technology class so far I've learned a lot although like Ms. Hull says she sets us up to fail which at the beginning really bothered me. Some changes I made to my slide were choosing between my title and my quote and I chose to keep the quote.This time I have the words from the quote  following the dancer. Since I have black as my background I changed the quote from being highlighted and put it as a lighter color so it wasn't fading into the background. In the quote I lined up the beginning of the letters so it went along with the dancer in the picture. Something I learned from the class discussion about my project is that I needed to change the picture up a little bit so that it’s not pixilated.


Logan Smith Slide

Logan Mags Slide (1)

Good Morning classmates:

There are many reasons why I choose this saying. It was because a smile brighten everyones day. Even when your have a terrible one someone smiles at you can make you smile.So I wanted everyone to smile instead of frowning. I created this slide the way I did because of the color contrast, the empty space, to make it visually eye catching and  the font is large. I choose the colors yellow,blue and purple because the purple would make the blue and yellow standout and the yellow because most smiley faces are yellow so I made that the color of the word smile and blue is the word frowning because blue is associated with a sad emotion. I made my pics and font so big so everything could be seen. Also I separated the pics from the font so there would be space left and everything was jumbled or grouped together. So I hope I have brightened your day with a smile.

Thank You for listening

Logan Mags Slide

Logan Smith Mags Slide Reflection Jan. 8 ,2014

I have learned many things in our class even if Ms.Hull set us up to fail. The first thing I learned is sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. For example in my slide I made everything huge to stand out when I didn’t have to. If I had made some things smaller and and elaborated on my quote it would have been better.So that is along with that I made a few more changes. I changed my background from purple to yellow so that yellow could still be incorporated also it was a better color for my picture and writing to stand out from. I also learned more about spacing and noticed that my spacing was all wrong so I changed it so  that everything about my space so that it was space on the ends of my slide and centered everything. I also changed the color of my font because yellow was a not good color for the words, I changed it so that the other colors were in there. I also change how it was white behind my font and changed the color of the blue because it wasn’t close to the color blue in my frowning face. I changed my font to something more simple and classy. Those were my changes to my slide.

Article Response #2 [Q2]

Lauren Thomas             Q2

Senorita Manuel

Falleció Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela era presidente de Sudáfrica en los años 1994 a 1999. Nelson Mandela fue un político y revolucionario bien conocido. Nelson Mandela se convirtió en 1994 en el primer presidente negro de la historia de Sudáfrica. Nelson Mandela quería liberar a los personas de Sudáfrica sin violencia. Cuando quería nada de violencia, el gobierno estaba matando y hiriendo los manifestantes. Él estaba en la cárcel por veintisiete años.

Le dio mucha esperanza a mucha personas. Ayer, Nelson Mandela murió. Muchas personas tienen la tristeza. Ellos lo recordarán. Nelson Mandela tenía muchos problemas respiratorios. Murió en su casa con su familia cerca. Nelson Mandela fue de 95 años. Su lucha de la igualdad para su personas será recordado para las edades por venir.

Yo decidí escribir sobre este artículo porque cuando un gran hombre y líder de el mundo muere, es una gran pérdida. Muchas personas en todo el mundo están de luto por esta pérdida.

Yo aprendido nueva vocabulario de este artículo. Yo aprendido que Sudáfrica es “South Africa” en Inglés, que segregacionista es “segregationist” en Inglés, y que infección pulmonar es “pulmonary infection” en Inglés.

Espero que el pueblo de Sudáfrica frente con la pérdida de este gran hombre.


"Latino News and Opinion." Falleció Nelson Mandela - . N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2013. <>.

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Chiara Nemati Q2Media Fluency


I chose to present my Me Magazine this way with one slide because it applied many of the rules that Garr Reynolds addresses. Also this was a way that I was able to express myself in the best way possible. I wanted my presentation to be based upon my passion, I made it this way because I thought that this was something that expressed me very much and influenced me in the many ways. I wanted to add in a quote rather than just a title because I believe that it is a good way to show how much dedication and effort crew can take. I used the Rule of Thirds in a way with my slide, I put the quote in the top left hand corner but I kept the central image in that middle because as Reynolds states vision trumps all other senses. Also I incorporated Reynolds rule that my slide should make one point, so I decided to use rowing as my topic which is my passion. Although I only have one slide I kept to the visual theme and only added information about rowing.  To keep a fine edge I made the picture bleed off of the sides so there was not a random white background. This is why I designed my slide the way I did.

Reflection of Remake

I learned that blowing up your image is not always the best way for people to understand your one point. I shortened my quote so that it was easy for people to read and still understand the point I was trying to get across. I made my background black so that the other colors popped off. I made sure however that all of my colors contrasted. Also I shrunk my picture down so that it was smaller and the quote bigger. I wanted people to focus more on the quote because it gave more information that I wanted to the viewer. My teacher did not give me much information on this project, so I had many questions that I had to answer on my own. I had to find information on my own about ways to make a slide appealing and this helped me understand how to find trustworthy sites, also how to find information on my own. During the discussions I learned that color contrast is very important. I also learned that centering text and words are really important to a presentation. It can make all the difference when looking at it. These are things I learned and why I changed my project to what I did.

Technology(me magazine) Chiara
technology Slide Remake
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Stephen Buchanico Media fluency

media fluency
Hello, I am up here to tell you guys why my slide looks the way it does. The reason it looks like this is because in my opinion, Hockey life is the best life. My life is basically all hockey, everything that i do is based around hockey. This big picture is a picture of my line and I. We basically became a family because I am around them so much. Everything that I do revolves around my hockey schedule. This basically shows that you have to be dedicated to play a sport. These pictures along the top are the logos of my favorite teams in order from left to right. The reason these pictures are on my slide are because they are the reason that i started playing hockey and some of my favorite players and my inspirations are on these teams.
media fluency  (2)
While listening to the critic toward myself and the rest of my classmates, I learned a lot about design. While researching before my presentation, I read about contrast and that's really it, Therefore I based my slide off of that. After listening to everyone elses, I heard a lot about the rule of thirds, And i heard about dividing your slide up to have the quote on one side and the picture on the other. Instead of using these, I just took the little amount of critic that i got and put it into action. Many of my classmates told me that they did not like the color of my quote. They said that the color, which was a light blue, did not match with anything in the slide. So that's what I did, I changed the color to a blue that matches the color of the Tampa bay logo, the color of the opposite teams jersey, and the Oilers logo. I was set up for failure because I did not know what the script was about. Instead of writing about the design factors, I wrote about what the slide meant to me. This caused me to stress and I researched last second and thought up a script. I did not submit the script that I said in front of the class though.  

Media Fluency

Copy of Billboard
My religion (Christian) has always been a key factor in my life. Ever since I let the Lord into my life it's gotten better. So when I saw this image I really wanted to make my billboard out of it. I also noticed that the star in the top-left corner of the picture could be used for the rule of thirds and make a decent contrast for the text, making it easier to read and still keeping a visual theme of blue in the image. It also took up a large portion of the pic so I can also make the text bigger. 
I could not find a higher resolution picture but I did make the text larger and change the color of the text. I learned how to make a slide/billboard appealing to look at. I also know how to present something to a better extent. I did the slide differently because I used a whole image. She maid image resolution not a big deal till presenting. I learned to get criticism is very important, as I haven't in the past.
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Q2 Sumario 2

Sieanna Williams                                                                                                  Q2

Srta. Manuel

DiCaprio se retira una temporada

Cuando yo vi primero este título,  yo estaba una poquita  en shock. Yo pienso cosas como, ¿En serio?, ¿Qué te pasa? y ¿POR QUÉ?

El artículo dice que Leonardo DiCaprio dijo, Estoy un poco desgastado. Quiero tomarme un largo, largo descanso.” Como triste como yo estaba leer esto, yo no pude ayudar sentir feliz para él. Yo entiendo que Leonardo filmaba películas espalda con espalda y él necesita relajar para una vez.

El artículo dijo también que, “El actor dice que aprovechará este tiempo para trabajar más en sus labores humanitarias. Leonardo DiCaprio es, además,  un reconocido activista en favor del medio ambiente y desde hace tiempo participa en las iniciativas que promueve el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF).” Como yo dije en mi sumario pasado, me encanta la corazón generoso de Leonardo DiCaprio y el trabajo él dedicó a su vida para muchos años.

Luego en el artículo, lo habla sobre la vida de amor de Leonardo DiCaprio. Todos los días yo paso tiempo en línea simplemente leyendo artículos y viendo entrevistas sobre Leonardo DiCaprio aprender más sobre él. Yo recuerdo un artículo yo leí sobre las mujeres de Leonardo y él dijo que él quiere casarse una mujer que es como su madre. Primero, él no quiso casar porque él tuvo problemas con confiaza de que él vio en vida real y en películas. Él no quiere ser engañarse en su matrimonio. Pero ahora que él tiene treinta y nueve años, él dice él es listo casar y tiene niños. Como enamorada como yo soy con Leonardo DiCaprio, yo seriamente espero que en su tiempo del resto de filma, él puedo encontrar una mujer ser pasar lo demás de su vida con.

En el tiempo medio, yo voy a ver su película Wolf of Wall Street cuando lo es liberó en teatros y después, yo voy a ocupar mi mismo con sus películas viejos hasta que él es listo hacer más.



DiCaprio Se Retira Una Temporada." EL PAÍS. N.p., 18 Enero. 2013. Web. 05 Diciembre. 2013.

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Michaela Peterson Q2

This is my slide. Many design aspects influenced what my slide looked like. One example of this was I decided to follow the rule of thirds. In the rule of thirds, you utilize empty space. I let my image take up the majority of the slide. Then, I balance my text with the picture. This is a little difficult, since the text cannot overpower the image, but your text needs to be big and clear, so it is easy to understand. Another important aspect of making my slide easy to understand was contrast and simplicity. If there is too much going on on a slide, we would not be able to understand anything. That is why I went with a simple color scheme (black, white, and teal). Contrast is also important, since, without contrast, we would not be able see anything. That is why I chose to use white and teal against my black background. That is how I made my slide. Thank you for your time.

Me slide (1)
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Eva Karlen Q2 Media Fluency

This is my slide that I created for our media fluency project in technology. Different design techniques came into consideration while I made this slide. Firstly, I used contrast to draw attention to the slide and to make the text bolder. The background of the slide is black, an the image of a fountain pen and the text are white. I chose a minimal color palette to keep the slide clear and simple. Secondly, I thought about negative space during the creation of this slide. Negative space draws the eye to the text and to the image, in order to better emphasize the message conveyed on the slide. Finally, I used the rule of thirds to balance negative space, text and the image. These are the design aspects I considered in the making of my slide.
Eva Karlen- Blue Stream- Technology Slide
This is the improved version of my original slide. The most noticeable difference from the first slide is the change in color. I change the text's color to a light, turquoise blue, rather than white. My goal was to keep the color palette minimal, but choosing just black and white made the slide boring. My color palette is still minimal, but interesting, with white, black and blue. I also changed the positions of the text and the image, which allows the quote to be the first part of the slide your eye is drawn to. I put "Richard Wilbur" underneath the quote, in a smaller font. These are the design changes I made to my slide.

The 'Me' Slide -

The Project was to create a slide somewhat describing yourself in few words and dominant pictures. Basically the approach I took was trying to use good contrast, and a strong picture entailing the point.I didn't include the use of bleeding because I felt it wasn't necessary. I used bold font and bright colors.I basically wanted to get my point across the best and quickest way as possible. It was not an easy task.The slide describes me in a nutshell, i'm different, and i'm not afraid to be.
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Haisha Tech Slide

This slide shows that I'm like a lion on the inside and my pride is just like one. The apple logos just show that I'm in love with Apple products. SO my pride is like a lion my will is apple ( I buy and love Apple its all i save up for). The slide also has plenty of bleeding in to each other picture. I made this slide look like this because I think it shows how each picture goes into each other like lion(pride) to apple(my love). The thing that influenced me was my love for wild cats (lions are the best in them) and my iPhone (how fun it is using it). I couldn't make my mind between my pride and person inside of me or my love so i just picked both and put it together.
tech slide presentation  (1)
        I have learned some very simple things to some harder things. I had to refresh some things in my mind as well at some points i couldn't even find some easy things and tools. And the  there was things that I have never used that I did this time. Like some PDFs and posting I didn't know I learned and know more about now. I did a lot of things different I changed the entire slide. I made it into something new and better. My first slide was not so good it had too much of everything and too complicated. Even the quote needed 30 minutes to explain what it meant (this is me, spirit of a lion and will of apple). Then I also had 4 different pictures which was to much I was trying to do bleeding but it didn't come out good it was just to much. Now my slide is much more simple and better as you can see in the following. People also told me that I had to many pictures and didn't understand the quote. So I changed and fixed all their problems. Mrs. Hull didn't do step by step and didn't answer questions and told us to go to the rubric no steps at all ;and she would be like i don't know when asking for help. There was a lot of room to mess up and we did. BUT we fixed it now.
tech slide presentation

Niah Lombo: Me slide

Media Fluency_ Niah Lombo
In technology class we are making a Media Aid all about yourself. I made the slide like this because I try to be myself and not what others want me to be. I think it would be boring if everyone is normal because we would learn nothing new from each other is we are "normal". The blue bird in the pack of brown birds show that even if the blue bird is different the others don't treat him differently. That is why i wrote "It's okay to be YOUnique."  What influenced my decision was that i believe that people try too hard to be something that they are not and i am trying to show them that it is okay to be different. 
I tried not to do no text aid on my slide. So i just wrote a small but meaningful quote and I bleed the picture because you could tell that the birds are sitting on a wooden fence. I balanced the mini hearts and the picture so it can look like a real poster and not a poorly photo shopped poster. 

Media Fluency

In this project for technology, we had to create a slide describing ourselves. I did so by showing this picture of a clear path and on the sides having some hidden difficult paths. The purpose was to show that you should't do what everybody is doing, you should do something original and get lost so you can find out your own things. Be a leader, not a follower. 
I made sure to bleed my picture some so it wouldn't be crammed in. I made sure to have a big font so people can read it and follow it with the picture to have their own meaning behind it. I wanted to not write too much information on the slide, I wanted it to be sweet and short. 
media fluency (1)
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Ona Brown: Wow Slide

Untitled presentation

Media Fluency


I made my slide with a image for the background, because it would capture the attention of the audience. I made sure the audience could look at it and grasp the meaning before they drew their attention back to the speaker (me). I wanted the slide to be simple, because when there is too much going on the audience can get confused. Also the simple picture describes me. In addition, my middle name is Rose and my favorite flower is a rose.

Wow Wow  Slide
This is my new and improved slide. I took the constructive criticism from my classmates and made my slide over. I was told to get rid of the black block on the side of the slide, it took away from it. I was also told to choose another color for text so It could stand out more and people could see the comparison between my middle name and the image of the rose. I moved the text over so the design of the flower would make your eyes go in a circle and you could follow the image. I changed the color of the text.

All about me script

Chloë Epstein




I made my slide look like this because I wanted lots of “empty space” like you showed us the website. I also kept the slide simple by not putting lots of pictures or words on it. Like what you told us I kept it visual instead of putting tons of words and information on. That way it is less complicated to look at and you get the gist of what it’s trying to say. For my slide it’s hard to understand unless I explain, but that was my point. So there was a reason for me to even speak. For the purpose of explaining who I am I put a grumpy cat meme on my slide to show I enjoy not only cats, but comedy too.
About Me

Makhi Richburg: Much slide

I chose my background because it is the visual concept of my personality. My friends and I see myself as a lively person, always happy and full of energy. They enjoy my presence therefore  it is visually pleasing. For those I barely associate myself with my slide is a visual aid. I made the font big because I didn't want the viewers to squint their eyes for one word. I wanted my slide to be good and simple. I am aware that the background is flamboyant and has detail but  chose that picture so that the viewers could enjoy what they're looking at.
Makhi's Tech presentation
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Kara Heenan

Untitled presentation
In this lesson in Tech, we had to make a slide presentation that is all about yourself. This slide is describing the things I like. I used very bright colors that will grab anyone's attention. I filled my slides with pictures of those things I like and added stickers to them to make them even more crazy. Thats all for my slide. 
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Addy Gonzalez: Such Slide

In this assignment for tech, we had to create one slide that represents who we are. This is my slide.
My slide is just a visually pleasing picture of a book and the word "selfies" written in cursive. This relates to me because I really love books, and I apparently take a lot of selfies. I used the rule of thirds in this slide. The rule of thirds makes the slide have a lot of space and makes the slide look simple yet good. The eye is usually drawn to the picture first, then the text. I also made the word ''selfies'' big so it could stand out. That is really all I did.
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Vilma Martinez: Many Slide

In this assignment we were supposed to create one slide describing ourselves, and also create a script to present to the class.This presentation shows a simple understanding of who I am. As seen here a drawing of a book explains the passion I have for reading, writing, and drawing. Next to the drawing I used "Creative" to describe my personality. The rule of thirds has only been used in this project for the word.

To reflect on this, In the second slide of this assignment I edited a few things of what I was given feed back on. I darkened the gray of the background and then lowered the font of "Creative" and connected the c with the r. There was not much I had to change, just very small details to appeal to the viewers. I just reflected on what I was told and tried my best to fix those small flaws and the product is shown below
Tech slide
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Slide Design

In this unit, we looked at how to design slides so they are pleasing to the eye. We looked at the amount of content on the slide so all of the information can be received at a glace. Bleeding, allowing a picture to look like it continues off the page, can allow objects to look larger while not taking up all of the room. We also looked at how to place things on a slide so it feels balanced. The end of unit project was to make a visually pleasing slide about yourself. 
 On my slide, I decided use a quote and a picture of a rainbow unicorn. Both of the components on the slide are meaningful to me in some way. I felt like the unicorn captured the feeling of the quote and enhanced the slide. The heaviest part of the quote is in the top right corner of the slide. I balanced that out by putting the unicorn with a heavier gray border in the bottom left corner. 

This first slide is my first try and the second slide is what I created after listening to other people critiques and hearing the classroom discussion. My first slide was very pixilated and the picture in the corner looked very out of place. For my second slide I made sure all of the content I used was high resolution so everything was clear. I also wanted the picture to look like it belonged more so than in the first slide. To do this, I chose a background color that flowed into the background of the unicorn. One of the way Ms. Hull could have set us up for success was giving us the content that would be used then letting us arrange it on the slide. That way the project would have been more so about the design than the content, which was her intention for this project. 
Slide about me (1)
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Slide about me

Aaron W-S Orange

I made the slide look the way it does because it easily expresses who I am. What influenced my decision making was what I enjoy and a quote that is all about me and my lifestyle. I was being careful evening out the slide neatly. The point of this was to describe who we are our interests and a lot more.

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