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English Journal #1: I Know Something About...

I know something about feeling so low you can't feel anything at all. I sort of kinda talked about it in my "English B" piece, but I didn't really explain it. Imagine that everyday you wake up and all day you have comments and insults and just real ignorant things thrown at you from various people. The numbness starts in your stomach and spreads, to your arms, chest, hands, face. Your eyes start to sting and it takes everything you have not to cry. All day, every day, this. You go home and it doesn't get any better. So you go to your room and have a complete break down. No food, no homework, no anything. You fall asleep and wake up and do it all over again. Your parents start to notice things, but then maybe they don't, and them finding out is the scariest thing ever. 
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Element Project

For "Research" I had to use the internet in order to look up information on my element. I used it to decide on drawing an airplane as titanium is used to make them.                                                    For "Collaboration" I had to work with my friends because I did not understand a lot of aspects. I also really needed the teacher for guidance.                                                                                       For "Presentation" I had to make my art project look nice which is the whole point of art. I also had to present my ideas to my teacher in order to get feedback.                                                               For "Reflection" I had to make a blogpost for the drawing and reflect on it such as I am doing now. Also I had to think about how this project incorporated the core values like right now.                       For "Inquiry" I had to think about a question I could ask myself. That question would be used to help my drawing.
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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.11.32 PM

When I first enter Mr. Block’s class, I struggled with language, identity, mask, boundaries, and relationship. Throughout the year, I develop a deeper understanding. I used to view language as one specific language such as slang, or dialect. I used to follow what everybody else thinks, but now I realized that I have changed a lot compare to the beginning of the year. I have my own point of views. I have my own identity and my own voice this year. English class and History class had brought me out of my shell. Reading book after book, and building connection with the book. It helps me create a better understanding on why the author wrote this book. After going on trial as the Aztec and the corporation, my point of view has shifted many times. It’s also wonderful to start the class with a journal entry because I am getting a chance to hear other people responded to the questions, especially challenging ones. 

In the beginning of the year in English class, Mr. Block started with something small by practicing how to write a descriptive essay. He built us up from scratch and helps us work our way up. When I first started, I had many negative comments about how my scenes are not filled with enough details or how it doesn’t make senses. I will stare at the image, trying to find the right words or phrase to describe it. After having a class discuss on what to look for when writing a descriptive scene such as: the smell, the texture, the color, and the touch. Though enough practice, my skills improve. (Descriptive Essay)

  On journal #3 when I had to describe a trip by being descriptive. I always have trouble thinking about my surrounding, but after many practices, it had become my strength. I started of describe every little details and how it feel. One example that I used was, “ I can feel the cold breeze shivering down my neck to my leg.”

Throughout the year, the language essay opened me up the most. I was able to express myself through words. I also learned so much by describing my experience on being Asian American. I discuss a lot about how I adopt to my second language, English. Also my experience as being Asian American while English is my second language. It was hard for me at first because I don’t usually express my hardship. So for me, it was a little personal, but it felt good when I express everything in words. “The struggles of language bring out the negative image by doing negative things to fit in(Language Autobiography.) I used to think that in order to fit in, you must hide your identity and put on another mask. This quarter help me reflective on how much I change throughout times, but the end of this assignment, I realize that I had accept my identity.

  When Kate, from the Philadelphia young playwright came to SLA to help us with our play, I was having trouble thinking about a topic, however, on the next day, I flash back into my language essay and I was so motivated on writing my play basic on language. Through this play, I put in some of my personal experience into it. When some scenes were perform, I was so proud of myself and I love how the audience loved my play. I was being really creative with my play by adding character that speak three different type of language, Mandarin, Cantonese and Foochow. I was so fascinated with the effort I put in, and how creative it was. The actors that I choose was having many problems trying to pronounce the words right. But it is amazing to get them to speak my language with a short amount of time.  I decided to give my play the title called, “Manipulation,” because people can get manipulated base on what people tell them.

  The most fun part was that it never gets old for me to write about language or do something creative that involved language. On journal #25, we had to find different types of boundaries. One boundary that pops to my head automatically was Language, once again. As a class, when we listed all the boundaries, we had to be creative by creating a podcast about one of the boundaries. Of course, I chose language. I had so many people in mind to interview, but when Mr. Block came up to me and said you can interview your mom. I hesitated a little because my mother spoke broken English, but at the end of day, I chose to interview my mom and my aunt. I tried my best to get my mom to speak in English, but it wasn’t working at all. So I told my mom, just speak in Foochow and I will translate it. It was super hard for me to find a creative way to translate it, because I don’t want to make it boring or confusing. When I interviewed her, I did a small voice over her interview when she spoke each story. It was incredible difficult, but I manage to pulled it off. (Crossing Boundary: Language)




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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

It was actually pretty cool having the same teacher for English and History. We were able to relate the subjects to one another in a way i’ve never done in school before. And this wasn’t just learning about the history of events, and the timeline- we went so in depth and dove so deep at least once a week english or history gave me a headache. not a bad headache, a headache that hurts because the cogs and wheels are spinning inside your brain with new information and philosophies and things i’ve never even dreamed of comprehending.

Art, by far, is the most fascinating and curious general understanding to me. Art  is something that's always been there, but i've never really thought about the depth and the meaning behind it. Art is everything, Art is nothing. Art is the absence of something, and the presence of something. it is everywhere, and it is no where. i have always loved art. the creation of something, or even the destruction. 'art' was just this overhanging thing in the world, and i never really thought about it more than when i doodled, or painted, or saw a picture. for a while i thought art was just physical creation of colors and patterns. It is so much more than that.

During the poetry unit this year, We talked about what a 'poem' is. We argued that anything can be a poem. A scream, a random scribble. I thought about it for a long time, and decided that poetry, is a group of words that fit together to portray a deeper meaning. poetry uses language, it strings words together to create rhythmic, sometimes musical, phrases and lines. What's the different between a poem, and a song? A song is always set to music, where a poem can be, or it may not be. So what is art? One of the most memorable things i learned in the poetry unit is the ‘found poems’. It’s wonderful how just writing things you hear people say can be turned into poetry. I mainly wrote funny things i heard throughout my days in my  Found Poem by Emily Jenson.

Poetic and artistic freedom mean a lot to me. Being able to view anything as art and have that be okay is comforting. Freedom, Love, Art, Life, these all melt together in my mind sometimes. In my English Journal #36 is a lot about freedom, you should check it out.  I learned a lot about myself this unit. A few months ago one of my therapists told me i need help in identifying and acknowledging my feelings and thoughts. I would be so emotional, and have no idea why. or even what emotion i was feeling. The English Journal #10 reminded me of an exercise i did in therapy, where we went back and forth saying “ I am...” and “I am not...” it really helped me get a better insight on my thought process.

Language and Art fall under the same umbrella too. Language itself is an artform. Its scary and crazy to think what it was like to be a human before languages were formed. I thought a lot about that question while writing my Language Autobiography  i think in my head in english. what are thoughts like if there is no language? are they thoughts at all? or just instincts, like an animal?

Art is the umbrella. poetry, paintings, music, sculpture, all fall under the umbrella. Art has no boundaries, no rules. Something that is art to me may not be art to you, but that doesn't make it not art at all. Art is perception, art is everything. This is why i love art. This is why i feel art flowing through my veins and seeping out through my pores. Art is the car horns and the mourning doves. art is the formation of geese and the silence in the subway after a train has passed.

I like art because no one can tell you what is art and what is not. David, one of the members of Leah Stein's Dance Company once told us 'Art is the most powerful when it takes you by surprise.' I agree completely. Sometimes art is about being in the right place at the right time. A spiderweb covered in dew with the sunlight reflecting off the water droplets is stunning. Sunsets, broken glass, graffiti. Another man's trash is another man's treasure.

Sometimes words or phrases stand out to me. When i was a freshman, i woke up one morning with the word ‘Marzipan’ in my head, and it took residence there for weeks. Sometimes i’ll hear a fragment of a segment and i'll get an idea for a poem. One time at a family therapy session, my mother told the therapist my father has a drinking problem. The therapist asked my dad if this was true, in which to he replied ‘well yes, i self medicate’. One of the most powerful poems i think i’ve ever written has that line repeated in it. You can find that here : Choice Poem .

I love art more than I can put into words, because it’s not something i fully understand. I wish someone could tell me the answers to every question i’ve seeked. The meaning of life, what IS art, anyway? But you know, over the year i’ve been starting to think that there are no answers to any of the questions. everyones answers are different, and they are all correct. That’s comforting to me.
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Element Project Reflection

​Inquiry- I first had to ask questions about our element and what they did. Once I had a few questions I wanted to answer I began to start my research. 

Research- My goal was to find out basic facts about my element, things like its structure and what it was used for. I then dug deeper to find out things like the elements origin and founders. 

Collaboration- I often went to fellow students for a second opinion on a design or an idea that I had. I also collaborated with my biochem teacher to find out more about my element. 

Presentation- I made 4 different prints to make sure I had made 3 that I liked. I also tried to vary the use of my colors in each of the prints.

Reflection- I enjoyed doing this project and learned many new skills because it. I am proud of the prints that I have created. 
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.18.23 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.17.58 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.17.38 PM
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Humanities Final Portfolio


 ​​What happens to power when control fades to nothing? Do not mistake one kindness for weakness or is happiness for ignorance. The true evil in the world is done under the cloak of good. Freedom is a state of mind. We are molded by the past, shaped by the present, to be admired in the future. Language is very powerful, it's the way we communicate in all aspects of life which means that language doesn't always have to do with speaking. Language is something much bigger, much stronger, much deeper than that.

"Language is people..." as said in my language video. It’s our badge of honor, it’s what sets us apart from everyone else. Also as said in the video, language is a living thing, "it changes, it adapts, it moves it grows, it our identity in the world." I realized that one's language is like his identical twin, it’s born, develops, and matures as you do. You can express language through writing. Monologues are a perfect example because it takes the writer true emotions and feelings and put them on paper. "You are but a vampire, sucking the life from society and those who rest upon." That's from a monologue I wrote. My goal was to use powerful words and comparisons that would give vivid detail along with deeper meanings. I put myself in the place of the character whose point of view I was writing from, which gave it that much stronger meaning.

Action is a way to express ourselves which also expresses our language. We have been learning that we are unique as a people therefore no language can be identical as no language can be identical. We recently did an assignment that required us to use a space to create a scene by using interpretive dancing. The required creativity and originality, both aspects of language. What me and my group did in our scene is perform under a bridge and use train spikes as a prop. We based the scene around the train spikes and made it about two individuals brought together by music. This was an example of our ideals coming together to form a large showing of language. Like language, the preparation was dynamic, the scene required constant adjusting and practice. In the end though, our collective language conveyed the message in the scene and it was successful.

  During the course of year, we've also come to understand that discussion gives you the chance to see peoples insight and point of view. Everyones opinion is varied in some way, so when we are faced with a subject most responses will differ in meaning or understanding. Throughout the year we have been making journal entries about a given subject. We were then asked to voice our opinion based on what we wrote. In one of my entries we were given a list of non- violent strategies to revolt and make change. We had to write which strategies did we think were most effective. I didn't really think any of them were effective in a revolution because "these methods could be used to start a revolution, but a dictator will not be quick to give up his power..." Another discussion we had was about sports in America. We were asked why are sports such a big deal in our country. My thought was "sports are such a big deal in this country is because it's one of the main things that brings us together." Another entry we had was when we were discussing how the past and how it changes us in the present. We were asked to write about a point in time that changed who we are or defined us in a strong way. What I wrote was "when my dad started talking to me about the truth about the world." Before this assignment I used to think that the past doesn’t matter, what happening here and now is what is most important. After this discussion I came to realize that what happens in the past defines and creates what happens now. That was my defining moment in my life.

That is some of the things I have learned and experienced in my English and History class over this year. These lessons I will take with me for the rest of my life and has defined me as a person.    

The Lucky One

  (Sitting in a chair twidling his thumb.) You are scum. You (Pause) are scum. A sick, vile virus among the population of humanity. You think your riches or your big fancy house makes you special, makes you unique? You are nothing more than a mosquito, sucking the blood out of society and those who depend on what it gives. You and everyone similar to you are meer insects to people who’ve had to crawl and struggle their entire lives to get by. People without chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, or fancy butlers serving them five star meals. Those are people with real riches. I can sit in this chair all day and lecture you on this. The sad part about it is people don’t care as much for human riches as much as they care for small green slips of paper with dead white leaders on them. And for those who do have it use it to hide from the real world like cowards while they watch us struggle through life from their high placed pedestals.

  Why did I try to steal from you? What would you care or understand? I’m going to prison regardless. Hmmp well if you must know I’m no criminal. A thief, but not a criminal. No, they are not the same thing! A criminal is someone who purposely breaks the law because they are too lazy to get a job and make something of themselves. Now there are two types of thieves. People who steal because they want to or people who steal because the have to. I steal because I have to. The funny thing is it wasn’t always that way.

  It was about a year after that pipeline was made. I lived in a rural area not too far from the pipeline and my family business was around that area to. I worked as a tourguide, take people through the forest, let them experience nature, stuff like that. It was called Natures buddies. Of course you’ve never heard of it, probably not good enough. You’d be that one person who had no one to come with. (Pause) Oh yeah, you married? (Pause) You have any kids? Yeah (mumbling) I bet even your parents be too ashamed to come with you. Anyway! I made a good salary, settled down, got married. Hmmp, I remember when I first met her. She came in for a tour one time with her friends, we talked for a little bit after the tour and we just connected ever since. I knew she was the one from that first hour we talked, but I guess you wouldn’t know about that would you. Soon after she gave me something to live for... two kids. They were my pride and joy and I really felt that it was just gonna get better from there. Thats when... it happened. (Pause) The pipeline burst. You probably heard about it. (Pause) Yeah but the only thing was they were sugar coating it. The the pipeline spewed thousands of gallons of oil a minute and ravaged the wilderness and everything else around it for miles, including our business.

I was out of work. Soon after I lost my home. In the blink of an eye I had no job, no home, and my emergency money was running dry. I felt like a boy in a book I read called House of the Scorpion when he was locked in that room because they found out he was a clone. I tried for months to get a job but no everyday job wants to hire someone who tread through the woods talking about trees and animals. Hmmp, you’d think people be more grateful for the tour’s we gave. I tried everything, I learned that those fundraising things they have on commercials are all bullshit. Just a bunch of people who steal from the public and barley give any of the money they raise toward people who need it. They’d much rather take almost all of that money for their own self purposes. Another thing I realized was that those who had plenty of money to give to a corner full of the homeless are the one’s who most likely would give us the finger and drive off.

My money was running dangerously short. My families ribs slowly began showing more definition everyday. I knew I had to do something. Then it hit me, Robin Hood stole from the rich to help the needy. As bad as it was I had two option, either steal food until I can find a real job, or watch my family wither away. That’s why I’m here now. This isn’t what I wanted, this is the life I was forced into. I know you have to call the cops, just please whatever you do keep my family out of it. They deserve better than me anyway. (Pause) What?! Your giving me this? But... but... this is ten thousand dollars, your just giving me this? (Crying) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Ever since that incident I’ve thought I of myself as unlucky, but now I see I have a loving family and now I can support them. Thank you.     

​History Journal 26

I really don't think any of these non- violent methods will be successful in completing a revolution. These methods could be used to start a revolution, but a dictator will not be quick to give up his power and where reasoning failed he will resort to violence. In other words, any revolution with a possibility for change will result in violence. The most effective in starting a revolution is boycotting. 
English Journal 28

The reason sports are such a big deal in this country is because it's one of the main things that brings us together. Pro sports is a way for anyone from anywhere to broadcast their talents and show their ability. It is the ultimate and a global form of competition and has now evolved into something that's a part in growing up in everyday life.
English Journal 29

A time when I learned something that changed me forever is when my dad started talking to me about the truth about the world. My dad would discuss historical and present things that society has concealed. He taught me that true evil is done under the cloak of good and that you need to know these things so your not oblivious and so you can see people real motives.
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Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.15.17 AM
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Journal Entry #9

1) What is orientalism?

the belief of rumors, unintentional racism, ignorance western mentality of anyone who doesn’t follow the western ways are alien.

2) how do we avoid prentalist?

you can be open-minded, question yourself and educate yourself about these things. Think positive and try to look at the different unique side of things.
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Element Project - Huzaifah Malik

​Inquiry: We had to inquire about our element's properties. Also we had to cut out the finer details of our drawing so it will look professional.

Research: We had to research online about our elements that were assigned by the teacher. We also had to search about their structure, uses, and etc.

Collaboration: We collaborated by helping each other, cleaning the table after printing and also by getting help from other fellows.  

Presentation: We carved out our linoleum tile and we used the ink to print the linoleum by different colors to make our final product look nicer.

Reflection: I learned a lot through this project. t about my element that was assigned and this project required us to reflect on our core values.
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Negative Space Project

Explain how you found negative space in 

1. your cut out?, 2. in your still life drawing?

I used the colors and shapes

Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It allows you to see two sides of the artwork 

Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not?

Not all the time because I find it hard to wrap my mind around
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.39.34 PM
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Journal #8


From the roots of a tree to the branches of it, you can see the changing colors of the season. Almost time to wear coats but not precisely. ITs like knocking the wind out of you. The warmth of summer so quickly replaced by the warmth of sweaters scarves and pumpkin coffee. Fall is beautiful.

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It's Elemental: Barium

For the last art project of the school year this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed carving and printing, and I did not cut off a finger. This type of project wasn’t new to me because I printed during summer camp but didn’t focus on negative space or matting art. My element was Barium. Some interesting facts about Barium is that Sir Humphry Davy discovered Barium in 1808. It’s Atomic number is 56 Barium is found in salts that are used to make fireworks green. Barium is also used in metals to make them heavy sometimes used in silverware and X-rays. My print is called Barium Man. It suits the print because the carnie is holding up an anvil that is made by Barium. I had other sketches for Barium but this sketch was perfect At SLA we embrace using the five core values and during this project the values were useful in many areas.

Inquiry: The first question was which sketch shows the uses to Barium?  A good question that I asked myself was would this be easy to carve without cutting my self?

Research: To make my sketch I had to learn more about my element. I researched more about Barium to get an accurate design to see what it looks like. Based off of printing from before, your sketch should be easy to carve. Another thing is to know about negative space. If you know where your negative space is your print will turn out better than expected.

Collaboration: When it came time for printing we all collaborated as a whole to put out paints and take turns using the different rollers because there was more paint than rollers. Another way we collaborated as a whole was the clean up. We all came together to clean up the room when we were done so we wouldn’t be late to our next class.   

Presentation: For my presentation I matted the best print out of all the prints I made. I also decided to show the world my creations by blogging about them. It’s a good way to show off something you are proud off.

Reflection: Over all this was a fun project, if I could do it over I would try a new design that would have thicker lines and less detail. The more detail in the print the harder it was to carve. With a design that has thicker lines and less design it is easier to see the print and it looks a lot neater than mines was.   

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English Journal #10

What do you wish for?

I wish I could do so many things, I don't even know here to start. I wish I could spend time with my dad. And I mean a good time. No complaining, no worry, just having fun or relaxing. I wish drugs weren't misused. I wish they couldn't kill you. I wish I could help everyone who has any time of problem. I wish I could fly and go anywhere for free, just to see what it's like there.
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We had to inquire what our atom was. We also had to inquire about it's properties
Research - 
We had to research our el 
Collaboration - 
We collaborated on learning about our elements. We also collaborated on the cutting part.
Presentation - 
We had to invent a presentation on our element. We also had to choose between multiple presentation options.
Reflection -
We had to think about how this stuff worked and how our atoms were used. We also had to write this down.
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.11 PM
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.09 PM
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.10 PM
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Journal Entry #13

“All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone, everything is in relation to everything else.” - Buddha

After all that I have learned from Buddhism some of their principles that align most with my values are that (referring to the quote) everything is in relation to everything else. I feel like this is saying that everything has some value, some worth, and is there to be here for a reason and that is my personal belief. In the beginning it talks about how everything both appears and disappears for a certain amount of time. Everything has its place in the world and their own amount of time that is sent in the world, which is also what I believe in.


“ There’s silence in our hearts because there’s inexpressive grief and lack of information so the only thing that we don is stream naturally toward a church a mace of spiritual growth”

“I think religion helps us to deal with what we don't understand, with what overwhelms us, with what makes life hard. It helps us gain an another”

“Alongside the prayers, there were angry calls for vengeance”

“Its very very important that we ourselves not become tragically victimized by this in a way that would turn us into any kind of vengeance mob.”

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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Throughout the year I spent in English and History class, I learned more about myself. I learned that I take a lot of things I have for granted, because I didn’t realize how bad people in other countries lives really are.

During this school year we learned a lot about other countries through the Holocaust and Colonialism. I am writing about Countries not always knowing what is best for other countries. The pieces of work that we did in class that have to do with this topic are the Torture and Obedience worksheet, the Night Themes and Insights worksheet, and the Graphic Novel Quote Responses on the Holocaust book we chose to read. I learned about this topic from reading the books, “Night” by Elie Wiesel and “Maus” by Art Spiegelman. Both of those books are about the Holocaust through Jewish peoples’ eyes. On the “Maus” Quote Sheet, we had to write quotes that we thought were interesting, what we thought about the quote, what the quote says about the book, and what the quote says about the world. On the “Night” Themes Worksheet, we had to write three quotes from the book about faith, relationships, hope, and control. We also had to write two statements and a deep question for each of those categories. These helped me learn about countries not knowing what’s best for each other because we live in a free country and we complain if our phone is going to slow, if there's traffic, or if something costs more than we want it to, but these people were fighting for their lives every day and we will never know what their experience was like. The Nazi’s were trying to control the Jewish people and wanted to kill them because they weren’t the “perfect” race. The last worksheet that helped me learn about this topic is the Torture and Obedience Worksheet. This helped me learn about the topic because it was a worksheet on a video that had to do with people shocking others if they answered a question wrong, but the people weren’t really getting shocked, and the video related to the book, “Night.” It related to “Night” because the Nazis tortured the Jewish people by putting them in gas chambers and keeping them in the concentration camps with barely any food or water. They also killed the Jews by putting them in a in a crematorium. We wait in line for the newest phones, newest sneakers, or even concert tickets, and the Jews waited in line for food and their death. Another piece of work that we did in History was a Colonialism Project. This helped me understand because after the Native Americans were colonized their whole world changed, and they didn’t want that to happen because they didn't know what the change would bring to their already formed culture but the Spaniards thought that colonization was best for the Natives even though the Spanish told them how to live their lives. An example of this in today's world is the budget cuts from the Philadelphia School District. They are taking away our rights to a better education from our electives, our sports programs, and even our counselors that help us with our college choices.

My thoughts about countries not always knowing what is best for one another changed throughout this year because I used to think that learning about other countries and the Holocaust was boring, but now that I learned about it in a different way I found out a lot more about the ways countries try to control other countries. Another way it changed my thinking was because it was in the perspective of people that were a part of the Holocaust rather than someone else’s perspective. I used to not like learning about History but the way that I learned it this year really changed my perspective on how I look at the world and it taught me that I shouldn’t take the things I have for granted.

Some Other Work That has to do with this Topic:

History Journal 9/12/12

English Journal Observations about LotF
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 3.10.17 PM
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Reflection- Element Project

Inquiry -  This project reflected inquiry because we needed to ask ourselves how we would do each step. For example when we used the cutting tools we needed to ask ourselves questions like: "how will I cut out the finer details of my drawing" and etcetera.

Research - The project reflected research when we needed to find out what our mineral is used for. So in order to find out what would be an acceptable design we needed to research online what it has been used for.

Collaboration - The project reflected collaboration because often times I collaborated with fellow students and my teacher for my concepts. For example I went to a supervisor student to collaborate ideas about what to have for my final concept.

Presentation - It reflected presentation because we often tried to smoothen out final details to make the final product look nicer. For example when I was cutting into my design I often had to work out the final details to get the design I was looking for.

Reflection- The project reflected reflection because it allowed us to compare some of our previous looks to others and see which one worked the best. An example of this is how we did more than one print so if one we did didn't turn out just like how we wanted we could know what to change for the next one.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
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Journal Entry #31

Up for Trial:

Multinational Corporations.

Us Consumers

Factory Workers

Poor Country Elite

The System of Profit

A Mike Daisy Article

  • Foxconn makes over 15 percent of all the electronics of the world. ( last year they made over 52 percent of them)

  • the foxconn in shenzhen has 430,00 workers (each cafeteria only 10,00 people. Only 25 rooms and they’re always full.)

  • There's always guards at the factories carrying guns

  • There was a photographer taking pictures not at foxconn but near the premises and he was held for two days and beaten.

  • there was a epidemic suicide at foxconn. a month after month of suicide. now theres suicide nets so people can’t jump off the roof.

  • Some factory workers are very young. Youn as the age of 12 or younger.

  • There are inspections on the factories. They inspect under age workers but the factory always change the workers on the day of those inspections.

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Khalil Clark Capstone

Khalil Clark

Ms. Dunn (Mentor)


My capstone was done on H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This project was designed behind someone close to me after they were diagnosed with this virus. I was influenced to take this topic, and further my knowledge. My plan is to inform others about H.I.V. because it is a wide spread epidemic, and not many people are informed about the damage this disease can leave on a person. Although I jumped around this year with trying to settle down on one idea, I decided that H.I.V. would be a more successful topic. I am very passionate in becoming an advocate for others dealing with this virus, or those who are friends of people with the virus.

Here is a link to my Google Doc with my initial work:

Khalil Clark HIV Essay

Khalil Clark HIV Presentation
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Journal 1 history 9/11/12

Why is the world such an unequal place?

1. population- more people in a country can make the country richer or more poor.

2. Colonization- with many countries, people fought for freedom but lost money,power because they were poor.

The best way to deal with global inequality would be to accept that it's happening. Then, you should be more informed about what the population, currrency, alliances, and history of the countries history. Try to figure out what you have and how your life would be different if you didnt have the fortune or misfortune you have. Spread the word and worry about what will happen if your country changes and see if the alliances you have with other countries will change or stay the same.
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Journal 41 4/29/13

Never shall I ever forget . . .
the time I went to my grandmothers house
the big palm trees and flowers next to her.
Never shall I ever forget...
The smell of her cooking.
The colors of the room,
The feeling of excitement.
Never shall I ever forget . . .
her lovely personality that cheered the home
The things she would say to those she loved
Her small body
That walked faster than anyone which seemed like she was running
to make us happy because we were on a vacation.
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Journal 33 3/7/13

Lucille Clifton

Pray that what we want is worth running for.
I can pray all day but God won't come.
I can call 9-1-1 and the devil would come.
We do right we do wrong.
We send a million men to bring peace to the heart of the nation.

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Journal 26 2/4/13

Why are professional sports such a big deal in this country?

Professional sports are such a big deal in history because it is a hobby every american likes to do. It is something that can be played by anyone and everyone.
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