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Art q1 - Peter Ricker

A sugar skull is used in Mexico on the "Day of the Dead". They are usually made to represent someone who has passed away in anyway. My mask is inspired by ancient hunter's masks used in other countries and through mythological monsters. I used someone else's face to shape the mask and collected several ideas off the internet. Once I had my plan, I molded the person's face and let that work out. Once finished drying, I peeled the mask off of their face and started to paint. I used red and black to symbolize darkness and evil to inspire the emotion used.
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Quater Orne Assignments

Sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar ) are a decoration for altars and tombs. They are used on Day of the Dead, and on November 2nd to adorn tombs and altars. Since they are made out of sugar, they are edible. The base is made out of white sugar. The decorations and colors are made out of colored sugars, icings, and bright foils.

I came up with the design of my skull by using several sugar skulls as a reference. Sugar skulls usually have a lot of floral and plant aspects, with lots of bright colors. They tend to look feminine, with lashes on the eyes. So I made the eyes big and round with lashes. Since sugar skulls are supposed to be colorful, I added some floral decorations on the side and on the top of the skull to make it more colorful. 

The process to make this took awhile. We had to make a plaster mask out of the material casts are. I wasn't comfortable using my face as a plaster mold, so I used a fellow classmate to model for my mask. After the mask was completed and dried, I was a bit iffy on what colors I should use. I first went with red for the background, but I quickly changed my mind and painted the red over with maroon. I forgot I had to make the mask like a sugar skull, so I repainted the mask completely white and did my current design. It didn't really resemble my sketch, but I still thought the mask was pretty.

Here's my mask

And here's other assignments/sketches I worked on throughout the quater.




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Imani Rothwell

​A sugar skull is the structured of your face plastered and molded into a hard structure. 

I came up with my design by simplify going with the flow of what my artsy fingers wanted me too. I figured why not use blue for tears and throw an odd future cross on there. Make the lips red for lip stick. 

At first I needed someone to do my mask for me. I have sensitive skin so plastering my face was a no no, and plush I did not want that stuff in my hair.  When my friend Serena said she will do it for me. I  than began to cut up pieces of the clay while Serena Vaseline her face. Once that was done I put a straw in Serena mouth and began to dip pieces of the clay in the water and then on Serena face. I made sure I did Serena nose last so she will not have to go a long time breathing through a straw. Once the clay harden I carefully removed the clay structure off Serena face and place it on the table. I had to wait a few days to design because we had art class Monday and I did my skull on a Wednesday. Once monday came I began to paint the face. It took some time to get the paint because I did not know what color, after that I just told myself not to think so hard and follow the art. The art gave me the colors black,yellow,red,and blue. Next I began to paint. I had my headphones in listing to Biggie smalls. While Jamming to Biggie I just started to paint. While painting Serena said that this reminds her of the joker. I laughed and said it does... then continue to paint off of that idea. At the end I came up with this skull. 
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Sugar Skulls

Dear Readers,

There was a happy halloween in Art class. I created a sugar skull, which was a messy but fun  experience. A sugar skull symbolizes the day of the dead, it is a mexican tradition. It’s celebrated like a halloween. In art class we took our own face plastered it. Then let the plaster dry and harden for a day or two. I added my own creative twist, with paint. I let the brush speak, I didn’t have much of a vision. But once I started, I went for different patterns. This project was the longest process because you want it to be correct,and like you want it. I can put my mask on my own face, to scare or to make someone laugh. Thanks readers for listening.

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Leah Petty's Art blog

To me a sugar skull is some thing people of Latino or any kind (or Spanish decent) make in remembrance of their past family or friends. When you first told the class we here making sugar skulls I thought it was some you ate. When I googled it I found it not be that. As I was going thought the images I found the ones that are famine with the hair and lips to be really pretty so I based it off of that.

The way I draw my sugar skull I really wanted it to come out that way. But as I was painting I thought that it didn't have to be my past vision so I just started painting and hoped for the best. I really felt like I had to have bright red lips, and the first thing you saw when you looked and mine was the eyes. I felt like I put that in the skull well. in the end I'm very happy with what came out of this.    

(note: I'm very sorry for the way the picture turned out)
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Henninger: Sugar Skull

A sugar skull is a classic decoration for the Mexican holiday, la dia de la muerta, which is basically halloween. Traditionally, it is made out of sugar that has been formed into a skull shape and is decorated in a colorful and intricate pattern. 

While sketching on my own, my style tends to lean towards creepy. So when designing what to make my skull look like, I wanted to make it disturbing while realistic. 

The process of making the mask was not too complicated but it was certainly a new experience for me, starting with the casting of the mask. We had to make mold of our own faces using plaster sheets. After making the molds, we had to shape them by rounding off or cutting edges. In my own design, i decided it was not odd enough to begin with, so I attempted to cut out eyes, to give it another level. But then I continued with painting the mask, starting with a what base coat and then adding any and all details. Finishing touches of the mask included removing the strings hanging off of the edges and fixing any smudged paint. In the end, I feel I reached my goal and am very proud of the product. 

Final Product:
Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 8.19.03 PM

Other Projects from quarter:

image copy 2

image copy 3

image copy 4

image copy

image copy 5

Thank you. 
image copy 5
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Niall Horan

Niall James Horan, nací en el trece de septiembre 1993. Tiene veintinueve años. El es de Wesmeath, Mullingar, Ireland pero vivo en London y Filadelfia. Niall es muy hermoso. También, Niall es bajo y cómico. Niall le gusta comer. El también le gusta dormir, relajar y cantar. Además, el increiblemente talento. ¡Es el un amor de gente! El es irlandés. Niall es rubio pero a menudo, el es moreno.
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Scalia-Jackson, Kristina Lucid Chart - Home Network

My internet comes into my house from a wireless router provided to me from my service provider. (ISP) My ISP is Xfinity from Comcast. My internet cost from comcast is bundled into my home phone and tv as well. We pay about $263. I have many things connected to my home network. I have my tv, my google tv box, my ipad, 2 macbook pro’s, my ipad, my iphone, my sisters iphone, my moms iphone, my mom’s old iphone, my dad’s blackberry, my printer, my desktop, my ipod, my mom’s laptop,etc.

Everything that is connected to my LAN (ie. home network) is connected wirelessly. There are many devices on my L.A.N. I have my TV, Macbooks, Desktop, Ipad, Iphones, Ipods, Blackberry, & Google Tv. All of the same things listed for my home network previously. My O.M.G reflection moment was when I realized how much work the computer goes through in order to process every request. Computers do a lot in such a short amount of time. Its amazing.

I would tell anyone with an ISP/home network to make sure they have a password on their network. Even though they may think no one will be close enough to use it, if people are it would slow them down. Also if there are children that will be using the network, there should be restrictions in place.

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Kimberly Parker: Sugar Skull

Kimberly Parker

Senior Art Blog

Sugar Skull 

A sugar skull is a one of a kind decoration and symbol. Sugar skulls celebrate and honor the dead. There is a holiday in Mexico called “The Day of the Dead” and instead of mourning over the dead, they celebrate their lives. The people of Mexico use these sugar skulls to symbolize death by using a skull, and decorating it with bright festive colors to celebrate the death. This quarter, we were asked to make our own sugar skulls. So, I did my independent research about what sugar skulls really were. I sketched an idea in my sketchbook, seeing what designs I would like on my sugar skull. I looked up some ideas online and finally saw a sugar skull that I really liked. I sketched something similar to it and then began my construction of my skull. 

We used paper mache, water, a straw, and lots of Vaseline to do construct the skulls! First I laid down on the table and had my peer Christian get the paper mache and water ready to put on my face. While I was on the table, I rubbed Vaseline all over my face, over my eyebrows and lips so the paper mache would not stick to my face and the mask would come right off after it hardened. I put a straw in my mouth so I would be able to breathe. Christian then began to put the paper mache over my face, pressing dow on every piece to mold the mask into the shape of my face. After putting layers and layers of this paper mache on, we waited for the mask to harden, this took about five or six minutes. 

After the mask hardened, we peeled it off of my face, immediately I wanted to wipe the slimy Vaseline off of my face! During the next art period, I used a pencil to start sketching out on my skull the designs I wanted. I did not erase anything on it once. Once I started to sketch, I liked everything that I drew. Once the sketching was done, I picked out all of the bright colors I wanted. I mixed red and white to make the pink, blue and yellow to make the green I wanted, and so on. I used different brushes for different parts and different brush strokes. I painted until I felt like I had my sugar skull master piece. That is what I ended up with, a master piece! 

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Sugar Skull & My Art Work

  • Explain in your own words what a sugar skull is.

    Sugar skull to me looks like something that may have been involved with old anicent culture. It looks like it may have been used to scare animals when hunting or maybe the mask could just be an old ritual. 

  • Explain how you came up with the design for your mask/skull.
    I came up with my design by getting some of my inspiration from other sugar skulls that I've seen.

  • Explain the process from beginning to the end, the process that you went from having no mask to having a finished and painted mask. 
    Well I thought that it was very hard finding someone who would want to do it because at first everyone seemed to volunteer to do it but as soon as they saw the whole process, some people bailed. But once I had a mask and tried to make the design I wanted, I saw that the people who designed them took their time and really put a lot of work into it. 
  • mms_picture
    mms_picture (1)
    mms_picture (2)
    mms_picture (3)
    mms_picture (4)
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    Christian Gelbolingo: Sugar Skull

    Explain in your own words what a sugar skull is.
    Sugar Skulls or "calaveras de azúcar" are exactly what its name says. They are made by pressing granulated sugar into skull molds. Once the sugar is dried, they are decorated with colored icing, flowers, paint, sequins, etc. While sugar skulls are edible, they are mostly used for decorative purposes especially on Dia de los Muertos. This Mexican holiday celebrates the lives of those who have deceased.

    Explain how you came up with the design for your mask/skull.
    I had a hard time picking a final design because I had so many ideas. At first, I wanted it to have a generic sugar skull design. However, I didn’t want mine to look like the rest… there were so many possibilities. I also thought about doing a paisley design all over or a gradient fade from the top of the head to the chin but I decided to transform my sugar skull into blackface. I didn’t paint it blackface to harm or discriminate against anyone, I simply did it because I liked how minimalistic the design and color scheme was. I also liked how I painted everything black and how it hid the imperfections I have made while making the mold. A few days later, I decided that I wasn’t quite satisfied with the design and repainted my skull. I decided to paint a white flower around the eyes but kept the middle black. I also painted cheekbones with white paint and made a gradient effect. To finish it off, I carefully painted the gloss over, making sure that the other colors didn’t mix.

    Explain the process from beginning to the end, the process that you went from having no mask to having a finished and painted mask.
    Before I made my sugar skull, I watched the other students make theirs so that I can learn what do to and what not to do. I decided to make a mold of Zach Castro’s face by simply using water and plaster sheets. I waited until my next art class for it to completely dry because I did not want to risk it breaking apart. When it was finally dry, I cut off random pieces of sting and excess plaster to smooth out the edges of the mask. My design/painting process was the most difficult part (read #2 for details) but the final product was beautiful and I am satisfied.

    Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 5.05.14 PM
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    Eric Cartman


         Él es bastante gordo, y de vez en cuando él es algo simpático. Sin embargo, casi siembre él es muy grande anos, súper antipático, y increiblemente mal estar de vago. Él es tiene 8 años Americano. Es de parke del sul. Es chévere, pero es molestón.

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    Paul F. Tompkins

    images copy 4
    Se llama es Paul F. Tompkins. Él es familia amigo.Tiene cuarenta y cuatro años. Él es siempre increiblemente cómico. Es un poquito bajo y es moreno. Le gusta trabajar. Le encanta pasar un rato con amigos. Además él no le gusta nada nadar. Él es trabajador y súper sipático. Es por eso que él es muy divertido.
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    Levy, Leo. Lucidchart, Home Network

    My L.A.N. consists of a series of airports and airport expresses, broadcasting wifi to all the individual devices in my home. This is in conjunction to the hardwired ethernet connections, and my entertainment system. Before this class, I had approximately no knowledge at all, whatsoever, even slightly, about home networks or any networks to be honest. Now, I can proudly say that I have a very very minimal understanding of networks, clearly a vast improvement over my old situation. One word of advice, have someone who understands your network explain it to you. Very, very slowly. 
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    Sugar Skull Project

    1. Explain in your own words what a sugar skull is.
    2. Explain how you came up with the design for your mask/skull.
    3. Explain the process from beginning to the end, the process that you went from having no mask to having a finished and painted mask. 

      A sugar skull is used in the Mexican "Day of the Dead" that usually takes place a day after Halloween.  The skull is usually adorned with many colorful designs, or in some cases black and white.  The skull is to represent a deceased family member.  My design for my skull is a simple black and white design that was inspired by paisley and Mayan artifacts.  The first part of creating my sugar skull included plastering a friend's face for the mold of my mask (THANKS FRANKIE!), then once the mask dried, I painted over the mask with white paint to give the mask a solid base.  Then I began painting my design from the forehead down.  

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    Julian Casablancas

    Se llama Julian Fernando Casablancas.  Su cumpleaños es el 23 de agosto.  Tiene treinta y cuatro años.  Es de Nueva York pero vive en Los Angeles.  Él es el cantante de The Strokes.  Él es cómico, divertido, algo trabajador, increiblemente talentoso y muy creativo.  Y como si fuera poco, él es también guapo y bastante encantador.  Le siempre encanta cantar y escuchar música, y le gusta relajar y leer.  No le gusta practicar deportes, estudiar, o hablar por teléfono. 
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    My oldest sister Jennifer

    Se llama Jennifer. Tiene Veintiocho años. Ella es Filadefia pero vive en Baltimore. Ella es inteligente, divertida, y simpática. Ella es habladora,  baja, delgada y guapa. Le gusta leer, ir de compras, hablar por teléfono y escuchar música. No le gusta nada y ir a la escuela. 
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