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Guernica desde el punto de vista de Jesus

Cuando veo a este obra de arte, veo mucho dolor. Pero hay esperanza. El toro en la obra simboliza la fuerza y peligro de los humanos en el mundo por otros y los mismos. La lanza en el caballo simboliza el dolor de los animales usaron en la guerra y cómo humanos usen animales por fuerza laboral. La flecha simboliza la dirección correcto por humanos para tener éxito en sus vidas bajo los ojos de Dio. La espada rota simboliza guerra y la caída del dolor por los hombres en la guerra. La vela y la bombilla simboliza el pasado y el futuro de los humanos. Simboliza la esperanza en el pasado y la esperanza por un futuro brillante.   
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Guernica desde el punta de vista de Elmo!

¡Hola chiquitos! Vamos a ver la obra Guernica. A ver, primero, hay un toro. El toro es un animal muy grande. Tambien, vemos un caballo, ¡y tambien es grandisimo! Los dos pueden simbolizar el fuerza, y tabien el cariño. Además, vemos la luz. La luz se representa el heoré en contra de la oscuridad. Y hay un pájaro. El pájaro se simboliza la abilidad a volar y creer. Y finalmente, el fantasmo es una cosito escalofriante, y se representa el miedo! 
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Desde el punto de vista de Prince Royce.

1. La mama y una bebe: El dolor de perder a alguien. La muerte no nos separará.

2. Suldado: He intentado tan duro, pero yo todavía no te salvará.

3. Fantasma: Tantas muertes. ¿Qué está pasando aquí?

4. Heaven: Después de todos estos dolores, el infierno es el cielo contigo.

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George Bush- Guernica

Hola, soy Bush y yo era el Presidente de Estados Unidos. Veo el toro, ven la guerra. Veo el cuchillo, aceite y quiere conseguir unas gotas de aceite. Veo las luces veo esperanza y brillo de obtener aceite de guerra. El caballo me parece a mí más guerra que me gusta
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Beauty is the Beast

a. What is this project about?

This project features and depicts the the rise and downfall of Lady Macbeth. It displays her manipulative behavior, self-harm, and eventual demise in a fast paced form. It is the creative extension of my original character analysis and depicts how I see her in a multimedia form.

b. What was your process like in crafting the creative portion of this project?

The process for this project was tireless. It took several days/hours to concept, revise and complete the art work and depictions of the characters. I originally chose the black and white, comic-styled, look, as inspiration from the Macbeth movie we saw. Like the yellowish, dull undertone of the movie, black and white gives a subdued and bleached look which I thought would be perfect for Lady Macbeth.

c. What difficulties did you encounter in doing this project? How did you overcome them?

One of the main difficulties was constantly changing my mind about things. For the outline of this project, I had so many ideas and didn't realize it would take so much time until I did them. I also had to get rid and redo things that wouldn't work. This constantly happened until I just decided to stick to a revamped version of my idea.

d. What are you most proud of in this project? Why?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

e. What would you change/do differently if given the chance?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

f. What did you learn from your colleagues' presentations/projects?

My classmates individually view each character different and portrayed them in a different volume. They also each had their own vision of how to present the story.
g. What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project?

I tend to sympathize with the antagonist the most. This is mostly likely because I was able to see past their flaws, especially in Lady Macbeth's case. I realized that even the most bad people are still human. That even if they are considered "evil", they are just as fragile on the inside as everyone else.

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Lady Macbeth the Sly Fox

In Ms.Dunn’s english class orange stream wrote quote analysis about a character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I wrote about Lady Macbeth, she’s Macbeths crazy wife. In the beginning the once charming Lady Macbeth, was an intelligent, seductive woman who would use her charm for vicious deeds, until her plans change and she ends up ashamed of her ways. Lady Macbeth would use her charm for evil ways. She had one goal and she wasn’t going to stop until she got what she wanted. I liked Lady Macbeths character because she was insane. I think Macbeth wouldn’t be such a good book if it wasn’t for Lady Macbeth. She basically started it all, if it wasn’t for her Macbeth would have never turned out the power hungry dictator he turned out to be.

​For my creative I have two different parts to it.The first part I have a mini story of Lady Macbeth's point of view of everything. I added details that talk about her childhood, and how she met Macbeth. It gives more story/detail to Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare really didn’t give background on Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. I like knowing a little bit about the character and they because who they were.  The second part I made a short film of what I wrote in the story. The film has pictures in it. The film also adds dramatization to the 6 quotes I had in my Lady Macbeth Essay. This is the little kid in me but I love pictures. The book has to be really good for me not to care about the book having pictures or not. Some points in the book needed pictures, the scene with the witches would be ten times better if there was a picture of them dancing. Creating the video was a little hard. You want to make sure it’s not too long where the people won’t want to see it. It also takes a while to make an iMovie so it takes time and patience. The hardest part was trying to find the perfect background music. I wanted to do something from Scotland. It’s rare that you find nice bagpipes that won’t kill your ears. I finally found a song on iTunes that was perfect. The worst part was edit the movie because not everything goes the way you want it.  Overall I'm proud of my work, I think I did a good job on it. I’m most proud of the pictures for the quotes. My original idea was to have my friend pose as the pictures but that didn’t work. So I drew one picture I found some and added the quotes. I love the quotes I think some of them are really deep.

If I could change my project I would want to use a calmer version of the bagpipe music. I would also  like my friends to act out the quotes. That would be so cool to use diffrent people to see how they felt the quotes should look like. I’m still new to using iMovie so Tiarra helped a lot. When I watched her movie it gave me ideas to how to make my movie better. The projects from orange stream are really creative. From viewing their projects I learned new things from each person. I didn’t know that some people were artistically creative like that. What I took away from this essay is I love to free write. Doing my creative part I love making up stories, about people. using iMovie was hard but I like to experience new things, someday it might come in handy.

Click here for resources  

The Untold Story of Aileen McErlean (Lady Macbeth Essay)
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John F. Kennedy - Guernica

​Este obra de arte representa los aspectos positivos y negativos de sociedad durante la guerra frío. Los estados unidos creó bombas y armas luchar contra Rusia. En la pintura la puerta representa un comienzo nuevo para los estados unidos. El fantasma simboliza el pasado que perseguir nos país. La vela ilustra las memorias de todos las personas importantes. La paloma retrata esperanza para las generaciones futuras. Finalmente, la mamá y su niño representa fuerza sobrevivir durante situaciones difíciles.

Macbeth Benchmark

Description a)

Art not without ambition, but without the illness that should attend it:

            the snake (which represents cunning) is still in the cage. This means that he is still loyal and can restrain himself from taking action

No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red:

            The snake is out of the cage and rising up to the crown. The door to the cage was opened when he killed the man who he had sworn loyalty to. From here the action only escalates. This quote is also displayed in how the paint starts off green at the bottom and slowly turns red. I chose to do this because the green represents peace and safety, but just like in the play the green is contaminated by the red (which stands for danger).

To be thus is nothing, But to be safely thus:

            The snake has almost reached the crown. At this point Macbeth reveals that he will do anything to maintain his powerful position, even if that does mean harming more than one life.

When our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors:

            The snake is now at the crown and is beginning to coil itself around it. This represents how protective he is of his power, he has gone through much bloodshed and the cunning has already taken full control at this point there is no shame in killing for his own cause. He became a traitor long ago and now feels no guilt.

Those he commands move only in command, nothing in love:

            The snake has a firm grip on the crown and is in position to attack anything that threatens him. At this point in the play Macbeth doesn’t even care about being loved and admired, he gave up on that in the very beginning. He destroyed all respect for him when he killed one who was only good to him and Macbeth knows that. Now he is prepared for battle and he will stop at nothing.

 It took a bit of plan on how I wanted to display my ideas on paper. I knew from the beginning what the basic idea was but it I had to keep adjusting it to see how to involve the quotes. In the end I set it up like a timeline. Adding the quotes confused me in the beginning because I did not want then to distract from the painting itself. I turned it into a timeline so that it was easy to see the different stages. I am proud of how I involved symbolism that displays Macbeth's conscious well. For example how the green is contaminated by red. Green representing safety and growth, red representing bloodshed and danger. If I had a chance to change it I would simply spend more time working on it because I would like to touch up certain aspects of it. Maybe even try using multiple mediums . I learned many different styles of presentation. I learned the importance of not being to concise, yet being engaging at the same time. making sure to clearly explain the connection between your project and your papers thesis is extremely important.In my presentation I felt confident in what I was saying. I was proud of my work and I believe that that showed in how I was able to explain the choices I made. Usually I am not as confident in work because I am not as enthusiastic about it. I am glad that I chose a project that interested me.

Scan Macbeth
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el punto de spongebob

cojo spongebob porque yo pienso en el programa de television. con los espiritus y cosas falsas. es un programa de television, pero muestra un gran significado nunca darse por vencido cuando las cosas se ponen dificiles  y esta bien ser diferente
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Guernica desde el punto de vista de Kanye West

Si tuviera que describir la pintura, yo diría que está bien porque es único. Me gusta el toro, ya que simboliza la fuerza. Me gusta la parte con el bebé muerto porque era profunda (aunque era triste). Para mí, la madre simboliza el amor. En general, me gusta la pintura, ya que está en un grupo propio, igual que yo.
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Rugeiatu Bah

Yo tomar Simon porque la gente piensa en él como un animal, y una mala persona. A las cosas que él dijo, y él no poco su lengua para nadie. También, la lengua y en los rostros de los animales y las personas en la imagen se describe la apariencia de las personas en él.


Guernica desde el punto de vista de Martin Luther King. Jr

Si Martin Luther King Jr. viste a la pintura de Guernica, pensaría mucho sobre unos de los simbulos. El pensaría bombilla representa las palabras de Dios, y que el quiere para nosotros. La bebe muerto representa los jóvenes que son perdido. La bandera representa EEUU y el sueño Americano. El mano con la espada representaría la guerra con maldad. La puerta representaría nuestros conexión con Dios.  
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Guernica Desde El Punto De Vista de Pierce Morgan


Esta obra de arte tiene un mensaje para el público. Representa las cosas malas de la guerra. El toro simboliza el país de España y la fuerza de este país. La vela representa la esperanza después de la guerra y un futuro más positivo. Este es alguna noticia para el público y el país de España. La madre con su bebe muerte representa la muerte durante la guerra civil. Además, simboliza el sufrimiento y el dolor de la gente. La bombilla representa las bombas durante la guerra. Los dos palabras están muy similar. Finamente, este representa el pasado y el fin de la guerra.
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Guernica desde el punto de vista de Dr.Seuss

El Toro- El toro representa la cultura de España y la agricultura. 
La luces - La luces representa el conocimiento de Pablo Picasso de el bombardeo de Guernica.
La falda- Simbolizar los Estados Unidos 
La madre- El desaparecido de el esperanza. 
El pájaro - No hay más libertad.
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Guernica desde el punto de vista de Martin Luther King. Jr

​Si Martin Luther King Jr. viste a la pintura de Guernica, pensaría mucho sobre unos de los simbulos. 

El pensaría bombilla representa las palabras de Dios, y que el quiere para nosotros. 

La bebe muerto representa los jóvenes que son perdido. 

La bandera representa EEUU y el sueño Americano.

El mano con la espada representaría la guerra con maldad. 

La puerta representaría nuestros conexión con Dios.  
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Guernica Desde el punto de Vista de Gandhi

El torro  represente la gobinero antipatico porque la gobinero crean miedo y peligro. Es flur y bombilla representa  esperanza porque siempre hay esperanza. El fuego se reprsenta la lunca en la mundo porque el fuego puede destruyir  todos cosa, se no las paramos. La luz represente el  prueba porque la luz toce  todos los gentes.
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Guernica desde el punto de vista de un león.

Cuando veo esta pintura, tengo hombre.  Pienso que el toro representaba la comida, y tambien el caballo.  En un otro lado pienso que todo en esta pintura representaba la comida, todo excepto la espada.  Tengo miedo de la espada.  Pienso que la bombilla y la vela son similar a el sol, especialmente la vela. 
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Guernica desde el punto de Obama

Para mi, el fuego represente la intensidad de la guerra. La luz y la ventena significa esperanza. Los ojos de los gentes miran la guerra/ la media en la guerra. El cabello, el toro son los animales sufrir en la guerra. Los soldados eran derrotado porque de la guerra. La flor represente las muertes, RIP. Las bocas abierto muestran el miedo de los gentes. La puerta y la ventana significa como la gente en la guerra estaban atrapados. Todo en todas partes represente caos de la guerra. 
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