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Marshall Woodruff Capstone


EVAN is a short film that I directed. It was created, filmed and edited over the course of three months and required over a hundred hours on just my part to make it happen. During the course of the project, I collaborated with Sieanna Williams as my co-writer and co-cinematographer, Brian Birkmire and Jenny Cruz as the main actors, and about ten other actors and crew members and Douglas Herman to make it happen. Over the course of three months, I learned about what it is like to shoot on at least a semi-professional film set and learned new VFX processes like CGI face replacements. So far, the short film has gone on to place first in the narrative film category at the Regional TSA conference and we are in the process of submitting it to the New York Film Festival.

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Capstone Abstract

Marteena Johnson

My project is focused around creativity through writing and showcasing my own as well as my peers work. Through my time working on my capstone I cultivated many ideas for ways to make these stories accessible to the community. I created a website where the collection of short stories will live. I also created a short video/documentary featuring two of my writers and asking them about what they love to do. In my process I have collaborated with some of my peers and teachers to help make this project come to life. Writing is something I am invested in, and is one of the things I want to continue to work on. Not only making my writing better but working with other writers to help them do the same. In my time at SLA my writing has grown significantly since freshman year. I know more about writing now, leaving high school, than I did coming into high school.  
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Jordyn Randall Capstone

For my Capstone, I performed skits from the sitcom “In Living Color” for entertainment purposes. One of the purposes of this project was to practice performing more than one character in a small allotted amount of time. This is important for me because I plan to go to college majoring in Theater, then later graduate with my BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) and spend my life performing in plays, musicals, and films as a career. I had to show complete distinction between each of the character that I played. Even though I did take the scripts from “In Living Color”, I did add my little twist on some things and give all credits to “In Living Color” writers of course. After I searched for skits that I felt were perfect for me, I had to think of the people that I thought would be perfect for certain roles. When I found the actors that I wanted to use, it was a little hard to work with everyone’s different schedules, which is why I wasn’t able to do as many skits as I would’ve liked. However, it still worked out because this project helped me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, which I will have to do frequently in the acting realm. I wanted to help my community by entertaining them. The emotional state of the members of my community is just as important as their physical state.


"SNL Highlight: Girls Promo." YouTube. YouTube, 29 Sept. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

This is a comedic skit on SNL. It’s about a group of girlfriends who are all very unique and going through very different problems in their life. Later they meet another girl from Albernia who becomes their friend and helps them with their problems, which makes all of their lives even more interesting. This source was helpful because it gave me another option for a skit to use. One limitation of this skit is that it’s so much going on in the film it may be harder for me to do it. I found YouTube helpful most importantly because they never let me down when it comes to finding scenes or skits from shows or movies.

"How to Improve Video Quality." WikiHow. Mediawiki, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This website gives good tips on different ways to edit your videos. This was very helpful because I’m my final product is going to be a film and I’m going to need a lot of help editing. I like how this website goes step by step on what to do and had many other techniques to use on making movies. This website provides information on different editing applications I could use. I selected this source because I need to learn how to edit nicely to have my finished product looking swell. One limitation of this source is that it’s “wiki” so whether it’s as reliable as it says it is.

"In Living Colour - Go On Girl." YouTube. YouTube, 27 Mar. 2009. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is a skit about a woman who has show called “Go On Girl”. This is a show that’s suppose to empower women to remind them that they can do anything without a man,. She has two guest women on the show who talk about how the recently broke it off with their boyfriends. The skit later shows that these two women are actually with the same guy, which makes the skit more interesting. This source was helpful because it gave me another skit to use for my film. One limitation about this source is whether I’m going to be able to use the people that I want to use for this skit.

"In Living Color - Oprah Winfrey Show-[legendado Portugues]." YouTube. YouTube, 6 June 2014. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is a skit that’s based off of Oprah Winfrey and her show. Oprah has three couples on her show who are all having problems. The couples would explain their situation and Oprah would always take the women’s side explaining how the man is no good for the woman. Which makes it interesting is that Oprah is eating a bunch of food during the show, and comparing her relationship life to their situation. I selected this source because, I could possibly use this skit for my film. One limitation about this source is whether I’m going to be able to use the people I want to use for this skit.

"In Living Color: Andrea Dice Clay on Love Connection." YouTube. YouTube, 13 June 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This skit is based off the old show Love Connection. There’s a rock and roll type of lady and a sweet man who went on a date. The lady talks about how bad the date was and how much of a punk the man is and the man talks about how scary the lady is. What makes it interesting is that the host of the show is really trying hard to get the couple to go on another date despite how bad the first one was. The two decided to give the date another try. I chose this source because This could be one of the skits I could use. One limitation about this source is whether I’m going to be able to use the people I want to use for this skit.

"In Living Color Milli Vanilli HD]." YouTube. YouTube, 4 Oct. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This skit is called Milli Vanilli. It’s about two brothers who have a show and they are promoting a Milli Vanilli kit which has some of their different products that can help the public be just like Milli Vanilli. What makes the skit interesting is that items that they are promoting are mop wigs, contact lenses cases, and dvd’s that can help you to have horrible accents just like Milli Vanilli. I picked this source because I could possibly use this skit. One limitation about this source is whether I’m going to be able to use the person I want to for this skit.

"How to Improve the Quality of Video." Improve the Quality of Your Video. Movavi, 2015. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source shows different tools you can use to enhance your film quality by downloading different apps. What I really like about this source is that it shows the before and after of the quality and how well it really changes. It also gives you different downloads and what to use those downloads for. I picked this source because I’m going to be making a film at the end of my project and I’m going to need different tricks and tips on how to enhance my film quality. One limitation about this source is that it doesn’t really go step by step on what to do and how to do it.

Becker, Christine. "Acting for the Cameras: Performance in the Multi-Camera Sitcom." Mediascape. UCLA's Journal and Media Studies, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source talked about how sitcoms and usually set up their cameras and how they transfer over from one camera to the next. What i like about this source is that it’s very credible because they compare the different sitcoms and how they did their products. I would use this source because I’m going to be filming my skits and I’m going to be changing the camera to different angles. One limitation about this source is that I’m not going to be changing the camera angles the way the professionals do in sitcoms.

"In Living Color - Racism Skit." YouTube. YouTube, 9 Apr. 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is a skit about a guy who’s uncle dies in the cave where they lived. So he leaves the cave and comes in contact with the real world and he still thinks he is in slavery times. What makes it interesting is that he’s in the 90’s and the people he comes in contact with thinks he’s just crazy. I chose this source because I could possibly use this skit for my final product. One limitation I may have is not having the people that I want to play the roles that I want them to play, and that I may have to shorten the skit.

"In Living Color - Snackin' Shack - Season 1 Episode 6." YouTube. YouTube, 27 Aug. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This skit is about a couple who goes to this restaurant for the first time called the “Shackin’ Shack”. What makes the skit interesting is that everyone in the restaurant has their own perks about them, which makes the couples experience at the restaurant very interesting. I chose this source because I could use this skit for my final product. I found this source useful because there are so many characters in the play there are so many different characters I can play. One limitation about this is whether I’m going to be able to use all the people that I want to use for the skit.

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Nomi Martin-Brouillette Captsone

​I want to be a community organizer when I grow up, and I care a lot about the future of public education and public goods/infrastructure in this country. For my Capstone, I started a Philadelphia Student Union chapter at SLA. We met every week on Thursdays in Mr. Blocks room during X Band for the whole period, averaging with about 10 people at each meeting with 20 people who were involved in some way. I planned and facilitated the meetings and activities each week. This met with meeting with the executive director of PSU every week. To start a chapter, I also had to join the citywide meetings and involve myself with citywide campaigns. With the chapter and in the citywide PSU I helped organize protests, rallies, and direct actions, spoke at rallies, volunteered, lectured in college classes, launched campaigns, recruited members, planned and facilitated meetings, registered voters, connected with Student Unions across the country, developed leaders at SLA to take over next year, and wrote for the PSU newsletter.

I learn a lot about what it means to be an organizer. I learned nitty gritty things like when to time meet ins, sign in/up sheets, larger things like developing leaders, talking to the press, planning actions, facilitating meet ins. I also learned big lessons about organizing, organizing and ethics, how hard this work is, claiming power, making space for everyone, and what kind of world I want to live in. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - A campaign the SLA chapter of PSU launched. - Our twitter campaign for our More Than A Test campaign started by SLA PSU chapter members.

Various press articles:

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Sadie Petersen - Capstone

Trying to be original without repeating “For my capstone” or “This year…” is extremely difficult so i’ll let this serve as my introductory sentence in hopes that it might provide some type of variety for the students, staff and human beings on this blog today. One could say, my capstone, encompassed a plethora of topics and enterprises including, early child development, constructive community development, peer/ teacher mentoring and mindfulness skills and practices. Although, this list of subject matters may appear scattered and somewhat unrelated, it was my job during the time spent on my capstone to use all of these skills/tactics to guide and mentor students ranging anywhere from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The locale of my capstone activities took place at “The Common Place”, located on 58th and chester. Here, they provide empowering, enjoyable and impacting after school programs such as anger management, art therapy and general homework help and horse play. The purpose of these programs is to serve as a positive and productive outlet for children that, otherwise, may not be lucky enough to have. Although, to the kids, i may only be remembered as a double dutch champion but during the time not spent skipping, I worked hard on creating programs of my own to help them utilize some skills they may need in order to become more productive and effective adolescents and adults. My two largest projects during this time were the diary card and the hip-hop music therapy program.

The diary card was a mindfulness tool that the kids were to take home weekly. It’s function was to afford a more observant and advantageous way of expressing emotions and events that happened to them throughout the week. A list of mindfulness skills and stress tolerance practices were also included on the bottom of each sheet as a reference and reminder of more productive emotion regulation techniques. I also helped my super in the crafting of a hip-hop after school program that incorporated music therapy techniques. It did this by allowing the children to express themselves both lyrically, and rhythmically using music as an emotional and creative outlet making both of these projects an asset in the betterment of the kids emotional intelligence.

All in all, my time spent at The Common Place was anything but common, it was life changing, inspirational and everything else cliche. In truth, it was an amazing experience helping impact and guide these children’s lives and i'm excited to share my full experience in june. Thank you!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately the presentation/ visual aspect of this project is still underway. Due to privacy violations and possible confidentiality breaches parts of my visual are pending approval requests. You’re patience is appreciated! Thanks!


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.28.41 PM
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Jamira Carter Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to create a clothing line with Sophia De Oliveira. I must admit, it was way more challenging than we both expected. We didn't know where to start. First we took a few weeks to develop a name and a logo and from there we decided to produce a clothing line called "Ajeji".

I focused on the business aspect of the "company" while Sophia was the art/fashion behind it all. It took way more money than we ever imagined to start the process. After a series of fundraisers we finally could start producing clothes. It took months just to raise the money, so in the meantime we began working on promotion. We created a website and an instagram account called "Ajeji Apparel".

We began gaining followers on Instagram and it caused traffic to our website. We uploaded different clothing designs that we planned to bring to life to keep our followers interested. Surprisingly, we got messages from other clothing designs willing to work with us and sale our designs in their stores! Despite this, we still are only teenagers and weren't willing to sign contracts without a legal person behind us.

Soon after we found a printer and he began helping us produce our clothes exactly how we wanted them. People soon began to become interested in it. Unfortunately, we slowed down the production process and just focused on keeping the clothing line local.

We participated in the 2k15 Fashion Showcase (aka the world's biggest capstone) and displayed a lot of our work. Although stressful, it was amazing to be able to show what we've done in the past year.

Now, we're debating what to do with the clothing line. We could sell some of the clothes we made and donate the money to a charity or we could actually continue with the Ajeji clothing line. We know we can be much more successful than what we were, but with the time we had, I think we did an amazing job. We currently still do have clothes to present as well as footage from the fashion show.

Annotated bib:  

"So You Want to Be Your Own Boss..." Entrepreneur. N.p., 19 July 2010. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

This article explains how to become an entrepreneur. It explains how to get started, and what to expect. Ideally, you must start finding the business for you. From there, planning is a must, and that’s where many go wrong in the early stages of being an entrepreneur.  Planning before doing leaves less room for error. Knowing a budget and thinking realistic is also key in starting a business. Many do not know their financial limit and it sends them in debt before the business is even started. There’s a lot of brains and organizing before jumping into entrepreneurship. Taking the right steps early ensures a better business later.

"How To Make It: 10 Rules For Success From Fashion Industry Insiders." Complex. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

This article covers a different topic than the first citation. It covers surviving in the fashion world, and what it takes to get there. Similar to the music industry, it requires a certain look and even models with specific looks (race, size, etc.) Here, we break the rules some because we do not choose models specifically on their size or race or even beauty. Presentation is key; if the clothing is presented properly, it still will attract outsiders. One of the biggest rules is to  know your customers (who you’re selling to and what they want) as well as what they expect from you fashion wise. Do they expect dressy clothes? Everyday wear?

"Business Pundit." Business Pundit RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

Businesspundit tells everything new entrepreneurs should avoid. It provides a list of business failures with reasoning as to why it happened as well as the best ways to avoid it. On average, up to 50% of businesses fail within five years according to the site.   

It also covers  how economy and debt play in a role in the success of an young business. There’s also quite diversity in the business failure examples given. Some are in the food industry while others are in the fashion industry. They all take place in different time periods as well, which shows that when the economy was not doing so well, it played a larger role in certain business failures.

"Reference for Business." Sales Promotion. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

Many times, people pay for promotion to help sales in their business. Ideally, reaching out to someone in a similar industry is quite beneficial. The webpage explains what promotion is and if it really works. Promotion rates have gone through the roof in recent years and the website gives some reasoning to why and how it’s beneficial to both parties.Promotion targets 3 possible audiences of the business: consumers, resellers, and the company’s own sales force. The author of the article also explains how promotion can not be the superman of a business. If the product is bad or the advertisement is bad, promotion is only spreading the bad idea, not increasing sales and consumers.

"Home from .." Storenvy. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

This is the original website me and my partner (Sophia Deoliveira) created to display our clothing. The website storenvy.comhelps us by organizing our sales and total profit. It also tells us how many visitors visit our website daily and weekly. This helps us understand if our promotion is working or not and if we should keep investing in it. The creative aspect of the website is still under construction, but the organizing is more important, especially since we are in the process of receiving our first shipment of our printed clothing! Now keeping track of everything is one less struggle.

"Donations - Volunteerin Zimbabwe." Volunteerin Zimbabwe. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.

After searching for months for a charity to donate to, we decided we wanted to donate to Volunteer in Zimbabwe. We originally planned on donating feminine products to third world countries, but most charities only accept donations. Even this current chosen charity only accepts money or volunteering, but it seems more legit than other charities. We want to ensure that our money is benefitting those in need, not those in greed. Our charity is still subject to change, but this charity provides the best money donation.

Link: %20start%20a%20clothing%20line&utm_content=1644586610&utm_campaign=long%20tail "Custom T-Shirts For Less." Custom T-Shirts. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

Used solely as a designing website, this helps give us an idea what our clothes would look like on both sexes. Our goal is to create a unisex clothing line, but sometimes our feminine minds get the best of us. This website helps bring our brainstormed designs out on “paper” to show one another and from there we go through the editing process. 

"Photoshop Online Free." Photoshop Online Free. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

Photoshop is how we print our clothing so it’s a vital aspect of our clothing line. The images printed on her must go through a series of photoshop edits and filters to assure the image is the perfect size, color, and amount of pixels. Printing a blurry dull image would not be a good look for our clothing line; we plan on providing high quality material and photoshop helps use do just that. Photoshop helps determine which designs stay and which ones go. Without photoshop we’d more than likely go through multiple prototypes and have a hard time figuring out what works for us and what does not.

N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Feb. 2015.

What’s a clothing line without tags? It wouldn’t be “Ajeji” with Hanes or Fruit of the Loom tags hanging out of it! This website allows us to design our own tags and shows us how to sew it into the clothing. This is not a necessity, but it makes the clothing more presentable. It makes us feel like we’ve put our mark on it!

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Imani Holness Capstone


For my senior project, I didn’t want to have a average capstone where they either have a blood drive or give a speech in front of the whole student body. I wanted my senior project to stand out and be something I’m proud of so I can look back five years from now and reminisce my high school experienced. I decided to make a “Life as an ultimate frisbee player” documentary to give back to a sport I have known to love & play all four years. A big factor in doing this documentary was how un-popular ultimate frisbee is compared to sports like basketball & soccer where students come into high school ready to play at the next level. I wanted to show people that frisbee isn’t just a plastic disc being thrown in the air for fun, for some people it’s a way of life. I wanted to show the amount of hard work, dedication & scarify we as players put into a sport that doesn’t get the amount of recognition it deserves. Also wanted to use this documentary as the next step for incoming freshman to watch this & say to themselves everything that person did on that video I can do. It’s my way of saying my final goodbyes to a sp
ort that helped me appreciate & grow not only as a player but as a person too.

Click this link to see the rest of my capstone
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Donesha Lee Capstone


This year has been quite interesting through the perspective of my capstone. I ended up changing my capstone to something I could not be more proud to present. Both me and my partner Lala through the weeks of April 20th, 2015 to May 1, 2015 hosted spirit week in order to help with fundraising for an academic scholarship we created. We began our Capstone by first fundraising for a scholarship award we titled The B.A.S.I.S. The B.A.S.I.S is a non-profit organization capstone that helped to fund money for students pay to for the annual "$75 Laptop Insurance". So that majority of the SLA student next year could have the opportunity to win the chance to not pay the insurance from their own inconvenienced pockets. However, we were notified that the amount for laptop insurance changed from $75 to around $40. Thus, in our first fundraising session we raised enough for 2 students to win. Based, on these numbers we decided to place the winnings between the sophomores and juniors of next year. Also, the seniors will have their own chance to win, only in their grade pool. Lastly, we will be donating a fresh lab coat, that the teachers can award to an incoming freshman for next year. In order to make people aware of this amazing opportunity we hosted spirit week.The first time we did spirit week we made it "People's Choice", where students got to decide on what days we did for that week. The next week was committee chosen. Both week’s were successful. Overall, the capstone I will be presenting in more detail was a wonderful success. 

Besides why wouldn’t anyone want to be a Bold. And. Successful. Intelligent. Scholar.

Spirit Week Days

The following days within the slideshow are some of our most successful days within spirit week. They were determined by the number of people who participated.

Annotated Bibliography

I noticed that my project really related to self empowerment and knowing “who you are in his world”. You need to be confident with yourself, in order to dress up.  Spirit Week has a lot of days that are not very socially acceptable. Thus, the reasoning behind me focusing on subjects such as “self-confidence”. So, I decided to focus on these areas for my research.

Source (1): "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are." Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. TEDGloba, June june 2012. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.


This source provided information about body language. Amy Cuddy the social psychologist speaks about her take on how “body language shapes who you are”. She says that “power posing” or standing with confidence, even though you may not have confidence will help with your succession. She makes her point on how it will affect a person’s “testosterone” and the “cortisol levels in the brain”. Basically, if you act like you have together, then you will have it together. Confidence is a huge factor within this capstone. It takes a lo tout of people to come in wearing pj’s or a superhero costume. 

Source (2): Chamberlin, Judi. "National Empowerment Center - Articles." A Working Definition of Empowerment. National Empowerment Center, 2013. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.


This source provided to be useful for its explanations on empowerment. It begins with explaining the definition, but shifts into what actually can be used to define the term. It speaks about “the elements” or empowerment. Consisting of “ Having decision-making power”, “Assertiveness”, and even “Understanding that people have rights”. It breaks it down very well using other element of empowerment as well.  It finishes up with “empowerment and rehabilitation”, where discusses that forming an empowerment has both rises and falls. Empowerment starts within and it takes a lot to use.

Source (3): Gbla, Khadija. "My Mother's Strange Definition of Empowerment." Watch Later Favorite Download Rate Khadija Gbla:. TEDxCanberra, Oct. 2014. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.


This source provides information about two different definitions of empowerment. Speaker Khadija Gbla grew up in a world with two different definitions of the word empowerment. Gbla’ s mother thought circumcising her daughter, to eliminate any and all sexual urges was empowerment. However, the culture of Australia taught her that it was okay to want pleasure and that what her mother did was “female genital mutilation”. She explains what it was like living in a “clitoris-centric society”, and her struggle to make sure women never find this out about her. You have to be content with your body, in order to accessorize it. 

Source (4):Bronson, Mary H., and Don Merki. Glencoe Health. New York: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005. Print.

The source provided great information on body language, helping other with their emotions, and emotions. It hits on some of the most known body language between people, signs of a persons emotions, and how to deal with some issues. It provides both the problems and resolutions for people’s life struggles. For example, the signs of when a person needs help list “feeling trapped or worrying all the time”, and “becoming increasingly aggressive, violent, or reckless”. It also list the benefits of gaining help during a person’s troubling times. The source overall is one of the best I have chosen in my research for my project.

Source (5): Rowlands, Jo. Questioning Empowerment: Working with Women in Honduras. Oxford: Oxfam, 1997. Print.


I found this resource helpful for all of the information it provided about empowerment through the sexes. Jo Rowlands the author questions empowerment throughout the book. Rowlands explains  how “empowerment” is used so often, yet not fully defined. Through out the book empowerment is studied further about what it actually means. Giving examples of men and women and comparing the way they each approach situations. Rowlands explains how women were empowered in order to frame their experiences. The overall conclusion being that women can be empowered without major changes.

Source (6):   Bronson, Mary H., and Don Merki. Glencoe Health. New York: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005. Print.


This source was a little hard to connect to my project at first, but then I found it helpful. People go through life with either a “growth” or “fixed” mind set. A person with a “growth” mindset will reach higher levels. While, a “fixed” mindset wouldn’t amount to their full potential. Knowing about these terms will allow a person to understand their issues better enough to correct them using a more effective pathway. Marla Popova the author uses many quotes to describe the difference, and which one a person should flex more in their everyday life. In order to do spirit week you need to have a growth mindset.

Source (7): "The Effort Effect." Stanford Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.


In this source the author explains that a person can be more successful and push past their expectations for themselves, by just embracing their mistakes. This is something I really want our program to really make notice of to our kids. When you understand your mistakes, you learn from them. I feel like our program would thrive if it were to have a motto or “saying” behind it. Most programs with a quote or reference display a sense of unity, which I believe our project should have within it. 

Source (8): "Youth Psychology." Laura Thomas, Ph.D. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.


This source explains all of the common issues within young adolescent and young adults. They struggle with some of the same issues, however deal with them very differently. A teenager may deal with the loss of someone by crying or shutting out others around them. Opposed to a child who may not even recognize the person is missing. The source would allow me to understand how people process their emotions, through different experiences. 

Source (9): "7 Ways Stress Does Your Mind and Body Good." Ideastedcom. N.p., 16 July 2014. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.


The source provided information about how a person stress can both heal and damage the body. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal changes the perspective of things that we originally believe about stress. She tells her patients that stress can lead to other major illnesses, but something came up and changed her perspective. It changes everything around about how people truly view stress. Spirit Week was also created to help with some of the stress happening a the time. here were a lot of standards and benchmarks and a lot of  people were freaking out. It was supposed to help relieve some stress. 

Source (10): "Want to Be Happier? Stay in the Moment." Matt Killingsworth:. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.


This source discussed about whether or not humans are happy. A researcher named Matt Killingsworth decided to find out using an app. He named it track your happiness, and it reports them back their emotions. His discovery was that we find ourselves the most happiest when we get lost in the moment. feel when people are more educated about how to interpret their emotions, they can succeed further in life. 

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Pierce Meier Capstone


   This is an Idea for a story I have been writing since Christmas of 2013. It has gone through many changes and it's meant to be a movie type of story. What I am presenting to to you is a brief description of the universe it takes place in the society of the place, charters, etc. This is still in the works so if anything looks like it needs to be fixed I’m sorry about that.

Harmony And Discord

Note: “Harmony And Discord” is still in development

The plot may not be finished and characters need worked on

If you have question please feel free to email me at

Major Characters

Charles DeVon (Hero): Is a young intelligent man who has been training under his mentor and father figure Marcus and has been training to become a Knight and to Fill his father Grand Knight Title. He was raced by his mother until she died when he was 5 and Marcus has raced him ever since his mother's death. At times it's hard for him to control his rage for “betrayer” that he is responsible for the death of his father. He also has the fear of losing the one he is close to and will do anything to protect them and let someone die because of him

Rachael (Warrior): Is Young Woman who grew up with charles and has been being trained by Charles to become a Knight and is very intelligent person beyond her years and has a very love passion for love and peace to the world. She was raced by her mother along with her younger brother.

Marcus Johnson (Mentor): Is an old very wise man at age 50. He is one of the last Knight masters to survive the “Knight Purge”. He was the student of Grand White Knight Daniel DeVon IV. For 20 years has avoided capture but the Empire but his hopes are that Charles can bring back peace to the world.

Jennifer DeVon (Damsel): Is the half sister of Charles DeVon. She is the last family charles has and has been on her own with her brother in Union City for 3 years. She is 2 years younger that charles

Minor Characters

Betrayer: He is the one who had started the “Knight Purge” and is the leading general in the Cusentent Army. he also is one of the grand knights that has the trait and uses his power to do what he calls good but in reality he is doing horrible things to other countries and his own people.


Pre-Union Era: Empires ruled the lands of the continent and ended into a grand wars between the big empires which ended in death and destruction killing millions of people. The Knights were divided on what side they were on 16 grand knights fought 15 of them were killed only 1 was left to live

Union Era: The Grand Knight established a peace organization to prevent another Grand war, all the empires were dissolved and became independent countries. an Island on the Grand river was named Union City and the place where the union congress would talk out issues happening in the world. the system lasted for 1000 years

Rise Of The Empire Era: The “Betrayer” helped bring an end to the Union and started with the purge of the Knight Peace Corp and came to an end with his followers invading Union City and taking down the flag of the Union. Grand Knight Daniel DeVon IV attempted to kill him and stop him from seizing control but Daniel's fate was unknown but many think he died after and had no children and the Grand Knight Cycle was broken. The Union fell and the “ Betrayer” got control and wanted to expand his power

Empire Era (plot): The Empire started to expand into the former union countries

The Grand War

In the beginning there was war between 8 knights of white, 8 knights of dark with the whole continent at war. In the end each Knight fell, 1 was left to live by the gods and the dead and the goddess Harmony gave a stone to the knight known as the resurrection stone.True peace we come when a Grand Knight open the Grand Knight chamber and learn the shadows of the past and will bring back the light of peace and close the suffering of the past. the suffering had been brought upon by the fighting between the goods fighting over power. The Goddess Harmony and the God Discord both want control over the mortal world so this was was a result of this.


Harmony: She is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence.  She is very clever with her fights. She has been trying to get complete power in the mortal world for 2500 years.

Discord: He is the god of Power and war. He uses force and power to get what he wants. He has been trying to get complete power in the mortal world for 2500 years.

Both Gods have fought power and has used mortals as pawns in this game in with this lead to the grand war. in with the goddess gave one mortal god like powers and used in to put the mortal world back to peace. this was a knight and he told the goddess that he serves his people not the god or the goddess because of what the world had come to because of this conflict.

Plot Outline

The empire has expanded in the north trying to put down multiple countries. Our hero Charles is a soldier for hire in Union City. He has been on his own with his sister for 3 years now. He gets hired by a group to take a out the musket  Manufacturing shops. This is a dangerous job but this is how he brings income for him and his sister. after he completes the job he returns to the group's Headquarters and finds out that they are spies from the northern countries trying to weaken the empires supplies. they ask Charles to join him, he does not know and says no the offer and as he is leaving a woman's voice yells his name. He turns to see it's a woman that recognizes, its Rachel. Rachel is a woman that trained with him. she tells him why he should join but still refuses the offer but as he leaves she says “we need someone else on the next job”

this is the audio that explains what's on this doc and gives you more in depth about this


this source is about the crusades in the middle east during the middle ages. theses wars were motivated by religion, I wanted to use a motivation for my story so I looked at the Crusades as an example of religion giving people a reason to fight.

“Crusades.” . (accessed January 30, 2015).

This source is about the roman empire. The empire showed a great power that it was, that what I want the empire in my story to be like to show it has very great might

“Roman Empire.”
. (accessed January 30, 2015).

This source is about Nazi Germany. this empire was similar to the Roman empire but how it did terrible things, My empire in the story will have the same thing from Nazi Germany cruelty

“Nazi Germany.” . (accessed January 30, 2015).

This source is about the Soviet Union. This empire had all the might as the roman empire and the cruelty of the Nazi Germany but this empire with all its might will fall. This is the building blocks of the empire in my story

"Soviet Union." . (accessed January 30, 2015).

This religion is help me get the basic of the religion in the story but with less gods and how the relationships of the gods efet the mortal world.

"Hellenistic Religion." . (accessed January 30, 2015).

This gave me how the elements help Star Wars became a story so im looking the elements that help it and use it to form the elements in my story

"Star Wars - The Legacy Revealed." History (TV channel). compact disc,

This is a format that can help me get the story i'm trying to tell form

"How to Write a Story that Comes Alive." . (accessed January 30, 2015).

I wanted to use mythology into my story so I needed to know the basics elements of mythology into my the story

"Mythology." . (accessed January 30, 2015).

This Film Used many elements found in mythology. the story really used it to its advance to shape its story and world

"Star Wars." . (accessed January 30, 2015).

The bible has many mythology elements into its stories from the old to new.

The Bible. (accessed January 30, 2015)

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Aaron Tang's Capstone

The purpose of this capstone was to improve on my photography skills by taking pictures of students at Science Leadership Academy. Since the school does not have any memories of students, I did a handful of photo shoots. A small section of the wall has pictures of scenarios which are located by the door on the far right.  After each session of taking pictures of my clients, I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 for enhancing the quality of each of the photos I selected. Students that signed up for my photography project, each of them were asked to print their pictures.

The past few months was hectic because I was in a tight budget; I decided to  collaborate with a senior, My Truong, so we could work together. We decided to fundraise. The process in creating an art gallery was a lot of work for one person so we combined our work to have a master piece. At the end, we had enough money to buy  our supplies; frames, strings, paint, printed pictures and many more. We wanted to be more creative. We decided to have a string on top of the ceiling to hang frames and pictures. We noticed that we can transform part of the school into a place where visitors, students, families of SLA and teachers to look at the diversity of SLA, therefore people can have their own interpretation of the photos. Luckily, we have an amazing photographer that does portraits and we printed some of her portraits she took. We credited to the students that volunteered our station and it is located on the black ribbon.

After graduating this school, I really want the future graduates to add more pictures. My capstone is a first step to show new photographers to display their work in a meaningful and creative way.

Link for photos I took.

Link for Annotated Bibliography.

Here are the pictures from before and after.
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Penelope Deoliveira Capstone

When coming up with an idea for a capstone, I wanted to do something that would interest me and also give back to the SLA community somehow. That is how my partner, Kenny Nguyen, and I came up with the idea to build a game about SLA. We both enjoy playing video games, and also wanted an engaging way to teach future generations of SLA students about the Core values. Our video game does just that, but it in a slightly more engaging way than how they were originally introduced to us.

The game starts with the freshmen Yael, whose curiosity leads them to venture onto the forbidden fourth floor. (It's a very known thing that the 4th floor is off limits so we wanted to use this to start the game's lore.) Next, Yael wakes up on an islands beach, and seeks help to get back to Mr.Reddy's class. After receiving help from the village leaders "Mr.Worst" and "Doctor Echo" they learn that they must collect the 5 core values, which are the heart of the island. Once they collect the values (and learn what each value is) they are teleported to fight and defeat the islands guardian, the “Benchmark”.

My partner and I collaborated throughout the capstone, and used our talents to make it better. I focused on creating the environments, animating the characters, and coded the mission and boss battles. Kenny focused on finding resources that we could use, recording the voices, and he coded the combat and dialogue in the game.
(Link to the online version of the game; use safari browser, and download the unity installer^^)

The boss battle with the Benchmark:
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.05.38 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.05.18 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.04.37 PM
The main world:

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.19.35 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.19.23 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.19.18 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.17.51 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.16.51 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.16.22 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.15.50 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.15.35 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.15.24 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.13.53 PM


"Getting Started with Unity | Unity Cookie." Unity Cookie Getting Started with Unity Comments. Unity Cookie. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This is a website featuring useful tutorials, videos on how to use Unity, and a user forum that allows feedback on how to use Unity. This will be a useful source because, if need be, we can simply look at the tutorials they have. It also has a forum which we can also look at if we face a problem that others may have experience as well. This will be a valuable tool for references; if we don’t know a string of code to add, then we can simply look on this site, in the tutorials section. It also features free (and some for a  price) premade models and games we can use for tests.

"Tutorials." - N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is one of the programs we’ll be using to create the characters; the site features downloads you can use in your blender projects, a FAQ area, and contact information in case we want to contact the team about copyright models. We plan to use pre-made models if designing our own is too difficult, so being able to review all of the legal stuff with using pre-made models is important. Also, this is the official website for Blender, so it has a wide variety of tutorials made from professionals. This site will be very useful also because it features a forums section, so we can look there of we have similar issues other users have had too.

"Blender Stack Exchange." Blender Stack Exchange. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This website’s best feature is the huge forum it has that allows blender users to post their experiences with blender. This is a good source for a project because of this; if we have a problem in blender we can’t figure out, we can simply look on the forum to see if someone has had a similar problem. We can also use some of the posts that outline how to make new, interesting things for our game. Since the site is free to use, it’s easy to navigate around the website and use the many tools that are available. It’s organized by the most popular posts, by if we have a problem, we can simply search for it on the websites database.

"Characters 3D Models - Free 3D Characters Download." Characters 3D Models - Free 3D Characters Download. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is the main site we’ll be using for NPCS and character objects. It features thousands of prefabs and premade character models that we’ll need for our game. Spending extra time to model every single NPC in the game will take up more time then we have, so having a site where free prefabs are available is a great for our project and the process. This site will save us a lot of time. It allows it’s users to upload their work for other users to download their work. having a plethora of free NPCS models will make the extra month working on NPCs turn into extra work time. The website is easy to navigate, and free to use.

"2. Interface and Navigation - Blender Cookie." Blender Cookie 2 Interface and Navigation Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is essentially the same as  cg cookie “Unity Cookie”, but for the program Blender. This features lots of information about using blender and character creation, which is part of a crucial first step for creating the game. The first things we need to do involve advanced CGI, and a site that has step by step instructions on charactering modeling is a valuable source we need. It also features mostly free downloads that we can add to the game. The website is partnered to “Unity Cookie” so the videos have a lot of tutorials where the user uses both Blender and Unity. That’s great for us because we’re using the same programs. Exporting files from Blender (with animations meshes etc.) seemed difficult at first, but this site has shown us a simple way to do it.

"33 Brilliant Blender Tutorials." 33 Brilliant Blender Tutorials. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This sites may purpose for our project is that it includes a lot of great tutorials. Watching tutorials for references while building our game is going to be very important, because we’re learning new skills while we’re building. This site has lots of sources besides itself that we can use, and has professional tutorials done by professionals in this business. The entire website features tutorials on other programs, and also includes a forum section for questions and comments. The website is neat, organized, and user-friendly. Most of the things on it is free, so it’ll be a great reference source for the Capstone.

"C Games and Graphics Code Examples." C Games and Graphics Code Examples. Happy Codings. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This website will be an important reference website for our game. Instead of spending hours on hours trying to write our own, brand new code, we can use already written code from this website. It features a plethora of different languages and lines of code that are free to use. This will be great for our project because this will allow us to make a more organized, better game. Instead of spending hours on a simple part of the project, we can add even better things to the game that we otherwise couldn’t. The website is organized and easy to navigate through.

"Learn to Code." Codecademy. Code Academy. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.      

This is the website me and my partner used during the summer. This is one if the first thing we used to help us learn programming, and it’s a fantastic site for that. The curriculum is easy and teaches well, it’s free to use, and has great courses. It has a wide variety of languages to learn, and the website itself is appealing. When I first started learning coding, I was a bit intimidated because of how hard it appeared. This website really did make learning code very easy. It helped me learn a few languages fast, and will aid us with the Capstone. If we have a certain language we want to use for code, but don’t know it, we can simply use this website as a reference or use it’s free courses to learn the new language.

"Amplitude Studios Chose Unity." Unity. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

This is the site that contains that program Unity. Unity is the engine we will be using to build our game. The website will be our main platform for learning how to use Unity. It has useful tutorials, user experiences, and support for the company that produced Unity. It allows easy access to many of it’s files, and, includes a forum where users can post comments, concerns, or experiences. Unity itself will be a great option to use because it’s easy to use, free, and already includes many of the assets and prefabs we'll need to make the game.

  • Rauschmayer, Axel. Speaking JavaScript. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media, 2014. Print.

This is an online book me and my partner found that will be a valuable source. We’ve decided that the main language we’ll be using is Java Script, and we both aren’t experts in that language. This will help us brush up on this language, which is another important part of the next step of making the capstone process go smoother and faster. Jumping into a project without know the basic code needed to make it will only make the process harder, so it’d be wise to learn the language first then use it. We plan to do that, and this book will be a great aid that will make making the game a lot easier.

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Thomas Jeffcoat Capstone

For the past 8 months, I've been hard at work in the recording studio working on an 11 track EP entitled "From The Heart", which I executively produced. While working on the EP, I also started a vlog series on YouTube which chronicles my process from the very beginning. In November, I began partnering with the owner of Platinum Touch Recordings in West Philadelphia. This allowed me to access the recording studio and its equipment whenever necessary. Also, I befriended the studio engineer, Demetrius Hart, who is a student at the Art Institutes of Philadelphia. Meat, as Mr. Hart is commonly referred to, served as my mentor throughout the course of working on my capstone. 

In order to release the EP on its expected date, April 30th, it took countless long nights in the studio, constant bickering, and compromise of artistic views. I believe that working with so many different artists and music producers allowed me to dive deeply into the collaboration aspect of my project. Altogether, I believe that I produced an excellent product that I hope my peers enjoy listening to.
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Chris Tran's Capstone

    Hi, my name is Chris Tran. Today I’m going to talk to you about my capstone that I have been working on over the past few months of the school year. A capstone is a graduation project that can be on any topic of your choice. I decided to choose something that I have been passionate about and that was to fundraise and donate money to Doctors Without Borders to specifically provide them money to help them on their mission of aiding the world. Also another reason why I donated to Doctors Without Borders because they were accepting donations to provide care for those who are ill with Ebola. I believed that all I could do is do my best to fundraise a specific amount of money to help them with their mission. I also dream that someday I could have an opportunity to do a fundraiser by myself. The process that I took to complete this project is really easy at times, but it can be difficult. The easy part is to make a website that provides the people on the web information about Ebola. I used information composed by research and compiled them into a website. Then I went out and went store-to-store asking for donations to support my capstone. When I ask them for donations, I give them a card that has all of my information as well as a link to my website. I ask them to read it and spread the information that they have learned about Ebola to people that they know. At times asking for donations is difficult because they aren’t as open to donating, but I later learned that there is a technique to talking to others and I used that to my advantage.

Click here for my website.
Click here for the bibliography. 
Click here for pictures of the things that I did for fundraising. 
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Michael Nicolella Capstone


For my capstone, I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, so I thought that it would be a good idea to teach the freshman of SLA about stars and how everything came to be in the universe. I worked alongside Alex Held, Richard Yoeun, and Brycen Itzko and together we taught the broad topic of astronomy over a four week period to the freshman. 

Much of this capstone consisted of planning out the hour and a half long lesson and making sure that the point got across through various activities and power point slides. I'd say that the most important thing that I have learned from this capstone was how to lead effectively, because when you are the teacher, you are the leader. You must guide the students in the direction that you want to teach them.




1) "Stars - NASA Science." Stars - NASA Science. NASA, n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015. <>.

This source is about the formation and destruction of stars. It basically talks about how stars are formed or born and how they get destroyed or die. It also goes into the many different ways stars end, like for example they make black holes or make a supernova and explode. I would consider this source very reliable, because it is from NASA. This source will mainly be used to inform me so that I actually know what I am talking about when I present It also is useful because at the bottom, it gives me links to pictures of all types of stars and things relating to this topic.

2) Greicius, Tony, and Brian Dunbar. The Dark Heart of the King. Digital NASA, 29 Sept. 2010. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>.

This source is a picture of a cloud of dust and gas that is located in the constellation of Cepheus. The significance of this picture is that this is the stuff that stars are formed from. This would be a good example to show to the class because I want to have something visual in my presentation that will gain the interest of the students. This source would be considered very reliable because it was taken from one of NASA’s own telescopes and it is from their website. Although this source does not provide any knowledge to me, it is important to have pictures relating to the topic, especially since it is a presentation.

3) Pitts, Derrick, Sc.D. "Talking about Presentation." Personal interview. 28 Jan. 2015.

This was a conversation that me and Derrick Pitts had about presenting to a class. The main idea that I have gotten from talking to derrick is that I can't just talk to them and tell them what they should know, I need to let them find out themselves by asking questions to the class. One thing I thought stood out was when he said something like “You are not the teacher, you are the guide” I thought that piece of advice was something that I will benefit greatly from when I teach a class. It will make everyone more interested. I think that this source is very reliable because Derrick has been teaching kids at the Franklin for a long time and he has the experience.

4) "Chandra :: Multimedia :: Stellar Evolution Activity." Chandra :: Multimedia :: Stellar Evolution Activity. NASA, Harvard University, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

This source is a good visual representation of the many cycles and forms of stars. They show stars from brown dwarfs to blue supergiants. It is a great source to show to people because it puts in perspective the size of these stars. Also there is sort of an interactive element to this source that lets you click on the different types of stars which gives you some information on it. The reliability of this source is solid because is is on a .edu website and it was done in partnership with Harvard University and NASA.

5) "Stellar Spectral Types." Http://, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

This source talks about the ways that we classify stars that we observe. Usually, we classify them by color and temperature. This system is important because it is how we organize all of these stars that we find when we look through our telescopes and even our own naked eye. I would trust this source because it is a .edu source and they are almost always trustworthy. This source will mainly be used to further my knowledge of how stars are classified so that I know what I am presenting about.

6) Protostar. Digital image. Http:// Wikispaces, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

This picture is mostly just for the presentation. It is a picture of a protostar which is an early version of a star. Protostars are important because they are a good glimpse of how all stars once looked, including our sun. While I would not trust the information located in this source, I know that this picture is a good representation of what we know a protostar looks like.

7) Blue Supergiant. Digital image. NASA, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

This picture is for the presentation that I will be using to teach the class. It is a picture of one of the biggest stars in the galaxy called a Blue Supergiant. This picture is a good way to show how big stars can be and just to show the massive scale of things in our universe. I think that this source is reliable because it is from which is a very reliable source when it comes to space and things involving that topic.

8) Fuchs, Miriam. "Teaching Astronomy." Personal interview. 23 Jan. 2015.

In this interview Miriam was giving useful information on my presentation and telling us how we can incorporate the facts and things like that in our presentations. This is helpful because she graduated college with an astronomy degree, which means she is trusted as a source to tell us these facts. Also one thing that was helpful was that she told us about some activities we can add to the class like making a star and then classifying it.

9) Stovall, Idriss, Ph.D. "Teaching Astronomy." Personal interview. 23 Jan. 2015.

Idriss talked about many useful teaching tips that we can use to engage the audience that we are teaching. For example he talked about the comparison of college students and high school students and how differently you have to teach to engage them. He explained that college students are more self directed, while high school students need to be a little more guided because they might not be as interested as a college student.

10) "Spectral Classification of Stars." Spectral Classification. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

This source is more about how we classify stars and where we came up with this system called spectral classification. Using things like finding the color and amount of light emitted from stars is very important when it comes to classifying stars.  I think that this will be a useful to expand upon my knowledge of how we classify stars. I know that this source is trustable because it is a .edu website. Also, this source is from a university, which means that the information on this website is reliable.

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Temperance Moore Capstone

My capstone ended up being totally different than what I was originally going to do in the beginning. After some things weren't working out with my first idea, and then my second idea, I was stuck. Seriously, for most of this capstone process, I was totally stumped. Since a capstone is supposed to benefit your community, I was thinking of ways I could benefit other people by doing things for them, like fundraising, community service, donating, etc. But I wasn't passionate about any of those things. I love giving and being able to help other people, but I realized that doing things like fundraising, and community service weren't really my forte. What I didn't realize was that I could benefit people simply by giving them what I had within myself, and what took me so long to realize this is that I didn't think I didn't have much to give. I'm passionate about music, and writing, and that's how my final capstone came out. I decided to do an inspirational spoken word, and I put it up on youtube (although it's private now, I plan to make it public once I copyright it). My hopes is that it will one day benefit people by inspiring them and uplifting them. That is the whole point of my capstone.

So, this bibliography was originally for my original capstone, so the sources aren't relevant to my final capstone. But the methods from these sources are. Even though they're about fundraising, for fundraising you need to be outgoing and confident, which played a big part in my final capstone. The only relevant source was my ministry leader because she was my mentor for my capstone, and she helped me throughout the whole thing. 

Annotated Bibliography

  1. "CASE - Fundraising Fundamentals, Section 6.4." CASE - Fundraising Fundamentals, Section 6.4. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This site gives really good strategies on fundraising. It talks about how to develop a fundraising strategy, pointing out that a fundraising strategy identifies financial as well as other expectations  of what I’m doing. I need a fundraising strategy to effectively prioritize my project, and target the resources I need to do that. It points out that one way to target your resources effectively is to know who your prospects are. Know who my prospects are will enable to me to target my efforts effectively.  It also includes what a fundraiser should look like, what I want to achieve, and the resources I can use to have a successful fundraiser.

2) Anatomy of a Successful Event. Digital image. Event Marketing. N.p., n.d. Web.

This is a photo of an anatomy to a successful event. It points out that an event is a system of elements working together to create a successful event to grow your organization. I can definitely use this photo to organize any events that I will have to fundraise. In the center of the photo is features, your event, and stemming from it are 4 categories: strategy, details, results, and promotions being the biggest one. Then, from those 4 categories stems other tiny little categories that need to be considered when figuring out an event. This photo points out important aspects to look at in order to have a successful event, and it will come in handy when I start planning mine.

3) Kluth, Brian. "Fundraising Methods for Christian Organizations/Ministries/Missions." (n.d.): n. pag. Web

This source focuses on fundraising methods for Christian Organizations specifically, and it also includes the typical results. I thought this would be pretty helpful considering that I’m fundraising for a Christian ministry, and since I plan for it take place in the church. It has all sorts of fundraising methods, and ideas. I like that the source gives you typical results for each method, that way I can know what will be a bigger turnout. So, I will definitely be using some of these ideas. While there are some ideas I will not be able to do, there are others that I can switch around and make it into my own.

4)"Fundraising For Women's Ministry." Fundraising For Women's Ministry. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is yet another source on fundraising, but it focuses on fundraising for a women’s ministry. I figured that I could use this considering that the ministry I’m in is only women. Not that praise dancing can’t include men, but mainly females do it. It talks about how churches give very little budget or none even to their women’s ministries. In our case, it’s not that our church purposely gives little budget to us, it’s just that the church budget itself isn’t that big, especially when they have bills to pay to keep the church running. A definite idea that I’m going to be using from this source is having bake sales because bake sales always have huge turnouts, or at least some type of decent turnout.

5) "Dancing in the Spirit, Foundation of Liturgical Dance." : Praise Dance Moves. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source gives an overview of what praise dance is, how it is a form of liturgical dance. It talks about how different cultures and ethnic backgrounds around the globe do it, and how it starts revivals in churches. Although I already have a background of what liturgical dance is, I used this to refresh my memory because I got taught on it a long time ago. Before I went into what I was doing for my capstone, I wanted to give a background on what praise dancing is because not everyone know what it is. This source was very good at covering everything about praise dancing in a brief introduction.

6) "A-Z of Fundraising Ideas." A-Z of Fundraising Ideas. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is another source on fundraising ideas. I figured you can never have too many ideas. I’m not going to use them all but it’s just good to have a variety of ideas that I can choose from. I don’t want to stick to the same fundraising event. I do want to have different types of fundraising events because having the same one over and over can be a bore. I want to keep people interested, and in order to draw attention, and to keep  them coming, I have to be creative. I also like this source because it’s alphabetized.

7) "Successful Church Fundraising." Better Fundraising Ideas. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This is another source on having a successful fundraising in a church. As mentioned earlier,  sources like these are really helpful because that’s where I plan to have all my fundraising events. Like the other source, they have an alphabetized list of fundraising ideas for a church. Also mentioned earlier, it doesn’t hurt to have too many ideas because the more ideas I’ll have the more creative I can be with fundraising in the church. Not only does this website have fundraising event ideas for churches, but it also has it for sports, school, cheerleading. So, it’s a pretty well-rounded website.

8) "Start Your Free Online Fundraiser." Free Online Fundraising & Crowdfunding Website. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

I mentioned in my proposal that I was planning to also start up a website for people to donate, as well as having fundraising events. This website is a place that I can do it on. I figured that if people wanted to donate, but couldn’t because either they couldn’t make it or were away, they could donate online. This doesn’t only have to be for people who know, but for also people who don’t know us. We don’t want our ministry to just happen in the church, we want to be able to present in different places. I think that making a fundraising website would help to get us out there, make us known to people who maybe desire to have praise dancers to present at their church.

9) Interviews

Interviewing the women apart of our ministry could also help with people donating. I was thinking that I could set up videos of interviews to get their perspective on what they desire to have in our dance ministry. I could use those videos, and request to have them played one day on Sunday, so that people can see our perspective, and can understand why it’s important to have equipment to practice with. I could use this as a way to draw people to donate to whatever fundraising event I plan to have, as well as the fundraising website I plan to build.

10) Ministry Leader

Throughout this whole thing, my ministry leader can be a huge help and source because she’s a lot more experienced in the leadership area. This capstone is going to require a lot of leading because I’ll be organizing fundraising events, and I’ll basically just have to be stepping up a lot more than usual. My ministry leader can be big help in teaching this. That is also why she is going to be my mentor for this capstone as well. I know that by doing this, I will be learning leadership skills as well, and that is why she is considered a source as well.

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Will Amari: 2015 Capstone, Our Beautiful Voices

Will Amari


Link to the website:


Hello hello hello! My name is Will Amari. Welcome to my 2015 Senior Capstone Project. For this project, my partner, Alex, and I wanted to collaborate on a podcast centered around passion. It is called, Our Beautiful Voices or: Hey! How’s Your day Going? 

We wanted to use this name because we felt that it would help illustrate what we are all about: true stories, honest views, and the occasional quip from passionate people. In other words, we wanted SLA students and their beautiful voices to be heard. We wanted them to express themselves on our show and get the rundown on what they have to say on a subject or subjects that they are interested in. 

I leanred so many different things about other SLA students—things that I don’t think I would have known if I hadn’t taken the time to interview them. There seems to be a lot of fire in the halls of SLA. What I mean by this is that I leanred that SLA students truly do have a drive that is both refreshing and inspiring. That being said, we knew that this podcast had to be good if we were going to paint an accurate portrait of the many characters in our school. 

The work was abundant and I was afraid at times that we bit off more than we could chew, but somehow thanks to the guidance of our mentor, Mr. Douglas Herman, and to the encouragement of my partner and I, we managed to complete a professional website along with at least four completed episodes. 

I feel confident that others will enjoy our episodes and everything we have to say. 

Annotated Bibliography: 

Abumrad, Jad, and Robert Krulwich. "Http://" Audio blog post. Radiolab. WYNC, n.d. Web.

< >.

Radiolab is this cool NPR podcast that was suggested to me by Mr. Best himself. After reviewing this source I saw some cool stuff that gave me many ideas. It made me think about how long I want my radio talk show to be. I noticed that the real show, made for radio, was sixty minutes. I know I didn’t want to listen to myself for that long so I thought about what I should do. On the website, Radiolab has these twenty minute shorts that get straight down to the point. I thought that (twenty minutes) would be the perfect length of a podcast. That way people can tune in on their way to and from school.

Basset, Lynda M. "Interview Tips for the Interviewer." Interview Tips for the Interviewer. Monster Worldwide, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. < s/interview-tips-for-the-interviewerus.aspx >.

I found this source useful because it provided me with nine helpful tips for an interviewer. It’s interesting because people are always laying down the philosophy on how to become a good interviewee, and not too many people seem to realize that an interviewer has an art to it as well. I realized this is an article for a business website and not for a communications website, but I still found the source credible and started practicing some of the skills, or should I say tips, when interviewing and it is my humble opinion that it works. I found myself asking behavioral questions (tip number 2) and kept my interviews on a more, dare I say, professional level.

Davies, Sharron. "How to Involve Your Community." Sustrans. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. < >.

Now, I was a little skeptical of this source at first because the author who wrote this is someone I has not heard of before. Given that is about community involvement (a main focus on my talk show) and she being an outsider from what I believe is the U.K.—what would she know about American community. Well it turns out quite a bit because I’ve learned so much from this source. In fact, I thought this source was so effective that I had to show this to my partner Alex who is really interested in community leadership. Some of the points were stuff I already knew, and could agree with, and some of them I learned. For example, playing people’s strengths. Talking about and learning about people’s ideas, hobbies, and talents on the show really enriches our interviews and thus, their voices are heard.

EduCon 2.7. What Is EduCon? n.d.: n. pag. Print.

I used the topic of EduCon as one of my topics for a show. Even more specifically, an EduCon advertisement. This was used to help me gather my thoughts when trying to explain the concept behind EduCon. EduCon is some of the many topics my partner (Alex) and I enjoy to talk about on our show. EduCon promotes education, education makes for interesting conversations. I was talking about how education was going down hill, and yet we have these wonderful conventions that do nothing but help to improve the education system of today. We also interviewed an EduCon volunteer named Imani Bey who had some interesting input.

Glass, Ira. "Http://" Audio blog post. This Week. Chicago Public Media, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. < >.

It may seem strange to use a radio show as a source, but you have to start somewhere. I have always admired This American Life because of Ira Glasses ability to engage the listener with the use of stories. In a way my show, and Glasses show are very similar. I use this show as a model and as a source of inspiration. I would go as far as to say that we used this show, American Life, to base it on our (Alex and I) own. This was during the beginning when we were brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Our show engages in the community the same way American Life does, which I think is very cool.

Nia Hammond. “Nia Hammond on the arts of Philadelphia.” Personal interview.

For the second interview, I interviewed Senior, Nia Hammond, to discuss the arts in SLA and in Philadelphia as well. Alex and I were curious to get her input on Philadelphia's thriving art scene as well as how SLA students contribute to the creative world. I knew Nia would have a good intake as well as an interesting philosophy. She is a praised dancer, musician, and photographer. I’ve even seen her perform, and I was very impressed. We got her to talk about herself and her achievements as well as the achievements of her fellow peers. She believes the art world is in full blast. It was interesting to hear how she expresses herself through song and dance.

Huffington, Arianna. "Breaking News." The Huffington Post. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. < >.

This source, the breaking news section of The Huffington Post, is one of the many sites that I like to get the latest of information from. I have used Huff. Po. many times before. A radio show that promises the latest of information must use reliable sources like The Post and others in order to stay up to date. This is the now. Reviewing the source, I see a wide variety of information and articles. First there are the plans for the 2016 elections and news of the patriots, and then off to the side I see news on Iggy Azalea’s new style. There is lots of information to explore here and plenty to talk about.

Long, Dylan. "Dylan Long on the Rave Culture." Personal interview.


Our first interview, which we may or may not use, was with Dylan P. Long. We figured he’d be good to talk to because of his immense interest in the rave culture with fellow teenages. He’s a photographer who goes to the rave concerts and Alex and I were interested in his point of view of the much dreaded Rave culture. His insight was very informative and convincing. Turns out he is a very good interviewer. Alex and I had our own opinions about the Rave culture and interestingly enough, Dylan agreed with me more. But that’s neither here nor there.

Seiter, Courtney. "6 Powerful Interview Tips." Web log post. Buffer Social. N.p., 7 Jan. 2014. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. < terviewers >.

This source, I know is a blog, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be effective and useful. In the blog she, Courtney Seiter, writes the 6 powerful communications tips. I found this site useful for a radio show personality because it is all about radio skills. I discovered it was a fairly decent blog. It talks about preparing notes, but not to be afraid of going off script. One could learn a lot, be daring, research, listen carefully. Then of course, Seiter offers examples of where interviews have gone successful—using Katie Couric and Gay Talese as examples. Seems pretty legit.

Stirewalt, Chris, Howard Kurtz, Dana Blanton, Howard Kurtz, and Serafin Gómez. "Politics." Fox News. FOX News Network, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. < >.

Ah yes. I know it’s a common taboo to use Fox News as a resource, but I can’t help myself. I can’t say I’m open minded until I get news and ideas from all perspectives, even if that perspective is the conservative type or better yet fabricated. I like to get the point of view from all angles—look at the full picture—that’s why I read/watch Fox News politics It comes in handy whenever you wish to intensify debates. Whenever the conversation gets dry, I play devils advocate and use Fox News to guide me. This will challenge the interviewee and sometimes even my partner, Alex.

Winter, Jennifer. "How to Play the Devil's Advocate (Without Being Evil)."How to Play the Devil's Advocate (Without Being Evil). Daily Muse, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. < >.

Now this resource I find to be just plain old fascinating. Devil’s Advocate had always been a social concept that intrigues me. This lovely article, written by Jennifer Winter, is all about how to use Devil’s Advocate effectively and correctly, without being too mean which I think is important to know. Winter seems to have a lot to say and I can’t wait to use more of her tips to spice up the conversations on our radio talk show. In the article she mentions the importance of listening, following along as well as knowing the right time to play the part. This could come into use in real life.

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Crystalle Hutchins Capstone

​The idea for this senior project first sprouted when I was junior at SLA. Having three easily accessible sources of raw ingredients or pre made foods within the vicinity of the high school made me realize how our students’, and even sometimes faculties’, consumption of their products was taking a substantial toll on our environment, with something typically seen as trivial - non reusable bags. Every time we buy from these establishments and our purchases are stored in plastic bags, we are verifying its inevitable fate of finding its home in a landfill, where it will not decompose for 20 to 1000 years (ABC Australia). I did not want to help in the continuance in creating an unavoidable horrendous reality for my great great grandchildren. Large scale reusable bags are now sold at some supermarkets for large groceries, but I knew this was not practical or appealing to the average high schooler. So for my capstone, I constructed the blueprint for making reusable, desirable to everyone, regardless of age. After a few meetings with my mentor, who also is my grandmother, seamstress extraordinaire, we decided on the best design for my product. Prototypes were made and given to two testers, who then gave me back honest criticisms on how to improve my products. I found that although accessible and easy to carry, my product could be slightly larger to accommodate for various items, like dance shoes for the dedicated teen ballerina. I am going to major in Entrepreneurship in college and this project was a great stepping stone in my higher learning and future endeavors.

image1 (5).JPGIMG_8591.JPG


Crystalle Hutchins

Annotated Bibliography

"EPA." Reducing and Reusing Basics. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

This webpage on the site of the United States Environmental Protection Agency lists the basics of reducing, reusing, and recycling. It also provides ideas on alternatives or life changes to become a more environmentally friendly citizen. This list includes looking for products with less packaging, what would seem to be an obvious method but I had personally not considered, and maintaining and repairing products, so they do not have to be replaced as frequently. I want my project to focus not just reducing the need for plastic bags, but educating people to reduce how much they intake altogether.

"Recycle." Sustainability Recycle Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

Boston University Sustainability webpage tells of the effects of not recycling in comparison to the benefits of recycling. One selling point was that it does not just help the planet, but also your pockets. This is by reusing items you already have instead of purchasing new ones. The basis of my project is to sell something that can have multiple uses in of obtaining new bags. Some establishments even require their customers to purchase bags, as a motive for their customers to take heed to reusable bags. This is an excellent tactic for a vendor like myself.

"Recycle Now Philadelphia - Recycle, Go Green." Recycle Now Philadelphia. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

Recycle Now Philadelphia’ s home page is dedicated to showing how recycling has positively affected various areas of society in order to convince Philadelphians to make environmental changes. It speaks on how multiple schools have turned to Cenergistic to lessen energy costs. The website also details how an iconic landmark became energy efficient through LED lights, window refurbishment, etc. This is a great tactic for the purpose of getting more people to be energy efficient. I will consider using a similar method with my project.

© Copyright 2008 International Society Of Sustainability Professional. "Cool Trends." 10 Things Cities Are Doing Now (2008): n. pag. Sustainability Professionals. Web. <>.

This source is a pdf to a easily comprehensive booklet on what “Cool Trends” cities are doing to reduce greenhouse gases. The language is important because there always needs to be persuasive coding when trying convince hesitant audiences. One the trends mentioned was the use of car sharing in certain cities. Renting a car is much more affordable and reasonable for some people. That is a great way to sell my product- make it known that it is an affordable and reasonable simple alternative.

"Philadelphia College . . . Chapter 1." Philadelphia College . . . Chapter 1. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

This is an environmental self study done by the Green Planning Committee at the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. It talks about the recent efforts the school’s campus to rebirth its environmentally friendly, which began in 1991. This campus recycles white paper, cardboard, aluminum, and yard waste. Then it details how this recycling is in effect- through providing appropriate bins for recycling, making it easy for students to make a positive environmental change. The ultimate objective of an campaign is to make the desired decision as effortless and obvious for the subjects. I will remember when completing my project.

Wellington, Megan. "The Status of Recycling in Philadelphia: Analysis and Recommendations for Philadelphia ’ S Floundering Recycling Program."UPenn Scholarly Commons. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

This source will be benefit me immensely because it a paper done by a student for a capstone project on sustainability in Philadelphia. It gives background on recycling in this city such as Philadelphia being the first city to introduce residential curbside. It touches on the downfalls of Philadelphian recycling like its ill progress with increasing the waste prevent rate as other major cities have. The purpose of the paper is to analyze what is keeping Philadelphia from being a more energy efficient. This will useful to me completing my project.

Erdos, Joseph. "Why You Should Use A Reusable Grocery Bag." The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

This article is focused solely on persuading people to switch to reusable bags. Facts like plastic bags take 15 to 1000 years to decompose and debunking a misconception like paper grocery bags being eco-friendly when in actuality, they are just as bad, helps to arm the audience with unshakable knowledge on why this change is absolutely necessary.

"Reusable Bags - Twenty-Five Reasons to Go Reusable!" Reusable Bags - Twenty-Five Reasons to Go Reusable! N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

This webpage includes 25 easily understandable reasons for why switching to reusable bags is a smart choice. Pocket friendly incentive like some stores may offer discounts for customers that use reusable bags caters to the desires of the  average money crazed American. It also reveals unknown benefits, such as one less grocery bag per person would save New York City 250,000 in disposal costs.

Why Replace Plastic (n.d.): n. pag. Heal The Bay. Web. <>.

This is made specifically to cater to the Los Angeles County audience. As well as acknowledging the hazardous effects the use of plastic bags on human, it reveals the repercussions that are faced by marine animals because of these unsafe items. This is a tactic of pinpointing the concerns of a specific areas in order for getting people to be more uneasy and heedful to a problem. This is a strategy I will use by presenting facts specific to the Philadelphia population.

"Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a Tour of Our Philadelphia MRF." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <>.

Philadelphia’s Waste Management made this video with the purpose of advertising its consideration of the longevity of Earth while in this essential system. They want to triple the amount of recyclable materials to 20 million tons of recyclables. The most important part of this video is the testimonial. a employee of waste management states, “The more people know about what we do, the better.” Having actual people support your cause is always a great persuasive tool.

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Ashley Spells Capstone


Fashion has always been a big part of my life. It's something that I enjoy watching, modeling and now designing. For my capstone I collaborated with Naihema Powell ,Sophie DeOliveira & Jamira Carter. Together we put on an amazing show(link below). At the show I showcased the designs that I made throughout the school year with my outside mentor Butter. This was the first year that I actually made clothing. Usually I would model the clothing of someone else but this year I wanted to try something different. Last year in my ILP I worked with Ms. Emily and she was a seamstress and she's really the one that motivated me to do this. Before having this ILP I only could sew things that needed to be repaired, After this learning experience I learned how to make a lot of different things. Ms. Emily pushed me to do better and to keep learning. Starting out I wasn't good at all, I hated what I made. After months and months of practice and staying motivated I was able to create these beautiful pieces. There were many bumps in the road. I had to fundraise a lot in order to make everything happen. The fabric that I used for my designs were not cheap. They were quality fabric. I wanted my models to love and feel good in what they were wearing. Fundraising was a major part of my success within my capstone. I raised a lot of money in order to make my senior project a success and it really paid off. I really did an amazing job and i'm really proud of myself and everyone who helped in the process of completing my capstone.

My Capstone:

Link to Fashion Showcase:

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JaazaniahHayes Capstone

First off we had to start by finding people for our cypher. While trying to find people we faced a few problems. Like who to let be in our cypher. While facing some of these problems people in our cyphers started to second guess if they wanted to be apart of our cypher. Then we faced the problem of how to lay out the cypher, how would the order go, where would people be on the stage, and what would everyone be doing and saying. Before starting to organize the whole event it was a pretty stressful process. After Mr.G suggested that we meet each wednesday we started to get things together. We started to narrow down what we were doing. As the days got closer, we started to have practices and started to go over the cypher. The final product went better than we expected it to go. In my opinion it was one of the best things in the show. As a co-host of the show I enjoyed the show as a whole. I enjoyed being apart of the experience.
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Rabbi Awsan _ Capstone

  Working out and bodybuilding has been a huge part of my life ever since I started my high school. It helps me to stay fit, reduce stress, and to appreciate my own physique. I have been working out since freshman year, and it has helped me physically, mentally, and academically throughout high school. Physically, it increase my fitness and stamina in every physical activity including weight lifting. Mentally, it warms me up to face reality. Academically, I have become more motivated to tackle down any school projects and assignments. 

    For my senior year capstone, my focus is on bodybuilding in a motivational aspect. I am trying to observe ways that people do to motivate themselves to go to the gym and potentially  workout for two hours to three hours a day after a long tiring day. With this idea, I started thinking about my project. I came up with four main questions that I wanted to ask the people that I will be interviewing.

1. How often and how long do you workout each week?
2. What keeps you motivated to focus on your physique? 
3. What are some tips and routines that you use to keep yourself motivated through this fitness journey?
4. What is your main goal that you are trying to achieve through the workout?

  I chose a few students from SLA to INTERVIEWED. Those who are going through the same experience that I am going through in our daily lives trying to manage education and physical activities. My observation is to collect each individual responses in ways they get their motivation, and goals or routines they set for themselves to achieve in the outcome.

Annotated Bibliography:

"8 Ways to Make Your Protein Shakes Taste Good." / Fitness / Strength Training. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2015.

This source provides information about healthy food/drink that you can make it home easily and which will have more protein in it.

I selected this source because it shows that the protein you will make with your hand is healthier than the powder you will buy from your nearest store.
I found this source useful because
One limitation of this source was

"Why Do People Become Bodybuilders? | Motivated Bodybuilding."Motivated Bodybuilding. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

This source provides information about why a normal person spend 2 to 3 hours of their day in a gym working out when they could do 100 different things. I selected this source because the reason they have in this source we all can related to it.I found this source useful because because it can motivate people to workout and keep their body fit. One limitation of this source was

"Bodybuilding Motivation Tips." RippedNaturally. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

  • “This source provides information about your motivation speeches and workout tips.

  • “I selected this source because I always need motivation to workout to stay focus and I thought it would be helpful to people who also workout. I found this source useful because. One limitation of this source was

"BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION ~ This Will Destroy You." YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This source provides information about the bodybuilders who spends good amout of their day in the gym because they are passionate about it and they are good in it, a lot of people are good at basketball, football, giveo games they are good at bodybuilding.

I selected this source because when i'm working out in the gym I like to listen to motivational speeches to push even harder and work more and I like to watch professional bodybuilders to get some workout ideas from them.

I found this source useful because

"Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivating Interview - The Life of a BodyBuilder."YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This source provides information about interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger is was the best bodybuilder in the world and then became Mr.Universe and Mr.olympia and now a successful actor. I selected this source because it show how motivated he is and when he focus on one thing he only focus on that. I personally chose this video because he is my motivation and everytime I look at him I always tell myself that I want to be like him.

"History Of Bodybuilding." History Of Bodybuilding. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This source provides information of the history of bodybuilding and where it started and how it stated. I selected this source because I thought it would be very motivational to know the people who first start bodybuilding without all the equipments we have now. This source also give information about the best bodybuilder in the history of bodybuilding and their life stories.

"What Do People Think of Weightlifting?" - Weights Bodybuilding. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This source provide information about what people think of bodybuilding. I chose this source because a lot of the people here asked really good question that made me think why I goto the gym and want to be fit. I think this would be a good source for me to look back when I am answering question or when I am interviewing people for my project.

" - A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 45 - The Gym As Therapy!" - A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 45 - The Gym As Therapy! N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

This source provide information about why some people choose the gym as therapy. I chose this source because after reading this I could relate this source to my life to. why pay money to a therapist to tell them about yourself. just goto the gym and and workout it will open your mind to think and if you are angry take all the frustration on the weight and make yourself look better in your eyes.

"Why Fitness Matters." Why Fitness Matters. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source provide information about how fitness can help you to improve your mental health as with your physical health.

"Children Begin Bodybuilding as Young as Age 2." Parenting. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

This source provide information about why some people start to workout/bodybuilding so early in their life. Maybe we don't notice but bodybuilding doesn't mean you goto the gym and work out for hour. Bodybuilding first started from gymnastic and then move to the gym.


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Jones, Bryanna Capstone

Dancing will always will be my first love. I have yet to understand what exactly it is I love so much about the art form, so for my capstone I made it a part of my quest to find out. 

During the second semester of my sophomore year Mr. Block introduced his English class to the world of site specific dance and a prominent site specific dancer/choreographer Leah Stein. At first I was a bit skeptical because I’ve only known dance as the art form that is performed on a stage, in a sequestered space, to a paying audience. Site specific dance was performance dance’s fraternal twin: However, site specific dance is done in unconventional dance spaces and has an audience that can range from a stock broker to a homeless individual who happens to be sitting near the site. After the brief introduction we were able to delve in to the style ourselves and explore the genre more. I quickly fell in love and wanted to learn more. 

When September rolled around I had no idea what I wanted to as a capstone. I wanted to do two things : dance and perform. After brain storming with Mr. Block he re-introduced me to Leah Stein. Within months she became my mentor. Throughout this year, while I was creating my capstone, she was preparing her company for an extravagant performance they are having at the Water Works in June. So through out the year I was able to sit in on her practices, take notes, ask questions, and sometimes learn a little choreography. After I garnered enough data I’d take the things I learned back to my dancers.

 In the beginning I spent most of my time trying to figure out what I wanted to do, what story did I want to tell. I decided that I wanted to talk about the affects of budget cuts and how active students have been in fighting for our schools. It was sort of an artistic protest. Which is why I entitled it Student Faces in Public Places. Once I had that sorted out I began holding rehearsals every Wednesday for 3 hours. Rehearsals consisted of a lot of adding, cutting, and adjusting since everyones skill-sets were different. I didn’t want to choreograph complicated movements, instead I wanted to add another layer, poetry. This way the audience had a visual and audio. 

At some point in my life I fell in love with this art form with out knowing. In the end I’ve found that I love dance because it’s cathartic and thrilling. It not only delights the dancer but onlookers too, which is another reason why art is is so amazing. It leaves everyone feeling bit better than when they arrived. 

Here is a link to process video for my capstone and a few photos from the performance. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.02.45 AM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.04.00 AM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.05.07 AM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.05.35 AM

Name: Bryanna Jones

Mentors: Leah Stein & Joshua Block

Goldsworthy, Andy. Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature. New York: H.N. Abrams, 1990. Print.

What’s interesting about Andy Goldsworthy’s book is that he is a site specific artist. He creates art from material in the environment because he is interested in “movement, change, light, growth and decay.” Although he is referring to art these can also refer to dance. He believes that his work is inseparable from the earth, which is similar to site specific dance. He also reads his spaces like choreographers, to see if they are conducive to creating art and allowing the art to thrive. Like site art the choreography in site dancing wants to rely a message to the audience that is specific to the space.  

Kloetzel, Melanie, and Carolyn Pavlik, eds. Site Dance. Gainesville: U of Florida, n.d. Print.

When Mr. Block first recommended this book he did it with the intention of having me read Leah Steins chapter. Little did I know this book would be a gem. In the introduction the author describes site choreography as a “performative translation of a place that heightens our awareness of our surrounding.” Artist go into communities/spaces such as schools, offices, apartments, neighborhoods, and parks and “read” the environment. The artist analyze the space “physically, sensually, intellectually, and emotionally.” With this research and analysis the author is able to choreograph work that is pertinent to the contextual environment. Site artist take the most obvious spaces and force us to take a close look at them. Site choreographers purpose is to forge a relationship between “people and place.”

Kwon, Miwon. One Place after Another: Site-specific Art and Locational Identity. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2002. Print.

Dance is an art form. Site specific art refers to art that is obstinate in presence, but ephemeral in tangibility. Unlike auditorium performances site specific art uses location as a part of the performance, not just a venue. On site locations give the performance more depth: texture, real life sounds, color, scale and nature. “Site specific art whether it’s interruptive or assimilative, gave itself up to it environmental context, being formally determined or directed by it.” Sites specific art is created from its contextual environment. Therefore the art must be destroyed by the contextual environment. The most beautiful part about site specific art is no one will ever run out of exhibit spaces.

"SLA/Leah Stein Dance Company Collaboration 2012." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>.

Since I’ve worked with the Leah Stein Dance Company in the past and will be working alongside her team for my capstone; I thought I’d use a source where she explained her passion for site specific dance and her purpose for doing a SLA dance residency. She describes the work she does as “movement based.” Her goal with creating this residency was to introduce the students to the creative process of site specific dance and perform at the end. Her style of performance is different from those of normal performances that happen on stage. She performs in public or unconventional performance space to engage the audience differently as well as the performers. Before the students are able to create their own performances Leah and members of her company teach the students the basics of interpreting a space through movement and sound. Once the students have these basics down pat they are able to choose a location within given limits to create a performance.

"Rivers and Tides." YouTube. YouTube, 10 Dec. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>.

For Andy Goldsworthy art is a form of nourishment. He expresses his need for the land because of the similar energies he feels in the land and within himself. The idea that this growth and time will only last for a duration of time inspires many of his pieces. His art makes a temporary mark on time. When he flies to new sites he does not waste a second on research or resting because time will continue to move on with or without his readiness. He prefers to manipulate piece nature with inherent care and creativeness. Especially part of nature we tend to over look like leaves and icicles. “Total control can be the death of work,” is a quote he uses to describe the uncertainty he felt when he began to create art outside of his university.  

Lerman, Liz. Hiking the Horizontal: Field Notes from a Choreographer. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 2011. Print.

I had a meeting with Leah today and she gave me a list of great resources! The following source was perfect for figuring out the space that I am. The book follows the creative process of a site-specific performing, from questioning the performance to the final product. Lerman’s first chapter is called Fueling the Imagination, in this she talks about her visit with a Nobel Laureate. She ask him “how do you ask yourself a question.” He responds, “I am fueled by my ignorance.” She thought that his simple answer was not only profound, but also described her artistic process. This question to self leads to asking people other questions, even with the fear of asking them. Since we define smartness by the precisions of someones answer, instead of the steps they took to find an answer. Throughout my process my questions may seem silly, but i have to remember that it is apart of learning.

Borrow, Jonathan. "Subject / Inspiration / Stealing / Familiar Movements / Choreography / Referencing Others Self Expression." A Choreographer's Handbook. Abingdon:. Abingdon: Routledge, 2010. 30-36. Print.

Leah also recommended A Choreographer’s Handbook. In a chapter in this book I focused on the chapter called Subject / Inspiration / Stealing / Familiar Movements / Choreography / Referencing Others Self Expression. Jonathan Borrows talks about having an idea and treating it as such. For example, Thinking that someone with do fouettes throughout the performance is a cool idea, but does it work? How does it fit with the space? Sense this is site dance what does this movement mean? In order to create a great piece I must put in the work and utilize my space. It almost seems that he is alluding to procrastination.

Black Performance Theory. Durham: Duke UP, 2014. Print.

I am equally interested in site dance as I am in Black performance theory. Since I am using all Black dancers I thought this would be a great idea to add an elements of Black performance. Black peformance is an art form that translates the black experience in America. It’s political and therefore controversial. This theory “gives distinct attention to” the beauty of black bodies. Movement that is created to accent the bodies of black people and the struggles they have been through. Black performance theory does not only pertain to dance, but also art, poetry, prose, music, fashion design,etc.

Bloom, Lynne A. The Intimate Act of Choreography. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh, n.d. Print.

This source focuses on the art of actively creating choreography. Since choreography is an action it can only be planned and carried out by doing it. Similar to my Subject / Inspiration / Stealing / Familiar Movements / Choreography / Referencing Others Self Expression annotation, since I am creating site specific dance I need to make sure I am well acquainted with my spaces. Therefore I can create choreography that is specific to where I am working. In order for the performance to be effective it needs a theme. Specifically a theme that can be easily conveyed. So far my theme is going to be education in SLA.

Olsen, Andrea. The Place of Dance: A Somatic Guide to Dancing and Dance Making. Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2014. Print.

This book speaks about dance as a universal language, making it one of the best art forms. It makes communication between cultures easier and enjoyable. As humans we belong to each other and more importantly we are belong to the Earth. Since we have evolved with the world, naturally we have learned movements that are a part of our environment. Therefore, as a choreographer I am not creating movement I am mimicking the world's natural movements. This also stems from the theory that we are all natural born dancers. Dance is movement and movement is dancing. As a choreographer I must tap into the human body's natural movements to make my theme easily conveyable on a universal scale.

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Timothy Ingram Capstone


My senior capstone was a basketball youth clinic. I had many ideas flying through my head regarding what I wanted my capstone to be, but I knew I wanted it to be something I spent my whole life doing. I never had many opportunities to go out to different basketball clinics, so I decided that I wanted to give inner city kids an opportunity to do so. My goal was to bring the youth together to develop their basketball, leadership and social skills. I wanted to give the youth an opportunity to learn and increase their knowledge of the fundamentals of basketball. My purpose was to give back to the youth by doing a project that I would enjoy and also love doing. I thought it was a good idea to create a basketball clinic for free because it would bring the community together for a fun day of physical and sporting activity. At first, it was difficult trying to find a gym and coming up with different ways to promote the event. It was also challenging because I had no prior knowledge of how to run a basketball clinic. I researched many basketball clinics that have been previously held in the Philadelphia area. With that, I was able to put together several ideas that would make the clinic effective and enjoyable for all who were involved. I knew I had to make the activities very flexible and exciting so the kids could learn the different fundamentals of basketball. Overall, my capstone increased my leadership qualities and taught me how to take advantage of any and every opportunity that is given to me because there could never be a next time.

"How to Run a Youth Basketball Camp from Scratch ­." ​AVCSS Basketball​. 22 May 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​­to­run­a­youth­basketball­camp/​>.

­ I found this source useful because I will need to know all this information on how to run a youth basketball camp. Running a basketball clinic can be very hard or even unsuccessful but from having this source it is taking me in the right direction to have a successful youth basketball clinic. As I looked over the website I discovered different ways I could run the youth basketball clinic. While looking over this website it helps me put things in order the day of the clinic. I feel like it’s very necessary to read as I plan out what I want to happen and what I don’t want to happen in the basketball clinic.

"Basketball Training: SkillsFactory OutWork Clinic #Basketball #Drills #HardWork #Results."​YouTube​. YouTube. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​​>.

­ I selected this source because the videos shows how the people who ran the clinic went through every step to help the kids develop their basketball skills. As I watched the video it help me put all the pieces in order on what the kids would want to do at the clinic. This video is very reliable because it will help me put together a successful clinic. Also the video gave me great ideas to keep the kids happy and would want them to stay involved with basketball.

"Basketball Drills." ​Online Basketball Camp ­​. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​­drills​>.

­ This source provides with information how I can teach kids drills to learn different ways to help them improve their individual basketball skills and mental toughness. The source taught me that if I teach the kids the proper form, technique, mindset while they are trying the drills it can help them become a better basketball player. This source is very useful because it will help me be a good leader for the kids as I help them develop their skill set. If they work on drills and their skill it would help them later in life to become a stronger individual on the court.

Kay, Matthew. “Interview” 30 Jan. 2015

­ This source provides information on how to run a youth basketball clinic. I will ask him questions about what kind things I should do to develop kids basketball skills. He will be reliable because he has the most experience of teaching kids how to develop their basketball skills.

Nelson, Haneef. “Interview” 30 Jan. 2015

­ This source provides information on what kind of things happens at a youth basketball clinic. I will ask him questions on what kind of things did he do the basketball clinic, how did that affect his basketball skills, did it help him become a better basketball player or help him with his mental toughness. He will be very reliable because he has a lot of experience with completing basketball drills at a basketball clinic.

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BrianaBaileyCapstone "Art Exploration.."

Capstone '15

Over the past four years my love the the Arts has grown tremendously. For my Capstone I wanted explore different ropes of art other than just writing poetry. First I studied what it takes to bring together different types of artist to create a show for the general public. My second exploration was how can I use art to teach a basic subject, such as freshman history. The final personal art challenge I had was creating a video for people to get a sneak peak of SLA through the eyes of SLA senior ’15 (Final Slide).

Figuring out the idea ... the purpose was the first step. What did I want the community to take home from my shows? “Lets Talk about Art” was a show that focused on “Words, images and sounds unit common humanity." I brought together poets, visual artist, dancers and DJ’s from ages 14-26 and together we molded a show that succeeded in my vision. I learned three lesson out of this experience. The complications of getting artist to meet regularly, how to book a show space and be the director, the one in charge of everything. Most importantly I figured out what makes a show successful. If it touches the people who attend its a success not just how many people show up.

Art and African American History. As a SAT for freshman History I created their 4th quarter Benchmark. They were exploring how the changes (13th, 14th & 15th amendments & Jim Crow Laws) of the early late 1800‘s-1900’s effected african american. This exploration was done through zoned in research on Harlem Renaissance artists. After the research and looking at the affects from an artistic perspective they were in charge of creating there own art piece (poem, song, dance etc) describing what they learned and how art still has an effect on society.


African American History:

Below are the sources I used as I taught my lesson on the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment. I used these sources for the students to explore and get a deeper understanding of what the amendments stated. Also these sources were used to guide our class discussion on the actual/potential causes and effects of the Amendments.


"13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery (1865)."Our Documents -. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 May 2015.


"Equality and The Fourteenth Amendment: A New Constitution." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 7 May 2015.

"Welcome to" Welcome to N.p., n.d. Web. 6 May 2015.


"Welcome to" Welcome to N.p., n.d. Web. 6 May 2015.

After relearning what the Amendments brought this country we began to explore the Jim Crow Laws. Starting with looking at black codes. These two links are videos shared with the freshman

"The Black Codes." The Black Codes. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2015

"Watch Now: Slavery by Another Name | The Origins of Black Codes | PBS Video." PBS Video. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2015.

Jim Crow Musem video:

We watched this 22 minute long video to get a visual on what times were like in this time period... beyond newspaper articles and other forms of paper material. In this video the students understood more of the violent aspect of the Jim Crow Laws and the South.

"The New Jim Crow Museum." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 12 May 2015.

Video example of Minstrel shows

"Black and White Minstrels Video." Black and White Minstrels Video. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2015.

Harlem renaissance Benchmark:

This article lead me to my idea for the benchmark of the last quarter. I wanted them to see how cruel and beyond necessary behavior can be One turned into something good and creative (such as Art) and two that the things that happen in society and in peoples lives stick with humanity even long after these things happen. 

"Langston Hughes Gave Jim Crow a 1,2 Punch." Lisas History Room. N.p., 06 Feb. 2010. Web. 25 Apr. 2015.

Poem written by Langston Hughes. Langston was in the 7th grade and got expelled. He was upset that his teacher separated the rows of desks. So he put "Jim Crow Row" on every black students desk. after protesting parents lead to his explosion being revoked separate seating was not allowed in his school.

For the SLA final words from seniors video this was the forum that I asked them to fill out.

"Scienceleadershipacemdey Senior Survey." SLAseniors. Briana Bailey, 21 Apr. 2015. Web. 21 Apr. 2015.



Describe your SLA experience in 4 words or less

Any words of advice to future SLA students and Seniors

What are you doing/studying after you graduate. 

I volunteer .....To read form responses on camera

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Alyssa Winner Capstone

​This year for my capstone I was planning to host a Senior Athletic Banquet at SLA. A couple of last minute issues came up and I was no longer able to have it so instead I just planned it all out for someone to take over and follow through with next year. I planned the timing out, the food, the cost, location and all. I had also already have the coaches pick seniors that would have won the award for this year and had people all set up to help setup and then clean up. Below is the link to my proposal and my bibliography. 


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Alexis McCormick's Capstone

    My name is Alexis McCormick, I am currently a senior at Science Leadership Academy. I'm part of Rosalind Echols’ wonderful advisory. When it’s time to be a senior at SLA, everyone is required to do a year-long project that will be presented to other classes and teachers from around the school. This project isn’t easy at all! A capstone is supposed to be meaningful, showcase what was learned over the past four years at a project-based school, give back to the community, and something that is interesting. For my own contribution, I created a piece called “Rockets Wise Words” that has work that is established with both the senior class of 2015 as well as myself. My original plan for my SLA senior time capsule fell through, but with a little twist, I was still able to incorporate the senior class. For my capstone, a physical piece that is displayed near the office at SLA will hold positive, encouraging messages from the class of 2015 to the younger classmen of our school. The bigger picture of my project is not to have people to walk by and just observe my piece but to actually read what was written and hopefully use in later years of being a student at SLA as well as later in life. Many students wrote tips, tricks, and messages that helped them advance to senior year and hope to help others. “Rockets Wise Words” will be a piece that can show other classes that they can move forward and get their goals accomplished.
Capstone Post up


  1. Steve Hoefer, dir. "Zoey 101: Season 2, Episode 2." Time Capsule. Nickelodeon. Http://, 18 Sept. 2005. Television.

This preteen based show is located on nickelodeon taken place in an on campus high school that tells the lives of a group of friends. On season, two episode two the story line was taken place in a class room with a different kind of assignment. The assignment that was given was to create a inclass time capsule. Freshmen year I watched this episode and thought about my senior capstone. Creating a time capsule for the class of 2015 which would hopefully be continued as a tradition for each senior class at Science Leadership Academy. The main character Zoey created a documentary of her life so for my part in the time capsule I will be creating a video that tells my four years at SLA.   

  1. "How to Create a Time Capsule." WikiHow. N.p., 02 Jan. 2007. Web. <>.

This website is very informative and shows different ideas of how to create time capsules. The website lays out step by step on how to create a successful time capsule and ways to make sure people are actually excited for the time capsule altogether. Something else that was also very helpful that was shown in the website is the fact that there are sample letters that are done to help lay out different ideas that you may want to include in a write up. This is good because for the capstone that is being created for each contributor there is a short write up to explain why which ever item was put into the 2015 time capsule and what does it represent the year at SLA for that person.   

  1. Seibert, Patricia. We Were Here: A Short History of Time Capsules. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook, 2002. Print.

This is a book that is very helpful in many different ways. It tells about different time periods and holding different types of time capsules. This book is basically the backstory of a time capsule. If you want to know anything about a time capsule, what was the first time capsule ever made, of just different ways to make a time capsule this book is recommended. This book was both interesting and informations also useful to get great understand on what a time capsule really is and the exact meaning for one. To see change, advantagement, disadvantagement, and what just remained the same.

  1. Matt Novak. "First Video of the Steve Jobs Time Capsule Being Unearthed."Paleofuture. N.p., 12 Feb. 2014. Web. <>

Steve Jobs was someone who created a very big change in a lot of people’s lives today. The creator of apple made a time capsule that was recently dug up with very unique items inside. Being placed in the groups for years this time capsule made many people gather because of the significant meaning. The reaction of people who witnessed what was uncovered and that is what makes this article interesting. How surprised people were with the positive revealing moment. Something else that was also interesting about this article is that it holds different information that is laid out with great detail. Something along the lines of how much time is took to move the dirt away from the actual time capsule itself which lead to believe that it would be more successful to store the trunk for this capstone instead of actually bury it like a normal time capsule would be stored.  

  1. JAMIE FRATER. "Top 10 Incredible Time Capsules - Listverse." Listverse. N.p., 27 Apr. 2009. Web. <>.

This article was very useful on how to create an eye catching, creative time capsule. This website links a handful of other time capsule projects that were recognized for its uniqueness and the backstory that follows it. The article links to one of the biggest time capsules that was ever created. This time capsule was an actual older model car with different things inside. From the passage it tells the backstory of wanting to see how different the world changes in the sense of cars, gasoline, and other things along that line. This article is very useful in the sense of helping thinking about different ideas that will make the capstone time capsule different, unique, and memorable so it will be continued with the future SLA senior classes.

  1. Jefferson Graham. "Redirecting." Redirecting. N.p., 20 Aug. 2012. Web. <>.

This was a documentary that was built about a digital time capsule. The reason why this source would be useful for this capstone is because the plan is to create a documentary of the past years at SLA. Recommendations were made, thoughts pointed out, and different ideas that would be helpful when creating the actual documentary was a large part of this source. Something that is relatable was that the digital time capsule was made for a woman who is about to start her journey in college. It was made to be looked back on a few years in the future to see what was accomplished and to be recognized.

  1. Jill Neimark. "How Faith – and Fear – Created the World's First Time Capsule - The Crux." The Crux. N.p., 08 Aug. 2014. Web. <>.

This article holds facts about the first ever time capsule. This is relevant because it is important to understand where things originated from and how much they advanced throughout the years went by. The article explain in great detail what was in the time capsule itself and what each item importance to the word today. The article was extremely helpful information that concludes on how things can change so much and the thought that should be put behind each and every item that is being place in the time capsule to be looked on in a few years in the future.

  1. "Budget Cooking: Feed 4 for $10." Cooking Light. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

Marshal Brian created a time capsule of his life. Each an every day was documented because each day was another chance to experience and look back on. The purpose for his time capsule was for his children to look back on and see how beautiful life was when they were too young to remember and notice it. This website holds different meaningful clips of his life that helps generate thoughts that could be including in the documentary of my life at SLA. There is no limit to what has to be placed in the time capsule. This video helps gather ideas to propose to the students that are going to contribute to the capstone time capsule of 2015.

  1. "WELCOME ABOARD." TimeCapsuleToMars. (TC2M), n.d. Web. <>.

An extremely interesting project that was came acrossed dealt with sending a time capsule to the planet mars. The creators of this project was student based and meant to be an exploring project. When you think of sending a time capsule to mars you think about that being an adventure itself but there is more meaning to this project. The creators wanted to show the people in the future who travel to mar see how much the earth changes in the future and what different things that could be looked back on. The mission is to raise money and make this happen. Though this project doesn't really contribute that much to my project it does show a good message. It shows there the sky's the limit to anything, literally.

  1. Zurowski. "My Time Capsule Project." N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

This was a website that was created for a project done for an assignment for school. This source was a different way of creating a fully digital way of view the capstone time capsule for the 2015 class. This website was very useful in the way of how to lay things out for a final product and what I should and should not include to make the project to make it as successful as it could be. The project had a high tech way of turning something that you bury for memory to the changing way of technology. Throughout the website there were different tips that were suggested that turned the creators time capsule as successful as it was.

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